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Internet personality Calvin Lee Vail, also known as Leafy, dies at 22

Some updated info: SEATTLE WA - Calvin Lee Vail, the internet personality was found dead this morning by the local police at a gas station:1550 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107. Calvin was choked to death by a large object. A transgender woman named Candace Williams (22) was found fleeing the scene. The suspect told the authorities she was in a romantic relationship with Calvin. Calvin and Candace apparently adopted a young boy named Carlos, the child has not been found, the head of police say. The altercation started according to the surveillance cameras when the couple Arrived at the gas station. Candace pulled Carlos (5) out of the car. Local witnesses claimed they were arguing about money. A woman who was at the scene told the police officer that after the kid was out of the car, Candace pulled Calvin by the arm, she put him on the ground and took out his penis. She yelled at him: “Candace dick fit in yo mouth” as she started deepthorating him.

Conservative study concludes "medicare for all" legislation would save 2 trillion $ over 10 years

That estimate constitutes a net savings of 2 Trillion $ over the same time period as compared with the status quo.

- A Koch affiliated conservative think tank produced the study.

- The study used Bernie Sanders' proposed legislation which would cover all Americans and would include much broader coverage than available even to Medicare recipients today, eliminating entirely all deductibles and co-pays for conventional treatment and pharmaceuticals for all Americans.

>A new report on Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" plan outlined a whopping cost for the federal government. But the price tag may not be as overall eye-catching as it initially seems.

>The report, from the libertarian Mercatus Center, found that Sanders' plan to extend Medicare to all Americans would increase federal healthcare costs by $32.6 trillion from 2022 to 2031 if implemented as written.

>Republicans pounced on the number, arguing that it showed such a plan was not feasible.

>House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted: "$32.6 trillion dollars. That's how much Washington Democrats' single-payer healthcare proposal would cost over 10 years. Even doubling all federal individual and corporate income taxes wouldn't cover this cost. It is just absurd."

>But the cost for the federal government tells only part of the story. The government is one piece of the health-system puzzle.

>The Department of Health and Human Services also measures the total amount spent on healthcare in the US, including by states, private citizens, the federal government, businesses, and more. This all-encompassing number is known as the national health expenditure, or NHE.

Trump’s White supporters—not immigrants—are bringing lethal drugs, violence, and crime.

The unheard-of is now reality: Older Whites in mostly small-town and rural Republican areas are more likely to be arrested for criminal offenses and imprisoned than people of color living in urban, Democrat-voting counties—the same ones that include supposedly gang- and immigrant-infested (to paraphrase Trump’s epithet) Los Angeles, Oakland, and other sanctuary cities.

In recent decades, aging Whites in Republican areas have suffered radically different trajectories than non-White Californians and Whites living elsewhere in the state. Among middle-aged Whites in Trump-voting counties, since 1990 drug abuse deaths have skyrocketed by 270 percent (six times the increase among other populations) and suicide rates rose 50 percent while violent deaths and violent, property, and drug crimes have surged. Meanwhile, younger and non-White groups saw declines in most problems.

So drastically have trends shifted that a White middle-aged person living in a Trump-voting county is now more in danger of dying from a violent cause than a Black or Latino young adult living in a large city—the very cities many Whites fled out of fear of drugs and violence.

FCC shuts down Alex Jones’ pirate flagship radio station

The Federal Communications Commission has shut down a pirate radio station that served as the flagship outlet for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The Austin American-Statesman reports the FCC also has fined the station’s operators $15,000 — a fine the FCC says in a lawsuit the operators are refusing to pay.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Austin alleges Liberty Radio operated on a channel without a license since at least 2013. The lawsuit names as defendants Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick.

Court documents show the FCC had tracked the transmissions to a 50-foot tower at an Austin apartment complex owned by an entity linked to the Olenicks.

A message left with the Olenicks wasn’t returned. According to a letter the FCC entered as an exhibit in its lawsuit, the Olenicks refused to pay the fine or recognize the FCC’s authority, saying they would regard its agents as trespassers should they return.

According to a message on the outlet’s website, Liberty Radio stopped airing in December but continues streaming online.

Jones has faced troubles in recent months, most notably a defamation lawsuit arising from his false claim on his Austin-based “Infowars” program that the parents of one of the children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre were perpetuating the massacre story as a hoax.

Most social media platforms have banned Jones from their channels for violating their prohibitions of hate speech. His program also has been removed from the music streaming services Spotify.'-pirate-flagship-radio-station

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tells Sacha Baron Cohen that Trump can suck his cock Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime series introduced a new character, a pro-gun Finnish YouTuber who wants a "golden shower" from the president.

The fourth week of Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime series Who Is America? introduced a new character, the Finnish unboxing YouTuber OMGWhizzBoyOMG (real name: Ladislas Kekkonen), who managed to get Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to say that he "may have to say yes" if President Donald Trump offered him an "amazing blow job."

Target: Joe Arpaio, former sheriff and Arizona Republican Senate candidate

Character: OMGWhizzBoyOMG

What Happened: Arpaio — who made headlines for his strict immigration policies as Maricopa County Sheriff, was charged with unlawful discriminatory police conduct when the Justice Department deemed his policies the worst pattern of racial profiling in the U.S., and was pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2017 — was a guest of Baron Cohen's newest character, unboxing YouTuber OMGWhizzBoyOMG. While unboxing a Shopkins toy kit, the character told Arpaio he had amassed 43 guns for the "upcoming race war" and asked Arpaio to get Donald Trump to give him a "golden shower." He also asked Arpaio if he'd accept a "blow job" from the president — and Arpaio said he "may have to say yes."

Response: Arpaio told The Arizona Republic before Who Is America? premiered that he realized he was duped by the comedian after Sarah Palin spoke out. He said he was told he was being interviewed by a famous journalist from Finland and endured the entire thing, despite the fact that the questions began to "zero in on sex," including "hand jobs" and "golden showers." Baron Cohen posted a clip of Arpaio's interview the day the episode featuring the politician aired

How three conspiracy theorists took 'Q' and sparked Qanon

As Qanon picked up steam, growing skepticism over the motives of Diaz, Rogers, and the other early Qanon supporters led some in the internet’s conspiracy circles to turn their paranoia on the group.

Recently, some Qanon followers have accused Diaz and Rogers of profiting from the movement by soliciting donations from their followers. Other pro-Trump online groups have questioned the roles that Diaz and Rogers have played in promoting Q, pointing to a series of slip-ups that they say show Rogers and Diaz may have been involved in the theory from the start.

Those accusations have led Diaz and Rogers to both deny that they are Q and say they don’t know who Q is. There is no direct proof that the group or any individual members are behind it.

Still, Qanon skeptics have pointed to two videos as evidence that Rogers had insider knowledge of Q’s account. Some YouTube channels, like one named Unirock, are mostly dedicated to poring over Patriots’ Soapbox livestreams and dissecting purported slip-ups.

One archived livestream appears to show Rogers logging into the 8chan account of “Q.”The Patriots’ Soapbox feed quickly cuts out after the login attempt. “Sorry, leg cramp,” Rogers says, before the feed reappears seconds later.

Users in the associated chatroom begin to wonder if Rogers had accidentally revealed his identity as Q. “How did you post as Q?” one user wrote.

In another livestreamed video, Rogers begins to analyze a supposed “Q” post on his livestream program when his co-host points out that the post in question doesn’t actually appear on Q’s feed and was authored anonymously. Rogers’ explanation — that Q must have forgotten to sign in before posting — was criticized as extremely unlikely by people familiar with the message boards, as it would require knowledge of the posting to pick it out among hundreds of other anonymous ones.

In part because of the mounting claims against Patriots’ Soapbox, the web’s largest pro-Trump community has banned all mentions of Qanon. Reddit’s 640,000-member community r/The_Donald set up an autodelete function for mentions of Qanon’s claims, two moderators confirmed to NBC News, believing the group of YouTubers is making posts as Q.

