Nerve Center

Communism in North Korea is going well

>you better cry to your god

>or meet this guy










> hostility to Putin's Russia largely a Jewish phenomenon

>euphemisms don't work - name the Jew

>media driving it - names Jews

>exceptions exist, but they don't make the rule

>de facto violation of free speech

>honest examination of Russian history shut down

>best journalists neutered

>outright and purposeful deception

>modern youth highly redpilled

>more scholarship and analysis required

>hard work already done in Russian, mere translation to English all that's left

http: //

On the Topic of Primitivism

Are there any real Anarcho-Primitivists on this board? And if so how did you become one; why? Also your opinions on picture related, along with explaining how you balance your philosophy with everyday life.



Three fucking hours ago this happened and none of you faggots made a thread? Fuck’s sake.

>"Mr. President," Acosta shouted three times, finally getting Trump's attention, "Did you say that you want more people to come in from Norway? Did you say that you wanted more people from Norway? Is that true Mr. President?” Acosta barked at Trump.

>"I want them to come in from everywhere… everywhere. Thank you very much everybody," Trump replied while Acosta continued to interject.

>"Just Caucasian or white countries, sir? Or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world… people of color," Acosta asked - effectively calling Trump racist, to which Trump looked Acosta directly in the eye and simply said:


Brit/pol/ #2076: Vedic Edition

Former soldier dies while sleeping rough in Edinburgh

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

Ex-criminal Joey Owens announces plot to return to Merseyside politics

Big Ben and Heathrow were allegedly being targeted for attack by 'ISIS obsessed jihadi' from East London, court hears

UKIP leader Henry Bolton tried to cover up shamed mistress’s rants by threatening her ex-lover

Ukip faces mutiny as leader is told ditching mistress is 'not enough': Party figures call for his resignation ahead of vote of no confidence

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I wanted to warn them what she was like’: Ex-boyfriend of topless model Jo Marney tells why he released her ‘baby rape’ emails to Ukip plotters trying to bring down scandal-hit leader Henry Bolton

App creates contracts for one night stands to ‘prove’ sex is consensual

Clacton-on-Sea rape: Woman dragged into cemetery and gang-raped in broad daylight

Model, 18, who dreams of studying business at Cambridge is auctioning off her virginity to pay for her studies - and claims opening bid was £890,000

Britain’s first ever cup of tea was not in London but Yorkshire

Inside the mighty Dambuster: How the Lancaster's robustness turned Bomber Command's dream of a hard-hitting aerial offensive against Germany into a reality

Deutsch/pol/ Nr.202 - Burg Hanstein Edition


Merkel: Half of Germans Want Chancellor Gone Before Next Election

>Almost half of the German public want Chancellor Angela Merkel to step down as the country’s leader before the next election in 2021, according to a new poll.

Germany Will Begin Enforcing Hate Speech Laws on Social Media Sites

>Germany has announced that social media websites that don’t remove “obviously illegal” posts could now face up to €50 million in fines.

Populist Leader First Casualty of New German Law Censoring Free Speech

>A prominent figure in the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has run afoul of Germany’s draconian new censorship law, as officials crack down on whatever they deem to be “hate speech.”

Far-right AfD files charges against Frankfurt football club president

>The nationalist party claims that Eintracht Frankfurt President Peter Fischer slandered them. In interviews, Fischer has called the party 'Nazis' and said he would refuse its members entrance to his football club.

Populist Leader Says German Censorship Law Is ‘Direct Attack on Freedom of Speech’

>The deputy leader of the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has slammed Germany’s new censorship law, calling the measure a “direct attack” on free speech.

UN Human Rights High Commissioner Labels New Austrian Government ‘Dangerous’

>United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has slammed the new Austrian conservative-populist coalition government claiming their right-wing policies are “dangerous.”

EU Army’s First Deployment? Austria Calls For Military-Backed ‘Safe Zones’ in Migrant Origin Countries

>Newly elected Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has urged the European Union (EU) to create safe zones within migrant-origin countries and deploy member states’ armed forces to stop the flow of migrants.

Two-Thirds of Germans Vote EU Federalist Martin Schulz ‘Political Loser of the Year’

>A poll conducted by media firm Funke Media has found that two-thirds of Germans believe that Social Democrat (SPD) leader Martin Schulz is the biggest political loser of 2017.

Left-Wing Politician Bemoans Lack of Police Action Against Migrant Criminals

>Left-wing Green Party politician Peter Seifert has complained of a lack of action by German police against migrant criminals, increasing the popularity of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.


Citing His ‘Right to Life,’ ex-Auschwitz Accountant Fights Jail Sentence

>A former Nazi SS guard known as the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz, now 96, has filed a challenge against his jail sentence, his lawyer said Tuesday, arguing that imprisonment would violate his “right to life.”

Dilemma for ECB as German inflation hits five-year high

>German inflation hit its highest level in five years in 2017, initial data showed on Friday, sowing the seeds of more discord among rate setters at the European Central Bank, where some policymakers want to stop pouring money into the euro zone.

German TV Movie: Europeans Flee to 'Booming' Africa to Escape 'Collapsing' Far-Right Regimes in Europe

>In February, German public television is set to air a made-for-TV movie titled "Break-out to the Unknown" wherein a European family is forced to flee from Germany to escape a "collapsing," "right-wing extremist" government that "persecutes dissidents, Muslims and homosexuals." They chose to seek refuge in Africa, which is "enjoying political and economic stability after an economic boom."

Draw and tan related stuff, "Turbo" edition.

The previous thread got nuked.


Come here draw friends to request and deliver.

Remember to post your shit in the booru:

Some character references:


Proper World History for Education

TL;DR I will be teaching my own class next year. What would /Pol/ recommend me covering? Two specific topics I want to cover is currency and the Roman Empire; however, a lot is tbd with school provided/required curriculum.

In a few months I will begin my teaching career (I'll be subbing until the end of the school year), and will have my own classroom next year. I will, most likely, be teaching English at the middle school level (ranging from grade 6 to 9). One thing I really would like to do is teach on the story of Nimrod and Tammuz and explain how that had shaped Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology. Pedagogically, I can sell it as Structuralism and as muh multiculturalism. I'm curious if any of you fellow autists have any resources on this topic or on the topic of currency. Attached is one of my resources on Nimrod, but more always help. Best wishes, Anons. I appreciate any and all help.


>Blaze Bernstein’s family knew something was wrong. He had not been answering calls and text messages, and he did not show up to his dentist appointment. His wallet, glasses, credit cards and cash were in his bedroom, but the 19-year-old was nowhere to be found

>On Tuesday investigators found Bernstein’s body buried in a shallow grave in a park not far from his family’s home in Southern California. Investigators believe the University of Pennsylvania sophomore, who was home in Orange County for the winter break, was killed after he left his house on the night of Jan. 2

>Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes told reporters this week that investigators quickly focused on 20-year-old Samuel Lincoln Woodward, who they say had been talking to Bernstein on Snapchat the night he disappeared. Woodward told investigators that he picked up Bernstein from his home in Lake Forest, Calif., and they drove to a Hobby Lobby parking lot to “hang out” and “catch up,” the Orange County Register reported, citing a court affidavit. Later, they drove to Borrego Park to meet with another friend from high school, Woodward told detectives.

>After arriving at the park, Bernstein got out of the car, but he never came back, Woodward said. He waited for an hour and drove to his girlfriend’s house around 1 a.m., Woodward told investigators. He went back to the park less than two hours later, but Bernstein was still nowhere to be found

>When asked about his girlfriend, Woodward could not remember her last name or where she lived — even though he claimed to have driven to her house, according to the affidavit cited by the Register. When detectives spoke to him again on Jan. 4, two days after Bernstein disappeared, his hands had several scratches and abrasions. He claimed he was part of a “fight club.”

>When investigators noticed dirt under his fingernails, Woodward said he “fell into a dirt puddle” during a sparring session. And as he was walking inside the sheriff’s headquarters during an interview, he kept himself from touching the doors by pulling his jacket over his hand

>Barnes said DNA evidence connected Woodward to the crime, though he did not elaborate.

>Woodward was arrested Friday afternoon.

>Several questions remain unanswered about Bernstein’s death, which jolted a community officials say rarely sees such violence. Authorities have not said how or why he died or whether a weapon was used. Barnes also declined to describe Bernstein’s relationship with Woodward. According to the Register, they attended the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, Calif., together.

Samuel Woodward also posted frequently on the app iFunny, under the moniker "Saboteur" and would post about white nationalism, national socialism, etc.

First time making a thread, go easy on me

Hollywood Women & The Media: Men Need (((Re-Learning)))

These Hollyjew cunts are totally out of control.

Also notice the beta cuck who immedietly says "Yea" when the lugenpresse whore says male (((re-learning))) shouldn't even be controversial.

Trump scores 30/30 on cognitive tests, has "great genes" according to 12 physicians

25th amendment fags eternally btfo

>The White House briefing began with a readout of President Trump's vitals from Dr. Ronny Jackson, who conducted the routine physical examination. "The president's overall health is excellent," Jackson said.

archive was giving network errors

>The bottom line: After the examination, Trump's doctor is confident that the president will complete his term in the Oval Office "with no serious medical issues." How is Trump healthy despite his diet and lack of exercise? "He has incredibly good genes. It's just the way God made him."

>Trump requested a cognitive exam during the session. Trump scored 30/30 on a test of his cognitive ability — "The Montreal Cognitive Assessment" which screened for Alzheimer's and dementia, among other illnesses. "I have no concerns about his cognitive ability," Jackson said.

>Trump is 6'3" and weighs 239 pounds. Jackson added that he discussed a diet plan with the president that would include a smaller amount of carbohydrates and fats. A reasonable goal is for Trump to lose 10–15 pounds in the next year, he said. "The president has acknowledged that he'd be healthier if he lost a few pounds."

>The president's blood pressure is 122/74, a normal level, and he has a resting heart rate of 68 beats per minute.

>Trump's medications: Crestor, Aspirin, Propecia — to prevent male pattern hair loss — and a multivitamin.

> "His cardiac health is excellent … That's not me speaking. That's objective data."

>Trump's physical exam lasted over 4 hours and involved 12 medical consultants.

>The president told Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to let Jackson answer all questions about Trump's health and not to usher him off the stage.

>The First Lady will work with Trump's doctor to develop an aerobic exercise routine for the president. ""Being on the golf course, there is a certain amount of exercise involved in that," Jackson added.

Moderation Thread

I noticed that the board restoration has removed the moderation thread. Direct all hotpocket related inquiries here.

