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GNOME has Human Interface Guidelines

Why aren't you using a HUMAN interface designed for HUMANS by HUMANS??!?

/tech/ Questions and Support

Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.


Where to begin? I want so much to be in control of my computer. Yet I don’t want to make the leap whereby I could potentially fuck up my hardware indefinitely. Wat do?

3D printing general

Any anons here have a 3d printer?

I got chinese prusa i3 from ebay and despite the chink engineering, it was still a good base to work on.

Tor Browser 60

They actually did it. They upgra... *coughs* *spits out blood and semen* ...changed the platform to Firefox 60.

Now I can enjoy having a gazillion "firefox" child processes with the UI freezing each time I load the catalog, all the while using over 300 MB of RAM as usual because fuck efficiency in the CY+3 amirite?

I'd ask what technical reasons do the Tor guys have to base their browser on Firefox and not anything else, like Midori or fucking Dillo even. They're hoping to piggyback on Firefox's bugfixes, is that it? Hoping to piggyback on the fancy kewl stuff like WebRTC which they end up disabling for privacy reasons anyway?

Super Tux Kart Multiplayer


you have to compile the game in order to test it

Millions of Indian programmers and computer engineers yet where's all the tech startups created by Indians? Where's the applications, the websites, the devices that India has created? I don't see anything coming out of India. Just a bunch of corporate programmers who have no creativity or original ideas whatsoever.

Why is the country that has the highest amount of programmers so technically useless /tech/?

self moderating imageboard

moderation always kills imageboards

attentionwhoring faggots like mark and his gayparade mods delete and ban at will

we need a self moderating imageboard or moderated by the users

we should also do away with boards and instead rely on tags for posts, that way legacy board names are no longer a problem

people would read and post under a bunch of tags

we need to build this now because 8chan and other imageboards are done for

POWER9 MicroATX board

They said it was going to be announced in October and I've been checking their twitter ever since. Here's the picture of it from the OpenPowerOrg summit that started today

If you've been thinking of leaving the x86 architecture without spending thousands of dollars just on the motherboard this is it, whether it's because of libre computing or security issues we finally have a viable alternative to the current standard in desktop computing. It's a bit blurry but that white socket between the ram stick and PSU looks like it might be an M.2 slot. As there's a lot empty space next to it there might even be two of them. Hopefully the SATA ports in the corner will be optional for those that don't want any proprietary code in their computer.

The tweet before this one mentions a fully libre mini super computer someone built using standard dual socket Talos computers that's very impressive with eight 18-core CPUs for a total of 144 cores/576 threads.

There isn't much on the internet about this platform asides for their wiki but a few months ago the guy who runs the TenFourFox browser has started a new site dedicated to POWER/PPC users, there isn't much content on it now.

There hasn't been any new updates recently on the PowerPC notebook project although an update is expected by the end of this month for the electrical schematics.

Protecting your identity while shopping online

I'd like to conceal my identity as much as possible while shopping online. I try not to resort to online transactions in my daily consumer habits, in part because of privacy, but also because cash is just generally better for budgeting. I'm not Opsec paranoid about having my identity found out, but I don't want to make it easy for retailers to create a consumer profile about me.

I've toyed with the idea of prepaid cards and gift cards. Paying in cash for digital credit at a brick and mortar won't stop the FBI from coming after you, but it does address the inherent problem of disclosing your credit card online. The former is expensive, inefficient, and often times has high fees and all sorts of gotchas they don't disclose when purchasing the card. The latter is better but also a walled garden.

Then there's the fundamental issue of where to ship your merchandise, if you're buying physical commodity. I PO box seems like a good idea initially, but, even with an alias (which, I think, might be illegal to do), you're still associating yourself with one or two recipient accounts–not only that, but you're associating yourself with a static recipient even if you move, so it can even be detrimental. You can persuade someone, such as a neighbor, to be a proxy for your stuff, but that has to be a relationship with a lot of trust, not to mention patience for our obsessive insanity. You could accept their packages while they accept your packages in a kind of pseudo-onion routing way of concealing your actual buying habits, but that seems unrealistic.

Is it hopeless? Does anyone else have this concern, or am I just unhealthily concerned with this topic to detract from other anxieties in my life I have less perceived control over? If there are people like me out there, maybe we can put our heads together and figure something out.

Nanochan II

Old thread, >>>/tech/991375 has hit 400 replies and is no longer bumping.

