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Full video

Kebab removalist at work download it for future use and meme material.

Why do glowniggers think they can trick us as easily as they do sandniggers? They keep trying to bait us and get us to fall for "muh Russia" memes. Its so cringey.

Any FBI niggers here? Explain yourselves.

Americas real interest in Iraq.

I am currently working through a book by Naomi Klein. The book talks about America's business in Iraq, and the push for getting the American corporations involved in Iraq after buying out all of their state owned companies.

There is a specific part of the book that really caught my attention however. Briefly, Iraq is portrayed as a nation with an extensive public sector, which operated on par with the will of the people. Iraqis unlike Americans hated privatisation, and were willing to take violent action against factory managers who were willing to sell the companies to the Americans, even threatening suicide if that were to occur.

After the Shia government tried to stand up to the neocons in Iraq - neocons who were essentially buying out Iraq, upon being given green light by the insurance companies. This did not end well, and soon after, even acts of counter terrorism did not help. Iraqis had no way to get food, water, supplied, medication etc.

A lot of the towns were destroyed, and instead of helping them rebuild, as Americans claimed, they instead waited for the state companies to fall, and attempted to buy them from the Iraqis for dirt cheap .

This, as one would expect, made people get together and form unions that would take care of other people via donations etc. All of this happened in a very similar fashion in Poland under German rule, for example.

One thing that caught my eye was how they went about forming these unions. The unions were paramilitary in nature. Yes, they helped to rebuild the homes, get food and water to people, supply medication, etc. but moreover, they were also Islamic.

This was skimmed over in the book, and left without, frankly, an explanation. Why is it that the paramilitary organisations were not free market, liberal, and secular? Is there, perhaps, date I say, a genetic component, or at the very least, a cultural component which would make these people radicalise in this VERY particular way? What are your thoughts on this, and why is this issue so particular to the middle east specifically?

Swarthiness of the Italians

Swarthy or no?


>in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth.


>Finally I saw all our Italian women and my mother, torn in pieces, cut up, massacred by the monsters who contended for them ; the captives, my companions, the Moors who had taken us, the soldiers, the sailors, the blacks, the whites, the swarthies, the mulattoes, and lastly, my captain himself, were all slain

It appears that Ben considers Italians to be swarthies and not whites, does it seem like Voltaire agrees? The protagonist saying "our Italian women" makes it sound like the narrator of the story is himself Italian and using the term swarthy in a neutral way rather than as some kind of insult.

Is it possible for Whites and Swarthies to live together in peace? Is accepting the Swarthies into our society and interbreeding with them possibly leading to the gradual degeneracy of originally-White nations? Is the white race even smaller than we once thought it was? Much like Latinos being wrongly considered White leads us to inflated sense of White population / crime, I believe we should also consider that of the Swarthies.

How many whites in the United States are from pure Anglo/Saxon stock? How much are actually French/German/Italian/Russian/Spanish/Swedish swarthies or white-swarthy crossbreeds?

Reminder that John Cucksack is NOT your friend

> bah-bah-but he exposed teh jooooos :(

Cucksack is NOT your friend just because he posted some bullshit "TEH JOOOOOOS" thing

He is a Democratic Socialist and Bernie Sanders (KIKE) supporter who wants to go after the rich. Stealing from the rich is one of the most pozzed things the Jews want to trick people into doing

The Tale of the Barney Anon

>Be extremely high IQ LARPer and/or deep state insider

>Work in propaganda management

>Get fucked over by Jared Kushner in some way thanks to making fun of him at work involving an oven joke

>lose job thanks to shitposting IRL

>Realize you are a poorfag and can't form your own media network to dismantle the propaganda you previously helped create

>Look for maximum impact with lowest expenditure of resources

>Run lowhangingfruitsearch.exe

>Ping QAnon

>Engage system1488.exe

>Publish first AMA thread Fed 15th 2019 fill two 750 count threads and be well into 3rd before team of mods drop ban hammer on anything mentioning you

>Leak information on Kushner Peace Plan

>Leak information on raid and takeover of Venezuelan embassy in DC (a diplomatic first even in burger history)

>Dox GPS location of every single major US military/CIA outpost in Syria along with their plans to start a war with Iran

>Dox GPS location of home of Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Jared Kushner


>May 15th 2019 make thread in which he Doxes Owen Benjamin and says every single person flirting with retarded shit including QAnon will not only be doxxed like Benjamin but personally targeted by him for exposure.

>Talk about false flags on tankers in March they happen in May/June

>May 19th 2019 Posts thread that isn't even up long enough to archive in which he threatens publisher's of Q book along with mods, ecelebs, and anyone else who pushes QAnon for profit tells them he included deliberate misinformation in first posts regarding Q movement for just this day. Tells them they have till July 4th to either start paying him $100K a month plus 10% of their income as a tithe or they are all going to be mercilessly exposed to their batshit insane followings who will likely retaliate. Say's he will personally hunt people involved in Q till they "put up or shut up"

>"Q" has not posted since May 12 2019

>Entire Q movement BTFOed trying to figure out what is going on

>Some Q idiots start pushing Barney Anon's July 4th date as a happening for the plan truster

>"Q" and it's most loyal plan trusting eshills4shekels realize they have pissed the wrong person off and are running for cover

>Image attached MFW they no longer have a plan to trust or some kike worshiping psyop to follow thanks to some autistic sociopath's shitposting

If this guy can get Q to shut up I'm really wondering where his revenge tale against Jared Kushner takes him next as this is starting to finally get good from what I initially just thought was a LARP. Anyone who can get Q to shut up is at least someone I'll trust enough to hope he keeps fucking up a certain rootless cosmopolitan people's plans.

These are only archived threads I have if you have more post them.

Thule Society Summoned A Nazi Messiah

After ww1 the Thule society engaged in magick rituals to summon a German messiah. Someone who would redeem Germany after the loss of ww1.

We need a white messiah.

Dietrich Eckart was involved with the Thule society and was a founding member of the German workers party, of whom Hitler was a member.

Hitler was one of the early members of the German workers party.

Eckart expressed his hope for a German messiah in a poem he wrote months before he first met Hitler.

In the poem, Eckart refers to "the Great One," "the Nameless One," "Whom all can sense but no one saw." When Eckart met Hitler, Eckart was convinced that he had encountered the prophesied redeemer. Eckart became Hitler's mentor.

White people can start an occult organization that prays for the coming of a White messiah. The white messiah can be a single person, or the messiah can be a council of intellectuals, a group.

This messiah can be a new Caesar, it does not necessarily have to be a Hitler. It can be a Hitler, or it can be more fascist like a Mussolini.

This is a call to prayer and a cal for White people to form secret occult orders.

Religion Thread

To avoid duplicates in the catalog, keep all theological / religious discussion in this cyclical thread. Topics include, but are not limited to, the existence of God, dogma, prayer, denominational preferences, doctrinal disputes, intelligent design etc.

Current events and happenings associated with a certain religion (for example, sexual abuse by Catholic priests or self-immolation by Buddhist monks in protest or Muslim imams encouraging a holy war) may be discussed in a separate thread, however all theological and doctrinal arguments for, about and against religion must stay in this thread.

The Plans for Iran


- Airstrikes in next 5-14 days

- If no retaliation more months of false flag shenanigans

- Naval blockade within the next 6-9 months

- Naval blockade lasting additional 3-9 months before they abandon coupe plans

- False flag strike on US carrier group using dirty bomb underwater ROV with fissile material Mossad stole from the Russians who are storing Iran's material it forfeited after nuclear deal in 2015. This could happen within 1-2 years either right before election or after it.

- Full scale ground war in next 1-2 years in which Trump will use nuclear weapons as soon as his popularity starts to decline so he won't be the George to his daughters Jeb when she runs for President.

-Greater Israel finally accomplished under term of first female president Ivanka Kushner

1. Airstrikes consisting of tomahawks and standoff JDAM munitions against either Revolutionary Guard Naval facilitates and central headquarters or as hardliners are pushing on Iranian nuclear facilities.

2. They are praying Iran retaliates directly against American assets and are hoping they kill Americans so they can plaster the media with it and use it as a pretext for war.

3. Should the Ayatollah restrain his military and wait this nonsense out like Bashar the Fox the B team now has a special super secret back up plan.

4. Jared Kushner really shouldn't have had me fired for making fun of him as an incapable insulated imbecile and odious jew who puts israel first because I still have friends at ODNI and many other places.

5.Thanks to these friends and my known hate of Donald Kushner's present course of actions Team B's back up plan should they get no dead Americans next week is to false flag themselves.

6. First they will ramp up attacks on tankers and oil refineries in order to justify an entire naval blockade of Iran which will result in one of the things they've been pushing for since the beginning reducing oil exports from Iran to almost nothing. This will hardly amount to what is needed to start a ground war though but they need it for what comes next

7. With at least one full carrier group and a compliment of other vessels from the coalition of the retarded shabbos F/UK/US directly blockading the coast of Iran John Bolton hopes the financial misery incurred by loss of oil exports is enough to try their little soft coupe again.

8. The Iranians aren't Americans they will withstand the economic hardships caused by the blockade or China will possibly intervene in some war but not militarily.

9. Final act for war commence having been denied the war they wanted because the greatest statesman of the middle east Khomeini waited their faggotry out the duo of the arch shabbos Bolton, Pompeo, with Jew Kushner have a final plan with some help from "our greatest ally" to sink an American aircraft carrier using underwater ROV combined with fissile material stored in Russia from when Iran deactivated it's weapons research program. Israeli Mossad has already stolen the fissile material using some "Russian" Jew in their own intelligence service (they told my friend at CIA this was for research purposes on their program but the quantity obtained is large enough to do a dirty bomb which is much more than needed for scientific specimens). It is also most likely the Israelis will be the ones in control of the drone and it's technology.

10. Using the massive propaganda regarding a dirty bomb attack on a US carrier group in which thousands of Americans will die Trump will whip burgerland into an Iraq War on Terror 2.0 frenzy and the potential end to global civilization will begin as pretexts for WW3 all fall in place.

11. If the war starts going badly for Donald Kushner's election in 2020 or more likely for the chances of the election of his daughter in 2024/8/32 like George did for Jeb then Jared, Mike, and John will goad Zognald the Incontinent into using tactical nuclear weapons which is why I think this will lead to far darker things as Trump's entire payday other than being President is that his favorite child cunt daughter gets to follow in his political legacy and be in the history books.

