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UK Warm Fuzzies: 18-Year-Old Muslim Girl Elected To Town Council

An 18-year-old Asian girl with a Muslim background has just become the youngest politician in the United Kingdom. Sharifah Rahman was elected to be Darlington's newest town councilor and represent the Red Hall and Lingfield ward after running against independent candidate Kevin Brack, Conservative Jonathan Dulston, Liberal Democrat Harry Longmoor and the Green Party’s Mike McTimoney.

lesbian couple beat 5-year-old son with hammer

Two women in Oklahoma were sentenced to 20 years in jail on Friday after reportedly beating a 5-year-old so badly that he suffered two strokes.

A judge in Muskogee County sentenced Rachel Stevens, 29, and her partner Kayla Jones, 26, to 20 years behind bars on charges of felony child abuse by injury and child neglect, according to court records obtained by Tulsa World.

The pair reportedly pled no contest to the charges in a plea deal agreement.

According to a police affidavit, the 5-year-old, who is Stevens' son, was locked in a room, bound up and had duct tape covering his eyes, Tulsa World reported.

The boy reportedly told investigators that his mother and her girlfriend beat him with a belt. Police also claimed in the affidavit that Stevens hit her son’s hand with a hammer and Jones “kicked him so hard in the groin that it made him bleed.”

The police investigation began after the boy was taken to a medical clinic in December 2015 for reported seizures and lesions on his face, Tulsa World said.

Because his condition was so serious, the boy was reportedly transferred to the hospital, where doctors discovered he had several broken bones and was malnourished, prompting them to call the police, the affidavit said.

While in the doctor’s care, he reportedly suffered two strokes due to trauma.

Woman gets flare to the knee in riot

>A shocking video shows the moments of agony a woman is suffering after being hit by a stray navy flare, reportedly fired from anarchists after the riots in downtown Athens. The woman can be seen screaming surrounded by firefighters who are desperately trying to extinguish the flare burning in her leg.

>Naval flares are resistant to water in order to be visible by Search & Rescue (SAR) vessels and airplanes out on the sea in case of an emergency.

>However, exactly because of this characteristic the flare couldn’t be extinguished with water or even an extinguisher and burnt out inside her leg.

>She has been rushed to surgery and the possibility of amputation has not been ruled out yet. She is in critical condition and has been placed on a life support system.

What the article fails to mention:

>Said female is a lawyer.

>Known far-left lawyer

>Pro terrorist and constantly bashes police for racism

>Is chief adviser of the minister of public safety

>Has defended in court anarchists arrested in such riots.

Say it with me:


House Democrats Introduce Five Articles of Impeachment against President Trump

A total of six Democrats have now introduced Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States of America.

Land Of The Free: Baltimore Police Investigating “Confederate Lives Matter” Facebook Posts

Someday, we’re going to have college classes detailing the methods used by the Jews to destroy our freedom of speech – by God’s grace they won’t succeed.

It’s playing out differently than in Germany (essentially written into their Constitution), and it’s different than in Britain (they used straight up legislation to create “hate speech”), but at the end of the day the final result will turn out to be the same.

In America, expect the use of the term “LEGAL PRECEDENT” to become more and more common, with charges based at first on the idea that to call out Blacks, invaders, the Killers of Christ, and various sexual deviants is tantamount to criminal harassment.

Once the ball gets rolling, you’ll see district attorneys, judges, and lawsuit lawyers jumping on the bandwagon more and more, with citations increasingly made to the original cases as justification for their suppression of rights.

Never mind the fact that many of these suspects will be held on simple one-off internet comments (not how harassment is legally defined), for it remains a basic part of human nature that many will ignore the onslaught out of a sense that as long as it only impacts trolls, nothing is being destroyed.

Washington Woman Savagely Beaten After Warning Bystanders Of A Man Fondling Himself

As Edwards left Safeway, a man pulled up in a car and fondled himself while he asked for directions. "You have to have a pretty crazy mind to go around and think that it’s OK to do something like that," Edwards added. She yelled at the driver to get lost and he drove up to another mother and child walking through the parking lot.

Edwards attempted to photograph the man's car while yelling at other customers to stay away which prompted the offender to drive off. She continued home thinking the whole ordeal was over, "The next thing I know I was waking up on the ground [before] running home. I didn’t realize I had been hit multiple times in my face."

Swedish woman raped by refugee commits suicide after prosecutor claims “lack of evidence”

A Swedish woman who was raped by a Syrian refugee in March this year has committed suicide. The horrible news was made public by Swedish investigative journalist Joakim Magnus Lamotte.