Sex robots could improve marriages

Sex robots could one day help failing marriages.

According to an economics professor at the University of British Columbia, the futuristic droids could improve marriages by making husbands and wives focus more on love and parenting, instead of sexual compatibility.

In a book called 'Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications,' professor Marina Adshade claims the advent of sex robots will change our societal norms around marriage, particularly when it comes to monogamy.

Adshade refers to this phenomenon as 'sex-bot induced social change' and compares it to the societal impacts of birth control when it was first commercialized.

'I predict their availability will give couples greater opportunity to define their own types of marriages,' Adshade explained.

'One example might be that more couples could choose "companionship marriages" that do not involve sex, but focus solely on the creation of a family.'

When early stage birth control was first introduced in the 1900s, experts at the time believed that it would lead to the dissolution of marriage, as men would be able to find sex elsewhere other than their wives.

By contrast, couples continued to marry, while attitudes around women's sexual behaviors and interests evolved.

'The practice of contraception led husbands and wives to the conviction that they need not be in the least ashamed of their desires for each other,' Social commentator Walter Lippmann said at the time, according to Slate.

Women were no longer assumed to be passive participants in sex with their partner; instead, they were allowed to admit they enjoyed intimacy with their husband.

Increasing contraceptive use also coincided with the rise of female economic independence. Again, many predicted this would result in fewer marriages.

However, a Pew Research study in 2012 found that 81 percent of 45-year-old men and 86 percent of 45-year-old women had been married at some point in their lifetime - meaning that marriage was still going strong.

Similarly, some believe that the rise of sexbots is likely to result in young adults choosing to remain single, due to their sexual needs being met by robots.

Adshade believes both single and married people will embrace sex robots, but that it will result in 'higher quality' marriages overall.

'I don't see sex robots as substitutes for human companionship but rather as complements to human companionship,' Adshade explained.

How Donald Trump just keeps winning

Here's an amazing stat: In the last 14 contested Republican primaries where President Donald Trump has endorsed a candidate, his pick has won – or is leading – all 14 times.

That's remarkable. (Hat tip to WaPo's James Hohmann for doing the math!) And it speaks to the fact that despite Trump's weak numbers among the general populace, he remains a massively powerful force within the GOP – someone who can make and break candidacies with a single tweet.

Trump, never one to avoid the tooting of his own horn, tweeted this out on Wednesday morning: "5 for 5!" Presumably, that's a reference to Trump's endorsement record on Tuesday – counting Troy Balderson's apparent win in the Ohio congressional special election and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley's easy win in the state's Senate primary race alongside Kobach, Schuette and James.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump offered his conclusion based on Tuesday's results:

"As long as I campaign and/or support Senate and House candidates (within reason), they will win! I LOVE the people, & they certainly seem to like the job I'm doing. If I find the time, in between China, Iran, the Economy and much more, which I must, we will have a giant Red Wave!"

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Michigan:r9ker Maga-ner trys to nab preteen girls,gets hot coffee in face

Police in Michigan say four girls managed to fight off a man who assaulted them over the weekend by throwing hot coffee on him.

The girls, ages 11 to 14, were leaving a gas station convenience store in Millington, Michigan, last week when a man grabbed one of the girls by the hair and attempted to kidnap her, according to police.

Officers with the Millington Police Department said the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Bruce Hipkins, followed the girls last Friday night and eventually grabbed one them “around the head and told her she was coming with him

“The other three girls kicked, hit, and threw their hot coffee on him,” the department said in a statement Saturday. “The suspect let the young girl go and grabbed another one of the girls by her hair. The suspect was again kicked and hit by the girls until he let her go and fled on foot.”

Two of the girls, sisters Allison, 11, and Lauren Eickhoff, 13, described the scary ordeal in an interview with Flint ABC affiliate WJRT on Monday.

"He said, 'You're coming with me.' And like, he grabbed my face," Allison added. "This cannot be happening; I thought it was a test at first, but then I'm like, 'This is real.'"

"I grabbed my drink and chucked it at his head. I tried, I punched him in the head," Lauren said. “Seeing that your little sister was going to get taken is very scary."

"He screamed like a little girl and cried and then ran away", the 11 year old added.

Officers caught up with Hipkins later on and arrested him on charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery and two counts of criminal sexual conduct, police said.

Hipkins told officers that a gang of SJW girls had assaulted him when he asked their opinion on Trump and the pee tapes.

The girls denied this

Maryland Refuses To Hire US Citizens: Whine About "No H-2B Spics To Crab For Us 4 Minimum Wage!"

You're paying more for Maryland crab, here's why

>In a typical year, Lindy’s Seafood, Inc. will process roughly 300-350 bushels of Maryland blue crab.

>But to Sales Manager Aubrey Vincent, this year has been anything but typical.

>The Eastern Shore picking house was forced to adjust its production and workflow after it drew the short straw in a lottery for H-2B visas. Without visas, Lindy’s staff has dwindled to less than 25 people, and those remaining are working overtime to try and keep up with production demands.

>Located in Woolford, Maryland, Lindy’s is among several other picking houses on the Eastern Shore that have been faced with this challenge.

>But it’s not just the picking houses that are hurting — it’s the entire crab industry and its consumers.

>"The bad part is that nobody in the chain is making more money," Vincent said. "It would be a little bit easier to stomach if crabbers were making more money or workers were getting paid more. But what's happening is, it's a lack of efficiency that's creating that price difference."

>This shortage of H-2B visas for temporary immigrant workers at Eastern Shore crab picking houses has caused a spike in market prices, but that isn't the only reason for the increased cost, industry workers say.

>Cold temperatures extended into the spring months this year, killing about 35 percent of adult female blue crabs and delaying the start of this year's harvest, according to a May report by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

>The overall blue crab population in the Chesapeake Bay has decreased by roughly 84 million since last year due to the cold weather, according to the report.

>The DNR report indicated the current crab population to be approximately 371 million, which is below target levels but not considered unsafe.

>This bad weather put picking houses about a month and a half to two months behind schedule, said Harvey Linton, owner of Linton's Seafood, Inc., who has been in the crab business for 51 years.

>"It put us so far behind with the crabs not being there that prices got high," Linton said. "If the crabs don't pick up, then you're not going to see any crab meat in Maryland for days. It's going to sell on the market as fast as it comes."

>Even with the delay, though, picking houses don't have enough workers to handle the harvest.

>This year, the Trump administration decided to provide H-2B visas for immigrant workers through a lottery system, rather than on a first-come, first-served basis.

>After the lottery in April, Maryland crab picking houses were short about 200 workers from the usual 500 that receive visas every year.

>About half of the eight crab picking houses along the Eastern Shore were lucky with the lottery and made it out with enough workers, said Jack Brooks, president of the American Seafood Jobs Alliance

>"It's just a horrifying set of circumstances with our colleagues basically being shut down by government's inaction," Brook said. "It's just criminal the way these businesses have been treated."

>Lindy's was one of the unlucky ones and has yet to receive any visas. Vincent said they are missing about 75 percent of its workforce.

>As a result, Lindy's has significantly reduced its production. Vincent said they are trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

>Although production is down, Vincent said Lindy's has been fortunate in that it has able to retain all of its American truck drivers and dock workers.

>"The H-2B workers support those positions so that's been a little bit of a struggle, but so far we've been successful in being able to keep everybody," she said.

>Due to the challenges crab pickers have faced this year, the quantity of processed crab meat and bushels of whole crabs have not met the market demand, causing prices to go up.

>Five years ago, Linton said he would pay about $23 for jumbo lump and roughly $15 for backfin. Prices now are on average about $5 higher for both, he said.

Roundup found in children's breakfast foods

A new report found glyphosate, a weed-killing chemical that some health authorities link to cancer, in a number of popular breakfast foods and cereals marketed to children. The study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) discovered trace amounts of the most widely used herbicide in the country in oats, granolas and snack bars. Thirty-one out of 45 tested products had levels higher than what some scientists consider safe for children.