>What is nanochan?

Nanochan is an imageboard with its software written in Lua.

>Why is it speshul?

Nanochan does not use or require Javascript in any way, shape or form.

Nanochan is totally immune to XSS due to the fact that it does not use Javascript combined with a restrictive Content-Security-Policy header. To date, zero security flaws have been exploited.

Nanochan operates exclusively through a Tor hidden service and does not restrict Tor users in any way. Clearnet users may use a tor2web gateway.

Nanochan's source code is small, reasonably clean and easy to understand.

The website itself is available at http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion

The most recent source code is always available at http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/source.lua

Use this thread for feature suggestions, questions, etc. Feel free to use the /test/ board on nanochan to check for bugs and vulnerabilities.

Is being 31 too old to go back into college?

A team of nine academics has revealed today seven new CPU attacks. The seven impact AMD, ARM, and Intel CPUs to various degrees.

Two of the seven new attacks are variations of the Meltdown attack, while the other five are variations on the original Spectre attack -- two well-known attacks that have been revealed at the start of the year and found to impact CPUs models going back to 1995.

Let's all do the Tox thing

Post your ID and be added…


Addon/Extension Thread

Post yours!


Is the Voyage 200 too OP?

Is easy to program for and to modify, objectively better than anything before, its CAS already too. The only pros the nspire calculators can hold is color screen and templates for operations.

If someone from the HP and Casio corner can enlighten us it would be very appreciated.

>Engines are technology

Had an old beat up scooter laying around, got the old engine off of it, cleaned the carb, got the throttle cable off.etc

What should I do with it? Mount it to a bike? Built a go-kart? Build a generator?

The Arch Meme

Why is Arch spreading like wildfire? Is there a coordinated effort to propagandize the distribution? I’m honestly curious why Manjaro is so popular, as well as why I have had Arch shoved in my face for the last year or two.

One day I'll get all the project managers I can find in a room and give them a GCSE maths paper to complete. Every five minutes I'll tap them on the shoulder and say "Can you stop what you're doing and move onto question 10?" and "How is your progress going on question 5?".

Once every twenty minutes I'll make them sit in a small room and talk on a conference call where someone is screen-sharing a Jira instance with all the questions marked as Jira tickets and I'll ask them to t-shirt size each one.

Then, at the end of the three hours allocated for the paper I'll ask them to stop and explain why, when the estimated time for the paper was three hours, they haven't completed it.

If I’m really cruel I’ll tell them that it’s a first draft and to stick any old numbers in as the answer and then they can fix it all tomorrow.

Of course tomorrow will actually be the second maths paper.

I’ll also choose one person at random to skype call with a room full of shouty people who want to know why, when they add two odd numbers, they keep getting an even one and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!

Should I embrace all things they talk about at ?

Will I became cool minimalist hacker then?

Nim Programming Language

Nim is a compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language with a design that focuses on efficiency, expressiveness, and elegance (in that order of priority).


Nim can be compiled to C, C++, AND Javascript out of the box.

$ nim c hallo.nim
$ nim cpp hallo.nim
$ nim objc hallo.nim
$ nim js hallo.nim



#nim @

HURR APPLE SUX But I'll keep repairing them anways

If he thinks it's bad now, wait till Apple locks down the 2018 models from 3rd party part swaps.

A little inside info on how it works :

For now (at least), if the logic board, lcd, touch ID on certain 2018 models are swapped by Apple authorized repair providers, the whole unit needs to be serialized. That means the serial numbers of the component parts - separately provided - need to be keyed inside the Apple database, the repaired unit needs to be hook up to the internet and a special software called the Mac Configuration Utility needs to be run on another computer hooked up to the repaired unit to 'burn' the serial number in.

Confused yet? Well, if gets worse : If the repaired part does not have the serial numbers burned in, IT CANNOT POWER ON AT ALL.

They don't do this at the factory in order to prevent loose parts getting out in the wild. No I don't know what happens if a different part number with a different serial number gets swapped in. Don't ask. Never encountered it before.

Not only is Apple making it impossible for 3rd parties to perform repairs, authorized repair providers are getting inconvenienced to hell.

Fuck Apple.