The woman chose to end her life by overdosing on her medication; she felt devastated in aftermath of her violent rape and the failure to prosecute the perpetrator exacerbated her sense of low worth. She was raped in her own apartment during the evening and according to involved Swedish investigative journalist Lamotte she reportedly told police:

“Her neighbour, Adnan, together with his friend Samir [not their real names], came to her apartment late one evening in spring. Because Angelica had taken sleeping pills, she is unsure about the exact timing, but she remembers Adnan pushing her into the bedroom, using violence to force her on her bed and holding her down and raping her. The experience is extra painful because Angelica has inserted a tampon, that is now pushed so far inside of her, that she can’t get it out normally the next day. While she is being raped, Samir is somewhere in the apartment.“ [sic]

subway woman tells "manspreader" to stop "manspreading"- gets punched in the face

>“When I asked him to give me room, he yelled ‘B–ch, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b–ches like you, f—ing c–t! You ain’t nothing, you f—ing b–ch!'”


North Korea Sentences Trump To Death

In the everlasting war of words between US President Trump’s twitter account and Kim Jung Un’s state media, a latest salvo was fired today as a North Korean editorial in the ruling (and only) political party’s newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, directed it’s anger for the day on Trump’s visit to South Korea of last week and in the swipe of a paragraph, sentenced President Trump to death.

Dare Devil Who Base Jumped Off Mount Everest Dies In Latest Jump

Ama Dablam is located near Everest, but Rozov already tackled Mount Everest itself in a previous jump Sponsored by Red Bull. Rozov wore a custom wingsuit and hit a top speed of 125 miles per hour in his record-setting jump in 2013. Just to get to the peak where Rozov would set the world record took four days of climbing in sub-zero temperatures. The base jump that put Rozov on the map and into the world record books took two years to prepare for. Just mere months later, Rozov would break his own record with an even higher jump from Mount Cho Oyu at the China-Nepal border. This jump would be from an insane altitude of 25,250 feet.

Russian Ministry Urges Heavy Prison Sentences For Importing Western Produce

Russia's Finance Ministry has proposed a law to make importing sanctioned products a criminal offense punishable by up to 12 years behind bars.

Russia imposed sanctions on products from the U.S., EU and other Western countries in 2014 in response to their sanctions over Moscow’s role in Ukraine. Sanctioned goods, however, continue to appear in the Russian market.

The proposed law would only apply to corporations and sole proprietors, not to individuals.

The illegal import of goods would be punishable by a prison term of 3 to 7 years with a fine of up to a million rubles ($17). Prison terms for organized groups importing Western produce would be as high as 7 to 12 years.

Currently, fines for illegal imports range from 2,500 rubles ($42) for individuals to 20,000 ($335) for officials and 300,000 ($5,030) for corporations.

CEO Of Disney Bob Igor Threatens EA Over Bad Battlefront 2 Pres

The controversial release of the highly anticipated sequel has been shrouded in negative press stemming from the ridiculous amount of time and money it takes to unlock the full game. One fan even did the calculations to prove how outrageous the game is saying it would take 4,528 hours of gameplay or $2,100 to unlock all the base-game content.

You Will Be Able To Smoke In Nearly 90 % Of Restaurant In Tokyo

Now they are considering a new proposal to allow smoking at larger restaurants (area of 150 square meters or less). That new policy will not apply to major chain and newly opened restaurants.

However, if this new policy passes, you may be able to smoke 90 % of the restaurant in Tokyo.

LDP has strong relationships with Tabaco industry and restaurant industry.

Since Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020, it would not be difficult to imagine this policy will become the target for severe criticism from all over the world.

On a Japanese bulletin board, one posted.

Video - Police Surprise Teacher Preparing For Sex With Student

The police had started investigating the relationship between teacher and underage student, after being notified by the boy’s parents who had found explicit pictures and messages on his phone. Miss Day later confessed to sending the boy illicit “bra and panty” pictures; in return he had sent her pictures of his genitals.

Miss Day is married to the local school’s football coach.

The Canadian County Sheriff, Mr Chris West, commented: “I’m no longer surprised by the people who commit these crimes, because predators come from all walks of life.”

“This is a classic case of a serious breach of public trust. School teachers are entrusted to protect and educate our children, not to engage in an unlawful sexual relationship with them.”

