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Hey Clarice


The gif that ruined /tv/

Le Marginal vs Bulitt

Who would win in a car chase?

Picard spin-off

It looks like the new Picard spin-off is going to be on Amazon Prime instead of Netflix outside of the US and Canada.

What the fuck happened?

personally, I blame Neelix.

Which actress has the tightest, perkiest body of work?

Comfy Simpsons thread

What's your favourite episode of the Simpsons?

Why Japan's Anime is in Crisis

Anime is dying

It's finally happening


What's some good documentaries to watch?

Especially weird, paranourmal, mystery documentaries. Not just idiots on youtube screeching about lizardmen

Fuck Capeshit

>10 movies in 2 years

I fucking hate this

This is Portman now.

Feel old yet?

>Yesterday, all the toilets seemed so far away

The Pepsi Generation was best

Some say the OG Star Trek was better, others say the Next Generation was good. They are both plebeians. Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation was the best.

So How the fuck do you make a giallo that literally is a 70's film

I want to make shit that is literally from an era in overall quality to the perciseity, along with making bizarre ass ideas for films in general, Also any of you got ideas on how to do the Giallo genera of film? Pic related is some posters from the genera

Marvel Phase 4: Everyone has a vagina now.

Someone watch this and tell me what other fuckery they have in store. I got as far as them (possibly) gender swapping Taskmaster and making the leader of the eternals Selma Hyak (was male in comics)

Has there ever been a worse movie made than this pile of shit?

>Check catalog

>No one's talking about this






Ashley Boettcher

Why was my last Ashley thread deleted vols? She has a show coming out soon and theres nowhere else to discuss it.

Theoretically, what would happen to the universe if you killed Haruhi? Would existence as we know it come to an end? She's shown to age which means her body will most likely die one day. Sure she has the power to make herself immortal but she will probably get to the point where she wants to die eventually. Will the universe be destroyed when that happens?

Animated films

Does anyone here on /film/ think certain animated works are worthy topics of discussion? Work like pics related

or am I better off at /ani/?


For when the other one gets full. Marked out the dates already done.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

We want the Rick and Morty audience.

>/tv/… I am forgotten..

Weekly /u/ Stream

Greetings, /tv/. Would you care to join our weekly anime stream? Every week, we stream the latest episodes of Chinese cartoon girls doing gay things (with varying degrees of gayness). All are welcome to join, yurifag or otherwise.

Stream Links


Main Thread


My home address: do what you will

1570 Jasmine Way

Morgan Hill, CA


you know what to do boys.

Dark (2017-2020)

>A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families.

Two seasons, eighteen episodes, pure kino all the way through.

Why aren't you watching the best show since Lost, /tv/?

The third and final season will be released next year. Going to be a complete story that was planned out from the start.

What if Lucifer was right?

He said fuck to orders and claimed Independence then others dude kicked him out and banned him cause he didn't want to apologize for not submitting to "the supreme father" no one really know.

How isn't it /ourguy/?

Jesus is cool too btw, but Lucifer understand us (humans) better I think.

jesus she's has aged like shit and she isn't 40 yet. she looks like a shitskin now. what are some jewesses that haven't aged like milk? apart from winona and connelly

Bateman's card has nice lettering - I love the font - and the embossing is a nice touch. However, the top border looks too thick to me: there's a lot of waste space above the number and company name, and it gives an impression like it was cut out by hand with a pair of scissors not 5 minutes ago. Contrast this with his bottom border which is too thin, an impression compounded by the small font of the address. I agree with the criticisms of another youtuber in the comments to a video of this scene who noticed that Bateman's numbers are uneven, for example with the 5's drooping down below the line and giving the card an untidy appearance. Bateman's font is even smaller than Van Patten's so the large uneven numbers in the top left stand out especially. Also I've heard it mentioned that the ampersand between the 2 "pierces" in the company name is closer to the right "pierce", also giving the card a mediocre presentation. Bateman has "Vice president' written in all caps, which gives off a more solid impression. Van Patten's lower-case "Vice President" makes it look like he's Vice President of Ubisoft, maybe, but not a respectable trading firm. However, Bateman's preference for capitalisation produces an undesirable effect with "mergers and aquisitions [sic]", because his small font squeezes the space-hungry capitals together, which sacrifices legibility. Van Patten's card also has the bonus of his name written in bold and tying the card into a coherent ensemble with a central visual point of reference, but perhaps a little too bold: makes it look like it's printed on a Wild West saloon and ruins the air of refinement and sophistication the card was supposed to convey. Bateman's card, which is already lacking in tidiness, suffers from Bateman's aversion to bold lettering.

