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If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device - Episode 25: Fiery Family Reunion


Manga Thread: Come Over To My House And Eat My Sister Edition

Back by unpopular demand: Another goddamned thread for talking about Filipino Pop-up books.

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Why do most combat spells take only one standard action to cast? Why don't they need to be drawn and held like weapons first?

For example, if you want a cast a flame bolt spell, you would take an action to draw a magical flame into your hand, then another action to attack with it, or a full-round action to do both. By using a higher-tier spell slot, you would have more "ammo" per spell. It makes logical sense, it's not complicated, and it might slow down caster supremacy a little bit.

Third Annual Drow Smut Thread

The last thread's in autosage and these are a tradition at this point, so here's the new one. Feel free to add any drow related smut, as long as it's not something that belongs in /chaos/, because dicks do not belong on women.

Why won't my players get off their fucking phones?

I swear to god, my players are on their phones all the time. One of them has literally pulled out a laptop and started playing a video game at the table. While waiting for his turn. Last session one of the players said "I realize I'm the only one who's not on some kind of device right now." One was playing a game on a handheld, one was on his laptop, and 2 were on their phones. I don't even remember what was happening. We have a pretty big table and sometimes I can't even draw out the grid for a fight because there are 2 laptops in the way.

WTF is this? Am I that shitty of a DM? I try to keep rules look-up and downtime to a minimum. Hell most of what I do is pretty fast, if it's in combat. The problem is when other players are taking their turns and spending several minutes doing basic math.

I try not to have too much combat but I have to have some. My group seems barely interested in the game though they did enjoy RP with some orcs last session. The adventure seems engaging to me and they do get somewhere in it but I swear to god I will describe a room and they will not even respond. I've had dead silence while they were on devices. Or sometimes they'll just bring up some meme or something and then OMG WE HAVE TO WATCH THAT VIDEO NOW so one of them brings it up on the smartphones. Like what the fuck? To be fair, it was almost this bad before the smartphones. I know that this is part of why the last DM quit.

What the fuck do I do? I've run games for 10 years, I am a natural at it. That doesn't mean I am good necessarily but I naturally have this GM / storytelling mindset. I don't railroad. I've never had this issue with older players. Yet early 20s millennial players seem to be unable to get off their fucking phones!!!

Meta-Thread: We Can Rebuild Edition

Normally we'd wait longer before a new Meta-Thread is made, but there is some minor good news. Due to repeated fuckups with 8chan, we've seen a lot of images turn into dead links. Combined with the rollback, the majority of images on /tg/ were lost even after we attempted to recover and we resorted to using youtube embeds to make things look a little less awful.

As it turns out, there is a potential fix for some images: If the same exact file of a lost image is posted in another thread on /tg/, the previously blanked image will return after a Shift+F5 refresh. This won't allow us to recover everything, like clipboard images, but it is a partial fix for threads that are still active and reliant on their images.

Fantasy Craft General /fcg/

One year, dead. One year, ahead… edition.

Have you introduced your friends to FC, yet? What followed?

Noteworthy points:

>Drastically reined-in magic system putting casters on equal footing with non-casters

>Classes and the game as a whole designed to ensure everyone can contribute in a wide range of circumstances, even outside their primary niche

>Separate cash and Reputation economies keep mundane gear relevant and magic items special

>Custom monster and NPC design is a breeze

>Optional Campaign Qualities tweak mechanics to suit your preferred style and tone

>If you have the money and want to support the game

>If you want to try before you buy

Other useful links:

>Errata & accessories

>Web NPC builder

>Custom PC Species creation guides

>Species feat creation guide & reference spreadsheet

>Class design guidelines

>Leaked Spellbound Preview

Welcome to /tg/


0. Global Rules Apply

1. Don't Be a Faggot -- No posting gimmicks, unnecessary namefagging, or other willfully disruptive behavior

2. Don't spam, gorepost, or attempt to derail threads. Report & Hide bad threads.

3. Check the catalog and use the thread for Questions The Don't Deserve Their Own Thread (QTDDTOT) to avoid duplicate threads and threads that only serve to ask one specific question.

