Nerve Center


Pre 2010

>Start out as a company made by medical Doctors of all things who decide to make a mecha game of all things, signs up with Interplay cause they were the big cheese at teh time

>Moved onto RPG's after it didn't sell

>Doctors leave to go back to malpracticing medicine

>Baldurs Gate releases and has massive success

>Suddenly got spotlight but for whatever reason make a sequel to MDK before making more RPG's

>Eventually Interplay goes belly up and broken up but doesn't really effect Bioware so badly

>Make highly acclaimed KOTOR and less well known Jade Empire

>Pandemic Studios and Bioware for whatever reason joined forces in part of VG Holding Corp which gets bought by EA under suspicious circumstances

>Regardless, soldiers on and releases Mass Effect which itself is widely received but not entirely a huge hit at the time.

>Before being joined with Mythic Entertainment, release a Sanic game for whatever reason

>Work begins on TORTanic

>Suddenly Dragon Age which for it's time was incredibly dated and kickback to KOTOR

Post 2010

>Release Mass Effect 2 which (((journalists))) loves and normalfags soak up but a few of their traditional audience feel is a wrong approach.

>Dragon Age 2 releases which everyone blanks from memory

>TORTanic, which is what happens when you make a Single Player game and try to sell it as an MMO

>Then Mass Effect 3 happens

>Pretty much nothing for a few years till new Dragon Age game comes out which is considered okay

>Meantime massive layoffs and restructures of the company

>Fast forward to present day, Anthem is coming out and is supposedly a disaster that managed to knock out EA servers with it

So where did it all go wrong for Bioware? Other than EA

Ace Combat Thread

Reminder that Ace Combat 7 has Denuvo!

Not that I think you fags were buying anyway

Now that is out of the way, 4 or 5, what comes out tops?

Been comparing these two for a while trying to figure out which one I like better. Both have points that make me conflicted.

Ace Combat 4

>More comfy atmosphere

>Felt missions were overall better designed

>Better setting and factions

<Aircraft variation felt low; there wasn't really much difference between a lot of the aircraft in game

Ace Combat 5

>Preferred the story

>Aircraft mix was a lot more interesting; real variety between all tiers that all felt unique in their own special way

>Squadron feels was comfy

<I could actually take it or leave with some of the characters and factions in this one, some I wanted to shoot before throwing out of a plane.

<Missions did not feel as polished

/vgmg/ Vidya Game Music General

Previous Thread >>26642

Link to all the rips made:

Since we now have a understanding of vidya music, I guess we can post music that came from platforms that had games so demo stuff, remixes, vgms, etc. are acceptable. If you compose music on a soundchip, post it if you like to. Rips and Trivia are extremely appreciated, I'll keep looking for it.

To start off, I chose Space Invaders because it is simple yet innovative. The first song since it used a chromatic-like descent and the tense sound of the thud with the music slowly taking form. Inspired a lot of composers to changed ship from movies to games. Music syncs with gameplay and serves as a good cue to the player. What more can you ask?

Links to the soundchip and more only two sorry: (Page 20)

Edit: updated pastebin link

Niggers in Video Games mk.II: The Chimpout Edition

An in depth look at niggers in video games.

We look at and discuss vidya with niggers in them, ones where you can play as niggers, can kill niggers, can make niggers, etc.

Question of the day: what's the best character creation engine that allows you to make the most accurate nignog avatar and why it's dark souls

Also, was placing Stillman right next to the box of watermelons an inspired choice.

/rts/ Thread - Unification War Edition

The News

OpenRA Remastered news continues to get worse and worse.

Loads of mobile RTS games announced, came out, flopped, then we off to make sandwiches.

What isn't mobile is Tower Defense which is like RTS but for those who like the G3.

Unification Mod for Soulstorm 4.6 got released

The Usual Copypasta - Anime RTS that plays similar to Command and Conquer. - Tiberian Dawn, Sun and Red Alert downloads as well as C&C MP fixes and patches. and Dawn of the Tiberian Age download so you can drive Stanks into pillboxes - Mechcommander 2 Omnitech download, essentially a heavily modded Mechcommander 2 with a lot of campaigns. - World in Conflict MP fix - Not only provides download links for the original Mechcommander but MP fixes as well - 0 A.D., essentially an open sauce Age of Empires remake - Open Sauce RTS engine, used for a lot of free games similar to Total Annilihation/Supreme Commander - Warzone 2100!qaA3jJpJ!3mGiYhnvsegqjU0bwPZeFjLIKD4lMLelzlD_w5MQK5g - An anon was kind enough to upload Swarm Assault for us. - World in Conflict full game download; follow instructions on massgate to get working. - Kind anon uploaded Metal Fatigue for us!OaQHGS6Z!N5ZhizpI5ZRnIiQ1ehEpiiUp9jYJxfPfqzZ7gCUBv8I - patch for Metal Fatigue if required!ZhcwBSbR#!ZhcwBSbR!slNH61pneiRznT5u8mxKlh_oLyYCPXS0fXfWsxKyqRg - World War 3 Black Gold ISO freeware rts game that is sort of like an Age of Wonders game if it looked really shit.