Van Patten's eggshell texture is disgusting. It looks like a piece of cardboard you'd find soiled on a park bench, even though the lettering is clear and striking. Composition-wise, the spacing is good too: the borders are neither too thin nor thick, the edges and corners of the card look like they're being put to use. However, there's a lot of space between the name in the centre and the relatively finely printed telephone number in the top left: it draws attention to the horrible eggshell texture. The company name is printed in small font too, but he did a good job of writing "mergers and aquisitions [sic]" in lower-case (with the first letters capitalised), since that makes it more legible.

What was his fucking problem?

ITT: e-celebs/thots/actresses that you'd love to see get BLACKED

For me its Bailey.

This series used to be good.

How can you deny Romney had some sick ass burns.

Wth is this Prequels revisionism? They suck, period

Do not let these diverse faggotry revisionists culturally revise the star wars hierarchy.

Guilty parties






-Smattering of White FOMO shills.

-Neoliberally diverse advocates.

-Zoomer abrahamists


-Below Boomer/XZ-gen

>That is right your honor. I did kill my wife in cold blood. I strangled that bitch till the blood vessels in her eyes popped. I held her lifeless body in my hands and sobbed in ecstasy. You may think I'm joking. That I'm doing a skit and this is meant to be funny. No, I am being dead serious right now, no pun intended. I, Patton Peter Oswalt, murdered my wife and I hope she is burning in hell.

holy shit, how did this get past censors?

Cats Movie

Looks like furry kino is back on the menu boys!

Is this NEET kino?

The Orville Season 2 Thread #2

Since last one is at bumplimit and we can't have STD staying on top.

Last thread >>28217

<I am not a sex symbol.

What did she mean by this?

/v/ BTFO


This is chinese anime.

As in from China.

I need help to have sex

I am tired of being incel

Can we out-larp these faggots?

>you just remembered that Stephen Hawking is dead


Kinos about both sides being wrong?

Is Stranger Things Just a D&D plz tell



‘Eisenhorn’ Series Based on ‘Warhammer 40,000’ in the Works From Frank Spotnitz

>“Eisenhorn,” a live-action series based on the “Warhammer 40,000” game and books is in the works. “The X-Files” exec producer Frank Spotnitz will be showrunner. His shingle, Big Light, has teamed with Games Workshop, which owns “Warhammer 40,000” to develop the property.

<Billed as a genre-bending sci-fi and fantasy series, “Eisenhorn” is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, where humankind teeters on the brink of annihilation. It will follow inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn and his band of investigators as they fight to thwart the schemes of aliens and heretics.

>“Warhammer 40,000” spans the eponymous war game, figures, and books. The series is based on novels written by New York Times bestselling author Dan Abnett (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), which were originally published in 2001 by Games Workshop imprint Black Library.

<“Gregor Eisenhorn is a relentless force in the dark future of the Warhammer universe: a destroyer of daemons and a purger of heretics, implacable, powerful and dedicated,” the author said. “But the appeal to me, from the moment I started writing him, was his complexity. He is not the simple, ruthless hero he appears to be.”

>Big Light Productions’ creative director, Emily Feller (“Trust Me”), will exec produce the series with Spotnitz. No broadcaster or platform is attached.

<“’Warhammer 40,000’ is steeped in rich and complex lore, with a myriad of traditions and stories that have accumulated over time in this thrilling and complex world, making it one of the most exciting properties to adapt for television audiences and the franchise’s loyal global fan base,” Spotnitz said. “There is nothing else like it on television.”

>A “Warhammer 40,000” animated series,dubbed “Angels of Death,” is also in the cards, with Richard Boylan directing.


writing a screenplay.

anyone have any advice on writing one?

>Lion King is bad because Simba only showed maturity when he grow up

>Simba should be a Gary Stu like movies I like!

WWE July 219 Megathread Heyman/Bischoff Edition

Falls. Count. Anywhere

>Braun Strowman has bested Bobby Lashley in an Arm Wrestling Match, a one-on-one battle at WWE Super ShowDown and, this past Monday night, a Tug of War. However, it was The All Mighty who was standing tall after that most recent test of strength, pulling the tugging rope across the eyes of The Monster Among Men to temporarily blind the goliath, then driving him into the ringside barricade.

>Strowman will have a chance for retribution against the bitter Lashley when they meet in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on Raw in Dallas. Will Lashley continue to “get these hands” as these titans battle all over the arena in a bout where pinfalls or submissions can occur anywhere? Or will The All Mighty use this chaotic stipulation to finally cut The Monster Among Men down to size?

