Nerve Center

Return of the Oryx Edition!

Housing for Ants

The Chinese ant people have found a new way to stuff new living spaces into their overcrowded cities.

comfy end of coinfags thread

Cryptomarket just shrunk by more than a quarter of it's value, and coinfags are literally overwhelming suicide hotlines.

8ch Attention-Hungry Games 24

Last Round: >>66174

Archive of Past Rounds:!BA8V0KYD!eRw01c3zLKSa3wzSEHE00g (Updated to Round 19)

Hello /sudo/. Some time ago, CodeMonkey wanted to try a Hunger Games event for advertising boards using the global announcement feature. Now that I made a thread on Thursday, I'm not as worried about not getting enough nominees as I was last thread. I may run this on Saturday night after all.

For the 8chan Attention-Hungry Games, any board with less than 300 users can nominate themselves to participate, with up to 48 boards being able to participate (or we can go to 24 or 36 if we don't get enough boards for some odd reason). These 48 or so boards compete on a Hunger Games simulator hosted on BrantSteele. The current code for the regular events as of this writing is at which is based off of

The Mansion code that I used once but regretted using afterwards is at from >>>/hungergames/17115

Anyway, the winner gets to be advertised as a global announcement for about a week.

As for the requirements for signing up:

1. No boards that promote raiding other 8chan boards.

2. Must have less than 300 active users at the start of the game.

3. Can't have won the hunger games in the past week. Last week's winner is >>>/fukemo/

4. Need to submit a SFW sentence that advertises their board that CodeMonkey can put in the global announcement. (NSFW boards are welcome to join, but the announcement should be SFW). Failure to do so will result in anons deciding your sentence via dubs, usually to your detriment. CodeMonkey will be the one to determine what is and what isn't SFW as he controls the global announcements.

5. It is recommended you post a picture with your nomination, and that picture should be square as it will be stretched otherwise. I will determine the gender of you tribute based on the picture. If I can't tell, I am defaulting to M. Also, MLP images will be ignored unless it came from a MLP board, if the BO approves of it, or from a certain image for /suicide/ until their BO says otherwise as they had that certain image before I added this part of the rule.

6. If a BO of a board does not want to participate, please don't nominate it. Board Owners, if you don't want to participate but someone nominated you, please let me know before the start of the round and I will remove it from the list. As of now, /miku/, /jp/, and /startrek/ have asked not to participate.

7. Nominate only 1 board per IP hash per post. For posts that nominate more than 1 board and an IP hash nominating multiple boards, I will take the first one and ignore the rest, and I will know if you are samefagging. For those with VPNs, note that someone may be using the same VPN as you when nominating, which means they may have the same IP Hash and I can't distinguish VPN users from normal ones.

8. Once a round concludes, please wait until the next thread is created before you nominate a board.

The next round will start

Saturday between 6pm and 8pm ET (if we get 48 nominations by Saturday morning)

I am aware that running this on Sunday night gets in the way of 8chanmania, so I guess I am willing to try Saturday night if we have enough nominations, even though it doesn't work as well for me. That being said, I don't want to put in filler if I can help it, so I may run this on Sunday if there are still empty slots by Saturday morning.

With that all being said, nominate your boards now and suggest some events for either code if you want (or even better, put your events into the mansion code since I won't mind people messing with that code. Just let me know if you do update it). Also, if I missed anything, let me know so I can correct the OP for next time.

PulseAudio to be replaced by Pipewire

After all the shit design, shit implementations, and broken audio involved with PulseAudio, they're just gonna be starting over from scratch anyway, and now we're gonna have this new shit called Pipewire

Not even fucking kidding.

I recently turned 18 and now I have a little question, do you think we are gonna live in a Cyberpunk society in our lifespan?

To be honest I love the Cyberpunk aesthetic but I don't know if in 25-30 years or so we are gonna live in a place with such aesthetic.

Hook me up with you favorite firefox replacements.

Palemoon removed adnausiam so I'm not really wanting to use them:

macOS High Sierra's App Store System Preferences Can Be Unlocked With Any Password

macOS High Sierra's App Store System Preferences Can Be Unlocked With Any Password

A bug report submitted on Open Radar this week has revealed a security flaw in the current version of macOS High Sierra that allows the App Store menu in System Preferences to be unlocked with any password.

>Summary: The AppStore Preferences in System Preferences can be unlocked by a local admin with any bogus password.

>Steps to Reproduce:

>1) Log in as a local admin

>2) Open App Store Prefpane from the System Preferences

>3) Lock the padlock if it is already unlocked

>4) Click the lock to unlock it

>5) Enter any bogus password

>Expected Results: The authorization to fail.

