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What the fuck is going on here

Did 8pol get spammed on cuckpol again? why are there so many Q-LARP tier and Kampfy-reeking threads up?

Respond if you're sentient enough to notice something is off, kikes stay out.

Idea: Create a segregated mutt /pol/

I'll be honest, I'm a spic from Chile and about 1/4th of my DNA comes from subhuman Incas. I'm not White, but I am definitely a lot better than shitskins with zero European ancestry. I suggest we create our own segregated /pol/ and work together anonymously as racial mutts to subvert society towards a pro White nationalist direction.

For example, because I'm mixed, I do an amazing job of redpilling Whites irl about the Jews, niggers, spics, and the yellow menace. It's sad this is the case, but White people are more reluctant to learn the truth about race from non Whites.

I suggest we create our own /pol/ and leave the Aryans with regular /pol/. What do you say my Aryan friends?

Retired FBI

Turning 70 today and have to to say the bureau is a fucked up mess. From people I know there Comey and McCabe are treasonous bastards and should be put in jail or shot. A FISA Judge I know, had lunch with yesterday said the shit is about to hit the fan, and some folks are going to jail. Believe her but this shit has been going on forever. Threw my badge in the river a few days ago. Fuck them all.

Moldova Elections

Coming Sunday, February 24 (tomorrow): Moldovan parliamentary elections. A failure on our part guys, as I have seen much more interest in Eurocrat globalist e-zines than from Russophiles and nationalists; e.g. this sadly real website.

Good guys: Pro-Russia, socially conservative Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), set for gains but in a hung parliament. Party of President Igor Dodon, who has been at odds with the sitting pro-EU parliament.

Other main players: Pro-EU Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), characterized as oligarchic; I admit I have a soft spot for East European oligarchs, who tend to see their countries as fiefdoms and do their own thing, whatever ideals they pay lip service to.

The coalition NOW Platform DA and PAS, made up of two pro-EU parties, is where the good Washington-Brussels money is at. Cookie cutter globalist dream team, dangling moar trade before Europe’s poorest but surely with GloboHomo, Euro-federalist agenda up sleeves. Leaders accuse Democrats of poisoning them, which would be a spin on the usual allegations, as it would be pro-EU pols poisoning each other! Am worried they will do better than expected.

Other: this Israeli Jew named Ilan Shor is likely to win a seat in his own party. Major fraudster, guilty in the Moldovan banking scandal that saw $1 billion disappear from three banks. His platform? Anti-corruption. And, will the Communists (PCRM) re-enter parliament? Used to be a major force, was the party from which PSRM split, but a few years ago all sitting members defected to the center-right (!) Democrats.

Any Moldovans here who want to give vent to your country’s woes?

Reparations is now the DNC platform

After a horribly poor turnout among Basketball-Americans in 2016, reperations is now the DNC platform.

You can either fight it before the GOP eventually concedes or you can flip it.

I suggest giving them LITERAL land in hard blue Shitholes like Cali.

>Libs pay the gibs

>You won't have to live around them

>They will make prog lives a living hell

If you don't maneuver this, YOU will pay the bill.

Proof that Nazis were the most civilized and moral people in the world

Have you noticed something about Nazis during WWII? When they killed shit races, they didn't torture them, burn them alive etc. Instead, they killed subhumans in fast, efficient, civilized way. One bullet to the head or quick dose of poison in gas chambers. This proves that Nazis were civilized, they were white and moral, ethical. They didn't want suffering but cleansing of subhumans to make the world a better place. They cared about higher goals and ideals, not about barbaric instincts.

Now compare this to animals, monkey, like south americans. You see criminals and cartels in Mexico and Brazil, what do they do? They torture their opponents in worst ways possible. They don't care about their business and efficiency, they are monsters who like to see someone crying, in pain. This is what differs them from white people. All mexicans and brazilians should be holocausted, because they are not humans. But we have to do that in our white Nazi way, just with bullets and gas chambers. Because we are better than them.

We need to cleanse the world from bad people, bad races. It's for their own good too. Just look what they do to themselves, look how mexican tortures other mexicans, how niggers murder and enslave each other in africa or gangs in America. Those monkeys kill and eat each other. We need to eliminate them for their own good. And for our good too. Everyone will benefit from that. It's time to end the filth in the world. Kikes, niggers, latinos, other shits need to stop existing. It's our humanitarian duty, as a white civilized people, to end them. Let's continue Hitler's plan and make it successful, make the world a dream place.

The Open and Accepted Hatred of White Men on University Campuses

The Open and Accepted Hatred of White Men on University Campuses

Evola, Arthur & Hitler


I have been reading Evolas Mysterie of the Grail again and had come to a conclusion that I had been racking my head about for over a year now. But I have come to the resolution that in fact Hitler not only is Prester John but also the Fisher King.

Let me explain.

Evola lays down in pretty clear terms that the original Imperium (Thule/Avalon/Atlantis) was destroyed but will be restored by an earthly ruler the rex regum (King of Kings).

This King of Kings has a place holder of sorts who comes near to achieving the title of rex regum but not quite. Upon his death this earthly ruler will not die however but take on the the title of Prester John. As Prester John he guards the Grail. The new Prester John always replaces the old one (Charlemagne gets replaced by Frederick Barbarossa as Prester John or something like that).

In Arthurian legend the Fisher King is the last King who guards the Grail the last Prester John. The Fisher King is a king wounded by a spear that was described in its pagan roots as "poisonous" and was under christianity replaced with the Spear of Destiny. The Fisher King got his dick cut off by the spear (symbolism of being unable to father new generations) and since then his land turned barren. The only thing he can do is fish all day long, waiting that a knight appears and ask him the question.

It is not uncommon in indo-aryan mythology that events that will happen in the future are told like they already happened (think Ragnarök the the twilight of the gods).

Evola goes on to explain that the Fisher King is not fishing fish, instead he is a fisher of man.

So how do did I come to the conclusion that Hitler is in fact the last Prester John, the Fisher King?


Think about it. There is this legend that Hitler really was looking for the Spear of Destiny and if we go by the pagan origin it could been he downfall since it was "poisonous". Obviously I don't need to explain why he is impotent and his kingdom is a wasteland, you just need to look at the outbreeding of europeans (yes, low brith-rates = impotentence) and the catastrophic pollution of the land and the incoming economic collapse just around the corner (how the fuck are the retirements gonna get paid?).

And if there had been a ruler after Hitler that could have taken on the title after his death, who could it have been. All rulers after him were jewish marionettes, short lived politicians or butchered their own people.

The last great ruler was Hitler.


Have you discovered Hitler, or did he discover you?

This goes back to the King who is dead yet not dead. Evola explains that Prester John doesn't truly die until the next great ruler takes his place and since nobody has replaced Hitler (and never will because he is the last) he is not dead.

I bet you all have your own story about how you ended up here /pol/ but the thing that hold (most) of us together is the 88 in 1488.

I conclude that through his words spoken and written at times that we weren't even alive he was already fishing, fishing for knights that would come and ask him the question and that one of them would be the coming man (Kalki Avatare/The Ruler of the World/The Cleanser of the World) who could ask the question (important! Not answer but ask! Prestor John never ask a question instead you must and if you don't you won't obtain the grail, you have to ask for its purpose!), take the grail and heal his wounds (Restore Hitlers image in the whole World and continue what he began).

Just like the knights we will have to overcome many obstacles, always tell the truth and be loyal to the rex regum, the coming man.

What do you guys think?

There is a bunch more like the black sun representing the round table of Arthur and stuff like that but I wanted to focus on this.

I know this is kinda a faggot blog-post but I think we should have more discussions like this.

Also maybe this will get some of you to read Mysterie of the grail.

Why can't Americans into Christkino?

Harris, Warren and their divisive, deceptive push for reparations


>By Cheryl K. Chumley - The Washington Times - Friday, February 22, 2019


>Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren reportedly said they support the idea of paying back black Americans for slavery — of reparations — and that this country is going to have a hard time achieving racial equality without taking this step.

>Warning: Divisiveness alert.

(actually in the article)

>When politicians like Harris and Warren talk reparations to blacks, what they’re really saying is that white America, all of white America, is inherently racist. And reparations — the paying of trillions of taxpayer dollars to families affected by slavery — are a way to both remind and punish the racist white race for its inherent racism.

>This is not uniting language. This is not language that furthers truth.

>This is language that tears apart.

>And it’s being sold as a greater good type of deal by politicians who are simply looking for a hook to grab media coverage and votes.

>“We have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities,” Harris said in a statement to The New York Times about a radio show remark she made in support of legislation that addresses slavery and discrimination in America.

>And what’s more: People never will start from the same clean slate called life. It’s impossible; people are different. They come from seeds of difference planted at conception, actually. No amount of government money will change that.

>Harris went on: “I’m serious about taking an approach that would change policies and structure and make real investments in black communities.”

>As for Warren, she said similarly.

>“We must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences, including undermining the ability of black families to build wealth in America for generations,” Warren said to The New York Times, as reported by Fox News. “We need systemic, structural changes to address that.”

>Well, guess what: We’ve had them.

>Not only is slavery illegal. But so is discrimination based on skin color — and on a host of other traits, like sex and religious preference and, in some jurisdictions, even sexual preference. America is truly a nation of equal opportunity — one only has to take it and take action.

>Individual initiative really works.

>Let’s be clear: The slavery that blackens this country’s formative years is a taint, an abhorrent truth. All slavery is evil; all slavery ought to be abolished and wiped from the face of the earth.

>But to say that today’s America is the same as the America of slave years is utter nonsense and an egregious face-slap to reality. And these politicians have to know this.