4. Quests, CYOAs, and in-thread games belong on belong on >>>/quests/ and >>>/cyoa/

5. NSFW images and topics are allowed within reason, but should be spoilered as necessary.

6. Politics, social media drama, and matters relating to SJWs go in the politics thread.

The BO can be contacted at Chrow [at] or by posting in the Meta-thread

Cyberpunk 2020 General

It's been a while since we last talked about this game.

>So what's Cyberpunk 2020?

Second edition of the Cyberpunk game line by R. Talsorian Games. They also made Mekton (universal system for mecha games, very flexible but a nightmare to develop a character for) and Teenagers From Outer Space (the first universal system for anime-based games). It is a distilled version of the original, Cyberpunk 2013. Cybergeneration does not exist. Cyberpunk V3 does not exist.

>So how is this different from Shadowrun?

No magic, spirits or Native American bullshit. Cyberpunk 2020 is 100% cyberpunk, 0% bullshit. High tech, low lives. If you want a pure, Gibsonean romp of megacorps, antihero protagonists, distopia, more cyberware than you can shake your cyber-dick at (Mr. Studd Sexual Implant: All night, every night, and she'll never know) and a small drop of Mad Max outside of the megacities, then this is the game for you.

>How does it play?

A simple system of Attribute + Skill + 1d10. D6es are used in some occations, so keep those handy as well. The game is not grid-based, but it does use maps. Players have "roles", rough classes with access to a mix of skills. Some include Solos (the street samurai with the biggest guns), Rockerboys (musicians/political agitators), Techies (grease monkeys), Medias (intrepid reporters), Corporates (the guys working for the Megacorps), Fixers (the guys on the street), Nomads (the aforementioned Mad Max expies) and more. Each have a special ability pertaining to their role: Medias get credibility for their stories, Techies can jury rig things, Corporates get access to corporate resources and so on.

Now, the game is not very balanced as is. Upon character creation you get a fuckton of points to spend, with you being able to max out certain stats with ease without gimping your character in other stats. Reflexes are imperative when wanting to be good in a firefight, Body Type allows you to tank quite a bit of damage, Intelligence flat-out gives you more points to start with and Empathy allows for more cybertech to upgrade yourself with without turning into a Cyberpsycho and losing control of your character. This means that if just one or two members of the party are fully optimized the others have to do so as well, lest the threats are either too lethal or no threat, which is not fun. The game does encourage players to minmax and play dirty and for the game master to do the same.

>What's Decking like?

It's called Netrunning, and it suffers the same problem as Shadowrun does: while the Netrunner does their thing the other players can go sit with their thumbs up their asses waiting until they're done.

>What's the Cyberware like?

Ah yes, the meat and potatoes. The stuff is a mix of the regular cyber limbs and weapons, but also upgrade your senses with a base upgrade and all sorts of plugins, get yourself a cyber-dick (or vagina, the game does not discriminate!), upgrade your bones and muscles get bulletproof skin and a subdermal bulletproof layer, get all sorts of weird upgrades (The kill count tattoo! Keep a number of all your kills to impress your friends and intimidate foes!), use all sorts of interesting bio mods for new/more/different organs or just say fuck it and get yourself a chainsaw arm! And don't forget the plugs for your smartgun!

>What's the setting like?

The main setting is Night City, your tradiitional big Cyberpunk city filled with megacorps and its executives living it up while in the lower parts of the city the scum, lowlives and those trying to make an honest living in a dishonest world. Night City is located in California, not too far south from Monterey.

>Which books should I get?

