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how do we boost board activity?

the PPD here has fallen like a brick

i'm pretty sure there's only like ten of us left

how do we boost board activity?

Salix OS Thread

What are /tech/s thoughts on Salix OS?

According to pic related it's the best shit around, can anyone confirm? down

is it ded 4eva?


Is FreeBSD a good desktop OS?

How pozzed is it?

/tech/ Questions and Support

Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

Is this pretty much the only acceptable pre-built? It's made in the US, loaded with GNU/Linux, has little innovations here and there and actually looks nice. I'm thinking of giving this for Christmas and getting one for the living room. Does anyone still buy pre-builts, though?

Is water flossing a meme?

A friend of mine (middle-aged housewife) was preaching to me about the merits of oil pulling. I wasn't pulled into the scam, but it did get me thinking about the physical process of a kind of viscous fluid going through the gaps in my teeth and wondered about water flossing. Certainly, it would be cheaper than those disposable floss thingies or even just traditional floss string–especially for someone like myself who flosses as much as I brush my teeth, three times a day. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Also, somewhat related, what about electronic toothbrushes. I saw those on sale a while ago but didn't give it much thought. I previously had one, but it broke, recently, so I've just been going manual. Is there any discernable benefit that isn't just anecdotal? Any dentists on this board?

[tor users can't post images]

Pipenv dev is a fucking loon

Holy fucking shit.

Good to know that pipenv is officially supported!



Anons, I think we can agree that most package managers out there are at least in some degree bad, not allowing them to be universal. What features would you suggest for a new package manager I'm going to start writing soon?

My ideas:

> seamless integration between source based and binary packages

> package build scripts easy to modify to support newer versions

> written in C (because portage so slow that compiling most of its packages into binary form is an impossible task)

> modular and extensible, allowing you to e.g. easily modify the package manager to support SQLite for speeding dependency detection up

Your ideas of a perfect and universal package manager?

Cyerpunk SCP

How about we create our own SCP Foundation for cyberpunk short stories or mysterious objects appearing in various places due to a spacetime leak in a dimension which looks like William Gibson's 80s cyberpunk world and also like those cyberpunk anime from the 80s and 90s?

I have a fuckhuge imageboard folder and had an idea the other day to make a system where I could expose my collection to the internet in a way that would allow other anons to download stuff and help organize it by submitting tickets to suggest changes (add, remove, move, rename).

So my question for you is this: Are there any existing solutions that I could set up that would accomplish this or would I need to cobble something together?

Old Hardware Thread

Post your retro/outdated computer stuffs

>Discuss old hardware

>Discuss uses for old hardware

>Post information about old hardware


I'll start

>imac G5

>pic related

>old as shit pc that is effectively obsolete

Anons in a previous thread mentioned using it as a home server or by installing some kind of linux on it but the tubes have no information pertaining to this particular model.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Advent of Code 2018

It's near to that time of year again, people, and the reddit competition will soon start up again. Are you going to let those twitter trannies win? Or are you going to prove your compsci degree was worth something?

(protip: it wasn't, watch as some jap codes the whole thing in assembly naked atop mt. Fuji)

What is it?

Advent of code's a programming advent calendar. 2 problems a day for every day of advent, you paste the output data into a text box. You need to register via one of a few 3rd-party websites, because there's a leaderboard: first person to complete a day's challenges get 100 points to his total, second 99, so on. If I remember correctly, someone from 4chan came first last year, but don't quote me on that.

The site's a bit cancerous, especially the sign-up thing, but it's still pretty fun. Try out a new language, or have some fun getting back to basics with one you already know.

I'll be doing it in C, with a little helper library for quickly reading files. How about you, anon?

What is your favorite E Sports

>>The Future is here, ESports.

'Magic: The Gathering' esports league launches with $10 million in prizes.

The "Magic Pro League" will feature 32 of the world's top players.

How do you guys find freelance tech work?

I've been doing some freelance work (Linux SysAdmin and Ruby on Rails), and I've enjoyed both the work and the shekels, but I'm having trouble getting as much work as I want.

I've been using, but it's pretty poor. There's several places where they sacrifice usability for the sake of trying to bleed out every last shekel, and in a very short-term sort of way.

So what's everyone else's experience in trying to find freelance work?

ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Again more ThinkPads than Toughbooks edition. Old one hit 400 posts once again.

>tfw the GPS module you bought for your CF-19 ended up being one from a CF-18 so it doesn't work

Why havent you made your own operating system yet anon?