>Harris is a black woman running for the presidency of the United States; America’s last president of the United States was a black man. Blacks have served in about every high-ranking public and private office this country has to offer; the opportunities for minorities are available to the same degree they’re available for any other race.

>Our Constitution, as those who play race politics like to claim, is not discriminatory. It’s freeing.

>And using skin color to ratchet a political campaign seems a thin and sorry excuse for a political campaign.

>What’s next, reparations for women who were denied the vote even longer than blacks?

>America’s supposed to be a melting pot. Let’s act like it. The way past racism is not to divide further, but to combat angry rhetoric with truths — to return to teaching our upcoming generations that yes, America has some black marks in her background, but those black marks don’t define who we are today.

>Those black marks have been long ago covered by constitutional rights, civil rights laws and anti-discrimination regulations — as well as by godly people carrying messages of brotherly and sisterly love for all, no matter the skin tone. Allowing politicians to run their races on platforms of bitterness and deceptive messages would just be a shame and would only lead to a greater divide. Money, reparations’ money, can’t buy truth.

>• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

Link -

Archive -

Why is she so fucking cute?

Creating a National Capitalist Utopia

Start out with a White Nationalist + Minarchist Government as the foundation of building the structure of societal policy.

Where all laws are entirely based upon the ideas that the ownership of one's physical person and property gives the owner complete autonomy over them, and the legal requirement of being given the informed consent of the owner before others may physically interact with their physical person or property, a policy also known as the Non-Aggression Principle.

A theory of legal policy which removes all victim-less crimes (crimes that do not directly inflict force or coercion upon the person or physical property of others without their informed consent to the action), removes the concepts of intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, trade-secrets, etc.), contraband (property, occupations, or media, admittedly including such degenerate items such as drugs and weapons, prostitution and gambling, and leaked private pictures and child pornography, but it will also legalize leaked classified information, remove any excuses for censorship or privacy violation, and prohibit the practice of circumcision), and the concept of any limitations placed upon speech, expression, or assembly (including shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater).

In such a state, there are only three Branches of the government:

The Executive Branch, which is in charge of the representation of the country (President), the administration and coordination of other government agencies, and the running of elections.

The Judiciary Branch, which is in charge of the enforcement of the laws derived from the NAP (for example, police), the response to emergency situations (for example, firefighters), the protection of children (child services), and the collection of taxes from those eligible to pay them.

The last is the Defensive Branch, which is in charge of the protection of the nation against national threats and of national interests against the threats they face (for example, the military and intelligence agencies), the collection of census data on race and legal status, and the protection of national demographics through the control of the national borders and through the enforcement of the laws regarding immigration.

There is no Legislative Branch, meaning that laws cannot be created, destroyed, or altered, even by those in the highest levels of power, anyone who makes the attempt, or conspires to do so, or who fails to report such actions and thereby becomes an accomplice, is guilty of treason, which can carry a capital punishment or one of life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.

There will be elections to determine the head positions of each branch every February 29th, once elected, each official will serve one term in office, and will not be able to run again once their terms has ended, only those who work within a branch of the government may vote or run for a position in that branch (anyone who runs in an election may not vote during that election), only taxpayers may work for the government, only landholders may pay taxes, and only Males of a European or East-Asian ethnicity may hold land.

What elected officials can do is command while bound to operate within the laws that already exist.


>California lawmakers are proposing replacing California’s sales tax with a “carbon tax” based on the “carbon intensity” of specific products.

>The bill, SB 43 by Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) would require the State Air Resources Board, in consultation with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, to submit a report to the Legislature on the results of a study, to propose and to determine the feasibility and practicality of, a system to replace the tax imposed pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Law with an assessment on retail products sold or used in the state based on the carbon intensity of the product to encourage the use of less carbon-intensive products.

>"The goal is to use higher prices to influence Californians to purchase products in a way that is supposed to help reduce climate change,” reported Sarah Boot at the Cal Chamber.

My guess is the Senator is a vegan faggot.

What is /pol/?

Seriously, why is /pol/ allowed to exist? Lets be honest, it could have been shut down years ago. It could have been nipped in the bud, but it wasn't. This leads me to believe somebody with power, somewhere, WANTS us here. I have some hypotheses as to why. Least likely ones:

>It's a release valve

Does anyone here ever feel released? There's no release given from shitposting. And all other release valves are controlled opposition, kosher, and often get shut down themselves. If it's a release valve, it's a very bad one. It's spreading information and making people angrier, not pacified. If /pol/ didn't exist to spread information there would be MUCH less anger to let out of release valves in the first place.

>It's owned/hosted by Russia/China/some other faction not under US control

If this is the case, that /pol/ exists to sow disorder in the West, surely it would have been blocked immediately, in the interests of national security or whatever excuse. Also there was a thread recently claimed 8chan is hosted on US government servers, though I'm not sure if it was proven or not.

So it's probably not either of these. More likely:

>/pol/ is a despair factory

Any intelligent tyrannical system knows there will always be a small percentage of the populace with a certain temperament, one that makes them impossible to control. Naturally highly questioning, disagreeable men. Note that most of /pol/ shares the personality type of INTP/J. So, they take most intelligent children, and they brainwash them into useful idiots in colleges. But what about those with the right combination of intelligent + questioning + disagreeable, who will drop out of these schemes at some point and go their own ways? Those who will investigate things and inevitably find the truth, or parts of it?

Well, you give them a place to congregate, to find and fall into at some point during their search. You teach them the truth of what's been done to them. They will keep coming back because this is the only place in the world where the actual truth is spoken openly. Then you torture them and blackpill them constantly with news of how the world is falling to the Satanic temple, and the claim that nobody in society will accept what they know, that 'revealing your power level' is social suicide. You alienate them from their families, their society, their peers, with the truth. Then you feed off of the despair energies of your most dangerous opponents. Well done, you just immobilised those who you can't control, using despair and social isolation. And you can gloat knowing that they KNOW, but there's nothing they can do (you think).

Now I've thought this through, and I think this isn't it either, although it is possible. There is an awful lot of blackpill and demoralisation shilling. However there are also hopeful threads allowed, and threads about self improvement and spiritual growth. I think if /pol/ was a trap, this would be more tightly managed to eliminate all hope.

Now the hypothesis I think most likely:

>/pol/ is a training program

How do you train a soldier to be physically tough? You make him run for hundreds of miles over his training, carrying heavy bags in terrible weather. You send him through physical hell. Whatever happens, the men who suffer through this blackpill hell we're in for years and years, and still keep a positive fighting spirit, are going to be amongst the spiritually strongest men in history. Very, very few other men have ever had to endure the spiritual suffering we are going through together, living in a world run by evil, alone, and with such high information on it updated every day, right in our faces.

In the few years I've been here, I have become ten times wiser, more knowledgable, healthier, and generally good. This place really was the father I needed. In 2014 I was a degenerate student, doing drugs, masturbating, drinking heavily. I had no morals. I would have probably become a pawn of some bank, got paid well and been comfy, ignorant, weak minded and even more degenerate. A perfect cash cow worker drone for high finance. That, or a suicide case in my confusion, addictions, dark mindedness and sense that something was deeply wrong. A few short years here, and I'm a celibate, Christian business owner, very fit and healthy. I've also helped several people rise up from their own chaos. And in slowly learning to overcome the terrible emotional toll of the knowledge I bear, my spirit has become very strong. I am ready to be a guide for my people when the time comes.

Why the hell would somewhere like this be allowed to exist if there wasn't someone in power who wanted these results?

Today is the Live Aid for Venezuela

What you think about it, this commie country will survive or the happening of freedom will be soon?

>like 70% of the population is starving

>there no cash on banks

>public services like water, light and gas are shit and free

>like 3 millions of immigrants on lat

>russia supports

>china supports

>terrorist supports

what's next?

You are not allowed to masturbate to this picture if you mocked her in the past year.

Picard Anon Is Right Who's Ready to Expose Jew Shill Q?

Fedanon, Purple Anon, Captain Morganon; perhaps the name to our new little potential psyop was staring us in the face from the beginning. Qushner and his team of kikes chose Q as a reference to the Star Trek character as they see themselves as all knowing superior beings above the petty goyim they get to toy with. In the Q world Purple Anon is like Cpt. Picard just sum sonofabitch glownigger that put face to palm one too many times and couldn't take it anymore so he broke the rules to end the bullshit.

I may not believe all of what Picard Anon said some of it was obvious disinformation but the majority of it rings true and if more things come to pass like we saw in the last week I think we will find this guy legit. I was in a thread where he gave Q a 24 hour ultimatum and the mods deleted the thread within 5 minutes of that post. His threads all get deleted meanwhile some obvious Qushner FBIAnon trust the plan shill is front page today.

Picard Anon is proved by the monumental amount of shilling being employed to drown him out alone.


What you are about to read is a document found on the internet, from an obscure internet based organization created around the beginning of 2020 and lasting till around 2023 called the Electronic Army of the White Nation. The creators of this organization are unknown, though many who would later go on to create the White Nation Liberation Army were intimitely familiar with EAWN, if not directly involved.

What was different about this organization from perhaps more historically important organizations like Dr. Pierce's Nationalist Alliance was an emphasis on the struggle for ideology. The EAWN talked about the need to battle the enemy in the "ideological plane," emphasising that if the White Nation could not win this battle, our people would forever be controlled by the Zionists.

With this understanding, they tried relentlessly to make inroads into any and all 'right-wing' ideological spaces online, whether controlled by Zionists openly or not. It is believed they were the ones responsible for the murders of a number of Republican politicians, particularly hispanic ones that supported Israel. It is not known what happened to the people behind this organization, as the website simply disappeared from the internet in August of 2023.


What do 8chan Christians think of video games

Feel free to express your opinion in this thread.

