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Ctrl+F gave no results so here we go.

CoC- basically you get all the locations from all the games all tied up in a nice package with additional features out the gopnik. If you want to do the original SoC story it's crammed in there to.

>it says I need a valid copy

Just make a shortcut of the .exe and add "-skip_reg". Make sure you add a space otherwise it won't work.

There's also Stalker- shadow of Chernobyl if you like bug filled messes. It's aged fairly well. Lots of mods for it. Don't use oblivion lost unless you want it extra crazy

Then you have Stalker-Clear Sky if you prefer even buggier affairs. I can't recommend this one since it recycles a lot of shit from SoC. At least it has a somewhat decent faction war system?

Finally- Stalker Call of Pripyat standalone. Dumped a lot of hours into this one. It has a few bugs but even vanilla is pretty well polished considering it's from slavland. This game is great if you like killing bandits because I fucking hate bandits and there are lots of them to kill in this game.

>what mods should I use?

Whichever ones you want. There are detailed flowcharts of which ones you might want based on the experience you're looking for but I never save them because I already know what I like. Regardless of which title you choose to play, for quality of life I always get something that increases carry weight a little, lowers the buy threshold for "damaged" weapons and adds additional guns so I can have a good gun wank with my preferred Raifu of choice. Beyond that, try things out and enjoy the crashes.

>when is Ray of hope getting released


>what about mod recommendations for CoC?

The warfare mod was pretty fun but very buggy. "Vanilla" CoC is pretty well fleshed out save it lacking a decent weapon selection. I recommend digging around and testing things yourself.


I'm attempting to remake the thread that got sucked into a meat grinder anomaly. Feel free to delete the double post it if it quickloads back into existence.

Retro Vidya Mk.II

Previous thread sunseted.


Whatcha playin.

>tfw found an old '97 gaming magazine with an article that ends with: "…bright future lies ahead [of gaming]". Why wasn't it bright, anon. Why wasn't it bright.

Elona Thread?

No Elona bread in catalog. I will make one so I can ask this stupid question. Is this "thirsty" status effect something new? I don't remember seeing it before.

Tactical Shooter Thread - Tacti/k/ool Edition

Since the old one is at it's bumplimit and buried made a new one. Time to discuss all your favorite franchises, not FPS in title this time so we can get some of the good Third Person ones in here as well along with more insane ones. You know the drill, post tactical shooters, doesn't have to be all modern day shit. Can include scifi or even old timey stuff.

Old Thread: >>31813

/rts/ Thread - Genesis Edition

The News

>OpenRA Remastered news continues to get worse and worse.

>EA are teaming up with McDonalds to design toys for OpenRA Remastered which will soon be making their way to an unhappy meal near you.

>Someone is making a phone it in Nam vidya game that might be some radical PTSD.

>Proj rock is not as good as anyone remembers.

The Usual Copypasta - Anime RTS that plays similar to Command and Conquer. - Tiberian Dawn, Sun and Red Alert downloads as well as C&C MP fixes and patches. and Dawn of the Tiberian Age download so you can drive Stanks into pillboxes - Mechcommander 2 Omnitech download, essentially a heavily modded Mechcommander 2 with a lot of campaigns. - World in Conflict MP fix - Not only provides download links for the original Mechcommander but MP fixes as well - 0 A.D., essentially an open sauce Age of Empires remake - Open Sauce RTS engine, used for a lot of free games similar to Total Annilihation/Supreme Commander - Warzone 2100!qaA3jJpJ!3mGiYhnvsegqjU0bwPZeFjLIKD4lMLelzlD_w5MQK5g - An anon was kind enough to upload Swarm Assault for us. - World in Conflict full game download; follow instructions on massgate to get working. - Kind anon uploaded Metal Fatigue for us!OaQHGS6Z!N5ZhizpI5ZRnIiQ1ehEpiiUp9jYJxfPfqzZ7gCUBv8I - patch for Metal Fatigue if required!ZhcwBSbR#!ZhcwBSbR!slNH61pneiRznT5u8mxKlh_oLyYCPXS0fXfWsxKyqRg - World War 3 Black Gold ISO - freeware rts game that is sort of like an Age of Wonders game if it looked really shit. - S.W.I.N.E. HD

To do

>Make a non cancerous RTS chart Fill out the RTS chart.

>Figure out who this council of thirteen CnC (((Veterans))) are.

>Find out if hostfag's sister is part of the LC.

>Discover if there is a unit worse than the (((GDI))) Hover MLRS.

>Have a comfy gamenight.

>Host a Stank drifting tournament.

Last Thread: >>141905

/strek/ vidya thread

Tell me Major, if Star Trek is so great, then why is there no good Trek vidya?

Is it because of Jew and Soy Trek?

Navy General Vidya Thread

a.k.a. Rule the Waves II discussion thread even if the devs have turned into complete DRM cucks. Patching though at least seems to reset your demo time.

