Nerve Center

I spent an hour and a half making this hyper autism, unreadable chart of all the imageboard software I could find. Anything I should add?

>use emacs for 3 years

>barely create anything more complex than a single file script

>start using vs code

>created 5kloc project in a month

emacs is a meme, vi is a meme, stop meming yourselves and get into the future

Consumer Advice

Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

Do you know any Linux desktop/terminal clients for multiple imageboards (or at least 8chan)?

Someone is Trying to Govern the Internet Again

/tech/, a group of Swedish internet vigilantes are trying to govern the internet. More specifically, websites that host 3D printed weapons, like the Liberator and Songbird pistols. They're doing this by spamming the websites with phony uploads, claiming to be one of the pistols, but instead, is a model of that goddamn knotted-barrel revolver thing. Of course, this is useless against websites that show CAD previews, but it's still fucking annoying. Leave our goddamn physibles alone, Sweden. You can't stop humans from arming themselves.

Of course, there are plenty of websites that only host the files (such as, and can't have anything uploaded, and websites that have file previews, but websites like The Pirate Bay are going to be hit pretty hard by this.

The only thing that annoys me more than the project itself is that they constantly refer to 3D printed gun file distribution as "the 3D printed gun market", which is so obviously wrong, it pisses me off. The 3D printed gun community (actually, the entire 3D printing community) is literally the most open source community next to Linux and GNU.

why is linux so stupid

That it lets a program steal 100+% of CPU usage just like that?

I'm so sorry

I don't know why I ever doubted you /tech/. I did the dumb shit. I got a new laptop without even considering wether or not it had a chiclet keyboard, and wether or not it had a glossy screen.

It has both. It's so bad. I want to blow my fucking brains out.I never know where the fuck I am on the damn keyboard. It's like typing blind. I kind of just hope the keys are there.

The glossy screen is more tolerable, but it's still bad. Random shit reflects in it so obviously and can make it hard to concentrate on what I'm typing.

I heard you guys complalin about these things and thought it was just whiny sthitposting, but damn, this shit sucks.

accidentally posted this on /b/ the firs time.

hidden copy of windows 3.1

i hid a copy of windows 3.1 inside this photo just open it with winrar or

7zip that is if theres some sort of system that would remove the files from the photo its self on this image board

A website where people control an online computer


Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To 5G

Our current cell phone technology produces electromagnetic radiation that damages male fertility, and the radiation produced by the new 5G technology will be much more powerful and therefore much more dangerous. But most people don’t know about this. Instead, most people are greatly looking forward to the rollout of 5G technology because it will be up to 100 times faster than our current 4G technology, and who wouldn’t want that? The big cell phone companies will be spending hundreds of billions of dollars to install hundreds of thousands of new 5G antennas, and every single one of those antennas will be constantly emitting very powerful electromagnetic radiation. Since we can’t see the radiation, to many people the threat does not seem real, but the truth is that if you live in a major urban area you are constantly being bombarded by it. And once the new 5G network is completely rolled out, you would literally have to live in the middle of nowhere to get away from it completely.

5G is a quantum leap from 4G, but because the smaller 5G waves do not travel as well, a lot more antennas will be required…

In order to achieve faster speeds, 5G relies on millimeter waves, which are even smaller than microwaves and operate at a higher frequency. These smaller waves are more easily absorbed by buildings, trees and other things (like people), so more towers will be needed in order to maintain connectivity. The industry has created specialized “small cell” stations and new, larger base stations to accommodate the demands of 5G tech. Even so, it’s expected that a small cell will need to be installed every 250 meters in cities for 5G to work properly. There will be one on every street corner.

In addition, 5G technology is “ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity”…

5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers for two main reasons. First, compared to earlier versions, 5G is ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity. 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G use between 1 to 5 gigahertz frequency. 5G uses between 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency. Within the RF Radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to living organisms.

So basically the radiation that we will constantly be absorbing will be much, much, much more powerful than before, and the sources emitting the radiation will be much closer to us.

Are you starting to get the picture?

If that wasn’t bad enough, an investigation conducted at a university in Israel discovered that the surface of the human body actually draws 5G radiation in “like an antenna”…

What’s further disturbing about 5G radiation is how the human body responds to and processes it. Dr. Ben-Ishai from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered as part of a recent investigation that human skin acts as a type of receptor for 5G radiation, drawing it in like an antenna.

