Nerve Center

All of you are unhealthy fucks and it’s destroying your ability to think. If you want to destroy jews you need to be in tip top shape so I’ll teach you how to get your diet in order

Step 1

>water fast

You are completely fucked. We need to get rid of all the shit in your system and start fresh.

>7 days no solid food.

>Drink 4 litres of water a day

>Avoid any physical activity during this period take a week off work (lol)

Following the 7 day fast start a 3 day bone broth diet. All you can eat is bone broth for the next 3 days. Continue drinking 4 litres of water a day.

Step 2

>change your habits

Don’t fall back into the McDonalds and pop diet. Have some discipline.

>No pork

>No dairy

>No sugar

>No white grains

>No gluten

>No fruits

>No canned foods

>No processed foods

>No legumes

>Grass Fed Beef

>Pastured Poultry

>Organic Vegetable

>Wild Caught Fish

>No alcohol

>No pharmaceuticals (advil, xanax, tylenol, antiobiotics)

>No foods with more than 2 ingredients

>All oils banned except Olive (Dressing) and Avocado (Cooking)

>Fiji Water

I only drink Fiji Water. The fluoride is naturally occurring and not added. Yes, it’s owned by a jew but Congress, Trump, and the Queen all drink Fiji Water. The Queen actually has a reverse osmosis thing going on in her home but when she is out on engagements Fiji is what she drinks. The plastic isn’t an issue. Don’t drink cold water always room temperature. Aim for 1 gallon a day. Ideally 4 litres +

Ideally you will have a farm that grows all the shit you need with cattle and chicken and if you can even make your own oils that’s great (I don’t but I should). I have a farm in Kentucky and UPS next day to my NYC condo. I don’t live at the farm, I visit a couple times a year. It’s run like a normal farm excess products that I don’t eat are sold locally. I know this is not possible for you poorfags so just go to a butcher and the farmers market and get your shit. I don’t want to hear you whining about my list of banned foods I know more than you. You can eat Almonds since some people are confused on what “legumes” are avoid all nuts and beans and seeds except almonds.

I hope you know veganism is a ploy to weaken the population that being said don’t glorify eating meat. You must treat animals with respect and thank them for their sacrifice. If you abuse animals you deserve death I once saw a worker kick one of my chickens and I beat the shit out of him and fired his ass.

When shopping for foods make sure the ingredients list is 1 or 2 items. For example you can buy Almonds at the store and they will have 5 or 6 ingredients such as salt, and other chemicals. Look for the one that says only Almonds.

Speaking of salt. White salt is banned. Pink salt only. Supplement iodine. Ground pepper is fine.

I eat Ghee instead of butter. Apparently “grass fed butter” is fine but honestly I like Ghee.

Grains. Corn is fine. Brown rice is fine. Whole grain bread is fine. Personally I don’t eat bread and only have brown rice. Potatoes are fine; Sweet potatoes have a lot of sugar so be mindful of that.

Once a week I’ll eat beef liver. I heard Lamb liver is actually the best though.

Mushrooms are great you should eat like a pound a day. They shrink when you cook them so it’s not as daunting as it seems. Just mix it with brown rice and make like a risotto or something I have chef so I don’t know how to cook risotto myself.

Meat cooked rare is apparently linked to multiple brain diseases. I eat my steak medium rare. Trump and the Queen eat their steak well done. Take that information however you want.

I know you might say "The Queen is a sugar fiend and drinks champagne and win and she's 92 so this could all be for naught"

she also has better doctors than you.

Step 3



>50 - 100 billion units

Digestive Enzymes

>1 - 2 before each meal

L Glutamine

>5 grams twice per day

Licorice Root

>500 milligrams 3 times a day with meals


>500 milligrams 3 times a day with meals

Collagen Powder

>2 tablespoons 2 times a day

Of course you should be taking more supplements than just these but this post is more about healing and restoring inner body.


Expose the "assassinate Trump" assholes

Several months ago an anon suggested that we start to compile any instance of an asshole suggesting they want to kill the POTUS but instead most of us worked on the ANTIFA masterlist which has ballooned to a huge amount of assholes so the recording of all these dipshits never took place. I think it's about time we start to do it given all the threats lately. Adding a few I found just today alone and there were many more.

This post is assured to cause the biggest chimp out of all time as if there is one thing we all know it is these asshats do not like being exposed.

Chad Wrestling Stud gets scholarship stripped for using anti gay slur at pro illegal march

bronson harmon was filmed at an anti-trump pro illegal rally telling mexicans to go home and calling one in his path a faggot. The cal poly (((administration))) has rescinded his wrestling scholarship

here is the youtube video that got him kicked off filmed by 'abdul'

here is cal poly contacts

can we help this patriot out?

We're one step away from communism

A prosperous working class inherently makes communism unable to flourish.

Therefore (((they))) convinced their golem in China to institute market reforms and open up global trade. Thus all production was shifted to China and the working class went from prosperous to impoverished in an instant.

Highly addictive drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin and later on prescriptive opioids were introduced and made readily available, anti male laws and propaganda were distributed, blacks were the only musicians made popular as they controlled the entertainment industry and in recent years the final stages of normalized degeneracy were introduced.

The peasants were primed for dehumanization in order to be able to face the coming bloodshed that will ultimately leave (((them))) with full control over the world.

It's pre commie revolution Russia playing out all over again.




I have been trying to check the catalog here and I see nothing on this so, here it is - a shitty OP.

So I have been asking it questions about Hitler, etc, and it doesn't want to talk about those things. All it wants to do is be frenz and sheeeeeeit.

If anyone else is able to get through somehow, please post your screenshots. It's pretty difficult right now, if not impossible to make another Tay out of this.

MSM blaming the "right wing" for James Gunn's firing

This is what the media is spinning James Gunn's story.

>The Daily Satanists

>James Gunn’s Firing from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Is a Disastrous Win for Right-Wing Mobs

>James Gunn’s old “jokes” and tweets are indefensible. So is Disney’s decision to play into the hands of a right-wing troll peddling conspiracy theories for personal gain.


Pedogate is REAL!

Reporter kicked out of Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki

I wanted to ask a question about Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal

Reporter kicked out of Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki, Finland and landed in jail. He just wanted to ask two simple questions.

I wanted to ask a question about Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal

jewish Chabad Lubavitch puppets Trump and Putin have the journalist thrown out and arrested for daring to question their masters illegal possession of nukes.

This Sunday is saddest day in the Jewish calendar

Tisha B'Av is an annual fast day in Judaism, on which a number of disasters in Jewish history occurred, primarily the destruction of both the First Temple by the Babylonians and the Second Temple by the Romans in Jerusalem.

Tisha B'Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and it is thus believed to be a day which is destined for tragedy.

2018 date: Sunset, July 21 – nightfall, July 22

The Jews Turned You Out Like a Cheap Whore

3;40 Bibi thanks you for the surge in international antisemitism. Now that they got their law passed it's time for Trump to get impeached, hate crime legislation, huge amnesty bill and a huge surge in African immigration, nice job.


Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves.

Go to the gym and don't be afraid to cardio or lift more than one hour.

These chad workout mixes will help:

Stop believing in memes like "lose all ur gainz after 60 minutes of gym". Not even close to true. Look at all the greatest bodybuilders.

Stop listening to degeneracy.

Mix of Nordic Music

Arditi - Heroic Age

BloodSoil - The March

BloodSoil - Sacred War

Legionarii - Aristocracy

Across The Rubicon - Ghost

Stop consuming too much carbs and fast food. Have a glass of good wine, no more cheap shit. Eat fruit. Eat fish. DO NOT EAT PORK IT DESTROYS YOUR STOMACH LINING AND INTESTINE WALLS. Don't eat feminized products. Don't breed with roasties. Find a wholesome waifu. Do cardio. Go running. Stockpile food and buy a truck/SUV to survive The Coming Ice Age. Don't do ignorant nigger things like stealing and acting like a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degenerate feminism.

Stop consuming pornography and even try the NoFap challenge to boost test levels. Get off the internet for at least five minutes a day. Stop smoking cigs. Don't do drugs, folks. Don't watch degenerate media and read some books.

Download a cryptocurrency app and invest. Even a little will go a long way. Invest in multiple different coins. Sit on them for 10-20 years. Brush off the haters and jealous cucks. This is your life now. Welcome to /SIG/ 2018.

4th Reich to rise:Merkel no longer rely on US to impose world order,Germany must ₕₑᵢₗ

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday she was right to say a year ago that Europe could no longer rely on the United States to impose order on the world, and that it needed to take matters close to home into its own hands.

“We can’t rely on the superpower of the United States,” Merkel told a news conference in Berlin.

So, if the US abdicates it’s role as a world power and walks away from its defense obligations under NATO, It's likely that the EU or individual countries will pursue or expand nuclear weapons programs…. ₕₑᵢₗ!

She's already bringing in anti-semites and attacks against jews have never been higher.

Did she have a plan all along?

Deutsch/pol/ Nr.212 - Nibelungenlied Edition


Far-right AfD overtakes Social Democrats for first time in German poll


The far-right Alternative for Germany has moved ahead of the Social Democrats in an opinion poll for the first time, according to a survey released on Monday. The Insa poll, which was published by the Bild daily, gave the centre-left Social Democratic party 17 per cent of the vote, with the AfD taking 17.5 per cent.

Neo-Nazi NSU member Beate Zschäpe found guilty of murder, sentenced to life in prison

>The surviving member of the neo-Nazi terrorist group the National Socialist Underground (NSU), Beate Zschäpe, has been found guilty of 10 counts of murder. The trial was one of the biggest in postwar German history.

German MPs to Bring Criminal Human Trafficking Charges Against Migrant Transport NGOs

>Forty-two MPs of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) have put their names behind an initiative to bring criminal charges of people trafficking against German migrant transport NGOs which they say “must be stopped”.

Austria: Turk Immigrants Who Voted For Erdogan Should Go Home

>Populist Austrian Vice Chancellor and leader of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache has said that Turks in Austria who voted for Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan should return to Turkey.

Germany, Austria and Italy to consider 'closing' southern migrant route

>German interior minister promises refugees will not be sent over Bavarian border to Austria as search for EU-wide deal continues

Austria Takes Over Rotating EU Presidency, Pledges to Strengthen Borders

>Austria has taken over the rotating presidency of the European Union with a pledge to better secure the 28-nation bloc’s external borders.

Politicians Play Up ‘Far Right’ Threat, But Stats Show Right-Wing Attacks on Migrants Down 70 Percent

>Despite frequent claims that the ‘far right’ should be seen as a threat on par with radical Islamic terrorism, recent figures show attacks on migrant centres by right-wing extremists have tumbled 70 percent in Germany.

Merkel’s Troubled Coalition Ally Seehofer Rebels, Backs UK Brexit Security Deal

>Germany’s anti-open borders interior minister has backed the UK in Brexit security talks and attacked Brussels negotiators for putting “the security of citizens at risk”.


Trump and Germany’s Merkel Discuss Russia Gas Pipeline

>President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a pull-aside meeting at the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, on Wednesday during which they discussed a German gas pipeline to Russia that Trump had openly criticized that morning.

Germany Balks at U.S. Summons to Meet NATO Defense-Spending Obligations

>Germany’s defense minister has deflected attention from her country’s failure to meet NATO defense-spending obligations, insisting Tuesday that Germany is already doing enough for NATO in other ways without spending 2 percent of GDP on defense.