DHS Prepping to Arrest Sanctuary City Mayors


>"Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts."

>"Mr. Homan told The Washington Times last July that he wanted to see local officials charged as complicit in human smuggling if they shielded illegal immigrants through sanctuary policies."


Imagine seeing Rahm Emanuel or Jerry Brown lead away in cuffs. People would lose their minds.

From the Washington Times:


Antifa and their shiity attempts to initiate digital warfare

Meet Antifa's Secret Weapon Against Far-Right Extremists

>Squire, a 45-year-old professor of computer science at Elon University, lives in a large white house at the end of a suburban street. Inside are, usually, some combination of husband, daughter, two step-children, rescue dog, and cat. In her downtime she runs marathons and tracks far-right extremists.

>Squire opened a database of her own design—named Whack-a-Mole—which contains, as far as anyone can tell, the most robust trove of information on far-right extremists.

>Though Squire may be peaceful herself, among her strongest allies are “antifa” activists, the far-left antifascists.

>she is sympathetic to antifa’s goal of silencing racist extremists and is unwilling to condemn their use of violence, describing it as the last resort of a “diversity of tactics.” She’s an intelligence operative of sorts in the battle against far-right extremism, passing along information to those who might put it to real-world use. Who might weaponize it.

New California declaring independence

>With the reading of their own version of a Declaration of Independence, founders of the state of New California took the first steps to what they hope will eventually lead to statehood

>they don't want to leave the United States, just California

>New California wants to do things by the book, citing Article 4, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution and working with the state legislature to get it done, similar to the way West Virginia was formed





>Bulgaria plans to station 600 troops on its border with Turkey to quell any potential flow of migrants.


>Bulgaria's defense minister said the EU's failure to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean justified the move. "We will send armed forces to each of these zones, who will be tasked with guarding the appropriate border region," Karakatschanow said. "Highly specialized combat troops will also be part of the forces."


>He had identified how much more efficient the military was at guarding a border region than the police force. Karakatschanow also said the move was necessary following the European Union's failure to stem the flow migrants crossing the Mediterranean into Italy. "We cannot afford to continue having illegal migrants coming to Europe in droves," he said.

Also based.

>Günter Burkhardt, the chairman of the Germany-based migrant rights organization Pro Asyl denounced the Bulgarian proposal as a violation both human rights and international law.

Kek, fucking cuck.


James Bloom-Fields Was Chased With a Semi-Automatic Rifle Before Crash

According to Bloom-Fields' apparent co-racialist Jason Kessler:

>What has not been revealed until recently is that members of the Antifa group Redneck Revolt were chasing him up 4th St with semiautomatic weapons, prior to the crash.

>This new information came to light after weapons and ammunition supplier Spike’s Tactical created a viral ad capitalizing on recent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Boston and Portland.

>Dwayne Dixon, a member of the revolutionary Communist group Redneck Revolt, used this opportunity to taunt both Spike’s Tactical and James Fields in a now-deleted comment.

>“I take a perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south.”

>As you can see on this map below, it’s only one block down a one way street to get from the “Justice Park” area, where Dixon claims to have chased Fields, to the Market St intersection where the crash occurred.

>In Virginia, a person can use deadly force to defend his or her person from a “reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm.” Wouldn’t being chased with a semi-automatic rifle or surrounded by a crowd of rioters with baseball bats cause “fear of death or bodily harm”? What if the armed rioters hit the back of your vehicle with one of these weapons, creating a loud bang like a gunshot?

>Clearly there were many masked, armed individuals who had been allowed to march and surround vehicles during a State of Emergency. It’s okay though because they’re Leftists and in Charlottesville cops let them get away with anything they please. Laws are only for maliciously prosecuting “Nazis” to cover up your own negligence.

>Did I mention that a recent Independent Investigation found that a Charlottesville police officer who was supposed to have been blockading traffic on the street abandoned her post? No wonder CPD doesn’t want to do a thorough investigation. They’ve come to a conclusion which they can’t allow to be proven false, or else the blame falls squarely on their shoulders.

I haven't seen an archive of Dixon's post, and all sides are kiked, so it's possible that this is just a shekel-grabbing ruse by Kikeler, who asks for donations at the end of the article.

Druid/pol/ #0018 - PORTENTOUS NEW YEAR edition


I bid thee welcome to our portentous octavusdecimus thread and the first of a glorious new year! In this auspicious time the druids gather and witness the changing of the seasons. The circle of Ouroboros continues is infinity loop as the old year dies and the new rises - the circle of birth and death, of life and resurrection.

Our Tarot arcana for this thread is that of the XVIIIth card - The Moon.

The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and of the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet this light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness. The pool at the base of the card represents the subconscious mind and the crayfish that crawls out of the pool symbolises the early stages of consciousness unfolding. This creature also represents the often disturbing images that appear from our inner depths, just as the dog and wolf at the beginning of the path represent the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds. The path leads between two towers into the mountains in the distance, showing the way to the unconsciousness.

This threads governing planetary body is Saturn which crests the firmament along with Pisces. This threads stone is amethyst whos vibrations are effected by the saturnic energies. Watch out for that Saturnic current lads - its a potent force that can bite you on the arse when attuning oneself into its vibrational range.

What fresh horrors and joys will '18 bring? Whatever our enemies see fit to throw at us, we will, without a shred of doubt endure and thrive. '17 bought difficulties, anger and heartache but we are druids of integrity and hardship is out sustinance. What would break the minds of the uninitiated merely tempers our resolve. We are forged in these strange times, shaped by the machinations of cruel gods and evil men. But we will persist.

A new year brings new opportunity. A fresh canvas for us to work on, fresh clay for us to mold. This year will belong to us lads. My scrying and ruminations inform me that many more folk will come to our side in this year to come as the scales fall from their eyes and they awaken to the evil in their midst. My divinations suggest obstacles and calamity await in the coming year but also glory and satisfaction. Whatever happens me must endure and continue with the Great Work.

Having established the Charter, the B.O.N.D now continues to consolidate its foundation, particularly those in the etheric realm. It is our duty to keep the B.O.N.D alive, to live by the tenets and spread its influence in any way we can.

As always the topical newslinks are presented for the readers persual and delectation:

>Tranny degenerate disturbs normal folk in hospital


>More imported goatfucking childraping subhuman filth prevented from attacking our civilians

>The traitors are fudging the invasion numbers in order to make themselves look better to an increasingly angry public

>The ramifications of the multicult treachery are beginning to sink in as the UK sinks ever deeper into a police state

>kebab who plotted to kill sharia may go on trial

Thats it for now lads. Im working on a special sigil which I will post up soon when it is completed. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents and give thanks to the based Druids.



/biz/ is on suicide watch after literally all of their shitcoins crash.

beautiful, isn't it?

Let's hope the value keeps going down. Investing in crypto is one of the most bourgeoisie things you can do. If we're lucky we may see some an hero themselves.

HuffPo: Are You A Gamer Who’s The Victim Of A Harassment Campaign?

>When will the video game world have its own reckoning about harassment of all kinds?

>In the gaming community, after all, women, LGBTQ people and gamers of color have taken the brunt of harassment online for years. The names and methods may change, but Gamergate is the internet’s forever war, and we’d like to do a better job of covering its casualties.

>If you’re a gamer who has been targeted by a harassment mob — whether you’re a casual gamer, an e-sports legend, a streamer, a developer, a member of a niche community online or anything in between — I want to hear from you.

>Feel free to reach out to me at [email in pic related]. We won’t reveal your name unless we explicitly discuss otherwise.

The kikes are really getting bold

>8 seconds in white grandma with full nigger grand child

>56 seconds in some random he-she muzzi abomination

>1:02 white girl saying she's "made her peace being the boring white chick in the family"

>1:20 nigger girl and white man fucking

>1:29 chink says "I just noticed…there's three people of color here and a white boy cookin. I like those odds"

>"White boy" replies 'The future of America…right here!."

Absolutely fucking disgusting.

/pol/ buys a new ride

Adolf Hitler Mercedes-Benz 770K for sale

A Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen used by Adolf Hitler will headline the 2018 Worldwide Auctioneers Scottsdale auction, scheduled for January 17 during Arizona Auction Week.

Billed as the “most historically significant automobile ever offered for public sale”, the 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K is one of five surviving Offener Tourenwagens. Formerly part of the famed Imperial Palace Auto Collections, this meticulously documented automobile was ordered by, built for and used by Adolf Hitler, tyrannical Chancellor of Nazi Germany and Führer of the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945.

Russia Insider names the jew and calls for backup

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

>It's making serious discussion of Russian geopolitics and history next to impossible

>1. Introduction

>Most people know about, but few are willing to condemn, the strict taboo in the media, of criticizing Jews as a group, using that term. One cannot even criticize a small subsection of Jews, a miniscule percentage of the Jewish population, even when they richly deserve it. Obviously, this is a ridiculous way to run a publication whose object is to get to the truth, so I am writing this to explain why, from now on, the pages of Russia Insider will be open to articles which fairly and honestly address the influence of Jewish elites, including pointing out when it is malevolent, which it often is, and try to understand it and explain it, with malice towards none.


>14. A call for articles and support

>Discussion of the Jewish problem (and 'problem' is the right word here) is obviously not going to be the focus of Russia Insider - we try to be primarily about Russia, but I am willing to give space to this issue, and not just as it relates to Russia. I invite all writers, including from the Alt-Right, to get in touch with me directly at with article ideas, proposals, or anything else, and yes, we will publish articles which use (((echoes))).

On a completely unrelated topic, were the old GULag camps ever dismantled?

Vegan negress wants to take down Trump with voodoo

>The wiccans can't do shit against Trump

>Moloch can't do shit against Trump

>She doesn't know about how by the power of GETs, the Egyptian God of chaos was awakened

Is the Meme Magic thing coming back?


Cory Booker's attempt at an Oprah style speech is extremely sploitable

Seething with anger and tears of rage over a cuss word doesn't seem like the temperament of a President…

Let's make this his "basket of deplorables" or his "binders full of women" moment and kill this chimp's chances before he even gets started.

It's been a while since we've done any real work here lately. Shake of the rust and get to work. Campaign season starts early when you're the God Emperor.

Let's make this last month of the FIRE COCK go out with a blaze and usher in the new EARTH DOG!


Apologies for what may be misconstrued as a blog post, but this bullshit that I've been seeing for the past several months should be national news. It has gone completely unreported and unknown and I would like to bring some degree of attention to this Sweden-tier cuckery unfolding right in my backyard. I've tried typing this out in proper form and realized that the detail needed to give full credit to the story ends up being a wall of text which spans three posts. So I'm going to green-text and hope the point gets across.