Ben Affleck Stole A Batarang And Warner Bros. Sent Him A Bill For It

The actor became noticeably tense when Colbert questioned him regarding an incident where he groped a television personality during an interview. The incident was captured on video but Affleck denied touching the woman inappropriately saying if he did it was an accident. However, during the clip, the TV personality exclaims "Yeah, he pulled that move" immediate after Affleck reached over and "squeezed" her left breast. Affleck responded, "That's a move, yeah." It would seem he was clearly aware of touching the woman's breast and even did so intentionally.

Porn Star Madison Missina: "The worst sex I've ever had is on a porn set."

Ms. Missina knew from a very young age on that all her life she would want to be a sex worker. The now 35-year-old started with massage parlors, went on to brothels and has appeared in countless adult films in the past decade. But working in porn films isn’t all she thought it would according to Madison.

“It’s quite clinical … and it’s completely void of what makes good sex good. There’s a lot of communication before we start filming, so the scenes are really good for the camera.”

“It gets quite messy … and it’s so painful. The worst sex I’ve ever had is on a porn set.”

Madison starred in more than 200 porn movies since 2012, in one year she ‘featured’ in some 55 scenes.

Disney Gay Propaganda Targets Our Kids

The Disney Channel is introducing a gay storyline for the first time in its show Andi Mack.

The channel is to set to make history when its season two premiere airs on Friday in the US.

It will see best friends Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) and Cyrus (Joshua Rush) both admit they are attracted to the same boy.

A Disney spokesperson says the show "sends a powerful message about inclusion and respect for humanity".

The statement added that the show's creator, Terri Minsky - who also made the hit Disney show Lizzie McGuire - and her team took "great care in ensuring that it's appropriate for all audiences."

more coons in cities than rural areas

I wonder if something similar happens to humans? Does this explain why technological advance sped up after the first cities were formed?

Unlike many animals, Nogs “flourished rather than receded in the face of human expansion,” Pettit points out in an article for the American Psychological Association.1 Part of the reason for their success may be that the urban environment has contributed to their intelligence. In humans, the effect is well known. Educational psychologist Walkiria Fontes has compared the cognitive abilities of rural and urban children on two metrics: crystallized intelligence, which is associated with experience, and fluid intelligence, which is the ability to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. She found that urban rich kids have the edge with both kinds of intelligence. But even poor urban students scored better than poor rural students in fluid intelligence.

City Nogs also appear smarter than their rural counterparts. Suzanne MacDonald, a comparative psychologist who studies Nog behavior at York University in Toronto, has compared the problem-solving skills of rural and city Nogs. The result? Urbanites trump their country cousins in both intelligence and ability. For the past few summers, she videotaped rural and urban racoons toying with containers baited with cat food. While both rural and city racoons readily approached familiar containers, they dealt differently with unfamiliar ones. Where rural Nogs took a long time to approach novel containers, city Nogs would attack them the moment she turned her back.

One particularly persistent urban Nog even learned to open doors leading into MacDonald’s garage, where she keeps her garbage bins. It stood up on an overturned flowerpot, and kept pulling and pushing on the round knob of the door handle with its five-digit paws until it turned. “Normally, they can’t do that, they can’t grasp and turn things very easily,” MacDonald says. “Nogs in the city are extraordinary, not only in their ability to approach things, but they have no fear, and they stick with it, they will spend hours trying to get food out of something.”

Treadwell also noted how quickly his subjects learned. “They do go around trying systematically different things around that bin, they play until something moves and then they keep working at that,” Treadwell says.

The city itself may be partly to blame. “Cities are machines for learning. They offer a maelstrom of activities,” says Harvard economist Edward Glaeser, author of Triumph of the City. “I’m sure it must be for animals as well, a range of possibilities to learn from and learn about.” Cities might have proved particularly beneficial to Nogs because of their innate boldness. MacDonald says bold and curious animals like nogs make good learners.

Bolshevist pootinist kremlin vatnik kike-owned shill RT rants against nationalist march in Poland

"Loud, racist and extreme-right activists have hijacked Poland’s Independence Day celebrations in Warsaw. United under the “We Want God” slogan, nationalist activists held banners which read “Death to the enemies of the homeland,” amongst others.

The so-called ”Independence March,” to celebrate Poland’s rebirth as a nation in 1918, was organized partly by neo-fascist groups such as National-Radical Camp (ONR), the National Movement (RN) and the All-Polish Youth (MW) groups. The nationalist rally, according to police estimates, drew a crowd of roughly 60,000 activists, with some youths wearing balaclavas.

Highlighting an important element of Polish nationalism and its strong identification with the Roman Catholic Church, thousands assembled under the theme, "We want God," as far-right activists marched through the streets of Warsaw."