But hey someone could stop this by spreading this and stopping the people responsible from being able to control the narrative any longer. We could easily stop this by making sure Trump loses the election as long as the Ayatollah doesn't respond first. Also I appreciated the Tale of the Barney Anon thread.

Antifa wants you to deplatform "fashy farmers"

Send them antifa tips here, it would be a shame if someone abused it:

Why is this board so anti-military?

> Spend time with masculine conservative men shooting towelheads for a living

> Get to unhide your power level and form anti-Jewish movements within the military

> Swim in tight pussy after telling girls war stories about fighting dozens of towelheads singlehandedly

> Get to intimidate soyboy liberals

> Become highly disciplined and be able to avoid degeneracy when returning from the war

> Get paid to fight non-white Mudslimes

If you don't want any of that, have fun hanging out with limp wristed fruity faggot anti-war liberals

Quebec passes new laws,abrahamic cults and sikh fucks get fucked

Quebec Bans Religious Symbols in Some Public Sector Jobs

>Lawmakers in the Canadian province of Quebec have adopted a law banning public service employees from wearing religious symbols. Critics and advocates both see it as an attempt of the Francophone region to preserve its identity.

>Bill 21 (Loi 21) was passed by a vote of 73-35 in the National Assembly on Sunday. It bars civil servants “in positions of authority” – such as teachers, police, and government lawyers – from wearing religious symbols. This includes Christian crucifixes, Muslim headscarves, Sikh turbans and Jewish yarmulkes, for instance.

>Muslim women wearing the full face veil (burqa) will be directly affected by the provision requiring people giving or receiving government services to uncover their faces, for purposes of security or confirming identity.

>Lawmakers also approved Bill 9, which imposes new French language and values tests for prospective immigrants intended to “protect Quebec identity.” “Look, we can talk semantics all day long. You know and I know what this is all about,” legal and media analyst Lionel told RT, suggesting that the seemingly secular statute stood as a proxy for anti-immigrant sentiment.

>Commentator Gavin McInnes disagreed with the ban on Sikh turbans and called the ban on the yarmulke absurd, but agreed with the ban on the burqa as something just not compatible with Western culture.

Teenage neo-Nazis jailed over terror offences

>Dumb Toilet cleaning Poles in the UK cannot maintain stealth.

>>Michal Szewczuk, 19, from Leeds, and Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, from west London, were part of a group called the Sonnenkrieg Division.

>>An Old Bailey judge said their online propaganda was abhorrent and criminal.

>>Dunn-Koczorowski was given an 18-month Detention and Training Order. Szewczuk was jailed for just over four years.

>>The defendants, who appeared by video link from HMP Belmarsh, in south-east London, did not react.

>The court heard the teenagers used pseudonyms to run personal accounts on the Gab social media site, as well as sharing control of the Sonnenkrieg Division's own page, on which they posted self-designed propaganda that encouraged terrorist attacks.

Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare Thread № XII

« Fuck the goat, get shot in the moat » Edition

<post your OC

<post your memes

<post your video edits

<filter paid shills

#eil Brenton!

Cuck Destruction Thread

Post cucks/leftists/antifa/etc. getting physically removed from the world.

And remember, always kill a traitor before the enemy. They have no place in this world and should be humiliated and demoralized as such.

Merkel going full Clinton

Does she have the Hillary Clinton disease?

Possible medical reasons?

They knew about it since if it was for the first time medics would come running?

Any other ideas? (yes yes reptilian hologram failing..)

The FBI Browses (insert)chan

Remember anons, that these glows are doing trying to incite you to violence is ILLEGAL. Yes, you can easily tell who they are, yes they will deny the fact they are shills and other tactics. But call them out anyway because there may indeed be a private pyle newfag too young and naive to understand what these fuckers are doing. Just because they use some of the lingo doesn't mean they will ever redpill, educate, and push a pro-American patriot agenda. Because they ARE fundamentally traitors and jewish puppets. American taxpayers should pay YOU to shitpost, not these israeli loving assholes who have betrayed their nation, their people, and their community. They should be all fired and sent to gitmo.

The Man Who Named The Jew.

Apologies or no this man just told tens of thousands of normies the truth.

And any who paid attention just saw him proven right.

The man is a god damn genius.

And this meme NEEDS to be spread.


It's over.

Can we just admit that nobody on this planet is white? Not just this board? Every country has at least has one non-white population. White generations before have already bred with other races before you were born. Forget it anons, the pure-white dream is over.

Why are white people white?

I'm pretty late to the party but here's my input-

forget sexual selection or evolving to become white due to attraction, the reason why white people are white is due to diet mainly due to the monster food they consume, wheat.

Early farmers chose voluntarily to switch from a 'hunter gatherer' society to that of agriculture, that requires specialist resources and training to be able to cultivate and grow crops so much so that most of the world still consumes a newer skewed 'hunter gatherer' diet of meat and carbs. Early europeans on the other hand deliberately ditched meat and focuses soley on agricultural products mainly wheat products like wheat, eating meat at most once a week which is almost unheard of now in the modern world. Ah, you may ask eating wheat alone cant make you white can it? Here's where it gets complicated.

Wheat contains the substance WGA also known as wheat germ agluttin. this is probably one of the most destructive substances that the human body can come across. Originally evolved to stop insects eating wheat, WGA is a tough rubber like compound sharing a similar composition to rubber or latex. its composition means it is not broken down by the body even when boiling and rapidly causes chaos to the body. within a few minutes WGA is present in every single cell in the body (yes every. single. one.) and directly disrupts vitamin d synthesis and absorption. because it cannot be broken by any biological enzymes it stays their and the body is rendered totally unable to make use of vitamin d for about 3 hours before wga is finally removed. if you consume large amounts of bread particularly unrefined brown/wholemeal bread where wga is in the highest concentration as would be the only food available to early europeans you have a permanent presence of WGA perpetually fucking up the bodies vitamin d synthesis and extraction and severely deplenishing vitamin d available for bodily processes. because vitamin d is so important to the human body and is used every where from blood production bone formation brain development, brain maintenance, metabolic equilibrium, heart function liver function and prevention of cellular atrophy, a lack of vitamin d to the WGA infused humans would quickly kill them off. the only humans who could survive where the ones who could get vitamin d in a constant stream and more consistently, and that would be paler people whose more sun permeable skin which leads to vitamin d production would have more vitamin d available and give WGA a longer time to completely disrupt the bodys vitamin d supply, allowing the body to use the excess vitamin d where it is actually needed- for development, with the extra vitamin d produced effectively neutralising any WGA present which only pale skin would allow. any non white people eating a european diet would either adapt or quickly die off and only white people would be left which you see.


WGA also severely cripples the immune system deactivating natural killer t cells and causes hyper inflammation in the small intestine. repeated exposure over thousands of years to wheat and ingesting WGA has lead modern europeans to be more susceptible than the rest of the population to a variety of bowel disorders (such as gluten intolerance, celiac disease and many others) and immunological disorders like multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, alzheimers, inflammatory bowel disease dementia and many more. why did i mention dementia? WGA also directly damages the cells genetic code making people more susceptible to mental disorders, dementia, schizophrenia and many more. basically WGA is a nuclear bomb that certain groups of people constantly endured over thousands of years, making them white. while its noted that WGA negatively effected european people, every humans cellular biology makes them equally susceptible to WGA and its adverse effects, with no immunological condition or biological disposition required for it to affect you.

Explains why white people are fucking insane, and the (((jews))) with their favourite food being bagels, are the most insane.

Is KKK based or bluepilled ?

Is Klan a Redpilled organization or is it just another Zionist "False Flag" ?

I have seen Neo-Nazi members and members defending the state of Israel, they seem to me to have a distorted view of ethnic nationalism

Dindu Shooting Near Toronto Raptors’ Victory Parade Leaves 4 Wounded

The video of the shooter was well hidden. Lots of people pushing strongly for gun control and "taking away the gun licenses", with fewer people arguing that it was their immigration policies. Some people complained about mild injuries and bruising caused by a stampeding crowd.

>#NEW Video sent by a viewer to CP24 shows the moment one of the suspects were taken down by Toronto Police and TTC Special Constables. Toronto Police now say 4 people were injured in the Raptors parade shooting and 3 were arrested. 2 weapons recovered.

The following is from BBC.

Four people were injured in a daytime shooting in Toronto during a crowded victory rally for the Toronto Raptors basketball team, police say.

Thousands of sports fans were packed into the city centre in Nathan Phillips Square when shots rang out, sending many scurrying for cover.

The event was only briefly interrupted as officials calmed the crowd.

Three people were arrested. Authorities have asked the public to send in footage to help their investigation.

Police tweeted that none of the victims had life-threatening injuries, though two were seriously wounded.

They also said they recovered two firearms from the scene.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said he was "disappointed" the event was marred by gun violence.

Canadian sports fans were revelling in the win by the Toronto Raptors, the team's first championship victory in its 24-year history.

According to the news, councilor Aurelia Vera (PSOE) defended in the classroom for several male adolescents her thesis that boys should be castrated at birth to turn them into harmless eunuchs, and only a few individuals selected by criteria scientists would keep the balls in order to guarantee reproduction.

Aurelia is a sensible woman and admits that it is difficult to get the measure implemented among the adult male population, so it advocates the castration of newborns. According to the councilwoman, her speech was taken from the context. Certainly yes. Boys are already being born without balls in Spanish Cuckistan, and those who can be born with testicles will invariably lose them by being ideologically lobotomized by feminists, so spending public money on invasive surgical procedures is totally unnecessary.

School subjects:

/leftypol/ explains why they’re marxists

Might be something on interest to you guys, understand the enemy and all.

Rocket hits site of foreign oil firms in Iraq's Basra, two hurt

>A rocket landed at a residential and operations headquarters of several global major oil companies, including U.S. giant ExxonMobil, near Iraq’s southern city of Basra early on Wednesday, wounding two Iraqi workers, police said.

>There was no immediate claim of responsibility. It came after two separate attacks in as many days on bases housing U.S. military personnel in Iraq, as tension increases between the United States and Iran.

>The United States evacuated hundreds of diplomatic staff from its Baghdad embassy last month, citing unspecified threats from Iran against U.S. interests in neighboring Iraq, where Tehran supports some Shi’ite militias.

So why aren't Whites networking in real life similar to other ethnic groups?

