Nerve Center

Was he right?

Kinos about some guy finding a chick that hits all marks except the most important and not negotiable one (race) and then finding some alternative that works?

I need to watch something that gives me hope because I'm so picky it feels like this chick is one in a million but at the same time that one defect ruins everything. She even has my same rare personality type.

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Who's ready for some man-hating kino?

>Completely lacking the nuance of the Fincher movie

>Not even based off the books/canon

>Literally dyke revenge porn

It's really starting to feel like if you aren't rich ($1 Billion +) or famous (Rapper, Athlete) than life is going to be shit, even having $100 million feels like no one would give a shit about you

Hi Zach, I wrote you a song. I hope you like it

Couldn't space the paragraphs due to the line limit so I used colors instead.

>When you were there before

>Couldn't look her in the eye

>She's just Harvey's escort

>Her sin makes you cry

>She opens like a flower

>In a harvested world

>You wish you were Harvey

>She's so fucking harvested

<But you're a creep

<You're a weirdo

<What the hell are you doing there?

<You don't belong there

>You don't care if it hurts

>You want to have Harvey's couch

>Don't want a perfect body

>Don't want a perfect soul

>You want her to notice

>When you're not around

>She's so fucking harvested

>You wish you were Harvey

<But you're a creep

<You're a weirdo

<What the hell are you doing there?

<You don't belong there

>Oh, oh

<She's running out again

<She's running out

<She run run run run


>Whatever makes you Harvey

>Whatever role she wants

>She's so fucking harvested

>You wish you were Harvey

<But you're a creep

<You're a weirdo

<What the hell are you doing there?

<You don't belong there

Testosterone filled noir films where the main character gets beat to shit as the movie progresses? Nothing effeminate like BR2049.

Infowars Oldguard vs. Newfag Owen Schroyder

Debate of the century - Adam Green berates Owen Schroyder for 40 minutes over being a zionist shill link doesn't work

Jenny’s in Playboy!

How did this happen?


>ITT: characters that are literally you

Captain Marvel

Is /tv/ #WithHer?

(Year) Name of Film is the best way to name your files, prove me wrong

am I allowed to like this?

Ave, true to Caesar.

Just got out of prison. was in for 5 years. Last thing I saw was the trailer for the last of us. was it good game?

>fucks a billion guys

>wonders why they're still single

>muh career entitles me to a rich man

It's happening.

Who's next on Disney's hit list, guys?


What do you make of this scene?

Based Mundanematt is back

Post Kino Redemption arc

When did Neelix start working as a judge?

this guy is basically me irl holy shit

kinos about completely false racemixing propaganda?




Wow, why are Japs so racist?

God Bless America

Can /tv/ recommend some good movies about aging rock stars?

webm thread

webm thread

post awesome isekai series

I'll start: Konosuba

A quirky tale of adventure, goofy characters and bizarre magic. All centered around a relateable NEET, just like me.

America First is LIVE



Why do you never see marble floors in a dentist office or hospitals?

This is the only good thing he's ever done

Why do good actors always do these stupid capeshit movies? I lost all respect for juac

What went wrong?

Why was he a fucking loser?

Eating &amp; Travel Show

May anyone recommended me some good ones?

NuSimpsons season 30

tfw Simpsons have now been shit far longer than they haven't.

Hopefully this will be the last disgrace before they sunset it.

Could such kino be made today?

I'm going to Columbia for my masters and I bought a comfy columbia sweater but somebody told me I can only rep a school if I went there for undergrad. Is this true?

she was rude to me once in 2003. glad I got the last laugh

>Girl reviews aggretsuko on YouTube

>She gives aggretsuko a bad review because Retsuko didn’t get the guy she wanted or a promotion

Can someone miss the whole point of a show this badly? Isn’t aggretsuko written for women in the first place?

New season of South Park starts on Wednesday. Frist episode is called Dead Kids and focus on school shootings

When did you realize underaged anime girls are just better




Who was in the wrong here?






If you ever want proof of the NPC meme think about the people who bought stocks over the phone from a stockbroker. I genuinely can't comprehend how stupid you have to be to buy a stock without looking up basic shit about the company beforehand.

Have you ever met a famous actor before?

>new Transformers shitflick

>feminist movie

>fat dyke, female 7 foot tall gorilla, dyed hair dyke and nu-male enter male only club


>*they open fire* *audio cuts* *vid related starts playing*

porn kino

Post well crafted porn, porn with great cinematography, porn that accentuates the beauty of the actress.

Do you think the goy deserve quality entertainment?

Every single year there is a new dishonest piece of retro cinema that reddit manbabies flip out about. Usually they feature brooding antiheroes, charismatic sociopaths, Ryan Gosling, or slow motion 80s style visuals by Villenueve or Refn. I call this the Nicolas Winding Reddit Film of the Year. Prior winners of the NWR Film of the Year include:

2012: Drive

2013: Nightcrawler

2014: Only God Forgives

2015: Mad Max: Fury Road

2016: The Neon Demon

2017: Baby Driver

2018: Mandy

There was a 6 month period in my life where I listened to this scene on repeat during my walk to school. It's kind of fucked up right?

someone be emma for me…

Rate 'em

Most racist moments in normie kino?

Rewatched the Holy Trilogy this week and it got me thinking: What other really normal movies have out-of-nowhere totally racist shit? Is Raimi the only one that can get away with it so frequently?

Animation on /tv/

Animation can't be ki-

He's not wrong you know.

What is /ourguy/ doing these days?