Daily Reminder that there is still no actual proof of The High Priest Terry A Davis' Death








Pre-Matrix Decks

Hoi, chummers. I've been thinkin about decks a lot lately, and seen some neat shit on people making their own. What methods would you all use to cobble something together, and to what end? What kind of function would you be looking for in a modern cyberdeck? How would you make it look schway as fuck?

Consumer Advice

Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

Best jewtube alternatives?

Cyberpunk Bars

I like playing out this idea in my head of starting a cyberpunk bar. I got no brouzouf to do it with, but I like to dream.

What would a modern day cyberpunk-bar look like? What kind of name would it have? What drinks would it serve?

I figured it would probably have the local cheaper beer on tap, as well as something like Asahi (or a themed house beer), with cyberpunk themed cocktails and cheaper food to eat (everything from instant noodles to bar pizza).

As for the name, ideas like the "Capsule Bar" or "Neo-Tokyo" are the first things that come to mind.

fuck network manager

>set up a VPN connection

>VPN successfully established!

>browse some, then close the laptop lid

>some time later, open it up

>visit a website

>wait, the VPN got downgraded to regular connection, fuck!

This shit will put someone in trouble one day.

Kudos for the D guys

The D Language Front-End Finally Merged Into GCC 9

> GCC 9.1 will be the initial GCC9 stable compiler release with GDC support and it's due for release around the end of Q1'2019.


Regarding these news, people busting their nuts over Rust have a passive aggressive strikeforce awaiting on HN and Plebbit, doing always the same old bullshit parroting and feigning ignorance with a shit eating grin. And there's always a steveklabnik comment. Not even surprised.

Will the D guys ever catch a break? Honestly, the D language takes a lot of shit for the wrong reasons, and it's very admirable that the community around it is still very mature and professional without smearing shit on other people, something which I can't say about the Rust folks. Rampant fanboyism is the new religion it seems.

Bill Gates unveils newest Microsoft offering

A literal tub of shit. It’s definitely a step up from Windows 10.

>instead of adding the ability to always select tabs from a list they add shit like pocket

>have to rely on shady addons for basic functionality

Are they TRYING to crash firefox with no survivors?

AI toilets will scan your poop to diagnose your ailments

>"Imagine smart toilets in the future that will be analyzing human waste in real time every day. You don't need to be going to visit a physician every six months. If any sign of disease starts showing up, you'll be able to catch it much faster because of urine analysis and stool analysis."

I see your AI technology, and poo in it. The jokes just right themselves.

pro/g/ramming exercise thread

>you roll it

>you code it

>you post it

Time to get fit. Any language you prefer. No re-rolls boys.

cutting Opus files properly

Before I roll my own program, need to double-check:

Is it true that there's currently no solution for sample-accurate lossless cutting of Ogg/Opus files?

There is vcut for Ogg/Vorbis, which, not surprisingly, only works with Ogg/Vorbis but not with Ogg/Opus.

I also tested ffmpeg and it's neither accurate nor lossless and also produces files with invalid duration metadata. (I mean, of course I use -c copy, but when cutting Opus stream, one has to leave alone a few packets at the beginning to let the decoder converge before using its output and ffmpeg doesn't do that because the pre-skip value is still 312 while it clearly should be more when seeking to a middle of a stream; source:

I'm too lazy to write (and read) in C in order to patch any of these, so that's out of question currently.

It seems the format itself isn't too complicated and the actual cutting doesn't require any computation intensive stuff so there's probably no problem doing that in Python (and that will remove all unnecessary troubles related to compilation and packaging and reduce chances of doing some nasty shit like memory corruption) but it's still quite a lot of spec reading and coding, so it'd be dumb to do this only to find it was unnecessary in the end.

⌘-F no webm thread


Post your /tech/ related webms.

Does FreeDOS have any decent software?

I've been looking into valid UNIX alternatives lately- not just because of the CoC shit, but because alternatives are important than general, and one of those toy operating systems that I see come up less often than I'd expect is DOS.

Aside from just ancient proprietary shit, does it have any good software? I imagine there's at least a few window managers, and maybe an extension to add 32-bit software or UTF-8 support, but there's so little conversation on it that I can barely tell.

Is FreeDOS a good desktop OS? Is it worth developing software for?


Is suicide /cyber/ ?

What are your thoughts on suicide ? Is it schway ?