To briefly give my own opinion, I have surveyed the internet and found that almost every faction of GenZ and millenials, whether "redpilled" "SJW" or otherwise, has a worshipful hedonistic view when it concerns video games. In my view however, video games are the same as alcohol or drugs in terms of its effect on people, it is just that it is not considered "cool" in this generation to view video game overuse with the same contempt as drug use or alcoholism.

So, I want to know if some of you Christians have higher standards than this. But express your opinion, even if you think I'm a moron. Asking here because I am not really familiar of the Christian view on those things and moreso, some of you probably grew up on the internet like I did and actually know what our generation has experienced.

Evangelical Arm of Israel Lobby

Lots of focus on AIPAC lately, but there is another arm of the Israel lobby that is actively growing in influence: the Israel-loving evangelicals.

CUFI has recently passed 5 million members. That is 1 million more members in less than a year. They have been around since 2006, and this period of growth is probably unprecedented.

>Christians United for Israel continued its streak as the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, passing 5 million members.

>“Not only is the size of our organization growing, our ability to make a difference is growing as well. Fueled by our members’ strong conviction and devotion, CUFI has been successful in driving consequential policy changes, from the passage of the Taylor Force Act to the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel and the withdrawal from the Iran Deal. We have no plans of slowing down; we’re eager to keep this momentum going to further strengthen our nation’s deep bond with Israel.”

How do you counteract this?




>dacepedes are angry at Trump signing obvious shit bill

>mods banning and deleting hundreds of accounts

>top comments all getting deleted

>mods disabled the downvote button, leaving only the button for upbloats

>migapedes calling for armed rebellion

Heavily censored original link:

Link to undo some of the censorship:

Lords of Chaos

The Varg Movie

Who's seen it?

Starbucks Censors /pol/

FYI this new censorship was just enabled today and rolled out across all 5,000+ Starbucks stores across the US. you can no longer use Starcucks "free" surveillance WiFi to browsre 8ch. Starcucks uses Cisco Umbrella to block it as being porn. it would be worthwhile to know what other websites are now banned as "porn" by Starcucks. i bet all right wing sites, all NS sites, all imageboards are now censored by Starcucks. but Jewtube little girl pedo wormholes and howdoichopoffmycock dotcom are NOT censored by Starcucks Bolshevik double standards. i bet by the 2020 election all memes and Pepe will be categorized as porn and filtered by TPTB.

while everyone here rightfully hates Starcucks anyways for being an AntiWhite establishment and for being a bastion of Left Coast Liberal Faggotry, Starcucks was one of the only places where you could safely poast to /pol/ from pseudo-anonymity using public WiFi. (assuming your threat model isn't the NSA, and assuming you're smart enough to change your MAC address to a random ID each time you connect to Starcucks WiFi to defeat tracking you.)

ironically, 8ch still loads just fine in the Yandex browser, which is what i use. Yandex has heavilly modified Chromium and ripped out all the kikes surveillance shit, and even bolted on DNSCrypt, which is enabled by default, and which uses Yandex' own DNS servers in Mother Russia. so Starcucks isn't even doing DPI traffic scanning to identify and filter /pol/. they are just doing shitty DNS filtering, which Yandex evades by providing their own built-in DNS to circumvent your local network Commisar censorship brigades.

of course Tor still works at Starcucks, so you can always use ExitNodes access the 8ch onion. so this new regime of censorship does not effect me in the slightest. Orbot and Torfox also work on mobile for me to use Starcucks wifi to read /pol/. as for posting to /pol/, i already got this store's static IP permanently banned from poasting back when i poasted the PII dox of some crooked Judge in Texas who was hiding offshore money in the Caymans bit who got exposed in the leak/hack of the 911Papers by the DarkOverlord whom we haven't heard from since then.

Rothschild Emails Leaked

Here ya go goys


Why did it flop?

>talk to normalfag (republican) friends

>we start talking about Italy, since I'm going there soon

>I mention that they have really good food, probably the best culture too

>they start looking at me weird

>one of them says they prefer Asia, especially India and China

>other one likes Japan

>I say "yeah but Italy has so much history behind it."

>One of jokes saying I'm Mussolini, other one agrees

>immediately become enraged inside

>tell them calmly that Italy is the reason we're living here today and not in mud huts

>"yeah but all they really had was architecture"

>tell him he doesn't know anything about history, how Europe invented 99% of what we have today besides gunpowder and modern paper

>"dude Europe doesn't matter anymore, Asia is going to be the capital of the world, just look at where Apple makes all their stuff"

>the other one says I'm "Mussolini's grandchild, look at that doc on Netflix dude"

>flip out

>tell them if they love China so fucking much they should go live there, to enjoy their pollution masks and sweatshops

>"woah calm down Hitler"

Fuck it. I'm taking the blackpill. If two warm blooded American conservatives are fine with shitting on their own history and ancestors I have no reason to fucking care anymore. These people can't be saved.

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x],” “is [x] redpilled,” and associated questions belong here. Threads created based on a single, simple question will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, come here and ask again. REMINDER TO SEARCH THE CATALOG FIRST.

Israel critic wins easily

Allegations wrote about Samirah’s Facebook posts from 2014.

"In one, Samirah shared an angry letter by musician Brian Eno about Palestinian civilian deaths caused by Israeli missile strikes in Gaza. The letter said funding Israel is like supporting the Ku Klux Klan. “I’d say worse, but I’ll go along with Eno on this one,” Samirah wrote above it.

In a different post, after the death of Ariel Sharon in 2014, Samirah wrote that the former Israeli prime minister should “burn a million times for every innocent soul you killed.” He wrote that he wished the same for “our beloved Arab ‘leaders’ (butchers I should say).”



Blue State Blues: Trump Is the Most ‘Progressive’ President Ever for Blacks, Gays, Jews

- Breitbart

>President Donald Trump has achieved more concrete progress for blacks, gays, and Jews than any other American president.

>That claim is sure to be disputed, if not mocked, by those for whom grievance and identity politics are a profession or a psychological crutch.

>Yet it remains true — and was thrown into sharp relief this week, as the Jussie Smollett case turned from one of the most horrific attacks in recent memory to the worst hate crime hoax in history.

There are two reasons the media, Hollywood, and the Democratic political elite believed Smollett’s claims.

First, he belongs to several victim categories: black, gay, and even Jewish (albeit via his father), according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

>Second, he appealed to the left’s shared contempt for America in the Trump era: he claimed, for example, that the fact people doubted his story “says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now.”

The crucial detail in Smollett’s account, which ultimately proved its undoing, was the claim that his attackers had shouted, “This is MAGA country.” It was a gratuitous flourish in Smollett’s story, a “fact” that was not necessary to establish that he was a victim, but which pointed the finger directly at the president and his tens of millions of supporters.

>Chicago is hardly “MAGA country,” given that it is overwhelmingly Democratic. Its politicians are also viciously anti-Trump: after the 2016 election, the city took down all of the honorary street signs it once erected in his honor, which were near the Streeterville area where Smollett claimed he was attacked.

But to the left, “MAGA country” is an idea about what the U.S. is, or has become. That is why so many hate crime hoaxes are believed.

>It is worth examining what Trump’s “MAGA country” really means for the groups Smollett claimed to represent.

>Blacks: Under Trump, black unemployment is at its lowest level in history. Trump pushed for, and signed into law, sweeping prison reforms backed by leaders of the African-American community. He pardoned the late boxer Jack Johnson, whom Barack Obama neglected. He also elevated a new generation of black conservatives in public life.

>Jews: Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the U.S. embassy there. He deported a Nazi who had lingered in the U.S. under Obama. He directed the FBI to solve the mystery of bomb threat hoaxes haunting the community. He is the first president with close Jewish relatives — his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.

>Gays: Trump championed gay voices within the GOP since his campaign, when he backed Peter Thiel at the Republican National Convention. Trump appointed U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, one of the highest-ranking gay officials. His administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality.

>(Trump has also been a good president for other groups, including women — though the “cis-gender” Smollett would not qualify.)

>The arguments against the claims above are familiar. Trump is alleged to have called neo-Nazi white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, “very fine people.” Trump took on black football players who knelt during the national anthem, and restored a ban on transgender soldiers serving in the U.S. military.

But the Charlottesville claim is a lie, and in the other two cases Trump was defending the prominence and integrity of core national institutions.

>Measured on the post-modernist scale of identity politics, which prizes symbolic confrontations with power, Trump is a villain.

>In a world where concrete achievements count, Trump is our most “progressive” president ever.

Liberal Status:

Not Trolled [ ]

Trolled [x]

4D Chess Trolled [xxx]

Catholic cardinals urge end of 'homosexual agenda'

Two prominent Roman Catholic Church cardinals have urged an end of what they call "the plague of the homosexual agenda", telling bishops to break their complicity over cases of sexual abuse.

In an open letter, Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller say the Church has wrongly blamed the abuse of power by clergy as the main cause of the scandals.

Instead, they say the cases involve priests who have "gone away from the truth of the Gospel".

They also openly criticise the Pope.

Stories of sexual abuse of minors have emerged across the world and the Church has been accused of covering up crimes committed by priests.

What translation of the Scriptures should I purchase?

Okay so I've been looking into the origins of the KJV and it seems that there were Masonic influences on King James I or he may have even been one of them. From my research into freemasonry this disgusts me greatly, I've been told all my life that this was the "pure and miraculously preserved Word of God" (Baptist) but if a freemason was in charge of it's translation than I'm going to be taking a HARD pass at that.

I'm looking for a good Catholic/Orthodox approved translation please. I like the old english style of the KJV but I'd like a bit of an updated english for some of the words they use. Just need some suggestions as to what version would be the most reliable and accurate. Thanks!

