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Santa Fe Shooter Killed Girl Who Embarrassed Him

Gunshots rang out in the halls of Santa Fe High School Friday morning sending students scattering for safety. A 15-year-old student named Abel San Miguel hit with a few of his classmates in an art class storage closet. The next few minutes would be sheer terror for the teens as a barrel of a shotgun became visible through the door. The 17-year-old shooter who is also a student of the high school opened fire on the storage closet Miguel.

Science GOP congressman asks if rocks are causing sea levels to rise

>Washington (CNN)A member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology evinced skepticism about climate change during an exchange with a witness about rising sea levels.

>Instead, Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks offered an additional culprit: soil or rock deposits into the world's waters.

>A study released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in March documented accelerating sea-level rise driven by climate change.

>E&E News reported on the comments of Brooks and others at the hearing, including California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher who said he was "disturbed" that he heard people warning against questioning the link between human activity and climate change.

>On Wednesday, at a hearing titled "using technology to address climate change," Brooks began by raising a broad question about rising ocean levels to the witness panel.

>Philip Duffy, president of Woods Hole Research Center, said in response to the question that "the last 100-year increase in sea-level rise, as I mentioned earlier, has clearly been attributed to human activities, greenhouse gas emissions."

>Brooks interjected and rephrased his question again, asking if there "are other factors."

>"What about erosion?" Brooks offered during the exchange. He added: "Every time you have that soil or rock, whatever it is, that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise because now you've got less space in those oceans because the bottom is moving up."

>Duffy responded that he did not believe that explained sea-level rise.

>"I'm pretty sure that on human time scales those are minuscule effects," Duffy said.

>Brooks then moved to ice levels and asserted that Antarctic ice is growing, to which Duffy responded that satellite records have documented "shrinkage of the Antarctic ice sheet and an acceleration of that shrinkage."

>Brooks wrapped up his questioning by saying he had heard differently from NASA, and said there were "plenty of studies" showing an ice sheet increase in Antarctica.

>"I've got a NASA base in my district," Brooks said. "And apparently, they're telling you one thing and me a different thing."

Incel Dimitrios Pagourtzis Rejected and Humiliated in Class by Female Victim Before Shooting

SANTA FE, Texas (Reuters) - The 17-year-old student charged with killing 10 people when he opened fire in an art class at his Houston-area high school appeared “weirdly nonemotional” on the morning after the rampage, one of his lawyers said on Saturday.

The teenager, identified by law enforcement as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bail in Santa Fe, Texas, where authorities said he went on a shooting spree shortly before 8 a.m. CDT on Friday.

In addition to 10 fatalities, the gunman wounded at least 13 people, with two of them in critical condition. One of those in critical condition was one of the two school resource officers who engaged the shooter before his surrender.

Nicholas Poehl, one of two lawyers hired by the suspect’s parents to represent him, told Reuters he had spent a total of one hour with Pagourtzis on Friday night and Saturday morning.

“He’s very emotional and weirdly nonemotional,” the attorney said when asked to describe his client’s state of mind. “There are aspects of it he understands and there are aspects he doesn’t understand.”

As the shooting unfolded, Pagourtzis spared people he liked so he could have his side of the story told, a charging document showed.

While authorities have given no indication why he apparently targeted the art class, a mother of one of the victims told the Los Angeles Times that her daughter, Shana Fisher, 16, had rejected four months of aggressive advances from Pagourtzis.

Fisher finally stood up to him and embarrassed him in class, the newspaper quoted her mother Sadie Rodriguez as writing in a private message to the Times.

“A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn’t like,” she said. “Shana being the first one.”

Classmates at the school of some 1,460 students described Pagourtzis as a quiet loner who played on the football team. On Friday, they said he wore a trench coat to school on a day when temperatures topped 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).

Texas’ governor told reporters that Pagourtzis obtained firearms from his father, who had likely acquired them legally, and also left behind explosive devices.

Abbott said Pagourtzis wanted to commit suicide, citing the suspect’s journals, but did not have the courage to do so.

Some aspects of the shooting had echoes of the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999. The two teenaged killers in that incident wore trench coats, used shotguns and planted improvised explosives, killing 10 before committing suicide themselves.

It was the second mass shooting in Texas in less than seven months. A man armed with an assault rifle shot dead 26 people during Sunday prayers at a rural church last November.

Europe – Millennials Leaving Home Ever Later

European millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000) have a knack for staying at home longer than ever before leaving the nest, statistics are showing.

Although in southern Europe (Spain, Greece, Italy) it has always been the case that houses are divided amongst generations and most youngsters stayed at home until they got married, by now that trend has only grown greater.

In fact, the further south you go in Europe, the longer kids stay with mommy and daddy.

France – Luc Besson, Director Of Léon, Lucy and Valerian, Accused Of Rape

Consternation at the Cannes film festival during the closing ceremony yesterday. Next, to the ‘Weinstein’ speeches and the prizes being given, there was one major topic on everyone’s lips as France’s biggest director, Mr Luc Besson, was accused of rape by one of his actresses who’s featured in multiple of his movies in smaller parts.

Whores regret freezing eggs so they can ride cock carousel with Chad and have a "career"

FRIDAY, May 18, 2018 – Women who want to delay childbearing increasingly opt to freeze their eggs for future use. But some later regret the decision, new research reveals.

As the procedure – called elective oocyte cryopreservation – becomes more accessible across the United States, the finding suggests women should not bank their eggs without careful consideration.

"This technology is tremendous if it's the only way of having a biological child and having a family," said study author Dr. Heather Huddleston, an associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

"But it's important that we progress thoughtfully, given all the implications this technology may have for women," she said in a university news release

Women in urban areas, in particular, are using the approach to avoid age-related infertility while postponing motherhood, the researchers noted.

For the study, they surveyed 201 women who had their eggs frozen for nonmedical reasons at UCSF between 2012 and 2016. None had banked their eggs because of cancer treatment or another health issue.

For the procedure, women undergo about 10 days of injections to stimulate their ovaries. During this time, they have five or six ultrasounds. Once their eggs are mature, they are retrieved with a needle through the vaginal wall.

The survey, completed years after the freezing procedure, found that most of the women felt empowered by their decision to freeze their eggs.

Of the women polled, 89 percent believed they would be glad that they froze their eggs even if they never used them.

But nearly half had mixed feelings, according to the study.

Most of these women had mild regret, but 16 percent had stronger doubts.

"While most women expressed positive reactions of enhanced reproductive options after freezing eggs, we were surprised to discover that for a group of women it wasn't so simple. Some even frankly regretted their choice," said study co-author Dr. Eleni Greenwood, a clinical fellow in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences.

She said this is a "critical finding," although the study doesn't reveal all the reasons behind the regret.

"What is clear is that egg freezing is more than just your standard insurance transaction for many women," Greenwood said.

The women completed the survey, on average, about two years after freezing their eggs. By this time, only 6 percent of those polled had actually used their eggs to try and get pregnant. That suggests individual regrets were probably not tied to unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child, the researchers said.

The women who had fewer eggs retrieved were more likely to have mixed feelings. Second thoughts were also more common among those who said they lacked emotional support and those who said they didn't have enough information about the procedure.

"As oocyte cryopreservation takes off, we wanted to take a step back to understand how this technology might impact the trajectory of women's lives," Greenwood said. "We see this work as just the start of that conversation."

The study was published May 18 in Fertility and Sterility.

Germany – Broadcaster ZDF Accused of 'Racist’ Royal Wedding Coverage

Germany, as the largest country in Europe, does not have royalty of its own, hence any coverage of a royal wedding of a European monarch is sure to be a hit on its TV, certainly with a rural population where gossip magazines are still sold in the hundreds of thousands.

Oklahoma - Woman Mauled to Death By a Pack of Sausage Dogs

A woman from Oklahoma was walking home and approaching her residence when out of nowhere and unprovoked, she was attacked by a pack of sausage dogs. She was horrifically mauled to death.

Arizona - Mesa Teacher Indicted After FBI Finds 15k Files of Child Pornography

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to find over 15,000 files of child pornography belonging to a Mesa, Arizona high school teacher, who has now been indicted for having images and videos of 10 to 12-year-old children engaged forced sexual relations with an adult.

Canada - Multiple Fires Devastate Downtown Brandon (Video)

Several fires broke out through several buildings in downtown Brandon, Manitoba Saturday including at an apartment complex managed by community groups. Premier Brian Pallister called the fire "massive" in a statement Saturday evening. Debbie Huntinghawk is president of the Brandon Friendship Center which managed some of the residences in the 58-suite Massey Manor. Huntinghawk said, "It's just devastating. We're thinking of all the families that live in that building."

Washington - Cougar Kills Seattle Man And Injures Another

A mountain lion is responsible for the death of a Seattle man who was mountain biking with a friend on Saturday morning. The two men were on a morning bike ride in the hills of the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. The attack is believed to be the second cougar fatality in the state in almost a century.

Kanye West Reveals Why He Got Rid Of His Phone

Most peoples' phones are virtually attached at the hip and present at all times, but not Kanye's. The 40-year-old rapper revealed he got rid of his phone and no he didn't leave it at home, he got rid of it entirely. "For anyone who's tried to text or call me in the past 2 weeks I got rid of that phone so I could focus on these albums," West tweeted Tuesday.

Former Playboy Model Jumps To Her Death With 7-Year-Old Son In Her Arms

A former Playboy model who was Playboy's Miss November 1992 took a fatal leap off the 25th story balcony of her penthouse suite with her 7-year-old son in her arms. Police identified 47-year-old Stephanie Adams and her son Vincent after discovering their bodies Friday. Adams has spent the last several years mired in lawsuits, failed relationships, and custody battles over her son after separating from her estranged husband Charles Nicolai.

Adam's and Vincent's bodies were found on a second-story landing in the Gotham Hotel's rear courtyard. NYPD Chief of Manhattan Detectives William Aubrey said the pair checked into the hotel around 6 p.m. Thursday and leaped off the balcony around 8:15 a.m. Friday morning. "Early this morning investigators located an individual whose attention was drawn to that same second-floor area when he heard two loud noises," Aubrey said at a press conference Friday. "His attention was drawn to that and he discovered these two deceased individuals."

Wednesday, Adams appeared before a judge in a Manhattan Supreme Court to request that she be able to take her son to Europe where her boyfriend resides. The 47-year-old Nicolai's lawyer demanded that Adams turn over the child's passport and ultimately the judge sided with Nicolai and denied her request to leave the country with Vincent. A friend of the couple told The Post in March that visitation exchanges between the two parents were so toxic they were required to take place at the First Precinct in Tribeca. "It ensures no violence takes place," the friend said.

Nicolai is the owner of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness and Adam's used to handle the companies finances. Adam's filed for divorce from Nicolai in 2017 and was seeking child support. She also reportedly owed money to her lawyers. The New York Post's Richard Johnson interviewed Adams as recently as Thursday and she told him, "All I want to do is take my son and get away from this nightmare for a few days but they won't let me."

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Meet maybe off,buttons back out:Trump warns Kim Jong-un:make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi

Donald Trump has threatened Kim Jong-un with the same fate as Muammar Gaddafi if the North Korean leader “doesn’t make a deal” on his nuclear weapons programme.