Current Games Roster


Silent Hunter:

Rule the Waves:!tJUizbrK!sOFOaHtXCtusbZvNkXl-XUxbMZoYlnUGQ2vlpl_wchc


Last Thread: >>130702

/stog/ Star Trek Online General

Classically Obsolete Edition

FAQ Pastebin:



Fed: Vidya Trek

KDF: House of Vid'ya

Custom Chat Channel: /v/ (Join and ask for a fleet invite)



Tips for New Players:



STO Wiki


PvP Guide


Build Planner, including a build searcher


Crit Calculator


Duty Officer Guide


What's New?

>STO is continued to be plagued with STD

>Orville content never ever!

>Have you heard a word from our lord and saviour phoenix boxes lately?

Last Thread: >>102292

Warhammer Thread - ZOG OFF E'RE FULL!

Thread for all Warhammer vidya related stuff ya gitz.

>Martyr gitz got second release

>Chaosbane got no green innit so full of gitz

>Something about rat boy gitz

>Spikey gitz infesting Battlefleet Zoggin Gothic

Last gitz: >>133086

Mount & Blade - Sultan Erdogan Edition

Reminder that the Sultan is deposed, we will never get any Butter.

No real news apart from following to catch up on: - Autism blog about Sieges - Autism blog about Death - Autism blog about Economy - Autism blog about Gamescom - Autism blog about Logistics

There, caught up. Now all we need to do is find serbs to play on and kebab to remove.

Last Thread: >>102157

Hoorrroah General: Drunken dogs

You know things are bad when anon makes convincing arguments that a space game is a horror game

Though it did get me thinking, I know that Lost Planet 3 had a small spooky segment crammed into it for the E3 trailer but has there been any other game that's unintentionally made into a horror game?

list of upcoming jump scare walkers:

>Atomic Hearts got some sweet sweet gay tracing, it's a nice looking bad now.

>Sinking city sunk in a shallow puddle, some anon showed us all that #noteveryfishperson.

>I did try to find another indie title that wasn't "ps1 graphics but drab gameplay" but I wasn't successful, there is alot of these.

>something something PT clones something bad.

<hope you find what you like!

Last thread >>121536

Archive of said thread:

Batteltech General

Vigil for the /Monster/ous Regiment.

The inner sphere will never forget their sacrifices.

Also, new Ares Convention Violating DLC for soytech next month.


Assault Tech 1:Battletech:

>Long dead remake of Mechwarrior 2 using a custom built up to date engine. Canned cause of PGI. There is however a playable build you can enjoy.

Blender Battletech:

>Game made by a solo autist using Blender. It can be surprisingly addicting and also perhaps the closest you will get to playing tabletop in first person.


>/k/omfy RTT where you command up to a company of Mechs and Remove Furfags. Have to use tactics and also heavy use of salvage to win.

Mechcommander 2 Omnimtech:

>Standalone game build off the source code of Mechcommander 2. Adds a fuckton of shit and campaigns.

Mechwarrior 4 Mercs - MekPak 3.1:

>MW4M with a fuckload of new content. Was originally hosted by Mektek and going to get a mega expansion till PGI cried "OY VEY! SHUT IT DOWN!" so now it is hard to come by. Got a decent branching campaign where you play as a Merc and run your own unit.

Mechwarrior Living Legends:

>Mod for Crysis where the devs went on to be hired by Crytek themselves and create the Cryengine 3. Focuses on Battletech Combined Arms, not just Mechs. PGI insisted on them being shut down cause it was better than their crappy F2P game. Dead for a bit before drunken Slavs took over and decided to continue work on the game. Now standalone.


>Online version of Battletech tabletop. Once you have the autism to figure it out it's actually relatively comfy to play. Also can chose to make prisoners pregnant.


>Browser game that emulates Battletech tabletop. Nice little time waster.

Battletech - Flashpoint:


>Torrent of the game that is full of soy, should be latest release

Other useful stuff

>Site that lets you design your own vehicle, not just Mechs, for Battletech Tabletop.

>Battletech Wiki. Worth it just for a browse. Also their download section is full of goodies.

>Mechwarrior 4 Wiki

>Mechwarrior Living Legends Wiki

Non-tranny speedruns

As I'm sure you all know modern speedrunning is 90% trannies and attentionwhores but speedruns themselves can 'sometimes be interesting to watch, more for the deeper exploration of game mechanics and engine quirks than completing the games quickly in most cases though. With that in mind let's have a thread where we try and collection non-shit speedruns that can be worth watching. That means picking them based on the following rules:

1. No tranny speedrunners and no tranny commentators.

2. Speedrunner or people commentating aren't acting too much like faggots in general i.e. it should be watchable not just for cringe value

2. Some commentary to explain what's going on since the average human being isn't an autist who understands this shit. Could make an exception for interesting tool-assisted videos

3. Should be interesting to watch i.e. not just glitching through walls constantly and isn't abusing the same bug/trick almost exclusively e.g. Half Life 1 and 2 and bunny hopping constantly, that shit's boring after the first few minutes. So variety in what they do, mechanically interesting, tricks are based off of deeper understandings of the engine and so on. If it's just a faggot who's using pure muscle memory don't bother posting it, one good idea is to avoid Any% and go for things listed as 100%, All Missions, Glitchless or so on since they usually feature some actual gameplay.