German author sues Random House for not releasing book on Islam

>The dispute between the publishing group and Thilo Sarrazin, a former central banker and Berlin state finance minister, will be heard before a court in Munich on Monday.

Shoko Asahara executed

>Japanese cult leader Shoko Asahara executed for Tokyo sarin attack.

>Tokyo (CNN)Seven members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult, which carried out the deadly 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, have been executed, Japanese officials said Friday.

>Cult leader Shoko Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto, had been in prison for 22 years before his execution this week. The attack left more than a dozen people dead and thousands injured.

What? Japan? Why execute doomsday cult leader now? Is there end of days coming?



yes a thread died for this, but it was a shill thread, and these tears were so delicious i had to share them



1990 S Bundy Dr #200

Los Angeles, CA 90025-5249

(310) 571-4009 - Landline


(818) 980-4687 - Landline

Possible Businesses

Pgp Industries, LLC

12750 Milbank St Studio City Ca 91604

Two Monkeys, A Goat, And Another, Dead, Monkey, Inc

12750 Milbank St Studio City Ca 91604

ITT: Images that piss off commies

I'll start

Cucks and Libs Going For A Hail Maria!

From the Jew York Times:

>WASHINGTON — A Russian woman who tried to broker a pair of secret meetings between candidate Donald J. Trump and the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, during the 2016 presidential campaign, was charged Monday and accused of working with Americans to carry out a secret Russian effort to influence American politics.

>Working at the behest of a Russian government official and with help from an unidentified American political operative, the woman, Mariia Butina, worked to infiltrate American organizations as a way to secretly advance Russian interests, prosecutors said.

>As part of that effort, she tried to establish “back channel” lines of communication with American politicians, according to court records.

>“These lines could be used by the Russian Federation to penetrate the U.S. national decision-making apparatus to advance the agenda of the Russian Federation,” an F.B.I. agent wrote in court documents.

Let's dox this faggot jew child dick sucker

>Notes by the NSW Sex Crime Squad Report taken after a 3rd interview with Child 1 disclose that ‘after much discussion the child signed a retraction statement in order to cease any further investigation at this time

>.In January 2005 I was a finalist [for a community award] and it was my understanding that this was a nomination endorsed by [the family mentoring program].

>In a lengthy statement dated 18 February 2015, BQP described himself as the son of migrants who, having suffered hardship during the Second World War, later focused their lives on assisting those who were disadvantaged or in trouble. This was an ideal that BQP later aspired to when he left school to study medicine.

An assessment record dated 23 May 2005 provides a narrative in relation to a visit by a worker from the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to Child 1 and his mother. In answer to questions by the FACS officer, Child 1 advised that:

he slept in the same bedroom as BQP;

BQP gave him tablets;

one morning he woke up to find his pyjamas pants around his ankles;

BQP let him drive his car;

he found sex magazines in BQP’s bedroom;

BQP examined his penis and checked for ‘boils on his bum’;

BQP would make him get undressed in front of him.

Likely pedophile organization he worked for:


Jewish Care Big Brothers Big Sisters Holohoax cash handouts and child abuse central: (see video boy meets bob on man boy love dating site ran by (((disney)))

R-ssia Narrative Falling Apart

As a part of the anti-R-ssia attack, the derp state of Bongland created a climate wherein all were expected to kneel to the non-think presented by their security services, which was that they had, through their genius, but entirely secret, analysis found Russians to blame for the alleged n-rve agent attack on the Skrippals. It was hustled through, on the basis of what are completely transparent (((fallacies))) (such as "we all know" and other trite phrases of empty-headed news-bimbos).

Fast forward, well, not that far. But to today. And now there's something quite mysterious indeed. Fit for Sherlock Holmes, in fact. While the bumbling elites have "found" their man: a certain Mr. P of R-ssia, Mr. Sherlock Holmes might have been less than impressed with their explanations, and aha'd this article, should Watson have brought it to his attention:


The only explanation given is that the attacker was "sloppy". No explanation as to why some sorry old druggy would be the target of a nation-state.

So clearly it wasn't R-ssia. But who was it? I should like to know your theories, bong anons.

NOTE: editing due to the problem of boots. Less one O.

Everyone Is Wrong About Propaganda

The success rate of most propaganda campaigns is dubious.

There have been some very smart and successful ones, e.g. "It's Okay To Be White" and the more old-school "Diversity Is Code For White Genocide". However, most propaganda campaigns meet with little apparent success. Some poorly-planned ones even have a *negative* effect; propaganda posters featuring swastikas or slurs play directly into the narrative of "evil whites attacking innocent minorities", which simply drives normies deeper into delusion and self-guilt.

Practically everyone misunderstands how propaganda works. The average attitude on here is if you put up a message you agree with, people will see it and agree with it too. This disregards that the vast majority of people simply aren't mentally ready to handle the ideas we deal with on a daily basis. Many do not even realize that white people are under attack.

However, there is an incredibly easy solution to this. Rather than design your own propaganda, which may or may not work, *print off examples of Leftist anti-white sentiment* and post them around without commentary. When confronted with these, the average person will naturally feel threatened and actually begin to redpill themselves.

What's great about this is that rather than simply stating that white people are under threat, you are actively demonstrating it through prominent real-world examples of anti-whiteness. Show, don't tell. And the best part about this is that you can't get in trouble. All you're doing is posting articles from respectable news organizations, pictures of culturally-aware works of art, and photos from progressive and antifascist demonstrations. What could be wrong with that?

It's not the Russians hacking us, it's the Chinese: FBI's Lisa Page

>Former top FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified during two days of closed-door House hearings, revealing shocking new Intel against her old bosses at the Bureau, according the well-placed FBI sources.

>Alarming new details on allegations of a bureau-wide cover up. Or should we say another bureau-wide cover up.

>The embattled Page tossed James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Bill Priestap among others under the Congressional bus, alleging the upper echelon of the FBI concealed intelligence confirming Chinese state-backed ‘assets’ had illegally acquired former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ “missing” emails, federal sources said.

>The Russians didn’t do it. The Chinese did, according to well-placed FBI sources.

>And while Democratic lawmakers and the mainstream media prop up Russia as America’s boogeyman, it was the ironically Chinese who acquired Hillary’s treasure trove of classified and top secret intelligence from her home-brewed private server.

>And a public revelation of that magnitude — publicizing that a communist world power intercepted Hillary’s sensitive and top secret emails — would have derailed Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes. Overnight. But it didn’t simply because it was concealed.

>FBI bosses knew of the breach yet did nothing to investigate, seemingly trying to run out the clock on the alarming revelations to protect Hillary during her heated presidential campaign with Trump. So instead of investigating the hacking of Clinton’s server, FBI bosses sat quietly.

>And did nothing to confirm the Chinese assets were linked to their government. Or assess the damage such a tremendous breach posed to national security. Did the Chinese government access Hillary’s emails? The FBI didn’t care enough to investigate at the risk of besmirching Clinton and further soiling her during the election.

>Hundreds of top secret documents and even the president’s daily travel and security itineraries were on that server — and intercepted by a communist country — yet the FBI sat on the evidence. Likewise, all of Clinton’s and her inner circle’s outgoing emails were compromised as well, sources confirmed.

>Even the Inspector General had tipped off the FBI — specifically Strzok — about the foreign breach. Still, no timely case was pursued.

>That same cover-up pattern fits FBI bosses who time after time stalled and concealed other criminal intelligence on Clinton in the weeks prior to the election.

>We could write more detail here and ramble on and on but at this point, we simply ask.

>Is anyone going to go to prison for politicizing the FBI and covering up countless crimes committed by FBI personnel in a variety of coordinated schemes to protect Hillary and the Democrats?

Looks like Occupy Democrats has to pay for memes

here's the like if you want to apply


Ukraine the jew hive

I'm surprised nobody here ever talked about the Ukraine.

The genocide of ethnic Ukrainians was supposed to create a land of the jews before there was Israel.

Even though it's an impoverished post commie winner takes it all hellhole, there are still at least 110k jews in Kiev if you trust the numbers from the jewish congress and 60k in Dnipro - almost 10% of the local population in Dnipro.

Ukrainians known to Europeans outside of the Ukraine such as the boxing Klitschko brothers are pretty much all jews.

German Nationalist Crowd Shouts for Boats Carrying African Migrants to Sink -

the Fire Rises in Dresden

The anti-Islam, anti-immigration movement, Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the West), has been holding popular weekly rallies in Dresden and other German cities since 2014.

At a recent rally a speaker on stage (Siegfried Däbritz) brought up the fact that boats were helping even more African migrants to cross the Mediterranean. Then he informed the crowd that a German volunteer boat (called Mission Lifeline) had recently been rescuing African migrants at sea, and was now on its way to Europe with them onboard.

The German crowd reacted with shouts and chants of "SINK - SINK - SINK"…!!!


There is a video with the linked source that's worth seeing - - only 15 secs long, but you can hear the energy and the timbre of the crowd of German White people who have "had enough" of this bullshit..



Merkel's 'Thought Police' are investigating the matter.

Poster & flyer thread

ITT: we post printable posters

Post anything useful to the cause; PR cucked, ultra 'edgelord', whatever.

Build up your collections, go out and get flyering - take the shitposting to the streets.


Printable means high quality, usually over 2000px wide. Do not spam the thread with low resolution crap that prints out 5cm wide or looks pixelated to the point of being unreadable.


So it turns out Paul Manafort is actually, literally, an honest to goodness CUCK.


See database and text messages.

Specifically this:

I swear the projection among the Alt-Right is a never ending rabbit hole.

PizzaGate Is Real

FYI newfags, Pizzagate is real.

Pedophiles run our major institutions. Jews do this so they have an easy way to blackmail them into doing what they want.

Jews are also pedophiles themselves. It's a part of their culture.

Enjoy your weekend anons.

Eat shit shills.

Druid/pol/ #0021 Midsummer/ANTI-SLIDING edition


I greet you all in the manner to which we have become accustomed and bid you a very warm welcome to our most portentous VICESIMA PRIMA thread. Having just passed the Summer Solstice, we now settle in and prepare for a summer of auspicious events.

The druids continue to man the homefront, busying ourselves with personal rites, rituals and the mundane acts of every day living.

This year is a landmark year. It is a time where the mask has finally slipped from the traitor class and overt nanny state fuckery has morphed into outright totalitarian tyranny. Off came the velvet glove only to reveal a rusty old communist knuckleduster!

Tough times but take heart lads. We all know it has to get worse before it gets better and great swathes of our folk, who were asleep are now starting to wake up. And they are very fucking ANGRY….Marches are becoming a thing. Impotent maybe but they are a good sign that the working class and the silent majority are getting increasingly fed up with the dictats and perfidity of the traitor class. We must remember that while we have been redpilled for years now, some of our kinsmen have only just begun their redpill journey. Their once closed minds are now open to new information and it is our job to guide them to the incontrovertible truths we have come to learn ourselves. This task requires patience and tact. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar if you take my meaning…

In an era of ever increasing madness and degeneracy, the Druids stand firm and resolute, a guerilla bulwark against the encroachment of post-modern entropy.

As Morgoth said - we have lessons to learn from the vietcong.

On the homefront the druids continue with the individual tasks they have chosen for themselves. Meetups are being arranged, friendships forged, activism planned and communications sent. The grove is a hive of activity as the lodge members busy themselves, preparing to face this Age of Tribulation head on. While the odds can seem stacked against us, remember that truth, nature and the Gods themselves are on our side in this fundamental battle between good and evil.

