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Tor Browser 60

They actually did it. They upgra... *coughs* *spits out blood and semen* ...changed the platform to Firefox 60.

Now I can enjoy having a gazillion "firefox" child processes with the UI freezing each time I load the catalog, all the while using over 300 MB of RAM as usual because fuck efficiency in the CY+3 amirite?

I'd ask what technical reasons do the Tor guys have to base their browser on Firefox and not anything else, like Midori or fucking Dillo even. They're hoping to piggyback on Firefox's bugfixes, is that it? Hoping to piggyback on the fancy kewl stuff like WebRTC which they end up disabling for privacy reasons anyway?


How good of an operating system is it? What are the pros and cons of using? How good are any of the spin-offs of it, such as AROS?

Vulkan is now CoC'd

Another high-profile open source project eats Coraline's CoC.

Legal Remedy for Code of Conduct Change - LKML

Regarding those who are ejected from the Linux Kernel Community after

this CoC:

Contributors can, at any time, rescind the license grant regarding their

property via written notice to those whom they are rescinding the grant

from (regarding their property (code)).

The GPL version 2 lacks a no-rescission clause (the GPL version 3 has

such a clause: to attempt furnish defendants with an estoppel defense,

the Linux Kernel is licensed under version 2, however, as are the past


When the defendants ignore the rescission and continue using the

plaintiff's code, the plaintiff can sue under the copyright statute.

Banned contributors _should_ do this (note: plaintiff is to register

their copyright prior to filing suit, the copyright does not have to be

registered at the time of the violation however)

Additionally when said banned contributors joined the Linux team, they

were under the impression that it was a meritocracy: in-fact this belief

was stated or ratified by those within the governing body regarding

Linux when the contributors began their work (whatever that body was at

that time, it could have been simply Linus, or Linus and a few


The remuneration for the work was implied to be, or perhaps stated, to

be fame as-well as a potential increase in the contributors stature, in

addition to membership in the Linux Kernel club or association, or

whatever it is that the Linux Kernel Community actually is (which a

court may determine... it is something, suffice to say).

Thusly for work, consideration was promised by (Linus? Others? There are

years of mailing list archives with which to determine).

And now that consideration has been clawed-back and the contributors

image has been tarnished.

Thus the worker did work, however the other side of the implied, or

perhaps written (email memorandums), understanding has been violated

(once the contributor has been banned under the new non-meritocratic


Damages could be recovered under: breach of contract, quazi-contract,

libel, false-light. (services rendered for the contractual claims,

future lost income for the libel claims)

In addition to copyright claims. (statutory damages, profits)

For greatest effect, all rescission should be done at once in a bloc.

(With other banned contributors).

Contributors: You were promised something, you laboured for that

promise, and now the promise has become a lie. You have remedies

available to you now, as-well as in the close future.

Additionally, regarding those who promoted the Code of Conduct to be

used against the linux kernel contributors, knowing full well the effect

it would have and desiring those effects; recovery for the ejected

contributors via a tortious interference claim may be possible.

YLYL - /tech/ Edition

Odd that there isn't an existing one already.

Making a "less-bad" CoC

In some threads I've heard

>If you don't like the new Linux CoC, write your own and send a patch

At this point, I think we are stuck with having some code of conduct. Can we come up with a code of conduct that much more reasonable than the Contributor Covenant, but enough that Linux leadership would accept it?

We're not getting out of having a CoC, but maybe we can replace the current one with something less awful.

ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Not much Toughbooks in these threads lately edition. Old one hit 400 posts.

GNU Social

Does anybody here use it? How hard is it to interact with other federated servers? Do you have a recommendation for which server to use? I've seen several imageboard-aligned servers, but given the tendency for cancer, I'd like to know if there's a better, more /tech/ option.

Also decentralisation thread

They got him. Linus is either dead already, or soon to be suicided.

>Linus bows to Ada

>in contact with jews

>rumoured to possess magic witch abilities

>controls open source projects with an iron fist

>own repos and clouds all over the world

>direct descendant of Ada Lovelace

>will create the next top web programming language (AdaScript)

>in the process of overtaking all repositories on earth

>first self-programming AI will be AdaAI

>ancient Jewish scriptures tell of purple haired angel that will descend upon earth and bring era of enlightenment and diversity

>owns software houses around the world

>you likely have code of conduct inside your repo now

>thousands of developers under her total rule because of mind controlling purple hair paint

>every bigot tweet is tracked in AdaDB

>in regular communiaction with Patricia Torvalds

>discovered how to mindbreak people into accepting every pull request

>learned php under a week

>Google allows her access to secret searching algorithms

>timeless being committing to all repos in the universe

>will guide developers into new age of diversity, post-meritocracy and success

/tech/ Questions and Support

Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

Consumer Advice

Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

Why aren't you using Factor /tech/?

Sure it's a concatenative language and that's obscure as hell but it turns out using functional composition can lead to a lot of elegance.

USING: kernel sequences unicode ;
IN: palindrome

: normalize ( string -- string' ) [ Letter? ] filter >lower ;

: palindrome? ( string -- ? ) normalize dup reverse = ;

Consider the simple example they use for palindromes.

Without using any variables, and with only function composition it can express a very robust word for finding palindromes. This function will even go as far as finding if

"A man, a plan, a canal: Panama" is a palindrome.

Some of factors main merits:

Fast (SBCL level, which puts it far above many other languages)

Multi-paradigm with an Object System approaching CLOS capabilities.

Introspective and Exception system close to or exceeding Common Lisp

Meta Programming capabilities possibly exceeding Common Lisp

-- Because there are hardly any variables you get to use defmacro as if it were a hygenic macro because there's no variables that can be accidentally captured.

No Cruft and possibly the most beautiful layout of any src directory I've ever seen.

Massive standard library with plenty of stuff to make good applications now.

Hands down one of the greatest C FFI's I've ever seen. (And I've looked at/used many)

Image based development with a fully featured REPL that possibly even rival's slime.

For deployment you can specify exactly what you want to be included leading to the ability to produce extremely small executables. (Unlike most Lisp's where you keep the image and have to lug around a many MB image)

The ability to actually view a closure's contents on the stack. Since you can use quotations like [ 3 + ] to produce a curried lambda function which you can place directly on the stack you get to view [ 3 + ] instead of something like lisp's (Compiled-Closure x03408342) or Haskell's "Sorry can't show that".