>Actual Results: Authorization succeeds and grants access to change the AppStore preferences.

Suckless GUI framework

Can a GUI framework be suckless? Or is it harmful in general?

Let's hate on X thread

Share your X hate here. I'll start:

Clipboard and copy-paste is garbage. If you don't know, copy in X11 is just highlighting the thing you want, and pasting is middle click where you want to paste it

this is completely retarded

>em eb

>chatting on irc with comfy irssi

>"oh, someone posted a link"

>highlight the url

>go to browser

>click url bar to get rid of url


Consumer Advice

Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.


Visiting this link causes Firefox 57.0.4 to freeze (in other words, it's a DoS vulnerability; apparently Rust is not saving it)

Perhaps other browsers may have a trouble too.

Originally it was presented as a proof of concept which crashes some macOS/iOS applications, including safari.

From what I can see, the page content abuses some Unicode characters known as ZALGO text.

I can't report it officially since I was banned on mozilla bugzilla, so can someone repost it to mozilla's bugzilla so they fix their remains of a browser?

and what other mitigations are possible right now?

Backdoor read/write

Are NSA backdoors read only? Could the govt. put incriminating stuff in my PC remotely if they wanted?

Data Dumps

This board has seen a surge of activity with the happening of Summer, so I'm going to put all of this in to one thread for new chummers. You know what's schway as fuck? Having loads of data on your disk so that you're not selling your soul to the corps every time you look something up. It feels pretty great to have a local store of information that you know you have no matter what. So here's some good dumps to get you started. Please feel free to add anything you want to this thread:

All of the Defcon talks that have been given. There's some schway stuff in there:

The magnet link for the entire /g/entoomen Library:


Huge collection of ebooks from an anon on this board:


The /cyber/ sticky links to the Jinteki site that hasn't been updated in forever. There's still a lot of cool /cyber/ stuff there, ranging from books to tv to movies. Instead of providing a magnet link to each thing mentioned, I'll let you find them yourself. Here's some links:

Jinteki site:

Good torrent search engine:

Another good torrent search engine:

Google: "filetype:pdf <book_name_here>"

FTP servers are great places to get loads of data that you'll never use. Here's some good FTP servers: is a pretty good place to find ftp servers. Most of them are down now because the site hasn't been updated in over a decade, but every now and then you'll find something good. Report back here with anything interesting.

Also, general thread on sharing your large collections of data with friends and family and easily absorbing theirs. What's your technique? I run a fileserver on my home network so that whenever someone comes over I just have them upload to there. It runs a Samba share so it's pretty easy for my non-schway friends to use.

/Cyber/ Academy - Books,Podcasts,Forums.

Hello /cyber/!

I come to you today in search of guidance.

There's plenty of INFORMATION on the web about:

* How to program.

* How to configure your router.

* How x protocol works.

And while that's cool 'n all,that's just INFORMATION, fragments info,that you read in x forum or wiki and forget in 3-5 hours.

I propose,we try to LOCATE and ORGANIZE technical books,courses,and instructional videos, in order to facilitate the study of computers and their inner workings.


what's the point of looking /cyber/ if you don't have the know-how a citizen of the web should have.

>How will it be organized?

i was thinking about using a binary tree.

So can any one recommend,books,pod casts or other material that could be used for self study?

i made a similar thread on lain-chan,and they pointed me to Computer Networks' by Andrew S. Tannenbaum, as a introductory book about computer networks,their technologies,organizations & protocols.

The idea is to make a single thread,asking about content for a specific theme(applied math,networking theory,etc) ONE THEME AT A TIME.Get the entries make a list and post it.Then move to a different subject,we would refine the list over time.

So.. right now we need to decide what THEMES we will need to look at.I Recommend:

History of Computation,History of programing,Applied math,"programing theory"(what's a class?,Programming paradigm?),networking theory,Something about the operational systems we have today.

Any one would recommend additions or changes?

There are people who still don't understand how pozzed social media is.

writing technology

people sometimes talk about fancy pens and mechanical pencils. my sister is an artist, I steal some of her pencils sometimes, like pic related. I've been using it for a while now and I really like how it looks (professional looking, has metal parts on it that look nice) and how the eraser works (long and thin, you just keep pulling it out as it depletes so you dont have to replace it often). I also like how it says japan on it. japan is cool.

what pens/mech pencils do you use?

site's dying

What is you favorite Flatpak? For me is A Hat In Time

/tech/ Questions and Support

Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

What are your favorite free/open source pieces of software?

Low Life

We all know we're high tech here… but how low life are you, cyberpunks? Share some of your best motherfuckery and tales of the best worst shit you've done.

