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Adam Ruins Everything Hates Jokes

Adam Ruins Everything Hates Jokes

What did disney mean by this?

>looks aren't everything

>real beauty comes from within

>tall, blonde Chad gets the girl anyway

>tfw no tomoko gf

>tfw no season 2

Who should play Rei in the Eva movie and why should it be Maisie Williams?

>tfw no matter how shitty things get at least Stevekino will always be around

joker btfo

Big Chungus does not support abortion

but the question remains: do you support Big Chungus?

Thoughts on this psy-op? come watch comfy cucktoons with the beta fam

Video Art

I want to get into this. Are there any good websites to follow? Film festivals?


Does anyone have access to a high quality MP3 of Bane Star? The one on YT has skips…

Tell me about Caleb Pearl! Does he still Banepost? Do you think he'd have the original copy?


Welcome to Letterboxd general. Post your Letterboxd profiles, follow others, call them pretentious assholes, and discuss movies.

What's everyone watching today, /lbg/?

What did he mean by this?

>Mr. Reitman, I don't feel so good…

about to message this guy. how should I btfo him?

my heart!


Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

So if we listen to Bane we notice that he speaks a bit muffled but clearly. This means, he has teeth. But how does he brush them? If taking off the mask is extremly painful does he go through the pain in the morning and the evening and maybe during the day after he had a snack just to brush his teeth? Or does he have bad teeth? If he has bad teeth would he have to smell his own bad breath all the time because of the mask?


I recently watched "The Nice Guys" and ever since I did I can't get this girl out of my head.

Her character is so smart and mature and I just can't stop thinking about how much I wish I had a little girl like this in my life.

What am I supposed to do with these feelings?


reacting to your assumptions about me… and spilling tea

what are some kinos about tiddy mechanics?

Oc thread gayhole edition

what's gahoole doing bros



Chantal Akerman has passed away. I've only seen News from Home and Hotel Monterey but I appreciated her unique style, even if it required patience.

What's interesting about her personality is how she rejected the title of feminist film maker even though everyone wanted to put her in that box. Most obits you'll read today are quick to include that label in their descriptions of her. I remember hearing that she did not like doing "women's film festivals" and preferred regular festivals instead.

> I won't say I'm a feminist film-maker ... I'm not making women's films, I'm making Chantal Akerman's films. (London, 1979)

is this communist propaganda?

Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?

Emma Stone

She should be…

This is an Oscar nominated film.

2019 Oscar predictions

Cast your ballots, /tv/

Star Trek: Discovery’s mansplaining takedown returns to the series’ roots

>It’s a brutal moment with a pointed message, in a franchise that’s always been about progressive politics

Incels BTFO

Get punched /pol/

Comfy Ship Thread #3

Previous thread is at bumplimit >>9811

And we have been far too long with the great comfort that is ship autism discussion.

(((Brian Singer))) Atlantic Article

>searches catalog

>no mention of pedo network in Hollywood

>no mention of Atlantic article about (((Brian Singer))) who helped create recent wave of capeshit

wtf /tv/



Happy Tuesday!

This thread will be gone shortly since some people hate boobs, traditional values + don’t want you to be happy.

>The Lord of the Rings

>Three volumes with six books

>Three movies

>The Hobbit

>One Book

>Three movies with nothing but filler and bad CGI

What the fuck were they thinking?



When will you racists cum skins wake up and realise that progress is being made with or without your help. I can't wait until we get all your boys injected with HRT to grow up to be queens. Yaaas. know this is dup btfo


Love wins in the end.

Sandniggers = khorn

Poo in loos = nurgle

Normalfags and females = slaanesh

Kikes = tzeench

Spics = chaos undivided

Asians = orks and dark eldar

Mutts = tyranid

Native americans = kroot

Meds = chosen of the Emperor

I wish anime was real…

Which one of you horny fuckers did this?

Post NEET kino

Why do niggers do this?


I Think I Lost It

Only 8 days before the end of my job and I insult a chief.

I don't go to the job anymore. I'm tired of this shit, a normal man can't support this bullshit.

Fuck white people. I like Raven, Bliss, and Gahoole but finally white people are trash like niggers and the rest.

Nothing will never change, because I don't want to change. We are not crazy this people are.

Alright, which one of you incels put him up to it?


Please help /v/ shed some tears out of numales and landwhales that play Kingdom Hearts

Also, gayhoole pls pin and make a video about it

Help a brotha out


Bump When Watching - BWW

Watching through Lars von Trier’s Europa trilogy.

I will make a thread about Disney Channel era Miley Cyrus everyday until my life gets better.

Michael Cera stars in alt-right movie

Michael Cera gets radicalized by popular online far-right forum r/the_donald and decides to join the Kekistan movement.

Write the plot, /tv/

Mary Jane Watson vs Gwen Stacy

Who is best girl?

>Go to cuck/tv/

>They unironically think Aliens > Alien

What the literal fuck?

Most cumskins EXIST to serve the devil. Prove me wrong.

>Captain Marvel and Nick Fury's relationship is different than the Avengers

>It's special


What the hell happened to Jim Carrey? Did something happen to him when he was making goofy faces in the mirror?

Whish one of you is up to the challenge?

/tv/ related because this is an SNL writer








>> Hail from Captain Pike sir

It's the Enterprise

/pol/ is a limited hangout

/pol/ censor me every time I post so I'll say it here. Do not trust any of these people with any of your details, do not post on 8chan with your real IP. I can prove that Codemonkey is a government asset. These people are working for the government.

Percolatrice was right


>Well, you don't judge a man on his successes but on the times he fell down and got up. What is amazing about you is how deep you continue digging after falling down over and over. You're sickly alcoholic, legit 1/10 ugly, dumb as a brushless broom and physically non-functional. I mean, even your cat won't miss you for fuck's sake, anyone else would have given up already. Yet you keep gripping to life like a necklaced nigger running in flames all over the place. I'm impressed, really.