The US president issued the threat at the White House when he was asked about the recent suggestion by his national security adviser, John Bolton, that the “Libyan model” be a template for dealing with North Korea at a summit between Trump and Kim planned for 12 June in Singapore.

The model Bolton was referring to was Gaddafi’s agreement in December 2003 to surrender his embryonic nuclear weapons programme, which included allowing his uranium centrifuges to be shipped out to the US.

Trump interpreted the “Libyan model” to mean the 2011 Nato intervention in Libya in support of an insurrection, which ultimately led to Gaddafi’s murder at the hands of rebels in Tripoli.

“The model, if you look at that model with Gaddafi, that was a total decimation. We went in there to beat him. Now that model would take place if we don’t make a deal, most likely. But if we make a deal, I think Kim Jong-un is going to be very, very happy,” Trump said, suggesting that the regime’s survival could be assured if Kim agreed to disarm.

Asked whether his comments meant that he disagreed with his national security adviser, the third of his administration, the president said: “I think when John Bolton made that statement, he was talking about if we are going to be having a problem, because we cannot let that country have nukes. We just can’t do it.”

Joel Wit, a former US negotiator who is now a senior fellow at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, said: “This is probably the wrong time to be making threats, three weeks before the summit.”

25 yr black old man arrested for posing as as 17 yr old at HS,was basketball star

After news of the 25-year-old man who posed as a North Texas high school student gained national attention, many are left wondering how he was able to pull it off and why he did it.

Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley was able to fake his way into Dallas ISD’s Hillcrest High School as 17-year-old Rashun Richardson and won a spot on the varsity basketball team with his advanced skills.

“It’s a classic case of what we as sociologist refer to as arrested development,” explained Sociologist Janice Bishop-Lamelle. “In someone’s adulthood, if maybe there aren’t the accomplishments that they thought they would achieve by now, it can cause them to long for what they perceive as the glory days or the good old days.”

Gilstrap-Portley faked being a 17-year-old so he could play basketball at Hillcrest High School. He was apparently also taking different shots off the court and allegedly became enamored with a female student.

Erdogan: 57 Muslim Countries To Unite Against The ‘Nazis’ Of Israel

Turkish President Erdogan called an extraordinary Islamic Summit Conference of the 57 Muslim member nations in Istanbul yesterday to find a common response to the developments seen this week between Israel and the Palestinians. During the meeting, he compared the acts of the Israeli soldiers to ‘Nazis’ during the second world war.

US embassy opens:Israeli troops have a turkey shoot,52 & counting Palestinians dead

It was the bloodiest single day for Palestinians since the Gaza conflict in 2014. Palestinian Health Ministry officials said 52 protesters were killed and more than 2,200 injured either by live gunfire, tear gas or other means.

The bloodshed drew calls for restraint from some countries including France and Britain, and stronger criticism from others, with Turkey calling it “a turkey shoot”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Trump for “having the courage to keep your promises”.

“What a glorious day for Israel,” Netanyahu said in a speech. “We are in Jerusalem and we are here to stay.”

China Buys Record Amount of Russian Soy as It Shuns U.S. Growers

China, the world’s biggest soybean importer, almost tripled purchases from Russia amid a trade dispute with the U.S., the biggest producer.

Russia sold about 850,000 metric tons of soybeans to China from the start of the 12-month season in July through mid-May, according to Russia’s agriculture agency Rosselkhoznadzor. That’s more than during any season before and compares with about 340,000 tons sold during all of the previous period, Chinese customs data show.

Harper's Magazine Awakens Internet Outrage Machine With Out Of Context Tweet

Ok, I've waited several hours, looks like the whole of media was ready to just "let this slide." Insignificant as it may be, I'm just not going to let it go though.

Dozens of retweets, a few more likes and a couple hundred plus comments at this writing. That's what's called "ratio'd" in Twit-speak. When you make a faux pas on Twitter you can often tell by the ratio of comments to likes and retweets. When the (often flabbergasted) comments outnumber the likes by 2 to 3 or more, that's when you know you've been ratio'd. Harper's tweeting "Where's the Jew" therefore, had a fairly predictable effect then.

Texas teen used shotgun and handgun:10 killed in high school shooting

The teenager who allegedly used a shotgun and a revolver to kill 10 people and wound 10 others at a Texas high school Friday admitted he didn't shoot people he liked and meant to kill the ones he did target, a probable cause affidavit says.

The alleged shooter used a shotgun and a .38 revolver that were legally owned by his father, Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters. Two school resource officers were on the campus and confronted the shooter "early on in the process," Abbott said.

Suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has cooperated with police, said Galveston County Magistrate Mark Henry said. Henry denied bail for the student, who is accused of capital murder of multiple people and aggravated assault on a public servant.

Students at Santa Fe High School, not far from Houston in southeastern Texas, scrambled for safety after they heard shots just after class began Friday morning. Nine students and one teacher were killed, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Pagourtzis said little during a video court appearance, answering "Yes, sir" when asked whether he wanted a court-appointed attorney. He was not asked to enter a plea.

The probable cause affidavit says he told an investigator he spared people he liked because he wanted his story told.

At least 8 killed in Santa Fe High School shooting

At least one gunman opened fire at a Santa Fe High School killing eight to 10 people, most of them students, authorities said. Now possible explosive devices have been located both at the school, and at a site off campus.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious is urged to call 911.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he could not be precise about the number of deaths at Santa Fe High School, which went on lockdown around 8 a.m. Two suspects believed to be students were in custody.

more here:

Oklahoma - Taheerah Ahmad Flailed on Her 11-Year-Old Daughter 70 Times With A Pickaxe

Some crimes are just horrific and perpetrated by people so calloused they don't deserve to be called human, Taheerah Ahmad is one of those people. The 39-year-old mother was arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday after nearly beating her children to death and lighting their home on fire while they were restrained inside.

Texas - Good Samaritan in Texas Saves Baby Locked in Hot Car by Neglectful Mother

Law enforcement agencies in Katy, Texas day that a neglectful mother abandoned her 8-month-old baby in a fiery hot car while she went shopping inside of a local Hobby Lobby, but a Good Samaritan rose to the occasion to save the baby's life.

Once the Good Samaritan saw that the young baby was inside the car all alone on an extremely humid and ghastly hot day, he waited a few minutes to see if anyone returned, and once they did not he called emergency 911 and lept into action to rescue the child.

Trump to Bar Family Clinics From Using State Money to Fund Abortions

Fulfilling yet another campaign promise especially meant for the conservative

political base, the Trump administration decisively acted on Friday to prevent taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions.

The Health and Human Services Department sent its proposal to rewrite the rules to the White House. An administration overview of the plan stated that it would echo a Reagan-era rule by banning abortion referrals by federally funded clinics and forbidding them from locating in facilities that also provide abortions.

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that this means that the Trump administration is simply recognizing that “abortion is not family planning. This is family planning money.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders also said in a statement: “the policy would ensure that taxpayers do not directly fund abortions.”

Gaza border protests resume as UN calls for inquiry

Palestinians resumed their fiery protests at Gaza's border with Israel on Friday as a U.N. human rights body criticized Israel for the "disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force" that killed at least 59 Palestinians earlier this week. Israel condemned the resolution by the U.N. Human Rights Council as biased.

Friday's Gaza protests — the eighth in as many weeks — drew Israeli gunfire and tear gas, with at least 23 people wounded, the Gaza Health Ministry said.

Egypt, meanwhile, said it has opened its Rafah border crossing with Gaza for the entire Muslim holy month of Ramadan in an apparent effort to ease the crisis in the impoverished, densely populated territory.


The Royal Wedding 2018: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle (Video)

Fulfilling yet another campaign promise especially meant for the conservative

political base, the Trump administration decisively acted on Friday to prevent taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions.

The Health and Human Services Department sent its proposal to rewrite the rules to the White House. An administration overview of the plan stated that it would echo a Reagan-era rule by banning abortion referrals by federally funded clinics and forbidding them from locating in facilities that also provide abortions.

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that this means that the Trump administration is simply recognizing that “abortion is not family planning. This is family planning money.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders also said in a statement: “the policy would ensure that taxpayers do not directly fund abortions.”

Catholic Church in Crisis: 34 Chilean Bishops Resign Over Endless Pedophilia Scandal

The Catholic Church is seemingly broken beyond repair due to the decades of allegations involving pedophilia and child-sexual abuse - but now the breaking point may have been reached - with 34 Chilean Bishops resigning en mass in what may be the single largest amount unified resignations in the history of the Vatican.

We've witnessed Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and even close advisers to the Pope face allegations of pedophilia-obsession through child pornography and the molestation of children, and watched as the Catholic Church and the Vatican have attempted to cover up many of those cases.

In Chile, an ongoing crisis involving clerical child-sexual abuse has brought the entire body of the Chilean Catholic Bishops Conference to its knees, quite literally, with the 34 Bishops who make up the religious affront writing a “Declaration of the Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Chile, in Rome,” where they each submitted signed resignations to Pope Francis.

The measure is said to devastate the predominantly Catholic nation and send shockwaves all across the globe as two Chilean Bishops announced the unified decision at a press conference following a three-day meeting with the Pontiff.

10 yr old Whitney Huston molested by Dionne Warwick's 28 yr old female sister,Dee Dee

A new documentary centered on the life of late pop star Whitney Houston claims that the singer was molested as a child by her cousin.

For "Whitney," which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday, Scottish filmmaker Kevin Macdonald said he pored over hours of private footage from Houston's archives. The Oscar-winning director said he interviewed members of her entourage and family who claim that Houston and her brother, Gary Houston, were molested by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick. No charges were ever filed against Dee Dee Warwick.

Dee Dee Warwick, a Grammy-nominated artist who sang backup vocals for Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin, is the sister of Dionne Warwick. Dee Dee and Dionne were also nieces of Cissy Houston, Whitney's mother. Dee Dee Warwick was 18 years older than Whitney Houston and died in 2008.

When Cissy Houston, who also had a successful singing career singing backup for Franklin and Elvis Presley, went on tour, she would often leave her children with relatives, according to the documentary.

In the documentary, Jones recounted a conversation she had with Houston before her death.

"[The singer] looked at me and said, 'Mary, I was molested at a young age too. But it wasn’t by a man — it was a woman,'" recalled Jones. "She had tears in her eyes. She says, ‘Mommy don’t know the things we went through.’ I said, ‘Have you ever told your mother?’ She says, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Well, maybe you need to tell her.’ She said, ‘No, my mother would hurt somebody if I told her who it was.’ She just had tears rolling down her face, and I just hugged her. I said, ‘One day when you get the nerve, you need to tell your mother. It will lift the burden off you.'"

Macdonald told Vanity Fair that before he received confirmation of the allegations from family members, he had a suspicion that Houston had suffered abuse in some way.

"There was something very disturbed about her because she was never comfortable in her own skin," Macdonald told the magazine. "She seemed kind of asexual in a strange way. She was a beautiful woman, but she was never particularly sexy."