Why does wget download files faster than a browser?

The difference is not small, either. It is like 10 times faster. I don't even bother using browsers to download files anymore. But I'd like to hear the explanation.


Tranny /leftypol/ BO vs Jew /tv/ BO

Throat gagging death rattle vs flaccid jew dick


Inquiring minds want to know.

>he fusses all day about software and CPU security

>his hardware isn't TEMPEST NATO SDIP-27 Level A certified

Board Active User manipulation

Ron, you ought to take a look at this, and you should consider letting us know how Active Users are calculated, because the CIAniggers and script kiddies (looking at you, /leftypol/) clearly know already.


Now that the dust has settled let's discuss Go.

What's your opinion of it?

Will it replace any other languages?

Will it see widespread use?

Are you a gopher yet?

get rid of the /pol/ mods

Thinkpad for intelligence operations

I think the early generation thinkpads are some of the best for "spy" type operations.

I want to know what /tech/ thinks is THE best computer you can have to anonymously get on a network rather than just building from homebrew...

Self writing code

Holy shit guys the future has arrived!

Programmers are now obsolete!

Gentoo General

24MB ram edition

Nice bloat, faggot.

Cyberpunk Guns Thread. Conceptual or irl, if it looks good post it.

Bet you didn't know they were watching you.

Did You play World of Warcraft in 2008?

chances are the cia was spying you because they likely perceived the video game as a threat to sovereignty.

they had agents set up fake accounts and infiltrated like an intelligence operation. it's likely that their influence in-game affected your play style in some way.

none of this information was released (top-secret) until 2013.



>Tl;DR: AMT is remotely vulnerable via default passwords

Tech was right again!

Sorry I keep posting ET; they're just my favorite site


And Another One Bites the Dust

Why does every project need a COC? Why can't fags and dykes stay away? Why do they care about MKVToolnix? I guess this can be a general for the


state of modern (F)OSS and possible non-cucked alternatives.

Does anyone know of an alternative for MKVToolnix? It'll probably go to shit now.


Hello devs. Where should I follow latest updates of OpenIB?

The GitHub repo hasn't been getting commits for months, but obviously as >>40654 shows there's a lot of fun going on here, alive and kicking.

I had been running my own imageboard instance for years, starting all the way from Tinyboard, vichan, infinity, infinity-next, then eventually OpenIB. Really hate seeing all of those becoming abandonware, so thanks and please keep up the great work!

UNDENIABLE TRUTH 8CHAN ADMINISTRATION IS LYING ABOUT WHAT IT RUNS ON ITS SERVERS deliberately removes parts of its codebase from the OpenIB software. I will list the removed functionality below. You can evaluate this yourself by visiting and downloading the archive posted by the hacker.

1. The Alacrity Daemon

The Alacrity-related code is removed from the public OpenIB release. The files associated with Alacrity are: inc/alacrity.php, inc/alacrity2.php, alacrity3.php. If you evaluate you will see that Alacrity is not publicized here. If we peek into inc/config.php.php from the hacked version, we can also see configuration related to Alacrity. Here are the configuration variables:

// Alacrity
$config['alacrity'] = array();
$config['alacrity']['enabled'] = false;
$config['alacrity']['host'] = '';
$config['alacrity']['port'] = 80;
$config['alacrity']['options'] = array();

2. Image deduplication

Image deduplication is not implemented on the open source version of OpenIB. If we look at the hacked version of config.php, we can clearly see:

// Image dedup. See inc/instance-config.php for how to enable it, more than one config option needs setting.
$config['image_deduplication'] = false;

This does not exist on the public OpenIB. See: It does not exist.

3. Various features and stuff that has not been implemented.

1. The Nerv Center is not public.

2. The oath implementation used for banners is not implemented. OpenIB does not give you a banner implementation at all (and neither did Infinity; czaks has to re-implement it). The files related to oath are oath.php, oath_authorize.php, and oath_whoami.php. Not to mention code related to it in the templates.

3. Several features taken directly from the changelog are not implemented on the public OpenIB. Here are a few examples:

>* Added Request board backup button to the Board Owner dashboard under Administration.

>* Implemented CAPTCHA check at 0% of file uploads.

>* Added a tripcode whitelist option for Board Owners.

>* Added antinecrobump functionality to deletions;

>* Added new super secure tripcodes.

>* Fixed [-] button in the catalog;

>* Fixed tile resizing bug in the catalog (Very Small, Medium and Large tiles were resized to Small after clicking on [Show All]).

Why are these things not public on OpenIB? You were queried about this long ago on the tracker ( to which you replied:

>We dont publish our anti-spam efforts.