NASA joins search for missing Argentine sub with 44 crew onboard



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NASA joins search for missing Argentine sub with 44 crew onboard

Published time: 18 Nov, 2017 10:39

NASA joins search for missing Argentine sub with 44 crew onboard

ARA San Juan submarine in Buenos Aires © AFP

A NASA research aircraft has reportedly joined the rescue operation to find an Argentine military submarine with 44 crew members on board not heard from since Wednesday.

The NASA P-3 Orion is hunting for the German-built submarine, the diesel-electric attack boat ARA ‘San Juan,’ a defense official told USNI News. On Friday, Argentina accepted an offer from the US for the NASA P-3 explorer aircraft to fly over the search area.

'''Trump May Move to Cripple “Church” of Scientology'''

The “church” of Scientology has long been a controversial issue as many people view it as not so much as a legitimate religious organization, but more of a wealthy cult that operates as a sort of tax haven due to its tax-exempt status.

But that may be changing in the near future, as President Donald Trump is reportedly in favor of revoking that exempt status, according to the Huffington Post.

Hollywood actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini — who left the “church” in 2013 and has since been an outspoken advocate against it — was contacted with messages in May from a Trump family friend and current official of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Lynne Patton. Patton revealed that revoking the tax-exempt status of the church was something both she and Trump were interested in.

“From the moment I saw your series I told President Trump & his family we needed to revoke their tax exempt status,” Patton messaged to Remini on May 30. “They couldn’t agree more, but please don’t publicize that yet. I want to do more due diligence on what the IRS has attempted in the past (or maybe you can enlighten me), then I’ll identify who we need to connect with again.”

Hariri meets Macron in Paris for talks on Lebanon crisis

Saad al-Hariri, who resigned as Lebanon's prime minister this month while in Saudi Arabia, arrived in Paris on Saturday for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, a statement from Hariri's press office said.

He was staying in an apartment in Paris's 8th district before heading to the Elysee Palace.

Western Union Agrees to Pay Victims of Grandmother Scam Worth $586 Million

It is estimated that at least half a million people were affected by the scam.

Repeated warnings have not exactly worked as a full deterrence as the money transfer service continued to be used by con artists as a non-traceable way to steal money from victims. The scammers managed to convince people to send money to help loved ones or pay the IRS and other dubious reasons.

Western Union has said that it is fully cooperating with the government for its goal of protecting consumers from fraud. The company also promised to reimburse the victims.

Heavy Fire Destroys Mobile Home, Propane Tanks Cooled

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — Firefighters have acted quickly to put out a heavy fire that destroyed a mobile home and approached two propane tanks in Nashua, New Hampshire.

At least half of the home was on fire when firefighters arrived early Friday.

Firefighters cooled two, 200-pound propane tanks near the home.

No one was inside at the time.

The case of the fire wasn't immediately known. The state fire marshal's office is investigating


Battered Men's Shelter Opens in Texas

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas group has opened what’s believed to be only the second shelter in the U.S. exclusively for men who are victims of domestic violence, as advocates say more men are seeking help amid changing views about male victims.

Valley Oasis in Lancaster, California, says it was the first in the U.S. to accept men into its shelter. “It created an environment where maybe for the first time for female victims and male victims that they could actually talk to members of the opposite sex that were not going to hurt them, that were not going to degrade them,” said CEO Carol Crabson, who said the shelter houses victims in cottages on its campus.

“I could just see that they were in the situation, but they didn’t have anybody that they thought they could call. In speaking with them, that was what they would tell you as well: ‘Where am I going to go? Who’s going to believe me? Here I’m a big guy, and who is going to think that I’m telling the truth?’ It just got me thinking,” Duncan said.

“They don’t have to put on a strong kind of ’I’m OK,’” she said, adding, “Their feelings can be hurt. They can be sad. They can be angry and they’re not seen as being aggressive. They can talk about how it felt to be physically hit and not feel emasculated.”

Hines said some men don’t even realize they’re being abused until they read pamphlets — mostly geared toward women — listing abuse signs. “If you are the man, that’s a very difficult process to figure out,” she said.

A 35-year-old man who spent almost three months at The Family Place’s shelter said he went there after feeling threatened by his boyfriend. Because his boyfriend didn’t physically hurt him, he said he hadn’t necessarily thought of his situation as abuse.

Bill Clinton should have resigned after Lewinsky affair, New York Democrat says

Recent news about prominent men facing allegations of sexual misconduct apparently has some Democrats reassessing the presidency of Bill Clinton.