“This kind of technology, which is in many of our homes, actually interacts with human skin and eyes,” writes Arjun Walia for Collective Evolution about the study.

“… human sweat ducts act like a number of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths that are put out by the devices that employ 5G technology,” he adds.

Okay, now let’s talk about fertility.

Several early studies found that our current cell phone technology has a negative affect on male fertility…

A 2005 mouse study found “a significant genotoxic [DNA-damaging] effect on…spermatozoa.”

A 2007 rat study found “significantly higher incidence of sperm cell death,” suggesting “that carrying cellphones near reproductive organs could negatively affect male fertility.” And a 2009 rat study found that the radiation from cellphones “negatively affects semen quality and may impair male fertility.”

A fork() in the road

Microsoft BTFO UNIX weenies

>The received wisdom suggests that Unix’s unusual combination of fork() and exec() for process creation was an inspired design. In this paper, we argue that fork was a clever hack for machines and programs of the 1970s that has long outlived its usefulness and is now a liability. We catalog the ways in which fork is a terrible abstraction for the modern programmer to use, describe how it compromises OS implementations, and propose alternatives.

>As the designers and implementers of operating systems, we should acknowledge that fork’s continued existence as a first-class OS primitive holds back systems research, and deprecate it. As educators, we should teach fork as a historical artifact, and not the first process creation mechanism students encounter.

Input latency

Look at that lag. Lispmachinefags BTFO. It is literally slower than sending a packet across the planet.

spamhaus blocking port scans

Notorious motorcycle gang memeber vincent canfield is pointing out that spamhaus blocking port scans.

nobody being able to port scan could be a huge problem for internet security researchers. He's getting a lot of backlash but the evidence is clear.

come tox with me~


>no tox thread

Get in here, fags, let's have a Tox thread.

Looking for Rudolph edition

>favorite client?

>is irungentoo ded?

>will file transfer ever just werk?

Let's share our Tox IDs too. I'll start:


Author successfully DMCA's GPL'd work

Since: http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/tech/res/1018729.html

was bumplocked by the shadow admins (aka the programming code) (Since I'm winning on all counts: because I am correct on the law).

Quick recap, as told by anon:

Anonymous 02/05/19 (Tue) 14:47:16 No.1027517

Summary of this episode as this thread reaches the bump limit:

>an impersonator ("John Doe") created GitHub, then GitLab and BitBucket repos for trolling purposes

>MikeeUSA hit all three with DMCA (with the GitLab and BitBucket repos successfully taken down)

>meanwhile the impersonator opened the GitHub repo to pull requests; Mikee's butthurt as usual

>that GitHub repo's last commit was made last Thursday



>Gitlab and Bitbucket repos are down due to DMCA notices

>There is still no evidence he hit github with a DMCA

<100 IQ


"GPL is Revocable" (== incel terrorism -reddit)

Video codec wars

>AV1 gradually getting out of the experimental stage but still suffering from snail-tier encoding

>MPEG trying to squeeze every last remaining shekel out of HEVC, thinking that hardware encoders in every $20+ GPU will save a codec that has never and will never be used for end-user livestreaming

>Intel releasing AVX-512 optimized encoders for AV1 and VP9

>h.264 going strong as VP9 is still too slow for real-time encoding while HEVC remains a licensing minefield only useful for Animu scene encodes

>MPEG working on VVC, forms the Media Coding Industry Forum ostensibly to avoid another patent licensing clusterfuck, promises 30-50% bitrate savings over HEVC by 2021

>Divideon trying to capitalize on the situation by offering the royalty-based XVC meme codec using patented tech to the extent that a single licensing scheme can allow, with similar video quality to AV1 and supposedly greater encoder performance

>Codemumkey still hasn't added AV1 support to 8chan

Who is likely to win?

When will proprietary software be outlawed?

UNIX Hater: I am Calling You Out


This is your thread. You can do and say whatever you want in this thread. Stop derailing other threads.

No one cares what you think about UNIX or C. You might think it fools anyone to larp around quoting yourself with based, but it doesn't. You've not proven any knowledge or proficiency beyond quoting insufferable usenet posts made by academics who were butthurt because they made poor choices with their careers. You aren't posting any facts to support your opinion, so your opinion is shitposting and is against the rules.