>Doing so would be akin to keeping your poker cards face up and trying to bluff that you have a royal flush when you really just have a pair of Jacks.

Yet none of what I have mentioned is related to antispam functionality at all. These are all usability or convenience related features, that have no reason to be hidden.

So I ask again: Why are these things not public on OpenIB? 8chan isn't open source.

>looking for jobs

>every single offer is asking for years of experience with a certain technology/framework/thing

>just want a junior dev position

why is it so hard to find entry level dev jobs?

ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Old one hit 400 posts, again.

>tfw the seller of a highly modded X31 does not respond to my inquries anymore

It will require a lot of new technology to go to outer space for commercialized travel and mining. Speaking of which, I am data mining and need more responses on this survey.

C learner: problem with strcat

I was doing homework, and here is my code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
char word1[25], word2[13], spc1[1] = " ";

printf("Type your first word.");
scanf("%s", &word1);
if (strlen(word1) > 12)
printf("Error. Word is too big.");
goto p1;

printf("Type your second word");
scanf("%s", &word2);
if (strlen(word2) > 12)
printf("Error, word is too big.");
goto p2;

strcat(word1, spc1);
printf("New word is: %s", word1);

So basically, the question asked for me to create a program where the user would type 2 words, but none could be greater than 12 characters. That being ok, I would need to concatenate those words and print as a 1 word only. My first problem was that the print had no space between the words. Example, if the entry was "Infinite Chan" it would print "InfiniteChan".

I then created a new string called spc1 that would be a space " ", I would then concatenate word1 to space and then the new word ("Infinite ") would be concatenated to word2, printing "Infinite Chan". But hell, the thing is working with just strcat(word1, spc1); . When I print, the output is correct, "Infinite Chan".

Why is that?

You know what uses technology? The US International Military. You know what this survey is about? The US International Military. Do it.

/cyber/ Clothing - Urban Tactical Edition

This tactical pocket-sweater sold for a nifty 1305 USD; seems like the fashion trends are going to catch up to our tech pretty soon.

What are you wearing /cyber/? And what do you want to wear?

>Want to learn to program

>Download the "official" compiler+standard libraries package from language maker

>Always takes up 1GB+ in size

>System always feels bloated with shit and lose all interest in programming because it feels like too big a commitment

Show me de whey brudduhs

Something better

The issue: Modern PC's have become overly complex and undependable. Botnet hardware prohibits users from understanding or controling their hardware. Microcode, buggy BIOS, firmware. Backdoors on a hardware level. Layered on top is the most complex set of software, whether you are running Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, or a BSD. Security holes, endless bugs, and unexpected behavior. A never-ending onslaought of updates, fixes, and "improvements." Proprietary OS's cannot be trusted. The various open source options are an unorganized mess. A large, uncoordinated community of so-called developers relentlessly hacking together haphazard code that is always breaking. The casual, community-driven developement model was novel at the time, but now it's unweildy and dangerous.

Every year software becomes larger and requires more resources. Manufacturers are always coming out with newwer hardware, and the average consumer is elated to scrap their thousand dollar device for a more shoddily manufactured and expensive one. None of these machines are built to last.

Think of all the money and time that is spent developing and manufacturing modern computers. Think of the cost that consumers pay to aquire and maintain these devices. And now consider that these items are treated as disposable. It might be forgivable if modern computers fulfilled their purpose, but instead they are riddled with bugs, defects and poor craftsmanship.

Booting takes an unpredictable amount of time. There are always software updates delaying you. Unwanted reboots that take forever. Overly complex user interfaces with countless dials and toggles for the most useless settings. Software updates routinely introduce regressions and break user-expected behavior. A million things to get in the way of actually using the damn thing.

A solution I would like to see: A simple, bare-bones, future-proof, portable computer. Designed to mainly run in text-mode, but graphics would be possible. Physically robust construction with components designed to last. Extremely low-price.

Low-power, simple CPU. Probably an 8-bit Z80, but maybe something 16-bit. I know very little about CPUs, but the idea would be to have a CPU that is affordable, ubiquitous, and not backdoored or otherwise voulnerable to attack. (Think about microcode infection, firmware exploits, and the recent Ubuntu BIOS corruption debacle.)

Bare-bones BIOS/OS in ROM. Would be able to access and execute code stored on battery-backed RAM, internal flash storage chip, or stored on USB flash. Would include a simple text editor, BASIC, assembler, and small and simple C compiler. Some small utilities for file management, etc. Not likely to have any multitasking.

Standard keyboard. No chiclet shit. Highest quality. Keyboards are how we interact with a computer, and anything subpar is unnacceptable.