The core rulebook is a fair start, but your collection is not complete without the Chromebooks: four works with varied content but a similar theme: they contain all sorts of weapons from cheap firearms to missile launchers, fancy shotgun rounds and a custom-made 14mm pistol. But the most important parts are the massive amounts of Cyberware in there: from lighter/heavier versions of existing things to all sorts of new, interesting and mostly deady stuff. Maximum Metal is great if you want to focus on the Nomads and their vehicles, and Night City is the go-to supplement if you want to play in the titular city.

That should be everything. Discuss!

Homebrew and Game Design Thread

Summer is here and so is all the extra free time that often comes with it. That means it's time to start working on your homebrew games again! Your time is now, /tg/. It's time to make game.

Tell me, what are you working on? Where are you stuck? Have you playtested anything yet?

As a further topic of discussion, let's discuss what makes a game good. What are the elements of good game design and what can be done to ensure that your final product doesn't end up as a fantasy heartbreaker, or something completely derivative? There's no one perfect game that can suit the needs of every group GURPS, but there are certainly ways to ensure that the gameplay experience of a game lives up to the intentions put into it. Discuss.

All-Purpose Elf Thread

Elves. Know them. Love them. Whichever you are talk about them.

How should they be? How should they not be? Best versions? Worst versions?

You can include plenty of elves. That includes the likes of sidhe/fair folk/whatever.

Meta-Thread: Bad PR Edition

It's that time again. Time for more complaining, internet drama, and if the mood is right, we might even talk about /tg/.

2019 Summer Infinity Cup


The Infinity Cup is returning once again, and 8chan's boards will be fighting it out on the pitch to claim divegrass supremacy. As a board that has participated in the Cup at one point or another in its history, you are invited to the reveal stream for 2019 Summer edition of the Cup. On Saturday June 22nd, at 3 PM EDT/7 PM UTC, on I'll be giving you guys an early look at the Cup's 5th edition, which will include revamped aesthetics, team stadiums and other quality of life improvements I've figured out how to do in PES 17. Hopefully this will get anons back on board with the Cup, considering it has struggled mightily since its 2nd incarnation.

So how is it going to go down? I'll be staging a couple of exhibition matches between teams using their rosters from the last Cup, and we'll shitpost our merry way through the stream. Once the stream ends, entries will be open for the Cup, and boards can start putting together/editing their rosters and kits. Entries will close in early July, the field will be determined, and the Group Draw will take place approximately a week before the Cup kicks off in August. I'm also hoping to possibly introduce managers for the Cup, although I'm still working out the details to keep this from devolving into a namefag dick measuring contest. I hope you all will tune in, and in case you aren't caught up on your board's history, I've provided some links below to get you caught up:


Final Fantasy Tabletop RPG

Hey /tg/ i was thinking; why is there not any official FF tabletop game. It is perfect for it. It could have its own unique world amd job system. Some sort of cross between 5 and 7 jobs system.

How would you guys craft a setting for it and what wluld the crunch of it be like? Traditional DND stats or something else more unique.

Would there be secondary stats and skills?

I was thinking we could homebrew our own unofficial one as well. I found one online but it is just a 3rd edition copy paste

D&D 3.5 vs 5e

Which one is better? Or rather what are the systems strengths and weaknesses and which game is better suited for a certain kind of campaign.

Magical Realm thread: Enter the Dragon Edition

>>290196 has hit the bump limit, so it's time for the next thread.Did a whole bunch of new entries last time, but I feel there's a whole lot more to go. Should I focus on doing those I've missed or should I try something else? Perhaps more World of Darkness, or a different game? Hell, maybe try some lewd Cybeprunk 2020?

Ayy lmao we made a character sheet or something

So, like 2 to 4 years ago we all made a wonderful bunch of character sheets. I printed one out because I wanted to keep it forever, but an earthquake caused coffee to spill on it. This was the alaskan earthquake of 2018 if anyone wonders.

On a longshot, anyone got the original? Anyone have others? Anyone wanna make a new one with blackjack and hookers?