So why aren't Whites networking in real life similar to other ethnic groups?

They used to back in the 1970's. Then the 'new Libertarians' came along in the 80's and pushed the bootstraps for Whites only.

It's about survival now. There is an orchestrated worldwide literal war against Whites. Yet Whites cannot and will not do anything in their own defense. No one is even attemping even nominal tribalism. Something that the *majority of Whites* would be in agreement with.

What can be done to make this happen?


Jews require financial control to achieve power. Massive super cities where they hold power like Chicago, NY, and San Fran are built around federal dollarydoos and gold. In theory gold and currency is meaningless and allows the government to control the flow of goods and money, basically just achieve control. Having a specific uniform item(s) to act as a currency to make sales easier is a good thing, but it's the only thing keeping jews in power at this time. Imagine if people just started trading, growing, and in general not paying taxes. Are jews going to tax you on asparagus that you grew in the backyard? Are federal niggers going to hit every other house for collecting rain water? Is the IRS going to audit 90 million people and then take legal action against them.

Financial control is only achieved by the corrupt and those willing to commit atrocities, lie, cheat, and steal. Grass roots right, cuckservatives, and boomers are traditionally moral people. The only elements on the right wing that don't give a fuck are eco-fash and preppers which hold no political pull.

I propose the first step in actually achieving this. Make a mockery of money.






/SIG/ Self Improvement General

<OLD THREAD >>13261156

Old OP post was cringeworthy and embarassing so let's start anew.

Work out.


Eat healthy.

What have you done lately to improve yourself? What are you plans on self improvement in the near future? Let's become better together, bros.

Guides on lone wolf activism

ITT we post guides and ideas on how to get active by yourself. Note: /pol/ is a board of peace, so don't post stuff like the Anarchist Cookbook etc.

Possible topics:

Guerilla street activism


<color jars



<safety guidelines

Internet ativism

<how and where to spread info

<mirroring videos




I will start with some effortposts.

Teen Vogue blasted for ‘promoting sex work’ as ‘real work’ to young girls

Teen Vogue is facing backlash for “promoting prostitution” after publishing an article which advertises sex work as “real work” to its audience, which is made up mostly of girls between the ages of 12 and 18.

In the piece, Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng argues for the decriminalization of sex work across the world, citing global efforts to ensure better labor rights for the women involved. The continued criminalization of sex work is “a form of violence by governments and contributes to the high level of stigma and discrimination” around prostitution, she argues.

Yet, large chunks of Mofokeng’s article come across more as an advertisement for sex work as a potential career path than a simple argument for decriminalization – with little said about the dire circumstances which often lead young girls into that world.

Mofokeng tells teen readers that people often “misunderstand” what sex work actually is, writing that “sex-worker services” can include “companionship, intimacy, nonsexual role playing, dancing, escorting and stripping.” She also suggests that relationships that started off as sexual could “evolve” into “emotional and psychological bonding.”

The idea of “purchasing intimacy” can be affirming for people in need of “human connection, friendship and emotional support,” the article says, seeming to promote prostitution as a kind of caring profession serving people in need.

Mofokeng even compares her work as a medical doctor offering advice and treatment for sex-related problems to sex work, arguing that she is not criminalized for her work, so “sex workers” should not be either.

I am a doctor, an expert in sexual health, but when you think about it, aren’t I a sex worker? And in some ways, aren’t we all?

Hundreds of cops are found to be members of racist and anti-semite Facebook groups

A new report claims that at least hundreds of law enforcement officers of the past and present are members of Facebook groups that celebrate anti-Semitism, racism, sexism that encourage hate.

>Some of the named officers work in jails, schools, airports, on boats and trains

>150 involved with violent anti-government groups such as the Oath Keepers

>Some groups named are White Lives Matter and DEATH TO ISLAM UNDERCOVER

>They trade anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and Islamophobic memes

>Louisiana prison guard was a member of 56 extremist groups, >including 45 Confederate groups and one called BAN THE NAACP

>Another officer has been the subject of 70 misconduct allegations

>50 departments said they'd launch investigations into whether it has been reflected their policing

>One officer has been fired but another department said there's not enough proof

>Social experts and FBI have claim hate groups have infiltrated the police system

Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. Keep it politics - blatantly off-topic content will be DELETED - /pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

3. No spam, no flooding;

4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

Rules for Volunteers (Global and Local):

1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;

2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

3. Enforce the global and local rules.

Next week. Can /pol/ believe it?

Drumpf makes the call. Keyboards at the ready.

Will the FBI posters ever recover?


Claims Mexico is stopping migrants. Slams Dems. Uses the soft word "illicitly," but supposedly ICE is going to start rounding up beaners.

Blacks and Jews = Bad News

Oprah just interviewed a "holocaust survivor" 4 days ago. Most of the people from the WWII era have died from old age. These "survivors" keep getting younger and younger don't they?

11 year old white fights off home invading pavement ape named jataveon dashawn with machete

Machete-wielding 11-year-old foils North Carolina home invasion

<An 11-year-old boy in North Carolina struck an intruder in the back of the head with a machete to foil a home invasion on Friday, according to reports.

>The boy, who was home alone, answered a knock on the front door and saw a woman standing there. Simultaneously, a man broke into the home through a window and used the homeowner's pellet gun to force the child into a bedroom closet.


>The boy escaped the closet and grabbed a machete, using it to strike the man in the head.

>He reportedly kicked the child in the stomach but the boy did not give up, swinging again at him but missing. The man again kicked the boy, and began to grab several items, including a television and a PlayStation, but fled the home without the electronics when he realized he was bleeding, according to a news release from the Orange County Sherriff's Office.

>The woman and a second man provided the getaway vehicle for the three intruders and drove away.

>Police responded to a 911 call after 11 a.m. when the break-in occurred, and alerted local hospitals to be on the lookout for someone with a head wound.

>When 19-year-old Jataveon Dashawn Hall, checked into UNC Hospital in Hillsborough, authorities were alerted. He's due in court on Monday, facing charges of breaking and entering, second-degree kidnapping, interfering with emergency communications and assaulting on a child under 12 years old.

>Additional charges are pending against Hall and the two other suspects.

Crimes of the Chosen – then and now


Remember how the Jews like to claim that they have been solely the victims throughout history? How only evil white people can commit genocide? Next time a Jew tries to pull that trick on you, never forget what the Jews did on Cyprus and Cyrenaica to innocent gentiles during the Second Jewish–Roman War.

Genocide in Cyrenaica:

>The Jews … waged war on the inhabitants throughout Libya in the most savage fashion, and to such an extent was the country wasted that, its cultivators having been slain, its land would have remained utterly depopulated, had not the Emperor Hadrian gathered settlers from other places and sent them thither, for the inhabitants had been wiped out

The cruelty of the Jews and their conception of the goyim as non-human is on full display in the following account:

>Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished.

Even the Jewish Encyclopedia backs up these atrocities:

>By this outbreak Libya was depopulated to such an extent that a few years later new colonies had to be established there […] Bishop Synesius, a native of Cyrene in the beginning of the fifth century, speaks of the devastations wrought by the Jews

b-b-but it’s exaggerated, goy

>"For an account of the Jewish war under Trajan and Hadrian Dion is the most important source, though his descriptions of the cruelties perpetrated by the Jews at Cyrene and on the island of Cyprus are probably exaggerated.

Genocide in Cyprus

Alfred Rosenberg uses the Cypriot Genocide as an example of the fundamental intolerance of the Jew in his classic “The Track of the Jew Through the Ages”, providing a basic overview:

>When later the Jews in Cyprus had become numerous they decided to slaughter all the other inhabitants. This memorable decision cost the lives of 240,000 non-Jews.

>In Cyprus as in Egypt, the Jews fared well at this time [Roman times]… Under the leadership of one Artemion, the Cyprian Jews participated in the great uprising against the Romans under Trajan (117), and they are reported to have massacred 240,000 Greeks. This insurrection was finally quelled after considerable bloodshed, with the result that the Jews of Cyprus were almost entirely extirpated. The blood of the Jews slaughtered in Palestine is said to have streamed is far as Cyprus; that is, the insurrection and the consequent slaughter of the Jews extended to Cyprus. In further punishment a severe law was enacted, according to which no Jew was thereafter to be permitted to land on Cyprian soil, not even in case of shipwreck.

When the Jew gets power over you it prepares for the most brutal culling imaginable. We see this in the accounts above, where the Jews cruelly massacred and depopulated entire lands, killing some half a million gentiles, or more recently in many communist states, where the crimes were even more heinous. Whether then or now, his blood-lust is unsatiable. Never let them act as if their hands are clean.

Jews &amp; Historical Revisionism

What is it with this?

So I just read in the Talmud how the Pharisees completely rewrote history in the entire murder of Jesus of Nazareth, and even "muh based" Ben Shapiro spouted revisionism that he was an insurrectionist leading a rebellion and so got killed by the Romans. In the Talmud they claim they took everyone, Jesus and the disciples, and put them on trial one-by-one, and before justly executing them all they sent a crier on horseback to go throughout all Judea to see if anyone would stand for Jesus's defense–which, of course, no one was found who would.

Meanwhile, in reality, they brought him to the Greek overseer of their day, riled up the crowd to chant for his death ("His blood be on us and our children!") and then mocked him as he was dying a slow, mutilated death on the cross. Then they persecuted (ie incarcerated in chains and executed) all the Jews who believed he was Messiah, ripping families apart from homes and making believers flee and live in hiding in the early 1st century of his death.

Shapiro claims it was gentiles all along who persecuted Jews for not converting to Christianity right after Jesus died a "just death" at the hands of the Greeks.

What does Hitler say in this video? and where can I find the full speech?

Adolf Hitler: Speech at Krupp Factory in Germany (1936)

Where on earth can I find full and uncut Hitler speeches?

What does he say in this video? I only understand he mentions things about jobs or working…

if we parody the holocaust, it might wake people up

let's invent other fake holocausts

Let's take real events where nations interned minorities in concentration camps and then hypothesize how much higher numbers died.

If people deny for example, that Americans killed 7 million Japanese immigrants by dumping them into woodstoves to heat homes during the winters of 1941-1945, well, they are Japocaust deniers and clearly this is just a coverup by whites to hide their guilt.