Hey anons I'll be willing to try to be your friend it will be a strict 1-on-1 friendship, I want the same thing as you, I do have a few expectations (it's most about the kind of friendship itself) though and I'm not sure if we can become friends, if you don't mind this don't hesitate to contact me, my email is

I'll explain to you how I feel about this in more detail when we have talked for a bit. I'm also curious if you have any expectations (just tell me per email). You surely not just want any friend if you could choose, you want some probably which you share hobbies with and which has a character similar to you, don't you? Maybe this doesn't sound like much, but I think it absolutely could meet that if you can meet mine and we could become good friends or whatever you had in mind when talking about friends. Email:

I'll reply as soon as I can to emails (even if this post is old, I'll still read my emails for it, it isn't just a throwaway.)

Apologies for not being tech related

Linuxcounter is Dead

>Dear people, in 2011 I’ve overtaken the project „The Linuxcounter project“ from Harald Tveit Alvestrand, who has started the project in 1993, just two years after Linux was born. In the end of 2011 I’ve completely recreated the whole project from scratch on top of the old database. Since then I have maintained, administrated and bugfixed the project with all my girlspower.

>Most of you may have noticed, that I am a transsexual woman. I had my coming out to you all in 2015 and your response was so absolutely great, warm and friendly. It was absolutely awesome and I am so thankful about your support and your friendship!

>Well, I had my first gender surgery in january 2018 and my second one, the cosmetic correction gender surgery in august 2018. Since then I am arrived in my female body and for sure one of the luckiest woman around the world! But now, finally it is time for me to step back and to try to live stealth.

If you worked in IT at a hotel and noticed an someone using an employee laptop to watch or search for some "illegal shit" what would you do?

Lets say you remotely shutdown their laptop. And they dont log back on again. Do you wash your hands of the affair or are you obliged to report it.

So I accidentally a new imageboard

I'm one of those people who saves images off of *booru-type boards, and while I tried to keep it organized I inevitably found myself with folder like "good1", "good17", "abs", etc.

Well, I noticed my sloppy habits were using lots of HDD space, so I wrote a little bash script which would put all the images in one central folder, md5 them, then link them in my categories. Saved some HDD space.

But then I f'd up, and accidentally scrambled my folders. With everything in one big fat disorganized folder with md5 names I really didn't want to put effort into sorting them... ... So I wrote another script which would scrape various booru sites and get the tags for the images I had, dumping them into a text file. I didn't know what to do with it, but I knew it was a good step.

A week later I went back and made another script that would create and populate folder based on searches I threw at it. I could just run something like "prondir big_breasts flat_chest -o bigandsmall", and it worked nicely!

But this was ugly. I like nice things. So this morning I started the bare bones of a proper SQL database, tossed a custom MVC CMS I wrote into it, jammed my tag database in there, and put together a mini-site for my glorious porn browsing.

Then I made it nicer... and I started adding features. I crossed the event horizon of "this is for me" into "hey, I think this could be a thing?" It's only day 1 into "formal" development, but I re-wrote my Bash stuff into PHP, and started on features that I would want. E.g; when you view an image it will also recommend images you might also be interested in.

So, if I keep going on this thing - what would anyone want to see in a new booru board? Since it's only got bare bones, there's not any tech debt, planning now around what everyone wants seems like an idea.

POWER9 MicroATX board

They said it was going to be announced in October and I've been checking their twitter ever since. Here's the picture of it from the OpenPowerOrg summit that started today

If you've been thinking of leaving the x86 architecture without spending thousands of dollars just on the motherboard this is it, whether it's because of libre computing or security issues we finally have a viable alternative to the current standard in desktop computing. It's a bit blurry but that white socket between the ram stick and PSU looks like it might be an M.2 slot. As there's a lot empty space next to it there might even be two of them. Hopefully the SATA ports in the corner will be optional for those that don't want any proprietary code in their computer.

The tweet before this one mentions a fully libre mini super computer someone built using standard dual socket Talos computers that's very impressive with eight 18-core CPUs for a total of 144 cores/576 threads.

There isn't much on the internet about this platform asides for their wiki but a few months ago the guy who runs the TenFourFox browser has started a new site dedicated to POWER/PPC users, there isn't much content on it now.

There hasn't been any new updates recently on the PowerPC notebook project although an update is expected by the end of this month for the electrical schematics.

Agile is snake oil; Nu-softdev is a failure

This is insane, I'm so sick of trying to build reliable software and being told it's 'out of scope' until it eventually bites us in the ass. Clients are idiots why the fuck do we have to be at their mercy? You can't block us for months and then suddenly expect us to pull some magic out of our ass for your barely documented, proprietary, legacy system when the contract's almost up and you finally decide to reply to an email. Add to that the fact that oops you also forgot to mention a piece of critical information you can't launch without.

This stuff should be known upfront. If you don't know what you want you have no business getting a system built.

XMPP general

>What is XMPP?

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a communication protocol for message-oriented middleware.