Bombshell Report: Corrupt CDC diverted $3 million in taxpayer money to radical left-wing causes

(Natural News) A Republican running for office in California’s 37th congressional district is sounding the alarm about some shocking information he recently uncovered concerning the gross misuse of taxpayer dollars by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Ron Bassilian, an information technology (IT) guru who specializes in Microsoft’s Exchange enterprise email solution software, has offered up solid proof that the CDC knowingly diverted at least $3 million in taxpayer funding to leftist groups that have nothing to do with science.

Back in 2014, Representative Karen Bass, a Democratic congresswoman from California, was seen handing over a giant $3 million check to a local group known as the South Los Angeles Healthcare Organizing Project that claims to advocate for improving the health of the poor. And emblazoned on the check as the payer was none other than the CDC.

But what, exactly, is the South Los Angeles Healthcare Organizing Project, and is it really centered around improving public health? According to Bassilian, it’s actually a political advocacy group that functions as just another of many thinly-veiled Democratic campaign-pushing liberal causes – almost none of which have to do with public health.

Also known as the “Community Coalition,” this recipient of that infamous $3 million check from the CDC is not only not focused on improving the health of poor people as its primary agenda, but is actually pushing completely unrelated causes like gun control and racial divide throughout the United States.

100+ killed in Cuba plane crash,3 survivors

More than 100 people are believed dead Friday after a Cubana de Aviacion Boeing 737-200 crashed on takeoff from Havana's Jose Marti International Airport, according to Cuba's state-run media.

Three female passengers are in critical condition after surviving the crash into thick vegetation just miles from the runway, the state-run newspaper Granma reported. Earlier Friday evening, Granma reported that one of the three survivors had died. Shortly afterward, Granma issued a correction, saying that all three women are alive.

Flight DMJ 0972 was headed to the eastern Cuban city of Holguin when it plummeted into in an agricultural area in the Santiago de las Vegas neighborhood at 12:08 p.m., according to Granma. Vice Minister of Transportation Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila said there were 105 passengers on board, including one infant. Five passengers were foreigners and 100 were Cuban, he said.

Argentina's Foreign Ministry said two passengers were Argentine.

Orestes Bentancour, who lives near the crash site, told CNN that he was drawn out of his home by the "enormous noise" the plane made on takeoff. He said the plane appeared to swerve to one side and revved its engines before crashing.

Five crew members on board were Mexican nationals, according to Mexico's Civil Aviation Authority. Global Airline, which operated the flight, said there were six crew members, all Mexican nationals.

The nearly 40-year-old Boeing 737-200 was owned by the Mexican airline Aerolíneas Damojh and leased to Cubana de Aviacion, the Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement. The charter flight "suffered a failure" and crashed about six miles from the airport.

Search and rescue personnel descended on the area – with some residents helping – as firefighters tried to extinguish the flames, according to photos and video from the scene.

The Granma report included a photo from an airport terminal of a towering plume of black smoke rising in the distance.

HuniePop and Other Adult Games Facing Removal From Steam Store

A number of adult-oriented Steam games have allegedly received communications from Valve stating that they must change their games or face removal from the store according to multiple sources. Starting things off, dating sim/puzzle game hybrid HuniePop may have to remove content from the game after allegedly receiving an e-mail from Valve according to a tweet from the game’s developer.

HuniePop is a game that mixes dating sim elements with a match 3 puzzle game. Part of the dating sim elements include graphic scenes depicting nudity. However, developers of similar games stated that Valve had a policy of allowing this content so long as the developers distributed it in a separate file. Valve has seemingly moved away from that stance last year, mandating that developers can no longer distribute uncensor patches via the Steam Community or provide instructions on how to install them. At the moment, HuniePop still lists the uncensor patch on their Steam Community page.

Earlier today, the HuniePop developer stated that Valve has sent him an e-mail mandating an update to the game to bring it into compliance with their rules & guidelines for pornographic content. The developer is following up with Valve via e-mail.

more here:

Mosanto's Round Up turns men into soyboys,genetic mutations and detroys good gut microbes

Glyphosate fucks you up 'at safe levels', study claims

A chemical found in the world’s most widely used weedkiller can have disrupting effects on sexual development, genes and beneficial gut bacteria at doses considered safe, according to a wide-ranging pilot study in rats.

Glyphosate is the core ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide and levels found in the human bloodstream have spiked by more than a 1,000% in the last two decades.

The substance was recently relicensed for a shortened five-year lease by the EU. But scientists involved in the new glyphosate study say their results show that it poses “a significant public health concern”.

One of the report’s authors, Daniele Mandrioli, at the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy, said significant and potentially detrimental effects from glyphosate had been detected in the gut bacteria of rat pups born to mothers, who appeared to have been unaffected themselves.

“It shouldn’t be happening and it is quite remarkable that it is,” Mandrioli said. “Disruption of the microbiome has been associated with a number of negative health outcomes, such as obsesity, diabetes and immunological problems.”

Chinese force Muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol in 're-education' camps

Former inmates have told of the horror after being detained in China's indoctrination camps for Muslims, where they were physically and mentally tortured.

Around 900,000 to one million Muslims are estimated to have been detained in such re-education camps in China's western province of Xinjiang as Beijing tries to clamp down on potential separatist movements.

Omir Bekali and Kayrat Samarkand, both former detainees, have told the Washington Post that these former prisoners have been forced to eat pork and drink acohol, forbidden in Islam, as punishment.

Hour upon hour, day upon day, Bekali and other detainees in these new indoctrination camps had to disavow their Islamic beliefs, criticise themselves and their loved ones and give thanks to the ruling Communist Party.

When Bekali, a Kazakh Muslim, refused to follow orders each day, he was forced to stand at a wall for five hours at a time. A week later, he was sent to solitary confinement, where he was deprived of food for 24 hours. After 20 days in the heavily guarded camp, he wanted to kill himself.

'The psychological pressure is enormous, when you have to criticise yourself, denounce your thinking - your own ethnic group,' said Bekali in a separate interview with AP as he broke down in tears while describing the camp.

'I still think about it every night, until the sun rises. I can't sleep. The thoughts are with me all the time.'

Since last spring, Chinese authorities in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang have ensnared tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslim Chinese - and even foreign citizens - in mass internment camps.

This detention campaign has swept across Xinjiang, a territory half the area of India, leading to what a US commission on China last month said is 'the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today'.

Chinese officials have largely avoided comment on the camps, but some are quoted in state media as saying that ideological changes are needed to fight separatism and Islamic extremism.

Radical Muslim Uighurs have killed hundreds in recent years, and China considers the region a threat to peace in a country where the majority is Han Chinese.

The internment programme aims to rewire the political thinking of detainees, erase their Islamic beliefs and reshape their very identities. The camps have expanded rapidly over the past year, with almost no judicial process or legal paperwork.

Detainees who most vigorously criticise the people and things they love are rewarded, and those who refuse to do so are punished with solitary confinement, beatings and food deprivation.

The largest concentrations of Muslims today are in the western provinces of Xinjiang, Ningxia, Qinghai and Gansu.

A substantial number of Muslims live in the cities of Beijing, Xi'an, Tianjin and Shanghai.

They make up about two per cent of the 1.4 billion population in China. However, as the country is so populous, its Muslim population is expected to be the 19th largest in the world in 2030.

The Muslim population in China is projected to increase from 23.3 million in 2010 to nearly 30 million in 2030.

US birth rates drop to lowest since 1987

Births in the US have dropped to their lowest rate in 30 years, marking a cultural shift as women delay motherhood, experts say.

Some 3.85 million babies were born in the US in 2017, the fewest since 1987, as births among women in their teens and 20s decreased.

Both the birth rate - the number of births per thousand - and fertility - a lifetime average forecast - fell.

Declining birth rates are common as countries become more developed.

The US fertility rate is lower than the UK's but the US still has a higher fertility rate than many other countries.

While births decreased among younger women in the US last year, it rose in women aged between 40 and 44.

Donna Strobino of Johns Hopkins University put the change down to women choosing to delay motherhood in favour of work.

She told AFP news agency: "Women are becoming more educated, they are in the workforce, they are pursuing their careers.

"And in the absence of policies that really help women who are working to really take some time off post-partum you are probably going to see a continuation of this delay."

The US is the only developed nation in the world that does not provide some type of national paid family leave plan to new parents.

The rate has been dropped since the post-World War Two "baby boomer" generation was born, and suffered another dip in the recession that started in 2008.

It could mean there are fewer young people in the workforce in the future, at the same time as life spans increase and more elderly people need care and resources into later life.

But it does not mean the population will shrink. It may grow at a slower rate, but there will continue to be more and more people in the US.

William Frey of the Brookings Institute called for some perspective on the figures.

"The country isn't going to run out of people," he said.

FOSTA scares M$:forbids nudity,pornography, offensive language,on M$ services:Xbox,Skype & M$ Word

Better watch out if you are playing Xbox, get ticked, and cuss. Microsoft might ban you for the “offensive language.” If they do, then say bye-bye to your Xbox Gold Membership and any Microsoft account balances.

Or if you and a significant other are getting hot and heavy via Skype, you better watch your language and any nudity because that, too, can get you banned. The ban hammer could also fall if Cortana is listening at the wrong moment or if documents and files hosted on Microsoft services violate Microsoft’s amended terms.

n the Code of Conduct section, we’ve clarified that use of offensive language and fraudulent activity is prohibited. We’ve also clarified that violation of the Code of Conduct through Xbox Services may result in suspensions or bans from participation in Xbox Services, including forfeiture of content licenses, Xbox Gold Membership time, and Microsoft account balances associated with the account.

What qualifies as offensive language?

Offensive language is fairly vague. Offensive to whom? What my granny might find offensive and what I might find offensive could be vastly different. But how would Microsoft even know if you had truly been “offensive”? Well, that part falls under Code of Conduct Enforcement, which states, “When investigating alleged violations of these Terms, Microsoft reserves the right to review Your Content in order to resolve the issue.”

Microsoft did add, “However, we cannot monitor the entire Services and make no attempt to do so.”

I’m not sure that will make you feel better, as another portion states that Microsoft “may also block delivery of a communication (like email, file sharing or instant message) to or from the Services in an effort to enforce these Terms or we may remove or refuse to publish Your Content for any reason.”

Corbett also pointed out a portion of text found in Microsoft’s new agreement:

Don’t publicly display or use the Services to share inappropriate content or material (involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence, or criminal activity).

Corbett then wrote:

So wait a sec: I can’t use Skype to have an adult video call with my girlfriend? I can’t use OneDrive to back up a document that says “f*ck” in it? If I call someone a mean name in Xbox Live, not only will they cancel my account, but also confiscate any funds I’ve deposited in my account? (And are we no longer allowed to shoot people in Call of Duty? Animated violence doesn’t really get any more “graphic” than this Microsoft-approved video game offers.)

Are Microsoft’s ToS changes due to FOSTA/SESTA?

Some folks believe the changes in Microsoft’s terms may be related to Congress passing the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which was combined with the Stop Enabling Sex-Trafficking Act (SESTA). FOSTA/SESTA would hold platforms responsible for users’ speech, illegally shared content, and anything that might be construed as trafficking. It has been called “the death of the open internet.”

The Department of Justice warned that the bill “raises a serious constitutional concern,” as it “shall apply regardless of whether the conduct alleged occurred [sic], or is alleged to have occurred, before, on, or after such date of enactment.” In short, since it applies retroactively, it applies to trafficking that took place before the law passed — which the DoJ believes violates the Constitution’s Ex Post Facto Clause.