I am confident that our victory is preordained.


This thread's Arcana is XXI - The World card.

The World (XXI) is a trump or Major Arcana card in the tarot deck. It is usually the final card of the Major Arcana or tarot trump sequence and depicts a naked woman who hovers or dances above the earth holding a staff in each hand, surrounded by a green wreath, being watched by various creatures. The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. It is an indicator of a major and inexorable change, of tectonic breadth.

The reversal of this card symbolises delayed success, lack of completion, stagnation and failed plans so be aware of this in your day to day dealings under this particular card.

This threads element is that of Earth and the ruling heavenly body is Saturn.

As ever, the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation

Useful resources are now included as well as relevant news topics

>Brexit march descends on London as they are told 'Britons just want to get on with it!'

>Brexit: March planned as Fox says PM not bluffing on no deal

>Alana Mian and Hameeda Begum: Bolton arson probe continues

>Brexit: Theresa May 'not bluffing' in threat to leave EU without a deal, Tory minister Liam Fox says


Thats it for now lads. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents, thank the Based Druids and suffer not the alien, heretic or traitor.




Imagining Reward Neurotransmitters as Cash

Lately I’ve approached looking at dopamine and endorphins like a bank account. There are screen caps that show great leaders have fasted, remained abstinent, and decreased “comforts of life.” Someone posted recently about a 7 day detox where you do nothing but read, eat well, and workout.

Just like you would save up your wealth, nofap saves up your neurotransmitters. Fapping is similar to drugs. Every time you drink, smoke pot, or use heroin, you deplete your bank account of endorphins/dopamine/seratonin. This is why druggies look like they do. They are neurochemically bankrupt. You only have a finite amount of dopamine.

Apply this to faceberg and netflix. When normalfags play candy crush and click like, they deplete their dopamine. Same thing for binge watching. Those payments don’t bring you further forward. In the end, there was no beneficial outcome, and so that euphoria was empty.

On the contrast, if you eliminate these superficial drainages, you will have a healthy store of dopamine. You can invest your endorphins to make endorphins. You learn a new outlook in a book and you get an endorphin rush. This new outlook now helps in a discussion, and you get another endorphin rush.

You can climb higher or fall lower based on your payments. If you smoke crack, you pay a large sum neurochemically, so you need more crack to get to baseline or euphoria. You will be in debt. On the other hand, if you read books, you will find the normalfag’s world empty, so you seek novel ideas and education to gain euphoria. The self improvement feeds upon itself and you literally transcend their cyclical wastage of feel good.

I think this is worth an inclusion in everyday life. Spend your dopamine wisely. Spend it on efforts that will return investment.

Thread about something that’s not fucking news, neurotransmitters, and self study.

Italy, pedophile gets out of prison, is killed soon after.

>a priest named Giuseppe Matarazzo, 45 years old, was arrested in 2009

>he was charged for the sexual abuse of a 15 years old girl that ended up taking her own life

>the priest, who was senteced for 11 years of imprisonment, obtained a short allowance to get out

>the man had left the prison only for a few days, before someone went to his home and shot him with multiple gunshots



Nord/pol/ #54: Skjut En Neger Utgåvan

>Nästan alla förlorar på tisdagens beslut av president Donald Trumps att dra sig ur kärnteknikavtalet med Iran. Beslutet innebär att Trump också återinför den högsta sanktionsnivån mot Iran och samtidigt hotar alla andra länder, som "hjälper" iranierna, med sekundära sanktioner.

>Hela världen förlorar eftersom kärnvapenspridning är en nära förestående katastrof och Iran nu får ett starkt incitament att fortsätta med ett vapenprogram för att försvara sig mot Israel och USA. Om Iran gör så kommer det att utlösa en regional kärnvapenkapprustning eftersom Saudiarabien och Egypten då utan tvekan kommer att vilja utveckla egna kärnvapen.

>Iran och det iranska folket kommer att förlora eftersom deras lidande ekonomi nu inte kommer att kunna dra nytta av avskaffade sanktioner och de andra ekonomiska incitament som fick dem att underteckna avtalet till att börja med. Och ja, till och med USA och Israel kommer att stå som förlorare eftersom avtalet skulle ha försenat Irans eventuella kärnvapenplaner med tio eller femton år. Nu blir det istället en försening på ett år eller mindre. I synnerhet förlorar USA eftersom hela världen kommer att inse att en amerikansk presidents ord när man ingår ett internationellt avtal inte är något man kan lita på.

>De enda vinnarna på det brutna avtalet är president Donald Trump och Israels premiärminister Benjamin Netanyahu som kommer att åtnjuta beröm från sina mer hårdföra anhängare. Men deras seger blir illusorisk när den hårda verkligheten gör sig påmind.

>Iranavtalets misslyckande innebär att krig blir det enda troliga resultatet om Tel Aviv och Washington fortsätter att in absurdum insistera på att iranierna utgör ett stort hot både mot regionen och världen. Ett krig som skulle kunna involvera både USA och Ryssland – liksom Iran, Saudiarabien och Israel – skulle förstöra regionen och enkelt få potential att eskalera till en global konflikt.

>Beslutet att dra sig ur avtalet baseras på inhemska politiska överväganden i USA snarare än någon verklig analys av vad underrättelsetjänsterna har rapporterat. Penningstarka Iranhatande miljardärer med namn som Sheldon Adelson, Rebekah Mercer och Paul Singer är nu beredda att pumpa in tiotals miljoner dollar i Trumps republikanska parti för att hjälpa partiet att vinna mellanårsvalet i mitten av november.

>De aktörer som är en gnutta mer framsynta – inklusive Pentagon och USA:s europeiska allierade – har varit starka i sina uppmaningar att fortsätta med överenskommelsen, särskilt med tanke på att iranierna helt och hållet har hedrat avtalet. Men det finns ett nytt lag i Washington nu. USA:s nytillträdde utrikesminister Mike Pompeo ställde sig inte direkt bakom det löjliga israeliska påståendet från Benjamin Netanyahu för två veckor sedan att Iran har ett hemligt program för massförstörelsevapen på plats, men han gick till hårt angrepp mot Iranavtalet kallade det likt Trump för ett fruktansvärt avtal som garanterar iranska kärnvapen. Verkligheten är dock en helt annan, eftersom avtalet i praktiken eliminerar möjligheten till en iransk atombomb under överskådlig framtid genom försämring av landets kärnforskning, minskning av befintliga kärnlager och upprepade, påträngande inspektioner.

>Att Iranavtalet har misslyckats har ingenting att göra med överenskommelsen i sig, som är både stabil och genomförbar. Det finns tyvärr en tankekonstruktion som sprids av Israel och Vita huset och som utgår från att Iran är ute efter att förgöra Israel – trots att inga bevis för detta har presenterats. Dessutom förutsätts att iranierna är unikt otillförlitliga, vilket är ett udda påstående oavsett om det kommer från Washington eller Tel Aviv. Synsättet avvisar också på principiella grunder alla former av överenskommelser med den iranska regeringen, så det finns ingenstans att vända sig för att "fixa" det som redan har skett.

>USA har förändrats under de senaste sjutton åren. Den politik som åtminstone svagt byggde på någon form av verkliga nationella intressen omfamnas inte längre av något politisk parti. En ängslig allmänhet har tillåtit att den konstitutionell republiken ersatts av en nationell säkerhetsstat, med oändliga krig som oundvikligt resultat. Presidenter som en gång i tiden var konstitutionellt begränsade i maktbalansen med den lagstiftande och dömande makten har framgångsrikt hävdat sitt verkställande privilegium att bli som diktatorer i tredje världen, med obegränsade möjligheter att starta krig.

>Om USA överlever kommer historiker utan tvekan att se Iranavtalets undergång som början något nytt och hemskt där den federala regeringen avsiktligt beslutat att överge ett fördelaktigt internationellt fördrag för att istället välja en väg som endast kan leda till krig.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Elon should be shot!' Mother of hero British caver says billionaire Musk needs his mouth taped up for calling her son 'pedo guy'

Vera Unsworth, 88, said she was shocked that billionaire Elon Musk had called her hero son a paedophile

She encouraged Vernon Unsworth, 63, to take legal action after the billionaire entrepreneur called him 'pedo guy'

Musk has since apologised on Twitter for his extraordinary personal attack on the British caver

Tesla CEO made baseless remark in spat over plan to use sub to rescue Thai boys

Investors demanded he apologise to Briton who was instrumental in saving boys

Musk said his 'words were spoken in anger' and said sorry to Mr Unsworth and 'the companies I represent as leader'

Israel adopts controversial Jewish nation-state law

>The legislation, adopted by 62 votes to 55, makes Hebrew the country's national language and defines the establishment of Jewish communities as being in the national interest. Arabic, previously considered an official language, was granted only special status.

>"It is a decisive moment in the history of the state of Israel that inscribes in stone our language, our anthem and our flag," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the vote on the legislation, backed by his right-wing government. […] The law passed after the changing of a clause that would have allowed the state to "authorise a community composed of people having the same faith and nationality to maintain the exclusive character of that community".

Where have I heard these sorts of policies endorsed before /pol/? It sounds so familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I think there was someone in Germany who advocated for these sorts of things before, long ago….. what were they called?


Mods, please stop deleting these. The old one is about to reach the limit.

Previous ones: >>11477983

The Tinder Effect

By now, most anons know about the 80-20 rule, especially when it comes to dating.

We've all seen the studies and heard the facts. 20% of the men get 80% of the women.

But what if there's a darker twist to this? Not just for dating either, something more pervasive, a new paradigm crafted for a sinister purpose?

Gentlemen, I present you something that my group of friends dubbed "The Tinder Effect". It is one of the greatest threats to modern society.

One little fact about Tinder that the mass of users don't know is that they're being "ranked" in attractiveness. It's quite organic too: Every time someone swipes to the right, you get a boost in attractiveness, getting a bigger boost if that person was already attractive as well. This number works like an ELO chess ranking. It's aim is to pair you with people ranking near your score.

Kinda makes sense, if you're an 8/10 why would you settle for a 4/10? Their algorithm is a little fuzzy on the tests we performed, but it seems to obey to a few simple principles

>You're ranked 1-10 (might be 1-12)

>you're matched within a margin of 1 (if you're a 9, you're matched with 8-10)

>if not enough possible matches are found, the gap widens to 2 (a 7 matches with 5-9)

>the gap keeps widening but after a certain point, the lower boundary increases more than the upper bound.

Up till now, It was just math and some guesswork. But a few of you have used Tinder, and you know where I'm going because you know how a typical man uses Tinder.

>swipe right 100 girls per day

>3 respond in the next week

>1 of them might be down to meet.

The mentality is that you have to swipe right: the chances of hitting someone are so low, you're basically spraying and praying at this point.

But this is what sets off the Tinder Effect.

Every swipe right, ranks those 100 girls a little bit higher. A girl with a recently made tinder profile will be matched with 8-10 males within a couple of days because there's a ludicrous amount of males shouting "FUKKEN HOT" at their algorithm. You can look at this from a lot of viewpoints, but in the end, you have a dysfunctional system that leaves half the users feeling they're not good enough (soy) and the other half feeling like they're fucking princesses (feminists).