>Jackson Hole, WY. is the blue asshole of an otherwise overwhelmingly comfy red state

>Jackson Hole is full of people with more money than sense, cucks, and liberals of the worst sort

>Said rich liberals and cucks do not have babies

>Liberals and cucks decide they will fix the issue of inadequate lower-class labor with immigration

>Surprise, they bring in white people

>White people (mostly poles) work out very well, do not decrease living conditions in the area, and leave when their time is up

>This repeats for several years

>Cucks eventually become even more cucked and decide they need diversity

>Cucks import Mexicans and literal African muslim niggers

Fast forward to 2017

>Unlike eastern European immigrants, the criminal brown people cannot figure out how to house themselves

>Cucks decide to cuck harder still and begin building massive ghettos all around Jackson Hole to house these savages

>Ghettos are still not enough living space for these brown people

>Jackson Hole begins housing these fuckers in several-hundred-dollar-a-night hotels, motels, and million-dollar houses for free

>Skiing season arrives

>hundreds upon hundreds of white people show up to ski, snowmobile, and hike around the area… expecting that they will have a place to stay

>Every residence is packed with brown people

>Reservations have not been kept, money is worthless in the face of severe liberalism, and they can't leave for at least a week due to a small, congested airport

>Precious diversity has taken all conceivably available housing and, now thousands, of white people are effectively homeless

>Jackson Hole will not lift a finger to help these privileged white oppressors.

>luckily white people can into survival and purchase every tent,sleeping bag, and camping supply they can get their hands on

>White people start what effectively becomes a massive hunting camp in the woods outside of Jackson Hole

>locals help them out, they eventually get proficient at fire and hunting, many even begin to enjoy themselves and view their condition as a sort of protest against the diversity that fucked them over

This shit has been ongoing for weeks now. 40 year old drunken Mexican illegals were put up, for free mind you, in some of the ritziest, nicest hotels and living conditions you can imagine while white people, with money and citzenship, have had to live like hobbos because they cannot find a place to stay within several hours of their location; a factor made worse by avalanches in the pass as well as the usual snow and ice. But wait, it gets better. Jackson Hole not only refused to lift a damn finger to help these people, the town has aggressively tried to fuck them over. At first they were all staying in public areas, mostly the airport, to stay out of the weather until the town kicked them out. Then, they established their first camp just outside of the town… until the town decided they were ugly to look at and the police assisted them even further out into the woods. The real kicker was that these people were all excited that the New York Times was in the area. They thought they were going to get some recognition, some public outrage in their favor. Nope. What the New York Times did post on November 21st, was an old travel guide from 2013 on the best ski slopes in the Jackson Hole area.

TL;DR The United States has Sweden-tier housing priorities and discrimination against white people is more acceptable than ever

Israel create new propaganda department

The kikes have created a new propaganda department aimed at spreading positive "awareness" about the jew stat. And I shit you not, the group is called Kella Shlomo.

>Israel has created a secretive body made up of ex-generals and a former UN ambassador to engage in an online propaganda campaign against the state’s opponents internationally.

>The Strategic Affairs Ministry created the corporation to carry out “mass awareness activities” to counteract what it describes as “the delegitimization campaign” against Israel internationally, Haaretz reports.

>The group, named Kella Shlomo, received $37 million from the Netanyahu government, and reportedly expects to raise the same amount through international donors, from “philanthropic sources” and “pro-Israel organizations.”

Kazakhstan to purchase Boeing planes, build new GE locomotives

WASHINGTON, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on Tuesday the country has reached agreements with several U.S. companies worth $7.5 billion, including contracts to supply passenger planes and locomotives to the Central Asian country.

“The contracts will be about purchasing additional Boeing planes … and assembling 900 new General Electric locomotives in Kazakhstan,” Nazarbayev said following a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House.

Nazarbayev said some of the contracts, which will be unveiled later on Tuesday, also included investments in the agricultural sector.

Ted Kaczynski

>The leftist is oriented toward large-scale collectivism. He emphasizes the duty of the individual to serve society and the duty of society to take care of the individual. He has a negative attitude toward individualism.

>He often takes a moralistic tone. He tends to be for gun control, for sex education and other psychologically "enlightened" educational methods, for social planning, for affirmative action, for multiculturalism. He tends to identify with victims.

>He tends to be against competition and against violence, but he often finds excuses for those leftists who do commit violence.

>He is fond of using the common catchphrases of the left, like "racism," "sexism," "homophobia," "capitalism," "imperialism," "neocolonialism," "genocide," "social change," "social justice," "social responsibility."

>Maybe the best diagnostic trait of the leftist is his tendency to sympathize with the following movements: feminism, gay rights, ethnic rights, disability rights, animal rights political correctness. Anyone who strongly sympathizes with ALL of these movements is almost certainly a leftist

How'd he get this so wrong? What stopped him from just using the obviously more correct term liberal where he says leftist? If he were to do so, I could pretty much agree 100% with his analysis of modern """leftism"""

Deprogramming a Western Girl?

I've mentioned this on other boards, the responses always seem like they're intentionally trying to dissuade, dishearten and demotivate me from my goal. It's always some combination of

>It's not worth it to try, don't have kids goy!

>Women in general can't be reasoned with, don't have kids goy!

>Getting married? Starting a family? Dating? That's all degenerate! Don't have kids goy!

>Why don't you fuck this $2000 rubber pussy instead? DON'T HAVE KIDS GOY!

>You're too stupid to figure out how to do this yourself. KILL YOURSELF SO YOU DON'T EVER HAVE KIDS, GOY!

Let me explain my situation. Details on my girlfriend for starters:

-White, half Irish half Italian

-Quite a bit younger than me

-Openly admits tumblr tainted her, is or was a part of every awful fandom there is, including sonic, mlp, fnaf, korra and stephen universe.

-When we met she'd had her name legally changed to a boy's. She was taking testosterone, but she didn't pass very well as she's very pretty and feminine. I encouraged those traits and complimented her on them. She grew her hair out, started wearing dresses and make up and asked me to pick a new female name for her.

-Because of her time as a "boy" and her preference for older men she had no sexual partners. She dated girls platonically but had no attraction to them.

A year later I've avoided politics with her, but every time it comes up we have a minor argument. I usually just let it go, but she buys into all the typical tumblr shit. She hates Trump, she blames white men for all the problems of the world, she supports BLM and feminist ideals.

-On the other hand she has a fetish for brainwashing, being submissive and hypnosis. She would actually like me to reshape her identity and who she is.

So what's the gentlest way to get her off her addiction to Disney products and marxism? How do I fix her?

Note: I'm looking for guides, videos, and books to read with her.

Minimum Wage Massacre: Jack In The Box CEO Says "Just Makes Sense" To Replace Workers With Robots

Jack in the Box CEO Leonard Comma told a room full of attendees at a Tuesday conference that the company is considering replacing cashiers with robots as the minimum wage in California rises.

"As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense," said Comma.

The San Diego based fast-food chain says that with California's minimum wage rising to $15 by 2022, automated kiosks and other previously tested technology which was previously failed to pencil out are now economically feasible.

18 states are raising minimum wage in 2018, including California, with the Golden State scheduled to be the first to hit $15.

Meanwhile, McDonald's and Wendy's have been testing automation to reduce labor costs. McDonald's is adding 2,500 kiosks to its stores, while Wendy's unveiled plans last February to install self-ordering kiosks at 1,000 restaurants - 16% of its locations nationwide.

Wendy's chief information officer, David Trimm, said the kiosks are intended to appeal to younger customers and reduce labor costs. Kiosks also allow customers of the fast food giant to circumvent long lines during peak dining hours while increasing kitchen production.

"With government driving up the cost of labor, it's driving down the number of jobs," then Carl's Jr. and Hardee's CEO Andy Puzder told Business Insider in 2016. "You're going to see automation not just in airports and grocery stores, but in restaurants."

And yesterday at CES, Pizza Hut announced a driverless delivery concept vehicle straight out of Demolition Man (the non-US version of the movie).

Who could have seen that coming? As we have noted in the past, minimum wage laws - while advertised under the banner of social justice - do not live up to the claims made by those who tout them. They do not lift low wage earners to a so-called social minimum. Indeed, minimum wage laws imposed at the levels employed in Europe push a considerable number of people into unemployment. And, unless those newly unemployed qualify for government assistance (read: welfare), they will sink below, or further below, the social minimum.

As Nobelist Milton Friedman correctly quipped, A minimum wage law is, in reality, a law that makes it illegal for an employer to hire a person with limited skills.

Despite the piling up mountain of evidence on the harmful "unintended consequences" of artificially high minimum wages, we suspect we already know how this story ends.


Google’s Fix for Racist Algorithm Was to Just Eliminate Gorillas From Search

New York Magazine

> It’s been over two years since engineer Jacky Alciné called out Google Photos for auto-tagging black people in his photos as “gorillas.” After being called out, Google promptly and profusely apologized, promising it’d fix the problems in the algorithm. “Lots of work being done, and lots still to be done,” tweeted Yonatan Zunger, chief architect of social at Google, according to CNET. “We’re very much on it.” It’s 2018, and it appears “on it” just meant a shoddy work-around that involved blocking all things the algorithm identified as “gorilla” from being tagged, just in case the algorithm opted to tag a black person again.

> Wired uncovered the “fix” in a series of tests using 40,000 images containing animals and running them through Google Photos. “It [Google Photos] performed impressively at finding many creatures, including pandas and poodles,” the magazine reports. “But the service reported ‘no results’ for the search terms ‘gorilla,’ ‘chimp,’ ‘chimpanzee,’ and ‘monkey.’” The program was able to find some primates, including baboons, gibbons, and marmosets. Capuchin and colobus monkeys were also identified correctly, so long as the word monkey wasn’t included in the search. Searches for “black man” and “black woman” turned up photos of people of the chosen gender in black and white, rather than of a given race.

> A Google spokesperson confirmed to Wired that several primate terms, including “gorilla,” are still blocked following the 2015 incident. “Image labeling technology is still early and unfortunately it’s nowhere near perfect,” the spokesperson said. It’s unclear if image-labeling tech is just “still early” — it’s been several years, you’d think Google could have figured some things out in that time — or if Google is just being careful to avoid being called racist, again. Alternatively, properly fixing Google Photos simply isn’t worth the money and the time to Google. It’s easier to slap a Band-Aid on it and pretend that gorillas — and much worse, black people — don’t exist in its photos.