Redpilling Normies about (((9/11))): Expert Mode

Use Ryan Dawson sources only, don't go full sperg if you don't have OFFICIAL evidence.

Currently throwing 9/11 redpills on Twitter using popular hashtags. Using #BeThere


Start using "it" to refer to trannies

It's complying to their neutral retardation yet dehumanizing them. And it's the correct use of singular, to boot.

So is Trump a child molester or what?

Hey, goys. Some evidence attached that 13 year old (at the time) Katie Johnson was a victim of Epstein and serviced Trump regularly.

If this was true and he's compromised it'd explain the blunder that has been Trump's attempt to "make america great again", but just as likely to be a kike psyop or some dried up woman looking for attention.

Federalist papers seems to think it was all a hoax, but doesn't cite much evidence, sadly.

Kushner Mods

This thread was deleted after the (((DailyStormer))) was exposed as responsible for the pro-Trump shilling on /pol/……………………….

Login to Goy!


You guys ready for the next exodus?

See it here:

Brie loses Disney $100 million in projections and now won't let people refund tickets

Is this the first marvel capeshit bomb?

You haven't seen the latest Capeshit de la semaine? How uncool and out of the loop are you?

Active raid if anyone wants in

So, apparently some conservative student at UC Berkeley was handling out recruitment flyers for Turning Point USA.

That organization that Charlie Kirk runs I guess.

As he was peacefully handling out flyers, your typical Berkeley leftist fucking nutjob just came up, and sucker punched and proceeded to beat the shit out of this kid while screeching the typical leftist battle cry, "RACIST SEXIST REEEE!" etc…

The conservative kid didn't fight back, which is good, because trust me, as a California native myself, if that conservative would've swung back, the leftist school would just blame him and expel him.

It's also good he didn't fight back in this case, because it proves he is 100% the victim here, and no one can dispute that.

It's easily cased closed if brought to court.


Here's the same video of the incident in case Twitter link isn't showing it. [Embed] [Embed]

The image I've posted is the assaulter.

Huawei 'Mate X' foldable phone appears to be a thing at MWC 2019

When it comes to the next era of phones, it seems like it'll be fold times.

Samsung unveiled a foldable device this week (called, ahem, the Galaxy Fold). Now rival Huawei looks set to unveil its own bendable buddy.

A photo posted to Twitter on Friday appears to show workers at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona installing a billboard for a gadget called the Mate X.

more here:


Far Right SHOCKER - it's happening in Spain

Spain’s Far Right Win Spells Doom for Socialists in Andalusa, the Region most burdened with Migrants


"MADRID — Spain’s governing Socialist party suffered an unexpected election setback on Sunday as right-wing parties won enough votes to oust the Socialists from power in the nation’s largest region for the first time

"The biggest change for Spain’s political landscape on Sunday was the emergence of "Vox", a far-right party that had never previously made any significant election inroads. The party won 12 seats, according to the provisional results.

"That could make Vox a kingmaker in the formation of a right-wing coalition government in the region. The bloc would comprise the Popular Party, which secured 26 seats, and the Ciudadanos party, which won 21.

Leftists Beg & Plead'

"'The Socialist leader in Andalusia, Susana Díaz, on Sunday night urged the right-leaning parties not to allow Spain to become the latest European country in which a far-right party takes a front-line role in politics."

> too late, you Spanish lickspittle, and too late for Shabbas Goy politicians everywhere who earn their salt as slaves of the jews

Woman Arrested for Posting Video Online

Her son recorded a fight at his school on his phone and she posted it on Facebook.

Adkins-Barras was arrested on Wednesday and was charged with Unlawful Posting of Criminal Activity for Notoriety and Publicity.

Louisiana law on posting criminal activity states: 'It shall be unlawful for a person who is either a principal or accessory to a crime to obtain an image of the commission of the crime using any camera, videotape, photo-optical, photo-electric, or any other image recording device and to transfer that image obtained during the commission of the crime by the use of a computer online service, Internet service, or any other means of electronic communication, including but not limited to a local bulletin board service, Internet chat room, electronic mail, or online messaging service for the purpose of gaining notoriety, publicity, or the attention of the public.'


I've been seeing a lot of d&c shilling, particularly towards americans. STOP. we are all white brothers here, all welcome in the ethnostate.

/SFKG/ Smiley face Killers General

>What are the smiley face Killers

The Smiley face Killers (first coined by retired detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte) is a alleged group of killers that are backtracked for murders in mostly the NorthEast and Midwestern United States

>Their purpose

Many speculations had been conceived by previous anons to have been going after white males that are in lines of success in athletics or academics

>What would the members consist of in this case

We don't know; but theories pointed by a couple anon suggest that they're either Incels, Feminist (that practice the ritual of inserting Maelstrom blood into men they will kill; originated from Korea by a similar group), or both.


VIDEOS (that are must watch):

>Smiley face Killers documentary [Embed]

>Map of murders and explanation of the constellation of the Scropius [Embed]

>A video from October 30th, 2018 showcasing further detail of them [Embed]



>Hundreds of "Accidental" Drownings, 4 Dogged Investigators and 1 Wild Theory: Inside the Hunt for the Smiley Face Killers

>‘Smiley Face Killers’ gang was behind young men's drownings, former NYPD detectives claim in new doc



Not politics. I just thought the cause of death was hilarious and wanted to share.

>A California news anchor died after overdosing on methamphetamine during a sexual encounter with a male companion

>Burrous was engaging in “various sexual activities with his companion” whom he had met four times before through the Grindr app

>At some point during the romp, Burrous inserted a “rock” of meth into his rectum, the autopsy report said, the outlet reported. He inserted a second rock later on in the encounter, placed a mask on and “doused the filters with ‘poppers,’” an inhalant of amyl nitrate, the report said.

>Burrous, who worked at KTLA since 2011, leaves behind his wife Mai Do-Burrous and 9-year-old daughter Isabella. He was laid to rest on Jan. 11, on what would have been his 44th birthday.

Worst Star Trek episodes?

This masterpiece is from DS9 season 3, episode 8: "Meridian".

The Orville - Season 2

Thread in which /strek/ celebrates the return of the greatest currently-running Star Trek series for it's second season.


Just imagine…

/SIG/ Self Improvement General - Embrace The Polar Vortex Edition

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12552532

Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.

Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine. Try intermittent fasting, a simple 18/6 routine can work wonders.

Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.


Do not act like a nigger, do not steal, rob or vandalize. Violence should be used sparingly when there is no other option, you are not a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degeneracy of feminism.

Stop consuming (((pornography))). Oh, you think that you’re not addicted to porn? Prove it. Try to go without porn or fapping for a whole week. Then aim for a month. Its harder than you think.



Quit playing video games faggot. Do something productive, write something or build something. Plan your career, climb the ranks or start a business. Learn something useful.

We need more strong, kike-free men in positions of power.

Now get off the internet, go /out/side and get some sun. Go for a hike. Go camping. Join some wholesome clubs and make some normal friends. Do not reveal your power level to normalfags, drip feed them redpills. Stop smoking cigs and don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books. You can easily source used books cheaply from local stores or online.


Work towards owning property and/or land. Don’t waste your time and money buying new cars on finance, it is a jewish trick.

Save 10% of your income for a rainy day, even a little will go a long way. Stash some money in safe alternate forms, like silver and gold (maybe a little crypto too, but be cautious).

Become informed on prepping and homesteading, make sure you’re ready when SHTF.

This is your life now.

Welcome to /SIG/ Febuary 2019

Target: Venezuela

>The people of Venezuela stand at the threshold of history, ready to reclaim their country – and their future….

They aren't even going bother with false flags anymore are they?

Gluttony is a sin

Friendly reminder that fat people are going to hell if they don’t Repent and get fit

Video related. It will make you hate Obesity and the fat acceptance movement.


Jussie The Movie

Is it kino?

A History of Central Banking

This thread is about the domination of our people at the hands of the Jews and their gentile followers by the means of usury, and private banks. As my contribution to this, the most important subject to our awakening - as control of money is the source of all other jewish domination - I have recorded the entirety of "A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind" by Stephen Mitford Goodson (link below) for those of you without time to consume history books with your eyes.

In this book you learn of much more that was hidden from you than just the truth of WW2. The reality we all need to realize is that our entire history has been lied about, and we have been taught falsehoods passed off as universal truths as concerns philosophy, economics, and just about anything else. The Jews have a gun pointed at the world right now, and the first step for everyone is to become aware.

Post infographics relevant to the subject line, and any on point comments. And please consume the book, whether you read it, or listen to me.!jQ4kTK4K!d_hPZdQtfo3dCcTjYR1Ibg

I may still be uploading the audio by the time you see this. When it's done there will be 10 parts

Trump Lies About Everything: Syria Edition

Trump to keep 400 troops in Syria

>In what by now is an entirely predictable partial retreat from Trump's prior promise of a "full" and "rapid" American troop withdrawal from Syria, the White House announced Thursday night it would leave a small number of troops on the ground in Syria as the bulk of US forces depart. "A small peace keeping group of about 200 will remain in Syria for (a) period of time," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. This follows months of conflicting signals and constant about-face policy statements from various officials in the Pentagon and administration after Trump first ordered staff to initiate a complete draw down last December. However, the true number has already jumped to 400, as Bloomberg reports on Friday the actual number of troops both Trump and his national security adviser John Bolton signed off on is double, which they've notified Pentagon and defense department officials of.

>The 200 troops who will remain will be divided between At-Tanf, an area near the Iraq-Jordan border, and northeast Syria, according to a US official familiar with the planning process. The troops in northeast Syria currently advise the Syrian Democratic Forces. The idea would be that these 200 remaining US troops would be able to provide unique high-end capabilities — such as logistics, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and calling in airstrikes — that would help encourage coalition countries like France and the United Kingdom to also keep their troops in Syria to help ensure the safe zone with a force of some 1,500 international troops.

