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Core Set 2020 edition: 29 June 2019 release002049

Protection is back! So's uncommon Chandra.

Cyberpunk 2020 General

It's been a while since we last talked about this game.

>So what's Cyberpunk 2020?

Second edition of the Cyberpunk game line by R. Talsorian Games. They also made Mekton (universal system for mecha games, very flexible but a nightmare to develop a character for) and Teenagers From Outer Space (the first universal system for anime-based games). It is a distilled version of the original, Cyberpunk 2013. Cybergeneration does not exist. Cyberpunk V3 does not exist.

>So how is this different from Shadowrun?

No magic, spirits or Native American bullshit. Cyberpunk 2020 is 100% cyberpunk, 0% bullshit. High tech, low lives. If you want a pure, Gibsonean romp of megacorps, antihero protagonists, distopia, more cyberware than you can shake your cyber-dick at (Mr. Studd Sexual Implant: All night, every night, and she'll never know) and a small drop of Mad Max outside of the megacities, then this is the game for you.

>How does it play?

A simple system of Attribute + Skill + 1d10. D6es are used in some occations, so keep those handy as well. The game is not grid-based, but it does use maps. Players have "roles", rough classes with access to a mix of skills. Some include Solos (the street samurai with the biggest guns), Rockerboys (musicians/political agitators), Techies (grease monkeys), Medias (intrepid reporters), Corporates (the guys working for the Megacorps), Fixers (the guys on the street), Nomads (the aforementioned Mad Max expies) and more. Each have a special ability pertaining to their role: Medias get credibility for their stories, Techies can jury rig things, Corporates get access to corporate resources and so on.

Now, the game is not very balanced as is. Upon character creation you get a fuckton of points to spend, with you being able to max out certain stats with ease without gimping your character in other stats. Reflexes are imperative when wanting to be good in a firefight, Body Type allows you to tank quite a bit of damage, Intelligence flat-out gives you more points to start with and Empathy allows for more cybertech to upgrade yourself with without turning into a Cyberpsycho and losing control of your character. This means that if just one or two members of the party are fully optimized the others have to do so as well, lest the threats are either too lethal or no threat, which is not fun. The game does encourage players to minmax and play dirty and for the game master to do the same.

>What's Decking like?

It's called Netrunning, and it suffers the same problem as Shadowrun does: while the Netrunner does their thing the other players can go sit with their thumbs up their asses waiting until they're done.

>What's the Cyberware like?

Ah yes, the meat and potatoes. The stuff is a mix of the regular cyber limbs and weapons, but also upgrade your senses with a base upgrade and all sorts of plugins, get yourself a cyber-dick (or vagina, the game does not discriminate!), upgrade your bones and muscles get bulletproof skin and a subdermal bulletproof layer, get all sorts of weird upgrades (The kill count tattoo! Keep a number of all your kills to impress your friends and intimidate foes!), use all sorts of interesting bio mods for new/more/different organs or just say fuck it and get yourself a chainsaw arm! And don't forget the plugs for your smartgun!

>What's the setting like?

The main setting is Night City, your tradiitional big Cyberpunk city filled with megacorps and its executives living it up while in the lower parts of the city the scum, lowlives and those trying to make an honest living in a dishonest world. Night City is located in California, not too far south from Monterey.

>Which books should I get?

The core rulebook is a fair start, but your collection is not complete without the Chromebooks: four works with varied content but a similar theme: they contain all sorts of weapons from cheap firearms to missile launchers, fancy shotgun rounds and a custom-made 14mm pistol. But the most important parts are the massive amounts of Cyberware in there: from lighter/heavier versions of existing things to all sorts of new, interesting and mostly deady stuff. Maximum Metal is great if you want to focus on the Nomads and their vehicles, and Night City is the go-to supplement if you want to play in the titular city.

That should be everything. Discuss!

