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New RLM Video

Half in the Bag Episode 135: Justice League

Mike loved it!

>what's wrong, anon?

>what didn't you like about my show?

Incredibles 2 Official Teaser Trailer

Yassss 👏👏👏👏👏👏😍👐😱😱😱😱😘😘😵😵😄🎊🎇🎊🎇🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎇🎊🎇2018.

what's this stance called?

>4chan has the fucking shat

>we got samuel hydeberg

what went wrong

Not even the porn industry is safe

>Rosaties are calling /ourguy/ Ron Jeremy a rapist

MGTOW was right about women

Justice League is flopping

Just Ice My Shit Up

>Spends thousands of dollars on toys, including bootlegs

>Critiques toys seriously and plays with them on video.

Is he autistic?

FACT: John Green is THE thinker of our generation and you can't refute it. If his books got make into movies they would be kino.

An old mmo

Anons, I have a powerful thirst for more Star Trek and I want to know if pic related is worth playing. Does anyone here play it?

I've never played an mmo, so I'm not picky on the finer points and I'm fulling expecting the plots to be stupid, but all I want is to make a qt andorian waifu to dress up and my own space ship to sail around in. The girls in the concept art look cute.

Hiromi Tsuru has Passed Away

RIP best DBZ girl Bulma

>Today, the Dragon Ball fandom has reason to mourn the loss of one of its own. According to reports out of Japan, Hiromi Tsuru passed today in Japan. The actress, who is best-known for voicing Bulma, was 57.

>Sites like Otokamu and Esuteru provided stills taken from Japanese news reports covering the star’s death. Right now, the reports indicate that Tsuru passed away in her car after being found unconscious. The actress was rushed to the hospital but we declared dead when brought in for treatment. There was no sign of Tsuru having been in a car accident, so officials are investigating to confirm whether the death was from natural causes.


Okey Guys, The moment of Truth has arrived. Which one is the best Star Trek series?

Also post reply in thread and reason

Paige might return to WWE

Amateur pornstar Paige possibly might be returning to WWE. The last time I think I saw her on WWE was in WM32 kickoff show.

>inb4 she joins The New Day

Is there any reason to watch this?

Is Judaism An Antidote To The Harmful Social Conditioning Of Men?


Well fuck me. Did someone watched this?

Was the sex alien real or some metaphor?

Whats the deal with the dogs.

Why does she look like an abo?

There's nothing Australian about her heritage, are abos the end result of advanced race mixing?

How smart was this man?

I just got my book in the mail. Scammy boy is vindicated.

I've made a discord server for discussion of arthouse and experimental cinema, please join in you are interested.

So all her vids are gone forever or what? Are they archived somewhere?

Flags Thread

Cause Star Trek needed more autism, which faction has the best flag?

NXT General

It brought us The Shield and BO DALLAS, so there must be something good here. R-right?

Latest show:

NXT results, June 28, 2017: Mayhem reigns in historic Last Woman Standing Match

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka and SAnitY’s Nikki Cross tore a warpath through Full Sail University, dueling over The Empress of Tomorrow’s title in NXT’s first-ever Last Woman Standing Match.

<The Velveteen Dream def. HoHo Lun

>Hideo Itami def. Oney Lorcan

>NXT Women’s Champion Asuka def. Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing Match

Best girl

Best movie ending?

>strong Catholic

>straight white male


>worked his way up through merit

literally the only reason he gets so much /pol/ hate is because he triggers r/the_donald, most of whom are too young to remember the pre-Obama days where presidents would be mocked constantly, especially Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal

Trump has mini-scandals like every fucking week so there's no shortage of material.

give me epic adventure movies to watch with my dad

Why is it okay for Fellowship and The Two Towers to have blue or grey "filters" as you kids like to call it, but nothing else can? Everything else that has different color lighting is "muh filter" and "muh grimdark" to you.

Jennifer Lawrence ‘felt her job was threatened’ after standing up for herself

>job was threatened

Good, we almost got rid of her

Maisie Maisie Maise Maise Thread

< Whelp, its that time again.


< Sooooooooo….