And for the final benefit the possibility to implement a linear type algorithm (or uniqueness types) goes pretty hand in hand with concatenative programming which is pretty freaking awesome if you look into it.

Common Lisp is dead. Factor is the new Lisp. So why not give it a shot?

Kea: (((Modern))) DHCP

>Store leases and host reservations in a MySQL, PostgreSQL or Cassandra database rather than a text file

>Using Hooks, it is possible to control the assignment of options and even addresses from your own provisioning system

>For an example of how this can be used, see the FaceBook Kea Application

>We are building a library of commercially-licensed hooks applications to help support Kea development. These are distributed as source packages, but with an End User License Agreement that prohibits redistribution.

>Our Forensic Logging application works with Kea 1.1 and later versions and creates a separate log that may be useful for meeting law enforcement data retention requirements.

>Subscriber-only Features

>Use Kea if you are modernizing your infrastructure

>emoji in one of the quotes

where were you when DHCP got pozzed?

Brian Fagioli™ General

All the Fagioli threads go here.

Linux Alternative General


lets try to get this shit OS thread spam under control.



>illumos is a fully open community project to develop a reliable and scalable operating system. It began as a fork_of the former OpenSolaris_operating system. Our goal is to foster open development of technologies for the 21st century while building on a twenty-year heritage, but free from the oversight of a single corporate entity and the resulting challenges thereof. While our code base has a long history and many engineering traditions attached to it, our development processes are being reinvented in an attempt to remove barriers while maintaining consistently high code quality.

Features include "LX Branded Zones" to run linux code with near zero overhead in a secure isolated container. Complete ZFS support. Dtrace which is industry standard if you're into that type of thing.


>The OpenBSD project produces a freely available, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. Our goals place emphasis on correctness, security, standardization, and portability.

Features include "ports" which has most of the neccessary linux applications you'd use. Simple bullet proof applications. Amazing man pages. Batteries included OS, just install and go.

Terry Davis is not dead

I did some digging... but there was no grave.

Let's start with what we know about Terry Davis.

>Terrence Andrew Davis, born Dec. 15, 1969, allegedly dead Aug. 11, 2018, source

>Let's find out where he lives

> [Embed]

>Go to 1:22

>Terry's address is visible in the TempleOS about section

>We go to and input the address found in TempleOS about section

>Current Owner: Terrence E Davis and Marietta C Davis

>These are his parents, the data matches perfectly on

So this is where we start looking for the grave. We search for Terry Davis, all states, deceased within the last 90 days.


>Terrence Davis

>August 10, 1952 - July 4, 2018

>Ellicott City, Maryland | Age 65

>Age mismatch, state mismatch.

That's fine, maybe we might have to look for Terry instead of Terrence.


>Terry Leggett Davis

>August 13, 1947 - September 7, 2018

>Lucama, North Carolina | Age 71


>Terry Allen Davis

>October 14, 1945 - August 28, 2018

>Madison, Minnesota | Age 72


So... where did we actually get the info that Terry Davis died?


> ayy_lmao 19 days ago [-]

>The guy who admittedly impressioned Terry on social networks is also known for taking money from Terry's PayPal. (Along with at least another guy who manipulated Terry into giving him $200). He said he did all of this "out of concern for Terry" It's the same guy who first claimed Terry's death on twitter.

We are dealing with a hoax! Whoever took over Terry's social media accounts is trying to fake his death! The real Terry Davis is somewhere out there!

first non linus tag

press F

tor /cyber/ chatroom

me and some other anons have been talking about /cyber/ chatrooms in privacy thread. we have tried tox but it turned out pretty bad. since then ive been making an tor chatroom. im happily inviting you to try it, it looks promising to me. i want this to be /cyber/ chatroom, not mine or yours or anybodys, this is our chatroom. there are no names, nothing. i would like to improve it furthermore, im open to ALL ideas. also, when an more experienced and trustworthy anon appears, i would like to give him the whole chatroom to operate.


you should download tor if you dont have it already. it gives you very good protection and anonymity. then go to the .onion below and bookmark it when you are there so you dont lose it


Godot tricked by SJW bullshit

>I just want to let you know that, after discussion, we will be removing the term "slave" from future versions and replace it with puppet. Master/Puppet was the best that we could come up so far that does not make reference to a hierachy relationship between two human beings.

how do we make computers easier for dumb people since 30% of people in white nations can't use them because they're too hard to use.

Valve is forking WIne

Could be good news for Wine development though.

CopperheadOS is finished because of internal conflicts

Copperhead co-founder Daniel Micay departs from custom Android OS project over alleged disagreements with its CEO and other co-founder James Donaldson, then purges signing keys

>Daniel alleges that James' greed started manifesting last month

>Daniel fully intended to continue CopperheadOS development but he needs proper support from a legitimate business (he does not want to take money from others, e.g. donations)

>Daniel planned to hand over CopperheadOS development to others despite he's the only full-time developer at that time despite desperately needing a proper development team

>he claims unfair pay distribution

>Daniel also does not want to establish a new company alone

>James denies that a "takeover" happened because that tewrm, according to him, is "incorrect"

>James is also into cryptoshit

>James is now de facto under control of the Copperhead infrastructure

Fork when?

Someone compiled all that drama until last week:

Twitter threads by the two people from then on: (the source of pic related)

Leddit threads on this matter: (removed - use (twitter link is dead though)) -

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

This calls itself "Coraline Ada Ehmke." Professionally, it's a mediocre coder. Personally, it's an insufferable little bitch who doesn't really contribute anything important to any community. Recently, it wrote a Code of Conduct that many popular open-source platforms have adopted.

With that out of the way, let's discuss what happened at the Linux Foundation: Linus adopted that CoC, replacing the old one, and decided to temporally step down from the Linux Foundation for personal reasons.

The new CoC introduces a lot of politically charged words, but it doesn't introduce any new rule. "Be excellent to each other" already implies that you shouldn't mistreat your fellow coworkers or contributors.

As for Linus, he decided to step down for a while. While he's not leading the Linux development right now, the next Linux release is already frozen. No new features will be added or removed, all that's left is bug patching and testing. It also removes the controversial NSA cryptography thingy. Linux development isn't "doomed" or "backdoored" or however you want to say it. Linus will most likely be back shortly and continue development. Maybe he'll stop his tantrums on the mailing lists, maybe he won't. Either way the introspection and the time off will surely be good for his mental and emotional health. A man needs to spend time with his family, after all.