Recently, some scientists, doctors and activists around the world have worked to keep glyphosate out of crops due to concerns that it is a dangerous carcinogen.

"We're very concerned that consumers are eating more glyphosate than they know," said Scott Faber, vice president of government affairs at EWG. He has been working to improve food safety standards for more than a decade. He said he and his team at EWG had a lab test involving "45 samples of products made with conventionally grown oats" and found glyphosate – the active ingredient in the Monsanto weed-killer Roundup – in all but two.

"I was shocked," said Dr. Jennifer Lowry, who heads the Council on Environmental Health for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

"We don't know a lot about the effects of glyphosate on children," Lowry said. "And essentially we're just throwing it at them."

Sydney:Missouri nun made to smuggle cocaine in shoes by bad man

A Missouri nun who traveled to Australia last August to visit a man she met online was caught smuggling cocaine – inside the heels of her shoes, officials said.

Denise Marie Woodrum, 51, was busted while going through customs at the Sydney Airport on Aug. 4 last year. She was stopped by officers who discovered two pounds of cocaine in her luggage, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Monday.

Woodrum, who was a sister with a Kansas-based Catholic order called the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, claims she was duped by a man named Hendrick Cornelius and that the items in her luggage were meant for him.

“She was groomed to provide financial gain for this person, Hendrick Cornelius, whatever person or persons it was behind this identity,” her lawyer Rebecca Neil said in court last week, the newspaper reported. “She went on this trip, she was bringing artifacts for him.”

Koch thinktank inadvertently proves America would save trillions by switching to socialized medicine

Mercatus (previously) is part of the Koch Brothers' network of thinktanks which allow the billionaires and their cadre of oligarchs to make it appear that their ideas are mainstream by all singing the praises of the wealthy in chorus.

Mercatus's latest research paper is a hit-piece on Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All proposal, in which they use neutral, third-party data to arrive at a total cost for providing every person in America with high-quality health-care for the next decade: $32.6 trillion.

This is a BIG NUMBER, but, as it turns out, it represents more than $2 trillion dollars in savings over the amount that Americans will spend over the same period for partial health care coverage for only some Americans.

This reveals private healthcare for what it is: corruption. Corruption is when a bad system produces privatized, concentrated gains for a small number of people, and broad, socialized losses to a large number of people (not treating my factory's effluent saves me millions of dollars, and I can use that money to lobby for lax environmental regulation; it costs millions of people thousands of dollars each, and though they lose a lot more than I gain, they have to somehow pool the cost of all their losses to thwart me).

In this case, the health care industry uses the billions it earns to deprive Americans of trillions in benefits, including, literally, their lives.

"Even if you take the report's headline figures at face value, the picture it paints is that of an enormous bargain," Bruenig concludes. "We get to insure every single person in the country, virtually eliminate cost-sharing, and save everyone from the hell of constantly changing health insurance all while saving money. You would have to be a fool to pass that offer up."

In 2016, the United States spent $3.4 trillion on healthcare; projected over ten years—and assuming costs don't rise, as they're expected to—that's $34 trillion. By 2025, the current for-profit healthcare system is expected to cost a staggering $5.5 trillion per year.

Additionally, America spends far more on healthcare per capita than other industrialized nations—most of which have some form of government-funded universal healthcare—and achieves worse outcomes.

Giant ISPs trying to kill another rule. Will Politicians resist the lobbyists shekels this time?

Analysis If Americans want fast internet access, they need to tighten the screws on Big Cable, not give it yet more power.

That is the conclusion – yet again – of another study into the the United States' broadband market, this time one lodged in opposition to a push by Big Cable lobbying group US Telecom to kill off a federal rule that enables smaller ISPs to compete against communications giants.

Specifically, the rule, which is in the crosshairs of US Telecom, forces cable carriers to allow competitors to resell their internet access at a rate set by the government.

The report [PDF], by economist William Zarakas, digs into the reality on the ground, and concludes that the requirement on incumbent cable companies to let rivals offer their own services through local exchanges is an important driver of real competition in the market.

Most notably, the report – using figures supplied by the industry itself to America's comms regulator, the FCC – concludes that competitors are significantly more likely to offer consumers better and faster internet access packages over new fiber networks than the incumbents.

While Big Cable is sitting pretty on its installed infrastructure, offering slower speeds at higher rates, the real competition to citizens is offered by smaller companies working with lower margins. Unsurprisingly, Big Cable wants the requirement that makes this possible removed – and has formally requested that the FCC get rid of it.

The report was commissioned by a different industry group that represents smaller ISPs across the United States, Incompas: one that is notable by the fact it is the only industry group that supports net neutrality.

Vermont Dems nominate transgender candidate for Governor

Vermont Democrats made history Tuesday by nominating Christine Hallquist as the first transgender individual to be a major party candidate for governor.

Meanwhile, preliminary results showed that Gov. Phil Scott survived a challenge animated by his former Republican allies in the gun-rights movement.

The general election matchup pits Hallquist, a former utility executive who has never held statewide elected office, against Scott, a former construction company owner seeking a second term.

"I'm going to tell you why we're going to win in November," said Hallquist, holding a clipboard as she addressed a cheering crowd of supporters at the Skinny Pancake restaurant in Burlington. "Because nothing is impossible when you're on the side of justice."

Hallquist’s campaign platform is built on her 13 years as the CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative, where she says she proved it’s possible to address climate change without raising costs. She has pitched a plan to connect every Vermont home and business with high-speed internet access by relying on electric utilities to string fiber optic cable.

"It's going to take a lot of work to get to every town in Vermont," Hallquist said Tuesday of her upcoming campaign, "and it's going to take twice the amount of work to knock on every door in Vermont, because there's a lot of areas of Vermont that we don't have internet to."

"Not yet!" someone in the crowd yelled.

Her historic campaign has attracted nationwide attention and support, but Hallquist still faces a challenging path as she seeks to defeat a sitting Vermont governor for the first time in more than half a century.

Congress is set to grill the FCC's chairman for falsely claiming his agency was hit with a cyberatta

Ajit Pai is going to be in the hot seat this week — as well he should be.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is set to testify Thursday in front of a Senate oversight committee. He's certain to have to respond to questions while there about false statements he and some of his subordinates made to lawmakers about an incident last year in which the agency's computer systems got overwhelmed during the comment period for its then-ongoing net-neutrality proceeding.

Pai has tried to distance himself from those false statements, blaming them on the agency's former chief information officer, David Bray. But lawmakers are sure to want to know when Pai knew the statements were false and why he didn't retract them earlier.

Perhaps more importantly, lawmakers may well try to delve into the role the incident played in Pai's effort to overturn the FCC's net-neutrality rules. And the incident and Pai's answers about it could factor into ongoing court battle over his repeal of those rules.

New Orleans:After his wallet was stolen, man chased thief and beat him to death

Simon Morris snapped when a man swiped his wallet outside an Uptown gasoline station Friday morning.

He chased the thief across the street and beat him to death with his fists and feet, New Orleans police said.

Morris, 31, faces a count of manslaughter after the killing of a man identified in court records only by his first name, Edwin.

According to police, Edwin approached Morris and asked him for a dollar outside the Express Mart Gas Station at 4140 S. Claiborne Ave. about 8:20 a.m. Friday. But Edwin then reached into Morris’ back pocket, snatched his wallet and ran across South Claiborne at Milan Street.

Morris caught up with him in the rear driveway of Hi Class Customs, an upholstery and window tinting shop at 4201 S. Claiborne. Morris wrested his wallet back and then began beating on Edwin with his fists, police said.

At least two people tried to restrain Morris. But he kept punching and then started kicking Edwin, who “was begging Morris to stop and was attempting to cover his face and body,” police said.

Morris battered Edwin’s head and body “for a duration of five minutes or more,” police said. He didn’t stop until one of the witnesses managed to pull him off. The witness said he feared Morris would try to beat him up as well, according to police.