4. Not too many duplicate games maybe if they're interestingly different categories or something that's ok

Common sources below but some will put non-marathon videos with commentary up on their own channels and these are much better since they lack donation cancer:

>NASA (generally less cancer/less commercialised than GDQ)

>ESA (Europe has less trannies and more entertaining autistis)

>ASM (irrelevant ausfags as far as I can see)

>GDQ (most cancerous by far, the further back you go the less shitty they'll be so reverse chronological order is good)

>TASvideoschannel (Tool Assisted Speedruns, usually boring)


Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Thread - There wasn't a thread edition

Maybe this could be a cyclical.

Starting out:

Just got a legit copy of Nier for my playstation triple, should I first learn something like where all the sidequests are or just go in blind for the first run?

I know there are multiple endings, I just don't want to end up doing the same one twice because I fucked up on my previous route.

Arma Thread

Well fuck it. May as well make one.

Thread to discuss

>Arma + Bohemia Interactive

>Mods for Arma like you would ever play vanilla faggot

>Milsim autism


>Trannies talking about their artificial vaginas

>The L85


Last Thread >>87725

Fighting games

Didn't see a fightan game thread or general so.

What are you guys playing? Is there any fightan games that you're excited for? What are your opinions on the fighting games that came out recently?

Also does anyone here play on fightcade or fightan online? I'd love to fight someone and refine my skills, or watch anons play, whichever comes first.

reminder that a Paki is the best StreetFighter player on tournament when?

Aweseome Gamedev General Basic Edition.




>Beginner's guide: >>>/agdg/29080

So anons, don't know if /vg/ any interest in this type of stuff, but I figured I would make a quick thread for it. Do you make games anons?

Monster Hunter general

and other assorted hunting games


Depends on which system you have. Everything since Freedom Unite and onwards is good for starting the series. All of them can be emulated depending on how good of a computer you have. Monster Hunter World is a special case where the game is casualized beyond belief and has very little content along with Denuvo on PC and subscription based multiplayer on consoles so choose at your own risk.

No matter which one you start with get ready for a lot of time investment. You'll need to put in hours to get anywhere with hunts taking anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how good you are.


There have been many knock offs in the genre with Monster Hunter itself being a knock off of Phantasy Star Online. Each one differs a lot from each other with most being easier than Monhun.

>Phantasy Star Online

A general for it already exist if you're interested in playing that


Closest to Monster Hunter in terms of gameplay but with differences like minimal item management and AI partners. Toukiden 2 is notable for being MHW before MHW got released

>God Eater

Anime Monster hunter. Has AI partners and is really easy

>Soul Sacrifice

One of the few neat "clones" destined to rot on Vita. Only similar to monster hunter in the general multiplayer structure

I will probably elaborate further on different monster hunter games later on but I just wanted this first post out of the way.

Tank Vidya Thread - Steel Fury Werkz Edition

After much fuckery of trying to get this game to work in a way that I could actually see instructions turns out all I had to do was delete my old profile.


Anon uploaded this game for us.


Have a 54 page autism manual.

How to install?

Well first off, if you are still having issues after this is all setup then make a new profile and delete old one after it's all done. That's what fixed it for me.

Short version, read the readme in Steel Fury Mods

Long version:

>Put the contents inside "wide Screen fix" in your SF directory.

>Put the contents of "JSGME" in your SF directory

>Extract these mods into the "MODS" folder inside your SF Directory:

> JanUpd_2015

> SSM 2.2

> STA 1.0

> STA GMP 1.4

> STA GMP 2.2

> STA GMP 3.2

>Launch JSGME.exe which is located in your SF directory.

>Activate mods in this order:

> SSM 2.2

> STA 1.0 full

> JanUpd_2015

> STA GMP 1.4

> STA GMP 2.2

> STA GMP 3.2

>Extract and launch 4gb_patch.exe and apply it to "starter.exe" loacated in the SF directory.

>Launch 4gb patch.exe again and apply to "steel fury directory"/bin/rel/shell.exe

>Play game

You pretty much need the mods to play this game if you are having resolution issues.

Previous thread: >>61641

Battlefield Thread

No not Niggerfield, the real Battlefield games before they went to shit. Though you can shit on those and talk about PR if you want

Been playing BF1918 mod again lately and was wondering if any anons fancy joining in playing especially with all the new enhanced bots and all? I know BF1942 can be a pain to get running but I still felt like at least offering the game again to play. Going to see about expanding this thread eventually to include some BF2, 2142, and Nam but I don't have fool proof ways of getting them going yet.