She was right about everything.

In this thread I will post links to interesting looking films from KG.

You can post too, but if they look like crap I will call you out on your shit taste.

Why does Disney consider it acceptable to include a nudist character in a show for children?

Remember when some stormwienies got offended because she did a romantic scene with a black person? Remember when these people thought film is literally real? Remember when they’re no different to soyboys who live vicariously through Harry Potter and capeshit?

A CIA Carol

Dr. Alium, I'm the CIA of investigative's past.

What did she mean by this?


What if Death Note tried to killed somebody who has no name?


Let's set up a /tv/ canon.

Movies that can at least be interpreted in ways to be stomachable to White men and don't drive them towards castration or suicide.

Classics definitely encouraged, but the newer the better, for memetic purposes.

Windsor Davies, "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" star dies at 88


All memes aside, what did you really think of Drive?

Bumblebee sequel is happening

>musicians are better actors than real actors

how can actors ever recover? acting is the biggest meme ever. Imagine dedicating your whole life to the "craft" when any musician can come without training and steal your awards lmao


2 days left

Will it be zombiekino?

What's next for Maitland Ward's career?

Gahoole is a Genius

He's a good productor and a good actor.

It's not something easy.

Why didn't he cash out and buy BTC? He'd be much richer

What brings you here, every day, without fail? I am almost certain the majority of posters here cannot even answer this question decisively.

It all feels like we are just waiting, no?

…waiting for what? Well, thats what i made this thread for.

We all know ((something)) is coming. Ask anybody. Even IRL.

Sure. Theyll give you a million different answers.

But the point remains.. something is coming.

NXT thread

>Best Theme song

>Best Production values

>Best crowds

>Cool new wrestlers every few months

>promos aren't all cringy as shit

>tag teams are important

>war games

>weekly tv show always has great matches and storylines

>don't have time for weekly tv? that's cool the ppvs stand on their own and are the best ppvs wwe makes

>tv episodes are only an hour long

>ppvs are usually 2 maybe 2 and a half

>if you really want to know all the nitty gritty of the storylines you can just read the TV taping spoilers

>live event tickets are half the cost and twice the fun

How the fuck does main roster even compete?

Do you think the little boy's two uncles ever molested him like mine did?


So I was recently visited by the ayyys and while onboard their ship I had the chance to sit down with one over tea (I was the only one drinking the tea) discussing various topics. As you would expect, I naturally asked about the pain and misery of the planet earth.

The ayyy said something along the lines of, that we were more clay (material / corporeal) than fire (intelligence behind the arrangement of the universe) and that the clay was "adequate" in holding sparks of the fire (emerging intelligence). Our misery was due to us "living in darkness" but that was the natural state of things, as we needed to grow our fire (the fire rises, bruh) to eventually join interdimensional civilizations like the ones they come from.

It occured to me with great clarity at that moment that niggers were both the dumbest of the dumb as well as the most materialistic. The ayy nodded along as I expressed this sentiment, and I thought I could see encouragement in its eyes as I reached this realization.

This kind of surprised me, because I had thought that the whole peace and love vibe the whole ship/crew was giving off would condemn such sentiments.

The ayy made a remark about how black people almost never see UFOs, yet alone get onboard one. The ayys consider them the "clay of all clays, meat bodies with very little "fire of intelligence" within them." I could hear the ding of a distant (oven?) and I could telepathically deduce that my time with the ayys was over. The ayy brought me a fresh plate of biscuit cookie things (even though I was done my tea?) but told me that seeing as how it was time to return me to where I was found, he, or it, or whatever, would bag them for me. I was handed a brown paper bag full of these things.

On my way down the ramp, the ayyy told me to "watch out for those virueless beings, that wish to enslave you to the material realm." I took that to mean a warning against jews, which made me chuckle. What a bunch of racist space rascals, these guys were.

I have since learned that these guys are like, suuuper racist. Even the SPLC knows this. I've since thrown out my biscuit cookies and sworn off contact from all bigots of the third and fourth kind, whatever the hell that means.

Be careful. Don't trust these space assholes. I'm thinking they drove Hitler to start WW2.

Pic related. UFOs are racist. You've been warned.

what are some good movies about robots?


Trailers and 300

Will we ever get trailers as good as these ever again /tv/?

300 was pure manly cartoony goodness, the sequel was so bad it made me vomit.

ITT brap queens

The joker movie going to do as good if not better than Deadpool isn’t it?

I just fell in love

NRA BTFO #Endsecondamendment #Guncontrol

Get punched /k/

dup btfo tonight

dup voters just have a bad time

and dup is gonna lose his mind

we just wanna see dup btfo

God I wish that was me


Where were you when the pozzed joined the dark side?

Is there any other kino like that?

I'm averaging 2,54 bans per day in cuckchan's /tv/, how are you doing there?

/leftypol/ btfo'd me


not a shitpost. I went to /leftypol/ to btfo some leftists and they've made me look like an idiot. How do I reply to these anons to crush their argument?

>Gahoole actually watches this shit

What the fuc it's like Louis ck wrote this

/film/ Has Migrated to Infinity Next

8chan migration is nearly 2/3 complete. Once migration has finished, we will begin using the new site. You can monitor the progress at and >>>/next/3556

Posts on /film/ after No. 6502 will not be on the new site when we switch, so you might want to hold off on posting for about a day. That said, we will try to manually recreate whatever gets posted in the interim and feel free to ask questions here if you have any.

take that you incels! now my career is dead, oops!

Owen Benjamin is insane

/tv/ needs more wrestling threads. After all, it is television.

So let's talk about Alexa Bliss and why she should sit on my penis.