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Is 5E dying

>Be me NEET for most of my life

>Bought D&D 5E books and figurines with my first paycheck

>Found roleplaying groups at my community college

>No one wants to play 5E

>Everyone wants to play 3.5, pathfinder and ironclaw

Why can’t I find a 5E group? Is 5E dying or something? Does it have a bad reputation like 4E?

Magic Constructed omni-thread

One thread for all the formats.

>Comprehensive Rules




Force of Will TCG

General for all things FoW.

I'm getting a bit tired of Magic, so I'm looking around for new card games. FoW seems to be pretty interesting, but they also seem to have stumbled a bit. There's a weekly tournament in my local area, so there should be at least a few people to play with.

Are the new starter decks a good starting-off point? Are there similar archetypes to magic? What does the meta look like and is there room for rogue decks to shine?

Manga Thread: Secret Korean Komics Klub Edition

For all your foreign coloring book needs.

The recommendation list got too long and too controversial, so until we work up something better, we're ditching it.

Old Thread >>399604

40K general nº21:Merry Sanguinala to all!

Happy Sanguinala to everybody, dear neckbeards. Or at least, it will be soon! In the name of the Adeptus Terra, I say that lets use this moment to be friendly between brothers, and lets just be comfy.

And to remember the great sacrifice that the great Sanguinius did in its famous last stand against the Arch-traitor, and so the great effort that their sons, the Blood Angels, do to prevent "Non-autorished accidents". So its important to make the population conscious of the grave problem that its the Red Thirts, and its consequences. And no, dear citizen, the Blood Angels doesnt have a "Black Rage" or worse thing, that Chaos propaganda, or just bad rumors by dumb people scared of them. To think otherwise is heresy, and it punishment is high!

Luckily, A new animated series starring the Blood Angels is being made now, so lets see if with this there will be more animated series & movies (That are good, and arent Ultramarine-Tier)

Lets start this new general thread!

PDF Share Thread =New Year, New Thread=

Here's to another year of sharing books and games, hurrah!

Old Thread:



OSR General

Hello and welcome to the Old School Renaissance thread. Here we discuss old school games, games that emulate them and the stories that these games have weaved through our lives.


>Tools & Resources-

>Old School Blogs-

>Thread Questions

1 - What was your first OSR game?

2 - What do you enjoy about OSR games?

3- Do you have any homebrew content for OSR games and, if so, will you share?

Character Art Thread

It's been a long while since we've had one of these. Why not share some of the new stuff you've added to your folder, anon?

Manga Thread: Comfy Store Edition

Post Chinese silk tapestries, Discuss Mongolian shadow puppet Theater, Recommend Taiwanese Cave Murals, Argue about Cantonese tile mosaics.

This time, we forgo the usual copy-pasta, as the list has grown cluttered with one-off suggestions and series that most don't seem to care for. We should discuss the matter before settling on a format, if we ever even do decide on one. For now, the only criteria that should matter is whether or not a series is good and whether or not is it relevant to /tg/'s incredibly broad and often arbitrary interests.

Old Thread >>383965


Let's talk Shadowrun. Do you have any stories to tell? Have you tried recreating Lord of the Rings using it? Have you considered porting campaigns from vidya to tabletop?

Campaign Creation Help

I'm trying to put together a campaign in Star Wars Saga Edition. I've got the general outlines in place, but I'm having trouble getting into some specifics, namely encounter creation. Setting is:

>19-20 ABY, just after Bastion Accords are signed

>relative peace in galaxy

>players are crew members aboard a smuggling vessel

>ship specialized in running New Republic contraband to Empire, and vice versa

>now that war is over no need to smuggle goods, regular trade happens

>regular trade margins are too low, captain looking for other employment

I'm going to start them off with a pre-made module to give me some breathing room, after that it's going to be more or less a sandbox, with the players choosing what direction the campaign will take. My issue is with coming up with decent encounters for them--I'm used to fantasy RPGs, and the disconnect of space travel->decide to land->encounter happens makes the creation process for space somewhat different, and I'm having trouble visualizing proper ways to get this going.

Writing aliens

How do you write believable aliens /tg/? I can’t break the mold of modeling them off human cultures with slightly different traits. I want to create something truly alien but not retarded and unrelateable for my players.

Mostly playing Traveler but also Star Trek and 40k and I’m getting sick of stock aliens

Gloomspite Gitz

So whats the consensus on GW's new Grots/Gobbos revamp? going full fungalcore in the new models? lore suggesting Da Bad Moon isn't a aspect of Gorkamorka but actually a bit of Slaanesh thats bled through into reality again?

What do you make of the sculpts, rules and general revamp? seems a lot of people are picking them up even if they dont play AoS as its the first gobbos i've seen people excited for since battle for skull pass.

Manga Thread: Hungry Dwarves Edition

Post, recommend and discuss all manner of chinese gook toons.

Old Thread: >>392160

New Dungeon Meshi incoming

Prewritten adventures

What are your favorite pre-written adventures anon?

Any good superhero ones? Only ones I know of are the only Marvel modules that expected you to play as existing heroes (I've got no idea why someone published an RPG so repulsed by the idea of using custom characters) and Emerald City Knights.