As a fellow Canuck,I am 'Appalled' like Trudeau for shooting of Canadian doctor during Gaza protests

Justin Trudeau added his voice Wednesday to the calls for an independent investigation into the shootings by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border that killed 59 Palestinians and wounded hundreds more during Monday’s mass protests.

The prime minister said he was appalled by the shooting of a Canadian doctor who was trying to help wounded protesters in Gaza on Monday.

In a statement, Trudeau described the reported use of excessive force and live ammunition as “inexcusable.”

“We are appalled that Dr. Tarek Loubani, a Canadian citizen, is among the wounded — along with so many unarmed people, including civilians, members of the media, first responders, and children,” he said.

Loubani, an emergency physician at Ontario’s London Health Sciences Centre and at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, says he was shot in both legs Monday even though his team wore high-visibility jackets that identified them as medical staff.

Germany, Belgium and Ireland and several UN Security Council members have also called for an investigation into Monday’s carnage.

But the council has taken no action because the United States, a permanent member, says Israel acted with “restraint.”

“We are engaging with Israeli officials to get to the bottom of these events.”

"I've been waiting on the phone now on hold for 7 hours for a reply FROM the Israeli prime minister,and I will keep waiting until this the Canadian people are acknowledged."

It's now illegal to criticize Israel in South Carolina

South Carolina has become the first U.S. state to pass legislation to fight anti-Semitism on campus, after supporters of the measure said it would help colleges battle discrimination amid growing numbers of such incidents nationwide.

The bill passed the South Carolina House by 86 votes to 4 late on Wednesday. Its sponsor, Republican Representative Alan Clemmons, said its passage showed the state was “leading the fight against anti-Semitism.” Opponents of the measure said they thought it went too far into censoring critics of Israel’s government.

South Carolina Democratic Senator Brad Hutto, who opposed the bill, said its proponents were trying to inject the state’s lawmakers into a foreign policy debate.

The legislation defines anti-Semitism as including calling for attacks on Jews, blaming Israel for all political tensions, and denying its right to exist. Opponents of the bill had argued it trampled on free speech and could stifle academic debate.

Joe Cohn, legislative and policy director for the non-partisan Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, said the legislation would insert “a tremendous amount of censorship onto college campuses around discussions of Israel and its policies.”

But Clemmons, the bill’s sponsor, said it was long overdue.

“I see Jews at the point of the hate spear in this country,” Clemmons said.

46 Year Old Roastie Leaps Off Building Holding Her 7 Year Old Son, Both Die

A 46-year-old woman jumped off a 29-storey New York City building while holding a 7-year-old boy, resulting in both of their deaths, reports say.

New York police say the pair, "believed to be mother and son", landed on a second floor balcony and were pronounced dead at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing and the woman and child have not been identified yet, according to police.

The incident occurred at the Gotham Hotel in Manhattan on Friday morning.

It is not clear how many storeys the woman and boy fell, but when they landed on the second floor, they sustained significant injuries, authorities told local media.

Oklahoma Woman killed by 7 feral fleabitten ferocious little Dachshund Dogsy yap yap

A woman in Oklahoma died after being attacked by a pack of small, fleabitten dogs belonging to a neighbor.

Tracy Garcia, 52, was killed in an attack by seven small dogs near her home outside Ardmore, Okla., Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant told the Associated Press. Garcia died from her injuries on May 10.

Bryant said each dog weighed less than 40 pounds. One dog was shot by a police officer as it lunged for his gentitals, while the rest were euthanized at Ardmore Animal Shelter, local outlet KXII reported.

Four were male dogs and three were female, and all were between a year and three years old, she said.

Dinwiddie said the dogs did not have an apparent health concerns, apart from all of them being covered in fleas and ticks and the desire for human blood.

“You can tell they have been living out in the woods,a couple of local children have gone missing lately” she said.

Police are investigating whether criminal charges should be filed following the attack.

According to an obituary, Garcia was a healthcare worker, homemaker,dog lover and housekeeper throughout her life. She is survived by a son and daughter and a Chihuahua.

Canada: Woman Shits on Floor of Tim Horton’s, Throws Said Shit at Staff

A Canadian woman was arrested Monday night after deliberately defecating on the floor of a Tim Hortons restaurant and throwing her feces at a store clerk, according to local reports.

In explicit surveillance video posted to social media websites (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO), the woman can be seen arguing with a Tim Hortons employee before pulling down her pants as other restaurant patrons look on.

Officers from the RCMP, Canada’s national police force, took the woman into custody in the parking lot a short time later, The Abbotsford News reported.

The woman, who used nearby napkins to clean herself during the incident, was reportedly refused access to the store restroom.

Tim Hortons representatives confirmed that purchases are not necessary to use store restrooms, although some restaurants may have door codes or other locks on bathrooms, according to local reports.

In an interview with Canada’s Global News, a Tim Hortons spokesperson said the company is “deeply concerned by this video as the safety of [their] team members and guests is always a top priority for [them].

Protesters target lawyer who ranted against Spanish speakers

Mariachi bands sang “La Cucaracha” and other Mexican songs during protests on Friday in front of the apartment building and the former office of a lawyer caught on video ranting against Spanish-speaking workers.

Demonstrators outside the Manhattan office building demanded the disbarment of attorney Aaron Schlossberg, who on Wednesday yelled at a customer and workers of a Fresh Kitchen restaurant for not speaking English.

“If this man is not disbarred then we will continue to be exposed to insults”, said Teresa Garcia. “He is insulting people who speak Spanish. He talks like we are all undocumented immigrants. He does not know some of us were born here.”


George H.W. Bush, 93, Recovers; Back On His Boat to See Family and Friends

Former President George H.W. Bush appears to be back in good health- and to living after a heartbreaking spring that saw him got hospitalized and achingly lose his wife of over seven decades, former first lady Barbara Bush, to a lingering illness. The 41st President is back to his favorite “game” and ready for fishing season in Maine.

The former president’s recovery is pretty amazing considering he spent part of the month in the hospital after attending the April funeral of Barbara. He is heading to the family’s Walker’s Point home on the Atlantic Ocean coast in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Bush’s spokesman Jim McGrath said that the former president is already focused on “when he can get his boat over to Walker’s Point.”

Although the former president already travels by wheelchair now, he still longs to ride in his “fishing” boat. His latest one is named “Fidelity IV.” It is outfitted with twin 300 horsepower Mercury Mercruisers, which McGarth describes as “like a guided missile.”

McGrath also has pretty good news for the followers, supporters of the Bush family and the entire American public. He shared: “41 is doing pretty darn good for someone three weeks shy of his 94th birthday.”

Bush also had a busy week where he entertained the cast of the Broadway hit Hamilton and had his last Texas-sized meal before leaving Houston. McGrath also shared that elder Bush went to lunch with all of the volunteers in his Houston office to thank them for their hard work year-round.

Major Announcement About Royal Wedding


Excitement abounds, for some unknown reason, regarding the upcoming wedding between that stupid faggot and his soon-to-be bride Meghan Markle.

USA Today has reported that the British are very creepy people, and even the men get all excited and gossipy over weddings, just like women.

Prime minister Theresa May announced earlier today, "all of British men are inherently gay, having something wrong with their DNA that makes them all extremely effeminate. This same genetic anomaly is the reason why all British women are disgusting."

This would explain why Prince What's-His-Name was attracted to Meghan Markle, who resembles a baboon. Her nose is weird and her chin juts out too far, giving her the appearance of a monkey with saggy breasts.

The royal family are making preparations for the wedding, and have been quoted as saying, "Megan has been married and divorced, and she got passed around like a public urinal on the dickride circuit back in America." NBC News reported earlier today that Americans look at the British and laugh, because they are all a bunch of weird sissies who behave like overly repugnant grandmothers.

Yesterday, president Trump held a press conference regarding the royal wedding, and announced, "nobody gives a fuck about this stupid wedding."

More details as they become available.

UN votes sends war crimes investigators to Gaza

The United Nations' top human rights body has voted to send a team of international war crimes investigators to probe the deadly shootings of Gaza protesters by Israeli forces.

A resolution calling on the UN Human Rights Council to"urgently dispatch an independent, international commission of inquiry" was backed on Friday by 29 members.

Two members - the United States and Australia - voted against and 14 abstained.

Investigators must"investigate all alleged violations and abuses … in the context of the military assaults on large-scale civilian protests that began on 30 March 2018", the approved resolution said.

The commission of inquiry will be asked to produce a final report next March.

Woman in sailor suit tells Infowars reporter that Infowars people have worms in their brain

Infowars went to an event to make a gotcha video with people outside a SXSW event featuring Bernie Sanders. The Infowars reporter probably regrets approaching a podcaster and actress named Dasha Nekrasova, who rolled her eyes at the reporter's claims about socialism leading to people eating rats. Nekrasova, dressed in a sailor outfit, calmly told the reporter that Infowars people have worms in their brains:

Infowars briefly posted the video, but took it down after it became clear that Nekrasova was the star of the show. Fortunately, Dasha reposted her appearance on Twitter.

Vice reports that one of Nekrasova's lines has become a meme:

Now one of Nekrasova’s best answers from the video has been turned into a pretty damn good, albeit a bit niche, meme. Basically you just apply her snide response to the question “Have you ever heard of Venezuela?” to another #relatable question from your mom or therapist or something, and voila. Enjoy some examples below.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's order of service revealed - English customs blended with American

When Meghan Markle enters St George’s Chapel to begin the last steps in her journey to join the Royal family, the state trumpeters will sound a fanfare that has accompanied its brides for generations.

Before long, as she says her vows to Prince Harry, that time-honoured tradition will give way to striking modernity, with the soaring voices of a gospel choir singing music from Ben E King and Etta James.

Saturday's Royal wedding ceremony, with each detail chosen by the couple, will blend the best-loved elements of British pageantry with a modern outlook that reflects the Prince and Ms Markle, in a service designed to capture the best of each of their heritage.


FBI Used Informant to spy on Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims

President Trump accused the F.B.I. on Friday, without evidence, of sending a spy to secretly infiltrate his 2016 campaign “for political purposes” even before the bureau had any inkling of the “phony Russia hoax.”

In fact, F.B.I. agents sent an informant to talk to two campaign advisers only after they received evidence that the pair had suspicious contacts linked to Russia during the campaign. The informant, an American academic who teaches in Britain, made contact late that summer with one campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, according to people familiar with the matter. He also met repeatedly in the ensuing months with the other aide, Carter Page, who was also under F.B.I. scrutiny for his ties to Russia.

Canadian ISIS Fighter Describes Carrying Out Executions On NYT Podcast

A former ISIS militant and Canadian citizen told of how he executed two people in Syria while fighting for the terrorist group ISIS. The 23-year-old man who resides in Toronto appeared on the NYT podcast titled "Caliphate" and spoke of the killings prompting authorities to investigate. The jihadi was questioned by the RCMP on Thursday and was given a lie detector test regarding the killings. The man told of how he served as an ISIS enforcer in the Syrian city of Manbij and bragged the "polygraph did not work on me".