Paramedics took Edwin to University Medical Center for treatment, but he died there not long after arrival.

Officers detained Morris and later secured a warrant to jail him on a count of manslaughter.

In Louisiana, manslaughter is defined as a killing that is carried out in the heat of passion following a provocation that would cause an ordinary person to lose self-control. The crime calls for a maximum of 40 years in prison but doesn’t include a mandatory minimum punishment.

Trump wants to give $100,000,000,000 tax cut to super-rich,without Congressional approval

Trump finance secretary/supervillain Steve Mnuchin says he wants to unilaterally allow Americans to factor in inflation when calculating capital gains; the move would cost the US government $100 billion and 97% of that would go to the top 10% of US earners (66% would go to the 0.1% of US earners).

Trump and Mnuchin say they can do this without Congressional approval, based on cherry-picked legal opinions that contradict earlier Republican presidential findings – Bush I's legal team concluded that it would be illegal for the President to pull a stunt like this.

However, if they manage it, it means that President Elizabeth Warren will have broad latitude to raise taxes on the super-rich in 2020, even if Congressional Republicans object. Trump and his looters are obviously betting that they'll hold onto power indefinitely (or they'll take their money and go into hiding in a Caribbean tax-haven with no extradition treaty).

America's deficit skyrocketed this year after Trump's earlier tax-cuts for the super-rich resulted in a massive shortfall in expected tax revenues.

Mr. Bush’s Treasury Department determined that redefining “cost” by regulatory fiat would be illegal — a conclusion buttressed by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which found that “cost” means the price that was paid for something.

But conservatives have disputed this conclusion. Pushing Mr. Trump to make the change, Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, has cited a 2002 Supreme Court decision in a case between Verizon Communications and the Federal Communications Commission that said regulators have leeway in defining “cost” to make the case that the Treasury Department can act alone.

“This would be in terms of its economic impact over the next several years, and long term, similar in size as the last tax cut,” Mr. Norquist said, suggesting that making the change would raise revenue for the government by creating new economic efficiencies and faster growth. “I think it’s going to happen and it’s going to be huge.”

London’s Khan Says Ban Cars From Parliament Square After London Terror

Well there you go my fellow britbongs, our glorious mayor of london has given the murcans yet another reason to fall about laughing over how truly cucked our once great nation is, I really cant wait for this embarrassment to be voted out of office.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said cars should be banned from parts of London in response to terror attacks, after previously claiming the city was one of the safest in the world.

Parliament square should be “part pedestrianized,” the left winger said Wednesday morning, the day after a Sudanese migrant drove at speed toward the Palace of Westminster, injuring pedestrians and cyclists.

Police are treating the incident as a terror attack. Last year, Islamist terrorist Khalid Masood used a car and knives to kill and main just yards away on Westminster Bridge and in Palace Yard. Further down river at Borough Market, eight were killed by a radical Islamist gang using the same method.

“After the incident in Westminster Bridge in last March, there have been temporary barriers put in place in many of the bridges in London,” Khan added, on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Trump: Collusion is not a crime

First it was no contact, then contact but no info, then contact but useless info and no collusion and now it collusion is not a crime. Yet his Chump supporters keep taking it up the ass…

resident Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, called in to "Outnumbered" Monday to clarify remarks he made earlier in the day on "Fox & Friends" about alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The former New York City mayor said this morning that the president did not collude with the Russians and even if he did so, it wouldn't be a crime.

Company accused of diluting Chesapeake blue crab meat with imported crab

An unsavory scam? Company accused of diluting Chesapeake blue crab meat with imported crab

>Few things say local like the Chesapeake blue crab.

>It has scuttled its way into Maryland’s tourism slogan and is part of the region’s signature dish, proudly touted on menus and in markets as a taste of the Bay in an era when “eat local” has become the mantra of foodies.

>But a few years ago, a tipster reached out to authorities with an unsavory allegation: A major Virginia seafood supplier was selling packages of premium Chesapeake blue crab meat cut with cheaper foreign crab. It wasn’t even the same species.

>In an unusual probe, federal agents fanned out to markets across Virginia, Delaware and North Carolina, scooping up crab meat from Casey’s Seafood and sending it out for the type of DNA analysis more common in rape and murder cases.

>The results would reveal the tip of what authorities say is a massive fraud worth millions of dollars, one so large it has shaken the food industry and raised questions about just how much of the iconic food labeled as local comes from the Chesapeake Bay.

>Federal prosecutors allege in a case unsealed this year that the Newport News, Va., company sold a whopping 398,000 pounds of Chesapeake blue crab mixed with cut-rate crab from as far away as Indonesia or Brazil and labeled it as an American product. The retail value of the crab is roughly $14 million at current prices.

>It is difficult to ascertain how widespread such problems are, but watermen, seafood suppliers, lawmakers and environmental groups have all expressed concerns about crab fraud in recent years and whether enough is ­being done to stop it. A 2015 report by Oceana, an international nonprofit focused on ocean conservation and advocacy, found that nearly 40 percent of crab cakes it tested that were labeled as local in area restaurants contained imported meat.

>“It’s a species that’s well loved around the area,” said Kimberly Warner, the senior scientist at Oceana who authored the report. “The thought that we’ve all been subject to this fraud when we are enjoying what we think is a local product really hits home with diners in this region and undercuts the watermen.”

>But it’s not just consumers and industry insiders who suffer. Oceana says the foreign crab that ends up in local products is sometimes illegally fished in an unsustainable fashion, such as via bottom trawling, that can kill fish and other species and deplete crab stocks.

CIA Keeps Database of ‘Japanese Style Faces’ to Use on Online Forums like 8ch

>CIA documents published by WikiLeaks show that the CIA kept a database of “Japanese style faces” to utilize in online forums.

The WikiLeaks data dump, which consists of 8,761 files and documents, was taken from a high-security isolated network situated inside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Within the data dump a folder called “Japanese Style Faces” can be found. These consist of ASCII expressions designed to represent faces and emotions, commonly used on internet message boards to denote a particular reaction.

>Some have hypothesized that these emoticons are designed to help CIA hackers infiltrate online communities, posing as normal users of internet message boards in order to collect data or possibly push a particular narrative.

>Nate Church, Breitbart’s resident anime expert, spoke briefly about the emoticons saying, “The worst part about these “Japanese style” ASCII expressions, is that they’re not even very good. The majority of Japanese ASCII is meant to mimic the emotional shorthand used in both manga and anime. Any of these would stick out like a sore thumb in the communities for which they’re intended. What the CIA really needs is a dedicated weeb.”

How do we deal with this subversive menace, 8ch?

Lobster fishery losing markets due to Tariffs, prices crash

That's good if you want to eat lobster but if you want to sustain an industry and keep jobs not so good. Not sure if you trumpanzees are able to comprehend that…fuckin inbred trash

"Last year at this point in the lobster season. the boat price that I received for shedder lobster was $3.85/lb. Enter the cabal of idiots and traitors currently infesting the White House with their massive tax increase on imports and as of yesterday the boat price was $2.35/lb.

Over the last several years China had become a huge expanding market for lobster, but due to a 40- 45% tax placed on lobster imports in retaliation for Herr Trump’s idiotic tariff on Chinese goods demand for American lobster is drying up faster than fishermen’s tears."


breaking news

/monster/ admits they are furries

after months of battle they give up and reveal their true colors

no longer are they willing to argue 18 hours a day claiming they're not furries after one of their key members committed suicide this saturday

a source known as chijo knew the man personally and has responded to the request for a statement on the event

as a result of these events, /monster/ has begun creating groups on sites like

see full news article on

if you can't use the objects around yourself to defend yourself then just kill yourself instead. I learned at an extremely young age to always be aware of your surroundings and if put in a dangerous situation, having the skill and ability to gtfo essentially without any bodily harm to one's self. A firearm is a nice luxury but when put in a situation where you can only use what is in a 2ft radius of yourself, you gotta know what to do. Also body armour (class 3) steel plates are also a nice luxury but who tf is going to incorporate that into their own daily wardrobe? Don't work harder for self defense, work smarter. Just use common sense dude and everything will be alright.