To do

>Make a non cancerous RTS chart

>Figure out who this council of thirteen CnC (((Veterans))) are

>Debate whether Anno is an RTS or City Builder?

>Decide whether the /rts/ anons should start a motorcycle gang

Last Thread: >>121486

Edit: Thread title fixed. Bully OP.

/vrg/ - Remember VR?

Reality is a Virtue so escape with Virtual Reality

(((HTC Vive:Oculus Rift:PlayStation VR:Google Daydream View:Samsung Gear VR:Bloomberg)))


this is the VR general please consider posting about VR gaymes and or VR games accessories

>what realities are you virtuing?

>what're you looking forwards to?

>what games do you recommend to the curious?

>has VR helped your meat beating time?

little news bit

<Dragon Quest VR does what Euclideon couldn't

<Chinks think VR will ever be like ready player one

<Stockholm opening up VR centers for reasons I can't understand

<Canada thinks VR will save their country

Total War General

Discuss anything Total War here

So CA just showed some Three kingdoms footage, and it looks pretty good, Open Siege battles from the get go, fluid animations with no janky blobbing and shittiness, clean informative UI.

They might actually pull this off by the looks of it, but stay aware of any bullshit move.

Total WaWa 3 at E3, calling it now

*edited OP at request.

Axis WW2 Games Thread

Games where you play campaigns as the Axis during World War 2.

I've compiled a list, with help from anons, of games that I'm aware of. However, if any of you know any more to put on here then please tell!


>Hearts of Iron


>Axis & Allies

>Company of Heroes

>Empire Earth

>Steel Division: Normandy 44



>Codename: Panzers quite possibly the best unintentionally funny cutscenes I've ever seen

>Faces of War

>Men of War

>Order of War damn shame it keeps crashing, it's essentially World in Conflict but WW2

>Rush for Berlin

>Soldiers: Heroes of WW2

>Sudden Strike

>Theatre of War series

>War Front: Turning Point although the game makes it very clear that it's anti-Hitler


>Battlestations Midway/Pacific

>IL2-Sturmovik series

>Panzer Elite

>Silent Hunter

>Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942

>UBOAT still in development


>Silent Storm


>Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943

>Combat Mission series

>Graviteam Tactics series

>Iron Storm

>Panzer Command

>Panzer Corps

>Panzer General

>Unity of Command

Any suggestions for would be appreciated!

Hard Mode: FPS games


Grand Strategy General

New thread since old one seems to be in purgatory.

I need to fill in some more fluff because of the pointless minimum char limit, sorry mods.

Digital Stores

Since Epic is deciding to push their store front aggressively it's about time there's a thread for this. If only so we can get popcorn and laugh at a shitshow unfolding.

So anons, how many devs will (((choose))) the Epic store and wonder why their games fail?

Mabinogi Private Server: I Thought Classic Didn't Mean Modern Edition

Mabinogi is a very unique MMO that isn't just another WoW clone. There are no classes, just a bunch of different skill types and you can invest in any of them as you like. This game places a large emphasis on non-combat skills, and has many activities to do besides fighting enemies. Mabinogi Classic is a private server that dates back to around November 2012, and the latest mainstream quest line is G17.

Join through this link:


Be sure to make a human for your first character, even if you don't want to play a human. Humans can travel to the leader of Giants and the leader of Elves to obtain character slots of each, but Giants and Elves can't do this. These extra characters are at least good for extra bank space, and can be used as mules.

>D I C K S W O R D

Here are your options:

<hold your nose and plunge in for the 20 minutes it takes to say "Let me test" in the apply chat channel, have a staff member reply to you, and have your account made. You don't need to make an account for discord, and you can bail after you get an account and the client.

<send a note to Aristrea back on Pro with the username you want to use to log in, and wait for who knows how long for him to see it and perform the steps in option 1 to send you back a note with your password. You can download the client from in the meantime.

>What happened to Pro?

We're still transitioning. Some people still log onto Pro, but that number is dwindling. It looks like Classic is the place to be for the forseeable future.

>Where's Classic's website?


>What are Classic's rates?

<x2 Monster XP

<x2 Quest XP

<x3 PTJ XP

<x2 AP

<x1.5 Drops

<x1.5 Quest Gold

These are subject to change in the future.

>Are we still Smug?

The web interface requried to manage a guild is broken. If you make a guild, you can't expand or even leave. Nikui is currently the leader of Smug on Classic. This won't be the case forever.

>How does Classic do the cash shop?

Killing mobs has a chance of dropping Pon. They aren't tradable, but you can spend them at Lorna, who can be found in various towns.

Battletech Thread

Reminder that DLC for soytech recently came out and nobody was impressed. Also F to the /monster/girl regiment and if you want to avenge them there's megamek instructions pdf in OP.


Assault Tech 1:Battletech:

>Long dead remake of Mechwarrior 2 using a custom built up to date engine. Canned cause of PGI. There is however a playable build you can enjoy.