Mute Characters

Do you allow them? Do you have certain stipulations on them? Have you played as one? What difficulties did you encounter from the gm/player side of things, and what did you observe about the playstyle?

Expandable/Living Card Games

A thread for discussing living card games, that is, all card games that use fixed distribution release schemes as opposed to the classic randomized distribution. This means the player always knows exactly what he's getting in each expansion, which also usually includes complete playsets of each card.

FFG's various versions are the most well-known, but I'm sure there must be others out there. I only know Plaid Hat Games has done a few, but I don't know much about them other than the fact that the company was made by a former Heroscape designer/the guy who owned Heroscapers.

L5R is pretty fun, I'm enjoying the Dragon jank. Or I would be, but I haven't played recently. I guess it's too complicated for my friends or something.

Technically, the phrase Living Card Game is trademarked by FFG, those goddamn hang-wringing semites.

Chess puzzles (simple)

White's Move: Mate in 2

Rebuilding a newer (hopefully stronger) chess puzzle thread,

Enjoy! & Happy Mayday.

40K General n°22: Chaos Approved Edition

Chaos is getting a new dex with the ettera already included. Plus they're getting several new units and a new CSM box. With Abby getting a make-over maybe he will be less of an armless failure and actually win for once!

Old thread: >>403815

Fatal 2 : 2

Fatal the 2nd edition. The new project to make FATAL into a playable game...kind-of...maybe...

ITT yugioh general

In this thread we discuss yugioh (both casual and competitive meta )

Non-Combat Games and Campaigns

I sometimes find myself wanting to run a completely non-combat game. Not just less combat, or a session that's more roleplay heavy, but no murderhoboing at all, for an entire campaign. It seems like a fun idea at first, but so few systems support this kind of play (not even counting awful hipster """𝓪𝓻𝓽""" games), and so few players would even be interested in playing something that wasn't built from skinner box kill-and-reward game design.

Let's discuss non-combat games: How to run them, how to make them engaging, how to get people on board and invested in them, and how to overcome the hurdles of removing instant gratification from the roleplaying experience.

Enchantment versus Illusion versus Artifice; a matter of semantics

These terms have a lot of overlap with eachother; Enchantment Magic seems to be half artifice, half mind control stuff, while Illusion is altering the perception of reality.

How do you handle the semantics of such in your campaigns?

Sci-fi General

How much handwavium magic in the guise of science do you find acceptable in your Science Fiction RPGs?

What setting agnostic systems out there do you recommend for far future science fiction?

Why is the predominant Sci-fi settings all licensed works when medieval fantasy isn't?

How to salvage old models.

So i just found this in a box in my attic. I bought it when i was like 13 and at that time was used to plastic shit like Tomb Kings and Necrons and not metal minatures. But i was super into the lore and aesthetic of the new Ogre Kingdoms army for 6th edition WHFB and bought it, then saw how much an army would cost and never got beyond that.

But i'm older and more experienced now but metal is still something i've barely worked with. I could whip up a bunch of nice bases for this thing -especially since it comes with 3 exhausted looking serf gnoblars- but heres the catch: This is a launch day model of an entirely new sculpt from GW at a time when their metal work was 'iffy' at best.

Basically every single piece does not go flush to another. We are talking two flat edges in theory where one is bent like a pringle trying to be the big spoon to a wall. This is going to take some work and modern plastics have absolutely spoiled me. I never learnt how to deal with these beyond hearing some odd 'drill and pin' or 'fill gaps with green stuff' comments from the old greybeards at the local stores back i the day.

So how do you start salvaging older kits where the pieces are metal and need a lot of work compared to modern sculpts? anyone have any experience or advice for this kind of project?

Women in tabletop

Since the cuckchan mods are being faggots, let's take this here.

What's your experience with 'fairer' sex in the /tg/-related communities? Do you support keeping your group all-male and having good entertainment, or would you allow third rate thots in for a slim chance to score an already ravaged pussy and ruin existing friendships?