Lack of evidence? We have found many of the chopsticks of the murdered families, and also their sandals.

making your own suppressor

be sure you file a form 1 before doing this otherwise if somehow you are caught in possession of a drilled product its illegal. possession of an undrilled solvent trap kit is legal so you can order the parts before filing if you desire.

all you need to do is use a drillpress to bore holes in the baffles and end cap and its complete. be sure you overbore the holes a few mm’s larger than your caliber. for 7.62 use a 9.5mm bit or so. drilling a small guide hole before your final hole will make it easier. you can hold the baffles in place with your hand just dont wear gloves near a spinning machine. some wd40 sprayed on the baffles/end cap will help as well. should take you about 5 minutes to complete.

titanium will be the lightest/strongest combo while steel will be slightly more durable but twice as heavy. titanium will have no problem handling rifle round magdumps. aluminum components work but overheat and become compromised quickly if you dont allow it to cool down. youll want a suppressor on your rifle as the supersonic echo is louder than the muffled shot thereby masking your location. it also does not leave your ears ringing like a non suppressed rifle will, keeping your situational awareness up. it vastly increases weapon effectiveness.

just dont drill the holes without government permission as thats illegal, especially if you just left it laying around where its easy to find. if you fully intend to keep it undrilled and used as a solvent trap for cleaning your rifle, by all means leave it on the kitchen table. youre not breaking the law. there are many options for solvent traps out there if you seek different ones.

oh, by the way for the 5.6 inch d cell tube if you want a perfect fit youll need 5 baffles, 5 .75 inch spacers and 1 .375 spacer to make it all fit tight.

this is /pol/ related as trump recently said he doesnt like suppressors and will look into banning them.

Feds seize 16.5 TONS of cocaine

Federal agents were pulled off entrapping thought criminals today, forced to follow a tip of shipping container filled with 15,000 kilos, or 16.5 tons of cocaine in Philadelphia. Spooks are spooked as multiple arrests with sealed federal charges are made, and attention is drawn the mafia-ran Packer Avenue Marine Terminal. Eyewitness reports are coming in stating philly niggers have resorted to smoking actual rocks.

Saint Tarrant pleads NOT guilty!

And not only that:

>"Tarrant gave a slight smile when not guilty pleas were entered through his lawyer."

>"He also appeared to be flexing or stretching his neck at times."

>literally flexing on surviving sandnigs


>The courtroom was filled with victims – survivors and family members of the 51 killed during the March 15 attack at two Christchurch mosques –with many more watching from two overflow rooms inside the courthouse via audio visual link.

>They reacted with gasps when the not guilty pleas were entered.

>All of the victims kept their eyes glued to the alleged gunman throughout the hearing. Many were visibly upset. One woman hugged a cuddly toy.


It seems our top lad's spirit is unbroken and running strong as ever. Shills btfo'd once again.

99 turkroach overflight violations on Greek airspace in a single day.

A total of 99 overflights occurred today over not only maritime airspace but also inhabited Greek islands by TAF aircraft, half of them performed by a dozen F-16s, half of which were armed.

Realistic plans

So I think its pretty obvious at this point that any violent establishment of the ethnostate in the United States would get cut down before it starts. But, I do not think that we have already lost.

>How realistic would it be, if we had overwhelming political support in a state (or maybe even a county), to secede from the union?

>Couldn't we just argue that we are a united people who wish for the chance of self determination and freedom of association?

>And if we stayed completely peaceful how long do you think it would take for average Americans to agree that we deserve that right and support our secession? (I fully understand the power of the propaganda that would be against us but I think it would be possible to hide our power level enough and to be clean enough so that the propaganda would be obvious lies at best.)

At this point baring a take-over after societal collapse I believe this may be the only way to realistically set up an ethnostate in the US unless I am very wrong about what it takes to secede.

Anyway my idea may be shitty but I want to see us come up with something that could actually save us instead of "Im just going to wait for the eventual civil war / political collapse / any other improbable apocalypse scenario". Because if these things end up not happening after we have all waited 20 or 30 years we will be fucked no matter what.

It is your patriotic duty to use China's QR-payment system

>If *they* are responsible for degeneracy, white genocide, and the Great Replacement, the only reasonable choice is to side with their competitor.

>Download a Chinese payment app today.

>Ignore the Faceberg payment system.

>If a merchant refuses a Chinese payment app, accuse them of racism against Asians.

>When the *banks* and the Chinese compete, THE GOYIM WIN.

NZ judge allows images of man charged in mosque shootings

Not seeing any threads about it yet so I guess I'll make one. Sorry for not archiving I'm on my lunch break

>A New Zealand judge ruled Thursday that media outlets can now show the face of the man accused of killing 51 people at two Christchurch mosques

>Retired law professor Bill Hodge said the initial argument for suppressing images of Tarrant was likely made to ensure witnesses weren't tainted — that they could identify the gunman from their own recollection and not from seeing a picture in a newspaper.

>"I can only assume that neither side is concerned about poisoning the well of identification witnesses," Hodge said.

>Hodge said Ardern and other politicians might be making a nice gesture by trying to avoid giving Tarrant the publicity he's likely seeking. But Hodge said that's been somewhat undermined after police decided last month to add a terrorism charge against Tarrant to the charges of murder and attempted murder he already faced.

>A spokesperson for Ardern said the prime minister had no comment to make on a matter for the court.

>Tarrant is next scheduled to appear in court via videolink on June 14, when he is expected to enter pleas to 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism.

So now that 8chan is being federally investigated, we can be sure CIA-chan is listening to us right now. What would you like to say to her?

To all the feds here, what would you like to say to us?

Read SIEGE already

And tell any dumb niggers who think we're voting our way out of this to read it too. I realize that some anons here are already beyond-SIEGE in the scale of redpilling, but this board is full of bluepilled newfaggots these days.


>it's satanic

>it's LARPing

>it's glownigger

shut up faggots, read SIEGE

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x],” “is [x] redpilled,” and associated questions belong here. Threads created based on a single, simple question will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, come here and ask again. REMINDER TO SEARCH THE CATALOG FIRST.

Japan calls out false flag against Iran

Tanker owner seems to dispute U.S. account of Gulf of Oman attack

>The Japanese owner of the Kokuka Courageous, one of two oil tankers targeted near the Strait of Hormuz, said Friday that sailors on board saw "flying objects" just before it was hit, suggesting the vessel wasn't damaged by mines.

>That account contradicts what the U.S. military said as it released a video Friday it said shows Iranian forces removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the two ships that were hit.

I don’t see this directly stated enough:

>the United States is a terrorist state.

No other nation has both the means and the motives to pull off the recent tanker attack, and as more detail emerge it is becoming increasingly clear that, just like almost ever terrorist attack for two decades, America is responsible.

Saying it wasn’t Iran isn’t enough. Saying it was for isreal isn’t enough.

Who fucking could do it and who wanted to do it?



I am driving home…

and thIronEagleis movie which is a fav

from long ago pops into mind.

Then It clicks IronEagle Brought up by Q.


Look At It Very Carefully Anons.



General Chappy Sinclair assembles a joint U.S.- Soviet strike team to take out a rogue middle eastern nuclear base.

Hendrik du Plessis to protest South African genocide of Whites on the 19th of Friday

>I am pleased to organize a Vigil to be held outside the front gates of the South African Consulate, 15 Sussex Drive, Ottawa CANADA on Friday July 19th at 2 pm through to 4 pm. This Vigil is to Denounce the White Genocide of the White South African Farmers And Their Loved Ones. Canadians who will peacefully speak out AGAINST Racism, Genocide, Human Rights Violations, Corruption, Discrimination, Governmental Mismanagement And Non Accountability are invited to attend. Canadians who wish to orderly protest the Canadian Governments Immigration Policies are also invited to show their peaceful protests as we walk to the External Affairs building two blocks from the South African Consulate too. Any questions please contact Mark Dickson by phone or email.

>Telephone: (613) 869 - 0524



>Pentagon release new images it says were taken from an MH-60R Navy surveillance helicopter of the aftermath of alleged Iranian attack on tankers in the Gulf of Oman

>Acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan announces 1,000 more troops will go to the >Middle East for 'defensive purposes' and says deployment is to 'protect our national interests'

>Sources say 1,000 more troops are being sent to the Middle East although timing of deployment is unclear

>Separately Iran said it was about to surpass the limit on uranium stockpiles it had accepted under the nuclear deal which Donald Trump quit

>The White House's National Security Council said: 'President Trump has made it clear he will never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.'

>Color pictures were revealed after allies said they wanted more proof than grainy black and white surveillance pictures >Pentagon put out last week

U.S. military says pictures show an Iranian >Revolutionary Guards armed fast patrol vessel alongside the M/T Kokuku >Courageous removing an unexploded limpet mine after another one went off on the other side

>'Iran is responsible for the attack based on video evidence and the resources and proficiency needed to quickly remove the unexploded limpet mine,' Central Command said in a statement

Among the pictures is one showing what is said to be the remnants of the removed limpet mine and another one which shows what the military say is a handprint left by one of the Revolutionary Guards

/pol/ Best Screencaps Thread

Post your most informative, enlightening screenshots of /pol/ threads here. Other boards are allowed too, just make it some dank shit niggers.

American Civil War 2.0 discussion Thread

This thread will be for the discussion of the different tactics and strategies to be used when America erupts in it's second civil war.

We lost 4chan

I heard alot of rumors that kikes want 4chan, but I never thought that they will start to clean it so strictly.

I mean, they still allow kike-memes like the happy merchant but when some Anon shares an actual kike secret-information to the goyim, that guy will get banned, just like I was banned.

Theyre afraid of getting exposed.

-Plus theres more and more pro-kike threads.

Notice that in the ban they didnt provide a link to the post (as a proof) like they usually do.

Thats pretty much the reason why I migrated to 8chan, but it feels like the people here are even more redpilled than me.

However, it is just a matter of time until the kikes will attack us too. So, Anons, you should understand that the redpilling time is limited, use it wisely before its too late. redpill as much people as you can.

Jews trying to prevent the goy uprising.

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder: Take to the Streets to Combat Antisemitism

In an impassioned speech, World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder on Sunday called for Jews globally to become more activist and wage an unrelenting fight against the alarming scourge of antisemitism worldwide.

Halfchan /pol/ Bunker

The Israeli kikes have once again frozen 4chan because they can't control the narrative, are planning some false flag bullshit, and don't know what to do.

