Nerve Center

They were Kings during the Middle Ages.

They fell behind during the Industrial Revolution.

Foreign interference from the already-industrialised territories, in many ways stopped them from catching up

But isn't the Arab world, with its strong families, masculine and active hierarchies, and powerful religious sentiment, in many ways much more promising than the West?

The Right Can't Dream

>TFW your "strategic opponents" who are only such from their own perspective build a memetics based on the category error of substance metaphysics and thus a flawed metaphysical theory of creativity, succeeding in their own endeavors only by intensifying the trajectory of their own error towards inevitable historical resolution and the universal correction of their error. Your "opponent" defeats themselves, or rather defeats what causes them to defeat themselves. In addition the more they know about your own strategic position the more it contributes to their strategic downfall, so by doing what they think are "stealing" the secrets of your efficacy, they are doing your work for you.

Can you imagine a strategic position that implements itself merely by virtue of being known? What is required is a reverse security: you want your "opponent" to know everything about you.

Meanwhile process-relational memeticists are creating self-actualizing visions of the future more magnificent than substance-peddlers can possibly imagine. Visions like this:


>Still stick on "meme wars" when it's really a dream war, fought via visions of the future on the merits of their self-realizing truth.