>No spamming, sagebombing, shitposting, unwarranted self-identification (ie. signatures, avatars, tripcodes), or making posts advertising or requesting any kind of currency (bitcoin, altcoin, USD, etc), referrals, boards, products, and/or services. Shitposting is defined as a post or thread that doesn't have any meaningful content, indecipherable text (ie. "lol u tk him 2da bar|?") or otherwise contributes nothing toward discussion (ie. posting just to announce sage). It does NOT mean "anything you don't personally like."

If you want to contribute to this board, then you need to have evidence to back up your claims.

You've already been called out about making your own OS. This was your response >>1035593

>I don't have enough time to dedicate to doing so.

You are a shitposter. If you want to shitpost, do it in your own shitty thread.

Trade School

Did any of you programmers learn how to program from a trade/vocational school? If you didn't, but managed to be hired (for your programming skills) anyways, what exactly was your method of learning? Don't answer if you're gonna say college, that's an easy answer. If you didn't go to trade school nor college then I'd assume you learned using programming books. Go ahead and suggest some if you wish, but that isn't the primary concern at the moment. Did you keep a GitHub portfolio?

Another question, if I may; if you did go to a trade school, how exactly did you find it? I'm in the market for one, myself, but haven't actually found any, and google seems to confuse trade schools with community colleges and actual universities, which I want no part of.

Anybody knows how to tweak and customize the weston wayland compositor?

/tech/ Questions and Support

Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

Y'all are hating on SystemD, but its wide adoption is evidence of its great performance. You all hate it because it doesn't follow your archaic "Unix Philosophy" and is made by a guy that people hate on for no reason, but it simplifies the operation of linux and makes the administration of multiple computers easier.

The days of Init and "wizardry" are over, stop living in the past.

>Prove me wrong

Protip: You can't. Productivity with SystemD cannot be beat.

Request: a 1337 coder to start a new chan\imageboard

I'm a NEET who likes spending all his time on chans\imageboards. Kinda sick of seeing people get banned for mere words (example: >>>/sudo/97161 and >>>/sudo/97242) and other legal material. That, and for other reasons, is why I've always wanted my own imageboard. One hosted on non-US servers and where CP is strictly forbidden, but everything else is allowed.

Problem: I'm a complete technical noob who can barely install Windows. I have 0 server and Linux experience and I'm too retarded to learn all of it. I do, however, have a lot free time and enough NEET bux to buy hosting and pay a fee to someone to do all the technical work of implementing an imageboard. Preferably one based on LynxChan, but other software is negotiable.

Is anyone here interested in something like this? Someone with free time and willing to do a project like this? You could co-run the imageboard with me when it's done, or not and just do the technical stuff. Again, I would pay you a fee in bitcoin or whichever cryptoval.

Useful things to do with a raspberry pi 1 b+

A friend of mine gave me an old raspberry pi b+ that he didn't have any use for.

Does anyone know any decent uses for one of these? I've never used one of these before, I don't want to use it as an emulation box because It's an older board and, i just play roms on my pc anyway.

What are some good uses for it?

This VPN that is being advertised here is a honeypot and Jim is cooperating with glowniggers by being sponsored by them.

Audio Hardware Thread


What AMPs are you faggots using? I'll be getting an HD 6XX soon and is currently looking for an AMP. I'm currently looking at the Fiio E10K and the K3 but don't know the difference between the two. Any amps you'd recommend?

How do we cull the dudebro faggots from technology?

The kind of people who enter the realm of computing just because they are after the money it can offer them.

The kind of people who have no interest in technology and can barely program in a single language if at all, and the language is very likely javascript.

The kind of people who solely rely on their networking skills and credit stealing to get ahead instead of building up their skills.

The kind of people who spend more time attending workshops, conferences etc events rather actually working with tech.

How do we remove them?

Are AMD FX processors botnet? What's the best x86-64 processor to get if one is looking to avoid the botnet while being able to run various legacy software?



Luke M Smith


M.A. in Linguistics, University of Georgia

B.A. in International Economics and Modern Languages, Georgia State University




/g/, /pol/ - 4chan


LG Electronics VS985 4G


1331 W BASELINE RD, UNIT 220 MESA, AZ 85202 County: MARICOPA


Are you really a programmer? Show us your own 8ch downloader then.