Unlike most instant messaging protocols, XMPP is defined in an open standard and uses an open systems approach of development and application, by which anyone may implement an XMPP service and interoperate with other organizations' implementations. Because XMPP is an open protocol, implementations can be developed using any software license and many server, client, and library implementations are distributed as free and open-source software.

>What client should I use?

Get Conversations if you are on Android, Gajim or Pidgin on desktop PC.

>How do I join this /g/ groupchat?

Here is the link:

why is openbsd so shit

>upper left: *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR*

>right of that: text running over lines and overlapping other text

>below upper left: horribly pixellated buttons


>right of that: image viewer that shows the same fucking thumbnail for every image.


/hng/ - Home Network General

How to utilise different colour ethernet cable caps (pic related) effectively when making own network cables (i.e what should the different colours represent etc.)? What is the minimum ethernet cable length were you won't run into issues (specifically with gigabit ethernet)? Anyone use Cat6 cabling in favour of good ol' Cat5e?

Also, home network general.

Sim Loli

Main development thread for Sim Loli

IRC channel: #simloli on - webclient link: (but it's advisable to use your own client since the webclient isn't too great). Remember to wait for a while sine you won't get an instant response.

/fucko/ FBI edition

>Home security

>online privacy

>PC and data destruction methods

>How to hide questionable images, video, audio, etc. (stenography)


>B-but I dont have anything to hide!

>B-but if you've done nothing wrong you should have nothing to hide!

If I've done nothing wrong there is no reason to search me.


>LiveUSB/LiveCD Review v1.1

>Web Posting Assessment v.2

>TrueCrypt 7.1a [Last official release]

>The Paranoid #! (now #!!) Security Guide

>Fake info Generator

>Pretty Good Privacy [PGP]

>Off the Record messaging [OTR]

>Cell Phone guide for Protesters

>Team 1: #Squad

>Team 2: #squad

>/fucko/ squad irc

#Fucko @

All and any supportive comments, template contributions, are welcome and encouraged. NSA shills need not apply.

Template ALWAYS here:

Previously on /fucko/:

I don't fucking know

Mumble Server:


TempleOS General - /tosg/

Just installed this fine piece of software, feels like being digitally baptized.

Australia OKs Controversial Anti-Encryption Law

The Access and Assistance Bill gives law enforcement the ability to force technology companies to provide access encrypted messages. Supporters say it will help law enforcement prevent terrorism while opponents argue it will weaken Australians' online security and privacy.

Adobe Flash zero-day exploit... leveraging ActiveX… embedded in Office Doc... BINGO!

It's like a greatest hits album of terrible security policies



C or C++?

Objectively which language is better: C or C++?

C has WAYY less bloat and is able to run faster code, but with C++, you can generalize more readily than you can in C and write one source file that can handle all cases using templates. I also find it's standard libraries to be useful than C's just because it has things like <vector>, <list>, <deque>, <set> and <stack>, which (while not hard to implement in C or C++ by hand) saves a lot of time when you are programming. I always felt torn that I learned C++ before I knew C, but looking at C now, I can appreciate it and I like working with it but I want to know which is the language that's designed better. I've heard so much good and bad about both of them that I can't make a decision on which to use for my personal projects.

gpg --verify kodachi-5.5-64.iso(.sig?)


How do i verify Kodachi (Linux/Gnu) OS by using gpg?

Cryptocurrency Thread

Direct all discussions regarding cryptocurrency here.

Remember to do your own research and take anonymous investment advice with a grain of salt.

Plan 9 from User Space Thread

I just installed this because acme. And I am really liking the interface of it. Read the man pages and there's some really interesting stuff going on with this port. I just can't understand it at all. Anyone else having luck with this? How easy was it for you to set up acme to work with your UNIX tools?

Creative Production on Linux (Audio/Video/Editing)

What do you use/how do you cope? Is there any hope for commercial solutions/VSTs that only support Windows/MacOS to get a Linux port?

Audio Hardware Thread


What AMPs are you faggots using? I'll be getting an HD 6XX soon and is currently looking for an AMP. I'm currently looking at the Fiio E10K and the K3 but don't know the difference between the two. Any amps you'd recommend?

come tox with me~


>no tox thread

Get in here, fags, let's have a Tox thread.

Looking for Rudolph edition

>favorite client?

>is irungentoo ded?

>will file transfer ever just werk?

Let's share our Tox IDs too. I'll start:


CyberPunk Wallpaper

so, there is no wallpaper thread ?

had to fix that


Linux Users Going Their Own Way

It's time for linux users to go our own way. The whole "GNU"/linux ecosystem - more appropriately called the freedesktop/systemd/gnu/chromium/linux operating system.

* The red hat goons basically own the userspace now. If you want to make changes to your system you can send a patch and it wil get dropped. They essentially have 100% control, linux desktop will conform to their vision alone.