Blender Battletech:

>Game made by a solo autist using Blender. It can be surprisingly addicting and also perhaps the closest you will get to playing tabletop in first person.


>/k/omfy RTT where you command up to a company of Mechs and Remove Furfags. Have to use tactics and also heavy use of salvage to win.

Mechcommander 2 Omnimtech:

>Standalone game build off the source code of Mechcommander 2. Adds a fuckton of shit and campaigns.

Mechwarrior 4 Mercs - MekPak 3.1:

>MW4M with a fuckload of new content. Was originally hosted by Mektek and going to get a mega expansion till PGI cried "OY VEY! SHUT IT DOWN!" so now it is hard to come by. Got a decent branching campaign where you play as a Merc and run your own unit.

Mechwarrior Living Legends:

>Mod for Crysis where the devs went on to be hired by Crytek themselves and create the Cryengine 3. Focuses on Battletech Combined Arms, not just Mechs. PGI insisted on them being shut down cause it was better than their crappy F2P game. Dead for a bit before drunken Slavs took over and decided to continue work on the game. Now standalone.


>Online version of Battletech tabletop. Once you have the autism to figure it out it's actually relatively comfy to play. Also can chose to make prisoners pregnant.


>Browser game that emulates Battletech tabletop. Nice little time waster.

Battletech - Flashpoint:


>Torrent of the game that is full of soy, should be latest release

Other useful stuff

>Site that lets you design your own vehicle, not just Mechs, for Battletech Tabletop.

>Battletech Wiki. Worth it just for a browse. Also their download section is full of goodies.

>Mechwarrior 4 Wiki

>Mechwarrior Living Legends Wiki

>The SoyTech Devs pics!Aep1iYjY!0W4O-j5empdB12mNKsF7Tsj_qxhqi_0Hx2YumnTMay0

Last Thread: >>80579

Dinosaur vidya

We had a Jurassic park thread, it sunseted but was pretty comfy in its day. A broader thread for all dinosaur vidya.

PlanetSide 2 General

PlanetSide 2 is a free to play online combined arms shooter where three factions duke it out and the side which has the most OP toys of the week wins.

The three factions include: Privatized Death Squads, True Gommunism and Gay Niggers From Outer Space.

There has to be at least a few of you that still play this game. I know a few old [wwew] boys who I fought in game past week or two.

Recent fuck ups of DBG include: Giving VS the most powerful of 3 faction specific Flash weapons which can melt enemy armor with the efficiency of a Harasser gun, performance taking a shit thanks to that patch across both PC and PS4, removing /orders chat, nerfing the Valkyrie by making it take around 25% more small arms damage (now reverted), server performance being total trash, new weapons with once more the VS ones being the most OP of them all.

Hey, but at least I saw a developer play the game on TR. Although I still haven't seen a single fucking developer play NC on Emerald in my entire life. I am entirely convinced that there is not a single NC player as a designer in DBG. I at least have confirmation that one designer plays TR which is something.

Open Source games and gaming on Linux thread

Given the speed of /vg/ it's probably a good idea if we just make a combined thread for open source games and gaming on Linux. Personally I mostly play FOSS games on Windows and a surprising number are pretty great.

Vampire: The Masquerad - Bloodlines unofficial patch 10.1 update.


>Its latest version, 10.1, comes with a number of fixes, additions and improvements. For example, it adds Humanity gain for saving the quick Nosferatu in the warrens, adds missing monster sounds reacting to Dementation discipline, improves snatching cutscene and made museum outside a combat area, and disables bad icons and buttons for inactive Ocean House elevator.

>Moreover, it fixes vanishing details downtown, at Ocean House, and in cemetery, the dead-dog-still-hurting and Milligan freeze bugs, an ignoring-Sabbat-ending issue and sneaking out with Kiki, as well as some bad Humanity losses and wrong basic poster quest email.

You can check the full changelog and download it here:

Sounds like a good time to start another VTMB run or pick it up if it's your first time. Malkavian best vampire clan hands down. My first run ever was with a Malkavian despite people and friends saying not to. No regrets, it's the only true way to play the game.

Comfiest Games

I want some pre-2007 comfy, especially since ROM sites are getting shut down and I want to archive some stuff before it potentially fades into obscurity.

Naval Vidya Thread

a.k.a. the thinly veiled Rule the Waves 2 waiting thread.

Actually not so true. Recently the game Wolfpack has caught the attention of anons so been searching for a download of that to see if fills the void left by Silent Hunter in our lives.

Ultimate Admiral also is recruiting testers for their game.

Also got these downloads


Rule the Waves:!tJUizbrK!sOFOaHtXCtusbZvNkXl-XUxbMZoYlnUGQ2vlpl_wchc


Previous Thread: >>40533

Reminder that the Confederate Navy needs more love


Anyone else playing this? It's an adventure/exploration game where you're weak as shit because you don't have hero protagonist powers and instead are just some normal guy. You have to set up camps and sleep and try not to die to a wandering bandits and animals.