Battlefield 1942 Download

BF1942 Compatibility Fix (Optional)


For BF1942

If you have crashing on map loading the special compatibility mode (drag the .sdb onto the included .exe) from the compatibility fix.

Run on Windows XP Service Pack 2.

If you get booted from serb and can't rejoin wait for a bit. Likely still connected according to serb and must wait to timeout.

/clang/ vidya general

A thread for all games featuring big busty robots and machines.

If you haven't tried them already, play the Earthsiege games.

In news related stuff, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is coming to the West via PS4. EDF5 released on PC which lets you remove giant incests with robot fists. Phantom Brigade is up in the air on where it will be but it appears it will head to Chinko Botnet Store first for (((Early Access))).


This– this image. It's just so fucking triggering, to every gamer that sees it.

Why is that?

Why does anything made in the source engine instantly make anyone who sees it upset; Why does the mere mention of Source, even in passing, male project leads freak out? Why does the mere mention of the engine ruin whole generals by making every regular think they're the personal target of a terror attack? Why do most people, upon encountering anything Source-related, instantly think they are the target of gas and bombs, and endeavour to warn everyone else around them that they too will be gassed and bombed if they tolerate Source? Why is it that even players, who have no real work in the development process, act like to even acknowledge the existence of a Source engine game inherently makes Blender and Maya harder to use, and then care as if they even used those programs?

Why does Source cause people to become so upset, and so instantly just upon even thinking about it?

WW2 Vidya Thread

For all vidya Great Patriotic War related.

Taking over from this thread >>58236


>A gorillion different Early Access WW2 shootas have been released over the past six months each more forgettable than the last

>Steel Division 2 got released and the butthurt has already begun

>World of Stanks and Jew Thunder seem to be abandoning WW2 scene altogether which is good for morale

>Rule the Waves 2 is in Early Access jewing mode so probably want to jump to naval thread to bitch about that


Grand Strategy General

New thread since old one seems to be in purgatory.

I need to fill in some more fluff because of the pointless minimum char limit, sorry mods.

Xonotic Thread


Sound designer releases new soundpack with higher quality. All new sounds effects from footsteps to weapons




New original map: frosthalo_b2 (.pk3 is in the .zip to preserve file name)

idle causes ruckus again - offers $20 per flag cap to win an instactf match.

Xontonic Guy hosts Game Night #3.

Xonotic Anon joins the navy and we held a farewell party.

Florida Man shitposts on Xonotic server. Constantly nags for another game night. No end in sight.

Torfag suggests custom map that is probably illegal in Canada.

Game Servers

/v/ Pacific Server Status

/v/ Eastern Server Status

Server(s) send match notifications to this IRC channel

/v/ Server Config


Newbie Guide

Edit: Servers updated

FPS/RTS Hybrid Thread

A recipie that if you were to put together on paper sounds good but in reality tends to go together like chili and dark chocolate; a very aquired taste that usually only extreme autists like. You'd think this would be kind of hard to fuck up but usually it's down to the playerbase making the games shit. Fags only have to remember (((The Empires Community))) to know what I am on about.

Despite this there are some decent games in the genre out there. All fags have to do is look at games like Battlezone. There's also the various Battlefield games before they went to shit that toyed around with the Commander idea that are fun. While the original Renegade was not an FPS/RTS Hybrid Renegade X got updated to include a Commander.

So the real question I put to fags is what FPS/RTS Hybrids work and when do we play them?

Gamescom Prepartion Thread

Since it is a no brainer that E3 is a video game conference for mouth breathing retards that don't play video games, I thought we should at least turn our attention to something remotely worth watching.

It's in 2 months and Gamescom at least typically has games humans rather than zogbots want to play. I know there were conferences last year so we will need to have movies to watch in the run up to those can we watch 9th Company again? That shit was rad.

Cybershit 2077

Since we can't exactly ignore it we may as well laugh at it.

To get you up to date:

For those of you fond of virtue signaling outrage Anita Sarkessian has asked more like demanded to be a part of Cyberpunk 2077 and seems that the gaymening community is not too fond of her being involved considering her impact on the shitshow that was Ass Defect Andromeda.

One Angry Clickbait has written an article about it trying to tell SJWs to fuck off as if that is the popular thing now since it became apparent SJWs don't buy vidya games but love to complain about them. Not even sure what this article is about but I felt it was cancer so ignore it if you please.

I personally don't give a shit about this game or how it turns out but it is at least funny to watch how everyone fights over it as if it's the second coming of Christ. I'll try to keep this thread updated with more kekworthy articles if anons are interested.

In meantime post best Keanu Reeves movies

/nlg/ - Novalogic General - Warfare Escalation (Part 1/2)

Old thread here:


A thread dedicated to Novalogic games and following the development of Radmod and the Nova-Ray engine. Feel free to post anything Novalogic related, be it rad moments or OC.