All the insults, all the "well, let's make our own CoC that forbids LGBTQ and women and blacks dindu nigger jew SJW commie leftist" comments don't do you any favors, instead empowers other people (the ones you're supposedly against) by making them look like the victims. Their arguments are already worded and loaded in such a way that disagreeing with them will make you look like the bad guys. So please don't fall into their trap. Make your own projects following meritocracy and, of course, always call them out when they step out of their line and try to inject their stupid ideals where they don't belong. But do it with respect. They are the ones who're wrong, not you.

Identity politics have no place inside the workplace or a big FOSS project like Linux, GNU or LibreBoot. Let's keep it that way.

Be excellent to each other.

Free Cody Wilson

Is Cody the new weev?

Hi, wanted to let you guys know about this open source project I've been working on for a couple of years, it's AGPL licensed:

It's basically a chat but with the ability to change and watch media at the same time, images, videos, music. Plus a lot of stuff I've been adding over the years.

If you want to check it out it's live at

Railing on DBus and Other Complexities

Let's look at complexity in software for a minute. I know that DBus isn't the worst offender out there, but it still falls into the category and doesn't get much attention. There's a ton of software out there that strives to make things simpler but is just another layer of abstraction on top of previous layers.

The problem that was trying to be addressed when Redhat created DBus was that inter-process communication was complicated. They solved this issue by creating even more complexity. Instead of creating yet another subprocess to manage this, couldn't the Linux kernel have been modified such that each process has a region of memory that it writes to and other processes can get a pointer to (with permissions to ensure security)? Why do we need to have an entire subsystem built for this?

It seems to me that people are more interested in adding layer upon layer to previous complexity when an intelligent solution is right in front of them.

Terry Davis story to run

I put this in the thread, but it is autosaging, so I'll start another. No one cares about that whiny technician who has to clean jizz out of keyboards, anyway.

I reached out to The Dalles Chronicle, and they responded that they will be running a story about Terry in the weekend edition. I'm sure someone here or on Kiwi Farms will upload the whole thing.

Libre drawfag thread

With all the bad news we've had, it seemed like a good time to resurrect this thing. This thread is for discussing open source tools and utilities for creating art, music, video editing and 3D modeling. Also free culture projects if they contribute to OSS.



AZPainter: (Use the PPA, the Appimage has issues currently)


Pixel Art (Linux port made with GNU Step)


Synfig: (more flash-like animation)



Vector Art


Video Editing

Blender VSE:





Image Manipulation



3D and 3D animation


Libre artfags and artfag projects

David Revoy:

Tyson Tan:

Morevena Project:

Big Surprise: Rust is shit

> Version 1.29.1 (2018-09-25)

> "The standard library's str::repeat function contained an out of bounds write caused by an integer overflow. This has been fixed by deterministically panicking when an overflow happens."


I thought all you Rust "evangelists" said that the language would eliminate entire classes of bugs including overflows and memory errors?

Is being 31 too old to go back into college?

This man is a true genius and the most valuable Google engineer. He's like a God at Google and not even the CEO would go against him. He literally made Google what it is today and wrote/worked-on all of their most important software stacks. He's worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, notice something interesting:

He doesn't have two, three or four monitors and he doesn't have some gigantic TV screen that kills your focus and distracts him from everything important.

He's not distracted by having a phone out on his desk, because he doesn't use such technology as a lifeline like consumerist millennial do who'd literally die without their phone.

He doesn't have some bullshit meme mech keyboard with some special switches that were forged by elves in Japan from katana-grade steel and lights that emit perfect sRGB colors.

He doesn't have some tricked out text editor with million different features and colors.

He doesn't run some super-autistic Linux distro like Arch that demands you babysit it all the time.

He doesn't have some DE with customized CSS US that you usually see in tons of threads on here.

He didn't even change the default theme, colors or the default background.

He can afford all that shit, yet he doesn't waste his time on it. Instead, he writes 100x more lines of code than you and is 1,000,000x more accomplished than you'll ever be. And he's infinitely smarter than you'll ever be.

So quit falling for fucking memes and quit craving all the latest bullshit that gets posted on here in these cancerous consumerist "generals" threads. Mark my words, and this is coming from a professional: there's nothing more pathetic than consumers who think having multi-monitor setups makes them productive.

Book Thread

Let's have a book thread. I haven't seen one in ages. I

m thinking we should make it a regular thread and make a copypasta for it. It should have some info like good books for noobs/pajeets to git gud. I was thinking some of the following.

Books for beginners:

Structure And Interpretation Of Computer Programs (SICP) by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman

How To Design Programs by by Matthias Felleisen and Robert Bruce Findler

Introduction To Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein

Books on the mindset and philosophy of /tech/:

Free Software, Free Society by Richard Stallman

The Cathedral And The Bazaar by Eric S Raymond

Feel free to make more suggestions, this is just what I could come up with off the top of my head.

Have you read any good /tech/ books lately?

Universal Driver Descripting Format

Like everything I post related to Technology, nobody will listen to me, so this time probably won't be any different.

What is the biggest Problem for different Kernel/ Operating Systems to gain traction?

Easy, it's drivers.

Linux is popular because it supports more hardware than anything else free software has to offer. But where is the problem if it's source code is open and avaible?

You have to understand the inner workings of linux, it's interfaces and that's not something many do. Even if they learn it, with all the time invested they'll probably just stick with it and stop bothering about anything else.

I have no idea how feasable this is, but how about creating a "Universal Driver Descripting Format" something that describes hardware, interfaces and quirks in a fashion so this file can be used to generate a driver/module for any kernel no matter whenever it's written in C or GayLang2.

What is Device Tree? On the surface it somewhat seems like to fit the bill, but I'm pretty fed up with it. I had an out-of-tree source of an ARM based tablet, I can no longer use because board-files got replaced by DT. It was said to merge ARM stuff and keep it simply but that wasn't the case at all. You again have to have a DT file for each Board and.... forget it....

What I wanted to say, one such a Universal Driver Descripting Format has been designed, Linux drivers could be translated to it. Maybe by programmed extracting tool (I'm sure someone could come up with one) or something.



What are your thoughts on lainchan? The people on their seem like scriptkiddies but are very knowledgeable of computing. I like this place, but it gets slow sometimes. I use both.