>Whatever happens, you won’t want to miss any of the hard-hitting havoc.

The New Day and The Viking Raiders to throw down in tag team action

>The Wild Card rule is about to deliver for the WWE Universe yet again!

>The New Day will collide with The Viking Raiders in tag team action for the first time ever this Monday night on Raw. Which two members of The New Day will square off against the gargantuan unit of Erik & Ivar in what is easily the biggest opportunity of their tenure on Raw thus far?

>Find out when the massive match goes down this Monday night on Raw.

How will Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans exploit Seth Rollins’ “kryptonite”?

>After their Winners Take All Mixed Tag Team Match against Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Raw Women’s Champion Stone Cold was made official for WWE Extreme Rules, Lacey Evans told Baron Corbin that “even Superman has his kryptonite,” and that The Beastslayer’s one weakness is The Man herself.

>How will The Sassy Southern Belle and The Lone Wolf work to ensure they leave Philadelphia with both titles on Sunday, July 14, and how will Rollins and Lynch respond?

The Big Dog and The Deadman unite

>It was an alliance that no one saw coming (especially not Roman Reigns), but The Undertaker returned this past Monday night on Raw to help The Big Dog repel a two-on-one beatdown at the hands of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. The unexpected assist led to a blockbuster WWE Extreme Rules announcement that Reigns and The Deadman will join forces against “The Best in the World” and The Scottish Psychopath in Philadelphia.

>What fallout from this shocking team-up will we witness this Monday on Raw?

Is AJ Styles in line for a U.S. Title opportunity?

>In his first match back from injury, AJ Styles lived up to his “Never Rest, Never Rust” T-shirt slogan, bringing the fight to new United States Champion Ricochet in a blockbuster Raw main event that sealed a victory for The Phenomenal One.

>Ricochet has been on a tear lately, dazzling the WWE Universe and dazing opponents as he continues to fine-tune his spectacular aerial offense, but the veteran Styles proved in their match why he’s lauded as one of the most competitive Superstars in WWE today. With that victory, will Styles soon battle Ricochet once more, this time with the star-spangled title on the line?

Is Samoa Joe our next WWE Champion?

>Kofi Kingston is the definition of a fighting champion. One night after defending his WWE Title against Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage Match at WWE Stomping Grounds, he was victorious in back-to-back bouts against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Taking advantage of Kingston’s exhaustion, however, Samoa Joe attacked Kingston from behind and locked him in the Coquina Clutch, making clear his intentions to decimate the WWE Champion and claim his title.

>The ambush set in motion a WWE Title Match between Kingston and The Samoan Submission Machine at WWE Extreme Rules. Kofi now counts down the days to what could be his greatest challenge since winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. How will Joe follow up on last week’s heinous assault?

the HACK



Star Trek: Old Folks Home

The teaser is here and it looks like shit. They're all so old, the aesthetic of old Star Trek is completely gone and instead there's the nu-scifi style which always look terrible.

Patrick Stewart also forgot how to act. Are you excited lads? I'm HYPED AS FUCK.

Simple. Rustic.

>2019… I am forgotten

Cast them.

Moar from Chris Deliso article, pictures of all organisations involved in 16 plan of mass migration. Quote from article

“Happy digging, Anons!

And remember: MPI is just one of the migration deep state’s funded NGOs for lobbying on open-borders, anti-sovereignty migration policy. There are many, many more. All of these are important- the emphasis on some of the above is just me pointing out some that are particularly interesting or that have come up in separate contexts in Q research.”

The Migration Deep State Alliance System and Structure, Part 3: the European Union and its Southern Expansionism


>Bond and Moneypenny, now members of an anti-SPECTRE non-governmental organization, infiltrate a tanker to investigate the development of a new weapon by the United States Marine Corps.

>While they are investigating, agents of SPECTRE and a recently escaped Blofeld attack the tanker to steal the weapon for themselves.

>The tanker is destroyed by Blofeld and his henchmen, who escapes with the new weapon. Bond is blamed for the incident and is presumed to have drowned in the wreckage.

>Years later, an agent code-named "007" is assigned to a rescue operation on an off-shore power plant which has been commandeered by SPECTRE. The organisation has taken a number of hostages including the President of the United States.

>While at first the agent's sex and voice are obscured by their clothing and a scuba mask, it is revealed that this is not James Bond but a beautiful, black woman agent.