I think I'm turning Japanese

So I've noticed there is a superficial similarity between medieval England and medieval Japan, which makes sense as both are island nations off the coast of powerful continental empires. They both possess semi-noble warrior classes possessing warrior codes, hierarchical feudal governments, deeply supernatural worldviews and cultures along with other similarities. Of course these are superficial similarities like I said, if you analyze the reasons and purposes and mindset behind it all they are vastly different but it got me thinking what would a setting fusing these two cultures at their meeting points look like?

> tl:dr I'm too lazy to do my own worldbuilding so I try to trick you into doing it for me

Meta-Thread: We Can Rebuild Edition

Normally we'd wait longer before a new Meta-Thread is made, but there is some minor good news. Due to repeated fuckups with 8chan, we've seen a lot of images turn into dead links. Combined with the rollback, the majority of images on /tg/ were lost even after we attempted to recover and we resorted to using youtube embeds to make things look a little less awful.

As it turns out, there is a potential fix for some images: If the same exact file of a lost image is posted in another thread on /tg/, the previously blanked image will return after a Shift+F5 refresh. This won't allow us to recover everything, like clipboard images, but it is a partial fix for threads that are still active and reliant on their images.

Vidya to Tabletop

What video games (or other non-/tg/ media) would you love to see converted to tabletop form? Even if it's just ripping off the setting or capturing a certain gameplay element or the overall feel of a game in tabletop form.

Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution

This was always an odd game for me. The system gave me headaches, and the powers in the game ranged from disappointing to mildly impressive.

>What's it about?

Psionics is about a world where Project MKUltra caused people to develop psionic powers. And now people are developing psionic powers independent of that, usually through giving people specialized drugs, random chance or putting chemicals in the water.

There's a crap ton of secretive organizations running around, collecting Espers for their own purposes.

>The Power System?

For a game about Psychic Powers, they have a pathetically small assortment. Powers work in a level system from 1 to 6 (with each level giving you several capabilities). Powers are divided into 3 categories:

Telekinesis: Moving macro-scale objects with your mind.

Pyrokinesis: Molecular manipulation (according to the game, all Pyrokineticists can manipulate both cold and fire; they should be called Thermokineticists).

Telepathy: Mental manipulation. Rather heretically called "Psychokinesis" by the game.

Additionally, each of these three has three advanced powers that can only be accessed by being sufficiently powerful in their parent skill. These only go up to Level 4.

TK gets Necrokinesis (causing heart attacks and such), Biofeedback (healing yourself and others) and Somatokinesis (enhancing your muscles).

Pyrokinesis gets Entropokinesis (making thing decay on a molecular level and epic radiation blasts) Magnekinesis (not actually magnetic manipulation at all; it's a power revolving around manipulating the weather) and Synchronicity (probability manipulation).

Finally, Telepathy (I refuse to call it "Psychokinesis" as the writer insists) gets Scrying (D&D's Clairsentience, basically) Osmosis (draining other people's energy) and Technokinesis (magnetic manipulation and tech control).

Like D&D, using your psionics costs Power Points, proportionate to how powerful a power is. It also causes you to take an amount of nonlethal (sometimes lethal) damage. Oh, and it also causes what's called Overflow. If you reach a certain threshold of overflow, you basically undergo a psychic meltdown as you kill everything around you (and likely yourself) in a daze where you can't control your character.

Drugs have particularly serious effects on you, and can cause you to lose or gain Power Points or Overflow. As can sex. The book explicitly states that combining sex and drugs could end up turning into a disaster.

On the bright side, if you inject more of the chemicals that give you psionic powers, your powers increase. I like that.

Alright, that's my piece on the matter. Anyone else looked at this game?

PDF Share Thread =The aMAYzing MAYhem, at the end of MAY=

May, May go away

Come again another day

Sharers want to share

May, May go away

Last Thread:



Ed Greenwood's (Magical) Forgotten Realms

>just found out about Song Dragons

>all-female dragons who shapeshift into attractive women

>seduce human men to reproduce

>gain wealth by fucking evil men and killing them after they're in the will

>could fail and be killed/mind controlled before they off him

Post the fucked up shit Ed Greenwood has put in Forgotten Realms canon. A reliable source for the shit that is claimed to be in Ed Greenwood's contract (everything he says is canon, they must publish X material by him a year) when selling the setting to TSR would also be nice too.