"Oy vey, it's just 800 troops, goyim. Surely you can spare 1600 troops to defend Israel! Think about if Iran attacked and you didn't have those 3200 troops in place? Boy, aren't you glad you left those 6400 troops in Syria?"

Just got a mass card but I'm not sure how to fill it out.

What goes on the last line (rev. ___) ?

The truth about AntiVax

Anyone with eyes can see the massive forced meming seemingly for vaccinations. To most it seems normal but I can always tell when trickery is a foot and now I understand why. The entire meme has nothing to do with vaccinating or not vaccinating but is rather a psyop to associate white people with previously eradicated diseases that are suddenly reappearing instead of the very obvious other true reason as to why they are appearing.

Massive third world immigration brings with it many problems and one very obvious one is diseases that thanks to white medicine have left our society and now thanks to importing human garbage thinks like measles have started to reaappear. This is a problem for the jews, a simple answer? Deflect onto white people, the tried and true strategy that has worked for years.


WHITE MEN, YOUNG AND OLD, NEED TO FORM INTO BROTHERHOODS OF THE SWASTIKA. A brotherhood of the swastika is a mannerbund of white man, sacred fraternities. A white male brotherhood is not homosexual in any way, even if at times things may get or seem homo-erotic. The brotherhood is explicitly heterosexual.

The aim of the white brotherhood is simply to be aggressive and get women for our men, we don't shame our men for dating women with significant age differences whatever direction those age differences are. The women can even be colored sometimes even though we are primarily aiming to create Aryan babies. A young white man should conspire to help enrich and make successful with women and older Aryan man, and and older Aryan man should conspire to make successful with money and women a younger Aryan.

White brotherhoods should be sharing money and women with each other, they should not be competing with each other. We should be asserting our territorial imperatives and displaying our dominance over society and the land. The political nation state is a idol, we should be creating white gangs. They should not be called gangs though. They should be called something else.

And if there is a fag among our midst he should be tolerated as long as he hides it somewhat and is good at helping us achieve our objectives. We need to return to the spirit of the 1970's where Aryan men were unleashed upon the country forming into gangs and roaming around free and unfettered from convention.

I'm not saying we should go crazy in the literal sense of the term but we should just become crazy and drop out of society and drop into society in a new way and start asserting dominance in new ways and become roving gangs of men who strike fear into the hearts of enemies and plebs.

F&amp;F Director Rob Cohen accused of Molestation by Trans Son

>'He used my body for his own sexual gratification': The Fast and the Furious director's transgender daughter, 32, accuses her father of molesting her when she was just two years old and claims he would tell her stories of raping women

>Valkyrie Weather made the accusations against her father Rob Cohen, 69, in a public Facebook post

>Weather said she was made aware of the 'sexual assault' by her mother Diana Mitzner, Cohen's first wife

>Weather also accused her father of raping another woman

>Cohen has denied all allegations against him calling them 'categorically untrue'

Accelerationism - why Jews fear it

The scorpion, when surrounded by fire, seeks a safe passage out of danger. But upon finding none the arachnid will sting itself to death preferring a short and painless demise over a long, painful death by fire. This is Accelerationism.

On one side we have the Zionist Right who facilitates European Genocide in a such way it occurs slowly. The elite offer political theater to keep the masses entertained and complacent until finally one day they wake up to the realization they're such a minority the chance of resisting is no more.

On the other side we have the Globalist Left who facilitates European Genocide quickly by open borders. We can conclude that slow-motion genocide coming from the Right is their actual goal with European American genocide, and the Left is used as a boogeyman to encourage supporting the Right, because open borders has caused Europe to resist replacement.

Americans have revolution in their blood and acting too quickly to replace whites here may result in backlash followed by revolution. This is the reasoning behind supporting Accelerationism in America. Such a strategy will force American whites to address their genocide, resist it, and finally to overthrow the criminal ruling class returning America to her roots.

So you have two choices:

>Support the Right and be replaced without a doubt

>Support the Left and risk being replaced with the chance of redpilling the masses and fighting back

Be like the scorpion.

come join us for booze movies and livechat

stanley kubrick marathon starts at 6:00 EST, showing random shit until then

Microsoft workers demand it drop $480 million U.S. Army contract

Some Microsoft Corp employees on Friday demanded that the company cancel a $480 million hardware contract to supply the U.S. Army, with 94 workers signing a petition calling on the company to stop developing “any and all weapons technologies.”

The organizing effort, described to Reuters by three Microsoft workers, offers the latest example in the last year of tech employees protesting cooperation with governments on emerging technologies.

Microsoft won a contract in November to supply the Army with at least 2,500 prototypes of augmented reality headsets, which digitally display contextual information in front of a user’s eyes. The government has said the devices would be used on the battlefield and in training to improve soldiers “lethality, mobility and situational awareness.”

In the petition to Microsoft executives, posted on Twitter, the workers said they “did not sign up to develop weapons, and we demand a say in how our work is used.” They called on the company to develop “a public-facing acceptable use policy” for its technology and an external review board to publicly enforce it.

Microsoft said in a statement that it always appreciates employee feedback. It also referred to an October blog post by its president, Brad Smith, in which he said the company remained committed to assisting the military and would advocate for laws to ensure responsible use of new technologies.

The U.S. Army did not provide immediate comment.

more here:

Pope Leo XIII against freemasonry

Pope Leo XIII, Dall’Alto (# 2), Oct. 15, 1890: “It is needless now to put the Masonic sects upon their trial. They are already judged; their ends, their means, their doctrines, and their action, are all known with indisputable certainty. Possessed by the spirit of Satan, whose instrument they are, they burn like him with a deadly and implacable hatred of Jesus Christ and of His work; and they endeavor by every means to overthrow and fetter it.”

Pope Leo XIII, In Ipso (# 1), March 3, 1891: “Nevertheless, it grieves us to think that the enemies of the Church, joined in most wicked conspiracy, scheme to weaken and even, if possible, utterly wipe out that wondrous edifice which God Himself has erected as a refuge for the human race.”

/WALK/ 2/22

Let's Take A Walk

What This Is

The noose of censorship is tightening around the internet, and decentralized alternatives are not yet ready to take the slack. We will never secure the existence of our people and a future for white children as long as we stay separate and disconnected. The time has come to make our memes into dreams and organize locally. The main threats are lefty volunteer orgs/Antifa and glowniggers attempting to infiltrate. To counter both requires only two words: Plausible Deniability.

How To Do It

In honour of board culture, Walks will be held on Dubs Days (the 11th and 22nd of each month) at Trips Time which is 3:33pm. The 11th and 22nd fall on different days each month, which allows Anons with odd work schedules to still participate, and the Trips Time is ideal for morning shift workers, students and 9-5ers.

Step 1: Get a

>White T-Shirt (White jackets and coats for wintertime)

>Baseball cap

Step 2: Find local park/museum listed in thread below.

Step 3: Take a Walk in your city/town's park wearing your White T-shirt and cap at 4:44pm on a dubs day.

Step 4: If you spy somebody else wearing a white shirt and baseball cap, wave hello at them.

Step 5: Wander by and strike up a normal conversation with the similarly dressed person. Attempt to very subtly drop well known board memes into conversation. Example:

>Such a beautiful day for a walk! I had a good day at work, and the sun is shining. Feelsgoodman.

If the person reciprocates with another meme, ie

>Yup, it's a breddy gud day!

then you reply with another meme. Keep escalating the memes until you get to "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong."

If they give you a weird look then you've found a normalfag, at which point you finish your conversation politely and continue your walk. You should expect 9 out of every 10 interactions to go like this.

Step 6: Once you've found an Anon, get their contact info (protonmail is fairly secure if you're paranoid about phone numbers) and start talking. Congrats, you've found an ally. Keep repeating this process every Dubs Day at the Trips Time until every Anon in your city knows one another. Start building networks, start planning at your local beer hall. Begin the work to save our race.

Step 7: Return to these threads and post your experiences, even if you don't meet any Anons the first few times. Knowing that you're out there will encourage other Anons to get out there. The more Anons participate, the more Anons will follow the early adopters. The parks will start as secret networking locations, and in time they may become alternative public squares for the whites that have been censored and persecuted out of every other public space online and in their communities. Only time will tell.

What This is NOT





This is not the time to go goosestepping and throwing Bellamy Salutes. The goal is secret incognito networking to find fellow Anons. You are the equivalent of a secret agent behind enemy lines. But instead of "Climb Mount Nitaka" your codeword is a simple apparel and an in-depth knowledge of memes that are instantly recognizable to other Anons but incomprehensible to normalfags. Do you want to march around like a LARPing sperg or do you want to secure the existence of your people and a future for white children?

Avoid people who look sketchy or like stereotypical skinheads. If a sperg bounces up to you yelling "Heil Kekistan based MAGApede!" act very confused and continue on your way. They're either bad actors sent to discredit us or they're the sort of degenerates who can contribute nothing and will drag us all down. Be ever suspicious and listen more than you talk, open up slowly and try to understand the ideological foundation of each new contact you meet.