My impression so far is "eh", maybe good maybe not, maybe gets better later. The concept is great and there's a lot of neat mechanics in the game (for example you can press B to drop your backpack which both frees you of it's weight and speeds up dodging), but I feel like the content built on top of it is lacking. I have no idea how big the game or world is, there seems to be more than 1 map but you can only see the one you're in.

I haven't been able to die yet despite "dying" several times now, so far I've always respawned with all of my items either on me or in some stash nearby depending on who saved/captured me, although your stats will be shit up and you have to find a way to sleep to recover them (which isn't easy if you were captured). It's hard to get new items and combat is pretty difficult, everything consumes stamina which regenerates relatively slowly, so you can't fight at full potential very long. You also die very quickly if you take hits, and healing items aren't very easy to come by. You also have to manage temperature, sleep, hunger, and thirst, although so far the latter two don't seem very difficult. There's no levelups from what I can tell, just equipment upgrades and recipe unlocks. There's magic but I haven't gotten to that point yet, there seems to be some pretty cool magic mechanics from what I was spoiled in the tutorial; in it you use an item to create a fire magic circle onto the ground, and when standing inside it your weak "light up my campfire" spark magic will shoot out fireballs instead of sparks.

The GUI is pretty shit and un-intuitive sometimes, but you get used to it. It also toggles automatically between mouse/keyboard mode and controller mode depending on which one you use, which I thought was neat.

Some spoiler-free tips to anyone who might try the game:

- you need to run the game as an administrator, otherwise your settings will reset and the game breaks when you try to sleep (which saves the game)

- disable voice audio in the options, the dialogue in speech is different and incomplete compared to text, which makes it hard to comprehend the full text before the NPC is done speaking.

- the tutorial explains some useful things that you might not figure out during normal play such as how lanterns and backpacks work, but I recommend just reading the tablets without doing anything it tells you to, it's better to just become aware of it and experience those things during the actual game.

- the first area you spawn into isn't the actual game world and you can't go back into it after you sleep, but you'll keep the items you have. It doesn't really have anything very worthwhile though.

- this could technically be a spoiler but I'll save you the disappointment by saying that there's no penalty for looting everything you come across.

I could post a magnet but I got it from those jews that everyone hates. Might be worth a buy but I wouldn't recommend it quite yet, it's probably not worth it's current price in any case.

City Builders

Time for a thread on city builders and whatever the hell genre Tropico and Stronghold are. I haven't tried Tropico 5 yet, any idea if it's worth a shot? The DLC jewing put me off a bit. Is it better to start with the first game instead?

THQ Nordic

How long till they buy everything on the planet considering they pretty much are buying up all the IP's they can get and are consistently growing?

Flight Thread - Twin Towers Edition

A special day to crash planes with no survivors.

So anons what are you:




Flight Vidya

Don't have much of a catalog yet but here is some choices. - Flight sim made by an autistic Nip for toasters when he was at college busy studying hentai. - Open Source flight sim for when you want to be truly autistic and recreate the flight plan. - Nothing specific but if you can get any of this shit to work please shitpost about it.

Star Wars Vidya Thread

Thrawns Revenge Edition

Allow me a moment anons to shill a mod for EAW that heavily unfucks a lot of shit and introduces a lot of great features without having content bloat which is all so common with many a mod and actually seems to not be the bad kind of autistic: Imperial Civil War

What is it?

High quality mod set in the old EU from the aftermath of the Battle of Endor to just before the Vong kicks off. Pretty much could be EAW 2 for all purposes. It has several time periods and eras to choose from plenty of Galactic Conquest scenarios to sink your teeth into that are actually fun and interesting to play and not just challenge mode or unit spamfest for the millionth time. You do have to think tactically in this mod and because there are various factions at play typically you have to think "Do I want to take this world or will I let someone else do the work first for me?" and that's before unit deployment which also isn't a simple case of spam best unit but you need to look at battle and see what forces are best to deploy and typically a well balanced fleet will beat simple Star Destroyer spam in most cases.

So what changes does it make?

To give a short list:

>Graphical overhaul from effects to textures - still a lot of work in progress.

>Adds in 3 way space battles - albeit this feature is a bit limited and usually is formed by a raiding party coming up your ass

>Tweaks space combat to make it more tactical, so you need to have a think about what ships you can deploy

>Adds in the ability to board and capture enemy vessels in galactic conquest which you can then later use and it will even change what starfighters they deploy

>Adds in the ability to withdraw certain units from battle in galactic conquest, particularly useful when you have carriers that have spent all their fighters

>Adds in dozens of unique factions albeit not all are playable

>Detailed Galactic Conquest Campaigns that have a lot of effort put into them

>Attempts at unfucking ground combat which it manages a bit although their main overhaul is still yet to come

<Torpedoes and Missiles no longer go through shields which I am on the fence about as it makes bombers kind of useless, speaking of which:

<Starfighters come in large squadrons now and much harder to hit which is nice but their reduction in damage makes them kind of pointless unless swarmed in large numbers which makes me wish they would give them a buff and make them feel a lot more useful rather than frame destroying decoration pieces

So anons, when are you going to Remove Rebel Scum?