Ciphers and Hashes thread

Some basic questions that we can talk about

1. What is the best cipher, and which modes are the best for what? How would you cascade multiple ciphers?

2. Which hash is the fastest, or the most useful?

3. Is it possible to combine hashes to prevent both pre-image attacks and collision attacks?

1. CBC is best for decryption-heavy operations, XTS is best for encryption-heavy operations

AES, Serpent, Twofish, Camellia mix-and match. Most secure cipher closest to the plaintext, weakest cipher at the outer layer.

2. KangarooTwelve > BLAKE2 > SHA384/512 > Skein512 and BLAKE512 > SHAKE128 > BLAKE256 > SKEIN1024 > SHA3-256 and SHAKE256 > SHA256



user@gentoo-zen2700x> for sh in zsh bash dash "busybox ash"
$sh &; sleep 0.5; pid=$(cat; kill -STOP $pid; sleep 0.5; kill -CONT $pid; wait $!
$sh &; sleep 0.5; pid=$(cat; kill $pid
done 2>/dev/null| grep '^status'
status: 147
status: 143
status: 0
status: 143
status: 128
status: 143
status: 0
status: 143

And fun thing, dash exits immediatly when sleep receives SIGSTOP. Fuck this shit.

GCHQ Instagram Account

GCHQ recently made a account on the instagram botnet

I'm trying to work out why they did this

>expecting leaks becuase GCHQ only employ trannies

Depends on luck and if people high up know about it (account wasb recently verfied)

This could also be some kind of signal of a honeypot /tech/

Windows 10 is deleting dualboot partitions

>Windows Update has left your Linux partition unreadable. There’s no boot selection screen, and after investigation it appears the Linux partition has been deleted. Here’s what you can do to fix things and ensure this never happens again.

How will winfags defend this ?

None of you fags can even write software, yet here you are larping like you know it all.

Prove me wrong.

802.11ax WiFi router

Does anyone care, or nah?

The triband is 700$, which is good if you're the goodest of goyim, while the dual is around 400$.

Mouse pups with same-sex parents born in China using stem cells and gene editing

China Yes!


• Haploid ESCs display PGC-like methylation profiles following in vitro cultivation

• Parthenogenetic and androgenetic haploid ESCs show different demethylation dynamics

• phESCs carrying 3 deleted imprinted regions support normal growth of bimaternal mice

• ahESCs carrying 7 deleted imprinted regions produce live full-term bipaternal mice


Unisexual reproduction is widespread among lower vertebrates, but not in mammals. Deletion of the H19 imprinted region in immature oocytes produced bimaternal mice with defective growth; however, bipaternal reproduction has not been previously achieved in mammals. We found that cultured parthenogenetic and androgenetic haploid embryonic stem cells (haESCs) display DNA hypomethylation resembling that of primordial germ cells. Through MII oocyte injection or sperm coinjection with hypomethylated haploid ESCs carrying specific imprinted region deletions, we obtained live bimaternal and bipaternal mice. Deletion of 3 imprinted regions in parthenogenetic haploid ESCs restored normal growth of fertile bimaternal mice, whereas deletion of 7 imprinted regions in androgenetic haploid ESCs enabled production of live bipaternal mice that died shortly after birth. Phenotypic analyses of organ and body size of these mice support the genetic conflict theory of genomic imprinting. Taken together, our results highlight the factors necessary for crossing same-sex reproduction barriers in mammals.

sleep analyzer apps

Do these actually work?

They claim they can wake you up when you're in light sleep thus making you feel well rested but does it actually work?

Which ones are the best or which ones have you tried?

any way I can just turn my Gentoo into CloverOS without doing a stage3 install again?

I've just made a javascript script that counts the amount of letters in a sentence.

It may not be much but for me it was challenge.

What have you done lately tech?

What features would you remove from C++?

What would you add?

HTTP-over-QUIC to be renamed HTTP/3: No more Anon edition.


>IETF agrees to base the next major iteration of HTTP on Google's QUIC protocol

>This will become the second Google-developed experimental technology to become an official HTTP protocol upgrade after Google's SPDY technology became the base of HTTP/2.


>5. Connections

>A QUIC connection is a single conversation between two QUIC endpoints

>Once established, a connection may migrate to a different IP or port at either endpoint as described in Section 9.

>9. Connection Migration

>The use of a connection ID allows connections to survive changes to endpoint addresses (that is, IP address and/or port), such as those caused by an endpoint migrating to a new network. This section describes the process by which an endpoint migrates to a new address.