Bye Bye linus

>Torvalds’s decision to step aside came after The New Yorker asked him a series of questions about his conduct for a story on complaints about his abusive behavior discouraging women from working as Linux-kernel programmers. In a response to The New Yorker, Torvalds said, “I am very proud of the Linux code that I invented and the impact it has had on the world. I am not, however, always proud of my inability to communicate well with others—this is a lifelong struggle for me. To anyone whose feelings I have hurt, I am deeply sorry.”

C is awesome and anyone who hates it is a brainlet

C isn't great despite the fact that you can fuck up your entire system with it. C is great because you can fuck up your entire system with it.

To sum it up quite nicely: with great power comes great responsibility (don't make this a spiderman thread). C gives you all the tools you need to make your program truely slim while being just abstract enough to understand it all (try coding complex programs in assembly i fucking dare you).

Anyone complaining about C being unsafe have the same level of intelligence as people who think that owning a gun somehow means your home is more dangerous.

Other languages are great for quick scripts, but for a large program there really isn't anything that can replace C.

IceCat is dead

Last commit from 25/05/2018 and the mail list have nothing but a handful of bug reports and spam. RIP in peace GNUzilla IceCat, you will be missed.


coding and shit

What is the best resource for a beginner to learn programming/coding/whateverthefuck?

Oy vey, let google do a privacy check for you, goyim

What's wrong with open source developers?

How is it possible for an open source developer to require this much fucking money to live? In general how is it supposedly so difficult to develop this piece of software?

For instance, if someone was working on the text tool full time, you should be able make something better than Gimp's text tool within a month. Instead we've been stuck with a barely usable turd for over half a year now. A text tool is not even that complicated if you already have methods for rendering characters and handling text input.

I often look at open source software and it's fucking mindblowing how bad the design of some programs is. For example I used some font manager, and it froze for like 5 minutes upon startup as it was loading font files. All it needs to do is read the fucking filenames in a folder and show them, then when you click something it reads the file and renders text. It should open and be responsive in a fucking instant.

Even when the objective is incredibly simple, it seems most developers take 5000 mile detours to accomplish them. Like how Krita added some XML thing to handle text even though it should be just an array of characters with tags that change the font properties. It would be EASIER to do it without that XML shit, but it's as if they don't know how to write programs so the only thing they could think of was using some shitty library. Or is the problem that everyone programs like >>968031 and it makes it impossible to do things properly or even see that there's a simple answer to your problem?

git gud

Why aren't you using your time to git gud at something?

SC-Controller is kill

The dev of the useful open source and Steam-free controller utility has quit the project AND Linux thanks to the Linux COC.

>literal boomer looks at kid playing minecraft on mom's iPad

>"Wow! Kids these days know so much about technology!"

why do they do this?

Why not fork Linux? What would it take?

I know this has been touched on on other threads related to Linux's political takeover. But I get a sense that this possibility has been too cynically dismissed so far.

Let's make a thread on what it would take to

. fork the Kernel,

. keep it up to date with upstream,

. inspect new commits for cancer and skip them / fix them,

. host the project safely (so that it won't be taken down by the usual suspects),

. build a reputation for this project being the true legitimate continuation of The Linux Meritocratic Project,

. make it easy to manually compile / package / install on any GNU/Linux distribution,

. serve -reproducible- binaries for all distributions,

. make it politically unsubvertible.

I think that's a decent start.

Some incentives to do this:

. There's probably a lot of Linux contributors looking for a way out. As long as we keep this fork shitpost-free and focused on meritocracy, it seems to me that quite a few should be glad to jump the shark. This could lead to this project not only having all the updates from upstream but also a few more.

. If this takes off, it would lead to these people looking at ways of preventing us from using upstream code. The reaction from the community to that would be even bigger than it ever could be to a perverse yet nice-sounding CoC.

. If the GPLv2 thing of contributors being able to withdraw their permission to use their code proves legally workable, an explicitly merit-focused fork would be safe from that. All sorts of actors that rely on the Linux Kernel as it exists today, could see no option but to move to this fork.

>But, OP, why don't you do it yourself?

I'm not versed enough in these topics to do it myself. I'm just some guy that thinks more or less orderly and is under the impression that we're missing an opportunity here.

Also, by the looks of it no one person can possibly do this. Which is why I'm trying to figure out what would be needed.

My guess is that while no one person could do this alone, it wouldn't require many more than a few to get this off the ground and up to date.

Can we figure out the list of skills / roles required?

>It's impossible. It's too much work.

Make your case by making a list of the responsibilities a bunch of us couldn't possibly cover. Or STFU.

Another interesting consideration would be making contributions optionally anonymous. So former Linux devs could move over to this project even if it gets bad press. And it would give the project an edge of political persecution. A legitimate one.

Ok. So that's the general idea. What do you think?

Bloatware Is Proprietary

There is a big problem with a lot of free software nowadays, and that's bloat. There's a really good article put out by the suckless community on this issue ( This page does good at describing the practical problems of bloated software, but I want to talk about the ethical issues surrounding "bloatware".

Now, technically, all bloatware put under a free licence is free software. But that doesn't mean that you can edit it, at least not easily. Freedom 1 of the Four Essential Freedoms states that the user has the freedom to "study how the program works." How the hell can you study the program if it's all jumbled up? This produces the same problem that proprietary blobs do: a gateway from studying how the program works. It may be easier than machine program to read, but given enough lines, the program becomes virtually unreadable.

What are some examples of this?

> chromium, firefox, most GUI web browsers

> bloated window managers

> anything GNU touches

> the big elephant in the room that came from Red Hat

> the Linux kernel (there's no way one program needs 4.8 million lines)

Now, how can we solve this? Start by using simple software. Don't use urxvt, use st. Don't use i3, use dwm. Now that's not to shill the suckless community. But they're really the only ones pushing on this issue, even though they only come at it from a practical perspective. Start by rolling up your sleeves and learning how to patch these programs so they do the things you want them to do.

Another good idea is to build a LFS build using only simple programs. Rather than the GNU utilities, use some of the BSD utilities, or Plan 9. Ideally this should be available in a distro, but that probably won't happen for a while. If anyone wants to work on this with me over the long term, let me know in this thread.

Pic not related, but it is awful programming.

what is systemd and why does everyone hate it

Entrepreneurship for NEETs

any hobbies that i can turn into a business?


small engine repair

anything that is profitable.

please do not say coding or writing lol..