Persecuted innocent Suspects in New Mexico Muslim Terroist compound case to be released

A New Mexico judge agreed on Monday to release five suspects who were arrested on child abuse charges and were alleged to have been training the children to carry out school shootings. The decision to release the suspects on bond came against the wishes of the sheriff's department and FBI.

The suspects – two men and three women – were arrested last week at a makeshift compound in Amalia, New Mexico, where authorities rescued 11 emaciated children living in filthy conditions with very little food and no clean water, according to police.

Judge Sarah Backus ordered the suspects – Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Lucas Morton, 40, Jany Leveille, 35, Hujrah Wahhaj, 37, and Subhannah Wahhaj, 35 – released on $20,000 bond each on Monday evening and ordered them to wear ankle monitors until trial, the Taos County Sheriff's Office announced.

Police discovered the decrepit compound, located near the Colorado state line, while searching for Wahhaj's 4-year-old son, Abdul, but he was not there. His mother reported him missing late last year and claimed his father kidnapped him.

Investigators found the malnourished children, ages 1 to 15, barefoot and wearing "rags for clothing," according to a complaint. Authorities recovered the buried remains of a young boy during a subsequent search of the compound on Aug. 9.

Prosecutors believe the remains were that of Wahhaj's son, who is disabled, according KOAT, but investigators say it could take weeks to verify the child's identification.

Black Police chief's son,18,charged with beating old Sikh man,smiles,flips bird in court

The 18-year-old son of a police chief in California’s Bay Area, who allegedly attacked a 71-year-old Sikh man, appeared in court Friday, smiling and waving his middle fingers at media cameras, a report said.

Tyrone Keith McAllister, estranged son of Union City police Chief Darryl McAllister, entered the courtroom and flipped his middle fingers at their camera, Sacramento's FOX 40 reported.

He appeared to be grinning, and made suspected gang signs while his hands were cuffed, the Record of Stockton reported.

"[W]ords can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and I feel right now," the chief wrote on Facebook. He also wrote that his son, who has spent time in both juvenile and adult jail, needs to be held accountable for his actions.

The younger McAllister and a 16-year-old companion allegedly confronted Sahib Singh Natt while he was taking a stroll in Manteca, near Stockton in the Central Valley, on Monday at about 6 a.m., and asked him for money.

Authorities said the pair kicked Natt to the ground. Police said the video shows the suspect kick him at least three times and that one of the suspects may have waved a gun

UK:Vigilantes drive 47 yr old man who found voluptuous teen girls attractive to suicide

A 47-YEAR-OLD man has been found dead at his home just 48 hours after paedophile hunters accused him of sexting a 14-year-old girl.

Nigel Sherratt was approached by members of vigilante group Soul Survivors who confronted him about the alleged messages.

in a video sting they posted online, they told him they had posed as a teenage girl and accused him of grooming.

Just 48 hours later, his body was found at his home in Cannock, Staffs.

Today, his heartbroken brother told The Sun Online he was "grieving" but refused to say anymore due to "legal reasons".

He eventually admitted messaging the girl, who was actually a man from the group

Nigel was sat in his car when the paedo vigilante group - who had printed out his messages - confronted him.

Confirming his name to the camera, he initially denied talking to the "girl" but eventually admitted messaging her on Facebook.

Video footage showed him later being ushered towards a police car.

Days later, Soul Survivors informed readers on its official Facebook page that Nigel had died.

The group wrote: “We’ve had confirmation that Nigel Sheratt (sic) from Cannock fortunately has [died].

“In what we do this is an outcome that we look to achieve and look forward to driving more paedos who go after little children to suicide''

Pit Bull dies in Los Angeles after being repeatedly vaginally raped by two black men

LOS ANGELES, California – An animal rescue group is calling for an investigation after a pit bull who was adopted two weeks ago died from what animal advocates believe was physical and sexual abuse. The dog was found injured in south Los Angeles on Monday.

The 5-year-old dog, Cargo, was dumped in front of a house, according to Dianty Marquez of Ghetto Rescue Foundation.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said neighbors reported seeing two African American men who "dropped it off there and just left."

The woman said she couldn't reach any city or county animal control officials to respond, so she reached out to Ghetto Rescue.

Video Marquez took when she arrived at the scene shows the pooch was clearly suffering.

"Head down, she had a rope tied to her neck and she wasn't going anywhere," Marquez told KTLA-TV.

Marquez was able to get Cargo into her car and rushed her to emergency veterinary care.

The rescue group Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (sic) continued to post updates on the abused dog's recovery. After being checked out by a vet, the group said the dog's sad mood was due to an "extremely swollen vagina," and they suspected sexual abuse.

"That's when we got word that there had been quite some trauma in her vaginal area," Marquez said, "and they made her as comfy as they could."

But by Tuesday morning, the pit bull had taken a turn for the worse.

"She passed because she had some type of blunt force trauma and it caused her aorta to rupture," Marquez explained.

In a Facebook post about the ordeal, the rescue said Cargo hadn't suffered any scrapes or abrasions, and "other than her vagina trauma nothing was obviously wrong."

The dog was microchipped, and records show she was adopted on July 23 during a free adoption event.

Animal advocates say the case is an example of the dangers of giving dogs and cats away. When animal shelters are operating at or near capacity, they often offer low-cost or free adoptions to get the animals into homes.

Anyone with information on the case can contact the Los Angeles Police Department's Animal Cruelty Task Force at 213-486-0450.

(The dog in the pic is the actual dog from the story)

Women vote will bring in blue wave in midterms

Several factors that pollsters look at are predicting a "blue wave' in the fall elections, and some observers are calling 2018 the "year of the woman" given the number of female candidates running across the country. And it seems female voters are getting ready to strengthen the Democratic Party.

In CNN's June poll, half of voters said they'd vote for a Democratic candidate in the upcoming midterm elections, with 42% saying they'd vote for a Republican. This question is colloquially referred to as the generic ballot, and it's a useful measure of how the two parties will perform in an election.

There are other predictors that find a "blue wave" is coming as well.

First off, more people (especially women) are planning on voting for the Democratic candidate this year. This is somewhat expected since the opposing party holds the presidency and majorities in both chambers of Congress.

The amount of people saying they'll vote for the Democratic candidate has increased by 5 percentage points in total, by 1 percentage point among men and by 8 percentage points among women compared with near this time before the midterm elections in 2014. The men's vote for the Republican candidate also has increased, but only by 2 percentage points, while female support for the GOP has dropped by 10 percentage points.

This is also the highest the generic Democratic candidate has been in CNN polling at this point before a midterm in the past four midterm cycles. The 2006 election was widely considered a wave election for the Democrats, due to their substantial gains in Congress – they won majorities in the House and Senate – and major wins in gubernatorial races. Polling at this point in 2006 showed 44% of voters said they'd vote for the Democratic candidate and 36% planned to vote Republican – a 9-point advantage for the Democrats. In the most recent CNN poll, Democrats have an 8-point advantage.

It's clear Democratic support has grown since the most recent midterms, with those who said they'd vote for the generic Democratic candidate and those who said they'd vote for the generic Republican candidate basically tied in 2014.

Pornhub Promises Nintendo Switch Support If a Browser is Released

For everyone who is hoping that the Nintendo Switch will get more third-party support, you’ll be happy to know that Pornhub has announced in an official press release that it promises support for the Switch. The only caveat is that Nintendo has to release an official internet browser for the system.

This announcement came from Pornhub’s 2017 year in review series in which the extremely popular porn-sharing website is revealing different statistics for last year. In its video game consoles segment of the year in review, it revealed various statistics about how many users are viewing porn on the website through a game system.