* polkit and dbus.. what do these things even do? Yet you have them on your computer most likely.

* GNU glibc is bloated and full of bugs *that GNU software depends on* and it is pro abortion.

* ls / gives about 50 things. for "historical reasons": Translations, if you try to make it simple like 4 or 5 directories all with a clear and distinct purpose every piece of software in existence would break because it's all badly written.

* every single programming language has its own fucking package manage that fights against all the other package managers. Is this a joke? Why are programmers, supposedly smart people, allowing this to happen?

* You have all this FUCKING GARBAGE that is overcomplicated and nobody likes like: systemd, polkit, dbus, gsettings XML schemas. None of this stuff makes sense, the documentation is unhelpful and the systems themselves violate standard UNIX design ideas - I wouldn't have a problem with that if they had actually improved on things.

* The web browser is about 80% of the linux desktop experience now. And while it's technically free software it's nearly monopolized (firefox is digging its own grave) and it's basically impossible to make changes to. lets be honest here.

* The shell's fucked. Try writing a shell script that correctly processes a list of files that might have spaces on tabs in the names. You can do it if you study but everything takes work when it should be simple. Programming with lists of strings shouldn't be so tricky.

* The core sets of software has so much historical baggage that could be cleared away. Did you know ./configure tests if your system uses EBCDIC instead of ASCII? configure performs millions of checks, yet the software usually doesn't work either way.

How about a simple init system that doesn't reimplement half UNIX in a buggy way?

It's time for linux users to go our own way, let's have a simple operating system based on clear understand principles with man pages that explain everything you need to know. There's so much more that could be said but I'm sure you have your own complaints too. yep. slackware linux, now that's a real distro. they don't make em like that anymore.

Recaptcha is kill

>using google's speech recognition to solve google's captcha

>AIs created to judge things objectively

>White people come back as more aesthetically pleasing, feminism gets called cancer

<We have to brograms them to be more accepting of politically correct stances!

<It's clearly not correct, there are just too many white people in the database!

This is how the world fucking ends.

Consumer Advice

Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

What kind of information is leaked through Wi-Fi?

MAC address?

Are those baked into hardware or are they randomised like tokens?

Probe requests?

What exactly are they?

The Contribution Manual

Free software is unwelcoming to developers. No, I am not talking about muh diversity, and in fact CoC completely ignore this issue. Free software is unwelcoming in the sense that most projects don't seem to want your contributions, and it shows: in most projects, most commits are done by a small set of people, while casual contributors usually only implement very quick patches, if anything at all. This issue isn't fixed by a CoC because it has nothing to do at all with the issue at hand; contributing just sucks, from a technical standpoint.

Put yourself in the situation where you are not a NEET. You have a job, maybe even a family, and when you get home after a hard day of work, you wanna relax doing something different, even if it's still programming. You boot up your libre tools of choice in the little free time you have, and find out they lack a feature you would like. "I know", you say, "I will patch it in myself".

So you hunt down the program's repo, maybe in a friendly git repo, maybe in some VCS you don't know to use, maybe in a contribution-hostile format (think the way NoScript is developed: your source is some zipped JS files, with no repo to send your patches to) and find out it is written in C++, and you only know C and assembly like a good /tech/nician. Alas, you understand some of the things at play, but they decided to extensively use C++ features which is actually a valid approach. It also uses some libraries you are not familiar with. Surely enough, you can work it. You read the HACKING.txt file and find out all it talks about is code style, so it is of no use to orient yourself. However, you start going down folders, and folders and folders, filled with C++ files and header files which call other header files which call other header files, and all you recognize is the main.cpp, so, due to the creative naming schemes the dev team came with, you decide it may be your only starting pointm so you work down through it. You start jumping from file to file, reading through thousands of lines of code that may or may not be documented, that may be gracefully written or not, but above all, are not your code, and therefore harder to cut through. After several hours, you manage to hunt down the specific file that contains the behaviour you want to modify, and find out it depends on another function on another file imported on who knows which of the ten header files, which import five header files each, is defined in. You eventually manage to find the function and modify it successfully, only to find out, the hard way, that function is used elsewhere, and that you need to adapt the rest of the code to suit this.

After maybe several days fighting your way through someone else's code, you manage to implement your pretty cool feature. Proud of yourself, you submit it to the developer so he can patch it in and other users can enjoy your contribution, but you are only met with a cold "I am not sure this feature fits within our view of the project", and you know your pull request will continue forever open due to the dev being too much of a coward to tell you you wasted your time. Congrats, now you have a fork; add it to the list of shit you will have to maintain yourself.

