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What Global Warming? Massive Arctic Ice GAIN Over the Past Five Years

Arctic sea ice extent has increased by 40% compared to its state five years ago.

Greenland registered a considerable increase as it gained ten times as much as ice as it did half a decade ago. It gained the fifth highest on record.

President Sisi Delivers a Powerful and Historic Speech at the United Nations

He pointed out that Africa is located at the heart of Egypt's foreign policy. It is the mother continent where Egyptian roots are deeply rooted in history and derive our pride in our identity and belonging to the region. Which is responsible for the production of economic, political and social crisis that threaten international stability and peace.

As for Syria, President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi said that there is no salvation in brotherly Syria except through a political solution agreed upon by all Syrians. Its essence is preserving the unity of the Syrian state, maintaining its institutions, expanding its social and political base to include all sectors of Syrian society.He pointed out during his speech to the UN General Assembly that the way to achieve the solution in Syria is the negotiations led by the United Nations, supported by Egypt with the same force that rejects any attempt to exploit the plight of Syria to build regional or international political power or implement subversive policies for regional parties Our region in recent years of its practices, it is time for a decisive and final confrontation with them.

Trump:“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented"

TRUMP: “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. (Applause) From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure.

"Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems. America stands with every person living under a brutal regime. Our respect for sovereignty is also a call for action. All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their well-being, including their prosperity.”

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Let Them Eat Rabbit Is Venezuelan President's Response To Food Shortages

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has unveiled an unusual strategy to help ease the chronic food shortage faced by many of his nation's 30 million people — something he calls Plan Conejo, or "Plan Rabbit."

Maduro and his ministers are embarking on a somewhat surprising — and to many, alarming — campaign to convince Venezuelans to eat rabbits. They say rabbits will make an excellent source of protein for the large number of people who don't have regular access to red meat or chicken as the result of the country's economic collapse.

Maduro hopes the small mammal will counter the impact of what he calls a huge "economic war" waged against him by "imperialists" — notably the United States and his arch-enemy, President Donald Trump.

Gay Porn Star turned German Spy, Gets Suspended Sentence for Treason

That seems to linger across all of the intelligence community's assets in every nation, degenerate filth that has a tainted mindset with a twisted take on reality.

Germany has confirmed this, with one of their own intelligence agents who seemingly had a dark history himself filled with degeneracy and deviance which eventually led to the man committing treason against Germany.

It turns out that intelligence officer was a homosexual porn actor prior to joining the intelligence community (yes the German equivalent of the CIA hired gay porn stars to staff their ranks).

One seriously has to pause and ask just how did a gay porn star ever meet anyone inside of the German Intelligence Community to inquire about a career as a spy, to begin with?

Google’s Pixel 2 XL leaks in two colorways, reportedly priced at $849

Google’s big Pixel 2 event is coming up very soon – it’s set for October 4. The Pixel 2 XL has leaked, however, with pictures of both a black and a white color option, and the Pixel 2 XL name is apparently going to be the official one, too, according to a new report from Droid Life.

The smartphone looks like the original, but with a sleeker rear two-tone look, with what appears to be a repeat of the top glass component and the bottom aluminum-clad case. That ‘Black and White’ look is also likely primed for an Android Oreo tie-in.

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Trump Supporting College Student Kicked Out of School for Reporting Illegal Immigrant to the Police

Trump supporter Tayler Ragg thought it would be cool and prudent to report an undocumented student at his college in an attempt to get her deported. He has since been expelled from his school.

The ex-Transylvania University student posted a picture of the victim’s Facebook page and captioned it, “Everyone go report this illegal at my school.”

Ragg has deleted his account and lost his placement at school.

A spokesperson for the school confirmed his departure.

“Taylor Ragg is no longer enrolled at Transylvania University. Per University policy and federal laws, we cannot offer any further details into the matter.”

The girl he harassed, Paola Garcia, has made a video describing what she went through. She was sent abusive messages like, “I can’t wait till your fucking cunt ass is gone,” “You and your nigger boyfriend need to leave” and “Hope you enjoy your visit back to the dirt floors of your homeland, stinky ass.”

Kansas Sheriff's Office REFUSES to Release Mugshots of Child Molesters

The single most horrific crimes involve those committed by pedophiles and child molesters who harm children through both sexual exploitation and rape mentally and physically traumatizing innocent boys and girls for life.

There's no punishment available to give justice to the monsters who wouldn't target children, because they deserve a slow a painful death until they can no longer survive from the agonizing misery of torture; but of course the criminal justice system doesn't allow for such a means.

T-Mobile and Sprint are in active talks about a merger

T-Mobile and Sprint are in active talks about a merger, according to people close to the situation.

Both companies and their parents, Deutsche Telekom and Softbank, have been in frequent conversations about a stock-for-stock merger in which T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom would emerge as the majority owner.

People close to the situation stress that negotiators are still weeks away from finalizing a deal and believe the chances of reaching an agreement are not assured. The two sides have not yet set an exchange ratio for a deal, but are currently engaged in talks to hammer out a term sheet.

The companies declined to comment on the report.

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Third Jihadist Arrested in Parsons Green Bucket Bomb Attack after Counter-Terror Raid

New reports are flooding in that a third suspect has been arrested after a joint intelligence operation which conducted a counter terrorism raid in Newport, Wales.

The devastating ‘Bucket Bomb’ ripped through an underground train at Parsons Green which made headlines around the world as another radicalized terror cell decided to strike the West in what's becoming a truthful invasion through subversion being allowed by political correctness and incompetent leadership.