The interest Pornhub has in Switch perhaps stems from the spike in porn traffic from the Nintendo 3DS. Though the Switch’s portable predecessor only makes up one percent of the market share for porn on game systems, there was a 110 percent increase in traffic for that specific platform. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the original Wii saw an 83 percent decrease.

With so many gamers moving to the Nintendo Switch as it breaks more and more records, it remains to be seen how many fans are waiting with great anticipation to see Pornhub come to the breakthrough hybrid console. In the meantime, it seems “PlayStation” (most likely PS4 only) has the largest amount of traffic, making up 56 percent of the entire market.

Coming up just behind it is “Xbox” with only 32 percent of the American pie. From there, it drops significantly to only five percent for both Wii U and PlayStation Vita. Should Nintendo add the much-requested browser in 2018 to Switch, it will be interesting to what percentage of traffic the console will have. For more on the upcoming rumored January Nintendo Direct that will see the browser finally announced, check this out.

FBI warns of imminent hack attack on ATM machines worldwide

Bank ATMs around the world are at risk of an "imminent" cyber attack with millions of dollars expected to disappear from accounts, according to a confidential alert by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The warning issued by the FBI to international banks on Friday revealed that cyber criminals are planning a massive malware attack on ATMs across the globe in the next few days.

“The FBI has obtained unspecified reporting indicating cyber criminals are planning to conduct a global Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash-out scheme in the coming days, likely associated with an unknown card issuer breach and commonly referred to as an 'unlimited operation',” the report obtained by cyber-security expert Brian Krebs reads.

Body Camera Shows School Resource Officer Handcuffing an Autistic 10-Year-Old

The parents of a young student with autism are exploring legal action after a school resource officer pinned their child to the ground and handcuffed him.

ABC News reports that a 10-year-old named Thomas at Lee Elementary School in Denton, Texas, tried to isolate himself in a cubby hole when he saw a teacher approaching him. Eric Coulston, a school resource officer with the Denton Police Department, was called in to respond to the situation. Footage from his body camera and reports to authorities explain that Coulston helped the teacher remove Thomas from the cubby hole. Coulston carried Thomas to an empty room where, as his body camera captured, he pinned him down on the ground. Thomas repeatedly screamed, cried, and kicked, asking Coulston to get off of him. Coulston replied by threatening him with handcuffs.

While placing the handcuffs on Thomas, Coulston was heard saying, "We're back to where we were the other day." A woman is seen assisting Coulston in at least one part of the ordeal.

According to ABC News, Thomas is handcuffed at least one more time during the incident after he tore up tissues and threw them towards his teacher. Thomas remained pinned down by his neck while handcuffed for long periods of time. He was only allowed to sit up without handcuffs in the moments when he was calm. At one point, reports say, Thomas was dragged across the room and held down by his arms when he attempted to get to the door.

The incident initially occurred in April. A two-hour video from Coulston's body camera is available here.

Thomas' mother, Emily Brown, told WFAA that the actions were "abuse." The actions on the video and discoveries of bruises on Thomas' body later that day have led his parents to look for lawyers in a possible suit. Thomas' parents said that they and the school had a de-escalation plan for such a situation. His father, Robert Brown, said, "There are a variety of de-escalation techniques they're supposed to be using." Handcuffs and the other events captured on video were not in that plan.

Mike Holum, a child advocate with Advocacy Behavior Consulting, similarly criticized the tactics used in the video as extreme. Holum wondered why the other adults in the school did not attempt to stop the officer. A spokesperson for the Denton city government said that Coulston "acted in a manner that best protected the student, other students, and the staff."

The Dentons are hoping to place Thomas in a charter school.

Kike who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years

Joseph Hirt said he fabricated story of being sent to camp and meeting Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to ‘keep memories alive’ about history of the Holocaust.

A Pennsylvania man who claimed for years to have escaped from Auschwitz, met track and field star Jesse Owens and Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, confessed on Friday that he had fabricated the entire story.

“I am writing today to apologize publicly for harm caused to anyone because of my inserting myself into the descriptions of life in Auschwitz,” Joseph Hirt, 86, wrote in a letter sent to his local paper, LNP, this week. “I was not a prisoner there. I did not intend to lessen or overshadow the events which truly happened there by falsely claiming to have been personally involved.”

“I was wrong. I ask forgiveness,” he added. “I determined at that moment to do everything in my power to prevent the loss of the truth about wartime life (and death) at Auschwitz.”

He added an extraordinary prologue and epilogue to the story, saying that he saw Adolf Hitler turn his back on Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, and that he met Eleanor Roosevelt and Owens after his arrival in the United States. lmao these lying kikes just cannot help themselves

“I want to be clear – I am not a Holocaust denier,” Reid wrote in his own letter, noting that he got his first job from a concentration camp survivor. “It is partly in his memory and for the preservation of the truth of what millions of people endured that I have taken upon myself the task of exposing Mr Hirt’s shameful deception.”

Hirt is not the first to fabricate or exaggerate a Holocaust story, worrying historians who fear these voices encourage people who deny the deaths of (((six million))) people. Herman Rosenblat, a Polish survivor, embellished his 1993 memoir and made up some parts entirely, including the love story at its heart. At the time, historian Ken Waltzer wrote in the New Republic that he was alarmed by how quickly people accepted the story.

“This was not Holocaust education but miseducation,” he said. “This shows something about the broad unwillingness in our culture to confront the difficult knowledge of the Holocaust. All the more important then to have real memoirs that tell of real experience in the camps.”

Trump: Autistic Paper-Eating Third Grader


Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman has said she walked in on President Donald Trump eating paper after a meeting with lawyer Michael Cohen, in what she believed was an effort to destroy sensitive information.

In her new book—Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House—Newman makes a series of disturbing, and amusing, allegations about the president’s conduct.

According to an excerpt of the book obtained by The Washington Post, Newman recalls, “I saw him put a note in his mouth. Since Trump was ever the germaphobe, I was shocked he appeared to be chewing and swallowing the paper. It must have been something very, very sensitive.”

Here’s why millions of millennials are not homeowners

Homeownership eludes millions of millennials.

A new report by the Urban Institute, a policy research group, tries to explain why.

There is a whole host of reasons, including personal preferences and economic disadvantages, that explain why the homeownership rate for the largest generation in U.S. history is lower than that of their parents and grandparents.

"In my generation, I’m a baby boomer, you bought a home as quickly as you could," said Laurie Goodman of the Urban Institute. "You didn’t take a vacation for years to save for the down payment on your first home."

"Forced To Watch Porn, Raped For 6 Months": Bhopal Hostel Horror Survivor

A fourth woman has come forward and accused the director of a private hostel in Bhopal of keeping her in captive and raping her regularly for six months. The horror at the Bhopal hostel was unraveled last week after a hearing and speech impaired 20-year-old filed a complaint.

Within two days, two other women filed complaints. Director Ashwini Sharma was arrested on Wednesday night under various criminal charges including rape, intimidation, wrongful confinement and a law to prevent atrocities against Dalits.

"I was kept in custody, made to watch porn films and was raped for six months," the fourth survivor told the police in Indore. She also alleged that she was brutally assaulted her when she refused to give in to his demands.

The 23-year-old woman from Dhar district was among the four who were kept in a separate house allegedly by Ashwini Sharma in Crystal Ideal City in Awadhpuri.

"I am in touch with the Indore police and asked them to register a case and forward the case diary to Bhopal police for further investigation," said Dharmendra Choudhary, a senior police officer in Bhopal.

The Congress has alleged that Ashwini Sharma - much like Bihar's child rape accused Brajesh Thakur - is close to the leaders of the ruling BJP.

Releasing a video on Friday, state Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza said, "Ashwini Sharma is an activist of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and he enjoys the blessings of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan". In the video, Ashwini Sharma is seen standing close to Mr Chouhan and touching his feet.

BJP spokesperson Rahul Kothari categorically denied the allegation. "The Congress is just playing politics in such a sensitive matter, the accused is arrested and investigations are on," he said.

State Congress chief Kamal Nath has shot off a letter to Mr Chouhan, seeking a probe into the matter by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The government has ordered monthly inspection of women's hostels across the state.