Powered by standard AA batteries with optional AC adaptor. Proprietary batteries = planned obsolesence. The simple CPU and components would allow the machine to be powered by 4 AA batteries for many hours of continuous use. Rechargable AA batteries would work.

Non-backlit reflective LCD screen. Backlights are unnecessary. They waste battery and are just another component that will fail.

Instant boot and shutdown. A dependable machine that is simple and easy to use and maintain.

Perfect for writing code. All needed tools built right into the machine. No nonsense to distract you. Store countless text documents in RAM or internal flash. Perfect for archiving and acessing your data.

Would work very well as a word processor. Power on and just start typing.

Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone else want such a device? Does it exist? Will it ever?

So now /b/ mods are openly encouraging anons to raid /pol/ with CP.

Can we please FINALLY do something permanent about /b/? The half-measures have not done anything but make it worse. If he kept his shit to his own board that would be fine with me, IDGAF. But this crosses a pretty significant line IMO.

How to get a solid foundation in compsci mathematics

This guide assumes you forgot everything from highschool. No you don't have to learn any of this in order to program you can just start hacking around every .c file in your git source clone and see what happens. Why would you want to learn math? Because it will change your thinking. You won't be easily fooled by bullshit, you will have tools to sort through obvious logical fallacies. You will be able to optimize programs and create your own algorithms. You will be able to estimate. Above all, you will be able to solve problems using computation which is what computer science is all about. And least of all, you will get paid more than anybody else without this knowledge so if your goal is shekels then read on. Note: DO THE EXERCISES. You won't learn otherwise. Books instead of video lectures were chosen because they've lasted 30+ years some of them in relevancy in the field, also lectures disappear all the time like when MIT nuked all one prof's Physics OCW lectures because he tried to pickup a student, setting a precedent that at anytime this information can disappear. Read a book nigga.

Math Preliminary

Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang

Buy/Pirate this book (he's dead). It's highschool math, from the perspective of a Mathematician. You will learn up Pre-Calculus and be prepared for rigorous proofs later.

An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning" by Peter J Eccels

This changes you from rote drilling and being a human calculator in highschool to learning what math actually is, and what proofs do. Excellent, excellent book.

How to Solve It by G. Polya

How to do proofs, written in 1940s and still for sale in every Chapters/B&N bookstore to this day because it's the best proof helper that exists.

Welcome to Proofs

Calculus" by Spivak

Actually, you are learning ANALYSIS, in addition to calculus. Torrent the 3rd edition w/the answer book. This is a fucking hard assed book, you may be better off reading "Advanced Calculus" which is actually easier, as the intro points out that Spivak's exercises are difficult as shit:

Discrete Math Intro it also comes with lectures on jewtubes Doing real discrete math and probability.

Linear Algebra by Friedberg, Insel and Spence

Get the latest version (piracy). It's proof centric, this will come in handy later when you need to understand some Linear applications and don't know how something works so can revert back to your training in LA in proofs. LA is heavily, heavily used in all game programming. Also in cryptography and numerous other CompSci fields.

Images keep disappearing

Why the fuck do images still keep disappearing? It's been 8 months since the hack, fix your site already.

Here's a recent example: >>>/kocsog/4155

The images was there a few days ago, here it is archived by the Wayback Machine:

And here's the archiving from today, which shows the 404, in case someone reposts it meanwhile:

I know that I can repost it somewhere else, I've spent hours finding the missing images and then hunting down copies that match the sha256 hash, sometimes without success. I wouldn't whine if this was missing since the hack, but now I have proof that this one disappeared recently. How? And why? Don't you think you should do something about it?

The botnet evolves

No time for actual good quality threads /tech/ we've got some serious shit over here.

Basic run down: Botnets in bulletin boards and shit evolve.

>A deadman's program has activated and you have been selected as part of the reception avenue because the content is related to video games and you are marked as a media receipt. If you are the owner, you must enter the password into campaign a83298ca before your deadline or else part 2 of 2 will be released.

Above is the message the /v/ fags received (archive @

Here is a dump of all the images that appeared on the thread before (((they))) took control

The actual files in question (or part 1) at least are as follows:

TOR problems

Specifically orfox and orbot:

>open orbot

>open log

>CIRCUIT (number) BUILT/CLOSED: mkultra >code > code


>CIRCUIT (139) CLOSED: mkultra > qtornade > toerchen

What does mkultra mean? Is the CIA fucking with us?

Anonymous Radio Redux

Cyber themed Anonymous Radio Redux is live 24/7.