Welcome to no anonymity

So you want us to have a CoC?

>Having been (((encouraged by clients))) to adopt a written code of conduct

>the SQLite developers elected to govern their interactions with each other, with their clients, and with the larger SQLite user community in accordance with the "instruments of good works" from chapter 4 of The Rule of St. Benedict. This code of conduct has proven its mettle in thousands of diverse communities for over 1,500 years, and has served as a baseline for many civil law codes since the time of Charlemagne.

>This rule is strict, and none are able to comply perfectly. Grace is readily granted for minor transgressions. All are encouraged to follow this rule closely, as in so doing they may expect to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. The entire rule is good and wholesome, and yet we make no enforcement of the more introspective aspects.

>Everyone is free to use the SQLite source code, object code, and/or documentation regardless of their opinion of and adherence to this rule. SQLite has been and continues to be completely free to everyone, without precondition.

>However, those who wish to participate in the SQLite community, either by commenting on the public mailing lists or by contributing patches or suggestions or in any other way, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that honors the overarching spirit of the rule, even if they disagree with specific details. Polite and professional discussion is always welcomed, from anyone.

<First of all, love the Lord God with your whole heart, your whole soul, and your whole strength.

<Then, love your neighbor as yourself.

<Do not murder.

<Do not commit adultery.

<Do not steal.

<Do not covet.

<Do not bear false witness.


<Never despair of God's mercy.

Alternative browsers?

Why the browsers performance have been shit by the past year or so?

They used to work just fine.

The moment i install Firefox (Clean) performance goes to ground same for Chrome.

In a poorly optimized kind of way. Also adblockers just won't work.

Opera works like silk but compatibility is very low unless i install the chrome hack.

As you can see i'm a /g/ newfag.

>Writing own Makefiles

>GNU Automake


Which one of three above should I use and why?

Cyberpunk phones?

I never use my smartphone's features and I don't like the idea of having accounts and spyware in my phones software (yes i know about custom roms, my phone currently runs cyanogen, and if i could it would run replicant). So what are some cool old (or maybe new) phones that can be used on today's networks for about $50?

How come no one has ever expanded on this or made it useable?

Store data in infinite numbers.

You store data inside and it gives you a string which you can use to retrieve the data.

someone should get an AI to use this.

/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

Banned from 4chan edition.

What are you working on /g/?

I just finished adventofcode 2017.

Now going through the suffering of building python.

Windows NT Hybrit Kernel

Face it, accept it. It's the future of Home desktop OS.

Whai do i want to use clone kernelled, retarded os anyways...

Libbie Anniversary and FOSS Mascot general

It's has been one year since we, through sheer autism, uncovered the gayest, most pointless, conspiracy in the history of /tech/.

Archive links (get em while can)





Could the government ban the use of Tor and crypto? Could they allow only a select few websites to operate?

Say it was going to happen tomorrow, what data would you hoard before they shut it down?

ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Not much Toughbooks in these threads lately edition. Old one hit 400 posts.

Bloatware Is Proprietary

There is a big problem with a lot of free software nowadays, and that's bloat. There's a really good article put out by the suckless community on this issue ( This page does good at describing the practical problems of bloated software, but I want to talk about the ethical issues surrounding "bloatware".

Now, technically, all bloatware put under a free licence is free software. But that doesn't mean that you can edit it, at least not easily. Freedom 1 of the Four Essential Freedoms states that the user has the freedom to "study how the program works." How the hell can you study the program if it's all jumbled up? This produces the same problem that proprietary blobs do: a gateway from studying how the program works. It may be easier than machine program to read, but given enough lines, the program becomes virtually unreadable.

What are some examples of this?

> chromium, firefox, most GUI web browsers

> bloated window managers

> anything GNU touches

> the big elephant in the room that came from Red Hat

> the Linux kernel (there's no way one program needs 4.8 million lines)

Now, how can we solve this? Start by using simple software. Don't use urxvt, use st. Don't use i3, use dwm. Now that's not to shill the suckless community. But they're really the only ones pushing on this issue, even though they only come at it from a practical perspective. Start by rolling up your sleeves and learning how to patch these programs so they do the things you want them to do.

Another good idea is to build a LFS build using only simple programs. Rather than the GNU utilities, use some of the BSD utilities, or Plan 9. Ideally this should be available in a distro, but that probably won't happen for a while. If anyone wants to work on this with me over the long term, let me know in this thread.