Last Thread: >>28663

Mount &amp; Blade - Remove Kebab Edition

Usuń Kebab

Now that is out of the way a short brief on recent updates for Butterlord:

>Turks are being autistic about map design and detail, putting fuckloads in the game which probably will melt most toasters

>Loads of animal physics and custom bone structures which means you get doggos and ducks, which means we might get Quacklord or worse, furrylord

>You can have kids in game and if you race mix you end up with a Mutt that will be stoned to death if it shows it's face in public

>Probably won't be released until Erodgan ascends as Sultan

I would include archives of the last months devblogs but for whatever reason archive is being retarded lately

Anyway anons, when do we have a gamenight of this again?

/ovg/ - Racing Autism General

Since last thread for racing games is at bumplimit and dead thought I would make a new thread focusing on one light source racing games and why GT3 is the only form of racing you will ever need.

Last thread: >>85853

Test Drive Unlimited

Anon uploaded a TDU repack for anons to download.!qJsynahY!DLE7dHFPG17GUeTK2q9zGkM68DikS9Gkqg9zT4AY37I

If you're wondering what I had to do to get it to work out of the box, this is what I did. Some of this stuff was not easy to find at all.

>Test Drive Unlimited Installation

>1.66A patch

>Mega Car Pack DLC

>No-CD patch

>Master Server File Fix

>Single Player Race Fix

>Community Repack Car Pack Mod (and 1.68 patch)

>AI Bike Fix

/vg/ Gamenight thread #3, the old one reached the bump limit

/vg/ GAMENITE THREAD #3, Fash the bash edition

<This thread should primarily be gamenight requests, discussion, and aid should be rendered to any possible hostfag.

>These threads have spawned all of the recent non /radcorp/ gamenights, including SWAT4, Soldner, and Savage.


Hosting is ezpz, you just have to be willing. It's fulfilling and fun, you have nothing to lose, so why not?

<Lots of hostfag resources can be found on /radcorp/ (A board we are not affiliated with in any way), such as hostfag ready downloads, guides, and other archived information relating to gamenights.


When making an OP for your gamenight, include some basic information

>What is the game?

>Why should anons play the game?

>What features does the game have?

>A detailed installation guide.

>A simple FAQ which explains any unique features or controls in the game.

>Proper use of formatting



What can I host?

You can make any source game NOSTEAM by using pic related, here are the download links.

Windows :

Linux :

You can also ask in this thread for help, and you'll probably receive it.

Edit: Accidentally killed the one with the posts. The other thread is still on page 2 and able to be posted in. Unlocked as last thread is past bump limit.

Hentai Games/Eroge Thread

Because why not?

For dating sims, ero RPGs, flavor of the month Illusion games, etc. VNs allowed but not encouraged, let's see some gameplay.

4x bread

Which mods do I need? Also, 4x thread: What games have you been playing and how is it going?

City of Heroes

This is a thread that happens every now and then, but this time, I think the tone is going to be a lot different. We can still mourn the loss of the game, but a bit of hope has come up on the horizon. As the thread name suggests, this is a thread for City of Heroes, a now-defunct MMO that had a somewhat tragic and confusing death some years ago. However, things seem to be changing; there was Titan Icon or whatever which let you create characters years back, and then Paragon Chat which let you explore the game and chat with people or something. Some things went on back when in this thread


but from what I've heard from my dad, who played the game from 2004 to the very end, things didn't work out so well for them. Anyways, a new thing called SEGS is in the works, and is mostly why I wanted to make this thread and why I think these threads might have actual people playing video games in them in the future. It's some kind of private server thing that allows you to host private servers and even upload your own content for custom missions and such. It sounds really fun and I can imagine /vg/ having a blast installing various mods and making the game really shine as their own. There's a thread for it here:


Anybody else excited for this? I can't wait to play this with people here as this game was probably one of the best MMO's I've played in my life and had a really neat atmosphere and vibe to it, too. I guess we can talk about recent developments in trying to bring the game back and memories of the game as well. I'll be posting whatever else I can find about SEGS, too.

EDF Thread

I couldn't see one in the catalog when I searched for it, so I made one, EDF 5 PC release when?

Clown Loli Toaster Club #11: Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child


Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

Release date: July 14, 2000

System(s): PC, Dreamcast

Developer: Third Law Interactive

Publisher(s): Gathering of Developers, Take-Two Interactive

The game's story revolves around a Kiss tribute band, who suddenly receive superhuman powers. -Wikipedia

A cosmic cancer that ends up popping up circuses to spread itself is metastazing. You play as four characters that are totally not the members of Kiss in an attempt to get to the Psycho Circus™ and stop it.

You do this in Doom-like arenas shooting Clowns and Dinosaurs with Stars, Whips and Ice Shards

Where to get it




For piratefags, download the RIP version on the link above, it will ask for CD, that's where you'll have to replace the .exe with the crack file

Graphical Issues

In case you want to make the draw distance higher the game will end up showing only a greenscreen, this is fixed by loading the previous savestate mantaining the options that have been applied.