Seems like their false flags and whatnot are failing. Also over a billion dollars of cocaine just got seized in Philly.

What in the actual fuck?

Might as well be jailed for sharing a video of someone importing heroin?

>Honk Honk

Browning Canada (Toronto)

Canada is a social engineering experiment with how far you can take multi culti in a land that was literally 90%+ white for centuries until recently and still continues to be 95%+ white outside of major cities and tourist areas. With all the internet we have today it is very peculiar how you can't find images of how browned it has gotten on the internet. Walk downtown for a few hours to get a good feel. For extra depth of brownness take the public subway that of course will have the lower classes dominating, nearly no whites except college kids and people going out to drink.

Funny, I can't find any strong images of large crowds in Toronto unless they are of a very specific event. Which of course would explain why it would be brown like a cultural festival. I found a few of hockey crowds but we all know those are mostly white folks. I even had a hard time finding crowded subway platforms that weren't stock photos. The few photos I found of pride were with black tranny front and center but that doesn't speak much of the city.

If you live in a town in America that is still 95%+ white and have neither contract foreign workers nor a nearby brown mass (suburb or major city) then you are in a rare place indeed.

Drag queen dances sexually for elementary school children as young as 5.

>“He got on all fours on the choir stand,” one parent said

>Parents said families’ laughter turned to disbelief and then dismay as Quinones opened his mouth and exercised his tongue in a suggestive manner while lip-syncing…

>Then he dropped to the ground and began to writhe on floor. He rolled onto his back, spread his long legs and flashed his white underwear to the shrinking crowd.

Gnosticism, Kabbalah and Freemasonry - (((Their))) Religion

The Kabballah Tree of Life is basically a skilltree, similar to the chakra system. each of the circles references a "skill" or concept to be unlocked which the each influence another based on how a point is skilled. To unlock the next you must unlock the one before starting at the bottom. You can take the left or the right path or at the optimum a balanced one. left and right are opposed to another, they are represented by the 2 pillars in freemasonry, Boaz and Jachin and symbolize the duality of this world. good and evil, light and dark, strength and beauty, and supposedly you can achive godhood/God by reaching the top. Now this is very important: You cant.

Kabballist or gnostics usually try to push moral relativity. For example where gnostics say "All is one, one is all, thus God is also evil and i can find him through that just as i can find him through good" or through "God is merely a ruleset, the laws of nature and has no will, thus there is no absolute authority there saying what is good and evil and thus my definition is as good as the next one". Similary Kabbalists try to argue you need to do both, good and evil to find the middle path that leads right to God.

Lets look what the serpent baited Eve with

>5“For God knows that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

>you will be like God

Godhood through works/knowledge, and look where this brought us to. The only way Gnosis/knowledge leads to Godhood/salvation is by realizing that there is one true God and that only he can save you, and that this is Jesus Christ. All roads lead to rome and as such all logic leads to God.

A good way to explain it is the Chakrasystem which seems to be a somewhat simplified version.

The root chakra is your survival instincts. only if you rose above the constant fear of death you are able to actually process new experiences and evaluate them, see them from all angles outside of the threat they pose (sacral chakra), after that comes the solar plexus chakra responsible for our self esteem and self worth for which we have to see us in context of the new experiences and how we handle those. only once you love and value yourself you can start loving others (heart chakra), and love goes through the stomach, solar plexus>heart. next comes the throat chakra and the best speaches are those done by talking from your heart, what you truely care about and communication is the job of the throat chakra. Once you can formulate the truth properly there comes understanding and insight, the third eye chakra, and from this understanding you realize that everything is connected with another, the crown chakra

by putting you in a constant state of fear and anxiety they lock you in the lowest state of conciousness, occupied only with survival unable to really process any experiences. Early traumata like circumcission can alter your brain enough to effect your entire life.

All the fear propaganda all around merely is there to lock you into the lowest state of conciousness controlled by fear.

There is also the reptillian brain in charge of pretty much the same as the root chakra, survival instinct. Some people are "entirely" controlled by this area in the brain with every act only being there for survival. Stealing money from some guy, or even murdering people that threaten your lifestyle. The temptations of the flesh. The abuse and sodomy affecting the lowest chakra which is the easiest effected (iE through sodomy) due to its connection with the material.

The Serpent is a common symbol for evil because just as this chakra and conciousness is the lowest so is the snake crawling at the lowest on the ground representing the conciousness of the individual

US Debt and Fiscal Policy

After studying Macroeconomics and learning about what taxes and government spending do to the economy, it became apparent that all politicians mislead their voter bases on government programs. It also became apparent that our deficit is meaningless. A common talking point that I hear and see is that the government programs take tax payer money. The government spends when the government spends. Congress has nearly always set up a budget where expediture is greater than the taxes levied. In theory, Congress doesn't have to levy any taxes at all to fund government spending. Levying taxes is a method of taking money out of people's hands to control the money that comes in to people's hands that work for the government. As you already know, "creating money", which is what the government does by providing a wage to government workers, increases inflation because people are profit maximizers and will raises their prices when more people can afford it. Taxing people is a method of controlling inflation and nothing more. Increasing the amount and extent of government programs only increases inflation because more people can afford things and only increases inflation in certain markets. Government expediture that provides a wage for manufactures, for example solor panels, only increases inflation for the things manufacturers purchase. The cost of goods at a grocery store arent affected because they havent experienced the influx of money for their strawberries. Even then, the government has the power to put a ceiling on what goods can cost. Our deficit is meaningless. We could be 50 trillion in debt and the effect would be the same as if it were 1 trillion, because the national debt being the cumulative deficit for all things represents the history of expediture being greater than yield. The government doesnt have a credit score. Congress has set multiple debt ceilings and we are well passed what they used to be. The debt is a meaningless metric, and no government programs arent funded by your tax dollars; theyre funded by the magical piggy bank that is the wage for government workers.

The Rise Above Movement

This is a reminder that some of our comrades from the Rise Above Movement are still in prison for having the audacity to defend themselves against judeo-bolshevik attacks on their freedom of speech.

Their model and their videos however are still are an inspiration for all of us. It's simple and effective. All you need is a couple of guys, and if one of them knows a little bit about boxing, you're already on a good track to having a successful group. This is also part of why (((they))) went after them so hard. This is what scares them the most. White men getting together and helping one another to become the best versions of themselves.

The old RAM thread is gone, so now with the beginning of summer it's a perfect moment to remember these brave guys and to let them be an inspiration for everyone out there who has not yet become active.


YouTube will remove videos that glorify Nazi ideology or promote groups that claim superiority to justify discrimination.

YouTube also moves to remove or demonetize videos and channels engaging in hate speech.

YouTube said on Wednesday it would remove videos that deny factual catastrophes such as the Holocaust ever happened and stop sharing ad revenue with channels that skirt too close to its rules, a major policy reversal as it fights criticism that it provides a platform for hate speech and harassment.

The streaming service, owned by Alphabet Inc's Google, said it was taking aim at videos claiming school shootings and other "well-documented violent events" are hoaxes. It also will remove videos that glorify Nazi ideology or promote groups that claim superiority to justify discrimination.

In addition, video creators that repeatedly brush up against YouTube's hate speech policies, even without violating them, will be removed from its advertising revenue-sharing programme, YouTube spokesman Farshad Shadloo said.

YouTube for years has stood by allowing diverse commentary on history, race and other fraught issues, even if some of it was objectionable to many users.

But regulators, advertisers and users have complained that free speech should have its limits online, where conspiracies and hate travel fast and can radicalize viewers. The threat of widespread regulation, and a few advertiser boycotts, appear to have spurred more focus on the issue from YouTube and researchers.

In a blog post, the company did not explain why it changed its stance but said, "We've been taking a close look at our approach towards hateful content in consultation with dozens of experts in subjects like violent extremism, supremacism, civil rights and free speech".

YouTube's changes follow moves from Facebook to prohibit white supremacy and several conspiracy theorists.

YouTube acknowledged the new policies could hurt researchers who seek out objectionable videos "to understand hate in order to combat it". Several independent journalists also criticized the policy for targeting their work. The policies could also frustrate free speech advocates who say hate speech should not be censored.

Other types of videos to be removed under YouTube's new rules include conspiracy theories about Jews running the world, calls for denying women civil rights because of claims they are less intelligent than men, and some white nationalist content, Shadloo said.

YouTube said creators in the revenue-sharing programme who are repeatedly found posting borderline hate content would be notified when they do it one too many times and could appeal their termination. The company did not immediately respond to questions about what the limit on such postings would be.

After Saint Tarrant, Kiwis Wipe Pissrael Off The Map

Official New Zealand government website wipes Israel off the map

Immigration New Zealand map shows entire area of Israel as Palestine with East Jerusalem as ‘the designated capital of the State of Palestine’

>SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) — Immigration New Zealand, an official government website, published a fact sheet with a map of the Middle East that showed a “Palestine,” but not Israel.

>Following a barrage of complaints on social media, the web page was removed, though screenshots remain.

>“The most immediately obvious of the errors was a map labeling the whole of modern-day Israel as ‘Palestine,’” said the institute’s director, Ashley Church. “This is incredibly offensive and the equivalent of New Zealand Immigration displaying a map of the UK which removed Scotland and Wales and referred to the entirety of the British Isles as England.”

>The fact sheet, which offered information about Palestinian immigrants to New Zealand, also identified East Jerusalem as “the designated capital of the State of Palestine.” There also was no mention of Palestinian terrorism, but information on the page said that Israel caused “massive repression of Palestinians” during the second intifada.

>The web page also mentioned Israel’s “economic sanctions and a blockade on Hamas-controlled Gaza” with no further explanation. Israel and Egypt impose a blockade on Gaza to prevent Hamas, which is sworn to destroy Israel, from bringing in weapons, rockets and material to build fortifications and tunnels.

>“Our Immigration Minister needs to immediately apologize for the offending image and confirm that it does not reflect Government policy; Immigration New Zealand needs to issue a statement confirming that the website does not represent the views of the Ministry; and an investigation needs to be undertaken to find out who was responsible and to put in place measures to ensure that this does not happen again,” Church said.

I guess kiwis will be nuking israel.

b-but we wuz kangs?

Coffin of Tutankhamun's great-grandmother opened to show preserved body with blonde hair

TUTANKHAMUN’S great-grandmother may have had blonde hair, after footage showed her tomb being opened for the first time in years.