< Google apologizes for algorithm mistakenly calling black people 'gorillas' (CNET)

< When It Comes to Gorillas, Google Photos Remains Blind (Wired)

Can somebody red-pill me on the communist beginnings in china and how Jewry may have been involved? (other than the fact that communism is a jewish idea in the first place)

did any of the party founders etc. have jewish ties/friends etc. ?

/leftytrash/: Once More

ITT: movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

This is a voluntary thread that users can choose to post in, if… I forgot the rest of whatever the old OP was. Honestly, I just wanted to bring this old thread back.

New videogame thread because nuke

Currently playing everlasting summer

>what I expected

a fun storydriven adventure with a lot of references to soviet union

>what I got

date a schoolgirl simulation with russian characteristics

Who ever makes these lists, delete this game from the next version

Nick Fuentes

Haven't been impressed with how this spic has been conducting himself so I figured I'd do a little work and get his dox. Nicholas Fuentes is an alt-lite who has been burning bridges and attacking white nationalists. He seems to be tight with the nazbol irony twitter crowd who seem to be behind a lot of the d&c. He recently started to cry about someone posting his sister's instagram account registered in her name which he called doxing. I felt I should do the rest of the work if he's going to be a bitch about it.

Nick Fuentes is living with his parents at 929 Newberry Ave, La Grange Park Illinois.

Try to reach him at (708) 828-0212 or (708) 352-7859.

His father is William (Bill) Fuentes. His mother is Lauren Fuentes. His father works at RBI Bearing, Inc. His paternal grandmother is using her maiden name, very Catholic.

Nick Fuentes has an open facebook with his friendlist public.

If you search for his last name you find his sister immediately. She is attending Bradley University currently.

Educational Request

Ok, so remind me again. This is a NatSoc board right? Hitler met with the grand Mufti during WW2 and the germans were allies with the Ottomans (Muslims) During WW1. Ontop of that most of the people who have been blowing up synogogues in Europe at the moment have been Muslims. If Muslims hate jews so much, and if Germany was historically allied with the muslim world. Why should we put ALL of our focus and resources on Muslims, and not even talk about Jews? Why not make the Jews be the #1 Focus? Wouldn't it be advantageous to have the muslims wipe out the jews then deal with them afterwards?

It seems like the Jews are a bigger threat considering they own all the money and were the ones to open the floodgates. We could even use the leftist narratives against them with the success of the BDS movement, which the Israeli government considers the second biggest "Threat" after Iran. Why not ally with them just as Hitler and the Kaiser did historically? I stopped browsing this board for a couple months and have been looking around at different angles of approach more, have I gone off base? It just seems like historically the central powers tended to ally with the Ottomans against England and America in many of these conflicts.

I also noticed that Dr. Pierce even said during multiple of his broadcasts that he dissaproved of many of the wars as he saw the Muslims as a formidable adversary to the Jews.

Paddock Confrimed Arms Dealer?

Warrant Unsealed

I haven't been able to find any articles about this yet. I'll link the docs for your perusal. Apologies for the limited info in this OP.

Check out page 6 starting at Line 13 and then carry over onto Page 7 where the good stuff is. They found emails sent from his account to another stating things like" try an ar before you buy. we have huge selection located in the las vegas area"


I'll start this one by /r/ing the caps from when we fucked up TRS and found out what a bunch of Jews they were. I kinda lost my collection and would love to bash Mike "the kike" Enoch.

/lit/ BTFO'ing Religion of Cuck™ in return for your help

Niggers Turn Paris Rail Stations Into No-Go Zones

>The union said that the Marx Dormoy and Marcadet-Poissonniers stops, on lines 12 and 4 respectively, are among the most dangerous stations, where crack cocaine users, dealers and homeless people are often found screaming, shouting, fighting or sprawled out across the platforms.

In other news,

Time to put the kibosh on the bridge to Africa?

Leftism and Philosophy

Any of you guys read Plato's republic? It strikes me how it is simoteneausly communistic at parts and monarchist at others.

Flat Earth Shitposting

Who or what is pushing this? Bored shitposters? Idiots? Paid shitposters to discredit conspiracies?

Deadman's Switch Activated on 4/v/

AI monitoring, shilling and mapping our homes


>semi sentient AI tracking everything we do

>Leaked by a literal vidya shitposter Deadman switch

>inb4 lol cuckchan

Stick along with me here, this is some pretty spooky shit, might just all be a larp, but it's one fucking extensive act in that case. It goes into a lot of detail too.

/mbmc/ #MyBordersMyChoice JAN 21 POSTERS GO UP

1. Print posters:

2. Spread these memes:

3. Retweet these:

Use #MyBordersMyChoice plus additional hashtags for spread: #NoMeansNo, #MeToo, #KatesWall, #KateSteinle, #MigrantsDay


Posters go up Jan 21st on campuses & public spaces. The next day we grab the popcorn.

Bonus points for feminism-related areas:

Women's & gender studies depts, feminist clubs, office doors of feminist profs, etc.

>why Jan 21?

Jan 21 is the earliest Sunday night when most students & profs will be back from holidays.

Sunday night is best because it's quiet for putting up posters & it's only ~10 hours till

people will find them on Monday, so low chance of someone removing them.

>wasn't it Jan 14 before?

Yes, that was revised when some US anons mentioned that many US schools don't start till after Jan 15th.

Also Jan 15th is MLK day which would be bad optics for the posters to be discovered on that day.

The IRL deployment date is Jan 21, not Jan 14. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

>what's the point?

To redpill normies on immigration (especially women) by subverting feminist slogans.

Also to trigger the left into letting their mask slip in front of the public again (like IOTBW),

exposing the depths of their utopian insanity & hatred for whites.

>what does the image mean?

The country is personified as a female, looking nervous and sad as a threatening hand (illegal immigration) approaches. The entry is non-consensual.

The hand is an empty outline with no skin color - this keeps things normie-friendly for maximum spread & impact, and it removes an opportunity for leftist media to demonize the images.

Citizens collectively own a country just like a family owns a home & a person owns his or her body.

Being forced to accept strangers into your country is just as absurd & wrong as being forced to accept them in your home, or inside yourself (rape).

>what if it backfires? what if leftists say "I do consent to immigration"?

Typical leftists arguments to MBMC seen so far + counters (very easy):

>previous threads?




**IRL poster date was changed from Jan 14 to Jan 21 here

(ignore the Jan 14 date in all previous threads)

>what about shills?

a reminder to all anons, just as it was necessary during IOTBW, it's equally necessary for MBMC to remember the following:








the "brown hand" shill false flag poster comes directly from a leftypol discord that our spies were watching, pic very related

and if anyone is doubting the value of this operation, just look at how hard the shills are attacking it (including previous generals)

if you see a shill poster IRL, please remove it, but BE CAREFUL because shareblue has bragged about putting razorblades behind their false flag posters to injure people who try to take them down, PROOF:

Godspeed anons.

/pol Investigations Thread 3: Ping Pong Edition

/pol/ Investigations Thread

+ Pizzagate

+ Seth Rich

+ Clintons and other (((elites)))

It's all connected, so post it here.

Last Pizzagate thread:


Last Seth Rich thread:


/pol/ Investigations Thread #1:*/

/pol/ Investigations Thread 2:


We need to get this bitch fired. This is literally victim blaming. Just watch it. She threatened to take the job of the girl who was raped.

>"you chose to remain anonymous, lucky you. but as you grow in your PHOTOGRAPHY career"

She signaled she knows where the girl works. That's a very badly veiled threat to dox and take her job.


Try this again… Is SHE right /pol/?

My local fox affiliate LITERALLY confirmed what she was saying about "Targeting Elderly" by my States Statistics… When will we finally Rise? When will we become United Nationwide? Why won't this Agenda stop?

Restauration of the Jus Sanguinis Principle in european countries

I implore you to spread this and make this into a core Idea for European Nationalists.

European Nationalist Movements are at heavy risk of being subverted by the American Idea of "Civic Nationalism".

We cannot allow them to influence us, but especially not in that regard, not while the Pendulum is in the process of swinging back.

If you don't know about what I am talking about, Jus Sanguinis is the legal principle that blood should determine what ethnicity you are. If you are German, so descended from Germans, than you either are a German citizen or have the eternal right to get citizenship.

Funny thing is legally this was never abolished, so it's very much possible to easily reinstate that.

It's important that even if it doesn't look like the Nationalist/New Right Parties in Europe publically adopt that idea, we still have to make sure that the underlying metapolitical movement never compromises on that.

To any Americans reading this, I sympathize with you cause, but there is one huge difference between us and you.

You have a lot of work to do, because if someone speaks of "Americans", they don't really assume that it's a white person. However in Europe, everyone in their core understands that a German is determind by ethnicity, not legal papers. When someone speaks of the "Swedish People are fed up with Immigration" everyone instantly assumes who is meant and where the front is.

Sadly for the Brits, because of their language they are very much influenced by American Ideas and so while they are not as bad as Americans on this, I'd say they are in worse state than every other european country.

Would Manga, "Web-comics", Graphic Novels and Other Light Reading Material Be Allowed in a White Literati Nationalist Society?

Post examples of some of your favorites-or ones you haven't actually read before ever even once but thought would be funny to share-in this ITT thread

Online """"socialists"""" and "white people"

I really wish they'd stop doing shit like this. Aside from being retarded, it just keeps reifying race as a legitimate concept and perpetuating this hitlerite racialist bullshit. It's possible that the poster didn't intend to imply that their whiteness is an integral component in possessing this logic, that this is representative of currently prevailing sentiment among white suburbanites specifically, but the context doesn't do much to cut through that kind of ambiguity.

In any event, people, especially so-called "socialists" deserve nothing but ridicule for perpetuating this kind of retardation and by its use validating it as a concept. "White people" aren't any more a thing than "black people," and socialists should make a point that superficial physical characteristics do not somehow equate to fundamentally different human beings, much less a coherent means of describing or categorizing individuals or groups of people.

Even on a simple pragmatic level, those people that still identify themselves racially see this sort of shit and freak out, driving them into the arms of reactionaries who replace the race-guilt liberals have been trying to cultivate with race-pride (or at the least, race-acceptance). For most normies this means supporting figures like Trump, who, despite being an acknowledged vile character himself, is not only telling them that they don't have to feel bad for being whatever, but that their enemy is PC-culture and those pushing it. It just serves as more examples for /pol/tards and other aut-right scum to point to and say, "See? There really IS a war on whites!" Even if they aren't offended on some kind of racial level, it's clearly hypocritical (e.g white people should feel guilt for the collective sin of white people, but black people shouldn't be treated as a collective whole when members of that group commit crimes). Really, that's probably what upsets people more than aspersions against their race–they're being held to a different standard of moral and ethical rigor and receive more severe criticism/punishment for what they perceive as the same or similar offenses (the whole "only whites can be racist" is another example).