STD Season 2


STD Season One Recap:

Michael Burnham is the greatest starfleet officer in history. She knows literally everything and can solve any problem presented to her with consummate ease and no small amount of condescension. She was adopted as a child by Spock's parents because there were no other foster parents available out of trillions of Federation citizens but those of Star Trek's most iconic character (who never mentioned an adopted sister in 50 years of canon). The greatest starfleet officer in history commits a mutiny which ends up killing her captain and single-handedly plunges the Federation into war with Klingons (who are now bald xenophobes obsessed with racial purity). Instead of serving her lifetime prison term, Michael is recruited as a science specialist on the secretive USS Discovery, the most advanced ship in the fleet which boasts holographic systems that shouldn't exist for decades, and an experimental "spore drive" that can teleport the ship instantly to any point in the galaxy over a "mycelial network" of space mushrooms. They briefly use a giant tardigrade as their navigator until someone found out that the whole concept of tardigrades teleporting via space mushrooms was plagiarized from an indie video adventure game called motherfucking "Tardigrades." Good job CBS.

Among the crew members of the Discovery are Captain Lorca: a no-nonsense hard-ass with a shady past who plays fast and loose with regulations and might be a little too trigger-happy for a starfleet captain. The alien first officer is Saru, who can sense danger and death approaching, and is from a species comprised entirely of betas. Chief Engineer Stamets is in charge of the spore drive and becomes its navigator after the tardigrade is sued out of a job. The medical officer is Dr. Culber who is gay with Stamets and is currently deceased and/or a spore ghost inside the mycelial network. And then there's Tilly: a hyperactive, overweight, autistic ensign completely unsuited for service on starfleet's most advanced, experimental starship, but is nonetheless inexplicably part of the command track program. God save the poor vessel that sees Tilly as her captain. There's a bunch of other characters that make up the bridge crew, but they're so poorly developed that most viewers don't even know their names. There's also Tyler who is a Klingon double agent / love interest for Michael Burnham, but nobody cares.

Anyway, a bunch of stupid nonsense happens and eventually we find out that Captain Lorca is actually from the Mirror Universe (which absolutely nobody saw coming because the writing in this show is just so fucking clever) and needed the Discovery's spore drive to get back home. Mirror Universe antics ensue, but eventually Lorca is killed and Burnham "saves" the Mirror Universe version of Georgiou (her dead, mutinied-upon captain) who in this reality is the Emperor of the Terran Empire, a Hitler analogue, and an actual cannibal. When the ship makes it back to its own reality there is a convenient time jump wherein the Klingons are about to win the war, but Michael Burnham the greatest starfleet officer in history with aid from Space Hitler avert disaster at the last second. For her "heroics," not only is Burnham's punishment for MUTINY, MURDER, and WAR commuted, but she's reinstated at her full rank and joins the Discovery crew full time. As the ship flies off to pick up its new captain, they are intercepted by the USS Enterprise, Christopher Pike commanding, just in time to bilk CBS All Access subscribers into re-upping their subs based on nostalgia lenses alone.

STD Season Two status:

Captain Pike takes over the Discovery and we find out starfleet gave him an urgent mission to discover the source of seven mysterious red energy bursts that appeared all across the galaxy. For reasons that will most likely make no logical sense, these seven bursts along with a cosmic entity called the "red angel" have driven Spock to commit himself to the loony bin. The only person who can save him and unravel the mystery of the red angel is his estranged adopted sister that we've never heard of in 50 years of canon, the merry mutineer Michael Goddamn-Fucking Burnham. It's whispered that Michael did something to Spock in their childhood that traumatized him so irreparably that they haven't spoken to each other since, but the show won't just come the fuck out and say what it was, because the hacks that write this shit either don't know, or are second-guessing the likely faux-incest storyline that literally everyone could see coming.

In conclusion, fuck this show and anyone who says "Oh, it's not THAT bad" because, yes, it fucking is.

Weedman Trudeau's Deep State thug Michael Wernick


I worry about the rising tide of incitements to violence, when people use terms like “treason” and “traitor” in open discourse. Those are the words that lead to assassination. I’m worried that someone is going to be shot in this country this year during the political campaign.

>Speaking to reporters at Memorial University in St. John's, N.L., this morning, Trudeau said Wernick's words should carry weight.

>"The clerk of the privy council, Michael Wernick, is an extraordinary public servant who has served this country and continues to serve this country under governments of different political stripes, with integrity and brilliance," said Trudeau.

>"He is someone we need to heed very carefully when he chooses to express himself publicly and I'm sure everyone is taking a careful look at his words yesterday."

>Some opposition MPs and several pundits suggested Wernick had gone too far in supporting the government, concerns Trudeau seemed to dismiss out of hand.

Incels are and are hated, because they are submissive omega males.Almost all of them are into femdom

If you look at the frontpage of /r9k/, you'll see what I am talking about. That place is basically the best argument for nofap or noporn, because it's the endstage of a severe porn and fap addiction coupled with loneliness.

That place was the origin of the "tfw no X gf" meme template.

The most common themes in them are female domination of the man.

Either as a "mommy gf", orc/amazon/muscular woman that takes them as sex slave (very common fantasy among incels) or a role-reversal of traditional gender roles. They love fantasizing about a woman pursuing them like a confident man would a woman. They love anime pictures and hentai, that depict this kind of role-reversal.

This meme is almost universally present on 4chan, where it's common to genderbend almost any character from any kind of fiction into female characters. Like Roman Soldiers into female, cute-ified versions of them and having them do "cute things". This is so common on 4chan, you can't even call it a meme anymore.

Then you have a significant chunk of Incels being prison gay, because they are into traps. The hit or miss girl is literally only popular, because many people on 4chan have a trap fetish. Some only ironically, because they are NPCs and want to fit in, but don't want to actually have sex with crossdressed males.

You also have a lot of Incels, who turned transgender, because they are completly broken as a person and autistic and identified the female sex as superior and want to join their ranks to get perceived female privileges.

If they don't go as far as being transsexuals, then they will rant about how pathethic males (except Chads) are and how they are the lowliest scum in society, how they will never amount to anything and just generally being extreme emotional drains on everyone around them. Not surprising given that they fuck up their dopamine receptors by constant masturbation and hour-long porn searching sessions. if you ask them about women, they can write whole pages about the superiority of the female gender and how much better their life would have been, if they were born as a woman.

Normies wants to pretend like Incels are these violent, red-blooded, misogynist, sexist, woman-hating Monsters, but the truth is they are the exact opposite and have been completly feminized to the core. They are feminized men that completly failed at being masculine and spend more time in their fantasy world, than the real world.

are jedi meant to be the jews?

The talosians

Does anyone find it weirdly contradictory that the Federation had a death sentence for going to the Talosian's planet because they were afraid people would obtain their technology and become addicted to it. Then a few decades later the Federation develops their own eerily similar technology and puts it on all of their shiny starships?

The lie of Islam

I had a debate with a Muslim classmate of mine. He said that the Trinity was false and started being legalistic. Can anyone point me to sources for the Trinity and also the lie of Islam.

Are you in favor of "Muscular Christianity" ?

I mean…As some kind of "add-on" from the spiritual Christianity ?

> pic not related

Prince Sandnigger just threw Chinese muzzies under the bus

Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Muslims in death camps

>Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’’s crown prince, on Friday defended China’s use of concentration camps for Muslims, saying it was Beijing’s “right”.

>"China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremisation work for its national security,” Prince Mohammed, who has been in China signing multi-million trade deals much to the annoyance of his Western allies, was quoted as saying on Chinese state television.

>Xi Jinping, China’s leader, told the crown prince the two countries must strengthen international cooperation on de-radicalisation to “prevent the infiltration and spread of extremist thinking”.

>China has detained an estimated one million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps, where they are undergoing re-education programmes allegedly intended to combat extremism.

>The Uighur are an ethnic Turkic group that practices Islam and lives in Western China and parts of Central Asia.

>Beijing has accused the minority in its Western Xinjiang region of supporting terrorism and implemented a surveillance regime.

>Uighur groups had appealed to Saudi’s powerful young prince to take up their cause, as the ultraconservative kingdom has traditionally been a defender of the rights of Muslims worldwide.

>But Muslim leaders have so far not broached the issue with China, which has in recent years become an important trading partner with the Middle East.

>Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, became the first to condemn Beijing, however, describing China's treatment of its Uighur population as "a great cause of shame for humanity" last month and asking it to close the "concentration camps".

>Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had once accused China of "genocide" but has since established closer diplomatic and economic relations with Beijing.

>Imran Khan, prime minister of Pakistan, where Prince Salman has just visited, said he “did not know” much about the conditions of the Uighurs.

Islamic solidarity is such a meme.

what was their fucking problem?

Google will end forced arbitration for employees

Google on Thursday said it'll no longer require current and future staff to go through mandatory arbitration for disputes with the company.

The change goes into effect on March 21. The search giant will also remove mandatory arbitration from its own employment agreements with contract and temporary staff, though the change won't impact staffing firms. Axios earlier reported the change.

The news comes after Google employees in November walked out of their offices to protest the company's handling of sexual harassment claims. One of organizers' demands was to end forced arbitration in cases of sexual harassment and discrimination. After the protest, Google dropped arbitration requirements for sexual harassment claims, but organizers said the change didn't go far enough. Thursday's announcement marks an end to the practice altogether for Google employees.

"This victory never would have happened if workers hadn't banded together, supported one another, and walked out," Google walkout organizers wrote in a tweet Thursday. "Collective action works. Worker power works. This is still just the beginning."

more here:


So I am a Christian but it has slowly entered my mind and it won't leave that the kikes lie about EVERYTHING…and I mean EVERYTHING. On that note, this nagging thought just won't leave me alone…

What if they literally lied about everything?

All of it?

So the OT and the NT are TOTALLY FALSE? Just bald faced kike lies and we are all sitting around with our thumb up our butts waiting for something that is never going to happen while the kikes murder us, steal from us and destroy our nations? Or that we are actively being genocided for their lies and sport just like the billion souls that they genocided before us with their lies, machinations, political intrigue, starvations and wars.