Making monry

I only have a highschool diploma, how can I make lots of money?

I don't want to go to school anymore.

I need to get 5000$ in 5 days

I need to get from 0 to 5000 in 5 days or else, i'm maybe dead or will be missing fingers. I got loan from loan sharks. I lost the money on every single thing i invested i have 0 skillz for business.. I'm only good with design. And now i have huge debt to dangerous people. Any ideas how can i get this kind of money? Can i legally sell my organs or something? I'm unther huge stress already got beaten by them when i was trying to repot to authority btw my country is shithole Serbia even cops are corrupted ed

Explaining to others the problem with CoCs

ITT we are going to draft a simple letter that can be sent out to developers (such as on mailing lists) that very concisely outlines why CoCs must be firmly rejected from their projects and why those who pester them to adopt one should simply be ignored (not argued with, not reasoned with, completely ignored).

One of the biggest problems we have are naive devs, either maintainers of projects or contributors, who don't see the underlying problems regarding CoCs in the first place, and thus end up adding one to the project or pestering the maintainer to adopt one. The vast majority of these people are useful idiots who are completely oblivious to the actual ideological agenda being pushed forward by these CoCs.

Let's begin by breaking down the largest misconception of all held by naive devs: That CoCs are "just about being nice to everyone". People who say "what's the big deal about a CoC? it just means being nice to everyone" don't understand the situation at all, and they are the useful idiot masses from which the majority of the momentum for adopting CoCs is generated.

It must be made clear to them:

The people pushing these CoCs do NOT care about being nice to anyone, not even to the "minority" groups they claim to represent. It has nothing to do with tolerance or any of the other flowery bullshit they claim to be supporting: It's all about POWER and nothing but POWER, taking power from those who have it and transferring it to themselves. They feign concern for "minority" groups so as to mask their resentment and lust for power with compassion.

The CoCs outline behavior which is deemed to be problematic using very vague language. The million dollar question is: WHO decides the interpretation of the vague language when it comes time to punish those who have allegedly transgressed the CoC?

The answer is that THEY do, the people who spend the majority of their time writing CoCs and lobbying software projects to adopt their CoCs, they are the ones who interpret it as they please, and punish those who they wish to rob of their power so as to transfer it to themselves. They are not even hiding this fact, they are openly setting up a third party bureaucracy called "CoC Beacon" that will act as Stasi-like investigative tribunal that developers can snitch to when they detect any wrong-think among their peers on a project.

This is all about socialist redistribution of power from the "oppressive privileged classes" (e.g. those with "white privilege", "male privilege", and "CIS privilege") to the "oppressed" minorities.

CoCs are subversive instruments of power transfer used by political extremists to systematically dismantle the power of those that those extremists have deemed to be "privileged" so as to transfer that power to themselves. It is nothing more, and nothing less.

GNU will NEVER have a code of conduct

I asked stallman if he would make public the secret GNU CoC discussion and what he thought about CoCs. He ignored the bit about the private discussions but replied saying GNU would never have anything like that.

Sim Loli

Main development thread for Sim Loli

IRC channel: #simloli on - webclient link: (but it's advisable to use your own client since the webclient isn't too great). Remember to wait for a while sine you won't get an instant response.

Sage Sharp accuses Linux kernel dev Theo Ts'o of being a rape apologist

>The new CoC will change nothing you guys..

/sm/ - Software Minimalism

For discussing software minimalism.

>What is computing minimalism?

>Why software minimalism?

- Fewer bugs

- Better and faster performance

- Lower memory footprint

- Better maintainability

- Higher scalability

- Longer software lifetime

- Smaller attack surface

>List of minimal OSes and distros

>Obscure minimal

Plan 9, FreeDOS, Minix3, Genode

>Meme minimal

Crux, Void, GuixSD, FreeBSD, SourceMage

>Autistic minimal

Gentoo, Alpine, OpenBSD, LFS

>Most sane minimal

Debian (netinst)

>Minimal base Programs

>WM (window manager)

dwm or i3

>Web browsers

Firefox or any of the popular text based web browsers (w3m, links)

>File Manager


>Video/Music player

Mpv or cmus

>Text editors

GNU nano or Vim

>Image viewer

FEH or sxiv


mksh or dash


st (simple terminal) or rxvt-unicode

>Useful links


Window Managers:

Without Systemd:

Alternatives to Bloatware:

>Website development (The World Wide Web Sucks)

Minimalism is not a lack of something. It's simply the perfect amount of something.

Router suggestions

Hello /tech/, I want to buy a VDSL router and I haven't been paying attention to the router world for a while.

Any suggestions about a decent, non-cheapo VDSL router?

synth/cyberpunk thread

post some good synth music shazbots

The absolute state of the web

=Daily reminder that you can no longer use the web without an approved browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome=

>Please upgrade to a supported browser to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.

>Alternatively if you think you are getting this page in error, please check your internet connection and reload.

>Why is this happening to me?

[tor users can't post images.jpg]

modfag stop fucking deleting threads. your definition of a good thread is shit and arbitrary

What is the point of Arch and Gentoo?

Why go through all of the headache of configuration? Is it actually worth it? Linux from Scratch seems more educational and meaningful to me.


>VeraCrypt 1.23 has been released. It brings enhancements for Windows EFI system encryption like support for default SecureBoot

About fucking time.

>yay they came up with a linux build for unity

>click on the link

>see this

Oh well on the plus side this femdom stuff is kind of hot I guess.

/cyber/ meets /k/

Lets talk about guns.

Weapons from fiction or irl that are cyberpunk like in approach and aesthetic.

Also if you want to know more about a certain weapon in fiction i'd recommend IMFDB


My fellow shazbots, it's happened. The EU just passed article 11 and 13 basically aggressive copyright enforcement of all uploaded content, it also includes "link tax". With the content control centers that will be set up, and the new AI that will be build, we are nearing china levels of technocrat-olligarcy. This is the point where we really need to innovate and create alternative platforms for normies, where they are given freedom.

systemD about to get CoC'd

Apparantly systemD isn't cucked enough. I thought they would have adopted this already, but they have not. Poeterring is not a big enough faggot for these people. SystemD is an unwelcoming place for the faggot or the cross dresser. Poeterring is a racist biggot and should be booted from the project.


some developers are proud americans, others work for bloomberg;

no politics, anti nazi;

free speech, no transphobia;

is it the future of plan9?