Are you an online activist? Do you ascribe thoughts, behaviors, tendencies, values, etc to people based on imaginary racial lines? Then you're a piece of shit impeding the spread and development of socialism and need to fuck off.

Conflict Readiness for Whites

(Note about this archive link: the Public Intelligence site PDF produces an error archiving, so the archieved link is the FAS (kike) link for this pdf. Just get relevant manuals like this however you can. You may be able to get some of them on piratebay or similar.)

The documents above are helpful reading for whites who want a future. These are samples of helpful information to study.

It would obviously be best to work toward an ethnostate peacefully, maybe using a referendum/Constitutional convention and have a few states leave Brexit-style. The basic issue is as we've discussed endlessly on here. 85 IQ swarms who do not give a fuck about our people and culture or the constitution–our founders simply didn't account for what has happened or for kikes, enemies within, to completely subvert the nation. There is no way they could have accounted fully for this insanity, but they did provide numerous options to handle unforeseeable situations like this, including the tree of liberty option. Just options.

If peace isn't in the cards should whites lawfully invoke options to leave and form their own nation–lawfully–well, now is a very important time to be preparing just in case. That means daily physical fitness–crossfit sessions are good–eating healthy, getting off of ALL prescription drugs and cutting off ALL drug dependencies, cutting alcohol and smoking as much as possible for fitness reasons, and focusing on good nutrition.

Also, establishing good, relatively secure communications infrastructure and networking is also very important, such as learning to operate ham radio, as is focusing on obtaining quality arms and ammunition and practicing at the range. Getting significant range time as well as being capable doing basic rifle repair quickly and learning how to clean and store firearms is very important.

In addition to all of the above, I would also suggest joining the military for training. Do not let the military indoctrinate you with nigger kike bullshit, and keep your lips zipped 100% of the time–that's 100%. But you can learn a lot in the military. The more military-trained whites there are, the better. Particularly among officers, but if you can only get accepted enlisted, that's fine. I would focus on Army and Marines.

All this effort is highly contingent on a conflict breaking out, and that may or may not happen. THIS IS NOT a call to arms in any way, shape, or form. But word needs to be out there that we are at a very serious juncture. If are to survive as a people, it's important to follow some of the steps I outlined above. We can survive–a positive attitude and willingness to do what it takes is most critical. Can-do attitude is most important above all. Take whatever fury you have and make it cold, focused fury, and think very specifically about how you, as an individual, can contribute if you want to have a future for white people. Our children and children's children will be terrorized and destroyed in this country. This country is not acceptable as it stands. Change must come, and I think it may come in the form of an ethnostate.

>People Keep Seeing the Mothman in Chicago

App creates ‘legally binding contracts’ for one night stands to prove sex is consensual


>Ever thought casual sex would be a lot easier if there was a legally binding contract proving consent?

>Well, as it’s 2018, there’s now an app for that.

>Let’s say you’ve met someone in a bar, you get along and it looks like you might be going home together. To make sure the sex you want to have is consensual, all you do is open up an app and send a request like you would a message on Whatsapp. The app in question is LegalFling which claims to be filling a void in the minefield that is dating.

>It comes after a year where sexual harassment and the #metoo campaign have dominated the headlines. Even in Sweden, there is legislation being proposed that would require people to give explicit consent before they have sex.

>LegalFling states on its website that sex should not only be fun, it should ‘also be safe for everyone’. If you receive a request on LegalFling and you press accept, the app claims you have entered into a legally binding agreement. And if one of you breaches that contract by, for example, sharing sex tapes online or withholding information about STDs, you could end up in court.

>Consent can also be withdrawn at the touch of button, effectively ending the legal agreement.

>The agreements can also be used in long term relationships, with users able to add an infinite duration all the way down to a couple of hours.

>Into BDSM or using explicit language? It can all be selected in advance as a way of legally proving knowledge of what you’re both signing into.

>LegalFling says each contract is secured using blockchain, the technology that safeguards cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The app says only the transaction hash is stored and time-stamped in the blockchain, which it claims will guarantee your privacy.

>Whether you think it’s a progressive idea or proof that the world has gone mad, the app is still subject to approval by Apple and Google. But LegalFling says it won’t be long before it can be downloaded.

I don't know who this Brian Krassenstein is but apparently he's a pedophile and after one of his victims confessed what has happened to him in a thread, it's been removed from 4plebs. See "How do I get things removed?" from

Thread on the subject, apparently started by an acquaintance of that person:

Thread in question:

>I hate to appear like I am "triggered," but some things are painful on a deep level. I had finally started to put a certain traumatic childhood event behind me when I decided to make a twitter like everyone else. And there is my ghost from the past, laughing in the face of his victims by denouncing sexual abuse on a huge public arena. Applauded by everyone. thousands of "likes" on his total hypocrisy.

>Because when Brian Krassenstein was in his early 20s, he anally penetrated me and my brother (aged 11 and 14) in a garage in Florida after luring us inside with promises of cash for helping move stuff. According to my brother it happened to other boys in the neighborhood as well but I can't know for certain, and I can't talk to him about it because he shot himself in the head 2 years ago.

>I've never told anyone about it so I hope you forgive the venting. I had to put the words to paper, maybe it can help with these feelings I have that I'm sure my brother felt as well. They scare me.


The thread you were looking for does not exist.

China joins jews in shilling for 3rd world immigrants for Japan

See this hard working documentary about dindus, flipniggers and hapas in Japan…

Will the Jews succeed and redefine who can be considered Japanese?



Friday, January 12, 2018

Former President of Maryland-Based Transportation Company Indicted on 11 Counts Related to Foreign Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

An indictment against a former co-president of a Maryland-based transportation company that provides services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the United States and abroad, was unsealed today for his alleged role in a scheme that involved the bribery of an official at a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation.

Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Acting U.S. Attorney Stephen M. Schenning of the District of Maryland, Principal Deputy Inspector General April G. Stephenson of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Inspector General (DOE-OIG) and Assistant Director in Charge Andew W. Vale of the FBI’s Washington, D.C. Field Office made the announcement.

Mark Lambert, 54, of Mount Airy, Maryland, was charged in an 11-count indictment with one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and to commit wire fraud, seven counts of violating the FCPA, two counts of wire fraud and one count of international promotion money laundering. The charges stem from an alleged scheme to bribe Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation and the sole supplier and exporter of Russian Federation uranium and uranium enrichment services to nuclear power companies worldwide, in order to secure contracts with TENEX.

The case against Lambert is assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Theodore D. Chuang of the District of Maryland.

According to the indictment, beginning at least as early as 2009 and continuing until October 2014, Lambert conspired with others at “Transportation Corporation A” to make corrupt and fraudulent bribery and kickback payments to offshore bank accounts associated with shell companies, at the direction of, and for the benefit of, a Russian official, Vadim Mikerin, in order to secure improper business advantages and obtain and retain business with TENEX. In order to effectuate and conceal the corrupt and fraudulent bribe payments, Lambert and others allegedly caused fake invoices to be prepared, purportedly from TENEX to Transportation Corporation A, that described services that were never provided, and then Lambert and others caused Transportation Corporation A to wire the corrupt payments for those purported services to shell companies in Latvia, Cyprus and Switzerland. Lambert and others also allegedly used code words like “lucky figures,” “LF,” “lucky numbers,” and “cake” to describe the payments in emails to the Russian official at his personal email account. The indictment also alleges that Lambert and others caused Transportation Corporation A to overbill TENEX by building the cost of the corrupt payments into their invoices, and TENEX thus overpaid for Transportation Corporation A’s services.

In June 2015, Lambert’s former co-president, Daren Condrey, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate the FCPA and commit wire fraud, and Vadim Mikerin pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering involving violations of the FCPA. Mikerin is currently serving a sentence of 48 months in prison and Condrey is awaiting sentencing. The indictment includes allegations against Lambert based on his role in effectuating the criminal scheme with Condrey, Mikerin, and others.

The charges in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The case is being investigated by DOE-OIG and the FBI. Assistant Chiefs Ephraim Wernick and Christopher J. Cestaro and Trial Attorney Derek J. Ettinger of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section, as well as Assistant U.S. Attorneys David I. Salem and Michael T. Packard of the District of Maryland, are prosecuting the case.

The Criminal Division’s Office of International Affairs has provided significant assistance in this matter. The Department also thanks its law enforcement colleagues in Switzerland, Latvia and Cyprus for providing valuable assistance with the investigation and prosecution of the case.

The Criminal Division’s Fraud Section is responsible for investigating and prosecuting all FCPA matters. Additional information about the Justice Department’s FCPA enforcement efforts can be found at

The US Forest Service

The Forest Service is obscenely corrupt and has been involved in numerous coverups, yet no one seems to talk about it. How the hell does an organisation that is filled with former CIA and FBI agents and has its own special police division just get glossed over so much? Its obvious they've been involved in covering up evidence of illegal activity by blocking off certain areas of the woods and disappearing people who piss off the wrong government spook but they just get away with it. Its an open secret that the park superindendent for rocky mountain was stealing millions of dollars even but no one has ever investigated them formally!


>In their undercover investigation, James O’Keefe and other Project Veritas reporters secretly recorded Twitter employees as they allegedly revealed the extent the platform surveils users.

>“Everything you send is stored on my server. You can’t [delete it], it’s already on my server now,” declared Direct Messaging Engineer Panay Singh. “So all your sex messages and your, like, dick pics are on my server now. All your illegitimate wives, and, like, all the girls you’ve been fucking around with, they are on my server now.”

>“I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s gonna use it in your divorce,” he joked. “So what happens is, like, when you write stuff or when you post pictures online, they never go away. Like, they’re always on there… Even after you send them, people are, like, analyzing them, to see what you’re interested in, to see what you’re talking about, and they sell that data… Everything. Anything you post online.”

>Mihai Florea, a software engineer at the company, corroborated Singh’s claims.

>“That’s how we make most of our money,” he explained. “You’re basically paying for the right to use our website with your data basically, and it’s the same on every free website.”

>Former engineer Conrado Miranda also revealed to Project Veritas’ secret cameras that the company “already has a lot of information about you,” even before you join Twitter, adding “there is no way” to protect users if the information falls into the wrong hands.