Now, you may say the solution is to only ever use C, but there is still a problem: nobody wants to waste their time like that. Some bigger projects may be well documented and thoroughly explained, but almost all projects aren't. If you really want people's code, you should make it easy to contribute. There are some projects with design documents, shit ass UML class charts and whatnot, but they still don't give a clear overview of the stuff you want to modify.

I opened this thread in hopes we can discuss smart ways to really document the code for other programmers. Inline documentation is nice to let people know how that stuff works once you are there, in front of the code, but first we need to lead people there. Maybe some guides written in literate language explaining the architecture of the program, where is each of the features located, etc, or maybe even written in a schematic, but more comprehensible form than the most common and most useless types of UML diagramd which explain little about the way the program works. Maybe enriching automatic documentation software to identify which other pieces of code are called inside a certain function, and which parts of code call said function; in general, ways to trace exact pieces of code. Maybe a file explaining the philosophy, purpose and goals of the project, and what kind of submissions the developers of the main branch want to see.

I dunno, let's just be creative for a while, masturbate our mental cocks in a circlejerk for a while, and then proceed to be the change we want to be in the world by providing tools to help everyone contribute, so we can live in a healthy and robust FOSS ecosystem.

Security for Beginners

Requesting some knowledgeable anons to lay out the basics of maintaining anonymity on the webs, both surface and dark, for less than educated n00bs. General instruction of how one might seek legal but (((forbidden))) information without winding up on a list somewhere

Links to trustworthy guides and VPNs welcome and appreciated

Is there any worse VCS than Git?

tor /cyber/ chatroom

me and some other anons have been talking about /cyber/ chatrooms in privacy thread. we have tried tox but it turned out pretty bad. since then ive been making an tor chatroom. im happily inviting you to try it, it looks promising to me. i want this to be /cyber/ chatroom, not mine or yours or anybodys, this is our chatroom. there are no names, nothing. i would like to improve it furthermore, im open to ALL ideas. also, when an more experienced and trustworthy anon appears, i would like to give him the whole chatroom to operate.


you should download tor if you dont have it already. it gives you very good protection and anonymity. then go to the .onion below and bookmark it when you are there so you dont lose it


Cyberpunk Guns Thread. Conceptual or irl, if it looks good post it.

How would you beat a Chinese surveillance state?

>What may sound like a dystopian vision of the future is already happening in China. And it’s making and breaking lives.

>The Communist Party calls it “social credit” and says it will be fully operational by 2020.

>Within years, an official Party outline claims, it will “allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step."

>Social credit is like a personal scorecard for each of China’s 1.4 billion citizens.

>In one pilot program already in place, each citizen has been assigned a score out of 800. In other programs it’s 900.

>Those, like Dandan, with top “citizen scores” get VIP treatment at hotels and airports, cheap loans and a fast track to the best universities and jobs.

>Those at the bottom can be locked out of society and derezzed from travel, or barred from getting credit or government jobs.

What are some tactics etc to deal with such a state? Assuming you get a low ranking, how would you operate?

/tech/ btfo

Why aren't you like this guy?

x86 Alternative General

Computers Are Fucked But The Future Is Malleable edition

Post discussion relating to non-x86 instruction set architectures, such as ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and RISC-V.

This month:

>x86 is a mess, but is ARM any better?

>Will RISC-V truly solve all our problems?

>What are the best non-x86 desktop systems that a normal user can afford?

>lol who cares about architectures?

All these questions and more in the x86 Alternative General!

programmer pet peeves

>edit a line in some foreign code


>git status

>10000 changes because no one else before you bothered to strip trailing spaces and your editor deletes them like the good editor it is

ADL awards Tim Cook with goodest goy against Hate award

>Apple CEO Tim Cook further condemned white supremacists when he accepted an award from the (((Anti-Defamation League))) at an event in New York on Monday. The ADL honored Cook with its first ever Courage Against Hate Award, and the tech CEO took his time on the stage to address Apple's stance against hate speech and what he thinks are tech companies' responsibilities to customers.

>"From the earliest days of iTunes to Apple Music today, we have always prohibited music with a message of white supremacy," Cook said. "Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. And as we showed this year, we won’t give a platform to violent conspiracy theorists on the App Store."

YAAAAH FUCK HATE!!!! Innocent question, what is hate speech?

<Don't worry yourself with that goy, here, take another selfie!

>8chan /biz/

>memes are weak

>faggots are actually talking about business and finance

I can't take it anymore when are the kikes going to give us our board back bros?

>be me at 26

>annoyed with life and mommy wants me to move home

>spend 4 years gorging myself on tendies

>bank account is only at 7k due to my inability to resist the power of gaben

>tfw your mommy loves you so much she repairs your finances and makes you dinner

/biz/ why doesn't your mother love you enough to help you secure your retirement?

Welcome + News/ Rules / Meta thread

Welcome to /agdg/, home away from home.