BSD thread?

Please explain this linux atheist why people recommend DragonflyBSD over FreeBSD (other than the SJWism), and where OpenBSD and NetBSD come in. I'm using VMs right now, but I actually have a toaster computer I'm looking to turn into a generic home server and I want to see if a BSD would suit me more than linux.

I played with OpenBSD for 2 days in a VM, it was pretty nice. I just installed every package set and booted it. FVWM was a pretty shitty and clunky WM, but I could easily learn how to install a different WM/DE and replace FVWM with something else from the man pages alone. I ended up installing XFCE4, firefox and random desktop programs to see how they worked. I noticed the single core VM I was running it in was still responsive even when hammering the CPU, whereas I've ran linux on single core PCs this decade and whenever there was too much CPU load even a pure commandline system would go unresponsive. OpenBSD felt like everything was more integrated and I was happy with every default package. I think every linux user has this list of software they want to avoid because of bad experiences and they often have to actively replace them when installing just about any distro. I know that's my case, but everything I tried that was default or exclusive to OpenBSD felt good enough for me. I didn't have any qualms with any of the OpenBSD software I tried but I didn't try everything. The partition scheme looked weird though, there were a trillion partitions and I couldn't understand why things were like that. I didn't bother learning it either because I was just installing on a VM, but that would be something to look into if I end up having an OpenBSD-based home server.

I want to avoid FreeBSD because of its SJW faggotry, and I hear people say DragonflyBSD is the alternative to it so now I'm downloading DragonflyBSD.

I'm trying NetBSD after and I have this feeling it's somehow worse than the others but might be the only choice on some hardware, I haven't tried it but nobody has given me a reason to use it on a x86 machine, all I hear is "yeah NetBSD runs on everything!".

What are the opinions of /tech/ anons?


Hi guys, i`m looking for some advice about Paypal system. I`m living in France but i`m not french, i`m refugee and one day i started to use paypal for saling my work on the internet. I transfered max 150 euro a month and I'm scared that if i transfer certain amount of euro the paypal will ask me to provide pasport(i`m not sure how it works, but that system is from Russia), i know nobody to ask all these things here in France. Does anybody knows what amount i can transfer in cash before being blocked by paypal?


Why doesn't anyone shill for chain link on infinity chan, half chan /biz/ is 88% chain link ponzi scheming.

Y don't u fags hold bags?

Asking for a friend.

What kind of cameras and mixers are all these faggots using for their podcasts? I want to LARP as a talk show host too and make a living off youtube shekels.

1776 hosting update and shekel grab

hey /tech/. our initial attacks on 1776 were quite lulzy and we were only hitting josh for 2 hours at a time but it rekt his shit. the initial tooling we used was a set of layer 4 attacks at around 10 GBPS. our BTC appeal has brought in over $330 so far (check the wallet 1EQjvJT6C9ZmyLQm2BnG1RUEaanMhF5L8b). so we bought a new setup, which can do 24/7 attacks at nearer 50 GBPS.

suddenly it stopped working, except for a few brief moments at a time even though we are attacking 24/7. we even tested our gear on a few random charity websites just to check we were not being scammed but we totally rekt that shit.

given josh's ancient equipment, its not just his ninja configuration skills. we think he is paying for colocrossing's packet scrubber. that will stop most layer 4 DDoS attacks but starts at $1000 per month. he was probably thinking he could afford it for 2 hour periods but we are hitting him 24/7 now and we believe it is costing him.

not resting on our laurels though. we now have a zero-day.

for a long time josh has hidden kf behind cloudflare and a tor onion service. shame we now have a *layer-8* tool we are perfecting that will turn his various reverse proxies into our weapons. we'll also be using the tips given by members of this forum. (thanks to the user nsa by the way, they are welcome on jbmt anytime).

your money is being well spent u gib more shekels pls? i haz posted sexy bar code!

What tech podcast would you recommend, /tech/?

/tech/ podcast?

Anton & Coolpecker

It's us, Mobius Trip! We haven't made a thread since earlier this year, but that's because we have all been busy with our own issues and with half of us now (myself included today) working full-time, it's difficult to continue chugging along at the same development speed. We decided to use /agdg/ this time because we are at a critical stage in development as finishing this tutorial stage will lead to development of the rest of the game.

We have been working on this game for over three years now, but we think that it's safe to say that our tutorial stage is nearing completion. We have made several big changes, including: ground interpolation implementation for movement on 3D slopes, fully implementing basic player controls, and migration to because our manager for the previous build's page address is seemingly MIA and we absolutely need to make the master build available for play.

For those unaware, A&CP is a 3D "Collect-a-Thon" platformer inspired by the likes of Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 64. The idea was proposed in a mere thread on /v/, but we ended up forming a team under the name "Mobius Trip" and have been working on this game ever since.

We're open to recruiting artists and programmers for C# language. We still have only one or two 3D modelers/riggers and animators left. It is our weakest link and in a 3D platformer is absolutely vital. Therefore please consider joining the Anton&Coolpecker team or recommend this to those you know who are skilled in 3D software such as Blender. It isn't very difficult to pick up and learn, but to work at it consistently is what our team needs as it is a time-consuming endeavor. We need dedicated members or this project will continue to decrease in productivity. Please share our contact email at the bottom of this post with anyone willing to continuously contribute to this work.

Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome so give our playable build a try and report any bugs encountered during play. Also, give us feedback on the overall shape of the tutorial stage. We have yet to implement the river platforming obstacle and boss fight at the end, but both are WIP. We've recently implemented swimming and underwater mechanics too in this new build, but they need proper testing. What better way to test than playtesting? Give it a spin and tell us what you think!

While I won't be here, other team members will be so please go ahead and ask away. Relevant links and information, but not all, are listed in the following post. Feel free to ask for access to any resources you remember that may not be listed.

Contact us at


Playable build:

Previous thread:

What is A&CP?

Feedback Doc:



Movement: WASD

Jumping: Spacebar

Camera: Mouse

Player Switch: Z

Attack: LMB / Shift

Anton's Bounce: RMB midair

Coolpecker's Glide: Hold F midair

Anton's Tongue Swing: MMB when target is available

Water Dive: RMB, steer with mouse

Frog swim w/ input: Just use movement controls/joystick - Stop and move in a rhythm

Frog swim w/ button: Press MMB or the Y button(XBOX 360 CONTROLLER) while swimming in a rhythm

Good programmers write good code. Great programmers write no code. Zen programmers delete code.