Ya know, don't get me wrong, I am not going to strip off my clothes, run through the forest naked and partner up with a big black cat, get tattoos and start fucking animals, while I howl at the moon, because, honestly, even if they did make the entire thing up, I would still rather live in a (modified) Christian influenced society, with (modified) Christian values; just maybe with more of our own culture and without the dog leash of the kikes jerking us the fuck all over the place, muzzling us and slaughtering us. We really are superior in every way to every other species on the planet.

If you did pause to wonder if they made the whole entire thing up (start to finish) now that you know a bit more about the kikes, would you do anything different? I mean released from any moral obligation to kikes or the kike God, would you start killing them left and right or would you still maintain your unique and overweening patience with the kikes, letting them take their cannibalistic 'pound of flesh' until you are nothing but a living skeleton?

I would like the /pol/ Christians to really think deeply about this for like 5 minutes…WHAT IF THE ENTIRE THING IS A LIE? What would you do tomorrow morally or behaviorally…and if you would do something different then what is stopping you from doing it today? Without the crushing weight of their mind control and their values, which they don't follow at all and never have, could you see yourself bludgeoning them to death on the street corner in retribution? Or swiftly taking back control of our nations, slaughtering anyone who gets in our way? Maybe the difference between subhumans and us humans is that they simply don't have the capacity to believe 'religions' or any other belief system in a way that would keep them from acting on their animal impulses. Maybe 'religion' is an engineered toxin strictly designed to slaughter our people, because none of the subhumans have a capacity to believe and imagine like we do?

If their religion is all that is stopping you from acting don't you think that deserves to be analyzed as well? Why? Do you really believe that they are the only people God cares about? That you were designed to be their slaves? That your children's only purpose in life was to be their fuck toy? That your only purpose in life was to be genocided by them as a martyr?

Something to think about…What would Germans do (WWGD)?

have you celebrated the fact that Emma Roberts has returned to her natural hair color?

>in b4 blackedposting

who cares, she was playing pretend for a film. still better than macarena gomez. literally a goddess and BO for /bestemma/ is going to resent his rash decision. his board has died.

Catholic General


The purpose of this thread is to provide a place for general Catholic discussion. Mass, readings, rosary - everything that is connected with the faith.

Other denominations welcome, although we politely ask you to keep the arguments about our theological differences in other threads.

Useful links:

Official Vatican website:

Today's readings:

Papal encyclicals:

Catholic encyclopedia online:

Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas online:

How to pray the rosary:

Divine Office (liturgy of the hours):

Little Office of the Immaculate Conception:

P2P/Decentralized Web

Politically relevant due to its potential to save us if the Jew finally manages to shoah the Clearweb

During the thread on the subject of Bugman Hiro turning Halfchan into a literal forum, the subject drifted to how Peer-to-Peer/anonymized networks could possibly be the future of Imageboards. The idea of making a thread to discuss the value of this alternative net and instructing less-savvy anons ( >>12840760 ) received some approval, so I took it upon myself to make one.

Admittedly, I'm not especially well-versed in P2P, but a good number of names were thrown around during the thread; Zeronet, IPFS, I2P, TOR, Urbit, et cetera. And with those names were a number of sites using them; Nanochan and Millchan, mostly. So let's start with discussing its pros and cons:

Is P2P truly uncensorable as so many of the providers claim? If it isn't and there's ways for the Jew to subvert it, how do we stop him?

Are there any names to avoid? Potential Honeypots, untrustworthy providers, other such bad actors? By that same coin, what are the best providers?

Is there anything about Decentralized Web that requires particular /tech/ expertise?

What the fuck happened?

Of the major countries, Germany has the best chance and hope to make it.

Typically we Right-Wingers know the most about our own country and think that our own country has it the worst. But I as a German, when looking at the facts and our resistance, can tell you that I do not consider my country the most cucked.

Here are the reasons why. First let's look at the competition:


>has english language and is therefore the most susceptible to american propaganda

>Elite snobbery perfect template for a future with them as the ever-appeasing Elite and a foreign and race-mixed chav underclass

>their Elite mirrors the american problem of a very jewish influenced, nepotistic Elite

>never suffered major war or occupation on their own soil of all the Great Powers, but still degenerated to a similar extent as the Continental Ones

>extrem nanny state, anti-free speech culture and adopted the civic nationalism ideology from the US, UKIP and Farage are Civcucks


>invented civic nationalism and used it as their colonial policy

>their right-wing is inherently left-wing in a lot of ways

>historically always extremely left-wing

>even french-canadians are similar in that they only have a left-wing independence party

>one of the epicentres of post WW1 degeneration of morals, which combined socialism/communism with liberal left-wing morality

France is going to show us, what the civcuck way of integrating Muslims really means. Preperare for a Grand Imam of France.


>Our German equivalents of the normie-appealing Sargon of Akkads are Race Realists, that openly call for the Repatriation of every foreigner, not just refugees

>even our left-wing implicitly realize the reality of papers not really determining ethnicity, because they call us "Bio-Germans"

>Eastern Germany almost instantly turned almost majority AfD, after the refugee crisis

>unprecedented emergence of a right-wing party to the right of the CDU in a country, where the emergence of new and succesful parties is very unusual

>majority of Germans are against Immigration, refugees and for any major western country has the least amount of people that support miscegenation with Africans, Muslims, Jews, etc

>civic nationalism unheard of, everyone from the AfD to the left-wing understands what they are really trying to do

>natural resistant to sjw and cultural marxist propaganda, because there is no German Translation for "gender", so all these concepts are very dismissable, because it sounds like "non-sense from overseas" to many Germans

>despite every law of civilization saying that a country like Germany, which has been defeated 2 times in the worst wars on the planet, should degenerate into the worst cesspoll of cultural marxism, stil looks quite alright compared to the victors

>did I fucking mention how implictely every right-wing Nationalist means real Ethnic Nationalism, when he talks about Nationalism and not Civic Nationalism bullshit?

Why is this important? Why is not "based Poland", who just needs to stay mildly cuckservative and pre4vent immigration to stop their demographic problem not in here? Why not Denmark, which is so based? Making muslim kids speak Danish in danish kindergartens? DAMN, SO BASED. Solving demographic suicide by turning muslims into danes! based!

Because history has always been about the major Powers. The EU is not going to reform without Germany. Austria alone can't do it. Hungary alone can't do it.

Epic Games is contemplating adding a respawn mechanic into Fortnite

Respawn Entertainment dropped a brand new battle royale game, Apex Legends, on the market earlier this month on February 4, and Epic Games might be taking a page from the industry’s latest battle royale shooter.

Apex Legends features an option where teammates can revive an eliminated mate’s “banner” and bring them back to the game by delivering their banner to a respawn beacon.

Revived players will then have the chance to get back into the game, however, they will have to find near armor, weapons, and ammo.

more here:


Victor Gregg: I survived the bombing of Dresden and continue to believe it was a war crime

As a prisoner of war held in Dresden, I still suffer the memories of those terrible events and my anger refuses to subside

As each year of the war went by, the fighting got more ferocious, new weapons were introduced and fresh young men became the targets. How I remained a sane person through all this I don't know.

Then came the evening of the 13 February, 1945 – 68 years ago this week. I was a prisoner of war held in Dresden. At about 10.30pm that night, the air raid sirens started their mournful wailing and because this happened every night no notice was taken. The people of Dresden believed that as long as the Luftwaffe kept away from Oxford, Dresden would be spared. The sirens stopped and after a short period of silence the first wave of pathfinders were over the city dropping their target flares.

As the incendiaries fell, the phosphorus clung to the bodies of those below, turning them into human torches. The screaming of those who were being burned alive was added to the cries of those not yet hit. There was no need for flares to lead the second wave of bombers to their target, as the whole city had become a gigantic torch. It must have been visible to the pilots from a hundred miles away. Dresden had no defences, no anti-aircraft guns, no searchlights, nothing.

My account of this tragedy, Dresden: A Survivor's Story, was published on the day of the anniversary this week. I gave a number of interviews around the publication, in which I insisted that the affair was a war crime at the highest level, a stain upon the name Englishman that only an apology made in full public view would suffice to obliterate.

Apple Warned iPhones Have A Serious Innovation Problem

While Apple may have balanced one unplanned iPhone upgrade with a stylish iPhone XS update, now serious problems are hitting its smartphones from all angles…

First up is acclaimed analyst Gartner, which has today revealed iPhone sales for the 2018 holiday period suffered their worst decline in more than three years. Gartner states that Apple sold 64M iPhones, down nine million on Q4 2017. The company also fell from 17.9% to 15.8% in global market share while Chinese rivals climbed - most notably Huawei which leapt from 10.8% to 14.8%.

Gartner warned Apple it is not only being hit by “compelling high-price and midprice smartphone alternatives from Chinese vendors” but loyal buyers who are “delaying upgrades as they wait for more innovative smartphones.”

And innovation is the key theme. Today Fast Company illustrated Gartner’s point with the publication of its popular annual rankings for the world’s most innovative companies. Apple slipped from 1st place to 17th.

And yet the more clear and present danger comes from Qualcomm.

more here:

Hate crime laws in action

Jussie smollett, the perpetrator of a fake crime against himself, a gay, black 'celebrity', should be charged to the full extent of the laws regarding hate crimes.

>2 paid assailants make this a criminal conspiracy on top of all other charges that should be leveled against him



>It's a crime to yell fuck you whitey, tho never prosecuted

>it's not a crime to yell fuck you Republican

Now is the perfect opportunity to push for Political Affiliation to be added to the (((hate crime))) definition.

If all of the left wants to associate the right with white, isn't that just a proxy for racism?