Iran warns US: Don’t Make 'Wrong Move' On Nuclear Deal

George Clooney, who is, and this is safe to say, not the greatest fan of the current White House Administration, did get it right when he played a CIA operative in ‘Syriana’ and was asked about Iran. His character famously said: don’t think for a minute that the Ayatollahs are surrendering one iota of control over that nation.

Former Official: IAEA Has Credibility Issues

Former Official: IAEA Has Credibility Issues

The former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency says the organization has "credibility issues" because it cannot access Iranian military bases suspected of being used for research and development of its nuclear weapons program.

In a new interview, Dr. Olli Heinonen, former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, questioned how the organization can fully inspect Iran’s nuclear program without gaining access to its military bases. Heinonen, the former head of IAEA’s Department of Safeguards, told Breitbart News’ Aaron Klein during an interview for the investigative reporter’s talk radio program the agency charged with ensuring Iran is complying with the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, cannot treat Iranian military bases like “sanctuaries.”He said:

>"There is a special provision in the deal which asks the IAEA to monitor certain activities, so-called dual-use activities which can also be used for nuclear weapons purposes. IAEA has assessed that it has now verified that undertaking from Iran," he said. "So it is hard for me to understand how you can verify that undertaking without visiting a military site and this is the most puzzling thing. And it goes to the credibility of the verification system.'

This is, effectively, the argument U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley has been making, and is one of the leading reasons why President Donald Trump has been reticent to declare Iran in compliance with the JCPOA. Recently, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported:

>Iranians refused to allow inspectors to visit a series of other suspicious sites, claiming they were military bases and, therefore, not covered by the nuclear accord and that they were not required to allow access to inspectors.

The newspaper also reported that one Western nation has provided the IAEA with evidence that Iran is carrying out activities related to nuclear capabilities, including research and development at sites it did not declare during the JCPOA negotiations with the Obama administration.

Black Man Steals More Than $1k Worth of Cigarettes from Georgia Walmart

Police in Stockbridge, Georgia are looking for a man accused of stealing cigarettes worth about $1,000 from a Henry County Walmart location in August.

The police said the suspect allegedly stole about $1,120 worth of cigarettes from the said Walmart location on North Henry Boulevard in Stockbridge on August 28.

Keith Ellison Compares DACA Recipients to Jews in Nazi Germany

Monday in Minneapolis, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) compared recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy to Jews in Nazi Germany.

Ellison said, “I heard today as many as 3 million DACA recipients live with someone who is a citizen of the United States. Add that to the people who work with DACA recipients. Add that to the people who are the parents of a DACA recipients. Add that to people who are parents to America citizens. You are literally talking about over 100 million Americans who are in some way—way more than 100 million, maybe well over that—who are deeply connected to people who have immigrated to the United States, some with official papers some with not. So this is not someone else’s fight. This is all our fight, but some are in the bullseye, and others of us are not exactly the target. Therefore, it is our responsibility to stand up and fight and do the right thing.”

He continued, “I’m going to tell you right now, I’m one of the people who believe we should give our neighbors sanctuary. And if you ask yourself what I would do if I were a Gentile in 1941, if my Jewish neighbors were under attack by the—by—by the Nazis? Would I give them sanctuary? You might be about to find out what you would do. Will you pass that moral test or will you fail it?”


Cellphone bomb found hidden in passenger luggage by X-ray machine at Mangalore Airport in India

A cellphone 'bomb' has been discovered hidden inside a mobile phone by staff screening baggage in an X-ray machine at Mangalore Airport in India.

An IndiGo flight from Mangalore to Dubai was delayed this afternoon when a suspicious "clay-like" item was detected by airport scanners.

The discovery sparked a major security scare as Indian media reported a 26-year-old man travelling to Dubai had been arrested after police were called.

Early reports suggested there was confusion as to whether the device was viable or fake. Sniffer dogs reportedly gave a "mixed signal" if the item was explosive or whether it contained a chemical used to launch a possible gas attack.

Indian media reported a "suspicious clay-like object" was found in the Dubai-bound passenger's mobile phone which was located in his check-in baggage.

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Hungary set for fresh anti-Soros blitz

Hungary is set to launch another state "national consultation" about US financier and philanthropist George Soros, the government said Tuesday, six months before expected general elections.

The campaign would be to investigate public views on the "Soros plan", and would likely be launched next month, government spokesman Bence Tuzson told public radio, without giving further details.

Last week a top official in the ruling Fidesz party, Lajos Kosa, said that this "Soros plan" includes Europe accepting a million migrants per year and the demolition of Hungary's anti-migrant border fences.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has regularly attacked the Hungarian-born Soros in the last year, calling him a "public enemy" for his alleged backing of uncontrolled mass immigration.

A national consultation earlier this year also focused on Soros, seen as a liberal bogeyman by Budapest who funds a raft of civil society groups in central and eastern Europe.

An image of the 87-year-old laughing adorned billboard posters alongside a message urging Hungarians "not to let Soros have the last laugh".

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The RNC Doubled the DNC in August Fundraising

The Republican National Committee raised nearly twice as much as the Democrat National Committee in the month of August.

The RNC raised $7.3 million, while the DNC raised only $3.8 million, according to FEC filings. This gives the RNC a total of $45.8 million cash on hand, while the DNC has only $6.8 million.

In addition, the RNC owes $0 in debt, while the DNC now owes slightly above $3.4 million in debt.

“The Republican Party continues to thrive because of steady support from the American people,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “We are thankful for individuals across the country who have expressed confidence in us to support President Trump and defend Republican majorities in Congress.”

The DNC, on the other hand, does not continue to thrive.

