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수인이 좋긴하지만 수간충은 아니라구요

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쭉 봤는데 fairwind 작가나 Shigeru의 Shounen Zoom에 대해선

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The reason why koreans are here

We know you guys may wonder why koreans are here

All of us deeply interested in virtual male characters such as shota, femboy or yaoi stuffs

However, these tastes are usually shut out from other Korean communities

Some people even report us because they hate us too much

This is the reason why we're here

We hope you to understand that you are recommended to use ko in this thread

+) Photos or comments about real-life characters are also deleted


다시 한번

엠마스(사이마스),앙상블 스타즈 같은 뮤지션 쇼타들을 위대하게!