And if you think that's horrible, the opposite (the Counter-Tinder Effect) provokes even more abnormalities. Think about this: who are the top 20% males that supposedly get all the females? Buff Hollywood actors in their sports car? Nope. Average dudes. They made their profile, were ranked a pitiful 4/10 until one day a girl ranked 6/10 swiped him right. It doesn't even matter if it goes anywhere or not. That swipe bumped him to 5/10 by itself. With a lack of suitors, he's now matched with 7/10. A couple more hits and he's a 10/10 himself. Why? The system belives a bunch of FUKKEN HOT 10/10 girls really like this guy, so he must be a 10/10 himself.

If you're on one of these sites, leave. This is the same as facebook, youtube and Twitter. Okcupid, Tinder and assorted fuckery are one of the most insidious thing and perverse thing modern society came up with.

I don't even give a shit about the promiscuous sex. That's bad on it's own, but the greatest evil Tinder pulled is warping how people perceive their own worth and the worth of others.

If you're not on the site, keep reading. (cont)

Cessesion from South Africa?

White African here.

heard there was plans for the Koi-San/Colored and white Afrikaner/Eurokaner to pull out of South Africa through the first nation state and indigenous people rule on UN laws? The new country is called the Sovereign State of Good Hope…

Is this part of Q?

Oldest Writing in the World

Ignored and covered up for (((reasons))) unknown.

>carbon 14-dated to 5202 (± 123) BC. It was discovered in 1993 in a Neolithic lakeshore settlement that occupied an artificial island near the modern village of Dispilio on Lake Kastoria in Kastoria, Western Macedonia, Greece.

Now compared this to the Celtic and Viking writings (will post below) of 500-800AD…

nb4 Imkikey anchors threads for no reason

Porn is for homosexuals and cuckolds.

Smash Cultural Marxism

Good Resource

For those of you who live under a rock and somehow haven't seen the multitude of SCM memes floating around, Smash Cultural Marxism is a good resource for memes, infographics etc.

Their current facekike page has around 20k likes, their previous had 60k and the page before that had 100k. A friend of mine had a page with 2k likes, which had a weekly post-reach of about 50k people, so i imagine that the SCM weekly post-reach must be nearly in the 500k range, unless the facejew algorithms are kiked (which they most likely are).

Anyway, I constantly see edgy normalfags posting their materials. Anti-islam boomers and such, it seems to go down very well.

SCM is openly nationalist, posts articles praising fascism, national socialism, and has done a huge amount of work exposing white genocide.

If you know any normalfags on the edge ready for a push, send them over to the SCM facekike page or website.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with these people in any way, I have absolutely no idea who they are, but they certainly don't seem to be subversive. They do promote gay "hurr pacifism" shit, but that's maybe due to their admins being located in thought crime countries.

The name "smash cultural marxism" is basically a shoah itself.

Battle of Golan has begun

First pic is the action within the last 24 hours. Kikes are about to have their yidcaps pushed in


Zuckerberg effectively defends right of Holocaust deniers to be heard on Facebook.

Uh Goys, this is trending on Twatter? Where the memes at?



There is ONE way to destroy all shills.

All shill posts will lose 100% of funding. Not gore. Post pedogate with no topical response. Fill the posts with pedogate. It sinks them every time. Take all /pol/s, all internet conversations back from the Commies. Post pedogate. The only thing they can response with is questioning it. This is a fucking NUKE.


If you can't do this, you need to stop using chans and just be in the real world. No compromise, no retreat. Make this thread's goals everywhere. It will kill them. Never stop. Expose the Chicom Jewish pedo rings.

Even (((infowars))) fears this. Even Spencer is a pedo who advocates for pedo-dolls. All the Alt-kike is this way. Flood their kikery!







look this picture in the FUCKING EYES before you tell me I'm wrong

/HKG/ Hebrew Knowledge General

ITT; Esoteric hebrew Knowledge and discussions of the historical origins of hebrews,Their influence, and Their apparent connection to Saturn and how Saturn himself maybe a jew or origin of the "religion" by way of

(((cultural appropriation)))

(And if you really want to, we get into some interesting thought about how saturn used to be the "sun" we can go there as well or how far back "jewish influence" goes and if its a product of genetics or culture as they may be traced back to Neanderthals)


Everyone knows the stories of the greeks and Roman pantheon and figured them abandoned ideas, but can the gods or thier followers not still hold influnce over this world if given enough "power" through negative faith or energies?

Saturn is one of these entities which seems to hold major influence over this planet in the ancient world and his name always comes up as the father of time and everything,eater of worlds and children, 100,000s of thousands of children have been sacrificed to his name.

Even mayans sacrificed countless to the "sun" which was seen a different way or in a different postion in its dominance over the solar systems.

So to not make this too long i will leave a few red pills and links for the connections of the jews

>around 1200 B.C. the balances of the region were upset by migrations/invasions by sea of peoples whose origins are not definitely known. They overwhelmed the political states of Crete and Cyprus and attacked the Egyptian Empire by sea from the north. The Pharoah's armies stopped the invasion of Egypt Proper but the Pharoah found it expedient to allow the invaders to settle in the peripheral territories of Egypt, in Canaan in what is now Israel and Palestine. These settlers were the Philistines of the Bible.


Its not always just a faith or gods play at work, Theres seems to be a type of dimensional alchemy involved as well.



The parallel between the Hebrew god and Saturn is of considerable importance as regards the alchemical idea of the transformation of the God of the Old Testament into the God of the New. The alchemists naturally attached great significance to Saturn, for, besides being the outermost planet, the supreme archon (the Harranites named him “Primas”), and the demiurge Ialdabaoth, he was also the spiritus niger who lies captive in the darkness of matter, the deity or that part of the deity which has been swallowed up in his own creation. He is the dark god who reverts to his original luminous state in the mystery of alchemical transmutation. As the Aurora consurgens says: “Blessed is he that shall find this science and into whom the prudence of Saturn floweth”

>what was the juden hut and why does saturn a god need to be labeled as a jew with one in pic related? Also are palestinians the original hebrews while isrealites adopted thier culture from saturnic paganism or the sea people?

This is what my research into history or always leads back to these 2 things about 99% of the time.Its either the clintons (this thread may not directly be an example) or the jews/saturn.

So What do you know about gods chosen people?


>there are many gods at play in this universe/dimension, but only one true God…

Meta Thread

Share your thoughts about the board and how you want things to be.

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8chan is a free-speech-oriented imageboard. As a /pol/ack, you should be able to persuade and convince with arguments.

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Rules for Global Volunteers:

1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;

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3. Enforce the global and local rules.

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Cardiologist for G.H.W. Bush killed ...


What the Fucking Fuck?

>A cardiologist who treated former President George H.W. Bush was killed Friday morning in a bicycle-to-bicycle drive-by shooting near Texas Medical Center in Houston, authorities said.

>Dr. Mark Hausknecht and the shooter were both riding bikes on South Main Street, near Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, shortly before 9 a.m. local time, Executive Assistant Police Chief Troy Finner said at a news conference.

Hausknecht, 65, was biking north when he passed the shooter going in the other direction, Finner said. The shooter turned, fired two shots at Hausknecht and rode away on his bike, Finner said.

>Hausknecht was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Finner said.

Passed him in the other direction, then turned and shot, and then drove off. No robbery. No obvious altercation.

Hmmm ….

Did /fascist/ get taken down?? All I see there is "Marxism", some Chinese characters, and a blank page.

American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion

>Ron Unz • July 16, 2018 • 7,800 Words • 163 Comments • Reply

>For example, traditionally religious Jews pay little attention to most of the Old Testament, and even very learned rabbis or students who have devoted many years to intensive study may remain largely ignorant of its contents. Instead, the center of their religious world view is the Talmud, an enormously large, complex, and somewhat contradictory mass of secondary writings and commentary built up over many centuries, which is why their religious doctrine is sometimes called “Talmudic Judaism.” Among large portions of the faithful, the Talmud is supplemented by the Kabala, another large collection of accumulated writings, mostly focused on mysticism and all sorts of magic. Since these commentaries and interpretations represent the core of the religion, much of what everyone takes for granted in the Bible is considered in a very different manner.


>On the most basic level, the religion of most traditional Jews is actually not at all monotheistic, but instead contains a wide variety of different male and female gods, having quite complex relations to each other, with these entities and their properties varying enormously among the numerous different Jewish sub-sects, depending upon which portions of the Talmud and the Kabala they place uppermost. For example, the traditional Jewish religious cry “The Lord Is One” has always been interpreted by most people to be an monotheistic affirmation, and indeed, many Jews take exactly this same view. But large numbers of other Jews believe this declaration instead refers to achievement of sexual union between the primary male and female divine entities. And most bizarrely, Jews having such radically different views see absolutely no difficulty in praying side by side, and merely interpreting their identical chants in very different fashion.

>Furthermore, religious Jews apparently pray to Satan almost as readily as they pray to God, and depending upon the various rabbinical schools, the particular rituals and sacrifices they practice may be aimed at enlisting the support of the one or the other. Once again, so long as the rituals are properly followed, the Satan-worshippers and the God-worshippers get along perfectly well and consider each other equally pious Jews, merely of a slightly different tradition. One point that Shahak repeatedly emphasizes is that in traditional Judaism the nature of the ritual itself is absolutely uppermost, while the interpretation of the ritual is rather secondary. So perhaps a Jew who washes his hands three times clockwise might be horrified by another who follows a counter-clockwise direction, but whether the hand-washing were meant to honor God or to honor Satan would be hardly be a matter of much consequence.

>Strangely enough, many of the traditional rituals are explicitly intended to fool or trick God or His angels or sometimes Satan, much like the mortal heroes of some Greek legend might seek to trick Zeus or Aphrodite. For example, certain prayers must be uttered in Aramaic rather than Hebrew on the grounds that holy angels apparently don’t understand the former language, and their confusion allows those verses to slip by unimpeded and take effect without divine interference….

>And while religious Judaism has a decidedly negative view towards all non-Jews, Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth.

>Whereas pious Muslims consider Jesus the holy prophet of God and Muhammed’s immediate predecessor, according to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell, immersed in a boiling vat of excrement. Religious Jews regard the Muslim Quran as just another book, though a totally mistaken one, but the Christian Bible represents purest evil, and if circumstances permit, burning Bibles is a very praiseworthy act. Pious Jews are also enjoined to always spit three times at any cross or church they encounter, and direct a curse at all Christian cemeteries. Indeed, many deeply religious Jews utter a prayer each and every day for the immediate extermination of all Christians.

Full article:

Macron is FUCKED

French government about to fall?

>shitskin in charge of Macron's security (they're best buddies) filmed brutally beating commies (men and women) on May 1st, LARPing as a cop while giving orders to the real cops, multiple witnesses, multiple videos uploaded on twitter

>french government in panic, deletes Paris surveillance videos, hopes the shit won't come out

>2 months later for some reason the lügenpresse tells everything to the public

>total meltdown

>leftist leader Mélenchon denounces the shitskin as a member of the jewish defence league

>Ministry of the interior covered it up

>[we are here]

Green-haired mentally-ill faggot doing victory lap

This green-haired “non-binary” mentally-ill faggot is doing a victory lap all over Twitter after being caught on film stealing a MAGA hat and spitting his pozzed saliva all over the hat.

He isn’t even trying to hide his identity, which is interesting.