In an interview with NBC’s Hallie Jackson, DNC Chairman Tom Perez admitted in June that the party needs to rebuild after some of the worst months of fundraising in recent memory.


Sex Predator on Loose After 3 Attacks on Women on 1 Staten Island Street in 45 Minutes

Police are looking for one man in connection with up to three attempted sexual attacks on women on Staten Island within a period of about 45 minutes early Tuesday, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation.

The nature of the attacks wasn't immediately clear, but law enforcement sources tell News 4 the suspect told two of the women, "I'm going to rape you."

#Breaking: 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Mexico in Gravitating Show of Force

The United States Geological Survey has said that a massive Earthquake registering at 7.4 on the Richter Scale has blasted Mexico City.

This comes on the exact anniversary of the 1985 Earthquakes in the same area which left destruction and dismay in it's wake with thousands of deaths.

DOW is up 22% or 4,000 points since the November 2016 Election! Yesterday All Time Closing High!

The rise in the DOW since Donald Trump was elected President in November 2016 is historic! Yesterday was another all time closing high for the 5th day in a row. Americans are seeing this in their retirement accounts!

President Trump is already the only President in US history to oversee two stock market rallies of nine days or more where the markets set new highs each and every day.

On February 28th President Trump matched President Reagan’s 1987 record for most continuous closing high trading days when the DOW reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!

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Enough Fentanyl to Kill 32M People Seized in Single NYC Bust: Prosecutors

Authorities confiscated nearly 195 pounds of fentanyl in a pair of busts that prosecutors said included one sting that netted 32 million lethal doses of the drug, an opioid 50 times stronger than heroin.

Four people were arrested after the busts in August and September that also netted 75 pounds of heroin and cocaine. Bridget G. Brennan, New York City's special narcotics prosecutor, said the busts come as overdose deaths hit an all-time high in New York's five boroughs in 2016.

Puerto Rico Faces Hurricane Maria After Irma’s $1 Billion Damage

Two weeks ago, Puerto Rico was spared a devastating hit when Hurricane Irma ripped up the Caribbean. This time, it may not be so lucky.

The bankrupt island, already contending with the aftermath of a storm that left as much as $1 billion of damage and hundreds of thousands still without power, faces even more upheaval with Hurricane Maria set to hit as soon as Tuesday night. The government ordered rationing of basic necessities, including water and batteries, although those items were already gone from some San Juan store shelves as residents prepared for what could be the worst storm for the U.S. territory in decades.

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Unexplained Disappearances in National Parks That Will Leave You Terrified

There is a massive search for the missing boy but there is no trace of him, it's as if the boy was never there. The search dogs just sit down and don't pick up on any scent, no trace of the boy is found. The search continues for around two months but is eventually called off. Fast forward to six months later, the family comes back to the park to bring flowers to a memorial for the missing boy. While they are placing flowers, they lose sight of their remaining son for only a few seconds but in that short amount of time, he too vanishes seemingly into thin air.

Coroner and Cop Caught Having Sex at Death Scene

A dangerous liaison is always a bit of a risk, a dangerous liaison at work ever more so, but if your work is a coroner’s office, it becomes downright creepy.

The coroner’s office in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains allegedly has been the scene of just that, if two lawsuits are to be believed. The claims at stake speak of (hold on tight): stealing drugs from a deceased corpse, sex between a coroner and a police officer at a death scene, an extramarital affair in the woods, an extramarital affair during working hours and, last but not least, showing your co-workers mobile phone pictures of a lover’s male genitalia.

Video: Close Friend of Rapper Drake, 'Fif', Shot and Killed in “Targeted Assassination Overkill”

Law enforcement say that a close and personal friend to rapper Drake has been shot and killed in what appears to have been a premeditated murder.

Police say they were dispatched to the scene of the horrid killing at 6 Glamorgan Avenue in Toronto last week at around 3 AM after receiving multiple emergency calls about a shooting in progress.

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U.S. to Close Embassy in Cuba

The United States is considering closing down its embassy in Cuba after its diplomats working there suffered from mysterious brain injuries. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that such option is “under review” by the U.S.

Tillerson announced such in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation.” He said: “We have it under evaluation. It’s a very serious issue with respect to the harm that certain individuals have suffered.” He also added that the country has since brought the Americans affected home.

Video: Russian War Games Go Wrong - Helicopter Fires On Bystanders

Russia’s Zapad 2017 is in full gear. As we’ve told you a few days ago, Russia is holding military war games to show NATO it can still put up a show.

The scenario of Zapad, an exercise where Russia is joined by the armed forces of its sympathetic neighbor Belarus, sees a region of Belarus declare independence and attempt to turn against Russia, and of course in this scenario written by the Russian defense writers, the Belarussian region is helped by Nato countries.

Nancy Pelosi Pro-DACA Event Crashed By Immigration Reform Demonstrators

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had organized a news conference on Monday in her home town of San Francisco when a group of over 60 young people stormed in chanting pro-immigration slogans. Pelosi planned the conference to urge passage of the Dream Act which protects immigrants that were brought into the country illegally but as children.

Breaking Video: 3 Dead as Buses Collide In Queens

3 people died this morning after a private bus on tour in New York and an MTA bus collided in Queens. The tour bus driver was unfortunately among the deceased. 16 people were injured in the accident and transported to nearby hospitals.

NASA’s $3.9 bn Cassini spacecraft makes death plunge into Saturn

After 20 years in space, NASA’s famed Cassini spacecraft made its final death plunge into Saturn on Friday, ending a storied mission that scientists say taught us nearly everything we know about Saturn today and transformed the way we think about life elsewhere in the solar system.