What is your:

>favorite Maisie movie

>favorite Maisie tv show

>favorite Maisie youtubekino

>favorite Maisie tweet

>favorite Maisie meme

>favorite Maisie haircute

>favorite Maisie halloween costume

>favorite Maisie smell

>favorite of Maisie's feet

And finally,,,,

<which of Maisie's upcoming projects are you most looking forward to

(((Disney))) live-action remakes

Place your bets which character gonna be re-imagined as a flaming faggot.

Jeb! on suicide watch.

What is the Finnegans Wake of modern cinema?

ITT good movies only you saw

CIA's neck

Does anyone have that gif/webm of CIA's neck when he says "BANE?"


S-so you guy watch TNA? It's quite good I'd say.

Yo, CIA! Call Ittin and get the plane started.

I'm gonna throw a party with my friends.

WWE in peril: TWO quits in as many weeks

>the elf quits because he had to lose to Enzo Sucksmore again

>now Nia is leaving

wtf I hate star trek now

What kino snacks do you have?

Now that his twitter is un-verified, who is going to play him in the inevitable biopucci kino?

What's a good movie I can watch about /leftypol's bo taking a cock so I can disguise this funny development in a way the /tv/ vol won't delete my fucking thread?

Christopher Tolkien resigns from the Tolkien estate

Are you ready for the black female lead new original trilogy, Legolas spin-off and Galadriel prequel?



Little bit early for this again, but hey better early than late!

World Tag League 2017 entrants announced! Juice and Callahan! Elgin and Cobb! Henare returns! The tournament will kick off from Korakuen Hall on November 18 and will air on NJPWWORLD for FREE‼︎

▪️WTL 2017 tour schedule till the finals & tickets info each of event

▪️WTL 2017 all league matches will be Live-Streaming or VOD on

>All 16 teams participating in this year’s World Tag League have been announced. The tournament will kick off from Korakuen Hall on November 18 and will air on for FREE. From there, two blocks of eight teams will have league matches until December 9. Then, on December 11 in Fukuoka, the winners of each block will do battle to decide the winners.

>This year, the World Tag League will have major consequences for Wrestle Kingdom. Those wrestlers who already have matches signed for the Tokyo Dome on January 4 will not take part in the league, with an emphasis put on remaining teams to secure their spots at the Dome. Okada, Tanahashi and Naito will still be a part of every show on the tour, while Kenny Omega will join the tour on the December 11 final.

The shows set to air live right now are the 11/18 and 11/30 shows, but all the shows on the tour will get uploaded sometime the day after they happen. The finals will also probably be live but the NJPWworld streaming schedule doesn't go past november right now, so I'll post updates as they happen. I'll put seperate posts with screenshots of the cards for each show when they get uploaded.


Holy shit! Rich white vegans are crying oppression over PJW exposing soy turning men into pussies. Both the left and right are laughing soy consuming vegan faggots in the comments getting ass blasted. Is Hollywood shit because of soyboys?

post good food reviewers

WWE 2k18/wrestling vidya

Did you buy this GLORIOUS perfect zero-bugs game yet? It even has pyro!

>watch footage of 2k16

>it genuinely looks better graphically, has full voicing, has cutscenes instead of awkward slow disconnected camera pans into a lazier version of a Fallout 4/Ass Effect conversation scene meme, and better animations when it's not the same mocapped animations they've used for years

>tfw WWF Attitude on the playstation was better

>tfw facial texture capture/import has been increasingly BROKEN and useless since after 2k15

>tfw watching a sBooker jobber that can't reverse anything ever to see the game for free

Keiko hate thread

I'm re-watching DS9 and I just finished The Assignment, in which Kuntko is taken over by some entity that makes her take her true form – total fucking cunt sociopath piece of shit. Obrien cucks out as usual rather than allowing Kuntko to kill their elliott rodger loli and itself.

I really hate everything about Kuntko and her full-force shrill awful cuntiness and total disregard for obrien as a man is ruining any of the enjoytment i should be getting out of watching the chief onscreen.

I am asking fellow haters to post autistic rants for everyone's enjoyment.

Pajeets are assblasted (literally) over white people

Designated cultural appropriation

What did (((((((((((((Ezra Miller))))))))))))))) and (((((((((((((((((((Gal Gadot)))))))))))))))))))))) indicate by this?

