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/sg/ Syria General - Idlib BBQ Edition

Latest major developments as of 2018-05-16

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Damascus / Across Syria

>The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 4th division is currently leading a military operation to secure South Damascus in the ISIS-held Yarmouk Camp.

>May 16, 2018, The SAA announced the liberation of 1200 square kilometers and 65 villages in southern Hama and northern Homs (full control).

>May 10, 2018, 28 Israeli Air Force F-16 aircraft fired 60+ air-to-surface missiles at SAA/SyADF positions in southern Syria and Damascus. Syrian air-defense systems were hit. The Syrian military responded with their own salvos of rockets, and intercepted many missiles. According to the Russian MoD, Israel also launched roughly 10 surface-to-surface missiles. >>1555

>April 29, 2018, The Israeli Air Force attacked military positions in the provinces of Hama & Aleppo. One of the sites was a munition depot belonging to the SAA 47th Brigade. According to reports, local hospitals received multiples victims. There has been no confirmation on the number of injuries/fatalities.

>April 25, 2018, The SAA officially declared full control of Eastern Qalamoun.

>April 15, 2018, The SAA officially declared full control of Eastern Ghouta.

>May 4, 2018, The OPCW fact-finding mission completed its work and returned to The Hague. The analysis of the samples may take at least three to four weeks. During their mission, the inspection team visited two different sites in Douma.

>April 26, 2018, Russia and Syria held a news briefing at the OPCW where they had brought seventeen eyewitnesses from Douma who confirmed there was no attack there and the White Helmets had actually forged the video footage.

>April 14, 2018, The OPCW fact-finding mission invited by Syria and Russia arrived in Damascus.

>April 14, 2018, The USA, Britain and France attacked Syria with 105 cruise missiles (hours before the arrival of the OPCW).

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>March 18, 2018, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited Eastern Ghouta. >>724

>March 13, 2018, SAA units found an underground chemical facility in al-Shifonyah, Eastern Ghouta. Terrorists used it to develop chemical weapons. They found manuals, documentation from a Saudi chemical industrial company and various other items.

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Deir ez-Zor

>The US military has established at least 3 new bases in the oil-rich region of Eastern Deir ez-Zor (al-Tabiya, al-Amr/al-Omar, & al-Tanak oilfields).

>March 28, 2018, SAA units found three depots containing chemicals and equipment for the manufacture of ammunition.

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>April 8, 2018, The Israeli Air Force targeted Syria’s T-4 airbase. Syrian military stated the attack was carried out in coordination with the US military. The jets fired eight guided missiles, but five of them were shot down by Syrian air defense units. Three of the missiles reached the western part of the airfield. The Israeli aircraft did not enter Syrian airspace and launched the strikes while flying over Lebanon. Syrian media confirmed several casualties among Syrian soldiers, without specifying any number. Iran has confirmed 7 Iranians were killed (IRGC/militias).


>The US military has established 2 new bases in the region of Manbij.

>March 24, 2018, The Turkish Army (TSK) & allied moderate beheaders (TFSA) declared full control of the district of Afrin.

>March 18, 2018, The Turkish Army (TSK) & allied moderate beheaders (TFSA) declared full control of Afrin city.

>More than 170,000 civilians left the region for government-controlled Syria.


>See >>1303 >>1304 >>1305 for the latest information on US military installations in Hasakah Province.

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Yemen General - First Edition

First Yemen General thread. Should make it a lot easier to keep track of all the latest developments. See quick recap at the bottom.

Important: This will only work if anons interested about Yemen actively contribute to this thread.

Latest major developments as of 2018-05-07

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Sanaa / Across Yemen

>May 7, 2018, The Saudi-led coalition attacked the Presidential office in the Yemeni capital Sanaa. The complexes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, as well as the headquarters of the leaders of the Supreme Political Council were bombed. Saba News reports the strikes killed six civilians and injured 90 others.

>May 3, 2018, Three UAE warplanes and a ship loaded with heavy weapons and tanks arrived to the island of Socotra from the United Arab Emirates. The source said that these forces arrived unexpectedly, without informing the Yemeni side. >>1453

>April 19, 2018, The leader of the Houthi Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Samad was killed in a Saudi-led coalition airstrike in the eastern province of Hodeidah.


>April 22, 2018, Saudi-led airstrikes hit a house in Bani Qais where a wedding ceremony was being held. Latest reports indicate 30 people were killed and 55 injured (30 children among the casualties).

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen since March 2015 to restore power to fugitive president Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed at least 15,700 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Quick Recap (Work in progress)

>Yemen split between Shias in the northwest and sunnis elsewhere.

>Houthis (shia) in long term conflict with the government, but various ceasefires and negotiations etc. generally keep things calm.

>2011 (((Arab Spring))) hits.

>President Saleh abdicates, new elections happen.

>New elections feature literally only one candidate, Hadi.

>Hadi is unpopular, Houthis coup him and dissolve the parliament.

>February 21, 2015, President Hadi manages to slip out to Aden (Sunni majority town) and declares the coup illegitimate (starts a civil war).

>Ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh (who retained a fair degree of influence) supports Houthis. Also, Al-Qaeda pops up to join in the fun.

>Hadi's forces get BTFO by Houthis, about to lose the war at the end of 2015.

>Sauds decide to intervene, save Hadi and push Houthis back.

>The war becomes bit of a stalemate.

>December 4, 2017, Ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh decides to betray Houthis and join Sauds. He was killed by a Houthi sniper on the same day.

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