The 23-year-old goes by the jihadi nom de guerre Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi (Abu Huzaifa the Canadian). He gave detailed accounts of killing two people execution-style while fighting for the militant group in Syria. When CBC News reached out to Abu he denied killing anyone and said, "You can put me through a polygraph and it will prove that I didn't kill anyone." The NYT podcast Caliphate releases new episodes weekly and episode six focused on how the New York Times verified Abu's story. In the podcast, Abu said, "We would enforce dress codes, ensure people don't smoke, use alcohol or drugs and that men and women didn't mix."

Campbell Soup CEO resigned suddenly, industry insiders have their eyes on a potential replacement

Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison is out in an abrupt departure that many industry insiders expected to come, but few thought would happen so swiftly.

Morrison, who had been in the seat since 2011, notified employees of her resignation within the past 48 hours, sources tell CNBC, requesting anonymity because the information is confidential. The board was unhappy with its quarterly performance, one in a string of painful misses the company has had under her watch.

Shortly after announcing Morrison's departure, Campbell announced what it called "unacceptable" results.


Donald Trump proposes cutting funding from women's health organisations that offer abortions

Anti-abortion activists won a major victory on Friday when President Donald Trump's administration announced plans to cut federal funding to hundreds of American clinics providing the service.

The move would effectively strip Planned Parenthood, one of the largest abortion providers in the US, of millions of dollars.

The organization called the proposal "dangerous" and "outrageous", warning it would "have devastating consequences".

The proposed policy "would ensure that taxpayers do not indirectly fund abortions," a White House statement said.


Caught on video:NY man to people speaking Spanish at restaurant: 'My next call is to ICE'

A man berated employees and customers for speaking Spanish in a New York restaurant, describing them as undocumented and threatening to call immigration officials on them in a rant captured on video.

The incident happened Tuesday at a Fresh Kitchen in Manhattan, according to Edward Suazo, who posted a video of the encounter on Facebook, saying his wife and her friend were the target of the man's anger.

The video starts with a man in a white collared shirt confronting employees and customers in the restaurant.

"Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English," the man says, holding a white iPhone and pointing at the Spanish speakers for emphasis.

"Every person I listen to: He spoke it, he spoke it, she's speaking it. This is America!" he says.

As the meltdown continues, someone in the background interrupts him and calls him ignorant. Others hurl expletives at him.

"Yeah, this is America. So ignorant," another person tells him as laughter breaks out.

Bystanders act

The man continues to express his displeasure to an employee and threatens to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

"My guess is they're not documented. So my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country," he says.

"If they have the balls to come here and live off my money, I pay for their welfare. I pay for their ability to be here. The least they can do … is speak English."

He then tells the employee, "If you intend on running a place in Midtown Manhattan, your staff should speak English. Not Spanish."

A woman tries to engage the man just before he walks out. He turns around and says, "Honey I'm calling ICE."

"Call ICE!" the woman shoots back. Before the man leaves, he tells the woman, "Maybe you shouldn't eat that sandwich, take a break from the food."

The woman yells back, "Maybe you should get hit by a car," as the man storms out of the restaurant

Vape Pen Explosion Kills Florida Man

On Tuesday, a local medical examiner released their report that concluded a 38-year-old man in St. Petersburg, Florida, died due to an explosion in his vape pen that sent two piece of shrapnel into his cranium. According to the Washington Post, it’s believed to be one of the first deaths of its kind.

At first, officials were uncertain if the cause of death could be attributed to the burns that covered 80 percent of his body. The Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s report lists the official reason for his demise as a “projectile wound of head.”

We’ve seen many vape devices explode over the last couple of years as their popularity has grown. The lithium-ion batteries can be highly volatile, especially in poorly manufactured devices that lack proper battery ventilation. According to the Times, the model that killed D’Elia was distributed by Smok-E Mountain. Its now-deleted Facebook page reportedly claimed the device was manufactured in the Philippines. Vapes by Smok-E Mountain can still be found online, and police say the model in question was a “mod” type. Vapers often alter their devices to achieve a more impressive cloud when they exhale, it’s unclear if the victim’s device had any problems caused by the manufacturer.

/n/ BTFO: US mugshot website owners face criminal charges - Johnny Neptune Celebrates

The four alleged owners of a website which publishes photos of people taken soon after they have been arrested, have been arrested themselves.

The alleged owners of the website have been accused of extortion and a variety of other crimes.

The US-based site asks anyone wanting to have their image removed to hand over a substantial payment.

It generated more than $2m (£1.5m) from people keen to get images removed, said California's Attorney General.

"This pay-for-removal scheme attempts to profit off of someone else's humiliation," said Attorney General Xavier Becerra in a statement.

"Those who can't afford to pay into this scheme to have their information removed pay the price when they look for a job, housing, or try to build relationships with others," he said.

Images were only removed if people depicted on paid fees, said the statement, even though many had the charges against them dismissed or had been mistakenly arrested. More than 5,700 people paid to have their image removed from the site.

"This is exploitation, plain and simple," added Mr Becarra. The California Attorney General's office encouraged anyone who paid to get their image "de-published" to contact it with more details.

The four men charged are Thomas Keesee, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, David Usdan and Sahar Sarid.

As well as extortion, the four are charged with money laundering and identity theft. Mr Usdan, Mr Keesee and Mr Bhavnanie are currently in police custody.

In a statement posted to his personal site, Mr Sarid said his involvement with the site ended in 2013 after he had completed some consultancy work for it.

It is not clear what will happen to the site in the wake of its owners being arrested and charged. The site is still currently operating.

Man arrested in connection with 1987 killings of Saanich couple in Washington state

The families of Saanich sweethearts Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg expressed relief but also sorrow Friday at the news that a 55-year-old Seattle-area trucker had been arrested in connection with their murders 31 years ago.

William Earl Talbott II was arrested after work on Thursday and charged with the first-degree murder of 18-year-old Van Cuylenborg, said Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary.


Trump told Howard Stern he would've nailed 'crazy' Princess Di but only 'if she took an HIV test'

A shocking 1997 Howard Stern interview has re-surfaced in which Donald Trump makes salacious remarks about late Princess Diana and her sexual health.

The president said in two different chats with shock jock Stern he would have slept with the royal beauty, but that he would have made her take a HIV test beforehand.

In an interview with Stern on his morning radio show in 2000, Trump revealed 'without hesitation' he would have gotten intimate with

Trump was so infatuated, he sent Diana a bouquet of flowers six months after her divorce from Prince Charles

Trump attached a message expressing his sympathy over her divorce, his regard for her and even, it is said, suggesting they get together.

However, it's clear the princess didn't feel the same way.

British broadcaster Selina Scott claimed he actually gave Diana 'the creeps'.

She says the billionaire businessman pursued the Princess of Wales to the point of 'stalking' in the mistaken belief he 'had a shot' with her.

Writing in the Sunday Times, she said: 'He bombarded Diana at Kensington Palace with massive bouquets, each worth hundreds of pounds.

'Trump clearly saw Diana as the ultimate trophy wife. As the roses and orchids piled up at her apartment she became increasingly concerned about what she should do. It had begun to feel as if Trump was stalking her.

Her Royal Highness - and previously in 1997, he spoke on the topic again.

Trump stated he would have 'nailed' Diana but suggested only under circumstances her HIV test came back clean.

Donald and Melania won't attend the royal wedding but the White House said they will make a donation to one of the charities Harry and Meghan recommended to their guests.

The couple has asked guests and well-wishers donate to charity close to their hearts rather than buying a gift when they tie the knot on May 19.

Causes they selected include social change, women's empowerment, conservation, the environment, homelessness and the Armed Forces.

They showed their determination to continue Princess Diana's work in support of people with HIV by nominating the Children's HIV Association, as well.

Man posts about eating legal mushroom, gets police visit shortly after

On May 11, a man named John Garrison posted a public photo on Facebook showing morel mushrooms he had gathered while foraging with his girlfriend Hope Deery, and wrote of his plans to “sautee them with brown sugar and cinnamon and see how that turns out.”

Garrison went on to claim that his original Facebook post about morel mushrooms, which are a legal and sought-after delicacy, led to a visit to his home hours later from law enforcement apparently investigating possible use of psychedelic mushrooms commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms.”

“We had just finished eating the Morels we found today and heard a knock on the door. A police officer and an RA were standing outside. We let them in and as soon as the police officer walked in he asked us why we were eating mushrooms and posting about it online. He thought he was on the biggest bust of his career thinking we were having a magic mushroom party before I explained to him that Morels are a native choice edible mushroom similar to truffles,” Garrison wrote in an additional Facebook post.

The officer allegedly refused to believe that the couple ingested legal mushrooms. Garrison, in an effort to prove that they were simply morel mushrooms, said that he retrieved a piece of the mushroom from the trash— but the officer still refused to believe they hadn’t broken the law until a second officer arrived on the scene and confirmed it was a legal mushroom. Before the officers left, Garrison said his ID was processed.

“He wasn’t convinced. So I rummaged through the trash to find a piece of a Morel so that he would have evidence that we weren’t taking psychedelic mushrooms. I showed him and he still wasn’t convinced that they weren’t magic mushrooms, Which was shocking to me because morels look nothing like a psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms and I figured a police officer would know what illegal drugs looked like. A second police officer showed up and I showed her the Morel and she immediately knew it was a Morel which was a relief. They processed our ID’s and eventually left. What an experience,” Garrison wrote.

It appears Big Brother is well and truly here… and he's watching you!

US changed flight plans for B-52 bombers to avoid Korean Peninsula

The US, South Korea and Japan agreed this week to shift a planned flight of at least two nuclear-capable B-52 bombers so they would not fly over the Korean Peninsula, according to two US defense officials.

The decision was made in the wake of North Korea's objection to US military exercises in the region and a suggestion from Pyongyang that the upcoming summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump could be at risk.


HAPPENING NOW: Tragic Injury Of Innocent Victim

(Reuters) May 16th, 2018

A man was injured in a freak accident behind his house. Reports have surfaced that he was carrying a lawn chair to his back porch from the garage, unable to see where his feet were stepping, resulting in his right foot slamming against a brick that was partially buried along the side of his walkway.

'I had no warning" said the victim, wiping back tears from his eyes, "out of the blue, my big toe hit the brick, and I think it might be broken."

The injured man's name is Rodney Atwater, a retired jack of all trades who lives in the suburbs of a large city.

"This is so unfair" he said, "I didn't do anything to deserve this, and Look At Me Now. I can't believe I had to endure this."

The House of Representatives is now considering legislation mandating that every yard in America must now be retrofitted with warning signage, ensuring no one else will have to suffer this miserable fate.

"This can't be the first time this has happened, but if I can help it it will be the last." said congressman Leonard Finglestein during call from his Washington office. "We don't intend on letting the citizens of this great country continue being unjustly injured like this, and this is a priority no matter how much it costs."

There has been one previous thread about this article.

Court dismisses ex-Fox News host's lawsuit against network

A lawsuit leveled against Fox News by one of the network's former hosts was thrown out in a New York federal court on Friday.

Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District Court in New York concluded that former "The Five" and "Outnumbered" co-host Andrea Tantaros did not present adequate evidence to back up her 2017 claims, which included allegations that malware was installed on her personal computer, that she was wiretapped by the company, and that she and other female on-air talent were recorded on video while getting undressed.