Cassini, an international project that cost $3.9 billion and included scientists from 27 nations, disintegrated as it dove into Saturn’s atmosphere at a speed of 75,000 miles (120,700 kilometers) per hour.

“The signal from the spacecraft is gone,” said Cassini program manager Earl Maize of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“I hope you are all as deeply proud of this amazing accomplishment,” he told colleagues at mission control. “This has been an incredible mission, an incredible spacecraft and you are all an incredible team.”

china attempting to build meltdown proof nuclear reactor

China has taken a significant step towards changing the economics of renewable power in the world, and is ahead of the Unites States (US) in the race for cleaner energy: It has announced the launch of a nuclear power plant that is apparently immune to meltdown. This is the Sanmen Nuclear Power Station.

The loss faced by South Carolina- based Santee Cooper and SCANA after abandoning the construction of two similar nuclear reactors in the US and the delay that followed turned out to be a gain for China.

Over the next two weeks, after the completion of fuel loading — the final step before the reactor starts operation, China will be the first country in the world to begin the operations of a unique power plant that sits facing the East China Sea, located in Sanmen county in Zhejiang province.

Video - London Bomb Update – Trump Was Right – 18-Year-Old Refugee Kid Was Known To Police

In the afternoon, a house in Surrey was raided. A house where an older couple takes in refugee children.

Ms Penelope Jones, 71 years old, and her husband Ronald, 88 years old, have raised 268 foster children in the house over three decades and the last eight of those have been refugees from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whilst there has been no official confirmation, the British press has puzzled all the pieces together.

The teen who did it seems to be a 'problematic foster child' who was arrested two weeks ago already near where the attack took place.

He was a refugee taken in by a foster family who has taken in many children like him in the past.

The British press interviewed one of the neighbors of the elderly couple whose house was raided.

Mattis Decides Mentally Ill Transgender Troops will be Allowed to Re-Enlist: For Now

Some have suggested that in allowing those who are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces to re-enlist the Trump Administration will be able to avoid future lawsuits since many if not all of them were given promises and bonuses upon signing to serve.

The left will no doubt back off a bit because their entire argument for the transgender troop ban was that it wasn't fair to those who are already serving.

Meanwhile many on the right will likely be upset, but at the same time President Trump's transgender troop ban still hasn't taken effect.

Chinese Rent-a-Sex-Doll Service Suspended

The Chinese communist party has over the past decade tried (and probably succeeded) to enter their economy slowly into a capitalist structure, complete with stock markets, billionaires, high-rise buildings, booms and busts and the latest fads and gadgets.

However, when it comes to completely copying the Westernized world, there are still some things that the Chinese authorities are not likely to allow any time soon.

Enraged Feminists Ban Sex Dolls in China

A Chinese company offering sex dolls for rent has withdrawn its services just days after launching.

Touch had begun offering five different sex doll types for daily or longer-term rent on Thursday in Beijing but quickly drew complaints and criticism.

But the firm stressed sex was "not vulgar" and said it would keep working towards more people enjoying it.

Touch told the BBC the rental service had operated for two days and had garnered a lot of interest and requests.

"We prepared ten dolls for the trial operation," a company spokesperson said via email, adding that they received very positive feedback from users.

The company had offered the sex dolls for a daily fee of 298 yuan (£34; $46), according to Chinese media.

The models on offer were marketed as Chinese, Korean and Russian women, with one also modelled on the movie character Wonder Woman, complete with a sword and shield.

In its Weibo statement, the firm said its original intention had been to make expensive silicone dolls more affordable but conceded that the service (((triggered))) a heated public debate.

The statement added that Touch would in future pay more attention to its "social duty", and would actively promote a "healthier and more harmonious sex lifestyle".

Three Savage Criminals Arrested after 4-Year-Old Shot in the Head near Pittsburgh

Law enforcement in Pennsylvania say they've made three arrests in the horrific shooting where three unsuspecting victims were shot outside of Pittsburgh in a Sheraden neighborhood.

According to officers when they arrived to the scene they found a 57 year old woman who was shot several times, and transported her to Alleghany General Hospital, a 23 year old man who was shot with non-life threatening injuries and transported to UPMC Presbyterian, and a four year old girl was found shot in the head and careflighted to Children's Medical Center for emergency surgery.

Heartless Swiss to deport 106 yr old afghan gran after arduos trip over mountain & desert

Severely disabled refugee was carried through mountains, deserts and forests by family members fleeing Islamist extremists

A 106-year-old Afghan woman who made a perilous journey to Europe, carried by her son and grandson through mountains, deserts and forests, is facing deportation from Sweden after her asylum application was rejected.

Bibihal Uzbeki is severely disabled and can barely speak. Her family has appealed against the rejection, and she is allowed up to three appeals, a process that could take a long time. The applications of other family members are in various stages of appeal.

Her rejection letter came during Ramadan. While the family avoided telling her, the constant grief from her granddaughters made her suspicious.

“My sisters were crying,” explained 22-year-old Mohammed Uzbeki. “My grandmother asked, ‘Why are you crying?’”

The family said that soon after she understood her request was denied, her health started deteriorating and she suffered a debilitating stroke.

Their journey made headlines in 2015, when they were part of a huge influx of people who came to Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. They traveled by foot and on trains through the Balkans before finally reaching Sweden.

The Swedish Migration Agency confirmed it has made a decision on the case and said age doesn’t by itself provide grounds for asylum.

Uzbeki arrived at the Opatovac refugee camp in Croatia in October 2015 after what she said had been a 20-day journey with her 17 family members to reach Europe, with her 67-year-old son and a 19-year-old grandson often carrying her on their backs.