The second-guessers include at least one Democrat who has long been considered a Clinton supporter.

On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., asserted that, in retrospect, Clinton should have resigned from the presidency after the disclosure of his extramarital affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.

Coconut crab hunts seabird. Successfully, too.

Just wanted to beat the usual crabposter to the punch.

The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is an ugly MF of a big crab, with legs up to one meter long.

> inb4 how many feet is one meter long. One foot = one crab leg = one meter. Obviously.

"A giant coconut crab has been filmed stalking, killing and devouring a seabird. It is the first time these whopping crustaceans have been seen actively hunting large, back-boned animals, and suggests they might dominate their island ecosystems.

Coconut crabs (Birgus latro), also known as robber crabs, are an imposing sight. They can weigh up to 4 kilograms, as much as a house cat. This makes them the largest invertebrates – animals without backbones – on land. The crabs live on coral atolls in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans."

Full story with video link:

> inb4 archive it, basically soylent is an archive and basically I am lazy

Flakka, drug that makes people bark and strip, wreaks havoc in Midwest, South

Otherwise normal folks suddenly running naked, screaming through the streets and breaking into homes?

That kind of bizarre and sometimes dangerous behavior has taken place in recent years in the South and Midwest – with the most recent headline-grabbing case in Missouri. Police trace it all to a synthetic substance related to bath salts that is known as “flakka.”

Flakka, whose chemical name is alpha-PVP, seemed to fall off the national radar last year after China, a key source of the substance, moved to ban its production and exportation under pressure from the United States.

UK Monk Abused Children For Decades

But since three years, it was revealed that all is not as idyllic as everyone thought as more and more stories surface about a predator called Father Thaddeus Kotik.

The monk arrived as a polish soldier after the second world war and came to the abbey in 1947, joining the very strict Cisterian order. In 1956 he became a priest and in the 70s and 80s, he welcomed many children for retreats on the island, all of whom he sexually abused.

Some of those have now come forward with horrible stories of what went on during those years.

Already in the 1990s, people tried to warn the Catholic school principals who would send classes there about the abuse that was ongoing, sending letters to the then Abbot, Father Robert O’Brien.

China Bans Katy Perry Indefinitely

Perry was recently under fire in Australia also after appearing in an ad where she tells her dog to "go chase some koalas." Veterinarian Claire Madden fired back at Perry through an interview with Courier-Mail newspaper saying, "This is just absolute ignorance from Perry and Myer. [It’s] inappropriate on so many levels. Perry is a role model to so many young people, and this just destroys all the good work we do to try to encourage people not to let their dogs come into contact with koalas."

The controversial line has since been removed from the advertisement and replaced with a new line.

Surgeon Says He Successfully Completed The First Head Transplant On A Human Corpse

Sergio Canavero is the surgeon behind claims that the first human head transplant was successfully performed on a human corpse. Next, Canavero is planning to do the controversial procedure to the first living patient, Spiridinov. The reason why the transplant on a human corpse is a breakthrough is the procedure showed that his newly developed techniques for re-connecting the spine, nerves and blood vessels to allow the two bodies to connect will work.

The operation also proved that the surgery could be done within the 18-hour target window the team has set for itself. Canavero described himself as having "realized the first human head transplant." Now his team will get to work preparing for Spiridinov's head transplant "imminently." Canavero first gained international attention with his claims to be able to successfully perform the first human head transplant and when he signed up his first patient, Spiridinov.

Canavero told a conference in Vienna, "The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done. A full head swap between brain-dead organ donors is the next stage. And that is the final step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition which is imminent."

California Shooting Survivor Describes How Passersby Refused To Help Her Bullet Riddled Children

Tiffany Phommathep gave the interview from Enloe Medical Center where she continues to recover from gunshot wounds. She describes how the gunman pulled up to her vehicle and opened fire striking her five times and two of her children. Immediately after the shooting she screamed for help from passersby and no one stopped for 40 minutes until she was finally able to flag down a passing Sheriff, "I just started screaming and I told myself I need to stay awake, I need to stay awake…It broke my heart."

Phommathep described the moments leading up to the attack, "Right before I got to the stop sign, I felt a shaking in my car and I saw in a guy in a truck pull up to me and saw him pull out his rifle." The gunman was her neighbor, Kevin Neal, and she first thought he was in a hurry to pass her but instead he pulled out his assault rifle and opened fire on her vehicle.