Here's mine.

Linux Smartphone General

>Librem 5 dev-kits making calls to each other

>PinePhone dev-kits sent out



I can't wait for PostmarketOS to start making calls on those devices.

Complaining about smartphones thread: >>1045136

Why did he hate UNIX?

ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Dell Precision edition. As usual, the old one hit 400 posts again.

>tfw your M6500 died and all you're left with is this M4300 and two Pentium era Precisions

Can Linus be saved?

We don't know exactly what happened to him (although one could theorize it might have had something to do with his feminist daughter and the trannies at tech companies) and he hasn't appeared in any public space, conference or video after his cucked "temporary retreat to think about things" (has he? I didn't see anything so I don't know for sure). I don't know exactly where he stands on now other than him saying he's not going to go on his classic rants anymore.

The rants were important. He was stern and determined, and his rudeness was necessary to impose something approaching quality to kernel development. He had strong stances against breaking user space, and specially on blaming someone else for your bad code. Sure, he could still make a "softer" rant about it now, but will it have the same impact as before? Will he even make another rant anymore?

I wish we could at least know what the hell happened to him that made him do what he did, and allow that one Coraline tranny to infect the kernel with his smelly CoC

What the heck is with this trend of taking a modern computer and using it solely to emulate a 40 year old microprocessor? It's just a damn pi every time. It would be interesting to see a retro-style console made from actual hardware, but this? Even chink hackers are more ambitious than these 'makers' and their pi shit when they make their plug'n play consoles.


Is taking steps to stay anonymous online ultimately futile?

Running open source browsers with anti ad and tracking features at least guarantee big corporations can't as easily gather data on you but this is about where the ease ends.

For example, lets say your next step is downloading software to further configure your computer for privacy, like email clients, torrent clients, virtual machines, misc productivity tools, etc. You download these through Tor but your ISP still knows you're connecting to Tor, so how the fuck am I supposed to download software to evade prying eyes when those prying eyes will, by my download activity, be able to determine I am trying to evade them and probably take steps to do le sneaky shit. Obviously, you'd use a tustworthy and transparent VPN along with Tor, but YOU CAN'T GET THE FUCKING VPN COMPLETELY ANONYMOUSLY EITHER. You can pay with crypto but the steps you take to buy crypto will be known so they know you; 1. are into crypto 2. used it to purchase a VPN. Yeah, maybe you're off the grid after these two steps by this time you've probably done so much internet research on this they've got a nice little log and can get a good idea of what you're trying to do and why. They know XYZ user purchased a VPN with crypto and will keep tabs on you.

Am I supposed to get a burner laptop and configure it somewhere else besides my own house, load all the installers onto an encrypted usb, and load it onto my desired computer? If I do that, who can still see what software I run on my computer? What the FUCK


Except from this image, what is wrong with scrum? I have seen people shitting on it in here, that's why I ask. To me it looks like a more dynamic way of translating requirements into measurable results.

The only negative thing I think of is it does take a bit of fun out of programming

Realtime imageboards

Realtime imageboards might be the solution to the problem traditional imageboards have of exit being very difficult, since they require a large volume of people at once to build up sustainable momentum and not stay dead. Realtime seems to only need a small amount to build active discussion, while still retaining anonymity and transciency, and all the benefits that come from it. Up until now they've really only been used by the insular, hidden /a/ communities that built them but I always thought they had a lot of potential for the rest of the imageboard user base - they're just not that well known.

To test my thesis, I launched one earlier this week using a lightly modified fork of meguca. In 24 hours, it hit 6000 posts, which is a higher rate than 4chan's slower boards. This may partially be due to it targeting the oldfag diaspora, but it points to the fact that until now, true exit from 4chan has been exceedingly difficult. It wasn't even intended as a launch, but just a test run that ended up getting a community. Traditional imageboards struggle desperately to achieve what a realtime imageboard did on accident.

I feel like the attempts to build decentralized imageboard software miss the point. State intervention is a looming threat, but the only immediately critical issue of imageboards has always been ease of exit. imo realtime boards are the future, more people should know about them, and more people should be starting them.

I have $1000 to donate to tech . How can I use it to best help fix this clusterfuck situation?

Any of you guys working on a libreboot-thinkpad type project for the PSP/Vita for a libre console? Do you know anyone whoms't is?