Sweden to Hold Women-Only Music Festival Due to Muslim Rapists, Trannys Crying Being Left Uninvited

Transgender activists have attacked Sweden’s first women-only festival for only banning biological men, as this could imply transgendered men are not real men.

Comedian Emma Knyckare set up the festival in response to reports of mass sexual attacks at music festivals in Sweden, largely committed by migrants.

However, questions were quickly asked about how they would define “men”. Organisers said only “cis” men would be banned (men who were born male and still identify as male).

In the past, all-female festivals have been attacked by transgender activists for doing the opposite and excluding all “physically male” people, including “transgender women”.

On Instagram, user emma.bkstrm was not impressed. She asked: “Why only cis men and not just men? Are transgender men less male?”

The festival’s organisers replied that “of course they are equally male” and “we are taking the criticism on board and will discuss it internally next week to see if a revision is needed”.

A different user noted that “you have previously argued that transgender men know how it is to be vulnerable and oppressed, just like women, and should, therefore, be welcomed.

“What do you do with the rest of the men who are vulnerable and oppressed, then? Homosexual men, non-white men? Are they welcome? I don’t buy your logic. Men are men, full stop.”

“That’s an argument we’ll take on during the coming days and the project group will discuss it during a meeting next week to see if the decision needs to be reconsidered or not,” festival organisers replied.

In early 2016, the Swedish media and police were accused of colluding to ‘cover up’ sexual attacks by gangs of migrant youths over several years at a teenage music festival in Stockholm.

In the wake of the New Year’s Eve Cologne migrant sex attack scandal, in Germany, the police promised to act and the press started to report on the issue, but the problem persisted.

In July 2016, so-called “foreign men” allegedly attacked nearly 40 women, including five rapes, at the country’s largest festival.

The trend continued at the Bråvalla Festival the following year, with reports of another rape, leading to organisers cancelling next year’s event.

Breaking: Fox News Contributor Claims she was Raped by Host Charles Payne

Former Fox News Commentator Scottie Nell Hughes has filed a lawsuit claiming that current host of “Making Money” on Fox Business raped her and then Fox News covered up the claims.

Longtime Fox News anchor Charles Payne returned to the air at the beginning of this month after a suspension while an investigation was concluded by Fox into his conduct.

Saviors or profiteers? Bangladesh fishermen rescue Rohingya, for a price

For tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims, an informal fleet of small wooden fishing boats has meant deliverance from what they say is an indiscriminate assault on their villages by the Myanmar army.

Deliverance, however, comes at a price. Some refugees told Reuters they paid as much as 10,000 taka ($122) per adult to boatmen to make the five-hour crossing from Myanmar’s coast to ports in southern Bangladesh.

While the fishermen say they have a moral obligation to help desperate fellow Muslims escaping persecution, Bangladeshi officials accuse them of profiteering. Ordered to stamp out what they call human trafficking, they have made arrests and even set fire to fishing boats.

#Breaking: Reports that Obama Admin Did Wiretap Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort

New groundbreaking reports tonight flooding in that the United States Government under the previous Obama Administration did in fact wiretap conversations between then Candidate Donald J. Trump and the Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort.

Texas Woman Shoots, Kills her Sleeping Boyfriend then Dismembers him with Machete

Investigators in Baytown, Texas say that they've made an arrest in one of the most graphic acts of violent murder they've seen in decades, comparing the crime to something “out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

The Baytown Police Department has arrested 30 year old Cierra Alexis Sutton for the murder of 32 year old Steven Coleman which happened in August at Briarwood Village Apartments in Baytown.

Nun Accused of Paying Bribe to Build a Hotel Near Vatican

A nun from Rome is under probe for being accused of bribing local officials to acquire a planning permission for her religious order to build a hotel on protected land.

Judicial sources in Italy said Polish sister Katarzyna Dorotha Kociach, 41, from the order of Poor Scholastic Sisters of Our Lady in Rome allegedly paid $33,500 to local officials to get the green light to build the hotel they wanted near the Vatican. She is the former legal representative of the convent.

Heroic Florida Cop Suspended Over Half-Decade Old Hitler Jokes on Facebook

Florida Police Officer Michael Hamill alongside two other police officers from the Gainesville department had several images of the trio helping victims after Hurricane Irma destroyed the region on Facebook.

Nun Accused of Paying Bribe to Build a Hotel Near Vatican

A nun from Rome is under probe for being accused of bribing local officials to acquire a planning permission for her religious order to build a hotel on protected land.

Judicial sources in Italy said Polish sister Katarzyna Dorotha Kociach, 41, from the order of Poor Scholastic Sisters of Our Lady in Rome allegedly paid $33,500 to local officials to get the green light to build the hotel they wanted near the Vatican. She is the former legal representative of the convent.

Ohio Firefighter: “If I Had to Choose Between Saving a Dog or a Black Man, I'd Choose the Dog.”

In Franklin Township, Ohio a firefighter who posted a controversial phrase on his personal Facebook account has now been suspended indefinitely.

20 year old Tyler Roydson was formally suspended without pay by Fire Chief Steve Bishop after Bishop says he was informed about the post on Roydson’s social media account.

NATO General: Russia Prepping for ‘Big War’

NATO General: Russia Prepping for ‘Big War’

Czech Army Gen. Petr Pavel, chairman of the NATO Military Committee, said Russia's Zapad 2017 war games are preparation for a "big war," and the massive concentration of troops could lead to a "human mistake" that leads to a real conflict.