Streams selection:

Holy fucking shit, i can't believe i even bothered to use this festering piece of garbage , finally managed to unfuck my hard drive after using this complete abomination for almost 5 months and still have like 100 gigs that magically dissapeared.

<stable and trustworthy :^)

my ass.

you need to support your technology, i need to support my grade, please respond to these surveys so us children do not fail

answer a survey about energy sources in america!

also here is my friend's about um group work


Intel’s Shit, Here’s Why





Intel sucks, Here’s Why





Skynet plays chess!

Summary: a neural network AI learns chess in 4 hours then plays 100 games against the best chess engine yet, with results: 28 wins, 72 draws, 0 losses.

Now is the time to get scared. It's like that old joke with the scientists who build a supercomputer to find out if there's a god. When they power it up and ask it "is there a god?" it replies "there is now!"

The things we humans create exceed the limits of Mother Nature. AI's smarter than us, tanks that can survive nuclear blasts, spy satellites that can see sharper than any eagle, and missiles that can fly faster than the speed of sound -- faster than any bird ever could. Think about it. We're accelerating our own extinction. Panic, god damn you!

James Damore files class action lawsuit against Google

This is big news. I can't wait to see what happens.

ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Old one hit 400 posts.

>tfw you really want el-sahef's X32p but fuck paying out of the nose for it

Let's be real: We all know by now that AES is backdoored by the NSA, right?

&lt;&lt;Cross-thread&gt;&gt; note

Can we have a <<Cross-thread>> note when linking in the same forum?


>> 9999999999999999 <<Cross-thread>>

android roms

Are there any actually interesting roms out there except lineage and replicant atm, I mean in a sense that they actually differentiate themselves not just "dude we added some themes, based on lineage" / "based on aosp, what works ? you tell me" TM

50 char report limit

Holy fuck, can you please disable this.

I used to get detailed reports on my board but now all I get are simple "guy is acting like a faggot" things which require me to look through the entire thread to see what's going on.

Who's fucking idea was this?

DuckDuckGo may be compromised

Some searches (particularly those concerning error codes) in DDG show that they're in a "partnership" with Yandex, a known Russian company.

Just a heads up, DDG may be sending data to Yandex.

We 4chan now

4chan is obviously compromised due hiroshima being a greedy jew. This is our home now, hope you guys don't care

Torpedo problems

Why is Tor support such shit on this site?

>can't post images through onion link

>ergo can't create threads on some boards

>onion link is slow as fuck, even compared 8ch through tor

>media still served through even when browsing onion page

>as tor periodically switches nodes, every time you get a new path there's 50% chance that cloudflare will block you

>even though tor is technically not allowed on 8ch half the time you can browse it anyway

>posting on 8ch from tor still fails but with a blank error message

>sometimes it just asks for captcha over and over again

>sometimes it lets you post even with images

What the fuck? Why is this so shitty? Am I missing something?

It keeps happening: Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs systems crashing after firmware update.

Will the ride ever end?


What's your favorite dbs /tech/? Mariadb? PostgreSQL? CouchDB? MongoDB? Do you prefer NOSQL or traditional RDBMS? What sort of texts on db design do you like (the manga guide one?).

Stop using harmful software

This technology existed since 2012

Micro LED

So, after they burned OLED, AMOLED, QLED, LEDLCD and everything else they got, they're finally revealing the true stuff.

Actually, the true stuff would be Micro LETs, but whatever

The shit is also modular, which makes multiple-monitor faggots go on suicide watch.

And finally, they killed the curved screen faggotry gimmick with this as well.



PS: Why don't they make a LED/LET that can vary its colors by itself instead of still using 3 for RGB? This technology already exists, for fuck's sake.

new cyberpunk record up

thanks for the support guys!

Where are the eyes

i think that i just found one of the most cyberpunk app of all times, it's called where are the eyes and it shows all the security camera in the world, it's participative and everybody can put a "warning spot" to show where is a camera, that's cool so i wanted to share it with you guys

I am curious as to why a mod who has quit still has access to all the mod tools, still uses them to dox people, and why nobody seems to have a problem with this.

The state of /n/

I realise /sudo/ is not generally for board meta but /n/ is a board that gets special front page attention and should as a result maintain a minimum level of quality. Nothing is being done about this spam, give it to a new BO if you must.

/fucko/ General Thread

"Get on the ground, fucko! Squad, take his computer and all other electronics!"

This edition:



>Computer security

>Home security

>online privacy

>PC and data destruction methods

>How to hide questionable images, video, audio, etc. (stenography)


>B-but I dont have anything to hide!

>B-but if you've done nothing wrong you should have nothing to hide!

If I've done nothing wrong there is no reason to search me.


