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Tarot of the Internet

I have in my possession a Rider-Waite tarot deck. I will, if anons are interested, endeavour to upload high quality scans. But onto the point of this.

It is pretty blatant, with precedence in Jungian approach to psychology and monomyth interpretations of the 'collective' unconscious, that the tarot deck has some special significance beyond it's superficial qualities. Either by chance or small permutations of symbolism over generations it has come to provide a physical depiction of cardinal motives and figures in the human mind.

It is the will of this anon that a new tarot be made. One of modern knowledge, time tested wisdom, and practical use. A tarot that can be used by meme magicians and the likes to symbolically identify events and persons in the contemporary era like the Illuminati deck hilariously does.

The trouble will be making sure the memes included can not be made obsolete. The fire rising, yay. Dat boi, nay. Symbolism that speaks to the deeper parts of the mind, that has been internalized by a culture so well that it would take genocide to pull it out by the root.

I request that information on the tarot be put here. Books are nice, infographs are better, self learned notes are best. I do not expect this to happen overnight, but it is a good long term goal.

The memetic terrorist

It was bound to happen that some pro-white terrorist would focus on memes as way to amplify his message, but the level of advanced shitposting this Aussie practiced both in his video stream and his manifesto, is quite impressive. He'll probably continue the focus on memes during his trial, since he managed to flash the White Power sign during his hearing.

I don't mean the thread to be a discussion on the morals or justification for terror, since that discussion is better done elsewhere, but we could need a thread focusing on his use of memes, and the wider impact that have.

BMW mentioned in Vice documentary

A reporter at vice tried to wrap their head around memetic warfare, he basically just interviewed a bunch of 'alt-right' activists and pretended to know what he was talking about. 8chan gets name dropped on multiple occasions, along with 4chan and r*ddit. overall nothing too interesting though.

What should we do about this increasing awareness of 8chan and memetic warfare? should we welcome publicity or reject it? what are your honest thoughts on /pol/-related things in the media?

Heres the full documentary:

webm also related, probably the only worthwhile part of the video