Phommathep was shot five times, her ten-year-old son was shot in the leg twice, her seven-year-old was shot in the foot and her two-year-old sustained injuries from glass fragments. "I decided to keep on driving to the hospital, but my body was going numb and I couldn't hear anything but when I heard my kids cry I woke myself up again," Phommathep continued.

Argentinian Navy Submarine Missing With 44 Crew, Search Underway

There was no SOS warning received from the missing submarine but local media reported the communications were knocked out by a fire. A fire on a vessel at sea can catastrophic, especially for an underwater vessel like a submarine. The missing submarine is a German-built TR 1700 class diesel-electric craft according to the Navy. It was on a routine mission from a base in Ushia near the southern tip of the continent and was heading back to its home base of Mar Del Plata when the Navy lost communication with the submarine.

The Argentinian Navy was quick to dispel notions of a disaster and assured press the missing submarine does not constitute an emergency. Admiral Gabriel Gonzalez said, "We have a loss of communications. We are not talking of an emergency." The Navy also said there are four naval ships and three planes out searching for the missing watercraft. Land-based communications are also monitoring all possible frequencies of transmission in case the submarine is trying to get a message out.

The Submarine Force Command is keeping the family of the crew informed of any developments as a naval destroyer and a helicopter are also dispatched to the last known area of the submarine. The missing submarine constitutes 1/3 of the Argentinian Navy's entire submarine force.

#Breaking: Multiple Officers Shot in Georgia, Manhunt Underway for Suspect

The Gainesville Police then returned fire on the suspect before he escaped the scene of the crime, and it remains unknown if he was hit.

An all points bulletin has now been issued on the suspect who's described as being a Hispanic male, longer hair, wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans.

Gainesville Police have also asked that all citizens remain on high alert until they can apprehend the gunman.

If you see the suspect or someone resembling him you're asked to stay inside your home and do not engage; then call the Gainesville Police Department at (770) 534-5252.

Former Foster Child Kills Woman Who Was House-Sitting in Woodbury, N.J.

The posts were met with all kinds of reactions from social media users, one woman even exclaimed, "YOU ARE TRASH." Another man commented, "You earned my vote." When it comes to his peers, they were not so forgiving.

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor condemned O'Neill's statement saying, "No words can convey my shock. This gross disrespect for women shakes the public's confidence in the integrity of the judiciary."

Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach also responded to O'Neill's crass statement tweeting to the judge, "Not only have you lost any glimpse of support from me, (you've) also lost my respect."

Mary Taylor, Republican lieutenant governor of Ohio, also tweeted at O'Neill saying, "There's a very serious conversation going on right now in this country about sexual harassment and @BillForOhio's crass post is ill-timed and dismissive at best. We have to be better than this."

Video: Asian Drunk Gets Eel Removed from Anus

We’ve all done stupid things when we’re drunk I guess, written texts to former flames, gotten into the stupidest of bets with friends or taken on ‘truth or dare’ questions which we really shouldn’t have.

Former Foster Child Kills Woman Who Was House-Sitting in Woodbury, N.J.

Wilson had the previous criminal record prior to the alleged killing including trespassing in the same house in 2016. Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton says Wilson has just gotten out of Bucks County jail for a drug conviction. He was captured on video with another man in Woodbury on the night of Carter’s murder.

Dalton says physical evidence gathered from the crime scene points to Wilson as the culprit. He added: “Physical evidence linking the defendant to the crime was found on an outside window as well as the victim’s shirt and a piece of gym equipment that was used in the murder.”

The authorities also gathered that Wilson allegedly instructed relatives to dispose of two pairs of sneakers after he was arrested in Cape May County on an unrelated issue.

It is not yet clear how the murder was fully carried out, and the motive behind the killing. It is also not clear if there are witnesses, and if they have been questioned about the incident.

Killer Robot Unveiled

Atlas, a humanoid robot developed by Boston Dynamics, is able to perform acrobatic feats well-suited for a robotic warrior of the future. The unbeatable, tireless, deathless beast can do backflips and other maneuvers which can easily tear through human flesh and snap bones and body armor like twigs.

Pentagon sources say that they will soon be deployed in active theaters of operation across the globe.

All that's needed now is to attach frickin' lasers to their heads.


Truck Driver With "F*** TRUMP" Sticker Arrested

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls threatened disorderly conduct charges against the driver for displaying the profane anti-Trump message, but it appears the driver was arrested and booked into jail on an unrelated warrant for fraud. Bail for the woman has been set at $1,500. Karen Fonseca has been identified as the driver but the truck belongs to her husband. They added the sticker to it when President Trump was sworn into office. Fonseca, 46, also revealed she used to work for the Sheriff who's image of her "F*** TRUMP" sticker went viral.