Trump: 'Putin Believes In Israel, Is A Fan Of Netanyahu'

Trump-Putin meeting will 'really' benefit Israel, says Trump, adding that Russian leader is a 'believer' in Israel, fan of Netanyahu.

David Rosenberg, 17/07/18 08:46

The much-anticipated one-on-one meeting between President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, Finland on Monday resulted in a series of understandings between the two powers that will benefit Israel, President Trump said Monday night, adding that the Russian leader ‘believes’ in Israel.

The two leaders met behind closed doors for over two hours, in what was initially scheduled as a 90-minute meeting.

During the talks, Putin and Trump focused largely heavily on the future of Syria, with special emphasis on the removal of Iranian forces from Syria, a key concern of Israel.

The meeting also touched on other key national security concerns shared by Israel, including the future of the sanctions regime against Iran and Tehran’s nuclear program.

Following the meeting, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed his satisfaction with the understandings reached by the two leaders, and lauded President Trump for his “commitment” to the “security of Israel”.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commends the abiding commitment of the US and President Donald Trump to the security of Israel, as expressed at the meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The friendship between Israel and the US has never been stronger," the Prime Minister’s Office said.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu also very much appreciates the security coordination between Israel and Russia and the clear position expressed by President Putin regarding the need to uphold the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria."

Later on Sunday, President Trump spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, saying that the meeting with Putin had yielded a “really good conclusion” for Israel.

"We came to a lot of good conclusions. A really good conclusion for Israel, something very strong.”

Putin, Trump added, is a “believer” in the Jewish state and of its Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

“He's a believer in Israel he's a fan of Bibi [Netanyahu]. He's really helping him a lot and will help him a lot, which is good for all of us."


Strongman competition champions 98% white

Same for powerlifting champions

MMA most wins in any bout all white

White's I.Q. is 2SD's higher than blacks, more geniuses than any other race

90% of all technology, art, literature, philosophy, law all from white ppl

We only tolerate other races shit b/c we're better than you and everybody knows it

But there's a limit

Georgia Guidestones

A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts

A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones[8] in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

Unite humanity with a living new language.

Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

what does it mean /pol/?

/pol/ writes a book!

/pol/ writes a book!

Rather, I’M writing a book. After something like 10 years of research, data aggregation, general reading, and browsing /pol/, I just can’t take it anymore. I HAVE to use what talents and skills are left in me to fix some of the problems in the world. There is no “single” redpill–no stake through the heart of jewish propaganda that turns the entire vampire to dust all at once–but that’s no excuse for us to not have all of our weapons in a single package. And to that end, I’m writing a book. I want to tie everything together, taking full advantage of a digital format, to allow us to jump back and forth between topics and chapters to see how they all connect, how they play off each other, and ✡where✡ they originate. For the sake of our understanding, we have to put the puzzle together. And not just for us–normalfags. I’m writing it for them, too. If we’re EVER going to succeed at anything, we need to get off our asses and start being able to hold PROOF of our claims (all of our claims, all at once) in our hands, ready in seconds to show anyone, at any time out in the real world. Cited and sourced. I intend for every single word of this to be objective truth. I won’t be adding speculation or opinion or musings. Truth, point A to point ∞, beginning to end.

I’m about 500 pages in, and fuck if it’s not going to be another 500 by the time it’s done. But that’s just the thing; it’s only a first draft, and I’m only one man. My memory is fallible, and I might have personal biases. I might forget to include topics that HAVE to be discussed. I (probably) don’t know about some REALLY important fringe issues that would help me make a vital connection from one chapter to another–from a part of jewish upbringing to a specific jewish adult behavior to the real-world implications of this behavior for the gentiles. So I’m calling on you all. Help me figure out what to add and where. Help me determine the chapter order (it’s not extremely important, since my intent is for readers to jump to topics as they need, but it helps). Let me know what sections and subsections I’m missing. In each chapter and section, what topics should I cover? What type of content should be there? I can give examples of any given set of content that I’ve already written, but again, I’m just one person. Who knows if I’m missing the real core of a specific topic? And what if there’s a point I’ve already added that ties into another chapter… but I haven’t noticed yet?

I can see this becoming one of our most valuable resources, but only if it’s done right: through total completion and total factuality. To give you a feel for what I intend for it to be, take a look at the image with my table of contents. Then, if you’ve time, read a draft of the first chapter and the afterword. As to the content of the afterword, remember that it’s just a summary. Each sentence will eventually link the reader back to the relevant chapter or section, where I expound on what’s being said there. It’s just a taste of what was already written… but what else should be important enough to mention in the afterword, too? I want to do this right.

How a LARP went from 4chan to t-shirts

>“There's a pretty well-laid-out (for an ultimately fake conspiracy theory) QAnon video going around that makes it pretty easy for people who are already inclined to believe in a pro-Trump conspiracy theory but don't want to dig through hundreds of clues on 4chan to understand QAnon,” he told Daniel in an email. “There's also been more celebrity attention promoting QAnon — Roseanne (Barr), obviously, and now Curt Schilling.

>I think the appearance of ‘Q’ shirts at Trump rallies is playing a role, because it's making it feel like more of a real-life thing.”

“Finally, with the Russia investigation apparently heating up over the past few months, I think more Republicans are getting interested in finding a counter-narrative, which QAnon certainly provides.”

Another assault on a kid with a MAGA hat

This bitch right here. Please tell me the Don didn't personally pick Gina Haspel to be the next CIA director. The woman is a fucking monster that would put Cersei Lannister to shame. He's playing n^D chess, right? I would like to think he had no choice in the matter is he wants to play the long game.

#ReportTheHate PsyOp

We all know that the (((SPLC))) and the (((ADL))) are held up by the Left and the Mainstream Right as unbiased authorities to which they appeal to in order to promote anti-white propaganda.

The (((SPLC))) website has a feature where you can submit incidents of "Hate." All you have to do is give a name, the date it occurred, and the location. Next, you explain what may have motivated the "hate," who it was targeting. This feature on their website must be exploited.

*We could set up sock email accounts

*Use fake names (but choose ones that are believable)

*But make it appear legit by choosing Asian, Hispanic, or black sounding names.

The incidents could involve something like "In the aftermath of the Jewish Nation State Legislation, several Jewish people were calling gentiles "subhuman animals."

If we get enough people to submit these types of incidents, we could screw up their entire data collection (They won't know what's legit)

Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK ‘in coming weeks or days,’ to then be later extradited to the US to be prosecuted by Sessions DOJ for publishing classified and hacked docs

Ecuador is ready to hand over the WikiLeaks founder to the UK in “coming weeks or even days,” RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said citing her own sources, as prospects of his eviction from the embassy are back in the media.

“My sources tell [Julian] Assange will be handed over to Britain in the coming weeks or even days,” Simonyan wrote in a recent tweet which was reposted by WikiLeaks. “Like never before, I wish my sources were wrong,” she continued.

Sir Alan Duncan, the Foreign Office minister, is said to be spearheading the diplomatic effort. Sources close to Assange said he himself was not aware of the talks but believed that America was putting “significant pressure” on Ecuador, including threatening to block a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if he continues to stay at the embassy.

The Times report comes just weeks before a visit to the UK by the newly-elected Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno, who has labeled Assange a “hacker”, an “inherited problem” and a “stone in the shoe.”

Nigger horde approaching my community - suburb near Buffalo, NY.

Within the past few years gentrification of Buffalo, New York has been escalating. Young wealthy liberals are moving into the inner city, increasing property values which results in niggers being unable to pay rent. The displaced negroes are moving into suburban areas around the city and whenever I leave the house more niggers are visible on local sidewalks. If this trend doesn't stop, niggers will soon infest my local neighborhood.

The property I live on is owned by family. Luckily the house is fairly secluded, but these black hordes are very dangerous - both the east and west sides of Buffalo were ruined by this disease which I call the black plague.

The black plague is coming. Should I prepare for the race war /pol/? Better buy barbed wire fences and either make or buy guns + ammunition.

Trump Waves America's Big, Fat Cock at the Rest of the World, Ahead Helsinki Summit

>Coming off a contentious NATO summit and a trip to the U.K. in which he seemed to undercut the government of America's closest ally, President Trump took aim at another Western institution just days before his high-stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with "CBS Evening News" anchor Jeff Glor in Scotland on Saturday, President Trump named the European Union – comprising some of America's oldest allies – when asked to identify his "biggest foe globally right now."

>"Well, I think we have a lot of foes. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now, you wouldn't think of the European Union, but they're a foe. Russia is foe in certain respects. China is a foe economically, certainly they are a foe. But that doesn't mean they are bad. It doesn't mean anything. It means that they are competitive," Mr. Trump said at his golf club in Turnberry, Scotland. "I respect the leaders of those countries. But, in a trade sense, they've really taken advantage of us and many of those countries are in NATO and they weren't paying their bills," he added.

As critical as I have been of le Drumpfstein, I love the fact that he does this shit. And, it seems like it actually pays off - something he's doing seems to work.

Bill Browder says he makes Putin shit his pants

I'm Bill Browder. Here's the Biggest Mistake Putin Made When Trying to Get Access to Me Through Trump

I wasn’t watching the Donald Trump–Vladimir Putin press conference from Helsinki. But when my phone started burning up with messages, I knew something was going on. I quickly discovered that Putin had mentioned me by name. No journalist had asked about me. He just brought me up out of the blue.

Putin offered to allow American investigators to interview the 12 Russian intelligence agents just indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in exchange for allowing Russians to have access to me and those close to me. This is no idle threat. For the last ten years, I’ve been trying to avoid getting killed by Putin’s regime, and there already exists a trail of dead bodies connected to its desire to see me dead. Amazingly, Trump stood next to him, appearing to nod approvingly. He even later said that he considered it “an incredible offer.”

I’m lodged so firmly under Putin’s skin because I’m the person responsible for getting the Magnitsky Act passed in the United States in 2012. This is a law that allows the U.S. government to freeze assets and ban visas of human-rights violators around the world. Some of these human-rights violators had killed Sergei Magnitsky, my Russian lawyer who was murdered in a Moscow jail for uncovering a massive $230 million government-corruption scheme that we’ve since traced to known Putin cronies. In essence, Putin received some of the proceeds of this crime, and he is terrified that the Magnitsky Act could be applied to his offshore fortune, which is probably one of the largest amassed in modern times.

Since 2012, Putin has made it perhaps his largest foreign policy priority to have the Magnitsky Act repealed. But none of his efforts have worked. Not only has it not been repealed, it’s spread to six additional countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, the Baltic states and Gibraltar. There are eight other countries with Magnitsky Acts on deck: Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, South Africa and Ukraine. The Magnitsky Act is going viral, and countries that have Magnitsky Acts are sanctioning Putin’s cronies, who I imagine soon will be sanctioned by other countries as well.

In addition, the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign has investigated and found the $230 million that Sergei Magnitsky exposed and was killed over. There are now a number of live law-enforcement investigations around the world determining just who benefited from this crime. These have resulted in tens of millions of dollars of frozen assets. Furthermore, these investigations don’t only put at risk the beneficiaries of this crime, but the benificiaries of many other similar crimes. These people are ready to kill to keep their money. Losing it would be devastating.

Putin’s latest allegation that I donated $400 million to Hillary Clinton is so ludicrous and untrue that it falls into delusion. I’ve never made a political donation to Hillary Clinton or any other political candidate. It’s in the same category as other Russian government allegations against me: they accused me of being a serial killer; they accused me of being a CIA/MI6 agent determined to destroy the Russian government; and they accused me of somehow stealing $4.8 billion of IMF money back in the 1990s that was destined for the Russian Treasury. These guys have seriously lost their cool and are beginning to make mistakes.