>Talk about the shitty coding and impossible programming they did that puts most slavshit to shame.

>Confuse yourself over a voxel engine thats held together with spit and chewed gum.

>Enjoy a nostalgia trip or finally try out the game that your dad/uncle/grandpa always played when he wasn't working.

>Talk about Joint Operations, post radical moments.

>Delta Force Angel Falls, Super Mario's Wacky Worlds, RADmod 2.7 and 3.0 never fucking ever.


>Nova-Ray engine put on backburner as we shift focus back on fixing, improving and updating RADmod.

>RADmod 2.7 - Warfare Escalation Update (Part 1/2) details below.

>We're looking for any potential hosts that might be interested in putting up a permanent server for both coop and PvP.

>New mappack should be made for hosts to filter out the shitty and broken maps, as well as adding new ones for all (or most) gamemodes. We're also accepting any and all custom maps made by anons and they'll be added to the pack.

>Hosting guide and Improved map making guide soon™.

>Novalogic Library located below.

>Nothing more to say as this is a dead gamedev company.

Have you played Armored Fist 3? You should, it's damn good tank autism. On that topic; what's a good song or soundtrack to play while you're riding a tank and leveling a small nation?

Ace Combat Thread

Reminder that Ace Combat 7 has Denuvo!

Not that I think you fags were buying anyway

Now that is out of the way, 4 or 5, what comes out tops?

Been comparing these two for a while trying to figure out which one I like better. Both have points that make me conflicted.

Ace Combat 4

>More comfy atmosphere

>Felt missions were overall better designed

>Better setting and factions

<Aircraft variation felt low; there wasn't really much difference between a lot of the aircraft in game

Ace Combat 5

>Preferred the story

>Aircraft mix was a lot more interesting; real variety between all tiers that all felt unique in their own special way

>Squadron feels was comfy

<I could actually take it or leave with some of the characters and factions in this one, some I wanted to shoot before throwing out of a plane.

<Missions did not feel as polished

Vampire: The Masquerad - Bloodlines unofficial patch 10.1 update.


>Its latest version, 10.1, comes with a number of fixes, additions and improvements. For example, it adds Humanity gain for saving the quick Nosferatu in the warrens, adds missing monster sounds reacting to Dementation discipline, improves snatching cutscene and made museum outside a combat area, and disables bad icons and buttons for inactive Ocean House elevator.

>Moreover, it fixes vanishing details downtown, at Ocean House, and in cemetery, the dead-dog-still-hurting and Milligan freeze bugs, an ignoring-Sabbat-ending issue and sneaking out with Kiki, as well as some bad Humanity losses and wrong basic poster quest email.

You can check the full changelog and download it here:

Sounds like a good time to start another VTMB run or pick it up if it's your first time. Malkavian best vampire clan hands down. My first run ever was with a Malkavian despite people and friends saying not to. No regrets, it's the only true way to play the game.



>Falcon BMS Alternative Launcher:

Your pain setting up controls is over (embed) (embed) (embed)

>Falcon 4, BMS, SF2, real-life flight manuals and field manuals.!r11BxCRC!nC2Rttjjx8WLqvPF-6SYKw

>US Army Manual Index (embed)

>Steam group

>Repository of various aviation related material

>Planes pastebin (embed)

>Tanks pastebin (embed)

>Boat/Submarine pastebin (embed)

>Strike Fighters 2 For Dummies (embed)

>Example of welcome games

>Flight Sims

Falcon BMS, DCS: World, Rise of Flight, IL-2, Combat Helo, Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum, Strike Fighters X

>Driving Games

Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Live for Speed, Euro Truck Sim, Train Simulator, Farming Simulator 201X, DiRT Rally, OMSI 2

Most if not all carfags are at >>>/o/ovg

>Ground Sims

SAM Simulator, Steel Beasts Pro, Steel Armor: Blaze of War, Graviteam Tactics, Combat Mission

>Submarine Sims

Silent Hunter, Ship Simulator, Cold Waters, Dangerous Waters

>Misc Sims

Command: X, Swat 4, Arma 1-2, Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis, Virtual Battlespace 2-3

>Example of non-welcome games

Ácé Cómbát, Wár Thúndér, Wórld óf _, Ármá 3, Thé Síms, Sím Cíty, Góát Símúlátór

>Extra attention grabbing search terms

/fsg/ /dcsg/ /fsxg/ /bmsg/ /shg/ /rofg/ /etsg/ /il2g/ /lfsg/ /tsg/ /cwg/

Please come back, /simg/.