A fat jew

(((Mark Mann)))

i'm just so nervous guys I have an opportunity here to do something with my life but I can't get out of bed and do what needs to be done. I'm a failure and my life is slipping away

Post songs about pwning Britcucks. Ameribros, Irishbros, Germanbros, even Frenchbros, post shit.

Stop talking to your parents.


Wait for it……wait for it…..incoming butthurt in…3….2….1…

>I'm a TV astrophysicist so I'm automatically qualified to talk about every field

Kinos about the Dunning-Kruger effect?

Are you a no bs type of person, anon? A true stand up guy? A straight fucking shooter?

ITT oil drillers

Who will play /bestgirl/ in the inevitable live-action Hollywood movie?

Gamergate Controversy Explained Easy Cartoon

Ok this is epic

Nogs got triggered Disney made a nigger princess look more white

Proving Disney is still ashamed of making a nigger princess and kikes don't actually care for diversity, they just milk the current trend and twitter sheeple.

Brave movie adaptation when?

Tired of winning yet


What did they mean by this?

>This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government



One of the most underrated movies in the history.

hes right you know

Who's the biggest hack?


alright, you fuckers. there's this commercial where a ninja does an elaborate series of sword techniques and poises himself at the ready, and then the other faggot signs for a package, and inside the package there is a gun, and he just blows the ninja away with it. the whole message was something like "technology and convenience beat years of training in antiquated disciplines" but i don't remember what the commercial was advertising. i just wanted to see it again and maybe make it into a webm. can you find it or not? get off your ass and do something productive for once.

Why do they hate Mary Jane so much?

This movie is a mess, objectively, even moreso than the last two movies. Highest rated yet the worst in the franchise, unbelievable.


why won't hollywood hire her?

The Rock refuses to answer the call

Who was in the wrong here?

Suicide Squad Director Regrets Joker's "Damaged" Tattoo

We did it, reddit!

Unironically name a better song from any film

the *funny guy* ruining movies - predator

>make movie about beloved old franchise

>having been an actor in the original movie

>fill it with lanky actors saying fuck all the time

>introduce autism as a serious topic into the movie

>autism is presented as a near-superpower

>the predators are fucking interested in autism so they steal the autistic kid

>everyone keeps saying fuck fuck fuck fuck

>no muscular bros

>lanky unlikeable fags

>the next step in predator evolution involves autism DNA

Shane Black is a fucking clown. He was a clown in the first movie and now he is shitting on what little is left of the franchise.

Why are the *funny* guys always pure cancer ?

do you guys own any tapes?

ITT nigger kino

Literally worthless


What are some кино's about entertainers who were years, if not decades, ahead of their time?

Teen Titans Go is the greatest cartoon ever because it actually has the balls to call out cartoon fans for being the whiny, self-entitled, disrespectful failed abortions they are. The writers for other cartoons are either ignorant of the problem or avoid mentioning it in order to stay professional, but the truth is, this needs to be addressed, and more professional writers and animators need to see the cartoon community for what it truly is. Teen Titans Go is one of the brave few, and because of that, it's gone from being an "okay as its own thing but not as good as the original" show to a brave, bold, and biting commentary that has my utmost respect and has brought me more joy than any other program. A distillation of all the distinctive personalities of the future generation. Rollicking and bouncing, breaking all the taboos of society with the spirit of the newborn. The greatness of the Titans is that they know who they are. They know why people complain, they know why people whine. And they're not here to alleviate. They're here to remind and challenge. The youth are the path to change. The Titans show you the way, they show you the truth. They break the veil of repetitive doldrums, they break taboos because of their sprightly, spunky, nature.

Teen Titans Go for me has been an interesting thought experiment. One, they bring me immense joy because they ground the world back into reality. They are a reclamation of advancement that has regulated itself back to the heights of the silent era. The lively expressionism and camp lost in the interim of the self-serious postmodern age which has seen itself festered over the course of the past half century, billowing further into the recesses of newground internet youth culture predicated on self-effacing irony incurred by a refusal to acknowledge fault, pain, and death in an ever-increasing technologically alienating world. What I see in Teen Titans Go is an utter rejection and outright systematic disposal of the creeds and vices stipulated by the New Hollywood hippie-commie movement. It is a response to 2001: A Space Odyssey, a response to the Godfather, a response to Straub-Huillet, a response to James Benning, a response to Michael Cimino. A response to arrogant pride in self-bemoaning, the kind that made a mockery of the American western, that destroyed DW Griffith's United Artists in the late 70s, a response to those dissatisfied with commercial entities yet will gladly allow psychological invasion of their minds for a few dopamine rushes of pretty colors and faux-transcendental wankery, a response to the detached and unmoved ethos that has foregrounded (un)popular culture since the deep-seated existential skepticism of Network was unleashed in the mid-1970s. What Teen Titans Go brings is a continuation of what Friedberg and Seltzer developed in the early 2000's. Extremification of pop culture inundation, the idealized manifestation of globalized entities, to a degree of such uncaring destruction that they deeply revolt those that thought the heights of irony ended with how many twitter followers, tumblr ticks, 4chan replies, and reddit upvotes they got after a day of illusively hi(gh)veminded college prospect iphone, PC navel-gazing.

>pewds calling out the EU cuck who promoted the upload filter initiative as a soyboy

/ourguy/ confirmed once again (as if there was any doubt of it)

All while using footage from the unparalleled kino that Starship Troopers is.

also bongo cat rocks

Some Russian guy makes Star Wars animu

M-my princess Leia can't possibly be this cute

I'm da Jokah baybee


yeah im thinkin hes back

>The name is Bona, Yana Bona

ITT big brain kino

>Have you ever sneaked into the zone, anon-kun?