Fonseca says, "It's not to cause hate or animosity, it's just our freedom of speech and we're exercising it."

The photo of the lewd bumper sticker was taken by Sheriff Nehls himself but he was forced to take it down after receiving death threats and backlash from other social media users. He originally shared this message with the photo, "I have received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck as it is often seen along FM 359. If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you."

For $200, “Private Jet Studio” Turns You Into A “Rich Kids Of Instagram” Member

Millennials have a saying when it comes to social media fame. It’s known as ‘fake it till you make it’, meaning that whatever you see on social media isn’t necessarily true, but as long as looks true for your followers and gets you more of them, that’s what counts.

Disgrace: South Carolina Women's Basketball Team Rejects White House Invitation

The White House celebration of collegiate champions are scheduled to take place on Friday, however, one of the women’s basketball team from South Carolina will not avail itself.

Let's get the shell out of here! Hero crab tries to save the day by jumping out of a frying pan and

This is the moment a crab made a heroic dash for freedom from a hot frying pan - and somehow managed to turn off the cooker.

The crustacean was among four being prepared for a meal at a restaurant in Lianyungang inChina's Jiangsu Province, to the north of Shanghai.

Footage shows the creatures scampering around in liquid in a hot frying pan, their fate apparently sealed.

But at the last second, one of the crabs tries to save the day, using its claws to clamber out - before hitting the off switch on the electric hob that was about to cook them all alive.

Mid-Air Collision Between Helicopter And Aircraft At Rothschild Manor Leaves Four Dead

"I looked up and saw as both collided in mid-air, followed by a large bang and falling debris," the firefighter said. "I rushed in to get my car keys and en route called the emergency services, who I continued to give updates as to its whereabouts. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate the actual crash site but directed police, fire, and ambulance as best I could. Once they were on the scene, I returned home."

Seven fire engines were dispatched to the crash site in Upper Winchendon as well as a fire brigade drone to search for survivors. The crash site ended up being on the grounds of Waddesdon Manor which is managed by the Rothschild Foundation on behalf of the National Trust. Staff at the Manor helped direct emergency responders to the crash site while police cordoned it off.

One Rothschild family member who did not want to be identified said the collision missed her by five minutes as she was just picking a plant in the Wilderness Woods right before the crash. "I'm totally shocked," Rothschild said. "I heard a loud bang, which I thought was a car crash."

Satellite Finds North Korean Nuclear Submarine

In a shocking development, the arms race in the Korean seas has seen the latest swing as satellite images now confirm that North Korea is indeed very well on track to build and deploy its first operational ballistic missile submarine.

The Kikes are at it again

The kikesteins are at it again, with the pathetic and desperate post now making robo calls enticing to pay anyone willing to smear Moore's name.

How low will the Kikes go?

According to a report from Mobile, AL CBS affiliate WKRG, “at least one person” in their viewing area had received a robocall seeking “damaging information about Roy Moore.”

The robocall, captured in a voicemail recording by Creola, AL pastor Al Moore, is from a man claiming to be a Washington Post reporter by the name of “Bernie Bernstein” and offers a “reward” for “damaging remarks.”

“Hi, this is Bernie Bernstein, I’m a reporter for The Washington Post calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate Roy Moore for a reward of between $5,000 and $7,000. We will not be fully investigating these claims however we will make a written report. I can be reached by email at, thank you.”

Brothers Dead After Murder-Suicide in Northwest Harris County

According to sheriff’s deputies, two brothers were killed by suicide at their parents' house.

Arizona Pervert Found Hiding Inside Teen’s Closet With Her Photos, Underwear

A family in Phoenix came home to find their dog barking loudly at their daughter’s closet, and the father was shocked to find a man hiding inside holding his 16-year-old child’s photos, her underwear, and lotion.

20 Rushed to Hospitals after Fire Ravages Pennsylvania Senior Living Community

It’s unfortunate when fire ravages a building occupied by seniors, that’s exactly what happened in Chester County, Pennsylvania on Thursday night. The flames sent 140 residents into the cold and local shelters. Around 20 residents were also sent to local hospitals after succumbing to serious injuries.

Video: Hatch Lays Down The Law In Shouting Match Over Tax Bill

As House Republicans passed a $5.5 trillion tax bill in a major victory for the administration of President Donald Trump, Senators were already involved in some serious debating on the issue.