The Witcher Franchise

It's been about 12 years since the first Witcher game was released by CD Projekt Red and about 5 years since the Witcher 3 first came out. I'm curious as to what everybody's lasting impression of the series is. Admittedly, I never got far in the first game, even though I had a physical copy of the enhanced edition laying around, I couldn't get into it, it just felt too clunky. The Witcher 2, while I don't remember the gameplay as being anything to write home about, really gripped me for some reason. I really liked the characters, specifically King Foltest, the intro was just a great hook for drawing the player into the world. As for the third game, I never played it, I was far too inundated with other open world games at the time and had to pass. Maybe some other anons can share their experience with the franchise, especially since mine is so limited.

/dpg/ - Drift Police General

Thread for racing vidya of all forms, whether it be planes, trains or automobiles, or even boats! Except bikes though, those are for homosexuals.

Test Drive Unlimited Platnium

For your enjoyment here is a copy of TDU with Platnium mod which raises the car count to over 800 with the paradise launcher:


>If you haven't installed the TDU Community repack from last thread then read instructions.txt very carefully

>If you have simply extract and play.

Last Thread: >>115002

Vampire Loli Toaster Club XIII: Bloodrayne


Release date: 2002

System(s): Windows, Macintox, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube

Developer: Terminal Reality

Publisher: Majesco (US), Vivendi (EU)

From MobyGames: There are things in the world that humanity should not know about, and things it must be protected from. It is these things that the Brimstone Society hunts, and their newest agent for the cause is the half-vampire codenamed BloodRayne. Her mission will take her from clearing out the walking dead and man-sized insects in the swamps of Louisiana to hunting down members of the secretive Gegengheist Gruppe branch of the Nazi military around the world, as well as the monsters they unwittingly awakened.

Rayne's primary weapons against both monsters and men are the blades attached to her arms, and as the game progresses she will gain additional attacks to string together. Rayne can also hold many weapons, such as pistols, shotguns, and sub machine guns, at once, but she is not overly attached to them and will discard any weapon that runs dry. Her enhanced vampiric strength even allows her to rip up mounted gun emplacements and fire them from the hip. Another vampiric strength is her ability to drain the blood out of any human she can grab in order to restore her health. By killing enemies Rayne's rage meter will fill, eventually allowing her to enter Blood Rage, slowing the world around her and gaining new combo attacks that can dismember or totally cut in half weaker opponents. Rayne's ability to perceive the world will grow as the game progresses as well, allowing her to see living things through walls, zoom in on distant targets, and speed up her perception that everything, herself included, appear to slow down.

Where to get it

Legitfags: It's available on Steam and GoG

Piratefags: MEGA links for the GoG version are here:


It just works.

Gameplay tips

You might want to change the vertical camera movement setting in Options > Controls > Look up/down style

Common issues

There seems to be no way to fix the FOV. Linux users will need to move/delete the cutscenes in the video folder or use the other fix shown here:

Previous threads:

1 - Marauder:

2 - Nocturne:

3 - Timeshift: (too late for images)

4 - Vivisector:

5 - Perimeter:

6 - Urban Chaos:

7 - Call of Cthulhu:

8 - Guardian's Crusade:

9 - Messiah:

10 - Soldier of Fortune:

11 - Kiss: Psycho Circus:

12 - XIII:

Previous suggestions:

The Vampire Loli Toaster Club is a /vg/ book club for discovering and discussing interesting vidya. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, but as long as it's got something worth discussing it's welcome to be submitted. If you want to suggest a game, fill out the template and post it. By the end of the month OP will pick the game that seems like the best choice so feel free to discuss which game you think would work out best.

It makes things easier if you fill out this template when making a suggestion:

That way your post can be copied and pasted into the next OP if we play the game you suggest concise and informative. Submissions should include a webm or embedded gameplay video to give people an idea of what the game is like. (without spoiling too much if applicable)

Zelda style games for linux

Anyone have any recommendations for zelda style games that run on linux. I've played just about all the ones that can be emulated, including all the zelda games and knockoffs for different 8 and 16 bit systems. Anything more modern available that runs on linux?

WoWislam - WoW Classic Guild


<WoWislam> [WoW Classic Guild] [EU][H] [RP-PVP-PVE] [Hardcore & Casual]

1-Islamic Sharia rules over the guild.

2-We are all Muslims. We are all Brothers. No discrimination.

3-No Shia & Sunni & Salafi & Sufi takfiri. No Madhab wars.


5-We are warm to each others, cold to non-muslims.

6-No other religions allowed.

7-No swearing.

8-No adultery posts.

9-Main purpose is "to create a Safe Heaven for Muslim WoW Classic players against Western Degeneracy"

Edit: Bumplocked though 3/10 at least for effort and small kek. Could have been more subtle.

Final Fantasy XI: MMORPG boomers

we're playing FFXI on an oldschool 75-cap private server called Era, with 4x rates (or 1x rate + special benefits if you're up to the challenge), and quite a bit of custom content/functions/QoL improvements, and i'm inviting people to see how far they can go. doesn't matter if you're an XI veteran or a complete newbie to the game, we'll take you in and hammer the grind into you.

bringing this thread here from /v/ because it gets very little visibility there and dies really fast. hopefully it'll survive longer here without pointless bumps.