LynxChan 2.2

For those who don't know, LynxChan is a new chan engine I have been developing for the past 4 years or so.

Today I started 2.2 beta. It's main feature is the comeback of archives. Not only threads can be archived manually, but also limits for replies can be set for threads to be archived automatically after these limits are passed and the thread is pruned.

On a smaller scale and a more technical aspect was the optimization of ram usage. It should have use 80% to 75% less ram. Boot times have been improved too. And the json api have been merged into the form api too, which should make for a more consolidated api.

i made this browser extension for anyone and everyone

i made a browser extension for chrome and firefox. it is an extension where you can comment on the current url you are viewing. it only has access to the current tab you are viewing, nothing else. its also anonymous. kind of like dissenter but no sign up process. anyone can comment.

would love it if you all check it out

there is no sign up process with this extension. its anonymous. i usually dislike having usernames. i like it when i can just get on something and start posting anonymously.

in the main file of this extension there is this line.


"permissions": [




that means the extension only has access to the current tab. i would be siked just by people using something i made by hand. check the github repo.

here is the github repo

only the comments/posts gets saved. if people like this extension and people start using. then i can add a username feature if people would like that. but for now i would be happy if people use it at all. feels good to make something.


i posted this in /pol and some of the posters suggested i post it here too.

Alright /tech/, I have been doing some computering lately and I realized that web browsers can load files from the local file system with this protocol:


Could CIAniggers use this to load files from paths that are always the same and then send them off with JavaScript in order to find out information about you?

Like these:


When I put this:

<img src="file:///etc/alternatives/start-here-16.png" alt="benis" />

into a html file and open it, It loads the Debian icon.

Should I be worried about this?

Pls respond am not good with computer.

Canvas fingerprinting

>canvas fingerprinting

This shit is a privacy nightmare. Every website you visit can generate a hash which is unique to your device. Yet, spoofing it makes you even more unique.

How do we defeat this sort of tracking ? Tor browser has a feature which sends a blank canvas, but it's not a sufficient solution for everyday browsing


With all the /tech/ fags wanking about Linux-based systems and backwater OS's that I've never heard of, it got me thinking about what games /tech/ plays. You don't really have much vidya gaemz options unless you have a separate Winbloze system on the side. Or does /tech/ even play vidoe gaem at all?

devaun gets pwned by cianiggers






So cianiggers, because of the we follow you part, hacked the one systemd free distro that is noob friendly.

>so install gentoo

Indeed but I am shocked no one is reporting on this yet. cianiggers hacked themselves and put that page up to rally those not wanting the botnet onto gopher. Now I haven't investigated gopher and have no opinion on it for now. But hacking devuan is a dick move since they only pander to a smaller audience then debian, which contains systemdick. If script kiddies, focus your energy on productive matters. If cianiggers, then fuck you and delete yourselves.

Why the hell is the GNOME shell written in Javascript?

I thought it was just the extension engine but no, Javascript has literally permeated the entire thing, this is completely absurd. No wonder it's so slow.

tl;dr: Chrome is adding encrypted DNS

>Google's plans for new encrypted Chrome web browser could make it harder for UK government to stop computer users watching porn online

>Crisis talks being held by National Cyber Security Centre, of GCHQ, on May 8

Why does the GCHQ care about porn so much?

Underused technology thread

With every bird genociding kike shilling for 5G radio communications it's highly coincidental that no one seems to be interested in implementing wider Li-fi infrastructure.

Li-fi has none of the microwave botnetting of regular 5G but speeds akin to fibre but without fibre wires, yet for some reason there is little interest in this technology.

Self-driving glowmobiles could share information of local interest through their daytime LED lights with other glowmobile peers, when waiting at an intersection they could recieve wide Area traffic information through Street lamps thus lowering wireless signal congestion while causing less cancer to boot.

Glowphones with Li-fi sensors wouldn't even need to connect to any regular wireless networks when traversing something as light polluted as Manhattan, the entire wireless signal congestion issue would be a meme once everyone's devices glow in the dark and low botnet density Areas should do fine with LTE-A for the time being anyhow.

It's time to get real about OS security

We need something better than all the Win/Mac/Linux shitware we have now. Software nowadays is unmaintainable and bloated as hell. The answer is a secure microkernel OS with formal verification and a clean codebase with minimalism and isolation in mind.