>LiveUSB/LiveCD Review v1.1

>Web Posting Assessment v.2

>TrueCrypt 7.1a [Last official release]

>The Paranoid #! (now #!!) Security Guide

>Fake info Generator

>Pretty Good Privacy [PGP]

>Off the Record messaging [OTR]

>Cell Phone guide for Protesters

>Team 1: #Squad

>Team 2: #squad

>/fucko/ squad irc

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All and any supportive comments, template contributions, are welcome and encouraged. NSA shills need not apply.

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I don't fucking know

>user id's are in the gutter

site's dying

The current state of Wine

I've been fairly impressed with how much progress Wine has been making over the past year, so I thought I'd open a thread about recent developments with the compatibility layer.

/sudo/ feature request thread

The nerv center is cute, but please consider:

Bobber - prevent thread from being pruned/slid past end of catalog

Whitelist/Blacklist board option - approved posting IPs instead of only having a ban list

Have Mod actions return to mod.php/reports instead of index.html

I saw some other neat features requested month or two ago, but I can't find the archived threads, so anons please add them and use this as a general feature request thread

What happened to TAD? Haven't seen him online in a while.

Time to raise the Itanic?


So it occurred to me that now might be a good time to pick up Itanium server hardware on the used market to re-purpose as a personal workstation.



>No ME. These processors were designed for multi-socket systems, so they relied on the system to provide remote management, eg HP iLO. Typically this has its own separate ethernet port which can be left disconnected.


>Totally invulnerable to Meltdown and any future Spectre-class vulnerabilities. The Itanium architecture is based on explicit parallelism via VLIW. It doesn't do speculative execution.


>Gentoo port available





>Horrendous power draw and bloody noisy


Best option looks to be systems about 10 years old. By then it was only HP making them. These systems started around $10K and could run up to $100K+

There are still a few refurb IT outfits asking big money for these, but you can find them cheap enough on ebay. The blade servers are the most ubiquitous and cheapest, although this obviously presents the problem of acquiring an enclosure. Some of the blades sell cheap enough that it might work out to cannibalise them for CPUs and RAM to populate another server.

I've never worked with these systems myself. Does anyone have an insights into whether this is a viable idea? Performance comparisons to current hardware are a bit of an unknown. I believe it depends a lot on the workload, particularly how parallelisable it is.

This is so typical of old botnet machines.

Any way around this?

Thinkpad Thoughts

I was wondering how long a used Thinkpad would last as a daily driver. I'm a more worried about battery life than anything else. Moreover where do I find a cheap x220.

High-Risk US Hosting

I'm starting up my own VPS company in the US with a policy of not giving a shit about complaints, except where required.

I'm looking to gauge interest in such a service. If you're interested in a US based 'semi-bulletproof' hosting solution, please let me know what your needs are.

Yes, (((Google))), but I've disabled login required. Email me at if you want to talk without filling out a form. Encryption friendly; public PGP key is 0xcbda5c6b6a4627ac on MIT.

Policies will be that all complaints will be forwarded along to client. I will leave it up to the client to handle DMCA complaints. I will work with high-risk websites like imageboards on issues like malicious users uploading CP, but I have no interest in hosting child pornography or things like 8chan's old pedo boards, so if that's your thing, please look elsewhere and/or commit suicide.

Exist node friendly. Hatespeech friendly. Dox friendly (minus CCN/SSN). Lolicon / bestiality is permissible where I reside, where the servers will be hosted, and where the LLC is incorporated. No fraud, no spam, no system abuse. Obey the law and I will respect your privacy and rights.



(yes that josh)

Imagetrips - An idea to reduce CP through public VPNs/proxies

I propose an image tripcode(imagetrip) system to reduce the posting of CP though VPNs. An image trip code works like a regular trip code with respect to how it is produced.

When a poster wants to make a post containing an image/video or embed through a public VPN/proxy, he enters his imagetrip password in a field allocated for the purpose and the system generates a trip. Then, the produced tripcode is checked against a Pre Approved list of tripcodes contained in a database table column. If the tripcode matches an entry in the database, the post goes through. Otherwise it doesn't.

Pre Approved list of image trip codes

Here I describe how the approved list of trip codes is produced. To get his trip code into the approved list, the user has to first register the tripcode for approval. Once submitted, the tripcode becomes usable only after a week of submission. During this week the user can only make text posts though public VPNs/proxies. Posts containing an image/video or embed are not allowed during this time.