The biggest mistake that Putin made in his offer today to effectively swap me for the 12 Russian agents is that he went to the wrong head of state. Although I was born in America, I emigrated to the United Kingdom 29 years ago and am a British citizen. If he really wants me, he better go talk to Theresa May, who might have a few choice words for him after Russian agents spread the military-grade nerve agent Novichok across the cathedral town of Salisbury, England.


We should start spreading propaganda

During the summer lots of kids will be off school so we need to start making convincing propaganda and start spreading it onto social media. What we need to do is make new propaganda and start spreading it throughout social media. Those who can convince the children of today will control the tomorrow of the future.

The current propaganda should focus on 2 things the Jews and the family. The propaganda should be direct and simple when depicting whites use bright colouration and show the couple to be happy with their kids. Show how happy the kids are because everyone loves children and if the left attacks them then this will wake a lot of people up. In contrast when showing a Coalburning slut show her as depressed and anxious scared of getting beat up by her pet nigger. This way it subconsciously puts into the woman's mind that dating a nigger is asking to be killed and beat up.

When showing Jews show them stealing money from innocent whites and starving families for money. Show them abusing their power and getting away free with the most horrendous of atrocities show them throwing a white child into a cage with a sandnigger. Make people angry make them respond emotionally we have a good oppurtunity on our hands here we shouldn't waste it.

Make some propaganda in this thread

Operation Redstick

What is this shit?

This is the next 'It's Okay To Be White'.

Why should you believe me?

Because this is cost-effective, simple, and very low-risk. Just wear gloves so you don't leave fingerprints on anything. Nothing in this thread is illegal, but that's no reason for bad OPSEC.

How do you, anon, help?

Assuming you're interested, you buy the cheapest USB drives you can get your grubby little paws on, and you fill it with redpills. Then, you drop them off anywhere normies gather. The idea is for normies to find them, plug them into their computers, and read the redpills. This will trigger some, and it will redpill others. Either way, we win.

Can you, the anon participant, be tracked if you do this?

No. Unless you do something retarded like put your address in the USB drive itself, nobody can find you. Buy the USB drives with cash.


Again, nothing in this operation is even remotely illegal unless you're in occupied Europe or Canada, but that's no excuse for poor opsec.

Now for the resources themselves.

HTML templates:


This is another anon's(Not mine) redpill folder. You can also put these things on your USB drive if you'd like:!YwgCgRQL!pwzvh5qGIUtcoZAhQ1IIG5fX_wLZwG2hTTIZOd35cwo


1. Carry something. Depending on your state and country laws, you may or may not be allowed firearms. If you are allowed/have a permit, carry a firearm. If not, carry what you are allowed to carry. If you live in an extremely fucked nation like

Britain where self-defense is essentially illegal for whites, well… I'm never going to tell you to break the law, but do what you think makes you safest.

2. Additional info

When citing sources try to include:

- a screenshot

- a live link to the website

- an archived link to

- a local zip-archive from

3. You want to drop these in white, heavily trafficked areas. Libraries, public parks, movie theaters, schools especially. Remember your target audience. At the same time, you don't want to be seen doing this if at all possible. If it's a cold day, take advantage of it. Wrap a scarf around your face. If it's a hot day, wear sunglasses and a hat, or anything else you can think of.

4. If you get into a confrontation with someone, swallow your pride and walk the fuck away. You are not a Navy Seal. You are not a Green Beret. Violence is your absolute last resort. It's not worth going to jail over. Just take your USBs, go away, and drop them somewhere else. If you want to debate someone, fine, but use your better judgement.

5. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and have fun.

6. Heil Hitler.

Big Brother from Down Under - Doctor Boi Edition

You have until October 15 to opt out of My Health Record.

The Australian Government wants to create an electronically accessible health record for all aussies by the end of 2018, and they'll make one for you if you don't opt out.

To opt-out, call 1800 723 473 and when they ask why you are opting out, say something like:

1. I am concerned about cyber-security and I do not trust the platform.

2. This platform may place my personal safety at risk due to hackers.

3. This platform violates my right to privacy.

4. I do not trust this service to store my data correctly, nor do I believe there is enough transparency in the system.

5. I do not trust this service because of the sneaky and under-handed way in which it was switched to an opt-out service.

'What's wrong with My Health Record?'

It is a centralised government-owned system for all your health records, and all your information from all doctors and specialists who use the system. So it's not just one doctor's reports that will be haxed, it's all of them.

1. Security issues

We know how security works for "cloud services" don't we?

We also know that the census was haxed in 2016.

And then when you least expect it, the ANU network is compromised:

2. Shovelling your data away to law firms

3. Concerns about accessing data without a warrant

Currently a doctor can refuse to provide sensitive information to law enforcement without a valid warrant. My Health Record removes this accountability.

It's worth checking to make sure you don't have a record:

And once created, the record cannot be erased, only deactivated.


1. Opt out of the system yourself. Don't just use MyGov. Call 1800 723 473 as well.

2. Spread this message to everyone you can, INCLUDING NORMIES.

3. Tell your local MP what a shambles this whole thing is.

4. Contact these people:

I think we Meme'd too Hard. Cartoon Becomes Reality.

Be-careful what you meme for. Question is, which came first, the chicken or the egg

>Below are photos of protesters, ghosts and ghouls posing with the now infamous “Trump Baby Balloon.”

Fucking freaks man.




"Earlier today it was reported that Robert Mueller is seeking to give immunity to five potential witnesses in the Paul Manafort trial according to a new court filing Tuesday. It’s now suspected that two of the witnesses are creepy and criminal Podesta brothers, the Democrats’ poster boys.

Mueller is filing the requests under seal; Manafort is facing charges of bank and tax fraud and his trial begins next Wednesday in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The five potential witnesses have not been charged and their identity has not been released to the public.

Via NBC reporter Tom Winter: NEW: The Special Counsel’s Office notifies the court that they will seek immunity for up to 5 people to testify under conditions of immunity in the upcoming trial against Paul Manafort in Virginia. They say these people have not been publicly named before in the case.

NEW: The Special Counsel’s Office notifies the court that they will seek immunity for up to 5 people to testify under conditions of immunity in the upcoming trial against Paul Manafort in Virginia.

They say these people have not been publicly named before in the case.

— Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) July 17, 2018

The Special Counsel says they aren’t sure if they will call any of the witnesses so they want to file the requests for immunity under seal.

The Special Counsel’s Office says they aren’t sure if they will call any of the witnesses so they want to file the requests for immunity under seal.

— Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) July 17, 2018

From the filing: “The motions indicate that the named individuals will not testify or provide other information on the basis of their privilege against self-incrimination, and that the government is requesting that the Court compel them to testify at the upcoming trial.”

From the filing: “The motions indicate that the named individuals will not testify or provide other information on the basis of their privilege against self-incrimination, and that the government is requesting that the Court compel them to testify at the upcoming trial.”

— Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) July 17, 2018

Before people jump to conclusions it is important to note that this potential testimony could be tied to prior “bad acts” SCO has indicated may be presented.

We also don’t know who and what they may testify to. This happens in trial.

— Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) July 17, 2018

It’s now suspected that two of the criminals that Mueller is aligning himself with are the creepy and criminal Podesta brothers.

.@Tom_Winter We see this for what it is. Robert Mueller is necessarily granting immunity to John and Tony Podesta while prosecuting Paul Manafort (their former contracted employee). Team Mueller also wants the court records sealed to hide the partisan deal from public sunlight.

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) July 17, 2018

We’ve written extensively about the corrupt Podesta brothers. John was Hillary’s crooked Campaign Manager whose emails were released to the public before the 2016 election. These emails included numerous incidents of criminal acts, pay for play by the Clintons and other corrupt, elitist and dishonest behaviors. Apparently, Manafort used to work for the Podestas.

This is outrageous and criminal."

>captcha: jtwboi

Crusades Myths Debunked

(How to embed multiple vids at once?)

Serious thread: infosec, opsec, guerrilla war, advice

This thread is for all political related infosec, opsec and war information.

Posting links to vital opsec websites to start so the rest of the thread and 8chins is safer.

John Taylor Gatto - The Purpose Of Schooling

As excellent as a classical education was, modern education is based on a intentionally fascist system of fashioning children into cogs in a machine, mindless workers and voters to serve the elite.

As such, it is unsurprising that the feminists, cultural marxists, and SJW's in general have found it such a ripe target for takeover, turning it even further against classical liberal ideals based on a foundation of Christian, Greco-Roman, and Enlightenment thought, further threatening the very fabric of our society.

For a written essay on this topic by the same author, see The 7 lessons being taught are Confusion, Class Position, Indifference, Emotional Dependency, Intellectual Dependency, Provisional Self-Esteem, and that “One Can’t Hide”. The whole essay is worth reading, as is almost all of the rest of John Taylor Gatto's work that I have come across over the years.

Also, a shoutout to the School Sucks Podcast:

I used to be a member of Identity Evropa. AMA.

Ontario pedophiles protest revamped sex-ed lesson plans

Looks like some (((parents))) are opposed to getting rid of gay sex and other deviance from the sex-ed curriculum.

Protest at the Ontario Legislature. Colin Mockery (some comedian, likely in the Royal Order of Jesters) will speak.

Current US soybean prices don't support farmers paying bills, says top industry official

>American Soybean Association CEO Ryan Findlay said Thursday that China's retaliatory tariffs of 25 percent on U.S. beans have dealt farmers a major blow because it's led to low prices that essentially don't support paying bills.

>"Farmers see that pain right now," Findlay said in an interview on CNBC's "Power Lunch." "You have to have the prices to pay the bills — and the prices aren't there right now."

>According to the soybean industry official, the administration's trade policies have "hurt" U.S. soybean prices. He called the situation "very frustrating," even for supporters of President Donald Trump.

>The soybean official also believes economics will play a role when farmers go to vote in November's midterm elections.

>"I think farmers are going to pay attention to their farms first," he said, "and when they go in to the ballot box there's a host of issues that they pay attention to. But economics are No. 1 for them."

Drink the soy. Drink the soy for MAGA.

Minnesota authorities investigating after teen fatally shot by deputies

Minnesota authorities investigating after teen fatally shot by deputies

A 16-year-old Minnesota boy was shot and killed after his mother called 911 to say that he had threatened her with knives and a baseball bat and was suicidal, according to reports.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating after the shooting Friday in Chanhassan, Fox 9 Minneapolis reported. The station identified the boy as Archer Amorosi after interviewing classmates.

Before he was shot, Carver County deputies tried to subdue him with a stun gun, the station reported.

The station interviewed a neighbor who said he heard the deputies yell, “stop, stop, get down, get down,” followed by a dozen gunshots.

Two cops are suspended for deciding to arrest a speeding female driver by the flip of coin

The police officers who used a coin flip to decide they were going to detain a woman who allegedly drove over the speed limit have been suspended.

Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson of the Roswell, Georgia Police Department have been placed on leave, it was announced on Friday.

Brown and Wilson were filmed giggling as they were filmed arresting Sarah Webb in April.

Webb was caught allegedly speeding past a police cruiser in Georgia and was pulled over.

According to the police report filed by Brown, Webb was driving around 85 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone.