24/7 live stream of tech bois gone wild

/tech/ mumble server

These guys cant stop being pro sexy ladies and thots welcome

Would it be possible to build a gui on top of this.

When the next global crisis will hit? I want to be ready to invest in markets and stuff

*chan was right

I wish Linux kernel would just move to an anonymous contribution system.

Then no-one could discriminate against you for being anything you are, only what you commit.

Help us choose a tech stack, /tech/.

Help me choose a tech stack for our web app, /tech/.

We are working on a mobile-first responsive web app and hope to reach an MVP as soon as possible. We already have designs in hand and a defined minimum feature set ready to go. I will be developing the backend and have experience in Javascript, PHP, and Python (love python) but have not ever used a framework like Node, Laravel, or Django. Lots of experience configuring LAMP stacks but not sure if that is still a thing in 2018.

For Front-end we are looking at React but Vue also looks tempting. Angular looks fairly obtuse and slow to develop.

The app will be HEAVILY database-driven and we ultimately will need to scale up DB accessibility via read replicas and other types of tricks. (NoSQL is not an option; we need a RDBMS).

I am very interested to see recommendations from /tech/ help us reach the fastest and least painful tech stack for our project.

Cyberpunk Bars

I like playing out this idea in my head of starting a cyberpunk bar. I got no brouzouf to do it with, but I like to dream.

What would a modern day cyberpunk-bar look like? What kind of name would it have? What drinks would it serve?

I figured it would probably have the local cheaper beer on tap, as well as something like Asahi (or a themed house beer), with cyberpunk themed cocktails and cheaper food to eat (everything from instant noodles to bar pizza).

As for the name, ideas like the "Capsule Bar" or "Neo-Tokyo" are the first things that come to mind.

I just got ubuntu 14 and its far superior to the other distros.

It just werks.

I also got version 14 and Im not going to update so the coc won't be an issue.

Fork it, we’re going live!

Why doesn’t someone fork Linux? God knows the BSDs have had long term, successful forks over smaller issues than the recent steaming pile of CoC shoved onto the community. If I had the technical wherewithal and the friends who know about Linux kernel development, I would make a fork and say fuck you to Linus and his SJW vultures. I never liked Linus much anyway, in spite of what he has given us.

color schemes

When did you realize that old is best and green on black just works?

the biggest problem we have is lack of coordination. it's really not that big a deal to write good new software to replace some old bad code. What goes wrong is that the people that do this are alone and nobody starts using their stuff. So there's GNU trash marching on forever and then a bunch of isolated people creating better quality tools that get forgotten. We need to work together and coordinate.

UBI and its implications for a cyberpunk reality

I believe UBI is what's going to truly cause the start of high tech, low life on a mass scale when big government, large corporations and banks collude on an unprecedented scale to bring this economic policy about once tech begins seriously replacing people by the millions(this has already begun and will spread into seemingly 'safe' sectors). There will be an uber rich class of elites and then the rest of us.

The idea, doesn't seem to be going away and is actually becoming an increasingly popular solution to future realities of high unemployment levels (and current economic policy failures). UBI is an easy sell to the average person who is, by design, economically illiterate.

Governments, socialist by nature, would jump at the chance to have the populace even more reliant on them. UBI is also a surprisingly popular solution even amongst some prominent billionaires e.g. musk, zuckerberg. There's more but the point is, there's a lot of support for it.

>Here's where the cyberpunk high tech, low life part comes in.

More and more people become effectively useless as tech advancements continues to increase at faster and faster rates, replacing more professions. The fundamental economics behind UBI are broken, (they will inevitably make you poorer and ultimately less than cattle). Supply and demand would be completely distorted, (not to mention the massive increase in people choosing just not to work because why should they) leading to more centralised solutions and control by government and wealth siphoning off to the elite as an ongoing side effect.

However, here's the kicker, as more and more people become comparatively poorer and poorer, their standards of living will remain highly reliant on tech as it continues to get better and better and increasingly used in more of their daily lives than before. The elite especially will become more reliant on high tech solutions. So we're going to have this world of millions of impoverished people heavily reliant on high tech whom (due to economic realities) are forced into shadow economies for tech upgrades, drugs, basic necessities that UBI couldn't provide. High tech, low lives.

I'd advise any young fags here or if you have/ are having children to push them into STEM related jobs so they will have a place in the future. Engineering, robotics, biotech related fields or good ol' computing to remain useful. Otherwise prepping to go off grid for the coming storm (check out ongoing crisis in Venezuela to understand how to survive when Socialist economies inevitably fail).

>Central economic planning on UBI scale would cause scarcity (supply and demand distortion) so having fundamental knowledge of computing/ robotics hardware in whatever tech is necessary (today and in the future) is what I'd advise for everyone to have. Being able to fix/ upgrade hardware will become a very useful skill.

I believe the shift has already begun, years ago. I'm highly sceptical of any current official unemployment figures. An 'underworld' society of unemployed people that already get by through nefarious/ alternative or nepotistic ways is well on its way. Once UBI begins on a mass scale, that's the signal to get prepared. Once AI hits, its game over.

The people that were stealing Terry's donations caused his death

We have to find and cyberlynch them

this is a bad year for /tech/. the king is dead (terry). linus stepped down and coc'd all over linux. bad news after bad news. is this just the beginning of the end of good software and a new rise of bloat pozzed garbage?

>leave your computer for a while

>get back and realize that you have to reboot the computer cause your stuck at loginscreen and it doesn't respond any of your commands

>open up Inkscape to draw something

>Inkscape closes from thin air after some minutes

>apply a filter to a object in shotcut, shotcut crashes, the whole system as well

>open up GIMP

>GIMP crashes from 5 to 5 minutes

Linux is a piece of crap.

Linus Torvalds apologizes

This week people in our community confronted me about my lifetime of
not understanding emotions. My flippant attacks in emails have been
both unprofessional and uncalled for. Especially at times when I made
it personal. In my quest for a better patch, this made sense to me.
I know now this was not OK and I am truly sorry.

The above is basically a long-winded way to get to the somewhat
painful personal admission that hey, I need to change some of my
behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal
behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development

I am going to take time off and get some assistance on how to
understand people’s emotions and respond appropriately.

What now?


It keeps gaining steam. Apparently it's faster than C++, memory safe, and thread safe. Has anyone used it? What are your thoughts?