You are given 1 billion dollars and full creative control to make a new trilogy of Star Wars movies. Full. Creative. Control.

The only thing denied to you is Admiral Thrawn, which must not even be mentioned at all.

Make your pitch.

What's this stance called?

ITT: comfy television

Shows you can pop on any time and just relax to.

How do I get Swole like Swolecard?

What kind of exercise regiment would someone have to follow to get as swole as the swoleverse? I am genuinely curious if anyone has worked it out in terms of diet, weightlifting, exercise etc or would I be better off asking /fit/?

>Tomorrow, Something incredible is coming…

What did they mean by this?

Jake Gyllenhaal Eyed to Replace Ben Affleck

Racist white supremacist Affleck outed.

Shameful Confessions

I felt like I needed to get one thing off my chest in regards to Star Trek anons.

I have never watched TOS




What is the Mordor of film?

Joss Whedon liked a tweet calling Steppenwolf (villain of Justice League) the worst villain of all time, then liked a series of tweets praising villains like Loki from Thor.

I hate ni-

/film/ request

Does anyone know where I can watch La nuit fantastique? It isn't on thepiratebay and I really want to see it.

Shots/stills you like thread.

>finally, I have become Blade Runner


Pick one and get ready

1) Black elves

2) Black Hobbits

3) Black Aragorn

Is she in the right here?


Did anyone else get a boner during this scene?

This is breddy gud. The few episodes I thought they would pull that leftist propaganda like Defenders but it quickly fades. This series is also triggering leftycuck media.



That sun shot like it burst out of his chest and she approached and took it in hers.

That sun also appeared here >>971379 but it's just on his chest (symbolizing his burgeoning kimochi). That bucket is a yonic symbol, at the center of the room, which is a kitchen, also a yonic symbol. He entered the kitchen, went near the bucket, symbolizing his sexual kimochi. She tried to leave the room, denying her feminity.

I hope this understanding has enriched your fap.

Millie Millie Millie Millie Thread


Fuck Maisie. Srsly get some taste you munter loving cunts


>Look up Star Trek roleplay expecting cancer

>Mainly just Fedfaggots sucking each other's cock

>Was hoping for some juicy tidbits but found nothing interesting

Well that was a bust. Any anons got anything worthwhile to share? Such as roleplaying Hasperat Removal

rip toy freaks

the kikes at jewtube shut down toy freaks, why can't they stand the sight of a white man providing for his family?

Mid-air collision over Rothschild family

>BREAKING NEWS: Several feared dead as helicopter and plane collide in mid-air over Rothschild family's Buckinghamshire manor house


Breen Thread

Tell me about the Breen!

Why do they wear the mask?

Also word of warning, never search for Star Trek stuff on Deviantart. The results will cause a hull breach on your sides while terrifying you

Comfy Ship Thread #2

Previous thread is at bumplimit >>25

Archive of it:

Thread basically is for discussion of ships in particular ones that are deemed "comfy"

How is anon with his fan design coming along? That actually was pretty nice considering most fan ships are to be frank, godawful trash.

The Orville Thread #2

Previous thread is at bumplimit: >>5546


By now it's pretty much established this is a new Star Trek series unlike a certain something from CBS. Next episode is on the 26th, viewer ratings appear to have shot up and there will likely be another season if this keeps up. Plus it is coming to Europoor soon™

This is actually a comfy show now that they have started to play less forced comedy and more serious. Patrick Stewart cameo when?

Webm threda

Post only the best webms here

Who says feathered dinosaurs cant be scary?

Smackdown 11/14/17 phone edition

SmackDown LIVE preview, Nov. 14, 2017: Two title matches could change Survivor Series landscape

Tonight on SmackDown LIVE, two huge championship matches threaten to change the landscape of Survivor Series just days before WWE’s fall spectacular. Charlotte Flair returns home to The Queen City to square off with Natalya for the SmackDown Women’s Title. Plus, Baron Corbin defends the United States Championship against Sin Cara, and The New Day battle Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. Don’t miss any of the action on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

>Charlotte Flair to challenge SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya tonight on SmackDown LIVE

Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair will get another opportunity at the SmackDown Women’s Championship tonight on SmackDown LIVE when she challenges Natalya in her hometown of Charlotte, N.C.