Czech Army Gen. Petr Pavel, chairman of the NATO Military Committee, said a lack of transparency from Russia over its Zapad 2017 war games is raising suspicions that President Vladimir Putin is preparing for an actual conflict. Such comments, including Pavel’s warning that the Russian war games could lead to “unintended consequences of potential incidents” are not uncommon during large-scale military exercises by either side. But the general’s true concern is over troop numbers—Russia says it’s deployed 13,000 and NATO says it’s closer to 10 times that number. Pavel added:

>"All together, what we see is a serious preparation for big war. When we only look at the exercise that is presented by Russia there should be no worry. But when we look it in the big picture, we have to be worried, because Russia was not transparent," Pavel added. "We have high concentration of troops in the Baltics. We have a high concentration of troops in the Black Sea and potential for an incident may be quite high because of a human mistake, because of a technology failure. We have to be sure that such an unintended incident will not escalate into conflict."

Zapad 2017, taking place in Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad region, will continue through Wednesday.

Child Pornographer's Parents Sue School After His Suicide

Staff at a suburban Chicago high school called 16-year-old Corey Walgren to the dean’s office to ask about a video he made of himself having sex with a classmate. A few hours later, the teen walked to the top of a five-story parking deck and jumped.

The suicide of the honor-roll student underscored a dilemma for schools when confronting students suspected of recording and sharing sexual images: Should school officials wait until parents arrive to pose questions and search cellphones for illicit photos or video? Or do they, as de facto parents, have the authority to investigate crimes that might include child pornography?

His parents have sued the school, accusing it in a federal lawsuit of unnecessarily traumatizing their son by warning him he could be charged and forced to register as a sex offender. They are seeking more than $5 million in damages.

“They scared the hell out of the kid, and that’s what drove Corey to kill himself,” said Maureen and Doug Walgren’s attorney, Terry Ekl.

It all began around noon on Jan. 11 after the 16-year-old classmate with whom Walgren had sex lodged a complaint at school. She had learned of the video that day from a friend and was upset Walgren made it without her permission. At first, she said, she was not sure the sex was consensual but later stated clearly that it was.

Facing discipline at school was a new experience for Walgren. As he walked into the office at about 12:40 p.m., Dean Steve Madden said he had never seen Walgren under these circumstances because the teen had never been in trouble, according to the documents obtained by the AP.

Walgren quickly admitted what he had done. When the two teens were in his car, parked on a secluded street at night, he had turned on the video-recording function and dropped his cellphone by his leg after the pair talked and shared some alcohol.

Neither teen was visible on the two minutes of footage during their sexual encounter. It was the audio Walgren played for four friends, some at a school hockey practice. He never texted or emailed it.

Also in the dean’s office was Brett Heun, a Naperville police officer assigned to the school.

The recording was hidden on an app that looked like a calculator. When Walgren opened it for the officer, it revealed photos of other partially nude girls, as well as the video, according to accounts obtained by the AP as early as last spring. Those images, which Walgren said were sent to him by others, were among contents downloaded by Naperville police. The department and school district did not respond to requests for comment.

The officer told Walgren the video “concerned child pornography, which is obviously illegal.” Walgren nodded. Heun later said he wanted to impress upon Walgren that the matter was serious. But if Walgren cooperated, Heun told him, the matter could be kept out of court.

When sexual images are shared and discovered, school officials are not in complete agreement about best practices for responding, but there is consensus that a student’s cellphone should immediately be confiscated and police alerted. Guidelines from the Illinois Association of School Boards say not reporting explicit images of kids can itself be a crime.

Walgren was interviewed for at least 20 minutes until his parents were called.

Walgren did not appear upset by the questioning. “Corey was calm, cooperative and respectful,” Madden said. The dean also thanked him for being honest.

Walgren may not have shown it, but what he heard must have caused him “psychological distress … humiliation and shame,” his parents’ lawsuit says.

After meeting school officials, Walgren was told to wait at a student-services office while his mother drove to the school. He sat behind a secretary, and the two chatted casually.

When she looked back minutes later, he was gone.

Surveillance footage later showed him walking up a parking deck ramp less than a mile away. At the top, he paced for several minutes.

A woman heading to her car glanced up to see someone sitting five floors above. She wasn’t alarmed, a police report said, because the person “was calmly sitting on the ledge.”

But a minute later, at 2:40 p.m., she looked out a third-deck window. The same person was now lying on the ground level. She ran down the stairwell and began performing CPR before an ambulance arrived.

His mother was at the school after 3 p.m. when she was told that a person who was injured downtown might be her son.

As Heun drove her to a hospital, Maureen Walgren asked about photos of the injured person sent to Heun’s phone. The picture quality was poor, he answered. But she insisted and he handed her his phone. She knew instantly it was her son.

She did not see him until after doctors pronounced him dead at 3:27 p.m.

Kansas Sheriff's Office REFUSES to Release Mugshots of Child Molesters

The single most horrific crimes involve those committed by pedophiles and child molesters who harm children through both sexual exploitation and rape mentally and physically traumatizing innocent boys and girls for life.

There's no punishment available to give justice to the monsters who wouldn't target children, because they deserve a slow a painful death until they can no longer survive from the agonizing misery of torture; but of course the criminal justice system doesn't allow for such a means.

Mattis: U.S. Nuclear Triad Must Be Maintained

Mattis: U.S. Nuclear Triad Must Be Maintained

Defense Secretary James Mattis stated his continued support for the so-called "nuclear triad" during comments to reporters Thursday afternoon.

