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2014 2ch takeover incident

-In 2012 the rights to 2ch were given to Jim at Racequeen Inc. Hiroyuki announces he is no longer the admin of 2ch, but still remains the defacto admin behind the curtains .
-2ch ran a service where anons payed approx 35 US dollars so they could post on 2ch if they were banned or couldn’t post because of their ISP (similar to the 4chan pass)
-this service helped pay for the server fees
-August 2013, the service gets hacked. Those who registered to the service had their names, address, credit card numbers/security codes leaked. comment info was also leaked, people were able to search the 2ch archives and find out who posted what using the leaked comment info.
-It was also discovered that Hiroyuki was sending other personal info of posters to companies outside of
-After the hacking incident Hiroyuki is unable to pay for the server fees because the 2ch pass service was shutdown.
-On April Fools day Hiroyuki announces that 2ch is being taken over.
-The leader of the coup Jim fires the janitors, sizes down operations, upgrade the servers, and improve other things to accommodate the anons who were neglected under the Hiryoku administration.
-Jim becomes the new admin of

-Hiroyuki retaliates by creating a new anonymous message board is just a clone of It literally copies and pastes all the posts on to its message boards. allows thread simulator blogging (copy paste blogs) which have been a problem in the past and were outlawed on

Why did hiroyuki create ?

Hiroyuki (Mirai Kensaku Brazil) had signed a contract with a data mining company named Hotlink and sold them the personal data / user comments from
-After the server take over by Jim, and the fact that Hiroyuki no longer had the rights to, he was no longer able to give the data mining company the data, so he created the clone to fulfill Hotlinks contract.
-Since it wasn’t a contract with Racequeen (Jim) , Jim stops the servers from sending the user comment data and other personal info to hotlinks servers. He also prevents hiroyuki’s from copying comments by blocking its requests.
-Anons of 2ch discovers that Hiroyuki also had money ties with the thread simulator bloggers who were racking thousands from PPC ads and advertising by laundering comments from 2ch.
-Anons of 2ch find out about Hiroyuki’s gf who is helping hiroyuki to launder large sums of money with an offshore account.

Why the anons of 2ch were mad at the Hiroyuki Administration

1) when was hacked, he didn’t take measures to protect the user data and reveal why he was storing personal information.
2) Sending personal info and post related content from 2ch loaded the servers and made 2ch inconvinenent. Servers would often crash, and posting limits were made to compensate
3) The Mods regularly held mass banning campaigns. This was so more users would be lead to buy a 2ch pass.
4) Hiroyuki was collecting/sending personal info from posts

In contrast , The Jim administration upgraded the servers, there were less bannings, and he regularly answers/hears requests from the 2ch users. There has been no opposition to the Jim administration so far.