>Egyptian noblewoman Tjuyu – who is believed to have died in 1375 BC – is most widely known as being the great-grandmother of legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun. Her tomb was found in 1905 – 18 years before Tut’s – but it has rarely been opened.

>In Channel 5 documentary The Nile: Egypt’s Great River, historian Bettany Hughes was given the chance to witness such an occasion at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Footage from tonight’s episode shows experts lifting the lid off Tjuyu’s tomb to reveal her incredibly-well preserved body.


Why arent all those "Brave" and "Strong" celebs in Hollywood tweeting their support for the protests in Hong Kong? Well we know its because one peep out of them and the Chi Com government will blacklist their movies. This is our chance to put these assholes in a catch 22 situation. I am not a content creator here thats why i need your help in pushing this narrative. lets get in here and put our heads together!

White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #010: Remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie

White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #010: Remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie

My Manifesto

Previous Thread Archives:

Thread #001 -

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This contains links to all of my graphics (loose & .7z archives), as well as videos & pdfs that I've created. This link will stay the same, but the text in the pastebin will change to reflect newer uploads.


I post my latest graphics to these accounts:

For those that want to browse the entire collection of graphics, please keep in mind that you can preview the individual graphics by going to the folder:!bXYXAKxT!oUuPIlHbCmCPUajyK-1Raw White Victims of Black Crime - Lost Children v5. This is a good video to show people.!GaBxkCDQ!UxpqZPv_bMgx4gxHck8D2A My Manifesto - An audio version of my manifesto created with a TTS engine. It's 23 minutes long and is available in mp3 and opus audio format.

I'm the creator of the White Victims of Black Crime Infographics series. Here is a single infographic to start out the thread. The rest will be in numerical order, but I like to highlight a particular case in my OP.

If you haven't read the previous threads, then I must warn you that this thread

will likely make you rage. This is normal.



January 6, 2007

Location: Knoxville,TN

Victim(s): Channon Gail Christian 21, Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr. 23.

Attacker(s): Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus D. Davidson, George Thomas, Eric Boyd, Vanessa Coleman

Description: Channon & Chris were carjacked near Knoxville Center Mall & Washington Ridge Apt complex. They were taken 3 miles away to Chipman street where Chris was tortured & sodomized before being shot & set on fire.

According to the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan at the subsequent trial of Eric Boyd, Newsom was repeatedly sodomized with an object and then blindfolded, gagged, arms and feet bound and his head covered. Barefoot, he was either led or dragged outside the house to a set of nearby railroad tracks. He was shot in the back of the head, the neck, and the back, and his body then set on fire.

Channon's death came only after hours of sexual torture, medical examiner Mileusnic-Polchan testified. Channon suffered horrific injuries to her vagina, anus and mouth. She was not only raped but savaged with "an object," possibly a broken chair leg, the doctor testified. She was beaten in the head. Some type of chemical was poured down her throat, and her body, including her bleeding and battered genital area, likely scrubbed with the same solution - all while Channon was alive, the forensic expert said. She was then "hog-tied," with curtains and strips of bedding, her face covered tightly with a small trash bag and her body stashed inside five large trash bags before being placed inside a large trash can and covered with sheets. Channon died slowly, suffocating, the medical examiner said.

Lemaricus D. Davidson Sentenced to death.

Letalvis D. Cobbins Life w/o parole.

Vanessa Coleman 35 yrs. Already eligible for parole, denied 2014. Next parole date is 2020

George Thomas Life w/parole.

Eric Boyd 18 years. Will be released in October 2022. Link(s): Wikipedia entry. More detail about the crimes. The parents reacting to claims that their kids were “in the wrong neighborhood and got what they deserved”. Yahoo article about documentary called “Forever Changed”. A short documentary about the crime. Boyd is charged with murder 11 years after the crime 3-18. Channon’s find a grave memorial. Chris’s find a grave memorial.

Sources and Methods

Discuss all the ways that glowniggers track, monitor, entrap, harass, intimidate, recruit, and arrest anons.

It's obvious this board has become Ground Zero in their efforts to control the narrative and eliminate dissent. All the banhammering on social media is just a sideshow to keep the goyim in the dark. That project is all but finished already.

This is where the action is. They are coming for us. They are watching us. They are preparing to take us all off the chessboard. The prison industrial complex is already getting our cots ready and their nigger golems are getting ready to finish us off once we're at their mercy.

Glowbot 9001

If any of you lads havent yet seen the warrant:

Scroll down to the bottom and there are a bunch of screencaps of the thread in question. Within those screencaps are a whole fucking lot of samefagging glownigger (((you)))s. Do any of you lads know how to implement machine learning algorithms? I think from that warrant alone we have enough input to make a glownigger detection bot.

I haven't fucked with ai since guacman and Im not sure that guacman would be up to the task.

NVIXM implicates Democrats, World leaders, in another email and pedophilia scandal

‘CRIME BOSS’: Closing Arguments in NXIVM Trial — Satanism, Mexico Child Trafficking, Hillary, Schumer and Gillibrand Ties

>Closing arguments began Monday at Brooklyn federal court in the sex trafficking trial of NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere, who stands accused of violating young illegal immigrant girls from Mexico and imprisoning them on threat of deportation by the cult. Human experiments and Satanism-inspired rituals took place at the cult, according to the mountains of evidence exposed by this historic trial of the new century.

>“The defendant tapped into a never-ending flow of women and money,” the prosecution said of Raniere Monday, calling him a “crime boss with no limits and no checks on his power.”

>Evidence shows how the NXIVM sex cult illegally raised money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, how it counted Clinton friend Richard Mays and Kirsten Gillibrand’s stepmother as active members and Gillibrand’s father as an employee, and how the cult’s “ally” Chuck Schumer was compromised by virtue of the cult possessing his financial records.

>Raniere Made Child Porn Featuring Mexican Child Sex Slave

>Trending: BOOM: NXIVM Sex Cult Had Schumer’s Financial Records and Hillary’s Emails

>FBI special agent Meagan Rees presented more than twelve images of child pornography allegedly produced by NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere in Raniere’s trial Thursday at Brooklyn federal court. Raniere stands accused of sex trafficking during his tenure atop the elite upstate New York sex cult, where he was branding female sex slaves.

>NXIVM Imported Illegal Immigrants and Gave Them Fake ID’s To Break Immigration Law

>A former NXIVM sex cult slave named “Daniela” testified in the trial of Raniere, noting that she joined the cult at age 16 in 2002.

>The alleged visa and immigration fraud involved in Daniela’s years with the cult underscores the extent to which NXIVM had deep connections to powerful people in Mexico, including Emiliano Salinas, the son of a former Mexican president.


Deutsch/pol/ Nr.224 - Schloss Hohenschwangau Edition


Suspect in German politician's murder 'has links to far right'

>Local media reports say victim’s pro-migrant stance could be a motive for the killing

German Pro Mass Migration Politician Found Shot Dead

>German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician Walter Lübcke, who recommended anti-mass migration Germans to leave the country, was found dead at his house, having been shot in the head.

OVERTHROWN: Austrian Government Collapses After No Confidence Vote

>Austrian People’s Party leader Sebastian Kurz has been formally removed as Austrian Chancellor following a non-confidence vote passed by the Social Democrats and the populist Freedom Party.

Scandal-Plagued Former Austrian Populist Leader Wins Right to Sit in EU Parliament

>Former Austrian vice-chancellor and populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) leader Heinz-Christian Strache has, through preferential voting, secured the right to sit for his party in the European Parliament.

East Germany's Görlitz elects CDU mayor over AfD challenger in runoff vote

>Germany's populist AfD party lost a key mayoral race in Görlitz, where all mainstream parties united behind a Romanian-born CDU candidate Octavian Ursu. The far-right party's candidate, Sebastian Wippel, won the first round of the race last month, igniting hopes that the party could win its first mayoral post in Germany. In response, all mainstream parties threw their weight behind the Romanian-born Ursu. +

German Establishment Come Out In Support of EU Sanctions Against Populist Italy

>Several top German stakeholders, including the German Institute for Economic Research (IFO), have expressed support for the European Union opening an infringement process against the populist Italian government over deficit spending.

German Social Democrat Leader Quits After Poor EU Election Result

>German Social Democrats (SPD) member Andrea Nahles has quit her position as leader of her party following a disastrous showing at the European elections, with the party moving to appoint three people to replace her.

German Populists Propose Hezbollah Ban

>The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has introduced proposed legislation to ban the radical Islamist terror group Hezbollah following the Al-Quds day march that took place at the weekend.

German Green Party Proposes Ban on All Industrial Farming

>The Green party in Germany said it will ban industrial farming to reduce global warming if it comes to power.


Germany Says ‘Nein’: Refuses Greek Demand for War Reparations

>A fresh demand from Greece for Germany to pay reparations for crimes committed both during World War I and the Nazi occupation of World War II was rejected Wednesday.

Germany supplies arms for over one billion euros to Yemen Alliance

>Although the coalition agreement limits arms exports, the federal government continues to send goods to the eight countries involved in the Yemen war. The leadership has Saudi Arabia. Green and Left speak of coalition break. you have to scroll down far

German Industrial Production Plunged in April

> Industrial production in Europe’s powerhouse economy Germany fell back in April, official data showed Friday, in the latest sign manufacturers are suffering from global uncertainty and trade wars. +


From the front page of (((Drudge)))report it's


‘MISCHIEVOUS PLOT’ Iran accuses the US of LYING about the ‘suspicious’ attack on American-linked oil tanker and denies ordering ‘torpedo’ assault

IRAN has accused the US of lying about the "torpedo attack" on an American-linked oil tanker as tensions reach breaking point.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for the "blatant" attacks on two tankers which burst into flames in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday.

But Iran has hit back at the "unfounded and reckless" claims and accused the US of “warmongering” as part of a “disinformation campaign”.

“The US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region,” Iran's mission to the United Nations said.

“Warning, once again, about all of the US coercion, intimidation and malign behaviour, Iran expresses concern over suspicious incidents for the oil tankers that occurred today.”

It came after Pompeo pointed the finger at Iran and the Pentagon released images and footage as "proof" of Iranian involvement.

Pompeo said the attacks were part of a "campaign" of "escalating tension" by Iran which posed a threat to international peace and security.

Iran blasted his “inflammatory remarks” and said they amounted to “another Iranophobic campaign”.