Biden Scolds Millennials Saying They Have It Rough: ‘Gimme A Break’

Former Vice President Joe Biden pushed back this week on millennials who say they have it tough, saying he does not sympathize with them.

"The younger generation now tells me how tough things are. Give me a break. No, no, I have no empathy for it. Give me a break," Biden, 75, told The Los Angeles Times earlier this week.

"Because here's the deal guys, we decided we were gonna change the world. And we did. We did. We finished the civil rights movement in the first stage. The women's movement came to be," he continued.

"So my message is, get involved. There's no place to hide. You can go and you can make all the money in the world, but you can't build a wall high enough to keep the pollution out. You can't live where — you can't not be diminished when your sister can't marry the man or woman, or the woman she loves. You can't — when you have a good friend being profiled, you can't escape this stuff."

Biden made the remarks while promoting his new book "Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose."

The former vice president has been floated as a potential Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential race.

Vegan Dyke Triggered that John Rose is Naming the Jew

Unnatural fag, some fat cunt on JewTube is butthurt that John Rose, a true hero, is redpilling vegs everywhere about Hitler. He knows about the genocide of Germans at the end of WW2, he knows that Hitler was a great man. Downvote this cunt's video.

Remember the Teigen hilarity on Twitter?

Prestigious news site, I know, but kind of found it interesting that after her link to kiddie fiddling, there's this:$100k-fine-for-mckayla-maroney-to-t/

Archive Site Discussion Thread

Ok, so we're all aware that a lot of major news sites are blocking 3rd party archive services. They specifically cite us as being the reason why, but don't say how exactly being quoted for what they are actually saying is a bad thing.

This is a threat because it prevents us from showing normies independent verification of redpill material once it's been deleted. is a good example of this. They deleted those pedo articles without notifying anyone of it. Sure, there are other sites talking about it, but what if there weren't?

My suggestion is this: a website that stores PNG's of webpages and functions off a browser extension. Upon pressing the button the site is refreshed (to prevent edits), javascript the user is locked out of performing any actions until the page is loaded out, and once a screenshot is captured information about the date, time, exact url etc are forwarded to the site's server and uploaded as an archive of said url with the relevant data printed on the image along with a hashcode to verify image integrity and the extension itself would need some security measures to prevent tampering as well. It could also open a view source code window and grab that too for further verification. Nothing is infallible, but having a tool like this is better than nothing.

No trace of webarchive or in the referrer, no bots etc. News sites btfo.

How do we make this happen, /pol/? Or does anyone else have any other ideas/see problems with this one?

"Real Socialism"

So I just found out this phrase came about as a catchphrase from the Brezhnev era. Even the Soviet citizens realized that socialism was all one big joke that lived on in the pipe dream minds of their leaders.

Something fishy is going on on /leftypol/ right now. All, and I mean all VPN ip's seem to be pre banned. Is that indicative of some kind of info collection?

Social Incentives - Do you recongize them?

Hello, since I presume that everyone here is familiar with how incentives in reference to the economy and the goverment's involvement in the economy works, especially the unintended incentives it creates. You guys know how strong those incentives can be. How it can change society over time.

I was wondering, if you also recongize that also incentives in the social sphere (not purely economical) have exactly the same deep effects on society?

Like how first, second, third wave feminism fundamentally changed the West. Creating the Incentive that a wife can live seperate from her husband by leaving him, but still dependent on his money. Mass-Immigration of foreign non-european cultures into european cultures which significantly lowered the social trust in the West. How it breeds criminality, creates parallel societies, gated communities.

I was just wondering, if you recongize that and if the goverment should reverse some of those things or maybe create better incentives. This is my own personal opinion or definition, but to be a truly right-wing, western goverment, that isn't just "conservative", whatever that means, the goverment should be deeply aware of the nature of incentives and how destructive, but also benefical they can be to society.

That's all, stay fresh. Yo! This was L. to the I. to the T. GermanAnon for you.

Did the Soviet Union really destroy centuries of Russian culture?

I've heard from many liberals how big bad Stalin imprisoned artists and destroyed Russian religious, political, and cultural achievements/objects.

Is it lib propaganda or did the Soviet Union actually destroy it?

Small Businesses Are Overrated

Jacobin DESTROYS exploitative small-businesses with FACTS and DIALECTICS

> America’s enthusiasm for small business remains remarkably high. Seventy percent of Americans say they have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in small business. For big business the same figure is 21 percent. Both major parties can be seen singing small business’s praises, Democrats as a wholesome alternative to big corporations and Republicans as capitalism’s friendly face. But small businesses can be just as bad as large businesses and are, on average, much worse. They offer lower wages, skimpier benefits, and inferior labor protections.


Krispy Creme sells out NJ gun owners

Chris Christie Gives NJ Residents 90 Days to Surrender Bump Stocks in Final Act as Governor

Chris Christie (R) gave New Jersey residents 90 days to surrender bump stocks – or else – in one of his final acts as Governor of the state.

Jan 16th, 2018 by Awr Hawkins

on Breitbart

>No crimes committed with bump stocks in New Jersey were cited. Rather, Christie signed the Democrat-sponsored ban in light of the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas attack.

They knew they wouldn't have to defend the maneuver at all.

Most notable point of the article: Christie cited the Las Vegas attack, which was otherwise a flop for gun control. Whatever powers Christie is tied up in, he had to sell his final act as governor to them and they are part of the same entity that wanted to use LV for gun control.

By that conjecture, we might investigate Christie's recent ties and movements to discover what groups might be related to LV.

>According to, the use of bump stocks was already banned in New Jersey, so the law Christie signed will simply broaden that ban to outlaw possession of bump stocks as well. Moreover, the new ban also covers trigger cranks, which were not even used in the Las Vegas attack. (This goes to the point that Gun Owners of America makes regarding ATF efforts to ban bump stocks nationally. Namely, that a ban on bump stocks will not stop with bump stocks. Rather, it will become an all-encompassing ban that can be expanded to included other firearm accessories when, and how, the banning authority sees fit.)

Just another step to disarm the people in an already blue state.

>New Jersey residents have 90 days to hand over their bump stocks to authorities or else face third-degree charges which carry “a sentence of three-to-five years in prison, a fine of up to $15,000, or both.”

>Christie tried to secure the nomination for the Republican presidential candidate in 2016 but his campaign was undercut by his strong support for gun control. This included his support for an “assault weapons” ban in the 1990s and his support for numerous other gun controls in 2013. On January 3, 2016, Breitbart News reported that Fox News’ Chris Wallace looked Christie in the eye and said, “The record seems to indicate, sir, that you have flipped on gun control. Critics note that in 2013, when you were running for re-election, that you signed 10 bills tightening gun restrictions, including banning handgun purchases by people on the terror watch list. And the NRA that year, when you running for re-election, only gave you a C.”

Kikes also burn his bum for pretending to be pro gun at any point.

>Christie offered a defense for his support of gun control but it did not reverberate with Republican voters nationally.

We didn't buy it

The Times of Israel: "Iran’s Khamenei Urges Israel’s Defeat, Accuses Saudis of Treason"


>Addressing representatives from the Muslim-majority countries in Tehran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei predicted Israel’s demise and accused the United States of creating and supporting the Religion of Cuck™ic State terrorist group “till their last breaths.”

>“Defeating the Zionists in a soft war is possible just as it is during hard war,” he tweeted. “I believe that this struggle against the Zionist regime will bear fruit, just as the resistance has progressed today. There was a time when the Zionists chanted ‘From Nile to Euphrates,’ today they are building up walls around themselves, so that they can protect themselves on that occupied land,” he continued.

>The Iranian supreme leader said the Palestinians should have a state encompassing the entirety of the State of Israel, with Jerusalem as its capital.

>He also attacked Saudi Arabia, with which Iran has been conducting proxy wars in Lebanon and Yemen, for cooperating with the United States.

>“Governments that help the United States and cooperate with the Zionist regime to fight Muslim brothers are committing treason, like what Saudis are doing,” he said.

Bulletproof Glass RACIST

Is bulletproof glass racist?

Philly city council seems to think so. In typical weasel dem fashion they changed the bill from outright banning plexiglas in Deli’s, to requiring delis to install minimum 30 seats and public restrooms, or tear down their (lifesaving) shields.

(Black) Councilwoman Cindy Bass denies calling the usage of the glass racist, despite calling it “dehumanizing” while pointing out it was used predominantly by Asian-American business owners in Black communities.

(Asian) councilman David Oh says that if the barriers comedown, store owners will purchase guns to protect themselves.

whats the del with leftism?

Hey there /leftypol/ I consider myself a rightwing white ethno-nationalist. However I do agree with alot of leftist positions. I thinks that some form of leftism/socialism is much better for the average worker than capitalism. My main problem is the eradication of nation states which in my estimation would lead to a huge influx of outsiders (often reactionary cultures) to the west. What are your thoughts on how to increase the standard of living for the average prole in the west hile not redistributing the wealth abroad?

What did the "libertarian" socialists mean by this?

/pol(k)/ Yacht Club

IDEA: Invest in a sailboat and sail with fellow anons. or if you dont/cant own a boat, see if other anons would take you on as crew.


- Great networking opportunity

- Make life long friends

- Redpilled hobby

- Quality holidays for little cost

- Independence from Government

- Peaceful and Relaxing

- Escape degeneracy

- Ultimate freedom on the high seas

- If you fall on hard times, you can live on your boat for very cheap

Ever wanted to get away from modern living? The world is a mess, and shitposting only does so much to alleviate the depression. Too much living in the corrupt modern world will destroy the European spirit. So it is imperative that we have some place to go, where we can refresh and clear our minds and souls, it is from this sentiment that /pol/ Yacht Club is based.

Sailing is one of the best hobbies one can have. It teaches responsibility, discipline, strength through hardship, and a great many more skills. Sailing is one of the last few things which still appeals to the sense of adventure that is lost in this increasingly civilized world. Theres nothing like landing on remote shores after weeks at sea, or on islands you know are uninhabited, knowing you can do anything and go anywhere. The feeling is like what I imagine our forebears felt discovering the new world. Surviving on the open ocean is a hugely fulfilling experience.

Plus, when the happening looms and shit starts to hit the fan, a working sailboat is your ticket to survival.

For those serious about getting a boat, there are a few things to consider:

>Boats can be quite expensive (although there tricks to getting cheap ones)

>Check registration laws in your country/state, as there may be a few requirements

>Boats need a pretty consistent level of maintenance, and there is always something to fix or improve, so make sure you are up for it.