The recent Fickle Prick spammer infestation proved that the board has unfortunately been unmoderated for the past few months. I have claimed the board and wish to return the board to a fraction of its former glory. I can't always be around, so I'd love you to apply for a board volunteer position using the email provided!

Please add your games to the wiki and help make the best use of the tutorials available there. Some really dedicated anons have been hard at work to make them as helpful as possible.

Shout outs to the recently started thread at >>>/vg/27335 and the official unofficial /agdg/ Disagreement server at

The rules

Please feel free discuss all aspects of game development here.

Make a thread for the game you are working, it will be lovely to follow your stuff. Shining examples of that are sgt. Shinobudev >>30078 and Fables of Laetus bros >>30488. If you want to develop your game concepts or have small tech questions, go to the design/implementation thread >>29080.

Do not spam or dox. Spoiler any NSFW images. Spamming is defined as making the exact same post over and over again, or deliberately trying to hit a thread's bump limit and will get you permabanned.

If a post or thread needs policing, report it and move on. Also, feel free to send any suggestions, critique and complaints to

Detailed notes on allowed content here


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

i had sex with a grill and the condom slipped. i pulled out after the first "wave" and i assume that i might have done it inside of her. she is 5 days after her period and 6 days before ovulation. she takes no pills. am i fucked? help plz.

pic unrelated.

Lisp users try to make a simple program, part II

If Lisp is so good, how come nobody has even made a text editor with it? No, Emacs doesn't count, it's not pure lisp. Neither does DrRacket, you need to install entire Racket language for it. Same applies to Edwin which requires installing Scheme to use it. Climacs neither, there are no binaries, it apparently doesn't even work and is basically just a joke. Zmacs is 1980's history, no binaries, no source, can't verify anything, so no.

Requirements in plain English are on picture there, and those requirements translate basically just to "make a usable open-source desktop application that can be distributed like any other desktop application", no miracles required.

Previous thread: >>923254

Its archive:

/ipfs/ - IPFS Thread #3

Last thread:

>>915966 (



>ipfs 0.4.17 is a quick release to fix a major performance regression in bitswap (mostly affecting go-ipfs → js-ipfs transfers). However, while motivated by this fix, this release contains a few other goodies that will excite some users.

>The headline feature in this release is urlstore support. Urlstore is a generalization of the filestore backend that can fetch file blocks from remote URLs on-demand instead of storing them in the local datastore.

>Additionally, we've added support for extracting inline blocks from CIDs (blocks inlined into CIDs using the identity hash function). However, go-ipfs won't yet create such CIDs so you're unlikely to see any in the wild.


>URLStore (ipfs/go-ipfs#4896)

>Add trickle-dag support to the urlstore (ipfs/go-ipfs#5245).

>Allow specifying how the data field in the object get is encoded (ipfs/go-ipfs#5139)

>Add a -U flag to files ls to disable sorting (ipfs/go-ipfs#5219)

>Add an efficient --size-only flag to the repo stat (ipfs/go-ipfs#5010)

>Inline blocks in CIDs (ipfs/go-ipfs#5117)


>Make ipfs files ls -l correctly report the hash and size of files (ipfs/go-ipfs#5045)

>Fix sorting of files ls (ipfs/go-ipfs#5219)

>Improve prefetching in ipfs cat and related commands (ipfs/go-ipfs#5162)

>Better error message when ipfs cp fails (ipfs/go-ipfs#5218)

>Don't wait for the peer to close it's end of a bitswap stream before considering the block "sent" (ipfs/go-ipfs#5258)

>Fix resolving links in sharded directories via the gateway (ipfs/go-ipfs#5271)

>Fix building when there's a space in the current directory (ipfs/go-ipfs#5261)

tl;dr for Beginners

>decentralized P2P network

>like torrenting, but instead of getting a .torrent file or magnet link that shares a pre-set group of files, you get a hash of the files which is searched for in the network and served automatically

>you can add files to the entire network with one line in the CLI or a drag-and-drop into the web interface

>HTTP gateways let you download any hash through your browser without running IPFS

>can stream video files in mpv or VLC (though it's not recommended unless the file has a lot of seeds)

How it Works

When you add a file, the files are cryptographically hashed and a merkle tree is created. These hashes are announced by the IPFS client to the nodes in the network. (The IPFS team often describes the network as a "Merkle forest.") Any user can request one of these hashes and the nodes set up peer connections automatically. If two users share the same file then both of them can seed it to a third person requesting the hash, as opposed to .torrent files/magnets which require both seeders use the same file.


>Is it safe?

It's about as safe as a torrent right now, ignoring the relative obscurity bonus. They are working on integration with TOR and I2P. Check out libp2p if you're curious.

>Is it fast?