En route to Strategic Command Headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, Defense Secretary James Mattis said maintaining the U.S. “nuclear triad” sends the most compelling message to nations that wish to do us harm. The retired Marine Corps general said:

>"If I want to send the most compelling message, I have been persuaded that is the triad, and its framework is the right way to go."

The nuclear triad is the multi-tiered system that employs land-based nuclear missile silos, airborne nuclear-capable aircraft, and seaborne ballistic missile submarines to provide the U.S. military with strike capabilities anywhere in the world on short notice. Developed during the Cold War as part of the U.S. “mutually assured destruction” deterrent against the Soviet Union, it now provides the same measure of response against other hostile foreign powers still today. The triad, however, has fallen into a state of old age. All three components of the system have outlived their intended lifespans and due to budget constraints imposed during the Obama administration, they may not last until their replacements are in place. Congress has approved additional spending in the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, which goes into effect Oct. 1.

Auburn University Student Sodomized and Raped on Shuttle Bus by Two 'Tiger Transit' Drivers

The Auburn Police Department says they've made two arrests after a female student was raped on a campus shuttle bus at Auburn University.

32 year old James Don Johnson and 51 year old Tony Martin Patillo, both employees of First Transit, which is a company that operates Tiger Transit for Auburn University, have been arrested in the horrific sexual assault of the student.

Dead Woman Found in Supermodel Gemma Ward’s Beach Home

A woman’s dead body has been found at a Northern Beaches home owned by supermodel Gemma Ward. A man has been charged for the shocking discovery.

50-year-old Lanell Latta was found dead around 10:45 a.m. yesterday inside the house on Marine Pde, Avalon Beach. Just half an hour after the discovery of Latta’s dead body, her own son was arrested in a street less than 35 km away. The 25-year-old man was later charged with murder and assault resulting to actual bodily harm

Outrage as Trump Tweets Clip of him Hitting Hillary with Golfball

The President of the United States shared a GIF of himself on Twitter showing him swinging and hitting a golf ball but edited together with a clip of Hillary Clinton falling. The GIF added a golf ball to the shot with Hillary and it seems as if Trump hit her with the ball in the final result. He re-tweeted the GIF and was quickly criticized by the usual group of people hanging on to his every tweet looking for something they can get offended by.

Breaking Video: Four Female American Tourists Attacked with Acid In France

Four females US tourists were attacked in the main railway station in Marseille, south of France, just after 11 am local time today. The attacker sprayed their faces with hydrochloric acid.

Two of the young women suffered facial injuries and the two other travellers, all in their twenties, were left nursing burns following the attack. Marseille prosecutor’s office has released a statement on the incident, saying that one of the young female tourists has a possible eye injury.

Trump Says Keeping Syrian Refugees In Region Is 'Best Way To Help Most People'

In a joint Rose Garden press conference Tuesday, President Trump stood beside Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and said the United States is helping Syrian refugees by supporting their needs close to home.

"Our approach supporting the humanitarian needs of displaced Syrian citizens as close to their home country as possible is the best way to help most people." Trump said.

In April the State Department announced new funding in response to the Syrian crisis, with $167 million going to Lebanon in support of Syrian refugees, totaling $1.4 billion since the start of the conflict.

Hariri was expected to seek additional U.S. aid to help deal with the flood of Syrian refugees who now make up about a quarter of Lebanon's population of 6 million people, reports The Associated Press.

Before the press conference, the leaders met in the Oval Office and Hariri said they "discussed the pressures Lebanon is facing as a result of 1.5 million Syrians displaced in our country. I outlined to President Trump my government vision for dealing with this crisis with the support of the international community."

The Trump administration's first travel ban barred all Syrian refugees from entering the United States. That portion was removed after an appeals court blocked the order and the Trump administration rolled out a second "watered down" ban.

An appeals court overturned that ban as well, but the Supreme Court allowed portions to go through, including a 50,000 cap on refugees allowed into the U.S. — a number reached earlier this month, meaning many will be turned away.

'Chemical incident' in South London leaves locals vomiting following mysterious smell

A "chemical incident" in South London is currently under investigation after a number of residents in the area were reportedly rushed to hospital with symptoms including nausea and vomiting.

Emergency services including the police and fire service were called to Alwold Crescent, in Lee, after reports that some locals may have suffered a reaction to an unknown substance.

It remains unknown how many people have been affected by the suspected outbreak.

At least five fire engines alongside medical officials and police officers were all deployed to the scene.

A spokesperson for Met police has said the incident is not believed to be crime related and that a probe is being led by the London Fire Brigade (LFB).

An LFB spokesperson said that emergency services first arrived at the scene early this morning (17 September) and that 7 adults were assessed on the scene.

Pope admits Vatican has 2000-case backlog of sexual abuse cases

Pope Francis acknowledged Saturday that the Vatican has a 2,000-case backlog in processing clerical sex abuse cases and says criticism of the slow pace was justified. But he says more staff are being added and insists the Vatican is “on the right path.”

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology administrator, according to two sources with knowledge of the investigation.

Pakistani-born Imran Awan, longtime right-hand IT aide to the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, has since desperately tried to get the hard drives back, an individual whom FBI investigators interviewed in the case told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group

Video: Black Fast Food Employee Fired after trolling Hispanic Customer about Donald Trump

A black employee at a McDonald's in North Carolina was terminated from their job after a video surfaced online which showed them trolling a Hispanic customer.

The customer refuses to leave the drive through window speaking almost unintelligible English the entire time at which point the situation becomes incredibly comedic.