>You will need to learn to sail, operating the boat isnt too difficult, knowing how to deal with problems as they arise is the goal.

But dont let that scare you away, its all worth it in the end, you just need to know what you are dealing with.

This thread is for interested anons to discuss and network with each other, share tips or advice, and give ideas/suggestions as to the direction of /pol/ Yacht Club.

'Communism like Christianity and Lenin is a SAINT' claims Putin in shocking interview

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared communism to Christianity and likened Bolshevik revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin to a “saint” in a revealing new interview.

PUBLISHED: 05:10, Mon, Jan 15, 2018 | UPDATED: 03:55, Tue, Jan 16, 2018

Putin claimed communist ideology has all the hallmarks of religion in that it is based on equality, brotherhood and it has its own “holy scripture”. Speaking in an interview for a documentary film called "Valaam”, a clip from which was broadcast by the Russia 1 TV channel, he said: "Faith has always accompanied us, it strengthened when our country, our people faced particularly difficult times.

"There were such severe years of militant atheism during the Soviet period when priests were killed, churches were destroyed. But at the same time a new religion was being created — communist ideology, which is very similar to Christianity, in fact.

“Freedom, equality, brotherhood, justice — all of this is enshrined in the Holy Scripture, it's all there. And what about the Code of the Builders of communism? This is a sublimation, it's really just a primitive excerpt from the Bible, nothing new was invented.”

He also compared leader of the Bolshevik Party and of the Russian revolutions, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - better known as Lenin - to Christian saints. When Lenin died in 1924, his body was embalmed and put on display in a mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow. Mr Putin added: “Look, Lenin was put in a mausoleum. How is this different from the relics of saints for Orthodox Christians and just for Christians?

“When they say that there’s no such tradition in Christianity, well, how come, go to Athos and take a look, there are relics of the saints there, and we have holy relics here.”

Daily News Thread 1/16

Nine charged for giving food to homeless in California

Nine people in California have been charged after they handed out food to the homeless, violating a rule about sharing food in public places.

Apple Supplier Workers Describe Noxious Hazards at China Factory

At a Catcher Technology Co. manufacturing complex in the Chinese industrial city of Suqian, about six hours’ drive from Shanghai, workers stand for up to 10 hours a day in hot workshops slicing and blasting iPhone casings for Apple Inc., handling noxious chemicals sometimes without proper gloves or masks.

Japan Broadcaster Joins Hawaii in Issuing False Missile Alert

Japanese national broadcaster NHK issued a false alert about a North Korean missile launch, adding to questions about the reliability of early-warning systems after a similar incident in Hawaii.

North Korea accuses Donald Trump of being a 'spasm of a lunatic'

North Korea has hit back at US President Donald Trump after he made claims about the size of his nuclear button.

Trump Tells Xi U.S. Trade Deficit With China ‘Not Sustainable’

President Donald Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the growing U.S. trade deficit with China isn’t sustainable, the White House said in a statement Tuesday.

Homeland Security Secretary Says Profanities Were Exchanged in Trump Meeting

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Tuesday that numerous people used profanities in an impassioned Oval Office meeting on immigration last week but she didn’t recall President Donald Trump using a specific vulgarity to refer to Haiti and African nations.

Sanders Says Trump Isn’t Racist, Citing ‘The Apprentice’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said claims that President Donald Trump is racist are “outrageous,” citing his success as a public figure and his star turn on television as a host on NBC’s reality show “The Apprentice.”

Wall Street executive sworn in to replace Gov. Christie

A former Wall Street executive and Obama administration diplomat was sworn in as New Jersey’s governor Tuesday, replacing Republican Gov. Chris Christie and returning full control of state government to Democrats.

Debt fears for poorer households

A third of the lowest-income households in Britain have loans and credit card debts that outstrip the assets they hold, research has found.

Milo Yiannopoulos falls for fake news story about male cervical smear tests live on air

Far-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos has fallen for a fake news story, taking to YouTube to rant about a “landmark case” that will now (apparently) force the National Health Service (NHS) to offer cervical smear tests to men.

I made a thing

Sup, /pol/, I made a video hosting site to counter jewtube. I don't know if it's going to work, but I'm going to try it out anyway and hopefully some shit works or whatever.

This project has cost me a lot of time and shekels, but I did it 4u. I hope you can enjoy.

>inb4 slew of complaints

Feel free to criticize, it's very important to me to get feedback, but I haven't slept in a week and I apologize in advance if my borked out brain is incapable of responding to everything quicklyer enough.

Hard limit of 500MB on uploads, most media is supported; it all gets converted on site. Main concern is crashing the server or my bank account

If anyone is feeling generous here's muh btc address: 12Dfh6yaJGJKA9KkiX59mk3gcp8KSojgXa shameless shekel grubbing

If anyone has any logo ideas throw 'em on in, also we need icons for categories.

Have fun

Just how poor are the poor in America? Sometimes you can hear horror stories but how widespread poverty actually is? What conditions do they live in? Is it worse or better compared to similar nations?


This has been requested of me for awhile as I have a lot of knowledge and personal experience but I've been a lazy shit and never bothered to write this. This won't be comprehensive as there's a lot of trivia in the subject of torture to talk about and I just want to explain what I think is more important to know, at least to kick off the thread.


Ok so to begin with I will say that torture is carried out for a lot of reasons and most forms of torture are just sadism that doesn't have a high success rate in accomplishing anything other than breaking a person for the entertainment of whoever is carrying it out. Torture is not very effective for extracting most kinds of information from anyone who has any real determination to resist giving out said information. If information is what you want it's actually better to give them the VIP treatment and get them to give up information to you because they like you or to just ask or to spy on them or to get them to slip up or to entrance them. Lots of ways to extract information out of people without torturing them. Torture is pretty much acknowledged as really only good for demoralization, psychological warfare, and fulfilling one's sadism. Not much else.


Now there are a few methods of torture I want to cover for different cases. To begin with if you just want to try to create a lot of pain for someone, quick and easy, and make them yelp and give up whatever it is you want from them then you need to target the hands, the bottom of the feet, the stomach, and any sensitive places like this. Bending the fingers back too far for example will create sharp and powerful pain that will cause weak-willed individuals to demand you immediately stop and that they will give into your demands. Prodding or burning the bottom of the feet can cause a lot pain, it's silly that the bottom of the feet have so many nerves, but there's a lot there. Breaking toes also can hurt them a lot. Another area you can target is the teeth, pulling people's teeth out or breaking the teeth while aren't sedated at all, is incredibly painful. It does have the problem though that when you break their teeth the pain isn't just going to stop, they'll be screaming for hours or days, so you won't be able to make demands on them as you can't just stop there pain at that point really. It's also improbable they will be able to talk if you've got them somehow bound up in some way that you can fuck around with their teeth. As for the stomach you can potentially create a lot of pain there if you do things right, but you can also accidentally kill them a little too easily, or knock them unconscious. As such if you just want to make someone submit to you quick fucking with their fingers is a good way. You may also put people into locks and just bend any joint you want slowly, which will cause lots of pain, but you can stop before doing any real damage. I have been targeted in all these areas myself and endured it all very well. Me personally I've had the fingernails of both my middle fingers pulled off backwards… which for me wasn't that big of a deal actually. It's all red underneath there btw once the fingernail is off and it takes months for the fingernail to grow back. Concerning all the areas I've mentioned thus far, some kind of poison I was given really caused an amazing amount of pain in my stomach, for about 2 or 3 days. I don't know what poison was used. I will say that all though all of this is simple and quick to apply in a situation where you've got someone hostage and want to submit them right away.

/dprk/ -- North Korea General

Thread for discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Can I have any infographs or such disproving common western myths about North Korea?

Is there any chance that their weapons aren't for self-defense? What is Kim's end-game?

Paris Gare du Nord - The Busiest Station in Europe !

Count the number of white people in this vid…

YARR! Join the Pirate Gang mateys!

If piracy is just illegal communism, why don't socialist states grant them the same status as mercenaries/paramilitary forces, and arm them with old standard-issue weapons and give them food and ships and training, so that they can set sail and attack capitalist wealth and product shipments and give it to the country sponsoring them so they can redistribute it to the poor?

Also "intellectual property" is gay too, we should get rid of that.

Perris House of Horror Pedowood Related?

So I was watching this video: [4:10]

>Their facebook page was related to this man: Randy Turpin

>President of Valor College, part of a Pentecostal megachurch in Columbus, Ohio

>FB page taken down when we started digging

>David Turpin worked as an engineer for Northrop Grumman

Will be posting more info

BTR recording of first hand testimony of the founder of Valor college as being an abusive cult leader:

vaporwave/retrowave, 70s/80s/90s pop, lo-fi, vgm, & anime music thread

previous threads:

So was he really that bad, or was he the first victim of US/NATO unipolar dominance in the post-Soviet world? Given the awful conditions in most post-Yugoslav republics, it's hard to see how Milosevic staying in power would've been any worse.

Muh Stirner

Well i think its safe to say at this point that Muh Stirner and Muh Ego book are dead memes…

So can everyone here no matter what their tendency and ideology admit that Stirner was a meme Philosopher and that Muh Spooks was/is/and always will be just a Shitty cop-out excuse for Nihilists and Belligerent Assholes to not have to explain their actions and ideas?


How am I supposed to take you seriously if you're all non-white?


NJF Did Everything Right

Imagine supporting a downie who pushed our guy out of a failing business instead of a chad who puts himself out there exposing the truth. Fuentes knows more than any of our guys did at 19. Get on board the real America First train

Redpill Thread Save Fucking Everything Edition

With the new kike censorship of the internet at the domain level it is a matter of time until all wrongthink sites and redpills are purged. It is essential to post and save as many redpills as humanly possible, upload and save everything ITT.

It's time we had a chat about the driverless car meme, lads.

Personally, I don't think it's too much of a threat, right now at least. But we know how these things operate, slowly and calculated. Companies like Uber[1] and Lyft[2] will start switching out its drivers for new fleets of self driving cars. Once that's conditioned a bit, the cab companies will get their new fleets to compete. By now, self driving freight-liners have made striving improvements and companies are starting to implement the tech[3] on interstate highways. Millions and millions of jobs gone. In a year, in five, ten, twenty with constantly improving technology. We can know this is how it will be implemented because we know who's behind it's push.

10 of the hottest self-driving technologies from Israel

1.Mobileye: The Jerusalem-based company that’s made its mark with an annoying beep whenever you get too close to another car or change lanes without signaling was bought earlier this year by Intel for $15 billion. The reason: to turn Intel into a player in the autonomous driving space.