Non-Combat Games and Campaigns

I sometimes find myself wanting to run a completely non-combat game. Not just less combat, or a session that's more roleplay heavy, but no murderhoboing at all, for an entire campaign. It seems like a fun idea at first, but so few systems support this kind of play (not even counting awful hipster """𝓪𝓻𝓽""" games), and so few players would even be interested in playing something that wasn't built from skinner box kill-and-reward game design.

Let's discuss non-combat games: How to run them, how to make them engaging, how to get people on board and invested in them, and how to overcome the hurdles of removing instant gratification from the roleplaying experience.

Go Thread

Since we've been so impolitely driven out of the Chess Thread. Here is a new thread for Go.

I started playing about 2 years ago, but bob in and out of Go frenzies and burnout breaks that last months. As such I'm only about 21-18 kyu. I have a physical board but no one to play with, so I normally play on OGS. How long have you guys been playing? Where do you play normally? Post boards and books! I might occasionally post Go puzzles too, just to spite the chessfags who closed their borders to us.

Let's not make the Tengen joke again. It's been old for thousands of years

Old TG screencap dump.

Sharing what I have in my archive from yesteryears. In no particular chronological order, and no particular order beyond that.

This post contains DJ Phylactery, something called The Bard In White, and one of the early Humanity Fuck Yeah Capchas.

Tabletop Fails

>We open on a dark and stormy night...

>proceeds to fumble for the next 30 minutes trying to get the tape recorder with the sound effects to work

I want to hear your tabletop fails. The cringy the better.

Military Strategy

What are your reccomendations for military strategy board games? I'm not talking about figurine based games, I mean proper games that use tokens and are actually deep and don't require me to spend 50 bucks on a starter set. The only one I know of is Stratego and Chess. Can't consider Risk a strategy game because winning because you got a good roll isn't strategy.

QTDDTOT: Bunny Rabit Dice Edition

This is where Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread go. Remember: a two minute shame of asking is preferable to the life-long shame of not knowing.

Previous thread: >>383878


How's your completely bottom up original game mechanics, rules, stating, skills, classes, lore, etc for your role playing game coming along?

You're going to test it any day now, right?

War in Tabletop RPGs

Let's talk about war, /tg/. This thread is meant to talk about war within tabletop RPGs.

This thread is NOT to talk about tabletop wargames. There are other threads for that.

There are two broad categories to be discussed here with regard to war. They are:

>War as a theme

For both GMs and Players alike, we are curious about and want to have our characters and worlds experience the total experience that is being part of mankind's oldest pass time. Whether starting your game in the midst of shells flying, or experiencing the intrigue of a build up to the opening sword clashes between antagonistic nations, there are many fascinating situations offered by this kind of theme.

War as a theme does not always imply combat. There are many adventures to be had behind the lines in the civilian world, where the war is a distant thing that makes every day living more and more desperate. What have you done in the past as a GM? As a player?

>War as a game mechanic.

It is easy to talk about war as a theme. It is harder to actually mechanically represent it within the framework of whatever game system you are running. As any GM who has tried to tackle this theme before knows, actually running a war is painful, tiring, and very time consuming. Depending on the size of a battle or engagement in question, players and their characters can find themselves quickly at the mercy of the chaos of battle, and they no longer have any agency to influence the outcome of a battle. Even the best swordsman in the world will die to a single rock from a trebuchet.

>Mass combat

Mass combat rules exist as a way to try and manage this chaos. There are many systems out there and some have more successful applications of mass combat than others. Have you used one? Do you know of one and have not used it? In either case, talk about your experience of knowledge of mass combat and its application (hypothetical or otherwise). We need to build a knowledge pool of these mechanics - in particular the ones which are successfully applied.

My definition of successful application is as follows: a mass combat system that both enables the experience of large scale warfare (hundreds of individual entities fighting to thousands) and permits player characters to possess some measure of agency to influence the outcome of warfare.

>Macroscopic management systems

Within mass combat rules for individual battles, systems also exist to manage the macroscopic scale of war beyond battlefields; the behaviour and activities of military organizations, nations, and the like. These include; troop movements, logistics and support, communications, command, and control. Sometimes these systems are separate, sometimes they are not. Talk about them too.

The Kingmaker system of D&D/Pathfinder are known examples of this last subject. GURPS being... well, GURPS, has its own approach to this subject as well, though I don't know anything about how it works. I would prefer to draw the spotlight to lesser known systems that attempt to tackle these common mechanical problems; how they work and how they do it well, or don't do it well. Again, we need to create a knowledge pool here.

Let's Read Some Fucking Books

I'm trying to read more of my RPG books because they keep stacking up, and even if I wanted to run one of these systems with my friends, I don't know them well enough to GM them. Since we're between games and the new year has starter, this seems like a great time.

Today, we're going to start with OVA, The Open Versatile Anime Roleplaying Game. Recommended often by other fat/tg/uys for it's animu trappings and ease of use when adapting animu settings and themes.