“Plaintiff’s amended complaint is based primarily on speculation and conjecture,” Daniels wrote.


Final results confirm win for anti-American bloc of Moqtada al-Sadr in Iraqi elections

A political bloc led by populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a long-time adversary of the United States who also opposes Iranian influence in Iraq, has won the country's parliamentary election, the electoral commission said on Saturday.

Mr Sadr himself cannot become prime minister as he did not run in the election, though his bloc's victory puts him in a position to have a strong say in negotiations. His Sairoon electoral list captured 54 parliamentary seats.


Markets Right Now: Mixed finish for US stocks on Wall Street

It was a mixed finish on Wall Street as declines in banks and technology companies offset gains elsewhere in the market.

Citigroup lost 2.2 percent Friday, and chipmaker Intel fell 2.4 percent.

Industrial companies rose. Deere jumped 5.7 percent after forecasting strong equipment sales for the current quarter.

Campbell Soup plunged 12.4 percent after cutting its profit forecast and saying its CEO was retiring immediately.

The S&P 500 index lost 7 points, or 0.3 percent, to 2,712.


US plans to provide several million dollars for Ebola outbreak in Congo

The United States is also sending personnel from the CDC and equipment from the USAID.


All Chile's 34 bishops offer resignation to Pope over sex abuse scandals

All of Chile's 34 Roman Catholic bishops have offered Pope Francis their resignations in the wake of a child sex scandal and cover-up.

They asked forgiveness from victims and the Church for their "grave errors and omissions".

It was not immediately clear whether the Pope had accepted the resignations.

He had been criticised in Chile for his decision to ordain a bishop who is accused of covering up sexual abuse committed by a priest.

He said in January that he felt "pain and shame" over the scandal, which has rocked the Catholic Church in Chile.


Two weeks on, Hawaii residents look for 'normalcy' amid ash, lava

Two weeks after fountains of lava and poisonous gas from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano forced hundreds of people to flee their homes in the middle of the night, things were only getting worse for residents on Friday following one of its largest eruptions and worst sulfur emissions.

As Kilauea simmered on Friday, oozing lava from 22 fissures on its eastern flank, residents of Pahoa on the Big Island, some wearing ash masks, hunkered down in shelters and waited for an expected resumption of major eruptions.

The first evacuations came before dawn on May 3, when the volcano began its current cycle of eruptions and earthquakes.


Tidal investigates data breach, denies report it faked streams

>A Norwegian newspaper says Tidal inflated streaming numbers for Beyonce and Kanye albums.

Music streaming service Tidal said Friday it's investigating a potential data breach after a Norwegian newspaper said it obtained internal documents from the company.

The announcement comes as Tidal faces a report from the newspaper that the streaming service manipulated data on the number of plays artists got, altering royalty payments.


Trucking company owner 'saddened' by fatal school bus crash

The owner of a trucking company whose dump truck collided with a school bus on a New Jersey highway said Friday he's "deeply saddened" by the accident that killed a student and teacher and injured more than 40 other people.

In brief comments to The Associated Press at his office, Mendez Trucking owner Juan Munoz called the wreck a terrible tragedy.

Munoz didn't comment on details of the accident, which occurred Thursday morning on Interstate 80 in western New Jersey. He referred questions to his attorney, who released a statement saying the company is "deeply saddened by this tragedy."


Top Intel Dem warns Republicans: Don't try to out FBI source

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) warned Republican lawmakers on Friday not to expose the identity of top-secret FBI informant, saying that to do so would be "irresponsible" — and potentially illegal.

"It would be at best irresponsible, and at worst potentially illegal, for members of Congress to use their positions to learn the identity of an FBI source for the purpose of undermining the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in our election," Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a statement.


Trump takes on Planned Parenthood with ban on abortion counseling at federally funded clinics

The Trump administration on Friday took aim at Planned Parenthood by announcing plans to resurrect a rule banning federally funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion with patients.

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that the administration is simply recognizing "that abortion is not family planning. This is family planning money."

An administration official told Fox News that the Department of Health and Human Services officially filed the rule with the Office of Management and Budget on Friday.


In blow to Speaker Ryan, conservatives torpedo farm bill and put immigration front and center

In a major blow to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Republican leaders failed to garner enough votes for a sweeping GOP farm bill amid a revolt from hardline conservatives who opposed the bill over an unrelated immigration fight.

Friday's 198-to-213 vote was an embarrassing defeat for Ryan, R-Wis., who had championed the farm bill as a major step toward welfare reform but saw that GOP priority squelched by members of his own Republican conference. Thirty Republicans, conservatives and moderates alike, voted against the House leadership bill, along with all 183 Democrats who were present.


Airliner with 110 aboard crashes in Cuba, 3 said to survive

A 39-year-old airliner with 110 people aboard crashed and burned in a cassava field just after taking off from the Havana airport Friday, leaving three survivors in Cuba’s worst aviation disaster in three decades, officials said.

The Boeing 737 went down just after noon a short distance from the end of the runway at Jose Marti International Airport while on a short-hop flight to the eastern city of Holguin.

Firefighters rushed to extinguish the flames that engulfed the field of debris left where Cubana Flight 972 hit the ground.


Ten killed in Texas school shooting after attacker 'walks into art class and opens fire'

At least 10 people have been killed at a school in Santa Fe in Texas after an armed student burst into an art class and opened fire.

Nearly all of those killed were fellow pupils in what is believed to be the 22nd school shooting of the year in the US.

The suspect, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, appeared by video link in court on Friday evening when he was denied bail. He was shackled and wore a green jumpsuit, speaking in a quiet voice as he answered questions.


Moments After Texas Shooting CNN Spread Fake News Statistics Pushing Gun Control

CNN has acknowledged almost zero moral boundaries, but their continued desire to embarrass themselves by propagating fake news statistics within just minutes of the school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas on Friday is borderline disturbing.

CNN’s own National Security Correspondents Jim Sciutto and White House Correspondent Sara Murray simultaneously engaged in what appears to be coordinated ignorance and fake news, tweeting that the total school shootings for the year have now reached the 22, despite that claim being wholly inaccurate.

Trump Says Feds Put A Double Agent In His Presidential Campaign

The witch hunt against President Trump being lead by special counsel Robert Mueller is part of a larger effort to discredit and take him down by any means possible. We can trace this effort as far back as 2016 where it started with wiretaps on the Trump presidential campaign approved by the Obama administration.

Santa Fe Shooting Suspect Posted Facebook Photo Wearing “Born to Kill” Shirt

More information and facts about the student charged in the school shooting at Santa Fe High School are emerging now including the telling detail that he posted an image on Facebook of himself wearing a “Born to Kill” shirt. He also used his father’s shotgun and pistol in carrying out the horrific shooting that claimed the lives of 10 people while wounding 10 others.

17 yr old Texan gives GF his snapchat PW,she finds CP,he gets 40 yrs prison time

A Texas teenager gave his friend the information to log into his Snapchat account last year — and what she found got him a 40-year prison sentence Tuesday, prosecutors say.

Oscar Alamillo Solis, then 17, had given the 15-year-old girl his password so she could help him keep a Snapchat “streak” going, she told police.

“Streaks” on the photo- and video-swapping app start to build up when users send each other Snaps every day. But failing to send a message for a single day can end a hard-earned “streak” that’s been going on for weeks, months or even years.

The 15-year-old friend logged into Solis’ Snapchat account during the last period of the day at her suburban Dallas high school in February 2017 and happened to open his private “memories” section, she told police. That’s where she discovered something disturbing: Still photos and videos of a male sexually assaulting a little girl had been saved to the account — and it looked like the abuser was Solis, according to a police report. The victim was just 6 years old, police said.

Then police in Lufkin, Texas, went to Solis' high school around noon March 2 to interview him. Solis confessed that he’d assaulted the girl and recorded footage the abuse, saving it to his Snapchat account, according to police.

Solis was arrested and taken to the Angelina County Jail. Several days after his arrest, Solis was released on $100,000 bail, KTRE reports.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Solis to 40 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography and aggravated sexual assault of a child, according to court records. Solis is now 18, and his plea means he has no right to appeal.

Probation is not appropriate in this case,” Assistant District Attorney Ken Dies told the judge, according to the Lufkin Daily News. “The destruction he has wrought leaves no other option. The number of years I leave to your experience.”

Lufkin police had compared Solis’ driver’s license picture with images from his Snapchat account to confirm he was the person using it, court records said. Detectives learned from Solis that the assault happened in December 2016.

The young abuse victim is scared to be anywhere without her mother and requires counseling after the sexual assault, her mother said. The girl requires so much additional care that the mother had to quit school, the Lufkin Daily News reports.

Nearly every day, Angelina County authorities look into a case of sexual assault against children, according to Dies. There were a total of 270 cases investigated in the county in 2017 alone, he said.

That's led some who work in local law enforcement to call Angelina County the “Bermuda Triangle of Sexual Assault,” Dies said.

Dies added that he thinks the judge's sentence for Solis was fitting.

White supremacist on trial for Downing Street speech

>An alleged white supremacist has gone on trial accused of stirring up racial hatred in a "character assassination" during which he blamed Jews for both World Wars and the Kray twins.

>Bedford-Turner peddled conspiracy theories that Jews control the banks and the media and are determined to achieve world domination, the prosecutor said.

Iceland dumps proposed ban on male circumcision

After a three-month national debate and lobbying from all over the world, a parliamentary committee in Iceland has shelved a proposed ban on male circumcision. The penalty for performing or organising a circumcision would have been a sentence of up to six years in prison.

The ban was proposed in February by Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir of the Progressive Party in the Althing, Iceland’s parliament. She described her bill as an attempt “to protect the interest of the child”. Circumcision of females had already been banned, she reasoned, why not of males? “Every individual, it doesn’t matter what sex or how old… should be able to give informed consent for a procedure that is unnecessary, irreversible and can be harmful,” she declared. “His body, his choice.”

Incredibly, Ms Gunnarsdóttir failed to consult Iceland’s tiny Jewish and Muslim communities and did not anticipate the uproar that ensued. “I didn’t think it was necessary to consult,” she told The Independent. “I don’t see it as a religious matter. Jews are welcome in Iceland. But this is about child protection and children’s rights. That comes first, and before the religious rights of the adult.”

Icelanders were divided. Polling showed that 50 percent favoured the bill and 37 percent opposed it, with the remainder undecided. Local religious leaders campaigned against it.

Some inconsistencies emerged. Intersex children are routinely operated upon, but without their consent. The bill cited the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child but Iceland has sometimes deported children born in Iceland without respecting their rights.

The bill appears to have sunk because lobbyists successfully stoked fears of religious discrimination. “The impact of this would be felt far beyond Iceland’s borders,” said a letter from the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs. “This move would make Iceland the first and only European nation to outlaw circumcision. While Jewish and Muslim populations in Iceland may be small, your country’s ban would be exploited by those who stoke xenophobia and antisemitism in countries with more diverse populations.”