Pic not related, but it is awful programming.

Invidious Next




Issue Reporter:

<Hi, I'm a big fan of, and I hope this RFC can help in getting it more popular.

<The front page (top videos) is full of videos by extreme right channels, among others "Paul Joseph Watson", "Jair Bolsonaro", "Styxhexenhammer666" [1].

<I believe that this deterring potential users. A short look in the code (very readable, big cudos!) it looks like you are displaying videos from a database of videos already watched on

<One solution to friendlier recommendations would be to pull in recommendations from YouTube's "Home" and/or "Trending" pages.

<I've noticed some functions in src/invidious/ suggesting you are already crawling some parts of YouTube, but I haven't fully analyzed them.

<I'd love to hear your feedback on this, and maybe we can come up with more ideas together. If you prefer to discuss this in private, please feel free to send me an email at callum.1993 (a)

<[1]: I've noticed that today they are penetrating the front page less, but it has been a problem with the above and other channels ever since I started using

Creator's Response:

<Hi! I'm very happy to hear you found it easy to read. For others that would like to see how Invidious selects videos that go on the front page, I'd recommend taking a look here.

<I think that the algorithm is fairly content-neutral, so I think it's unfortunate that the front page has videos that people might find objectionable, and I can absolutely see that being a turn off.

<The trending looks good from a cursory glance, and is already the default homepage for NewPipe and FreeTube if I recall correctly.

<You're right that Invidious crawls other parts of the site, and it actually already pulls the Trending page elsewhere, so I can see that being the drop-in solution.

<I would also be interested to see if there's a better way to rank the videos that Invidious stores, and I'd absolutely appreciate other folks' thoughts on this as well.

Reporter Again:

<The algorithm invidious uses to rank videos itself is pretty good, the problem stems from the videos it (currently) draws from.

<If invidious can attract a more diverse user base (and thus a more diverse selection of videos), this problem will then solve itself in the future.

<Until then, feeding the front page with some known-good (for some definition of "known-good") videos is IMO a nice stop-gap.

<Yes, NewPipe uses the trending page. There is some discussion about refining it here, but it's relatively new.

<Regarding ranking videos stored by invidious: again, I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with The Algorithm, it just needs more data.

<Filtering by language (user agent string usually contains one) seems like a good idea in general though.

<PS: I've just thought about this: /r/videos (or /r/videos/top) might be suited for the front page as well and maybe more interesting than Youtube's Trending for some.

<PPS: I don't know Crystal in particular, but maybe I can help in other ways (general programming/parsing stuff, HTML/JS/CSS, etc.)

Another User Chimes In:

<I vote for Trending by default and /r/videos as an option for registered users.

Loongson MIPS CPUs

GCC recently added official support for these

Apparently they can run x86 and ARM code

What does /tech/ think about these chinks?

Chat protocol/software comparison thread

Since there's a few threads discussing alternative chat protocols, I figured we should attempt to centralize it in order to have a decent discuss the strengths and weaknesses in our preferred clients/servers.

As far as I know this is a fairly complete list of the currently most common chat protocols and applications used by privacy conscious users. If something was forgotten feel free to add.


The long standing champion of ez internet based chats. Not very secure by default.


Currently the most well known/tested privacy conscious chat protocol. Used by many different users around the world for secure communications


Phone based e2e encrypted messaging client and protocol. Trusted by many, has created the new and interesting encryption method known as double-ratchet.


Similar to signal but owned by a Russian, one of the largest private messaging platforms in russia




A fairly new decentralized chat protocol that supports e2e encryption. The main server has a CoC as well as pretty poor privacy protections from the server admins. Hosting your own matrix server appears to be safe and is indeed end to end encrypted. More testing needs to be done as the devs don't seem as paranoid about privacy as they should.


A P2P and E2E encrypted chat network based on a DHT, pretty decent but comes with the usual problems of P2P software. Supports groups, voice, and video although the video still sucks.

>inb4 great we have another thread about chat services.

Fuck you I hope there's more threads about it, it's good to have discussions about things that you depend on and knowing their strengths/weaknesses.