Follow along if you want: anon <dot> to/9DkFkF

Full Disclosure: I did back this game on kikestarter. They were quick to finish and deliver, so there's that.

Thread Table of Contents


OVA: The Open Versatile Anime Roleplaying Game >>288229

→ Generic System meant to emulate anime-themed games of all kinds with a simple and rules lite system. Somewhere between GURPS, FATE, and BESM

Don't Rest Your Head >>289879

→ A surreal game about losing your mind, gaining superpowers, and balancing exhaustion, rest, and sanity.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy >>293308

→ A work of madness with good art and overly crunchy rules created by some insane Spaniards.

Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Roleplay >>295840

→ Hayao Miyazaki's Oregon Trail. A lighthearted fantasy game about going on journeys for the sake of journeying.

Monsters and Other Childish Things >>306192

→ An ORE game about young children and their monstrous imaginary friends that get them into serious trouble and cause them all kinds of trauma.

Godbound >>308007

→ An OSR-style game about playing Gods bound in mortal flesh

Double Cross >>321091

→ A Japanese game about edgy superpowers and animu inspired melodrama. It's got so many fucking charts.

Unofficial RWBY RPG >>330109

→ Some reddit project to make a simple rule of cool RPG based on the RWBY series.

The Strange >>370138

→ A Cypher System Sci-fi RPG from Monte Cook about crazy shit happening across multiple dimensions

Genesys >>376796

→ Fantasy Flight's Generic RPG system with weird dice. Same system that the newer FFG Star Wars RPG uses.

KULT: Divinity Lost >>379703

→ A Swedish game with a philosophic and religious bent that is as horrific in themes as it is in mechanical crunch

Cthulhutech >>386279

→ A game about a not-too-distant future where Mankind is at war with Lovecraftian Cults and the Mi-Go aliens. Mechanics that are a mix between nWoD and D&D 3.5

DORF COMICS!! -Story Time-

While dicking around in the internet I came across this comic, the writing and art are fucking awesome and dorfedly enough. Gonna post the first issue and for any of you who has yet to read it.

Star Wars is Dead; Long Live Star Wars

Star Wars is Dead; Long Live Star Wars

So, Star Wars is dead, I know it, you know it, the peoples republic of China knows it. When it died is irrelevant and discussing it will lead to a pointless debate over who-dun-it, where they did it and what the weapons was but when the suns set it's clear to everyone that what was once a really cool pulp sci-fi fantasy adventure story and setting is presently, thanks to a mixture of malice and incompetence, entirely devoid of astounding adventure, romantic fantasy or a cast of daring heroes fighting against threatening villains. In short, its not good and it's bad, the most deadly combination of qualities for any franchise.

But it doesn't have to be, none of the elements which Star Wars possessed that made it so endearing are original to it, not a single one failed to be inspired by the fantastic pulp shorts that birthed the science fiction and fantasy genres as we know them. Laser-swords, psychic space wizards, planetary princesses, star-fortresses and despotic galactic governments were old-hat before even the first star wars film was a glimmer of a dream in the form of Sword and Planet and Planetary Romance fiction. Star Wars was a good idea gone bad, spoiled in most part by money as most things are and so I'd like to start a thread for the discussion of a Star Wars replacement.

To answer the obvious

>Why not liek just Star Wars without dumb stuff?

Because, frankly I don't want to start and end every discussion of a setting with what parts of it I personally find acceptable, what parts I don't and all the worms that can crawl out of that can. Star Wars is still there for the Star Wars guys but I'm not a Star Wars guy anymore and I know there are others out there like me.

To open discussion I'll start by saying what I think the key elements that capture the “Star Wars” feel, put in non-star wars terms are the mystical psychic priesthood, the idea of the lost golden age served by that pyschic priesthood , the current fallen state of the galaxy dominated by a warmongering and oppressive totalitarian state and the eclectic mixture of high fantasy, old-west and and science-fiction elements. To illustrate the last point Han Solo does not make sense as a a fantasy character, a traditional fantasy setting doesn't really have a place for his kind of archetypal American roguery but he would fit right in with any story or film about the Old-West – opposite him Luke is a very straightforward fantasy fiction protagonist, optimistic, courageous and at the start of the film he fantasizes about becoming a “knight” and saving a princes and undergoes the tutelage of a magical hermit. He's more king Arthur than John Wayne.

The entire rest of the setting pours out of these basic elements teased out to their natural implications and the judicious application of imagination. What other ways could these elements be interpreted for an alternate setting?

Politics Thread: The Pozzening

>Want to get back into wargaming

>Find very few companies that aren't pozzed to shit

>Like the looks of Kings of War

>Go check out the forum on Dakka Dakka as everything else is on facebook

>See a topic on making armies more varied

>Entire thread devolves into faggotry because of a furry

BO Edit: Congrats, your thread has been chosen!

Old Thread >>390219

Ravnica Allegiance

Azorius vs Simic vs Rakdos vs Orzhov vs Gruul

Official spoiler:

Meta-Thread: Good Will Towards Men


You know the drill: Spread some cheer and kindness to your fellow elegan/tg/entlement, celebrate the end of the year, and enjoy a little vacation time.