White woman defends self from attackers with karate

Forfar karate-kicking woman sees attackers jailed

A woman who used her karate skills in self-defence after being assaulted on the way home from a Forfar nightclub has seen her attackers jailed. Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam followed Kelly Soutar, 29, to a park where she used her martial arts ability to punch, headbutt and kick the men. The pair have been jailed for three years each and face deportation to their native Bangledesh after serving their sentences. Both say they are political refugees.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard how the pair stood outside the Royal nightclub in Forfar, staring at Ms Soutar, before the incident on 17 September last year. CCTV footage showed her walking home, with the men following her about 200 yards behind. She waited in a built-up area, thinking they had given up, and left before continuing her journey. Islam, 28, then approached Ms Soutar in a car park and Smekramuddin, 59, leapt over a wall and grabbed her.

After the three-day trial Ms Soutar, a brown-belt in karate, said: "The younger one came towards me and I kneed him in the groin. When he came towards me again I punched him in the face. "At that point the guy who was holding me pushed me to the ground so I was flat on my stomach and the other one had come in and was breathing on my head. "I lifted my head. I don't which of the two I connected with but I just struggled."

Ms Soutar fled to a friend's house after the attack where she called the police. Since then she has suffered panic attacks and struggles to go out on her own. A jury found both men guilty of assault, with the intent to rape charged deleted.

Trump Fires Shots at Sanctuary Cities and Illegal Aliens: “These Aren't People, They're Animals”

President Trump has ramped up the war of words against sanctuary cities and illegal aliens in America, on Wednesday saying, "These aren't people. These are animals."

The comments, as expected, have liberals virtue signaling all across social media in an effort to depict the President as being “bigoted,” but as usual, those same Democrats have little at all to say in response to the murders, rapes, molestation, and kidnappings of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens.

Woman Forced To Endure Unthinkable

USA Today-

Eyewitnesses have reported that it woman's important appointment had to be delayed after she was caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella.

"I was walking from the parking lot to the office where I was scheduled for an appointment but, and all of the sudden it started raining on me.", said Susan Handicrotch during a phone interview.

"This is so unfair. I didn't do anything to deserve this, and now look at me. My clothes are soaked and my shoes are waterlogged."

Meteorologist have been studying this phenomenon, where clouds, which at first appear to be made out of cotton, are actually made out of millions of tiny droplets of water. "We found evidence that these clouds can become so full of water that the droplets join together and fall to the ground." Said Derek Dopplerfodder, Chief Meteorologist at Washington's Center For Atmospheric Anomalies Research.

Witnesses claimed Mrs. Handicrotch panicked and began removing her shoes as News Crews arrived with video equipment to capture the entire horrific event. "They just stood there pointing cameras at me, as I was forced to run across the street." said Handicrotch.

Careful analysis of the video indicates that the woman was hit by 734 drops of water. "I was there and I saw the entire thing", said an eyewitness. "It was 812 drops of water, not 734."

An investigation has begun into the inconsistencies regarding exactly how many drops of water actually landed on Mrs. Handicrotch. The eyewitness, who preferred to remain anonymous told reporters, "They need to invent something that you can hold by a handle, with a canopy that can go over your head. She was fat and unattractive, but at least you could see her nipples through her blouse."

At last report, newsroom teams are reviewing the video to examine the blouse more closely.

Depression rates among youth in U.S. higher than ever

FRIDAY, May 11, 2018 – Americans are fast becoming a very depressed lot.

New research shows there's been a sharp spike in cases of major depression in the United States in recent years, especially among teens and millennials.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association analysis of medical claims data showed that the overall rate of major depression was 4.4 percent and that diagnosis rates rose 33 percent between 2013 and 2016. Those rates increased 63 percent among teens and 47 percent among millennials.

Diagnosis rates in 2016 varied by as much as 300 percent between states, from a high of 6.4 percent in Rhode Island to lows of 2.1 percent in Hawaii and 3.2 percent in Nevada.

Diagnosis rates differed by as much or more than 400 percent among cities, from a high of 6.8 percent in Topeka, Kan., to lows of 1.5 percent in Laredo, Texas, and 2 percent in McAllen/Edinburg/Mission, Texas.

Women were twice as likely to be diagnosed with major depression than men, 6 percent vs. 3 percent, according to the health insurance company's Health of America Report, released Thursday.

People with major depression are nearly 30 percent less healthy, on average, than those without depression. Eighty-five percent of people with major depression have one or more other serious chronic health conditions, and nearly 30 percent have four or more other health conditions, according to the report authors.

People with major depression also use health care services more than those without a depression diagnosis, resulting in significantly higher health care spending – about $10,673 compared to $4,283.

"Major depression diagnoses are growing quickly, especially for adolescents and millennials," said Trent Haywood, senior vice president and chief medical officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

"The high rates for adolescents and millennials could have a substantial health impact for decades to come. Further education and research is needed to identify methods for both physicians and patients to effectively treat major depression and begin a path to recovery and better overall health," Haywood said in a association news release.

One mental health expert offered some possible explanations.

"It is possible that the increased rates of depression in adolescents are related to a combination of increased electronics use and sleep disruptions in already vulnerable individuals," said Dr. Karyn Horowitz, a psychiatrist affiliated with Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital in East Providence, R.I.

"Increased use of electronics, video games more commonly in boys and social media/texting more commonly in girls, can lead to increased conflict both within the home and with peers," she said in the release.

"In preliminary literature, high users of social media have been linked with higher rates of social isolation than low users," Haywood said. "It is important to further explore this relationship."

Manlet Daily News Brief

Study: Being tall is a positive trait for white men; For black men, not so much

>Height, especially for men, is typically associated with confidence, competence and health. But according to researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's social psychology department, those positive perceptions are only skin deep.

>According to a study published in February, the professional benefits and "good" traits typically perceived in tall men are luxuries enjoyed only by white men. For black men, perceptions of attractiveness and intelligence are flipped. Being tall and black carries a connotation of incompetence and danger.


Women are attracted to men with a nice pair of long legs because they appear healthy and wealthy

>A study of almost 800 women found that they too are attracted to leg length.

>However, it’s bad news for those who take after lanky footballer Peter Crouch because women only want legs half an inch longer than average – for example, a 36in leg for a man who is 6ft tall.

>The University of Cambridge researchers suggested that men with long legs are attractive to women because they appear healthy and wealthy. Women may not realise it but their subconscious tells them men with short legs have been stunted by poverty and lack of nutrition, they said.

>Shorter-legged men are also at greater risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and dementia.


Short-man syndrome is REAL: Scientists confirm smaller men act more aggressively to make up for their lack of height

>It seems short men really do act more aggressively than their peers to make up for their small stature.

>Researchers used a money sharing conundrum, dubbed the Dictator Game, which tests how fairly individuals treat others.

>It typically consists of two individuals, with one given a quantity of money which they must offer a portion of to a rival - even if the amount is zero.

>They found that smaller men responded more aggressively when competing in the psychological test - so long as there were no repercussions.

>Scientists say this means the phenomenon, known as short-man syndrome, or the Napoleon Complex, is real.


Baste Bug People BTFO Muzzies

Muslims forced to drink alcohol and eat pork in China’s ‘re-education’ camps, former inmate claims

>Muslims were detained for re-education by China‘s government and made to eat pork and drink alcohol, according to a former internment camp inmate.

>Omir Bekali, one among perhaps a million people reportedly arrested and held in mass re-education camps, said he was detained without trial or access to a lawyer and forced to disavow his beliefs while praising the Communist Party.

>Mr Bekali, a Kazakh citizen, said he contemplated suicide after 20 days in the facility – which itself followed seven months in a prison.

>Since spring last year authorities in Xinjiang region have confined tens or even hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the camps, including some foreign nationals. One estimate put the figure at a million or more.

>A US commission called it the “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today” while a leading historian called it “cultural cleansing”.

Plane Crash In Cuba Causes Confusing Controversy

Havana, Cuba (CNN) -

A Cubana de Aviacion Boeing 737-200 with 104 people on board crashed Friday on takeoff from Havana's Jose Marti International Airport, according to Cuba's state-run television.

Three passengers were in critical condition after surviving the crash, the state-run newspaper Granma reported.

Witnesses on the ground have been reported as saying, "Granma is a weird name for a newspaper. It sounds like somebody's talking about their grandmother, not a newspaper."

State officials have responded by saying, "this is a state-run newspaper, and the name Granma has nothing to do with anybody's grandmother." Donald Trump responded by saying, "You really have to admit, when you hear that the state-run newspaper is called 'Granma', the first thing that you think of is your grandmother."

Luis DeCordoviovio, editor-in-chief at the state-run newspaper Granma lashed out angrily, "I don't care what Donald Trump says, because he's a fat stupid idiot who has sex with prostitutes like a chump, and we're not going to change the name of our newspaper no matter what he says."

Cuban Aviation officials arrived at the scene of the crash, and quickly set up a press conference. "When I first heard that our state-run newspaper was called Granma, I have to admit that I thought somebody was talking about their grandmother.", said Juan Eneptunilio, head of the aviation committee.

Families of the dead and injured passengers of the airliner have converged on the airport, and are reported to be insisting that the name Granma definitely sounds like you're talking about your grandmother, and not the name of a newspaper.

"It's awful, we are all so heartbroken over this", said a relative of one of the passengers killed in the airplane. "It's simply heartbreaking that they would name a newspaper Granma, making it sound like they're talking about somebody's grandmother."

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel was flown to the scene of the crash by helicopter, where he announced, "we used to call our grandmother 'granny', but I know a lot of people who called their grandmother 'grandma', so it's easy to understand all of the confusion."

Witnesses in the air traffic control tower reported to seeing the plane crash immediately after takeoff, and told reporters, "when I hear the name of our newspaper, I always think of a grand mal seizure, but that's just me. I understand why most people would think about their grandmother instead of a grand mal seizure."

Reports have surfaced that the pilot of the airliner, Julio Hootenanny may have been distracted during takeoff. Voice cockpit analysis will determine whether or not he and the co-pilot were arguing over the name of the state-run newspaper. "The pilot always insisted grandma is not a Cuban colloquialism for grandmother, while the copilot said he loved American culture, and couldn't help but think about his grandmother every time he heard the name of our state-run newspaper." said an air traffic controller, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Further details as they become available.

Millennials - The Spoiled Generation And The Consequences Of Historical Ignorance

America is suffering from the lack of instruction in our educational system and the most profound being history.

A poll released in April showed that two-thirds of millennials have never heard about Auschwitz.

Auschwitz was the most notorious Nazi death camp in World War II with an estimated 1.3 million killed.

It is an outrage that schools have failed to teach even the most basic historical facts to the younger generations.

The Internet and ease of access to the web have seized the teacher from the role as governor of subject content.

Attempts to 'empower' children and a lack of discipline in the classroom have promoted rising levels of violence, at home, as well as in the schools.

This garden variety explanation, combining multiple liberal talking points, demonstrates Hogg’s illiteracy regarding history.

It should be noted that Gandhi has been accused of a number of crimes and bizarre behavior, for which he is rarely held accountable: sleeping naked with young teenage girls to test his chastity, racism against the blacks of South Africa, a believer in the discriminative Caste system, a Hindu nationalist, referring to Adolf Hitler as a ‘friend’ and allowing his own wife to die from bronchial pneumonia."

Gandhi was a misogynist who believed that a woman who has been raped lost her value as a human being. He labeled women who used contraception as ‘whores’, justified the honor killing of daughters over sexual assault; to preserve a family’s honor.