Finding a seeder can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. It's slowly improving but still requires a fair bit of optimization work. Once the download starts, it's as fast as the peers can offer, just like a torrent.

>Is it a meme?

You be the judge.

It has implementations in Go (meant for desktop integration) and Javascript (meant for browser/server integration) in active development that are functional right now, it has a bunch of side projects that build on it, and it divides important parts of its development (IPLD, libp2p, etc) into separate projects that allow for drop-in support for many existing technologies.

On the other hand, it's still alpha software with a small userbase and has poor network performance.

Websites of interest

Official IPFS HTTP gateway. Slap this in front of a hash and it will download a file from the network. Be warned that this gateway is slower than using the client and accepts DMCAs. — dead


Where to begin? I want so much to be in control of my computer. Yet I don’t want to make the leap whereby I could potentially fuck up my hardware indefinitely. Wat do?

Does give views and transmit other information to Google servers now?


Hey, /cyber/.

I'm doing something that uses some board-tans, and it got me thinking on what's the status of board-tans and mascots overall on 8ch. Over the next few days I'll be asking around other boards, to possibly catalogue them somewhere eventually- do you guys have one, a board-tan, a mascot?

Over a year after the board's creation, was the idea ever approached, did you reach some conclusion, do you want one, not want one? What's your shpiel, basically?

Pic unrelated, I just figure you'd like Bubblegum Crisis.

Is FP Niggerlicious?

What things are better in functional programming than in other programming paradigms?

Code correctness?


Less lines of code?

Have there been any real successes with FP?

Bullet. Fucking. Dodged.

What are your thoughts on the Linux CoC

Its been nearly 3 months since the Code of Conduct was added

Has anything changed?

Extreme Effort/OC Script RICE

>Whoah... XDG/POSIX looks like THAT?


* Your Scripts

* Your CSS

* Your dotfiles

* Your apps

* Browser Tweaks

" Favorite Patches

Airplane thread

Greetings /tech/

I have spent the better part of last night trying to design a model plane for myself, however, while doing so I unintentionally created a very basic mechanism for airplane flaps

I don't know if this would work or how well

>pic related

instead of a hydraulic press as with most modern aircraft this one would, this one would utilize a set of gears and a notched rod connected from the flap to the gears, which would then be turned by a smaller motor, the orange is something I noticed on commercial aircraft that is used for covering this mechanism iirc

>second pic related is a similar mechanism to what I envisioned

What do you think anons?

Brian Fagioli™ General

All the Fagioli threads go here.

Meta-Machine Code

I would like to show off a tool I've created; the included image is an example of the tool with a program I've written loaded; the main page for this tool can be found here:

The page for the only current version of the tool is here; note it is an immature page in comparison:

This is an interactive machine code development environment I've created. The basic idea is each key of the keyboard, decided by position rather than value, is bound to a routine which asks questions until an action can be decided upon. An example is pressing a key for a routine that merely needs two registers in order to complete; you're permitted to enter a register number, the tool won't allow invalid such numbers to be entered at all, it asks again in the same way, and it then writes the finished instruction to the current location; if a name referring to a number was used, that name will likely be displayed instead of the numerical value, varying, and any changes to the name will update the instruction as well.

I wrote this tool in Common Lisp purely because Common Lisp has the necessary primitives. The program is decidedly non-Lispy. I'm planning to write a simpler reimplementation in Ada by the year's end and expect this will be the version that is distributed to package managers and whatnot. Some simple figuring has shown to me that the memory usage for this program, sans any undo and redo mechanism, should be well within an eighth of a megabyte in the general case and below a quarter in all cases.

The tool was borne of my dislike for assemblers. Answers are saved by similar routines and so you can very easily press keys until you find the one you need; you can't touch and feel your way around an assembler. Aside from this, there are also special routines, primarily located on the home row, which control movement, insertion, deletion, jumping around the program space, creating and deleting names, and other necessities.

In contrast to a one or two pass assembler, this is a no-pass tool, as everything must at all times be in a valid state. You can't use a name before it's created; updating a name works modulo its usage size, preventing errors from surpassing limits; and deleting a name merely removes the association, preventing further updates upon changes, among other such measures.

This is a reasonable description of the tool. Currently, only I can use it, because it's not in a friendly state for installation and I only have a correct Dvorak mapping created. I'm also still refining it and removing bugs I've added during this refining. The entire system, including the three libraries I wrote for it, is less than two and a half thousand lines of code.

I've been trying to show this tool to a wider audience, but I've not found much of one yet. Feel free to tell me what you think and ask any questions concerning the tool.

Super Tux Kart Multiplayer


you have to compile the game in order to test it

Nostalgia or lost good

Early internet adopters, can you explain to us newbies how the internet was back then, the pros and cons to it and was the 'normie-fication' of said technology a beneficial convince or a detriment to it's purpose.