2.Innoviz: Haven’t heard of LiDAR yet? You will soon; it’s a key component enabling autonomous driving. An acronym for “light detection and ranging,” LiDAR uses laser beams to measure distance. It’s what allows self-driving cars to “see.”

"3"Cognada: The Rand Corporation reports that autonomous cars will need some 11 billion miles of testing to prove they’re better at driving than humans. That would take a fleet of 100 cars running non-stop over 500 years. Cognata uses artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision to simulate real cities in 3D.

4.Oryx Vision: Like LiDAR, it uses a laser to illuminate the road ahead, but as with traditional radar, it treats the reflected signals as electro-magnetic waves. Oryx claims its system works better in bad weather, can see farther than LiDAR, uses much less energy, and brings costs down even further.

5Autotalks: Two vehicles with an Autotalks unit installed can communicate with each other regardless of visibility. Autotalks can predict what will happen in the next five to 10 seconds, allowing enough time for a course correction, Autotalks CEO Hagai Zyss told ISRAEL21c .

6.Guardian Optical Technologies: Your autonomous taxi or ride-share has no driver to tell you how many passengers can jump in the back seat or to remind you to buckle your seatbelt. Guardian Optical Technologies’ sensor scans the cabin for movement, distinguishing between still objects and people by looking for the presence of a beating heart.

7.Argus Cyber Security and Karamba Security: “The future will be less about traffic accidents and more about hacks,” says Ofer Ben-Noon, CEO of Argus Cyber Security. Both Argus and competing Israeli startup Karamba aim to keep today’s connected cars and tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles safe from the possibility that someone with ill intent could take control.

8.Otonomo: Otonomo is doing for car-created data what Google did for search results. The company has developed an ecosystem for sharing driving information with third parties — insurance companies, fleet managers and car manufacturers. One goal is to use this data to improve future autonomous offerings.

9.Gett: While “Gett is not an autonomous vehicle tech company per se, it is, along with Mobileye and Waze, one of the most important new mobility companies in Israel,” investor Mike Granoff tells ISRAEL21c. (Granoff’s new Maniv Mobility, the first Israeli venture fund dedicated to mobility tech, recently raised its first $40 million.)

10.IVO: You’re hankering for a self-driving vehicle, but you already own a car. It’s IVO to the rescue. IVO (“intelligent vehicle operator”) is a robotic chauffeur that can be placed in the driver’s seat of any car. Its a robot that's sits in the drivers seat and drives the vehicle

So now we understand the why of self driving cars. Then there's the money lads. You wouldn't imagine the money that's pouring into this technology. Kikes are dumping their generic drug companies for self driving software, see the Intel deal. Already, new model vehicles have had this software installed, in bits and pieces. Alerts for lane changing, backing up, the giant computer monitors in the dash with 5g wifi capabilities for when it's inevitably implemented.

Here are a few recent articles on the tech.

This 1060s Technology Is Making A Comeback In Self Driving Cars

Israeli self-driving car startup Innoviz launches advanced LiDAR

Intel’s Mobileye Self-Driving Vehicle Systems To Go Into 2 Million BMW, Nissan, & Volkswagen Cars Over The Near Term

Mobileye CEO on solving the self-driving car problem





lose plot a bit as seems to be the case now

wake up in early morning, have "the talk" with myself, again

"right I won't drink for two weeks"

brain a couple of days later - hey remember that time two months ago where you had those two beers on that hot afternoon and it was really good, you should do that again, because it will be exactly like that, forget how often it just turns to complete shit, you'll only have a couple

last a week at most

so many awful experiences but the minor positive ones shine through it all

fuck it is annoying

"What does it tell you about capitalism? IT FUCKIN' SUCKS!" - Jimmy 'Arm the Poor' Dore

>Ohio Amazon Employees Need Food Stamps To Live

Alien Troublemakers

… And this is how your far offspring will look like when you believe in MSM and support NWO.

(Grey Alien picture here)

This is just my opinion, anyway, based on the very little that I have read and understood. I don't care if you don't like it.

You have to fulfill their prophecies and nuke the Earth in order to get rid of 90% of mankind and make room for a hybrid race, that, after several more stages of hybridization, will lead to this Grey, slave, radiation/pollution resistant, future race. They call it "Evolution". Whatever they are, they are not human.

If Trump's election is finally ratified by the Electoral College, and that is a VERY BIG "if", then that would represent a step back from the sure way to a nuclear WW3 with Russia that would mean the election of Hillary Clinton.

But this is far beyond that.

Whatever the Mass Media has duped us into believing that is good, it is good for them, because it helps to Mankind's self-destruction and so it reinforces their future time-line. That includes National Security, Google's "don't be evil", and every other good intentions that pave the way to their hell. And whatever they say that it is bad, it is probably something that supports the survival of the true humanity.

Let's take Green House Effect and Global Warming, for example. They are an excuse for Geoengineering that, in its purpose, is the opposite of Terraforming, because it is making the world suitable for them, and unsuitable for us. Think about all those pilots who are spraying the skies with poisons, those infamous Chemtrails, just because they obey their orders and make the "right thing to do".

The same applies to Fracking, the whole oil industry itself, nuclear energy, Big Pharma,GMO, plastics, pesticides, food and water additives, microwaves, etcetera. (See

They promote changes toward their future time-line in every aspect of our lives. (See or

And they have being doing it from the very beginning, since when they created the Humanity. They have been forcing our "evolution" all this time.

Have you ever wondered why our religions, and so our societies, are so much sexophobic? It is because they created those religions too, and they imposed them on our societies, and these Grey beings are sexless. (See

Even more, they are emotionless. So, they are powerless, because emotions are the force that creates, or manifests, our reality, and sexual energy is the ultimate creative force.

Have you ever wondered why our psychopath leaders are so physically/sexually/emotionally abused at childhood? It's because so the are taught to be psychopaths and to hate the humanity. Do you remember when Great Britain's Prince Charles' father said several times that he would wish to be a lethal virus that destroys the mankind?

Have you ever wondered why so many rules, laws and commandments? They created the laws because without them you have nothing to enforce, and you have nothing to watch, so you have no excuse for surveillance. They are the biblical Watchers, and what they watch is us not stepping out of their time-line.

Of course, at the same time, all that prohibitions create the need for secrecy. All those evils can not exist without the coverage of the veil of secrecy.

If you go down enough into the rabbit hole, as David Icke says, if you do your homework when investigating all these evils, if you dig deep enough for their roots, the roots of evil, then you will find these beings.

These Grey beings are the ultimate warrior race, blindly obeying, without free will of their own, and every time that you blindly obey or believe, you get a step closer to them.

They are the only race able to withstand the cosmic radiations and so to perform that kind of brute force, materialistic, technological space travel. But that is not the only way to space travel.

Wherever they travel they will find barren worlds, or else they will make them barren, radioactive, toxic, suitable for them and unsuitable for every other life form.

We are on the verge of a massive shift of consciousness, of a change of paradigm, when we massively opt out from their time-line.

Data mining and economic planning

So as I think many of us feel, the modern internet is a clusterfuck of privacy violations and security threats like the world has never seen before.

This whole information market however is, if boiled down to its basic functionality, a way to determine the market's movements in an ever more precise manner and in advance. All with the purpose of maximizing profits by targeting the population's needs directly rather than through the classic approach of the market's shared "warehouse".

I am starting to see this phenomenon as a new stage of evolution in the capitalist structure. A first step towards a purely planned economy, in particular considering the recent developments of the capitalist system in particular the legislative apparatus of wage control, the state as guarantor of profit through incentives, tax cuts/refunds and the welfare system, not to mention the corporate consolidation and concentration that is reaching impressive levels.

If I recall correctly the planned economy of the USSR worked very well for heavy industry and military production, but fell behind as far as consumer goods were concerned because of the lack of data available. This system of constant data flow may be a great asset to a future socialist planned economy to determine in a non-evasive manner what society needs and in what quantities.

So does this make sense? Or worse was this something really obvious that only I failed to see before this moment?

Slavoj Zizek is the Only Hope Against the Alt-Right

Why aren't you pushing his content more on /pol/ and other alt-right echo-chambers?

General Safety for Noobs

In the face of mass surveillance I figured it's probably best you give people a helping hand, regardless of political preferences. For starters it's important to realize your limitations. Guys like the NSA & CIA will most likely find out who you are despite your attempts to stay anonymous and secure on the web. The only way to MAYBE avoid their detection is using something like TAILS or Whonix. Which you should definitely be using if you're going to do anysort of whistle blowing. But even these can become compromised if you don't know what you're doing. And since this is just "general safety" I'll avoid this topic for now. First and foremost you want to avoid Google products. Don't use chrome, opt for firefox. Then you're going to want to do something that's called "hardening". Quite simple really just go to settings and tell firefox to never store any history, always leave tracking protection on, and disable the ability for Mozilla to receive interaction data. At this point your firefox browser is officially "hardened". Next step is to get some useful extensions for firefox such as HTTPS everywhere, Ublocker, and Privacy Badger. Noscripts is good too, however it does disable javascript which hides you better but also limits you vastly. Now the biggest step is to decide if you want to use a VPN or DNS over TLS. This is a big decision, because both these methods encrypt your internet data, but both can have drawbacks. DNS over TLS will not change your IP address, so your ISP still know what you're doing to an extent (although their ability to view your websites is somewhat limited). VPNs Will encrypt your data and hide your IP. However, the drawback here is many VPN firms are actually quite malicious. They all claim to keep no logs, but very few actually honor it. Plus any VPN based inside either USA or EU jurisdictions will leave you vulnerable to the 14 eyes act. I personally use VPN, but if you go this route do extensive research before picking one. I usually recommend only ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPvanish. But like I said, do your own extensive research beforehand. I sometimes also use a firefox extension called Firex Proxy which gives you access to some proxies. You can use them by themselves or with your VPN to blanket your VPN IP. However you better have fast internet because both together can drastically slow you down. Firex Proxy is almost a essential though if you choose DNS over TLS, because this dosen't offer a IP change. Good luck.

Are Liberals Ashamed of Their Own Kind

Why doesn't msm mention that these people read and adore The Huffington Post and NY Times like they do whenever a criminal has a frog picture on his hard drive? This is the product of decades of bashing Christianity. I put this on /leftypol/ to help them stand in solidarity with one of their fallen fellow leftists and the fags censored it. Why?



pick 2

Like the bikelock bandit, we have another antifa to string up in court. I look forward to liberals memory-holing this guy too