Rita Banjeri, author of Sex and Power asserted that "he believed menstruation was a manifestation of the distortion of a woman's soul by her sexuality".

Gandhi had some rather warped and obsessed views regarding sex. He hated his own sexual desires and preached that sexual intercourse was bad for the health and led to bodily complaints, such as constipation. He is quoted as saying that sexual freedom would be the downfall of India’s people.

Gina Haspel Confirmed As CIA Director By Senate

Thursday, the Senate confirmed the first female leader of the CIA amid a storm of controversy regarding her past involvement in waterboarding detainees. Gina Haspel was confirmed by the Senate as the new CIA Director in a vote of 54-45 which included support from several Democratic senators. Haspel has been widely criticized for her involvement in the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, specifically waterboarding. The topic of waterboarding has made a resurgence in the public sphere recently and a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier Tim Kennedy let himself be waterboarded to prove it isn't tortured.

BREAKING NEWS: Man Injured In Freak Accident

(Reuters) May 16th, 2018

A man was injured in a freak accident behind his house. Reports have surfaced that he was carrying a lawn chair to his back porch from the garage, unable to see where his feet were stepping, resulting in his right foot slamming against a brick that was partially buried along the side of his walkway.

'I had no warning" said the victim, wiping back tears from his eyes, "out of the blue, my big toe hit the brick, and I think it might be broken."

The injured man's name is Rodney Atwater, a retired jack of all trades who lives in the suburbs of a large city.

"This is so unfair" he said, "I didn't do anything to deserve this, and Look At Me Now. I can't believe I had to endure this."

The House of Representatives is now considering legislation mandating that every yard in America must now be retrofitted with warning signage, ensuring no one else will have to suffer this miserable fate.

"This can't be the first time this has happened, but if I can help it it will be the last." said congressman Leonard Finglestein during call from his Washington office. "We don't intend on letting the citizens of this great country continue being unjustly injured like this, and this is a priority no matter how much it costs."

Sex Discrimination Victim Owed Money By Michael Avenatti’s Company Yet To Receive A Cent

Two companies controlled by Michael Avenatti have yet to pay the over $126,000 owed to a victim of sex discrimination case despite orders from a Washington state court, the victim’s lawyer told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Elizabeth Eno, a top-performing manager at Tully’s Coffee chain, was fired in July 2016 because she was pregnant, the court ruled last year, awarding her $120,000 from Tully’s two parent companies at the time: Global Baristas LLC and Global Baristas US, LLC.

But Eno has yet to see a single cent from the award, her attorney told TheDCNF on Thursday.

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Doral resident shouting 'anti Trump' rhetoric shot in police firefight at Trump National Resort

A gunman who fired shots to bring police to the Trump National Doral golf course and resort early Friday was disabled by five officers who shot him in his legs, a police chief said.

The resort is in northwest Miami-Dade County. It is owned by President Donald Trump’s privately held company; he was not on the premises during the 1:30 a.m. incident.

Arrested was Jonathan Oddi, 42, a Doral resident who was hospitalized in stable condition. The only other reported injury was to a Doral police officer who broke his wrist.

A police chief said officers were called after Oddi pointed a handgun at staff and began firing.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said Oddi appparently wanted to “engage our police officers, some type of ambush type attack, trying to lure our police officers.”

One officer from Miami-Dade police and four officers from Doral Police raced to the hotel at Northwest 36th Street and 87th Avenue and all exchanged gunfire with Oddi, Perez said.

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'Loyal to my revolution': Despite Venezuela woes, Maduro has diehard fans

Helen Blandin, a 44-year-old single mother, has seen her life crumble in tandem with Venezuela’s devastated economy.

The state employee earns the minimum wage, equivalent to around $2 a month due to a collapsing local currency. She can no longer eat meat regularly and has struggled to afford diapers and milk for her baby son.

Despite all that, Blandin will cast her vote on Sunday for leftist leader Nicolas Maduro, who she adoringly proclaimed “My president!” during a recent pro-government rally in her poor hillside neighborhood of Petare overlooking eastern Caracas.

Blandin is part of an estimated one-fifth of Venezuela’s population that political analysts and polls have identified as the bedrock of support for the “Chavismo” movement founded by late Socialist leader Hugo Chavez.

Her pain and devotion to the ruling party appear contradictory.

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Two Buses Collide at Entrance of Lincoln Tunnel, 32 Hurt

Thirty-two people were hurt when two buses collided at the Manhattan-side entrance of the center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel Friday, an accident that sent all but one of the dozens of victims to the hospital, FDNY officials said.

Port Authority says that one NJ Transit bus rear-ended another in the center tube just before 10 a.m. Eight of the 32 victims had serious injuries, but those were not believed to be life-threatening and the other injuries were minor.

FDNY says that 23 of those injured were transported to Bellevue Hospital, while the eight victims with serious injuries were taken to Lenox Hill and Mount Sinai.

According to NJ Transit, both buses originated out of New Jersey — one out of Wayne, the other out of Oradell.

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Boeing 737 crashes in Cuba with 104 people on board -state media

A Boeing 737 plane crashed on Friday shortly after taking off from Havana’s main airport, Cuban state-run media reported, adding that it was not yet known if there were any casualties.

The plane was a domestic flight going to Holguin, carrying 104 passengers, state-run TV said.

“It crashed between the locality of Boyeros and the village of Santiago de La Vegas”, state-run TV said in its midday news broadcast, referring to an area some 20 km south of Havana.

Images on TV and social media showed a large plume of black smoke above the airport. Ambulances and firefighters were rushing to the scene.

It was not immediately clear which carrier was operating the aircraft.


Trump Donates First Quarter Salary to Department of Veterans Affairs

President Donald Trump donated his first quarter 2018 salary to the Department of Veterans Affairs for their caregiver programs – including support for mental health and peer support – continuing in his tradition of donating his salary each quarter.

“As you know President Trump is deeply committed to our veterans,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders declared as she announced the donation during Thursday’s press conference. She remarked that the president is “fighting for reform and accountability at the VA.”

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PayPal buys Swedish fintech company iZettle

PayPal has announced that it is to buy the mobile payment company iZettle. The announcement came as something of a surprise, as less than two weeks ago iZettle had said that it planned to go public.

iZettle is a Swedish fintech company whose mobile card readers have proved popular with small businesses, as has its ecommerce platform. The $2.2 billion purchase is PayPal's biggest acquisition to date.

The purchase will give PayPal the opportunity to expand into the retail payment terminals business in international markets, thanks to iZettle's card readers. The company currently operates in 11 countries in Europe and Latin America, and being swallowed up by PayPal will allow it to grow into other markets.

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Google reportedly working on a HoloLens-like standalone AR headset

Augmented reality is a popular topic in smartphones today. Google has embraced this trend with ARCore and fun things like AR Stickers. Augmented reality is an overlay on top of the real world. All you need is some sort of “lens” to view it through, such as a phone camera. A step up from that is a full-blown headset. Microsoft has been working on an AR headset called HoloLens for a couple of years. A new report claims Google is working on a similar device.

The headset is reportedly being referred to as “Google A65.” It is said to be an augmented reality headset that doesn’t need to be tethered to another device with a cable. Google is working with Quanta, the maker of the Pixel C tablet, to manufacture the headset. We don’t know much else, but the report also claims Qualcomm will be the chip maker. Google is considering the Qualcomm QSC603 and QSC605, which are processors designed for “Internet of Things” devices.

The QSC603 seems to be the most likely choice at this point. The chip can output video at WQHD resolution, display 3D overlays, and supports OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulcan. In terms of connectivity, the chip has Gigabit WLAN, Bluetooth 5.1, and GPS. Production takes places on a 10nm scale. Something that Google will most definitely utilize is the processing power for AI data. The chip contains a neural processing engine that works with the Android Neural Networks API.

The report does not give any information about when we can expect to see this device. It seems too early to expect it at Google’s Fall hardware event. Are you interested in an AR headset from Google? Are you interested in AR devices in general?


Woman Who Repeatedly Ran Over Husband for Cheating Released From Prison

A Texas woman who killed her cheating husband by running him down with her car in a jealous rage has been released from prison.

Sixty-year-old Clara Harris left prison Friday after serving 15 years of a 20-year sentence in the 2002 killing of her orthodontist husband, David Harris, in the parking lot of a suburban Houston hotel.

Harris hired a private investigator after becoming suspicious of her husband, who was tracked to the hotel where he was found with his receptionist-turned-mistress.

Clara Harris fought with the woman before striking her husband with her Mercedes-Benz and repeatedly running over his body. The couple’s teenage daughter was in the car at the time.

Harris was convicted of murder in 2003.

The case drew widespread attention and led to a made-for-television movie.

Prosecutors Say 10 Tortured Children Were "Waterboarded, Shot With Crossbow"

Shocking details emerged about the 10 children who were tortured by their parents in their disgusting and filthy California home. Prosecutors submit a motion to increase bail of Ina Rogers, the 31-year-old mother of the children who was charged with nine felony counts of child abuse. Inside the motion, prosecutors revealed new details about the horrific abuse the children endured at the hands of their own parents.

Solano County Deputy District Attorney Veronica Juarez wrote in the motion, "On a continuous basis the children were getting punched, strangled, bitten, shot with weapons such as crossbows and BB guns, hit with weapons such as sticks and bats, subjected to 'waterboarding' and having scalding water poured on them." Juarez added that Rogers "knew about these incidents and assisted with the abuse herself and also failed to protect these children from this harmful and violent environment."

Malaysia - Horrifying Assault Leaves Woman With Knife Sticking Out Of Her Face (Video)

A violent assault left a 19-year-old Malaysian worker with a knife sticking out of her face. The poor woman was just getting off work when she had to cross a dark alleyway and was violently assaulted by a robber. The teen didn't give up her valuables without a fight and the attacker stabbed her several times before leaving the knife stuck in her face and fleeing.

Senate Intelligence committee confirms collusion between Trump Campaign and Russia

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump Jr. got straight to the point during the now-famous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016.

“So I believe you have some information for us,” he said, directing his attention across a large conference table to the Russian lawyer who was there, he thought, to deliver incriminating information on Hillary Clinton.

But if Mr. Trump expected a campaign-changing bombshell, he was quickly disappointed. The disparaging information about Mrs. Clinton amounted to no more than allegations of fraud in Russia by several obscure Democratic donors. The Trump campaign officials reacted with dissatisfaction, not eagerness. Both sides left disappointed.

The chasm between expectation and reality surrounding the meeting was one of the dominant themes running through more than 2,500 pages of testimony and documents released by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. The committee has been conducting one of the investigations into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russians, and the documents revealed new details about the run-up and the aftermath of what is thought to be one of the key episodes of the campaign’s interactions with Russia.

The release came on the same day that another Senate panel, the Intelligence Committee, gave bipartisan validation to a more than year-old assessment by American intelligence agencies about the Russian effort, announcing that after careful review, it agreed that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia ordered an influence campaign designed to sow discord, harm Mrs. Clinton and elevate Donald J. Trump’s candidacy.

By contrast, the disclosures by the Judiciary Committee showed just how far Republicans and Democrats have diverged since they began the bipartisan inquiry last summer.