>how do i install this shit?

read this thread on their forums and follow the instructions

alternatively, you can use the full era installer, which is on the main website, under the DOWNLOADS tab, but for that you'll have to read up some of the other threads

>how do i meet you fags in-game?

open the chat with spacebar, and send a /tell message to Nel, Kashiri, Jem, Steez, or Talos, we'll set you up with a Linkpearl to our chat

ie: /tell Nel -message-

>is the game FUN

the game is a classic tab-targeting turn based mmo. its hard, but it also has a lot of versatility in the roles you play. jobs aren't race or gender locked, you can swap them at any time although they each have their own individual exp bar and level. Enemies will start to periodically kick your ass if you don't cooperate with other players beyond level 20ish unless you really know what you're doing, and that's part of what makes it so fun. there are no markers or autowalk "lines" like in modern ones. so explore away, Sneak & Invisible are your best friends.

>the UI fucking sucks OP!

it definitely takes some getting used to. attached is a little guide on how to make it suck less.

>i keep getting X error when Y

make a post and ask away, maybe we can help. current FFXI private server technology is a bunch of code snipets held together with boogers but it keeps improving little by little.

/rts/ Thread - Definitive Kangdoms Edition

The News

>OpenRA Remastered news continues to get worse and worse.

>Steel Division II finally got released. Guess they ran out of betas

>OpenRA have gotten tired of being bullied and are deciding to replace the Allied Hind model.

>Age of Empires II Definitive Edition has a beta sign up

>AOE IV is quiet but totally still in development.

>DTA has answered the question of who is more competent, Stank General or a bunch of Bunnies? The answer is smart enough to avoid the pillboxes

The Usual Copypasta - Anime RTS that plays similar to Command and Conquer. - Tiberian Dawn, Sun and Red Alert downloads as well as C&C MP fixes and patches. and Dawn of the Tiberian Age download so you can drive Stanks into pillboxes - Mechcommander 2 Omnitech download, essentially a heavily modded Mechcommander 2 with a lot of campaigns. - World in Conflict MP fix - Not only provides download links for the original Mechcommander but MP fixes as well - 0 A.D., essentially an open sauce Age of Empires remake - Open Sauce RTS engine, used for a lot of free games similar to Total Annilihation/Supreme Commander - Warzone 2100!qaA3jJpJ!3mGiYhnvsegqjU0bwPZeFjLIKD4lMLelzlD_w5MQK5g - An anon was kind enough to upload Swarm Assault for us. - World in Conflict full game download; follow instructions on massgate to get working. - Kind anon uploaded Metal Fatigue for us!OaQHGS6Z!N5ZhizpI5ZRnIiQ1ehEpiiUp9jYJxfPfqzZ7gCUBv8I - patch for Metal Fatigue if required!ZhcwBSbR#!ZhcwBSbR!slNH61pneiRznT5u8mxKlh_oLyYCPXS0fXfWsxKyqRg - World War 3 Black Gold ISO - freeware rts game that is sort of like an Age of Wonders game if it looked really shit. - S.W.I.N.E. HD

To do

>Make a non cancerous RTS chart Fill out the RTS chart.

>Figure out who this council of thirteen CnC (((Veterans))) are.

>Purge some furrys in DTA and gas them.

>Have a comfy gamenight.

>Find out if you can drift a Stank.

Last Thread >>136112

/rts/ Thread - Unification War Edition

The News

OpenRA Remastered news continues to get worse and worse.

Loads of mobile RTS games announced, came out, flopped, then we off to make sandwiches.

What isn't mobile is Tower Defense which is like RTS but for those who like the G3.

Unification Mod for Soulstorm 4.6 got released

The Usual Copypasta - Anime RTS that plays similar to Command and Conquer. - Tiberian Dawn, Sun and Red Alert downloads as well as C&C MP fixes and patches. and Dawn of the Tiberian Age download so you can drive Stanks into pillboxes - Mechcommander 2 Omnitech download, essentially a heavily modded Mechcommander 2 with a lot of campaigns. - World in Conflict MP fix - Not only provides download links for the original Mechcommander but MP fixes as well - 0 A.D., essentially an open sauce Age of Empires remake - Open Sauce RTS engine, used for a lot of free games similar to Total Annilihation/Supreme Commander - Warzone 2100!qaA3jJpJ!3mGiYhnvsegqjU0bwPZeFjLIKD4lMLelzlD_w5MQK5g - An anon was kind enough to upload Swarm Assault for us. - World in Conflict full game download; follow instructions on massgate to get working. - Kind anon uploaded Metal Fatigue for us!OaQHGS6Z!N5ZhizpI5ZRnIiQ1ehEpiiUp9jYJxfPfqzZ7gCUBv8I - patch for Metal Fatigue if required!ZhcwBSbR#!ZhcwBSbR!slNH61pneiRznT5u8mxKlh_oLyYCPXS0fXfWsxKyqRg - World War 3 Black Gold ISO freeware rts game that is sort of like an Age of Wonders game if it looked really shit.