Pet pampering surges as millennials "practice parenting"

Brett Gursky flies first-class. And so does his dog Buddy, a Maltese-Chihuahua mix that he rescued two years ago. When Gursky, a writer-director-producer based in Los Angeles, goes to the Beverly Hills Hotel for meetings, Buddy comes along. And Buddy, who has 3,200 Instagram followers and receives monthly treat boxes from a site called PupBox, is a regular at the Chateau Marmutt—no relation to the iconic Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont—where he's pampered with baths, clippings and brushings costing as much as $40 a day.

"Once you see how much they enjoy it, you just keep doing it," says Gursky, 38. "I don't have kids yet, so this is good practice."

Australia's proposed anti encryption law gathers large crtisism

If the Australian government was hoping its encryption legislation would have a smooth run, it'll probably be disappointed. Not only has the exposure draft landed with a political storm, reactions from technologists range from guarded to sharply critical.

On the political front, the Australian Greens came out most strongly against the proposed laws. The party's digital rights spokesperson Jordan Steele-John highlighted the potential for law enforcement agencies to demand installation of malware on user devices as a danger.

“Regardless of what Minister Taylor claims, installing software or legislating some other means to capture data as it is unencrypted on the receiving device undermines the very principle of end-to-end-encryption,” Steele-John said in a statement.

Trump Drops Legal Hammer Against Black Dog Omarosa

Donald Trump's election campaign has begun legal action against an ex-White House aide and reality TV star for allegedly breaching her contract.

Donald J Trump for President, Inc has filed for arbitration against Omarosa Manigault Newman, claiming she violated a 2016 non-disclosure agreement.

A feud between the two has escalated as Mrs Newman promotes a new book that is very critical of him.

On Tuesday, Mr Trump angrily denied her claim he was taped using the N-word.

He tweeted: "I don't have that word in my vocabulary, and never have."

Mrs Newman - a former star of The Apprentice who was fired after a stint as a White House adviser - claimed that Mr Trump was recorded using the word while working on the show he hosted for 11 years.

But she has not said she ever heard him using the word himself.

Their war of words hit arguably a new low when the president called Mrs Newman, who had previously been one of his most prominent black supporters, a "dog".

"She made it up," he wrote, also calling her a "lowlife," "a loser" and "Wacky and Deranged".


>It's beginning to look as if claims of monstrous collusion between Russian officials and U.S. political operatives were true. But it wasn't Donald Trump who was guilty of Russian collusion. It was Hillary Clinton and U.S. intelligence officials who worked with Russians and others to entrap Trump.

>Memos, emails and texts now in Congress' possession show that the Justice Department and the FBI worked together both before and after the election with Fusion GPS and their main link to the scandal, former British spy and longtime FBI informant Chris Steele.

>As a former British spook in Moscow, Steele had extensive ties to Russia. That's why he was picked as the primary researcher to compile the "unverified and salacious" Trump dossier, as former FBI Director James Comey once described it.

>Steele's dossier, for which Fusion reportedly received $1 million, was largely based on interviews with Russian officials. And who paid that $1 million? As we and others have reported, it was Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee, then under Hillary's control.

>The (((media))) knew all this, of course, but largely ignored it.

>The great irony here is that, after more than two years of investigating, the only real evidence of collusion with Russians at all points to Hillary Clinton. It was she who hired Steele to dig up dirt on Trump using Russian sources.

How Donald Trump just keeps winning

Here's an amazing stat: In the last 14 contested Republican primaries where President Donald Trump has endorsed a candidate, his pick has won – or is leading – all 14 times.

That's remarkable. (Hat tip to WaPo's James Hohmann for doing the math!) And it speaks to the fact that despite Trump's weak numbers among the general populace, he remains a massively powerful force within the GOP – someone who can make and break candidacies with a single tweet.

Trump, never one to avoid the tooting of his own horn, tweeted this out on Wednesday morning: "5 for 5!" Presumably, that's a reference to Trump's endorsement record on Tuesday – counting Troy Balderson's apparent win in the Ohio congressional special election and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley's easy win in the state's Senate primary race alongside Kobach, Schuette and James.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump offered his conclusion based on Tuesday's results:

"As long as I campaign and/or support Senate and House candidates (within reason), they will win! I LOVE the people, & they certainly seem to like the job I'm doing. If I find the time, in between China, Iran, the Economy and much more, which I must, we will have a giant Red Wave!"

There have been 8 previous threads about this article.

How Donald Trump just keeps winning

Here's an amazing stat: In the last 14 contested Republican primaries where President Donald Trump has endorsed a candidate, his pick has won – or is leading – all 14 times.

That's remarkable. (Hat tip to WaPo's James Hohmann for doing the math!) And it speaks to the fact that despite Trump's weak numbers among the general populace, he remains a massively powerful force within the GOP – someone who can make and break candidacies with a single tweet.

Trump, never one to avoid the tooting of his own horn, tweeted this out on Wednesday morning: "5 for 5!" Presumably, that's a reference to Trump's endorsement record on Tuesday – counting Troy Balderson's apparent win in the Ohio congressional special election and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley's easy win in the state's Senate primary race alongside Kobach, Schuette and James.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump offered his conclusion based on Tuesday's results:

"As long as I campaign and/or support Senate and House candidates (within reason), they will win! I LOVE the people, & they certainly seem to like the job I'm doing. If I find the time, in between China, Iran, the Economy and much more, which I must, we will have a giant Red Wave!"

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8yr old eats plate of meth,thinks it's cereal,dad points gun at mom to stop her calling 911

INDIANA (CNN) - Police say an Indiana man did not get help for his young son after the boy accidentally ingested crystal meth.

Detectives said the eight-year-old ate his father's meth, thinking it was cereal.

Officials say the amount consumed was enough to kill a grown man. In fact, it was 180 times the lethal limit. Eight-year-old Curtis Collman was in second grade.



"Anybody that is a parent, you know, would be emotionally upset. It kind of hits home if you have kids," detective Tom Barker said.

According to documents on June 21, the boy told his father he was hungry.

That's when detectives believe the child started eating what he thought was cereal on a plate. Instead he was eating his father's crystal meth.

Prosecutors say that his father, who should have come to his aid, did just the opposite.

They claim Collman threatened his friend at gunpoint if she called for help, and stopped his own parents from calling 911 too.

By the time they were able to, it was too late. Meanwhile, the boy was having seizures and convulsing.

"An eight-year-old child more than likely suffered for many hours. It upsets you,” Barker said.

Collman's previous record includes trafficking and sexual misconduct with a minor. He'd also taken police on a high speed chase.

Thursday he asked for a bond reduction so he can wait for trial at home.

Prosecutors are asking for the maximum penalty of 50 years.

Authorities said they will fight to keep Collman behind bars.

He also faces charges for pointing a firearm, theft, and failure to register as a sex offender.

How Donald Trump just keeps winning

Here's an amazing stat: In the last 14 contested Republican primaries where President Donald Trump has endorsed a candidate, his pick has won – or is leading – all 14 times.

That's remarkable. (Hat tip to WaPo's James Hohmann for doing the math!) And it speaks to the fact that despite Trump's weak numbers among the general populace, he remains a massively powerful force within the GOP – someone who can make and break candidacies with a single tweet.

Trump, never one to avoid the tooting of his own horn, tweeted this out on Wednesday morning: "5 for 5!" Presumably, that's a reference to Trump's endorsement record on Tuesday – counting Troy Balderson's apparent win in the Ohio congressional special election and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley's easy win in the state's Senate primary race alongside Kobach, Schuette and James.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump offered his conclusion based on Tuesday's results:

"As long as I campaign and/or support Senate and House candidates (within reason), they will win! I LOVE the people, & they certainly seem to like the job I'm doing. If I find the time, in between China, Iran, the Economy and much more, which I must, we will have a giant Red Wave!"