After a week of submission, the trip code gets automatically approved and added to the database table of trial tripcodes. From hereon, that particlar imagetrip gets approved to post 50 images during the 2nd week, 100 images during the 3rd week, 200 images through the 4th week. After 4 weeks have passed, and if the posted has posted at least 100 images by this time, the trip code gets added to the table containing the Final approved list of tripcodes of the database. During any stage of the approval period or even after the trip code gets approved, if the poster posts an image that amounts to CP and gets banned for it, that trip code gets removed from the approved list and he has to start all over again.

Points I emphasise

1. Under this system making text posts through public VPNs/proxies will never be affected. You would never need any trip code ever to make text posts. This will work just as before.

2. The approval process is time dependent as well as number of posts dependent

3. Image trip codes are not displayed publicly or identifiable to global mods or Board owners or volunteers. The entire process takes place behind the scenes. If a user posts CP and gets banned for such his imagetripcode gets removed from the approved list automatically.

This protocol is intended to slow down and minimize the posting of CP through public VPNs/proxies. It will not completely stop it

There has to be a better way

>post something

>want to add an reaction image

>browser for 2hours until i find what im looking for

We need something that easily allows you to browse your tagged reaction images and then adds the image to your post.

Hydrus is good for tagging but you would have to start it everytime you post and then manually browse to the file afterwards anyways.

Why is there no better way to do this yet?

AI-Driven Marketing in Games and Media

Originally saw this "leak" posted on /v/. All of this is unverified right now, but the concepts presented here seem solid. The /v/ thread was targeted by D&C shills within minutes and the whole thing went to shit almost immediately.

A few things I want to point out here:

1. The AI apparently uses voice analysis to determine things like mental state, a history of responses to in-game events and content, and (for women) menstrual cycle

2. The AI will use this data to craft user-specific marketing, and determine what time is best to present these advertisements to players

3. One suggested tactic is to have an AI-controlled user in an MMORPG pretend to be a player and manipulate other players into buying microtransactions (for example, by bragging about finding good drops in pay-to-play dungeons

4. One slide talks about "Out-Of-Home advertising", which combines things like cellphone location, facial recognition, and internet-connected advertisement platforms (e.g. billboards, in-restaurant TV screens, etc) to present user-tailored advertising. I think that this has been discussed here before so it's interesting to see it included here.

5. Another slide discusses using AI-controlled accounts and bots on various types of social media sites, including imageboards.

Say goodbye to the internet, net neutrality was only the beginning.


How do i embed a hooktube video?

The Hide function doesn't work in the Catalogue


Rockbox Development Team: OOP BTFO

From the contribution guide for Rockbox:

>Write normal C code. Keep it simple. Don't redefine the language. No new types (structs are structs, not typedefs). No C++isms or Javaisms. No code in .h files or #defines.;a=blob;f=docs/CONTRIBUTING

Does anyone have anything they want to say to the Rockbox contributors?

Good OS for an intel Pentium 133Mhz will 16Mb of ram.

NASA Supercomputer Gaming Review -- NEW VIDEO BY ATLANTIC

Celebrate Robert E. Lee day with a brand new deal from AMDlantic.

For only $14,888 you can enjoy a quality NASA supercomputer with 300 AMD Ryzen 88's, 32,000 GB's of Memory, and 1488GB's of RAM space.


NASA Supercomputer Gaming Review -- NEW VIDEO BY ATLANTIC

Celebrate Robert E. Lee day with a brand new deal from AMDlantic.

For only $14,888 you can enjoy a quality NASA supercomputer with 300 AMD Ryzen 88's, 32,000 GB's of Memory, and 1488GB's of RAM space.


NASA Supercomputer Gaming Review -- NEW VIDEO BY ATLANTIC

Celebrate Robert E. Lee day with a brand new deal from AMDlantic.

For only $14,888 you can enjoy a quality NASA supercomputer with 300 AMD Ryzen 88's, 32,000 GB's of Memory, and 1488GB's of RAM space.


Intel microcode update

Updated microcode posted by Intel-Aviv, grab it while it's hot











Where to get latest Cyber and Tech New/Updates

Where to go to keep updated on the latest tech, and the evolution of our world into one out of a cyber novel?

Searching for these things just leads to masses of uninformed, click-bait garbage. But I know their are gems hiding around the net somewhere…

Bugs report

I think it's a good idea to have a thread to report misc bugs in, that don't need a whole thread.

It may be good to sticky this too, so all users that have to report a bug can do it here instead of clogging up the index. Thoughts, CM?

Advent of Code 2017 #3

Advent of Code is a series of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill levels. They are self-contained and are just as appropriate for an expert who wants to stay sharp as they are for a beginner who is just learning to code. Each puzzle calls upon different skills and has two parts that build on a theme.

Previous thread: >>835306