To do

>Make a non cancerous RTS chart

>Figure out who this council of thirteen CnC (((Veterans))) are

>Debate whether Anno is an RTS or City Builder?

>Decide whether the /rts/ anons should start a motorcycle gang

Last Thread: >>121486

Edit: Thread title fixed. Bully OP.


Download link:!3exjCAqT!Hlj1_dgvOb1PQT7xuwdbeBTQR0OSwBcvpacYsnbsd8I

Gamenight starts at 6:00 pm CEST - 12:00 EDT

what is this game?

this is the pvp mode for splinter cell chaos theory in which you play as 2 teams: the spies that have 3rd person, sneak around corners,stealthily get to the objectives without tripping the security system,snap necks from behind. Or play as the mercs in first person: big guys with big guns, protect the objectives using mines and spy traps,patrol the map to look around for the enemy and take them down.

my flashlight isn't working!

1:go to the tools folder and open up 3danalyze_withsavebatch.exe

2: search SCCT_versus.exe in the system folder and select it

3:on Game/Demo Fixes check the box Gun Metal Demo Fix

4:click the button Save Batch File and run the game with it

You must run the game through the batch file or else the flashlight won't work

how do i play the game online?

1: get radmin vpn:

i know everyone doesn't like using a vpn to play games but it's the only way you can play right now since the servers got shoah'd by ubisoft

2:click on join an existing network and put the following

>network name: InfinityGamenight

>password: niggerfaggot

Mabinogi Private Server: G20 Is Happening But When Is The Website Edition

Mabinogi is a very unique MMO that isn't just another WoW clone. There are no classes, just a bunch of different skill types and you can invest in any of them as you like. This game places a large emphasis on non-combat skills, and has many activities to do besides fighting enemies. Mabinogi Classic is a private server that dates back to around November 2012, and the latest mainstream quest line is G17.

Join through this link:


Be sure to make a human for your first character, even if you don't want to play a human. Humans can travel to the leader of Giants and the leader of Elves to obtain character slots of each, but Giants and Elves can't do this. These extra characters are at least good for extra bank space, and can be used as mules.

>D I C K S W O R D

Here are your options:

<hold your nose and plunge in for the 20 minutes it takes to say "Let me test" in the apply chat channel, have a staff member reply to you, and have your account made. You don't need to make an account for discord, and you can bail after you get an account and the client.

<send a note to Aristrea back on Pro with the username you want to use to log in, and wait for who knows how long for him to see it and perform the steps in option 1 to send you back a note with your password. You can download the client from in the meantime.

>What happened to Pro?

We're still transitioning. Some people still log onto Pro, but that number is dwindling. It looks like Classic is the place to be for the forseeable future.

>Where's Classic's website?


>What are Classic's rates?

<x2 Monster XP

<x2 Quest XP

<x3 PTJ XP

<x2 AP

<x1.5 Drops

<x1.5 Quest Gold

These are subject to change in the future.

>Are we still Smug?

The web interface requried to manage a guild is broken. If you make a guild, you can't expand or even leave. Nikui is currently the leader of Smug on Classic. This won't be the case forever.

>How does Classic do the cash shop?

Killing mobs has a chance of dropping Pon. They aren't tradable, but you can spend them at Lorna, who can be found in various towns. (this is currently broken with the recent G20 patch. Maybe it'll be fixed, maybe not)

Games you wish you had someone to play with

>inb4 "You don't get to bring friends!"

Kind of the point. You don't have friends but you are looking to play a game together with someone.

>Inb4 "Why not just ask Gamenight thread?"

Problem with gamenights is that they are overly obsessed with games that require dozens of players to play and need hostfags to run. I made this thread for those who are more looking at games that you only need a handful of people and don't need your own server to play. Something like springing up a Dawn of War match on GoyRanger or just squatting on a Zombie Panics server rather than worrying about setting up our own event.

So this thread is for that game you never get to play but would like to. Or just if you want to cry about the game you never get to play, whatever you prefer.


Zelda thread that isn't cancer

Why the series went to shit after Wind Waker?

Or, more importantly, why the series went to shit after Link to the Past Triforce of the Gods?

Post favorite levels and post Zelda's butt.

THQ Nordic

How long till they buy everything on the planet considering they pretty much are buying up all the IP's they can get and are consistently growing?

Am I becoming a casual?

I've had a hard time getting excited about major games lately. Instead I've been looking for quick simple games to rewind with, like IIslands of War and Dyson. I used to be passionate about videogames so this is a troubling change.

Am I just getting old? Does anyone else have a similar problem?