Let's play XONOTIC

pacman -S xonotic

= ATTENTION ALL ##8CHAN GAMERS Hotwheels is in great danger and hees neds YOUR help to wipe out the masonic goldwater. To do this he needs you to install XONOTIC. To help him get XONOTIC working and join the ##8chan XONOTIC room. and achieve epic victory. =

SFTP server

Welp, I saw an old thread for an FTP server, but it was down, so I suppose I'll share my SFTP server.


Username: files

Password: files

Haiku OS

Is this the future now that (((they))) have subverted linux?

Any anons have experience with it?

Should I prepare to make the jump?

Clover for Android

For the love of God someone please help me. How do you browse 8chan using Clover for Android?

It adds the website but not the boards! It doesn't recognize that any boards exist and you are not able to manually add them.

Overchan for Android is also not capable of browsing 8chan. I am not willing to consider using a separate app.

Lisp users try to make a simple program, part II

If Lisp is so good, how come nobody has even made a text editor with it? No, Emacs doesn't count, it's not pure lisp. Neither does DrRacket, you need to install entire Racket language for it. Same applies to Edwin which requires installing Scheme to use it. Climacs neither, there are no binaries, it apparently doesn't even work and is basically just a joke. Zmacs is 1980's history, no binaries, no source, can't verify anything, so no.

Requirements in plain English are on picture there, and those requirements translate basically just to "make a usable open-source desktop application that can be distributed like any other desktop application", no miracles required.

Previous thread: >>923254

Its archive:


thread for chrome chromebooks chrome related things etc etc

Groff/Troff General

Since it rather hard to find good documentation about groff, i created this thread were you can share documentation, tips and you can discuss, about both groff and troff.


yall know any free vpn's that arent data mining ???

or any applications that help with security etc etc

pic unrelated

MSDOS open source

>ms releases dos source

>some woman makes a PR to remove it all because its crufty

Cyber feel

This board is mostly bickering about what or isn't cyber and what to post or what not to post

Shut the fuck up lets talk about some cyber feels.

>sitting on a rooftop above a crowded city late at night watching millions of lives unfold in miniature beneath you

>exchanging less-than-legal information with anonymous citizens on a darknet forum

>hacking a personal account/network and getting a distant view of a stranger

>navigating a crowd of hundreds of people, and yet feeling alone in their midsts

Ubuntu issues

I'm having issues putting Ubuntu on my computer (I'm using a boot stick)

Processor: Ryzen 2200g

Mobo: ASRock 350ab pro 4

Ubuntu: 18.04.1 amd64

My BIOS is updated to support the CPU, so that shouldn't be the problem

It goes to boot, loads up the plum-colored screen, and then this pops up. Anybody know what this means? I've tried looking it up but haven't found anything.

The pic is shit, here is what is says:

[ 5.158207] AMD-Vi: Unable to write to IOMMU perf counter

Update: I retried booting it just a minute ago, and it goes from the plum screen to black, and my monitor turned off.

I just need a bit of help, as I havent been able to find anything on my own or with the help of my friend. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Would it be possible for a hacker with enough hacking skills to delete the entire internet off of the internet all at once? How could something like this be done? If it could be done?

Security Question

An anon converted some videos and posted them:


The videos report as corrupt. I opened them up in a hex editor and saw pic related. The first 1452 bytes of the file are the first 1452 bytes of the file with an HTTP header at the end. The value 1452 is important because it is a common MTU for a TCP payload.

Is what I am looking at a proxy server leaking information about itself? I think that what I am looking at is a buffer underrun (the server lost the last packet, and filled it in with garbage before the buffer).

Does anyone have any bright ideas as to what this is?

IceCat is dead

Last commit from 25/05/2018 and the mail list have nothing but a handful of bug reports and spam. RIP in peace GNUzilla IceCat, you will be missed.


>make pull request

>maintainer lets it sit for 3 months

why is open source so shit?

How do we kill big tech?

Or at least how do we hurt them in an attempt to bring back the tech frontier? They now censor and directly control everything we look at, The '96 free internet act has been effectively crapped on, normies are complicit in being spied on, they limit the press and don't even deny it, and most of all, they have the ability to shutdown anything on the web even if it has nothing to do with them by simply influencing or gobbling up domain hosting companies. Google's "follow the money approach" for everything they do is inevitable because they know nobody likes them, but have no way to avoid them. Any tech enthusiast in the 90s-early 2000s would look at this and say "this is gay" I'm not using this and every record and film company would say "yes! We must work towards this". So here we are how would you stop 1984 from happening rn?