If the federation is such an enlightened utopia why did one of her colonies degrade into a sate where planet wide roaming rape gangs made the rules the moment the replicators started malfunctioning?

What was better: the Star Trek Wars or the Star Wars Trek? Pic unrelated.

Weekly Film Club: Riki-Oh (1991)

>Incarcerated for assault and manslaughter, a man (Siu-wong Fan) survives in a futuristic prison by resorting to more extreme violence.

sorry for being so late guys, have had a really shitty busy week. Be on time for next week.

NEXT WEEKS THEME IS: Doomsday/ Apocalypse

This is Emile Watson, a failed transsexual actor. Say something nice about him.

Is Fried chicken, watermelon and white women Kino?

Shameful Confessions

I felt like I needed to get one thing off my chest in regards to Star Trek anons.

I have never watched TOS

Captain Picard Returns?

Looks like Picard is returning in a brand new Star Trek series. However, isn't he old as FUCK right now? He's 78 and could literally die any minute. I don't see this series going very far. Plus, with the latest introduction of the pozzed Odyssey series, it's safe to say that any new St series will be pozzed as well. After all Picard is just another Trump-hating celebrity who would agree to anything that involves subverting the science fiction we all love with some queer revisionism.

Was the Delta Quadrant better or worse off with Janeway passing through?

General Nit-Picking Thread

In Voyager season 1 episode 1 there's a fire in sickbay, why didn't the computer erect a forcefield to suffocate the fire like in that TNG episode with the Irish ?

Xafra tal-iskapner

Meta tasal fl-appartament ta ' Sebastian, Roy tgħidlek il-Pris li l-o ħrajn huma mejtin. Simpatetika għad-Dr Itt tagħhom, Sebastian juri li minħabba l- ' is-Sindrome ta ' Methuselah ', disturb ta ' tixjiħ ġenetiku prematur, il-ħajja tiegħu se tinqata ' wkoll bin-nieqes. Sebastian u Roy jiksbu dħul fil-penthouse siguri ta ' Tyrell, fejn Roy jitlob aktar ħajja minn dak li jagħmel. It-tyrell jgħidlu li huwa impossibbli. Il-bi ża ' li huwa għamel huwa li huwa kiseb "affarijiet dubjuża ", iżda Tyrell twarrab dan, id-disinn avvanzat ta ' Roy u l-kisbiet fil-ħajja qasira tiegħu. Roy kisses Tyrell, imbagħad joqtol lilu. Sebastian jaħdem għall-elevatur, segwit minn Roy, li rra l-elevatur biss. Deckard aktar tard huwa mgħarraf minn Bryant li Sebastian instab mejjet.

Why do people pretend this wasn't a cop out?

Spooky Skeletons are BACK

If you could change 1 thing, what would it be?

Gas /tv/ board war NOW.

this board needs a fucking purge. Nothing but /b/ and /pol/ (BOTH cancerous variants) shitting up what should be the onl mature discussion board among all NSFW boards on 8/chan/, and I for one, am sick of it.

We need to ouist Gahoole as BO, and purge the board of all cancerous shitposters once and for all, forcing them back into their containment boards where they belong.

You fucks are killing /tv/'s board culture.

/strek/ just won the Attention Hunger Games


I say we continue on till /strek/ is made whole again! Everything that /strek/ once lost will be once more!

Movies that had long-lasting aesthetic influence

Post movies that had aesthetics that had powerful and lasting impacts that continue to inspire/be drawn from, whether it's fashion, scenery, music, whatever.

Underworld Series

Rise of the Lycans was the only good flick in the series.

Underworld and Evolution were decent. The lovers on the run trope was a clever way to have an excuse for periodic action scenes within a drama/romance movie.

Rise of the lycans could have been a stand alone and been great.

>"It is absolutely ridiculous. Why would you have transgender people talking to kids?"

>The paper also reported that "He said he had concerns about drag queens taking off their clothes and reports of drag queens in other cities' story hours not being background checked and committing crimes against children."

>Smith said he reached out to Scott and County Commissioner Vaughn Hartung about stopping the event. Hartung has not immediately returned a request for comment.

>"They told me there is nothing they can do," Smith said.

Bugmen kino

What are some kinos about East Asians being as stereotypically East Asian as possible?

t. Singaporean

Kinos about the 18th Century/1700s?

Looking for kinos set in the Romantic era. Beethoven, Mozart, Napoleon - it was an amazing time. I've already seen Barry Lyndon. Pretty good.

let's be honest; this is the worst possible timeline in human history, and you're living in it

/film/ request

Does anyone know where I can watch La nuit fantastique? It isn't on thepiratebay and I really want to see it.