Linux Alternative General #2


This list is for desktop oriented operating systems. List is ordered roughly by developmental stage.

BSDs - finished, werks:

Name: MidnightBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: OpenBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: NetBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: Dragonfly BSD

License: Modified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic/Hybrid

Illumos - mostly server oriented, compatibility layer is there "but haven't ported it yet":

Name: OpenIndiana IllumoS

License: CDDL License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: IllumoS Monolithic

Name: ToaruOS IllumoS

License: UIUC License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: IllumoS Monolithic

Name: Tribblix IllumoS

License: CDDL License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: Illumos Monolithic

AROS Systems - Amiga-based niche OS, mostly justwerks:

Name: AROS Research OS

License: AROS Public License (Mozilla resemblence)

Kernel: Exec Microkernel

Name: Icaros Desktop

License: AROS Public License (Mozilla resemblence)

Kernel: Exec Microkernel

Name: Aspire OS

License: AROS Public License (Mozilla resemblence)

Kernel: Exec Microkernel

Name: AEROS OS (warning: do NOT use)

License: OIN License (Protection racket resemblence)

Kernel: Linux Monolithic (ain't no escape)

Oddball OS - experimental, will become better:

Name: Sculpt OS

License: GNU GPL License

Kernel: Genode OSF base-hw Microkernel

Name: Haiku

License: MIT License

Kernel: Haiku Monolithic/Hybrid

GNU/Hurd - experimental and desperately needs more active development because it's borderline abandonware:

Name: Arch Hurd

License: GNU GPL License

Kernel: GNU Mach Microkernel

Name: Devuan GNU/Hurd

License: GNU GPL License

Kernel: GNU Mach Microkernel

Name: Gentoo GNU/Hurd

License: GNU GPL License

Kernel: GNU Mach Microkernel

Name: GuixSD GNU/Hurd

License: GNU GPL License

Kernel: GNU Mach Microkernel

Name: NixOS GNU/Hurd

License: MIT License

Kernel: GNU Mach Microkernel

So what About Mendax?

Back in the 80's there was a little known aussie hacker by the name of Mendax. We know him as Julian Assange today.

What does /cyber/ think of him? His been in the game and a lot deeper than most of people. His rap sheet is impressive and he's contributed to open source in his more legit programmer days.

Now he seems like a fallen man child, unable to take care of his cat. Though that's the media we're getting. I'm afraid for him, he has every right to be paranoid considering the shit he's caused for the authority.

But doesn't that in a weird way make him a perfect caricature of all things cyberpunk? A hacker who went to far, like Icarus flying to close to the sun?

Data Dumps

This board has seen a surge of activity with the happening of Summer, so I'm going to put all of this in to one thread for new chummers. You know what's schway as fuck? Having loads of data on your disk so that you're not selling your soul to the corps every time you look something up. It feels pretty great to have a local store of information that you know you have no matter what. So here's some good dumps to get you started. Please feel free to add anything you want to this thread:

All of the Defcon talks that have been given. There's some schway stuff in there:

The magnet link for the entire /g/entoomen Library:


Huge collection of ebooks from an anon on this board:


The /cyber/ sticky links to the Jinteki site that hasn't been updated in forever. There's still a lot of cool /cyber/ stuff there, ranging from books to tv to movies. Instead of providing a magnet link to each thing mentioned, I'll let you find them yourself. Here's some links:

Jinteki site:

Good torrent search engine:

Another good torrent search engine:

Google: "filetype:pdf <book_name_here>"

FTP servers are great places to get loads of data that you'll never use. Here's some good FTP servers: is a pretty good place to find ftp servers. Most of them are down now because the site hasn't been updated in over a decade, but every now and then you'll find something good. Report back here with anything interesting.

Also, general thread on sharing your large collections of data with friends and family and easily absorbing theirs. What's your technique? I run a fileserver on my home network so that whenever someone comes over I just have them upload to there. It runs a Samba share so it's pretty easy for my non-schway friends to use.

Do people still respect robots.txt? Or does everyone ignore it now? Was it ever something that was respected in the first place?

What's the best language + tool for a sort of VN + interactive novel + roguelike.

It should have the easy text capabilities of CSS + htlm but also allow for writing binaries and text animations and basic capabilities of a game framework.

I'm heavily thinking libgdx could do the trick and I've used it before, but I wonder if there are better tools and languages than lmao java.

Why do i get the feeling that ubuntu is bloated.


What are you doing to prepare for the inevitable, chummers? Prepared for your SIN?

But really, what is to be done? And in general, why don't we have a place like this in onionland? At the moment, we're just a bunch of nobodies talkin dreck but still, as we are right now, we might as well register ourselves as "potential threats" with the local pig office