Would love to see what this hoax cost the citizens of his city, county, state AND all of us Americans, as this was reported to FBI to investigate.

>inb4 left and right are two sides of the same shekel





Weekly Film Discussion

As discussed in these posts: >>1845045 >>1845045 >>1845059

I have decided to set up a weekly film discussion thread.

I've had a couple emails to Gahoole and he's on board with the idea, so we're going to give it a test and see if it works.


I'll start a thread close to 0000 EST Sunday, which will contain the discussion for the week, as well as next film and voting.

Every week a new film is discussed and a new one is picked.

Nothing too imaginative, but hopefully people enjoy it.

Two options at the moment: 1 film or 2. Voting would stay the same, just take the 2nd pick, and would allow for more discussions, maybe comparisons and would mean there's a better chance a film you enjoy will make the cut.

As a side note, no one wants to flood the board with stickies and interlinked threads, so this thread will be stickied for a bit, as will the actual threads, but they're not going to be 24/7 eternal /pol/ stickies. Once you guys get into the groove, I'm hoping we'll only need the sticky for a couple days to get enough people to bump it fairly regularly through the week.


Voting will take place in posts. Type the film, post it, most results win.

Voting will be restricted to a certain category each week. Whether that's a list of pre-approved films or a broad outline anyone can vote for is up to anons.

An alternative is to set up a simple raffle, with each entry being 1 vote.

Examples of categories are:

Science Fiction films, Italian films, Films Roger Ebert gave a 0 to, etc

Categories can be picked by anyone, and I'll either take one that sounds good or randomly pick that as well.

Why make the thread?

Just need feedback.

I could make this today and see if it works, but asking you guys what you want is better for everyone.

Looking for:

>a rough number of people interested

>opinions on 1 or 2 films

>opinions on voting (whether it's popular vote or 1 vote 1 chance in a randomiser)

>initial film (I'll default to a random film in my collection if no one has a better idea)

Additionally, if someone wants to set up a stream for the film, that'd be cool, but not something I will be offering to do myself.

Before anyone asks, no, the 3rd post at the top is not implying all waifufags will be banned on sight, but hopefully it doesn't get to the point where it truly bothers anyone.

If you have any ideas you don't want to post, I also set up an email at (click Anonymous at the top for it) which I'll check every so often. I won't be using a trip.

New RemoBell S video doorbell is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home

Remo+ just launched a new video doorbell model, the RemoBell S. For several reasons — not just its $99 price tag — the RemoBell S stands out in the crowd of new entries in the video doorbell category.

As the use of video doorbells proliferates, new models appear frequently. To be competitive, especially with big brands like Ring and Nest commanding major market shares, smart doorbells need to tick off several must-have feature boxes just for starters. On paper, the RemoBell S meets or exceeds the major requirements and does so at a bangin’-low $99 price tag.

The RemoBell S is a wired device. It connects to your existing doorbell wiring and can ring on an existing mechanical or electronic doorbell chime. The unit has a 1080p full HD video camera with 180-degree horizontal and vertical fields of view. Two infrared LED (IRLED) sensors provide night vision up to 7.5 meters (almost 25 feet). Video-based motion detection features adjustable sensitivity and definable motion zones.

more here:

>I live on the planet Earth

>My high fantasy story which I am writing shall be set in the world called… Middle-Earth.


Impregnation (explicit)

One of the modern interventions that bible and Christians hardly clarify is the donation of reproductive cells. In several case of marriage either or both the husband or wife are infertile and if the couple still wishes to have a child, one method is to utilize foreign sperm or eggs into the mistress's womb.

Would this not be considered adultery because the person who gives their DNA will combines with the donor's (not their partner's) or can adultery only be characterized under a personal interaction between people?

Microsoft to reveal new Xbox hardware at E3 2019 - Report

With Sony staying out of E3 2019, Microsoft has a chance to command quite a bit of attention. And according to reports, they stand poised to do exactly that with the unveiling of not one, but two new consoles, at least one of which is in the code-named Xbox Scarlett family of devices.

French site Jeux Video reports that at Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference, the company will unveil consoles code-named Lockhart and Anaconda.

These devices have been reported on before. The first, Lockhart, is part of the Xbox Scarlett family of devices and is a disc-less console that will be far cheaper than the regular Xbox One - possibly around just $200. The second, the Anaconda, is a slimmer, newer version of the Xbox One X. Both consoles are still reportedly planned for release in fall of 2020 despite their imminent unveiling.

One source told Jeux Video that Halo Infinite's launch will coincide with that of the Lockhart, though the game will also be available on Xbox One.



Didn't see a qtddtot in the catalog, so I'm creating one. I'll start it off with this question. Is sodomy between a man and a woman sinful?

Catherine: Full Body Voice Actress Says Localizers Will Adjust ‘bigotry’ for Western Release

A voice actor working on the Western release of Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body, which is due out on September 3rd later this year on the PS4, made some public comments about how the localizers are addressing some of the content in the game following a made-up nontroversy that managed to trend following the release of the game in Japan when SJWs claimed that the game was “transphobic” and “queerphobic”.

Sankaku Complex spotted a Discord message from voice actress Erin Fitzgerald, who claimed that the localizers would be adjusting the game to deal with “bigotry”. You can view the message from the Discord channel below, which was posted on February 19th, 2019.

more here:

I leave

This is my kino list for Idolposter and Raven.

I'm not allowed to post here. I don't know who is behind this but fuck you, I will find a better place.

Here my kino list

A scene at the sea

Kids return


Le feu follet

Le samourai

City hunter with jackie chan

Patriotism Aaron Embry


A Prayer for the Dying

Animatrix beyond


OnePlus will launch its first 5G phone in the second quarter, but it won’t start in the US

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has built its brand on offering powerful phones at cheaper costs than comparable rivals from Apple, Google or Samsung.

Priding itself on offering the latest specs, with the race to 5G the company hopes to be among the first batch of manufacturers with a 5G device in the second quarter of the year.

Unfortunately, that phone won’t be launching in the U.S.

The phone, which OnePlus will be showing a prototype of at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona next week, will first launch on United Kingdom carrier EE and Finnish carrier Elisa during the second quarter of the year.

more here:

Deutsch/pol/ Nr.221 - Schloss Wilhelmsthal Edition


German Government Puts Populist AfD Party Under Surveillance

>The German domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), will be investigating members of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), the official opposition in the German parliament.

German Intelligence Used Antifa ‘Research’ to Build Case Against Populists

>The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) have been accused of relying on information from the far-left extremist Antifa movement to build their case for surveilling the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

Yellow Vests in Germany: Hundreds Protest New EU Regulations

>Frankfurt am Main (AFP) – Hundreds of people demonstrated Saturday in Stuttgart, the bastion of Germany’s car industry, against a recent driving ban on older diesels, wearing yellow vests to match protesters in France whose movement began as a reaction to proposed fuel hikes.

Merkel: We Must ‘Stand up’ to ‘Excessive Populism and Nationalism

>Globalist chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has used an award acceptance speech to call on the international community to “stand up” to “excessive populism and nationalism. everything that keeps this society together”

Austrian Vice Chancellor: Pro-Migration Activists ‘Responsible’ for Killer Migrants

>Austrian Vice Chancellor and leader of the national populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache has slammed pro-mass migration activists, saying they bore “joint responsibility” following several migrant-perpetrated murders.

Austria Bans Symbols of Muslim Brotherhood, PKK, Turkish Grey Wolves

>The Austrian Interior Ministry has banned several extremist symbols including those from Turkish ultra-nationalists, Kurdish terrorists, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

External experts: U-committee examines a consultant affair in the Bundeswehr

>A committee of inquiry established today examines the million-dollar use of external advisers in the Ministry of Defense.


German Antitrust Regulator Cracks Down on Facebook User Data Collection

>Germany’s antitrust regulator, the Bundeskartellamt, is cracking down on Facebook over its collection of user data. The agency promises, “Facebook will no longer be allowed to force its users to agree to the practically unrestricted collection and assigning of non-Facebook data.”

Germany To Loosen Rules on Doctors Advertising Abortions

>Germany’s Cabinet on Wednesday approved legislation that would loosen, but not scrap, a ban on doctors “advertising” abortions, in an attempt to bridge a divide between the country’s governing parties.

Despite Promises to Trump, NATO, Germany to Miss Defence Spending Target

>Having already admitted it would fail to meet the two per cent of GDP spent on defence it promised in 2014, Germany is now set to likely miss even its reduced target in news that will doubtless do nothing to ease tensions between Chancellor Merkel and U.S. President Trump, who is pushing for fellow NATO members to pull their own weight.

German Court Rules Adolf Hitler Church Bell Lawful

>A German appeals court has rejected the complaint of a Jewish man against a town’s decision to allow a bell dedicated to Adolf Hitler to continue to hang in a church tower.

I would be really surprised if any christfags still existed in a thousand years. Something about you being stupid because i needed to fill out a 100 characters.

Shaving razors

What planet do these people come from where it's somehow "not cool" for a man to cold-approach a woman on the street? This absurd sex-negative society fantasy must be a wet dream for /pol/ and /leftypol/ alike.

This is a pathetic attempt at social engineering if I've ever seen one. If anything, it's only motivating me to cold-approach women more.

Operation Cuck the Kikes

Simple plan.


Create Nazi on jew cuckold erotica and pornography


Popularize said porn through social media and fake accounts


Get jew girls addicted to "nazi dick" and turn jewish youth into self hating faggots

If all goes well by the end we'll have a population of jew boys raised on their own self hatred and a bunch of jewish whores who will be outbreeding their race into oblivion which wont be that hard since they are already such a tiny fucking minority

They will literally hand us the keys the empire they stole from us and get off while doing it

What do you think goys?