Schumer And Pelosi Say Trump Is Working With Democrats And Agreed To Replace DACA Without Wall

More people should consider that compromises must be made in politics and there is no such thing as getting your way 100% of the time. Trump is facing immense levels of scrutiny, perhaps the most any president every has, and is still doing a good job so far in the short amount of time since he took office. It is still not confirmed by the White House whether Schumer and Pelosi's statement is true, after the dinner the White House released their own statement and made no mention of the deal. After the statement the pair, Sarah Sanders made her own statement saying, "While DACA and border security were both discussed, excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to." A spokesperson for Schumer, Matt House, said: "The President made clear he would continue pushing the wall, just not as part of this agreement."

Watch as Bikers in Oklahoma Harass Family Man and Get Instant Karma

He instantly shoved the biker as he approached him, in clear self-defense at which time the other family members began to turn around who were driving ahead.

They soon arrived and ensured that the battle of the two men was a one on one brawl, where the father and husband taught the young punk a quick lesson about messing with a lion and his den.

At one point one of the family members pulled out a rifle to tell the other Bikers to back off, which they quickly complied.

The driver of the truck knocked the biker unconscious, teaching him a lesson he won't soon forget.

Weiner’s Lawyers Desperate to Seek No Prison Time for Him As Sentence Nears

Weiner is all set to be sentenced later this month. The former lawmaker’s lawyers are desperately requesting for no prison time for their client. Guidelines set Weiner’s sentence to be about 21 to 27 months in prison or about two years.

The defense team is trying hard to present Weiner as a non-predator even when he transmitted obscene material to a minor, a 15-year-old North Carolina girl. The lawyers attempted hard to portray Weiner sympathetically by claiming he is a “better man” when he committed the crime. The defense said his crime only stemmed from a “sad confluence of untreated addiction and profit-seeking curiosity.”

On Wednesday morning, Weiner also appeared briefly before a state judge for a different case- his divorce from Huma Abedin, an aide to Democrat Hillary Clinton. The couple has earlier jointly asked for privacy in their divorce case and tried to put up a united front by sitting together in the courtroom and leaving in the same car.

California Passes SB54 becomes Sanctuary State Refusing Cooperation with Federal Agencies

SB54, the bill which intends to put a limit on communication and sharing of information from California's local and state law enforcement agencies to Federal agencies was passed Saturday morning; having the sole intent of granting Federal criminal illegal aliens immunity from United States Law.

What the bill does is bypass laws at the Federal level, and effectively tells branches of law enforcement in California that they do not have to cooperate with agencies such as United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), or even the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to pass along identifying or potentially incriminating information of illegal aliens.

The new law also states that law enforcement agencies in California may no longer detain illegal alien criminals simply for immigration violations.

Salt Lake County Jail Federal hate crime charges filed in Draper stun cane case

A man accused of yelling racial slurs at a black man's young son and then shocking the father with a stun cane has been charged with a federal hate crime.

Federal prosecutors in Utah said Friday that 58-year-old Mark Porter faces up to 10 years in prison on the civil rights charge.

CRAB INFESTATIONExcruciating moment man howls in agony as a CRAB clamps down on his genitals for ove

A MAN yelps in agony as he is lifted from the water with a crab pinching his genitals.

Pals are filmed slowly trying to help the weeping swimmer as the crustacean latches onto his manhood.

The tear-jerking footage, uploaded from Thailand, has been widely shared on social media.

In it, the poor bloke is seen being pulled from a muddy pond with his legs spread wide.

It soon emerges what is causing him such excruciating pain.

A crab is seen firmly clamped onto his trunks — and it shows no sign of budging.

His friends slowly try to prize off the vicious creature, seemingly in little rush to help their pained pal.

But eventually they managed to tug off one of its claws.

Police ask Canada government to postpone legal marijuana

Canada's police services told the Canadian government Tuesday that there is no chance they will be ready to enforce new laws for nationwide legalized marijuana by next summer.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police already wrote to the federal government this week officially requesting a delay in implementation of the plan by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government to implement legal pot sales next July 1.

Mentally Ill Man Commits Suicide By Cop - Mother Blames Police

Police in the US state of Georgia have shot and killed an LGBT student activist, leading to an independent investigation.

Police encountered Scout Schultz at a campus in Atlanta after a call about "a person with a knife and a gun" late on Saturday, officials say.

Footage has emerged apparently showing Schultz, 21, refusing to obey multiple police commands to drop a knife.

Schultz's mother said police should not have used lethal force.

In a video filmed by fellow students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Schultz is heard saying "Shoot me!" while continuing to advance on the officers. One of them then opens fire.

Schultz - who identified as neither male nor female - did not appear to be holding a gun, investigators said, despite what had initially been reported to police.

The computer engineering student later died in hospital, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

No police officers from the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) were injured in the incident.

The officer who opened fire has not been named.

Schultz's mother Lynne later said Scout, who was born Scott Schultz, was politically active in progressive causes, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

She added that Schultz had numerous medical issues, suffered from depression and had attempted suicide two years ago.

"Why didn't they use some nonlethal force, like pepper spray or Tasers?" she was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Schultz was the president of the Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech.

"We are all deeply saddened by what has occurred," the group said in a statement.

"They have been the driving force behind Pride Alliance for the past two years," the group said, using Schultz's preferred pronoun. "They pushed us to do more events and a larger variety events."

The Infiltration of America by International Communists - Next Chapter: Renaming Schools

The slow subversion of America, which has occurred for a century now, is nearing the final phases of perpetual cultural marxist infiltration.

The end goal is as it was and always has been, to establish control through international Communism.

The tactics being used are the same techniques which have been used in prior centuries across the globe to infiltrate and then subvert the governance whilst creating chaos through distractions as well as divide and conquer.