Let's rock and roll all night!

Final Fantasy XI: MMORPG boomers

we're playing FFXI on an oldschool 75-cap private server called Era, with 4x rates (or 1x rate + special benefits if you're up to the challenge), and quite a bit of custom content/functions/QoL improvements, and i'm inviting people to see how far they can go. doesn't matter if you're an XI veteran or a complete newbie to the game, we'll take you in and hammer the grind into you.

bringing this thread here from /v/ because it gets very little visibility there and dies really fast. hopefully it'll survive longer here without pointless bumps.

>how do i install this shit?

read this thread on their forums and follow the instructions

alternatively, you can use the full era installer, which is on the main website, under the DOWNLOADS tab, but for that you'll have to read up some of the other threads

>how do i meet you fags in-game?

open the chat with spacebar, and send a /tell message to Nel, Kashiri, Jem, Steez, or Talos, we'll set you up with a Linkpearl to our chat

ie: /tell Nel -message-

>is the game FUN

the game is a classic tab-targeting turn based mmo. its hard, but it also has a lot of versatility in the roles you play. jobs aren't race or gender locked, you can swap them at any time although they each have their own individual exp bar and level. Enemies will start to periodically kick your ass if you don't cooperate with other players beyond level 20ish unless you really know what you're doing, and that's part of what makes it so fun. there are no markers or autowalk "lines" like in modern ones. so explore away, Sneak & Invisible are your best friends.

>the UI fucking sucks OP!

it definitely takes some getting used to. attached is a little guide on how to make it suck less.

>i keep getting X error when Y

make a post and ask away, maybe we can help. current FFXI private server technology is a bunch of code snipets held together with boogers but it keeps improving little by little.

The Thread of Magic and Adventure

This is a thread for blobbers, AKA first-person dungeon crawlers: a genre that tends to get a lot of praise these days, though nobody actually plays it. Either you're one of those people who finished them all 20 years ago, or you're one of those people who has been putting off trying them. Well, if you're the latter, now's the time to download and try a blobber because I want some discussion.

I am pretty new to these games. I've played an odd assortment, mostly Bard's Tale 1 and Wizardry 6, and I've currently started a game of Grimoire.

I know roguelikes are fairly popular still. Well, for those interested, a blobber is like a cruel hybrid of a roguelike and a point n' click mystery game. Nothing else offers such a perfect combination of hair-yanking frustration and comfy-as-shit comfiness. It's something you can play passively while watching TV or devote all your attention to for months. If you're looking for something new to play it will satisfy your itch, no matter what you're in the mood for. It's so versatile! So stop stalling and download that one you've had your eye on now, while this thread is up. I can provide general starting tips if you're confused and maybe some experienced anons will join in, too.

X-com thread/Xcom thread

Greetings commanders, time for an X-com thread

I was going to make a general tactics one but I think we can have a bit more focused discussion.

I started playing again after looking in my games folder and realizing I still haven't beaten X-com again.

I use openXcom for all of the fixes and mods you can get. Speaking of mods there is xpiratez which is set years after earth loses the original battle. The mods getting bloated as fuck and has started doing trivial stuff to waste your time but it does do a bunch of neat shit and it worth checking out.

Finally openapoc is in the works which is open x-com apocalypse. Its chugging right along and if I remember right you could finish the game albeit with bugs.

So how are your bases doing anons?

/stog/ Star Trek Online General

Classically Obsolete Edition

FAQ Pastebin:



Fed: Vidya Trek

KDF: House of Vid'ya

Custom Chat Channel: /v/ (Join and ask for a fleet invite)



Tips for New Players:



STO Wiki


PvP Guide


Build Planner, including a build searcher


Crit Calculator


Duty Officer Guide


What's New?

>STO is continued to be plagued with STD

>Orville content never ever!

>Have you heard a word from our lord and saviour phoenix boxes lately?

Last Thread: >>102292

Aweseome Gamedev General Basic Edition.




>Beginner's guide: >>>/agdg/29080

So anons, don't know if /vg/ any interest in this type of stuff, but I figured I would make a quick thread for it. Do you make games anons?

Voice Acting in Vidya

Not sure what else needs explained about this thread.

Most are faggots, some are based. Some are hired to play the same voice every game which must get boring. A few would say that voice acting can ruin a game while others would say that a good voice acting can make or break a game.

Autismblox Politics

If any of you are interested in playing, I'm hosting a political Minecraft server in order to simulate real-world politics in a digital setting.

You can choose your own political ideology, and religion. There is also a global market based entirely off supply and demand.

If you're interested, come play fam.


Version: 1.13.2


Place to discuss 40k and fantasy vidya no matter how bad or terrible.

Nothing good has been released so far and BFGAII is delayed to 2019 so guess we can try and play some Dark Crusade again or maybe get some tabletop sim 40k up.