Progress General #6

Post what you're dithering on.

Previous thread >>24615


Aaaaand right on queue we've got the jew attempting to force acceptance for compromise that isn't a compromise at all.

>just give us full auto's nobody needs that

>just give us SBRs nobody needs that

>just give us a 10 round magazine requirement nobody needs more than 10 rounds


>just switch to bolt action nobody needs (((automatic)))

>just get a license every wants licenses you don't want dangerous criminals getting them do you

>just accept that we're only giving licenses to 1% of people

>just accept that only military and police are getting weapons

never comprimise

/tech/ is going to get as hard /pol/ does with jews now.

Based Browser Introduces Tor Tabs

>The feature, first reported by CNET a year ago and officially called private tabs with Tor, is built into Brave 0.23. The official Brave 1.0 is due to ship this year, but 2.8 million people already use the browser monthly, Eich said. To use the new feature, you can either select "New Private Tab with Tor" from the file menu or flip on the Tor switch once you've opened a new private tab. Using Tor on one tab doesn't affect other ordinary or private tabs.

>"Studies show that users expect private tabs prevent things like ISPs tracking them or other people on Wi-Fi tracking them," but in fact ordinary private tabs don't, Zhu said. "Tor private tabs bring private tabs much closer to what the user expects private tabs to do."

<Mozilla says it's too early to know when the project will bear fruit. But Brave's Tor support is here now -- although in a testing stage to try to find problems and patch known privacy leaks compared to Tor's better-tested browser.

Laughing at Firecucks right now.


GNU/Linux is Gelded - Can We Fork?

ESR Was Right. He tried to warn us about the attack on Linus.

Sarah Sharpe was the first shit-test, and he cucked out of it. Bitch didn't even bring the brownies she promised, and she got a seat on-stage while Linus acknowledged that he had been approached by government entities to put a backdoor into linux.

Linus tries to make sure he's never alone with a woman, so they can accuse him of groping them.

But ESR was right all along; they got his ass. He's compromised, and his project was intentionally red-flag compromised on purpose. He _knew_ how people would react to Coraline's Code of Conduct. It was a sign to fork before the craziness. It was a sign that Kroah-Hartmann's kernel is not going to be Linus' kernel, and to abandon ship.

So, who's got the first fork of 4.19-rc3 into a new kernel project, with the rc4 patches backported?

Or are we going to let Caroline Ehmke's shills and sockpuppets ruin /tech/ and demotivate us by nudging us towards suicide?

Is a fork enough? Should we have a plan to start porting drivers to another architecture, should linux continue to be Poetterized? Can someone point people that know C in the right direction towards Making OpenBSD Great Again?

Install OpenBSD

What did he mean by this?

>By contrast, I find C++ quite ugly.

>The flaws of C++, as I recall from when I studied the matter around 1990, include syntax and semantics. As for syntax, its grammar is ambiguous, and it is gratuitously incompatible with C, which blocks the smooth upgrade path from C to C++.

>As for semantics, the abstract object facility of C++ is designed around the case where the real type of an object is known at compile time. However, in that case, abstract objects are equivalent to a naming convention for functions to call. The case where abstract objects add real power to a language is when the type is not known until run time. C++ does handle that, but it seems to be an afterthought, a poor relation.

>I suspect that I would find plenty of ugliness in the template library, but I don't know. That was added to C++ after I studied it.

What did he mean by this?

>By contrast, I find C++ quite ugly.

>The flaws of C++, as I recall from when I studied the matter around 1990, include syntax and semantics. As for syntax, its grammar is ambiguous, and it is gratuitously incompatible with C, which blocks the smooth upgrade path from C to C++.

>As for semantics, the abstract object facility of C++ is designed around the case where the real type of an object is known at compile time. However, in that case, abstract objects are equivalent to a naming convention for functions to call. The case where abstract objects add real power to a language is when the type is not known until run time. C++ does handle that, but it seems to be an afterthought, a poor relation.

>I suspect that I would find plenty of ugliness in the template library, but I don't know. That was added to C++ after I studied it.


New cryptocurrency that appeared on public exchange 1 week ago.

Very shortly it approached 8th in market cap. As a recent coin, it should also be investigated, more so than not.


>No transaction fees

This means the atomic unit of IOTA is transferable. Contrasts with the feasibility of transferring one satoshi.

>No mining

There is no userbase divide between miner and layman. Instead, for a transaction to confirm, it must confirm two other transactions (thus the proof of work is done on the issuer's computer). Additionally, with this scheme, a usual network spam attempt instead confirms more transactions.

>Fixed supply

2.7 * 10^15 atomic units (where as Bitcoin has 2.1 * 10^15 satoshi).

An atomic unit is 1 iota, an integer value as opposed to a decimal, and a trading unit is Miota (10^6), hence some confusion regarding supply and price.

>Quantum resistant cryptography

Causes for Concern


All IOTA in circulation were created in a genesis transaction by the developers and distributed through an ICO in November to December 2015. This means potentially there are large holders that can control the market.

>Targeting IoT

Internet of Things, being internet integration with mundane appliances such as toasters, microwaves and cars, has been criticized as extending surveillance. The developers seek in some way to cater to that sector.


First, I think the developer's claim should be verified. If there was a genesis transaction in the very beginning that minted all current iota in supply- it should be confirmed whether or not the developers or any entity would have the capability to mint new iota after. From then on, other aspects can be inspected such as developer reputation, misc.

Still went with Debian

Downloaded the whole DVD set, too. The reason, I dislike setting up repositories. I needed a Linux Distro with Sources in case Internet goes down. I didn't look too hard, but it seems no other Distro provided Source-DVDs like Debian does. So... I guess the Linux Distro surving the Apocalyse, in a nice EMP protected Steel Box, is Debian after all.

i18n = bloat

What is the minimal number of languages that a new project should support,

a) To maximize the amount of competent users

b) To attract competent developers.

c) Minimize lowIQ users

>English (default)

>German (not much bloat required, just extended ascii )

>Russian (some Cyrillic bloat, but manageable)

Are no brainers, but what else is needed? Japs are smart, but adding their language adds a quite a bit of font/rendering bloat. Is it worth it? Can the smart ones just speak English? Has any one ever used a language other than English to express an idea worth hearing about in the past 100 years? I qualified it so you Greek and Latin fags can settle down.