In their last encounter for the title at WWE Hell in a Cell, The Queen had the champion on the ropes and looked to be on the verge of taking her first SmackDown Women’s Championship. However, a desperate Natalya grabbed a steel chair and used it to batter Charlotte’s knee in a jaw-dropping attack.

In the meantime, the champion has been focused on her impending Champion vs. Champion battle with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series, while The Queen qualified for Team SmackDown in the Women’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Match. However, this match has the potential to change Survivor Series, as a Charlotte victory over Natalya would result in The Queen facing Bliss in Houston. The Raw Women's Champion stated last night that she'll be keeping a close eye on the match, and may even make her way up to Charlotte to see her Survivor Series opponent in person.

Who will take control of the SmackDown Women’s Championship? Find out next Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network!

>Sin Cara challenges Baron Corbin for the United States Title tonight on SmackDown LIVE

Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara exacted a measure of retribution on Baron Corbin when he pummeled The Lone Wolf two weeks ago on SmackDown LIVE. Tonight, the masked man will get the chance to take Corbin’s United States Championship.

The rivalry between these two Superstars has been simmering in recent weeks. First, Sin Cara flustered The Lone Wolf with a series of scintillating dives that led to a count-out victory. One week later in a rematch, Corbin unleashed his rage on the masked man, got himself disqualified and planted his nemesis into the arena floor with End of Days. In another rematch on the Oct. 31 edition of SmackDown LIVE, the United States Champion sought to get under the skin of Sin Cara, trying to remove his rival’s sacred mask. For his troubles, Corbin caught a beating from Sin Cara that left him scurrying into the WWE Universe.

Now, they’ll collide with Corbin’s coveted United States Title on the line, as well as a spot in a Champion vs. Champion Match against Intercontinental Champion The Miz at Survivor Series. Who will walk out of SmackDown LIVE as champion? Find out tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Rose McGowan Speaks Out About Her Arrest on Drug Charges

Listen and BELIEVE


According to a police report, at 2:32 a.m. on January 21st, airport personnel called the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department. A staff member cleaning a plane had recovered McGowan’s wallet—containing, the staffer and his supervisor said, two small bags of white powder, which registered as cocaine in later tests.

Later that morning, an airport police detective, Jerrod Hughes, called McGowan and asked her to come collect the wallet, not disclosing what had been found in it. McGowan told me in an interview on Sunday that the call had frightened her, because she was unsure if Hughes was a real officer.

When McGowan decided to attend the Women’s March, she was nervous that she was being followed by private investigators hired by Weinstein, McGowan said. She decided not to go to the airport to meet the detective and to leave the city on a bus with other marchers. The following day, she said, she received an Instagram message from a user she did not know. “You left your wallet on your Saturday flight with your 2 bags of coke,” it said.

“I was going to asap,” McGowan said of the decision to turn herself in, “but then things started to get really weird. I knew I was being followed and that I wasn’t safe. I even hired a private investigator to investigate whether the warrant was real.”

McGowan and her attorney, Jim Hundley, argue that the drugs could have been planted, given the spans of time during which unknown individuals may have had access to the wallet. “Depending on when and where the wallet was lost, individuals other than Ms. McGowan had access to the wallet for somewhere between approximately 5 hours 40 minutes and more than 11 hours,” Hundley wrote in a memorandum to the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, asking that the charges be dismissed.

I dream of taking home the full-body naked Newt prop from Alien 3.

Knowing how edgy Fincher is, I bet it was anatomically correct, too.

Could you fellas suggest me a movie that includes gloom, madness and maybe some action?

Favourite uniforms in Star Trek? I always liked the time traveling Starfleet uniform. It's a shame we don't get as much uniform variety that the Federation gets for alien races.


>daisy mouth agape ridley

>this bitch


Hostage Movie

What is the best Hostage movie?


Spot the MC, /tv/

"""ART""" movies suck

How old were you when you realized that "high brow" "cerebral" art movies are absolute crap that appeals to pseudo intellectual 110 iq nimrods who in a lot of ways are just as dumb as the average blockbuster viewer?