Upcoming Games, Expansions, and Mods

This thread is for upcoming releases, both professional and amateur, full games, expansions, and mods alike. Tell us why you're excited to see a game come out, or why you expect to see it fail. If this thread survives long enough for some of these games to be released, it could even be for reviews.

Edit: I fixed OP's formatting but I want everyone to remember to bully him for messing up his line breaks.

3D Beatem up general


2d ones are welcome too

I recently finished Yakuza 0 and Wario World and had a lot to talk about the former.

I think the combat system in Yakuza 0 is pretty fun but its very poorly designed. Its the easiest Yakuza game in terms of difficulty and the game doesn't have enough large battles to justify some of the styles. Set pieces wise it might actually be less than the first Yakuza game on PS2. Most bosses boil down to "pick a style and abuse it" but in case of Majima there is no reason to use anything but slugger unless you're fighting an aggressive enemy with super armor, in which case you use the Mad Dog style and just use the counter like Tiger Drop.

As for Kiryu, his styles pretty much become obsolete when you get Dragon of the Dojima style which incorporates moves that you don't even get in the second game.

Overall a good game but the campaign could use way more large battles. At least it has Climax Battles unlike Yakuza 6.


A team of devs are finally making a tacticool Cold War FPS, for real this time.

Since Escalation 1985 has turned out to be an utter shitshow, leeching from paypiggies on Patreon and giving absolutely nothing in return but shitty renders and a broken pre-alpha only if you pay, the Rising Storm 2 devs have split off from Tripwire and are now making their own Cold War tactical shooter.

>‘83 is a Cold-War-Gone-Hot, combined arms, first-person military shooter for high player counts (80+) currently in development at Antimatter Games.

>‘83 pits two large platoons of players against each other in massive maps, fighting over a number of objectives that have a tangible impact on the battle as a whole when held by the victorious faction.

>Players will have access to a selection of real-world infantry weapons and equipment, as well as a selection of powerful land and air vehicles which can decisively turn the tide of a battle.

>‘83’s weapons are authentic to their real-world counterparts. All weapons work as players would expect in the real world, with systems such as ballistic modeling, penetration, real-world accurate recoil and advanced weapon handling putting the most iconic weapons of the Cold War in your hands.

The announcement trailer is here:

No release date yet, but they will apparently have a playtesting period that doesn't require giving to a Patreon.

Elder Scrolls General

Let's talk about:

Classic TES


Todd Scrolls

Lore Autism


Installing Skyrim buy my game again edition to try out the Bruma mod. Also any mod recommendation that actually make the world better or drastically change systems? Is there a dungeon overhaul mod that changes the layout, I searched a bit and only found enemy changes and a single overhaul of the Bleak Falls Borrow dungeon.

Also anons usual have some insider info on modding projects - anything you know of Tamriel Rebuilt and what the fuck is going on since I haven't heard shit about it in ages.

I'm also curious about the card game because when I saw the art it was down right gorgeous, how does it compare to other games of the type?

Also dumbner and dumb and Dagoth should have corprused their ass.


Wasn't there already an thread for this?

Anyway, the recent hype got me wanting to play this again, I've saw how its multiplayer and apparently works pretty good.

I'd say its a decent game to play with anons, anyway tried it already before?


Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Thread - There wasn't a thread edition

Maybe this could be a cyclical.

Starting out:

Just got a legit copy of Nier for my playstation triple, should I first learn something like where all the sidequests are or just go in blind for the first run?

I know there are multiple endings, I just don't want to end up doing the same one twice because I fucked up on my previous route.

Autismcraft server


Pirated client:

Version: 1.12.2

No hunger edition. Since pirated clients are allowed, the server also has LoginSecurity so people can't use your name to steal your shit. There's also a plugin to fix player skins, type /skin followed by the name of a legit account to copy its skin.

/skin AdolfHitler /skin Chaika /skin benis /skin Chen /skin tomoko

No formal rules, just don't cheat and/or be a nigger.

Horror General: how many lovecraftian games do we really need now?

Spooky games here folks. talk about them already.

So while every journalist thinks anything even remotely scary is a horror game title the genre gets flooded with clone after clone of indie shit that seems alright but that's just because they're taking themes from other much better games. is there any hope left? do you think things would be better if the genre returned to the wacky dreamcast/ps2 Japanese horror games that seemed to flood the market days?

list of upcoming jump scare walkers:

>that weird France game but is actually Russian. Atomic Heart. yes it is just another stalker clone that's coming out.

>generic lovecraft game non #232345. there's way too many of these. The sinking city seems to be the latest one.

>that indie title you think you like but I'm here to tell you you're wrong. no I don't have a name for it.

>did I mention PT clones? well that one about the woman whose a painter-wait no that one about some dude in a house at night-damn I mean this one about the Peterson case. yeah that.

<Hope you find what you like.

last thread >>48032

Archive of said thread:

PDF + vidya documents + development stories thread

This board is slow enough that a general PDF dumping thread would be useful. I guess it could be cyclic as well if it comes to it. Just keep it related to vidya.