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He Got Game: Spike Lee Scores Biggest Opening Weekend in 10 Years with “Klansman”

Spike Lee and Focus Features have good reason to celebrate today. “Blackkklansman,” Lee’s new, excellent film, is his biggest hit in 10 years.

“KKKlansman” will make around $10 million for the weekend. Last night’s take was a very respectable $3.6 million in moderate release.

My guess is that word of mouth will send more people than expected over the weekend. This is one of Spike’s best movies in his 32 year career. It’s the most focused and brilliantly realized, too.

How black cop Ron Stallworth infiltrated the KKK in Colorado and made a monkey out of David Duke is a story that almost tells itself. The fact that Lee was smart enough to choose John David Washington, Laura Harring, Topher Grace and in particular Adam Driver to pull it off– wonderful.

As I’ve written before, the movie positions itself about a quarter way through with a very subtle musical number, everyone singing “Too Late to Turn Back Now” by my old favorite R&B group Cornelius Bros. and Sister Rose. It’s a revelatory moment, one of those times when feel a movie come together.

And then there’s that genius ending, where the modern catastrophe of Charlottesville 2017 is juxtaposed with the mid 70s and you have a profound, disturbing statement that is also uplifting in the sense of filmmaking.

“Blackkklansman” wasn’t number one last night. That was the horror film, “The Meg,” a science fiction shark horror movie, with $16.5 million– utterly disposable summer fun. What the heck. “Mission Impossible” is still in the top 5 and will cross the $150 million mark this weekend. I saw it this week, finally, and it’s really terrific for what it is. The music makes the movie. But I was also so happy to see Michelle Monaghan.

L.A. Production of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ Replaces Nazis with ICE Agents

>A modernized theatrical production of The Diary of Anne Frank in Los Angeles will re-imagine the Jewish Frank family hiding from Nazis with Latino immigrants hiding from ICE officials, its directors have revealed.

>The production, directed by former Roseanne writer Stan Zimmerman and scheduled to run throughout September, “was inspired by the true story of a Jewish woman in Los Angeles who created a ‘Safe House’ for a Latina mother and her two daughters after her husband was deported by ICE.” The play’s characters in the attic will be played by a LatinX cast.

>“Director Stan Zimmerman has cast his production of the classic play The Diary of Anne Frank, by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman,” the play’s promotional content reads.

>In the original version of the true story, 13-year-old Anne Frank details her life in her diary after her family is forced to hide in an attic in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. After more than two years of hiding, the Frank family is discovered by the Gestapo and sent to a Holocaust extermination camp, where only Anne’s father Otto survives.

>The controversial play comes amid growing comparisons by major Hollywood figures and the left-wing commentariat between the Holocaust and the immigration enforcement policies of the Trump’s administration. In March, CNN compared ICE agents to Nazis on a news article on the Jewish woman on which the upcoming production is based.

Oh yeah and friendly reminder that Anne Frank would be pregnant if the South had won the Civil War.

Daily Beast Exclusive:Hacked Emails Take Us Inside the Billionaires’ Club Around Putin

At first glance, little separates Andrey Pavlov from thousands of other wealthy Russians who do business in the West. The lawyer, who turned 40 last year, travels across Europe’s luxury resorts, stays in five-star hotels, eats in the best restaurants, and hires concierge services to track down exclusive $17,000 Hermès handbags for his wife.


Pavlov has engaged some of the world’s biggest law firms to act on behalf of him and his clients, has encouraged a former U.K. attorney general to lobby on his behalf, and has hired the consultancy firm part-owned by U.K. and Australian election maestro Lynton Crosby.

Yet he’s also embroiled in a huge international row over an alleged $230 million Russian fraud that left a lawyer tortured to death in a Russian prison; is closely tied to the Russian and Kazakh interior ministries; and is even alleged to have acted as a mediator between a Russian whistleblower and an alleged criminal gang, shortly before the whistleblower was found dead—with U.S. intelligence pointing blame for the death directly at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pavlov’s jetset lifestyle embodies the elaborate network of connections between the Russian state and Western elites that special counsel Robert Mueller is now charged with investigating. Like most people in this world, Pavlov has always been a closed book—until now.

The Daily Beast is able to shed unprecedented light on how Pavlov and those around him operate, thanks to a circumstance all too familiar to Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta, the Democratic National Committee, and others: The contents of Pavlov’s emails were leaked and posted online following what he says was a hacking attack to an obscure site used by hackers to dump their finds. (The identity of Pavlov’s hackers is not known, and Pavlov has not publicly speculated on it.)

This rare cache of documents, plus court records from cases across the U.S. and detailed reporting, give a rare insight into the complex nexus of connections in which Pavlov resides—a network that draws in interests connected to Putin and also business connections of President Trump.

They also reveal the way Russia and its oligarchs and outriders work—drawing together those in the Western establishment, its top businesses, and its numerous middlemen into the intrigues of the Russian state, its satellites, and its wealthy power players.

n 2007, according to a complaint filed by U.S. prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, Andrey Pavlov was on a trip to Cyprus. Rather than just a sunny mini-break, the prosecutors allege, Pavlov was meeting with a number of officials from the Russian Interior Ministry and a man called Dmitry Klyuev, whom he had known since 2001. Klyuev, the U.S. prosecutors allege, was the ringleader of a multimillion-dollar fraud concocted on that trip—one that left a man dead in a Russian prison and which has sparked a years-long diplomatic row with an oddly central role in Trump’s rise to power.

It was this alleged fraud—referred to as the Magnitsky case, after a lawyer who died pursuing it—that prompted the meeting in Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to discuss “dirt” on Clinton, a meeting Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen now claims the president knew about.

It was also the Magnitsky case that was directly raised by Putin in his summit with Trump in July, as a poor faith quid quo pro for allowing interviews with Russian intelligence officials over email hacking. The lobbying and work around the Magnitsky case—in which Pavlov’s emails show he was central—have had world-shaking consequences.

The row began with an alleged elaborate tax fraud that saw $230 million taken from the coffers of the Russian government through a bogus refund scheme, according to the prosecutors’ complaint. Pavlov is accused by U.S. prosecutors of being a central player in that alleged fraud and its aftermath, and he has lobbied across the world against sanctions being imposed in response to it.

The prosecutors alleged that a Russian criminal gang had managed to re-register companies belonging to a hedge fund based in the U.S. and U.K.—Hermitage Capital—to themselves, before orchestrating sham lawsuits that awarded massive damages against them. This meant the companies were then eligible for huge tax refunds, owing to their lawsuit-induced losses, which were then siphoned into numerous offshore accounts belonging to the conspirators.

Sam Hyde arrested for cutting water pipe in Negro Baseball League museum

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president Bob Kendrick is about as effervescent and optimistic as a person can be — not to mention passionately dedicated to feeling a calling to be more like Buck O’Neil, the poet laureate of the Negro Leagues, ambassador for baseball and a founding force of the NLBM.

But sometimes even Kendrick labors to reconcile what the world serves up. Vandals on Friday cut a water pipe on the second floor of the Buck O’Neil Research and Education Center in the former Paseo YMCA building that let loose flooding through two floors.

Most likely, the $100,000 parquet floor of what is now a ballroom will have to be replaced, and who knows how much more it will cost to fix the drywall and other damage, and to what degree insurance will cover this.

To say nothing of the emotional ramifications of the mean-spirited act, allegedly perperased by YouTube personality Sam Hyde. Hyde, known for his one-time Comedy Central television show titled Million Dollar Extreme, is being held on $50,000 bond in the Kansas City Metropolitan Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of tresspassing, burglary, and criminal destruction to property.

A request for comment from Hyde's attorney was not returned at the time of this article's publication.

“It’s disheartening; it leaves you questioning humanity, and you don’t want to be that way,” Kendrick said Tuesday, managing a laugh and adding, “You want to carry that Buck O’Neil spirit, which is that spirit of forgiveness: As he would always say, ‘I never learned to hate.'"