D&D 3.5 vs 5e

Which one is better? Or rather what are the systems strengths and weaknesses and which game is better suited for a certain kind of campaign.

The Economy

Im the kind of guy who like to really immerse my players in stuff. Local customs, flags, holidays, etc. One thing i realized was that the idea of the "gold" was fundamentally flawed as a concept. Different nations have different currencies and the exchange rates are never really 1x1. This has to do with the purity of the currency exchanged, convenience of use, among other things. So if you travel to a different nation why should they take your gold, and more importantly why should they take it at face value?

>its just a game and players dont want to perform algebraic equations

thats fair in all honesty and for very casual games i wouldnt suggest this. It detracts from the actual gameplay and doesnt add anything in terms of story or experience. However if you run a game where you treat players differently based on their race then why not treat their money the same way? congratulations you found 1,000 gold in the goblin's lair but its all goblin gold which is really lumpy and impure gold. In reality its worth more like 100 gold

Any DM's have experience in this kind of thing? also any amateur economists want to weigh in on this and answer me a question?

>what would happen if you injected a massive amount of money into an economy only for a curse to make it all disappear? Obviously a depression but which would be worse? the rampant inflation or the depression from it all vanishing?

Warcraft RPG/Setting Thread: Forsaken Edition

>Big source of pdfs for RPG

>Big source of overall lore

Thread Debate: How would YOU reboot the setting?

Fantasy Craft General Thread

The post pajeet/404 spam-bombing edition

Noteworthy points:

>Drastically reined-in magic system putting casters on equal footing with non-casters

>Classes and the game as a whole designed to ensure everyone can contribute in a wide range of circumstances, even outside their primary niche

>Separate cash and Reputation economies keep mundane gear relevant and magic items special

>Custom monster and NPC design is a breeze

>Optional Campaign Qualities tweak mechanics to suit your preferred style and tone

>If you have the money and want to support the game

>If you want to try before you buy

Other useful links:

>Errata & accessories

>Web NPC builder

>Custom PC Species creation guides

>Species feat creation guide & reference spreadsheet

>Class design guidelines

>Leaked Spellbound Preview

To get things started: How does it feel to know Spellbound is never coming out?

Ayy lmao we made a character sheet or something

So, like 2 to 4 years ago we all made a wonderful bunch of character sheets. I printed one out because I wanted to keep it forever, but an earthquake caused coffee to spill on it. This was the alaskan earthquake of 2018 if anyone wonders.

On a longshot, anyone got the original? Anyone have others? Anyone wanna make a new one with blackjack and hookers?

Third Annual Drow Smut Thread

The last thread's in autosage and these are a tradition at this point, so here's the new one. Feel free to add any drow related smut, as long as it's not something that belongs in /chaos/, because dicks do not belong on women.

Worldbuilding General

Looking for ideas or suggestions? Hoping for a bit of critique? Or to you just want to share a bit of fluff from your setting?

Welcome to the Worldbuilding General thread

For longer stories, please make liberal use of pastebin or similar sites to prevent walls of text

Maps also belong here, if you need feedback or advice.

Politics Thread: Surprise Gangrape Edition

>GM banned after adding gangrape scenario in event

Don't know if these type of threads really work here, but I was wondering if anyone had additional info on this, and the general /tg/ opinion of these types of things.

Chess puzzles (simple)

White's Move: Mate in 2

Rebuilding a newer (hopefully stronger) chess puzzle thread,

Enjoy! & Happy Mayday.

Plot hooks

Post plot hooks here. Mostly some side-adventures because derailing the entire campaign is bad.

PCs enter the monstrous mushroom kingdom.