The Future of Hollywood is Female

Point these dumb Nazi LARPing kids at a Democrat celebrity or Jew being accused of sexism by a feminist and they`ll start jumping up and down screaming "Yay feminism! Patriarchal oppression has to end!" Point them at a Democrat celebrity or Jew accused of racism and they`ll start screaming "Black lives matter! Stop mass murder of black youth by racist cops!" Point them at Kevin Spacey and they`ll turn into gay-liberationists.

Basically, they`ll just grab ANY stick to beat whoever they've been told by the (((media))) is not their guy with - without having even the basic brains and imagination to realize that the same stick is going to be used to beat THEM next week and that in fact beating THEM is really the whole point behind this.

It`s fucking GROTESQUE hearing these little Nazi LARPers using the language of Rose McGowan and other repulsive femishits who are a thousand times more toxic to what the Right should stand for than Franken or Weinstein and certainly than Roy Moore will ever be.

I can`t believe they are dumb enough to think we can "use" this now millions-strong pack of screeching hate-filled misandrists to defeat our enemies and then get them back under control once the Frankens and the Weinsteins and the liberal hypocrites who support them have been taken out.

Nobody has been this fucking stupid since the Trojans found a big wooden horse in front of the gates of their city and thought "Oh look, the people who've been trying to murder us for 10 years are giving us presents. We gotta get this thing inside the city walls as soon as possible."

John Rhys-Davies BTFOs amazonkikes over LOTR tv series


Can you even begin to imagine how fucking Amazon the online Walmart is going to handle Lord of the Rings?

Posting a couple webms for a total of like 10-15 min section of Fellowship of the Ring.

Just imagine the step down this is going to be in terms of casting, acting, sets, principal photography, cinematography, pacing, dialogue, soundtrack and direction.

Just the direction alone I can't see them hiring anyone worth a shit in the television industry or whomever they would have to hire on their shoestring budget since this is so massive. Think of how the elves will be portrayed for example and the forests. If they don't completely nail it, it is going to be so fucking bad. Not even counting the shitskins they will possibly feature.

I don't know about Americans, but whoring out a 14 year old actress getting her to strip down to her panties and lie on a bed asking for sex for a film is not ok. Especially when the male actor was 25.

What are some otherwise good films that /leftypol/ completely ruined?


Cunty Perry Banned from China

>Pop singer Katy Perry has been forced to cancel her appearance and performance at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after China banned her from entering the country.

>In another setback for this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Perry has been banned from entering China, where the annual show is being held this year, after trying to obtain a visa so she could perform.

>According to Page Six, the “Roar” singer is barred from entering China after a 2015 performance in Taiwan, in which she wore sunflowers on her dress just after the flower had become a famous symbol for Taiwanese independence protesters. During the same performance, Perry went on to wave a Tawainese flag.

>A source told Page Six that Perry had originally been able to obtain a visa to enter the communist country, but then had it pulled at the last minute.

Plague Doctor Kino

What's some kino about a depressed virgin plague doctor who has to overcome his overwhelming sadness in order to help cull the plague that riddles Europe?


Justice League

knowing none of you watch movies in the cinema and y'all just gossip news stories, here's my review of Justice League

>film opens with a pointless cam-footage of kids talking to Superman. Henry Cavill looks entirely CGI. My dad: "did they get another actor to play him?"

>second scene is Wonder Woman crashing a bank robbery and I swear to God the combination of unironically corny dialogue and weird poorly shot poorly lighted camera work makes me feel this is what 1950s comic book fans would probably watch

>Villain is CGI Marvel Age of Ultron -Tier forgettable trash with minions taken straight out of Highlander 2

>everything in the film is looks cheaper than it should be with half the film looking so shockingly bad I started to develop a fascination with it

I don't read comics (not a fag) but pansexual kike (Flash) and Aquaman were the only characters I feel weren't ruined by this movie. Best scene was when villain attacks Wonder Woman's island, with the Amazonian girl running around with the Hypercube under her arm. If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about, it's so jarring (like much of the film) and surreal for a moment I felt that some mad man behind the cameras purposely sabotaged this film.

This as a follow-up to BvS is the biggest joke in Hollywood..