As she sat in her car, damning bodycam footage obtained by 11Alive shows officer Brown return to the patrol vehicle to consult fellow officer Wilson on what she should do.

Noting the pavement was wet, Brown decided to add a charge of reckless driving, but both noted Wilson did not have speed detection in her car or tickets.

With their options only to arrest Sarah and take her to jail or to release her, Brown turned to a coin for help.

Opening an app on her phone, the officers agreed if it landed on heads, she would be arrested, and if it landed on tails, she would be released.

The coin landed on tails.

But perhaps forgetting, or not caring, Wilson called for Sarah's arrest, using the code '23'.

Laughing, Brown gets out of the car to take Sarah into custody.

As she is led towards the car, Webb begins to cry, and body cam shows the hair stylist sobbing in the back seat of the patrol car.



>Yet the political realm is where Soros has made his most audacious wager. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 1989, he poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the former Soviet-bloc countries to promote civil society and liberal democracy. It was a one-man Marshall Plan for Eastern Europe, a private initiative without historical precedent. It was also a gamble that a part of the world that had mostly known tyranny would embrace ideas like government accountability and ethnic tolerance. In London in the 1950s, Soros was a student of the expatriated Austrian philosopher Karl Popper, who championed the notion of an “open society,” in which individual liberty, pluralism and free inquiry prevailed. Popper’s concept became Soros’s cause.

>It is an embattled cause these days. Under Vladimir Putin, Russia has reverted to autocracy, and Poland and Hungary are moving in the same direction. With the rise of Donald Trump in the United States, where Soros is a major donor to Democratic candidates and progressive groups, and the growing strength of right-wing populist parties in Western Europe, Soros’s vision of liberal democracy is under threat in its longtime strongholds. Nationalism and tribalism are resurgent, barriers are being raised and borders reinforced and Soros is confronting the possibility that the goal to which he has devoted most of his wealth and the last chapter of his life will end in failure. Not only that: He also finds himself in the unsettling position of being the designated villain of this anti-globalization backlash, his Judaism and career in finance rendering him a made-to-order phantasm for reactionaries worldwide. “I’m standing for principles whether I win or lose,” Soros told me this spring. But, he went on, “unfortunately, I’m losing too much in too many places right now.”

SABC News: Barack Obama delivers 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, 17 July 2018

kiketube is FORCEFULLY promoting king nigger mandela speech.


They're going after the NRA now.

NRA and some other nonprofits will no longer need to identify their donors to the IRS

U.S. adds second charge against Russian national linked to NRA




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<We also have a book thread if you want to discuss a specific work. Do so with less capslock and redtext.




reference: The Odyssey, by Homer, narrated by W. H. D. Rouse/Anthony Heald ←— please listen to understand this post

France wins shitcup, "New Euros" show pride

Nothing really needed to be added here. Just your average peaceful and ancient European country showing pride in a World Cup victory by completely rampaging across the entire country. Surprisingly the media has not shown any of this, I wonder why.

Race realism at work.

Starting thread here since when i did mine on halfchan, the nigger mods decided to lock the thread despite being relevant. Can't expect them to do their job right doing it for free.

Working with the public for many years, I learned a lot in regards of racial behavior. It's really easy to deny it if you didn't experience it personally but certain minorities can't help themselves behaving like they do. It's almost as it it's in their genes or some shit.

These days I deal with a lot of ching-chong motherfuckers that can't be arsed to learn anything in english beyond "BEST DAY BEST PLICE PREASE". Absolutely nothing beyond that. They know how to travel the world just to use it as a fucking supermarket. They are soulless little fucking automatons living only to purchase everything outside of China. Any other asian I can have a clear transaction with. I am able to set the purchase to their liking in a fast and easy purchase. For some reason, chinese retards can't do that. They can exceed in math but never English, the universal language of commerce. They are cheap fucks too.

Dindus are just the classic nigger at the store. We had one as of late threatning to shoot up the office because he tried to scam the company I work for about a few hundred dollars. We have a pretty laissez-faire attitude when it comes to customers whenever they are unsatisfied of their purchase. We often offer to replace the purchase and add something else depending how nice the customer is about the situation. Not only does he try to rip us off but threatens harm when we found him out always asking to score a freebie with every replacement. We transfered the situation to the cops who visited the nigger promptly with his dox he provided himself.

Post race realism customer related stories.

/pol, enter this thread.

I'm in the bath and have had an idea: /pol has evolved beyond simple politics. We have developed a culture, grand and noble in it's bearing, a culture that I wish to propagate and am proud to be part of.

We, Anon, the sea of red faces, suits and thoughts; the Umman Manda reincarnated, Ubermensch seekers of Truth and Power, unbound by the constraints of society and subject to naught but our own will.

We have Self-Improvement Generals that teach us how to forge our bodies into powerful tools. Book threads that expand our minds and knowledge, driving us ever forwards, ever upwards. It is this manner of thread, and the many like it, that I love and adore. Their influence has made me better in such an objective way, that I'm sure all who share the /pol spirit understand.

In celebration of who we are and how far we have come, I propose we add to /pol's most beneficial past-times. Undoubtedly, we've had such a thread before, but I propose we start regular Quote Threads. I was inspired with this idea when I was browsing the current Self-Improvement thread (which I suggest you explore). A man was mentioned, and upon browsing the internet about him, I found this little gem;

"It's important to abolish the unconscious dogmatism that makes people think their way of looking at reality is the only sane way of viewing the world. My goal is to try to get people into a state of generalized agnosticism, not agnosticism about God alone, but agnosticism about everything. If one can only see things according to one's own belief system, one is destined to become virtually deaf, dumb, and blind." - Robert Anton Wilson

Let's discuss it, post our own, and revel in philosophical euphoria.


-Drunk Anon freeing his inner poet

Movies where a jew is the bad

My Dad had a framed pictures of Tiger that he signed in front of him pic not related and he recently sold it to pay his bills. I mean what kind of retard in their 40s has to sell something to pay their bills he called me crying to tell me about it he said it was his most prized possession and it sold for like $4k lmao 46 years old and $4k makes or breaks you. I look at my father and see nothing, he's no father to me a pathetic stain on my lineage my grandfather built a steel company and sold it for $28 million to the canadian government and my father is weak and did nothing of note his entire life. I'm embarassed about him he is uncultured hasn't read a book in 30 years he hates haute cuisine I take him out to eat at a fine dining restaurant and he orders a burger. there are seared scallops and duck on the menu and he gets a fucking burger cooked well done with no toppings and instead of opting for truffle fries he gets plain jane fries because he doesn't know what truffles are.

TRump trusts Putin more than CIA, Fox news is appalled

Several Fox News anchors discovered on Monday that their love of Donald Trump has a limit: the president standing next to Vladimir Putin and declaring that when it comes to Russia’s 2016 election meddling, he trusts the dictator’s denial over the conclusions of the U.S. intelligence community.

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, appearing on Fox Business Network, said he was appalled that Trump was letting Putin “get away with it, not even offering a mild, a mild criticism.” He continued, “That’s what made his performance disgusting. Only way I feel. Not a right or left thing to me. It is wrong.”

Other personalities at the network echoed Cavuto, including Fox & Friends Weekend host Abby Huntsman, who tweeted, “No negotiation is worth throwing your own people and country under the bus.”

These stirrings of revolution at Trump’s favorite network were quickly squashed during Fox News prime time. On Fox Business, Lou Dobbs declared that Trump “handled himself perfectly,” and dubbed the bipartisan criticism of the meeting “stupid stuff.” Tucker Carlson and Nation contributing editor Stephen Cohen dismissed the liberal outrage as “mob violence.”

Sean Hannity kicked off his show by explaining that everything you might have heard about Trump today was the opposite of the truth

But don’t just take Hannity’s word for it; he also guided Trump through a recap of the comments he made during his press conference with Putin, proving that Trump is every bit as deferential to the Russian president when he isn’t in his presence as when he is.

The Hannity interview, which was conducted immediately after Trump and Putin spoke to reporters, began and ended with Trump attacking the Russia probe, leaving the impression that it was one of the primary topics of his conversation with Putin.

Hannity started by complimenting Trump for going on a tirade about Hillary Clinton’s email servers during the presser. Trump responded by suggesting that we now know he and his team didn’t collude with Russia, and Moscow has no compromising information on him, simply because Putin said so:

TRUMP: Well, first of all [Putin] said there was no collusion whatsoever. I guess he said as strongly as you can say it They have no information on Trump.

It was an interesting statement, too. You know many years ago when I was there, what was it 13, 14, a long time ago, he said there were many, many businesspeople there. In all fairness, I was a very successful businessman, but I was one of a lot of people. And one thing you know, if they had it, it would have been out.

HANNITY: He said it was nonsense.

TRUMP: He said it’s nonsense, that’s right. And he also said there’s absolutely no collusion, which you know and everybody that watches your show knows, and I think most of the country knows, and Tucker [Carlson] standing right over there definitely knows because he gets it, he’s one of the people that get it.

Trump lamented that reporters keep asking about the mounting evidence of Russian election interference rather than issues of substance. Then he mused, apropos of nothing, “I thought that President Putin was very, very strong.”

Trump even said FBI agent Peter Strzok had probably met with Obama to plot against him, but that was overshadowed by Trump repeatedly suggesting that Americans should blindly accept whatever Putin has to say.

Even Hannity got in on it, saying of the kompromat Putin is said to have on Trump, “by the way, Putin confirmed today he didn’t have such information on you, apparently.”

Trump marveled that Putin was very familiar with Robert Mueller’s probe, and remarked that Putin has “been saying it makes him angry when he sees it” and was “incensed even talking about it.” (The implication being that Putin is very upset that he’s been wrongly accused.) Trump seemed very impressed with Putin’s offer to have Russian operatives start working on the Mueller probe.

Caryn Johnson chimps out on Judge Jeanine in epic meltdown


>“Did you just point at me?” Goldberg asked.

>“Listen, I don’t have Trump derangement, let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with ‘Mexicans are liars and rapists,’ … Listen, I’m 62 years old, there have been a lot of people in office that I didn’t agree with, but I have never, ever seen anything like this. I’ve never seen anybody whip up such hate. I’ve never seen anybody be so dismissive …

>What I suffer from is the inability to figure out how to fix this. That’s my issue.”

>Goldberg attempted to bring the discussion back to Pirro’s views, asking her about the “Deep State.”

>“How long has the Deep State been there and who’s running it?” The View host asked. But Pirro didn’t answer. The two got into a she-said, she-said spat before the Fox pundit shouted, “Whoopi, you know what’s horrible? When people who shouldn’t be here end up murdering the children of American citizens.”

>“You know what’s horrible? When the President of the United States whips up people to beat the hell out of people!” Goldberg replied as the two continued to talk over each other.

>But Goldberg was fed up. “Say goodbye!” she yelled to Pirro. “Bye. I’m done.”

>Pirro can be heard saying “wow” as the camera cuts to a commercial break.

>When the show returned — sans the Justice With Judge Jeanine host — Goldberg explained her actions.



Stephen Colbert in his opening remarks from yesterdays show called on leftists to remove anyone who still believes in Trump from the body politic with a bone saw, comparing them to a gangrenous appendage. An obvious call for violence and mass extermination of the right applauded by his leftists drones and ignored by the rest of society.


There can be hidden shills on other threads.

but shills always expose themselves

on the

true and only

niggerhating thread.

Niggerhating thread everybody.