"Iran categorically rejects the U.S. unfounded claim with regard to 13 June oil tanker incidents and condemns it in the strongest possible terms," the Iranian mission said in a statement.

The hardline Islamic nation added that the US poses the "most significant threat" to the peace and security of the Persian Gulf region.

"The US economic war and terrorism against the Iranian people as well as the massive military presence in the region have been and continue to be the main sources of insecurity and instability in the wider Persian Gulf region and the most significant threat to its peace and security," the statement said.

Iran's foreign minister later dismissed the US accusations as "sabotage diplomacy".

Free internet page hosting

The idea came to me when I wanted to describe some product I wanted to sell, but didn't have anywhere to post it or to host it.

I didn't wanna pay ofc…

So I just created this little web app.

Basically you put in an HTML doc and click "Save".

Next you get a direct link to your newly created page that you can share with whoever you like.

You also get a !secret! link to edit the page.

lately I added HTML editor for convenience, I still need to see if it helps of less.

The motivation is to keep it super simple, so you don't need email or pass.

You just put any content you like, no logs, no filters.

Would appreciate your feedback!


Open Communist Elected to Denver City Council

>Denver City Council candidate Candi CdeBaca is not shy about her love for communism. No matter how many times it has failed in violence, poverty and mass murder, she’s still a fan. In April Candi promised to push communism “by any means necessary.”

Member of BAMN?

>Candi CdeBaca: I don’t believe that our current economic system actually works. Capitalism by design is extractive and in order to generate profit in a capitalist system something has to be exploited. That’s land, labor or resources. And I think that we’re in late phase capitalism and we know it doesn’t work and we’ve got to move into something new. And I believe in community ownership of land, labor and resources and distribution of those resources. And so whatever that morphs into I think will serve community the best. And I’m excited to usher it in BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

For what appears to be an Asian woman she has a rather beaky nose.

/RPG/ Redpill general

Use this to redpill normies

>Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related)

>Debunking studies and talking points (immigration)

>Alt base

>race realism and IQ

>The great replacement



>Diversity + Proximity = War


>Race mixing

>redpilled threads

>other redpills


>men and women

>other pastebin links

>book collection


>Matty's empirical index

>infographs #1!qLZSECJJ!9F9Z28qzzuTWks96_IRyQw

>infographs #2!BxEThIaK!7EThxsN2Id7VkmgeplScUA

>HBD repository

>over 2 terabytes of redpills

Controlled Opposition?

Asha Logos - Seems too good to be true.

His content is good, but is it simply placating the doomers?

In this thread we discuss the idea of Controlled Opposition. We know that to a considerable extent, it is being utilized by oligarchs, has always been and always will.

What can/should we do about this? I find no answer but it appears to be the most demoralizing blockade in my path.

I think we should meet IRL on a casual neutral ground in peace. That's a start… But that seems exactly what controlled opposition would propose.


(((Disney))) President Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Children

Multnomah County judge sentences former Disney vice president to 6 years in prison for child sex abuse

A former Disney executive was sentenced Friday to more than six years in prison for sexually abusing a girl in Portland a decade ago, when the girl was 7 years old.

Michael Laney, 73, will serve 75 months for four counts of first-degree sexual abuse. Judge Benjamin Souede had previously acquitted Laney of three counts of first-degree rape and three counts of first-degree sex abuse.

Laney’s attorneys, Stephen Houze and Jacob Houze, on Thursday asked the court to postpone enforcing any part of his sentence that would send him into custody while Laney appealed part of the sentence. In a supporting statement, Jacob Houze said the claims against Laney were contradictory and inconsistent, and that there was no physical evidence.

“The character of the evidence is just stories, and the strength of those stories is exceedingly low,” Houze wrote in a statement.

Laney’s attorneys also cited some of Laney’s personal circumstances, noting that he is the caretaker for his wife, who has Parkinson’s disease.

“Sentencing Mr. Laney to any amount of incarceration, much less an actuarial true life sentence, disproportionately impacts him more than a defendant without those personal characteristics,” they said in a statement.

Laney’s wife’s doctor, Blain Crandell, submitted a letter on Laney’s behalf, saying his wife “could be expected to suffer serious consequences to her health and well-being” without an in-home caregiver, a role her husband had been filling.

In a response to Houze’s statement, Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Charles Mickley called the claims “peculiarly offensive and insulting.”

"Defendant wholly ignores the compelling evidence of his guilt presented at trial, including the evidence of his longstanding sexual interest in children,” Mickley wrote.

Laney was also sentenced to 120 months of post-prison supervision, minus time served, and was ordered to pay a $4,000 fine.

Court documents state that Laney is a resident of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

I've been reading these threads quite a bit lately, and you guys are really starting to make me question things, presumably in a bad way. Like a psychosis sort of way. I really don't know how much of this is staged anymore.

Took a little detour to cuckchan earlier this morning. I got a little sidetracked and ended up on /gif/. There are a lot of trap threads. They're of high quality too, something seemed a little…off. I still fapped, but I couldn't help but think, watching these ladyboys pound away at their meat..could this actually be part of some kind of psyop? I got a weird hypnosis feeling from it. Like a "Just relax, masturbate" kind of thing. Like a "you're going to die, you're going extinct, you're weak, useless, so you might as well fap" kind of vibe.

You motherfuckers really got me questioning shit. A lot of people browse cuckchan now. Like a LOT. And so many of them are normies. Could they really be trying to feed certain things into the minds of impressionable young males? Let's be real, even cuckchan is still mostly comprised of white males.

Is there really a hikkikkomori problem in the US? I myself have always felt like I fit the archetype, up until now I thought it was a very niche thing. Spending all your time at a computer, being fed up with society, bowing out of the race. But especially in the past few years, I notice that I talk to people on halfchan that are exactly like me. It's fucked up, it's not good.

You fuckers genuinely have me thinking that something far more sinister is going on. I mean I knew about shills, I never trusted the media, but I never thought that there could be controlled psyops related to pornography, trying to change people sexually to control them? I guess it all makes sense now that I type this out, but my god. I guess I was just a little naive.

I still don't understand how it all ties in. I understand immigration. So they want more immigrants = more cheap labor = more cheap money for the jews. But that surely can't be it. Why do they want us gone? What good will it do? Why do they want the NWO? What's the endgame?


L - Liberty

G - Guns

B - Beer

T - Trump

Let's make it happen. You know what to do. Spread the word.

Always for the God-Emperor Trump, a lot of guns, Liberty and alcoholic drinks.

Honk honk.

- Almost 4 million jobs created since election.

- More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history.

- We have created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since my election.

- Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than THREE DECADES.

- Economic growth last quarter hit 4.2 percent.

- New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.

- Median household income has hit highest level ever recorded.

- African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.

- Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded.

- Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.

- Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years.

- Youth unemployment has recently hit the lowest rate in nearly half a century.

- Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma.

- Under my Administration, veterans’ unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in nearly 20 years.

- Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election.

- The Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to train more than 4 million Americans. We are committed to VOCATIONAL education.

- 95 percent of U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the future—the highest ever.

- Retail sales surged last month, up another 6 percent over last year.

- Signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history. After tax cuts, over $300 billion poured back in to the U.S. in the first quarter alone.

- As a result of our tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.

- Helped win U.S. bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

- Helped win U.S.-Mexico-Canada’s united bid for 2026 World Cup.

- Opened ANWR and approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.

- Record number of regulations eliminated.

- Enacted regulatory relief for community banks and credit unions.

- Obamacare individual mandate penalty GONE.

- My Administration is providing more affordable healthcare options for Americans through association health plans and short-term duration plans.

- Last month, the FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in history. And thanks to our efforts, many drug companies are freezing or reversing planned price increases.

- We reformed the Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors hundreds of millions of dollars this year alone.

- Signed Right-To-Try legislation.

- Secured $6 billion in NEW funding to fight the opioid epidemic.

- We have reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16 percent during my first year in office.

- Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care.

- Increased our coal exports by 60 percent; U.S. oil production recently reached all-time high.

- United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.

- Withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord.

- Cancelled the illegal, anti-coal, so-called Clean Power Plan.

- Secured record $700 billion in military funding; $716 billion next year.

- NATO allies are spending $69 billion more on defense since 2016.

- Process has begun to make the Space Force the 6th branch of the Armed Forces.

- Confirmed more circuit court judges than any other new administration.

- Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

- Withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Deal.

- Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

- Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban, upheld by Supreme Court.

- Issued Executive Order to keep open Guantanamo Bay.

- Concluded a historic U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA. And negotiations with Canada are underway as we speak.

- Reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports.

- Imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum to protect our national security.

- Imposed tariffs on China in response to China’s forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their chronically abusive trade practices.

- Net exports are on track to increase by $59 billion this year.

- Improved vetting and screening for refugees, and switched focus to overseas resettlement.

- We have begun BUILDING THE WALL. Republicans want STRONG BORDERS and NO CRIME. Democrats want OPEN BORDERS which equals MASSIVE CRIME.

Joseph Goebbels ten rules for life.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Does anyone know them? I can't find them anywhere online.

Hail Victory!

Michal Szewczuk

A teenager who described Prince Harry as a “race traitor” in an online post has been sentenced to four years and three months.

Texas Courthouse Shooter

Done and over with already. He's dead.

One article said he had a picture of himself with a "green swastika". Kekistan?

>A rifle-toting gunman wearing tactical gear and carrying multiple magazines was fatally shot Monday after exchanging fire with federal officers outside a downtown Dallas court building, police said.

>The gunman, identified as Brian Isaack Clyde, was seen on video near the doors to the Earle Cabell Federal Building at about 8:50 a.m. before running across the street and into a parking lot, where he falls down.

>He was brought to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Matt DeSarno, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas Field Office, said. No one else was injured during the incident, police said.

>Dallas police said a bomb squad was inspecting the suspect’s vehicle, and later conducted a controlled explosion of it. They said hours after the shooting that the vehicle had been rendered safe, but told people to still avoid the area.

>Monday’s shooting happened around the corner from where five Dallas officers were gunned down in a 2016 ambush.

>Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Fox, who was at the courthouse, took of a picture of Clyde in which he is seen wearing a ski mask, a vest and a utility belt. Fox said the man shot at the door of the building.

>Witnesses told NBCDFW that they heard between 15 to 20 shots.

>Clyde’s Facebook page features posts over the last week where he lays out his collection of ammunition and swords.