Reminder that all anti-Nazi films are automatic horseshit

Dune Alternative Edition Redux Fanedit

I’m about to marathon Dune Alternative Edition Redux Fanedit, what am I in for?

Movie night cytube

We're watching Batman Mask of the phantasm.




Post prisonkino, especially breakout kino.

>only dup btfos


>neon dup


>too btfo to die dup


why is this hack still getting jobs in hollywood?

James Bond Woke 007

>Your new James Bond is that black woman from Captain Marvel.

>They didn't even want to compromise by giving you Edris Elba for the role.

>Expect more you're racist if you don't love this decision articles like with The Little Mermaid.

Hide your iconic white actors in movies because the blackening is starting!

Top Gun: Maverick

Directed by Joseph Kosinski

Starring Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm and Ed Harris.

Plane kino is back.

STD Season 2 - Continuing Emissions


Looks like we hit the bump limit, so I'll bite the bullet and invite the shitposting to continue here.

Previous threads for the masochists:





>Season 2 Status Report:

Starfleet sends the USS Fidget Spinner to investigate seven mysterious red energy bursts and a creature called the red angel. These phenomena are somehow connected to Spock, but he's in the space nuthouse so nobody can ask him. Also, everyone is sad. Michael is sad about Spock and later she's sad about practically fucking everything. Stamets is sad that his boyfriend died, but then he comes back to life, but that doesn't work out so he's sad about that too. Dr. Culber is sad that he came back to life, then he gets angry about it, then he gets sad again. Tyler is sad that he can't be with either of his stronk wimmens (the Klingorc emperor and Michael) and he's sad about having to send his newborn son to Klingon Tibet. Pike is sad that he keeps getting cucked at every turn and that nobody takes him seriously. Tilly is sad because her imaginary spore parasite friend had to go away. The only person who's not sad is Saru who uncovered an evolutionary lie about his entire species and turned into a Chad overnight (but not really).

As the investigation goes on the ship encounters a giant space brain which uses its last moments of life to download all of its memories into Discovery's computer. Meanwhile, Spock escapes the loony bin and Michael has some Family Drama (TM) with Sarek and Amanda, then goes off to find Spock on her own. She takes him to Talos IV where the Talosians fix his mind, but not his autism. He explains that he met the red angel and it showed him a vision of the future where all life in the galaxy is wiped out. He now has memories of that future and Section 31 wants to know what he knows. You know, for "science." While investigating one of the red energy bursts, a time rift opens up and Discovery gets attacked by one of its own probes which came back from the future all souped up. The probe hacks into Airiam, the cyborg girl background character, who immediately starts acting shady.

Admiral Exposition tells the crew they need to go to Section 31 HQ because while everything else has been going on, their special AI threat assessment system called "Control" (henceforth called Skynet) has stopped responding. When they arrive, they find out that Skynet has gone rogue, killed everyone, and is controlling Airiam in order to download all the data from the giant space brain so it can become sentient (Isn't it already?) and kill the whole galaxy like in Spock's visions. Airiam dies in the same episode where she's given any development, but not before she tells Michael that everything happening is because of (((Her))) and something called Project Daedalus. Investigating Daedalus reveals that the red angel super suit was designed by Section 31 as part of a "temporal arms race" with the Klingons and that the angel's bio-signature is none other than Michael Burnham herself.

Stamets, Culber, Tilly, and Georgiou figure out a way to trap the red angel which requires them to all state their sexual preferences for some reason. The plan almost kills Michael, but she's rescued at the last second and SURPRISE! the red angel is actually Michael's mother, who was thought to be dead. She stole the Project Daedalus super suit (which she designed, of course) when the Klingons rolled in to fuck their shit up and has been time-hopping ever since trying to stop Skynet from destroying the future without much success. She gets a moment to exposition dump with Michael before getting sucked back to the future (?) and she reveals that while the red angel mystery has been solved, she's NOT connected to the red energy bursts. However, the real threat is now Captain Leland, the Section 31 goon, who has been hacked by Skynet via some fancy nano-bots injected directly into his eyeballs and totally isn't becoming the first Borg.

How will our intrepid crew stop Leland and Skynet from killing the future and, more importantly, will anybody even care?

Cucks in Black

ITT: most misleading film posters

What are some films or TV shows depicting acts of deception?



Were they the first post-irony band? You had bloodhound gang, blink 182 and method

man doing all kind of ironic stunts. But Limp Bizkit were the stunt themselves.