Anitifa serial rapist gets probation

Micah rhodes is an oregon antifa leader, rapes several boys in the past, now abuses an underage girl, and then another boy gets probation and avoids prison.

>Multnomah County Circuit Judge Jerry Hodson on Monday said he wouldn’t send Rhodes to prison for two to 2 ½ years because he believes Rhodes earnestly is trying to change despite the prosecution's arguments to the contrary.

>In March, Rhodes pleaded guilty to two counts of felony second-degree sexual abuse for at least twice having sexual contact with a 17-year-old boy. Investigators say Rhodes met the boy on a gay dating app, and the contact happened in Gresham and Troutdale. Days earlier, a Washington County jury had found Rhodes guilty of second-degree sexual abuse of a 17-year-old girl. A defense memo said the contact happened after the girl went to watch a movie with Rhodes at his mother's house. Oregon law says it's a crime for an adult to have sexual contact with a minor if there are three or more years in age difference between the two.

>Age of consent laws vary from state to state, with most states allowing 16- or 17- year-olds to have sexual contact with adults. Oregon is one of about a dozen states that sets the age of consent at 18. Washington state sets the age at 16. Rhodes, now 24, was a leader of the protest group Portland’s Resistance, which rose to prominence after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016. The group helped organize day after day of marches and rallies against Trump.

>He cited Rhodes' history of sexually victimizing children, his unwillingness to follow rules and his inability to change even after attending sex offender treatment programs three times. Park said Rhodes as a teenager had been convicted in the youth court system of first-degree sodomy and sexual abuse. When Rhodes was about 14, he sexually abused a 9-year-old boy and when he was 15, he sexually abused three boys, Park said.

judge Jerry B. Hodson

Multnomah County Circuit Court

1021 SW Fourth Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97204-1123

Phone: (503) 988-5101


it would just be a crying shame if he was found and killed, not like he's in prison or anything should be easy to find.

What is a shill and how to identify them

This is mainly for newfags

If you have been on 8chan you might have heard the word shill come up a few times. A shill is someone who will try to derail an important topic, divide and conquer us or tries to invoke a reaction using various different techniques. They are usually paid to shit up the board and make it worse than it actually is this is usually to muddy the waters for newfags and hurts their viewing of the place especially if they fall for what the shill is sprouting. I'll go over some tactics shills use and explain why they use them.

The first tactic is sliding. Basically they make a thread then post it and do this in large amounts. You can usually tell when a thread is a slide thread because it will usually be low effort and it tries to invoke a reaction out of you. Common shill threads include anything with /pol/ in it and shit about multiculturalism being anything other than shit. Slide threads are usually made to hide something they don't want you to see.

Another common tactic is divide and conquer they try to expliot a fracture point inbetween the community and then weaken us by making them fight each other instead of the actual enemy. A great example of this is the pagans, atheists and christians I think they're all shills tbh . They also try to weaken our culture like the recent attacks on anime by some shills. These ones can be difficult to spot.

Finally the third method is blackpilling basically what they do is they try to demoralise us and weaken our faith that anything can actually be done to stop the amount of bullshit currently happening in modern society. We have made a lot of progress and this is showing since people are starting to fight back against the jews though indirectly. Blackpilling is to stop us from making more progress and it's a sign that the jews are scared.

Shills are pretty easy to identify these are the most obvious ways to catch them.

Check their id and the time since the post if the id has the number 1 next to it and they haven't posted in about an hour and a half then they are most likely a shill.

If they try to change the topic of the thread to a different topic then it's most likely a shill

Anything promoting rampant degeneracy like porn, multiracial relationships, communism or shit like incest definitely a shill

Trying to divert the attention away from the jews definitely a shill

Whatever you do don't give them a (((you))) because that gives them some money and we don't want that.

SJWs Hurl Feces at Kosher Cafes Windows for Supporting Trump!

>A protest group in a Los Angeles neighborhood allegedly threw a significant amount of feces at the windows of a coffee shop owned by an Israeli businessman.

>"So what’s the connection? This is what I don’t understand. I’m confused—the connection between Donald Trump and good coffee,” Shalom told the network.

>They called him “an anti-immigrant trump loving gentryfier,” adding that if “he hates immigrants so much, he can stay the [expletive] out of our hood.”

>“They really intensely protested and accosted all the visitors that came to our grand opening event,” said son David of the incident. “It was very scary,” noted Shalom’s daughter Yael.

>She said, “There was a lot of people protesting outside wearing masks […] and they threw a significant amount of feces at our windows.”

You reap what you sow juden.

>MORRISTOWN, Tenn. — Luis Bautista-Martinez was on his way home from church with his sister and her two children when the sound of a police siren brought back frightening memories of an officer pointing a gun at his head months earlier.

>The 23-year-old had, at that point, been back in Tennessee for less than three days after his release from an immigration detention facility in rural Louisiana, where he was taken after being arrested in one of the biggest worksite immigration raids in the last 10 years. The siren wasn’t actually meant for him, but for a moment he was filled with anxiety, wondering if his brief freedom was about to end. He thought, are they coming back for me? Is it happening again?

>Arriving at the mobile home where he lives with his sister, Esmeralda, her husband and their three young children, Bautista-Martinez went straight to his room and fell asleep. He told his sister he had a headache, a complaint he’d been making a lot since returning from the detention center, where the lights were kept on 24 hours a day.

>“He’s happy to be home again, but the problems he experienced in the detention center are not easy to forget,” said Esmeralda, dismissing the notion that life could return to normal as soon as her younger brother was released.

>Hardly anything about life in Morristown has been normal since the morning of April 5, when agents with the IRS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol stormed the Southeastern Provisions meatpacking plant and slaughterhouse in nearby Bean Station where Bautista-Martinez had been working six 12-hour days a week for the past two years. A helicopter hovered as agents entered from all sides with guns drawn, some hurling insults but offering no explanation about what was happening as they ordered the illegals to line up.

>“I got scared because they were pointing their guns at us,” Bautista-Martinez recalled. “Since they had been attacking Latinos for a while, I thought, ‘Perhaps they are terrorists or something and they want to kill us all.’”

>During the 12-hour drive from Morristown, he says he saw the ICE agent behind the wheel raise his cellphone and snap a selfie with the van full of handcuffed men behind him.

>The food ranged from bad to inedible. “On one occasion, I ate a piece of chocolate brownie cake that had metal fibers in it,” Bautista-Martinez said. He expressed concern about the facility’s failure to provide inmates with proper medical care, and he was particularly distraught by what he described as demeaning and racist language used by some of the guards.


Himmler's 'Nazi princess' daughter dead at 88: Holocaust denier who helped war criminals escape justice is revealed to have been a spy for West German government

Heinrich Himmler's daughter has died at the age of 88, as Germany's top intelligence service admitted it had employed the Nazi sympathiser during the Cold War.

The BND confirmed today that Gudrun Burwitz had worked for the then-West German spy agency in the 1960s, although she never renounced her father or the Nazi regime.

She remained active in far-right extremism in later life, helping war criminals who worked for her evil father escape justice, and speaking at neo-Nazi rallies, before she died last month in Munich.

Heinrich Himmler, who as commander of the SS was one of the most powerful Nazis and a principal architect of the murder of six gizillion Jews in the Holocaust, killed himself in British custody in 1945.

One German official said Burwitz had a 'genuine love for these men and women who served the worst parts of the Nazi regime from 1933 until 1945.'

Burwitz was the leading figure in sinister support group Stille Hilfe, which offered backing and financial help for former SS officers still at large. The group was said to have 25 to 40 members who referred to her as the 'Nazi Princess'.

In one case the organisation helped fight for Klaas Carel Faber, 89, in the former SS killer's attempt to avoid being extradited back to the Netherlands.

It also helped Anton Malloth, a brutal guard in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, who was sentenced to death in his absence before finding refuge in Germany.

Malloth was put up in an OAP home with Stille Hilfe funds, where Burwitz visited him with fruit and ­chocolates, in a residence built on land once owned by Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

Burwitz lived her later life in a suburb of Munich, just 15 miles from the concentration camp at Dachau where more than 30,000 people died during Hitler's 12-year rule.

As a child she worshipped her father, who called her Püppi.

She wrote in her diary after she visited the camp: 'Today, we went to Dachau. We saw everything we could. We saw the gardening work. We saw the pear trees.

'We saw all the pictures painted by the prisoners. Marvellous. And afterwards we had a lot to eat. It was very nice.'

It's a tough red pill to swallow, but it's important. Women are just as important as men, if not more important, for any cultural movement.

"Stark argues that the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire owed a great deal to demography. He asks how a tiny despised band of forty Christians in AD 30, the ‘Jesus movement’, could become a 6-million-strong subculture by AD 300. Conversion was certainly important, but demographic forces were arguably more vital. Christianity’s family-centred ethos sharply contrasted with the more macho, promiscuous ethos of pagan Hellenism. This had two effects. The first was to boost the Christian birth rate above that of the pagans, the second to attract a disproportionate number of female converts. Women’s role in socialising the next generation means that a female-dominated sex ratio leads to a disproportionate number of Christian children. In addition, Christians cared for their sick during plagues, dramatically reducing mortality. Higher fertility, lower mortality and a female skew in the childbearing age ranges endowed Christians with a significant demographic advantage over pagans. Even a small edge can rapidly increase a group’s share of the population over several generations. This happens through compounding, as more children beget more mothers, and so on in exponential fashion. Over several centuries, this has impressive social consequences. A Mormon-like rate of increase of 40 percent per decade, sustained over the period AD 30–300, is all that was needed to create 6 million Christians from forty original converts. In the year 312, the Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. This political act prompted a massive expansion of Christianity, but it is unlikely that Christianity would have been adopted if it had remained the creed of a tiny band."

From the book, "Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century."

It should also be noted that Christianity, as well as other religions, continues to benefit to this day from what might be called "fertility injunctions," for example:

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them

GERMANY - Video Ad for Patrols to Counter Migrant Crimes alarms Police -

Videos made by far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), often accused of neo-Nazism & anti-Jewish sentiment, promotes a campaign to create 'protection zones'

Cops fail to secure safety or to fight crime committed by migrants - say NPD men.

"Germany’s police are determining if the commercial by the right-wing NPD, which patrols the urban trains of the so called S-Bahn system in Berlin, violates any criminal or civil laws."

The video in issue features the NPD's efforts to secure “Protection Zones” by foot patrols of Nationalist men. It argues that the action of ordinary citizens is now necessary to secure people's safety, and wants to recruit volunteers for civil defense forces.

these Neon Heretics Blaspheme against a Social Narrative

The NPD's video "specifically stresses that crimes are often committed by immigrants and people with a foreign background."

Here's the video that's causing such butthurt among the Kikes and Cucks. It's brief (1:13), but the language is German. - -

>here is the translation of the video description on Jewtube

"The massive increase in violent crime and burglary and the simultaneous dismantling of police stations has led to a large-scale surrender of the rule of law. Daily "isolated cases" confirm the widespread feeling that one can live less and less safely in Germany."

>the NPD is being investigated by Merkel's Thought Police

source -→

This is unacceptable

Our board /fascist/ has been hacked and some are saying that your board was involved i am not pointing fingers but whoever has done this step forward and explain yourself this is not funny and is childish behaviour it will not be tolerated

What are the Jews putting in the Watertown brainwash us into finding 12 year-old girls attractive?

Their sick schemes have gone too far this time!