>In one picture posted Saturday, 10 magazines are laid out on the floor. In the caption, Clyde said he is no longer going to dress up for the local yearly anime conference in Dallas because he “decided to finish getting all of my mags.”

>In a post from a day before the attempted shooting, Clyde posted a picture of a sword, saying that he was a “gladius” about to “defend the modern Republic.” His last post before the shooting featured a picture of his bare legs.

>Clyde’s Facebook page is otherwise filled with vague warnings of an upcoming attack, conspiracy theories about the U.S. government, memes from far-right internet subcultures like 4chan, and misogynist memes.

>In a video posted June 9, he warned that “the storm is coming,” a phrase frequently used by anti-government internet conspiracy theorists, and said he didn’t know how much time he had left. The video ends with Clyde saying he’s “ready,” and holding up a long gun.

>References to incels, or the “involuntary celibate” internet community that is prominent on extreme misogynist message boards, are frequently posted in memes on Clyde’s page.

>Clyde posted a picture of a swastika on a green flag, calling it a “solution” on April 29. He also often posted anti-U.S. government conspiracy theories, including posts about secret pedophile rings and CIA experiments.

>In non-political posts, Clyde consistently extolled his appreciation for several of his hobbies, including anime, comic book movies, and guns. “God i love gun shows,” he wrote on April 27.

>Texas State Rep. Eric Johnson was sworn in as the new mayor of Dallas on Monday about a mile from where the violence unfolded.

Jews Will Kill Us All

I just had this insight and I'm usually right.

In the Soviet Union people that told the truth were labeled "anti-semite" before jailed and killed en masse.

When people leave the lying narrative they don't have another alternative than mass killings.

Jews won't tolerate the truth about them. They want (or need) people to think that Jews are "holy" and "the world would be worse" without them in charge, the "god's will".

Sooner or later Jews will start to take out people like us.

It's already started with the blatant censorship, propaganda, false flags and new "laws".

>wake up after a nights rest on bedded treated with brominated flame retardants,

> begin the day with inhaling vaporized trihalomethanes from cholrinated water

> wash with soap containing triclosans.

> apply deodorant loaded with metalloestrogenic aluminum and active parabens

> brush your mercury leaching fillings with fluroide based tooth paste

> go to work, inhale carbon monoxide, cadium and various solvents from vehicle

> fill up car on the way, get daily dose of bezene

> get to work, inhale various volatile organic compounds from air freshener, upholstery, plastics and paint

> get home, remove glysophate and bovine growth hormone laced food from estrogenic phthalate based containers and packaging

> cook in non-stick pan, dousing food in perfulorinated compounds

> wash the food down the chorinated and fluorinated water mixed with excreted pharmaceuticals the water processing plant didn't remove

> clean up, get barraged by assorted toxic compounds from cleaning and disinfectant products

How to subvert the "have sex" meme

Ive found a genius way to make that meme ours. The enemy is literally giving us the solution to white genocide which is to have sex and make more white babies! Seriously start a family and have 5+ kids and we can win this war peacefully and not die in a useless race war. In addition, we can make posters like: Have Sex! Make white babies" or "have white families" something like that. This is using the enemies own memes against them and they will feel pretty stupid once they find out. Operation Lebonsborn needs to commence in order to retake this planet so start contributing and posting posters in your area. This will be "its ok to be white" 2.0 and a humiliation for the leftists fools.

8ch got a search warrant 6 weeks ago (two months)

Been looking around leftist circles and found this recently, you can thank Earnest for it lmao:

They'll get IP addresses, but it won't be a huge issue for those using TOR. If they manage to take down the site, we'll just move onto other bunkers.

HR 1837

United States-Israel Cooperation Enhancement and Regional Security Act

197 Cosponsors and it's loaded with gibs.

So on top of the $3 Billion we give and on top of the $15 billion we lose on the israel US FTA

On top of the loan guarantees we give Israel (which are huge loans that are not expected to be repaid)

On top of the astronomical sum we pay in military expense promoting global Jewish hegemony.

On topo of all the shit in the omnibus bills.

We have this loaded bill.


85 Million men, half a billion weapons, a trillion rounds of ammo

85 Million armed men of military age within the US

In comparison, China has the worlds largest standing military that numbers ~2.2MM

Putin has openly stated the if the citizens of the US rose against our foreign occupants in government, he would at very least finance our efforts and, at most, send troops to fight along side us.

65% of US military is still Christian/Caucasian. Even if only 1 in 5 of those men defected to the rebel side, it would yield pure devestation for the existing power structure.

Nukes are fake and gay and ridiculous as well. If .gov nuked their own people, nobody would continue fighting for them.

More and more people are becoming aware of the true enemy and more and more would fight to eject the invaders. Nobody likes them as evidenced by a push to silence us. The very first amendment to the constitution and they are risk openly exposing theselves by going after it. That should be very telling.

Everywhere I look, I see people openly naming the jew.

An uprising would all but guarantee Russia and China to be the worlds new superpowers, they would want nothing to do with defending the jew. We would have to worry about Australia, England and African mercenaries but would have Russia and China to join our ranks and supply us if any state outside the US joined the effort.

There's no way to lose other than not doing anything. We really should be making demands at this point.

Firearms Owners' Protection Act of 1986

Firearms Owners' Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA) was legislation that among some minor protections for gunowners banned all new automatic firearms for civilian ownership. So some questions for the hyper redpilled, deeply learned intelligentsia of /pol/:

1. Why did the right-wing folk hero, Ronald Reagan, sign this into law?

2. Why wasn't there an armed uprising of gunowners?

3. Why wasn't there ANY uprising of gunowners?

4. Where was the NRA during this time?

5. Where was the NRA during ANY time since?

6. Why haven't Republican governments repealed the law?

7. What will anyone do if semi-autos are banned next?

So let's hear it /pol/, explain this now.

Looks like Darwin was Wrong

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state as we may hope, than the Caucasian and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.”

― Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man

The darkies are replacing us. Darwin was wrong.






HOMETOWN: Ardmore Oklahoma


(known)LOCATION(S): Fort Stewart Georgia,Fort Leonard Wood MO,Dunwoody GA,Brookhaven GA,ArdmoreOklahoma"

It should be noted that the phone number in his twitter bio leads to kentucky but no evidence proves he has ever stepped foot in that state.


Feel free to write to the national guard about this specimen/

Notes: He has one sister. His social media accounts are filled with antifa things (three arrow trash and CTH) . It is almost 100% confirmed he is in the national guard. No facebook account linked to him has been foudn


Whats needed right now?

we need people to start archiving his posts on his social media.

All pics provided in op photo are key. Most compiled from previous thread

I never knew the soap bars were supposed to be about fat

I have made the connection between soap and animal fat but when I hear about the Jews allegedly being turned into soap bars I just thought they were literally turning their flesh and bone into soap; I didn't know how they would go about doing it because I thought the Jews in the concentration camps were starving to death.

Never imagined that one entire nation would just stop reproducing and die off.

How long until the japanese go extinct?

What are your thoughts on Bosnian Muslims?

>The Bosniaks (Bosnian: Bošnjaci, pronounced [boʃɲǎːtsi]; singular masculine: Bošnjak, feminine: Bošnjakinja) are a South Slavic nation and ethnic group inhabiting mainly the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A native minority of Bosniaks live in other countries in the Balkans; especially in the Sandžak region of Serbia and Montenegro (where Bosniaks form a regional majority), and in Croatia and Kosovo.[a] Bosniaks are typically characterized by their historic tie to the Bosnian historical region, traditional majority adherence to Islam since the 15th and 16th centuries, common culture and Bosnian language. As of 2017 Bosniaks are also recognised as a national minority in Albania.[21] English speakers frequently refer to Bosniaks as Bosnian Muslims[note 2] or simply as Bosnians, though the latter term can also denote all inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina (regardless of ethnic identity) or apply to citizens of the country.

Boomers are going to die soon white-pill thread

The gatekeeper generation can't live forever. After they die many things will change. It's shocking to believe that so much cultural rot relies on only a few super ridiculously old fuck nuggets refusing to die, but that's where we are. George Soros dying will be the end of antifa/ occupy wall street. These groups only survive at his whim. If the new thing is "the coffee party" but he's just not that into it. POOF. It's gone. Just like buzzfeed and pussy riot when the money dries up, the mercs will be gone. DNC doesn't have money to pay homeless people like they used to.

On the right the deaths of the Koch brothers will be a giant blow to neoconservatism.

Ginsberg will die and her gatekeeper position on abortion will be finished. Roe V Wade is already falling as a carved in stone legal principle.

Legacy news is almost finished.

"Principled conservatives" and "center-left moderate democrats" are basically no longer acceptable as a team to co-fuck us up the ass.

60s radicals embeded in education are exposed and the cost/reward of college is prohibitive so their power is somewhat of a moot point; but they will die soon as well.

It's following the trend of music companies trying to destroy limewire, eventually failing and not being able to sell 20 dollar cds, blockbuster video going out of business.

The gatekeeper model can't last when boomers are totally obsessed with not passing the torch and instead consolidation power centered on their decrepit molding husk bodies.

Sometimes we discuss direct action or acceleration or realpolitik being the key to having a break through, but it's worth considering that a great deal of change is going to happen simply by advanced stages of diabetes.

This isn't to say be apathetic or not pursue various strategies of white interest but we should talk about and plan for how fucking different things are going to be just from boomers dying.

AJ got framed, again.

This is definately a political topic. Last thread got deleted.

Yet another frame job in a series of frame jobs against based radio water filter man.

So the rundown is like this: Sandy Hook family's law firm (owned by congressman) request 56,000 specific e-mails from Infowars. Those lawyers farm out the reading/sorting of those e-mails to a California company which finds a single e-mail they aren't supposed to have, which contained child pornography in an attachment.

SH Lawyers take that e-mail to the CT FBI office (state where trial is). FBI says attachment was never opened and e-mail was not sent by Alex Jones or any member of his staff.

FBI proceeds to find 11 additional e-mails containing unopened attachments with child porn from the meta-data.

Infowars has almost 10 million e-mails stored, but only those 11+1 of the 56,000 requested had child porn. Basically it's a frame job, had Alex, his lawyer, or any member of his staff inspected the e-mails before sending them to the Sandy Hook Lawyers they would have been complicit and probably charged.

Alex is offering like $100k for info/arrests, and $1mil for conviction.

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