I'll start with Diablo 1's original design document since it was getting discussed over in the Sacred thread. You can really see that they were going for a roguelike type of thing and the other image is from the official strategy guide (which is too large to post and I don't know of a good way to reduce the size of a pdf). Also I love shit like this so if anyone has more or just other good development stories they could probably go ITT as well.



Edit: Good, but how about not making a shit thread?

Kenshi Thread

I've been debating whether or not to make this thread due to the game being indev but fuck it I kinda want to talk about it.

What is it?

Kenshi is an open ended sandbox game where you can control a squad of guys and try not to starve to death, get killed by bandits, get killed/eaten by wildlife, get eaten by cannibals, get enslaved, or get beaten up and put in jail for being poor.

The games uses swords and crossbows with a jap flair to it. Instead of longswords you get katanas and shit and drink sake.

You can kinda choose how you want to play. Lone warrior with a dog? Group of thieves? Build a base then get kicked out by bandits and taxed by holy nation niggers? Raid old ruins and get one shotted by pissed off robots? There are a few different ways. Its been in dev for a while but the faggot has picked up speed and is rapidly approaching the 1.0. He even got in "luxury" features like dismemberment, robot arms, and crossbows added in a big update. At some point the ability to make your own fullblow faction will come which is sorely needed right now but I have a feeling that will be with the next update with the rest of the map.

My one complaint is that it can get kinda boring without as long term goal, you can build a bit of a settlement right now but without the faction system it still feels a bit off. Good fun for a while though.

I have the gog version but I don't really know where to upload it if an anon has a suggestion.

Retro Vidya Mk.II

Previous thread sunseted.


Whatcha playin.

>tfw found an old '97 gaming magazine with an article that ends with: "…bright future lies ahead [of gaming]". Why wasn't it bright, anon. Why wasn't it bright.


Ctrl+F gave no results so here we go.

CoC- basically you get all the locations from all the games all tied up in a nice package with additional features out the gopnik. If you want to do the original SoC story it's crammed in there to.

>it says I need a valid copy

Just make a shortcut of the .exe and add "-skip_reg". Make sure you add a space otherwise it won't work.

There's also Stalker- shadow of Chernobyl if you like bug filled messes. It's aged fairly well. Lots of mods for it. Don't use oblivion lost unless you want it extra crazy

Then you have Stalker-Clear Sky if you prefer even buggier affairs. I can't recommend this one since it recycles a lot of shit from SoC. At least it has a somewhat decent faction war system?

Finally- Stalker Call of Pripyat standalone. Dumped a lot of hours into this one. It has a few bugs but even vanilla is pretty well polished considering it's from slavland. This game is great if you like killing bandits because I fucking hate bandits and there are lots of them to kill in this game.

>what mods should I use?

Whichever ones you want. There are detailed flowcharts of which ones you might want based on the experience you're looking for but I never save them because I already know what I like. Regardless of which title you choose to play, for quality of life I always get something that increases carry weight a little, lowers the buy threshold for "damaged" weapons and adds additional guns so I can have a good gun wank with my preferred Raifu of choice. Beyond that, try things out and enjoy the crashes.

>when is Ray of hope getting released


>what about mod recommendations for CoC?

The warfare mod was pretty fun but very buggy. "Vanilla" CoC is pretty well fleshed out save it lacking a decent weapon selection. I recommend digging around and testing things yourself.


I'm attempting to remake the thread that got sucked into a meat grinder anomaly. Feel free to delete the double post it if it quickloads back into existence.

/nlg/ - Novalogic General - New Frontiers

Old thread here:


A thread dedicated to Novalogic games and following the development of Radmod and the Nova-Ray engine. Feel free to post anything Novalogic related, be it rad moments or OC.

>Talk about the shitty coding and impossible programming they did that puts most slavshit to shame.

>Confuse yourself over a voxel engine thats held together with spit and chewed gum.

>Enjoy a nostalgia trip or finally try out the game that your dad/uncle/grandpa always played when he wasn't working.

>Talk about Joint Operations, post radical moments.

>Delta Force Angel Falls, Super Mario's Wacky Worlds, RADmod 2.7 and 3.0 never fucking ever.


>Nova-Ray engine revealed! Still nowhere at a stable state but we're very excited to work on it and provide updates.

>Radmod 2.7 Update postponed as focus has shifted to our own game engine. There might be a planned content list posted somewhere down the line however.

>We're looking for any potential hosts that might be interested in putting up a permanent server for both coop and PvP.

>New mappack should be made for hosts to filter out the shitty and broken maps. We're also accepting any and all custom maps made by anons and they'll be added to the pack.

>Hosting guide and Improved map making guide soon™

>Good old downloads has died. Most of the games in the Novalogic Library need updated links.

>Nothing more to say as this is a dead gamedev company.

Please feel free to ask questions regarding our upcoming engine or post ideas for it if you have any. Note that it is NOT a fork of stalker's X-ray engine or anything like that, it is a custom engine built from scratch that will have similar ideas to what other engines have done, but not the same methods of implementation (in short, we'll get ideas and make them bigger and better than previously seen and still have a well put together engine)