US Navy Admits To Drawing Penises In The Sky

Multiple people sent photos to local news station KREM 2 showing the sky drawings of male genitalia. The images were also shared on social media including Twitter by those who witnessed them. One mother who lives in Okanogan took photos of the drawings and complained about potentially having to explain the drawings to her children.

The official statement from the US Navy said, "The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable."

When local news contacted the Federal Aviation Administration in order to ascertain the identity of the pilot they were told that unless the act poses a safety risk they can do nothing about it since they "cannot police morality".

Authorities in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico have reportedly stopped a massive shipment of Cocaine that was headed into the United States of America.

Over 100 Firefighters Battle Four-Alarm-Fire in New York City

There's a massive fire raging inside the New York City neighborhood of Hamilton Heights, which has over 100 first responders from the New York City Fire Department on the scene trying to combat the blaze.

Plains Township Woman Falsely Accuses State Trooper of Rape: Charged with Two Counts

It’s funny how some women go to the very extreme of blackmailing men on the grounds of sexual assault and rape, this is a common problem that we see in nearly all societies. This deceptive trick hardly worked for a Plains Township woman who attempted to pull it on a state trooper; however, it didn’t work-out as planned.

Dutton Blusters Organize Emergency Protest Rally as Manus Defies the Siege

It’s been two weeks since hundreds turned out in Sydney' despite the rain to protest the government’s forced shut-down of the Manus Island offshore detention center which has left roughly 600 without water, power, and food.

Los Angeles Woman Dies After Undergoing Liposuction Procedure in Tijuana.

Irma Saenz (51-year-old) went into a comatose state after undergoing a liposuction procedure in Tijuana and died on Saturday.

Steve Bannon and Allies Have Second Thoughts About Roy Moore, Sources Say

Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon is keeping the door open to ditching Roy Moore as the sexual-assault allegations against the Alabama Republican Senate candidate continue to pile up.

Publicly, the Trump confidant and Breitbart chairman has stood behind Moore, who is now accused of attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl. Bannon has also railed against what he and his allies dub “fake news” and the GOP establishment for trying to push Moore out of the race.

“This is just another desperate attempt by Mitch McConnell to keep power, and it’s not going to work,” Bannon said on Monday’s episode of Breitbart News Daily. “You know, people in Alabama see through this. The good folks of Alabama are going to be able to weigh and measure this… This is an orchestrated hit from the Uniparty.”

more here:

No More Free Porn: FCC Axes Widely Abused Obamaphone Scam

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started changing its program known as Lifeline that gives discounted internet and phone service to low-income homes. The overhauling of such programs will outright affect the existing discounts on Tribal lands by widely limiting who can receive them. The change came about after the commission voted affirmatively for the amendments yesterday.

President Cop-a-Feel Confirmed as Serial Sexual Predator as Eighth Woman Steps Forward

An eighth woman has come forward with claims that former US president George HW Bush groped her.

An interpreter, whom the BBC has agreed not to name because of the sensitive nature of her job, claims Mr Bush touched her inappropriately in 2004.

The alleged incident took place at a meeting between the former president and the Spanish defence minister Jose Bono Martinez.

The interpreter has not previously spoken publicly about the incident.

Big Surprise: News Survey Shows Sexual Offenses and Fraud Skyrocketing in Sweden

Numbers indicate that Sweden is now a hotbed of crimes, ranging from sexual offenses to fraud. This can be statistically proven by a survey that indicates that 15.6 percent of Swedes suffered one or more offenses last year.

Trump admin. to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa

The Trump administration plans to allow hunters to import trophies of elephants they killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia back to the United States, reversing a ban put in place by the Obama administration in 2014, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official confirmed to ABC News today.

Even though elephants are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, a provision in the act allows the government to give permits to import these trophies if there is evidence that the hunting actually benefits conservation for that species. The official said they have new information from officials in Zimbabwe and Zambia to support reversing the ban to allow trophy hunting permits.

The Richest (((1%))) Now Own More Than 50% of the World’s Wealth

The richest 1% now owns more than half of all the world’s household wealth, according to analysts at Credit Suisse. And they say inequality is only going to get worse over the coming years, with millennials having a particularly tough time.

The Swiss bank released its latest Global Wealth Report on Tuesday, together with a statement that contained the immortal phrase, “The outlook for the millionaire segment is more optimistic than for the bottom of the wealth pyramid.”

The research showed that there are increasing numbers of dollar millionaires. This is partly because the strength of the euro has created 620,000 more of them in Germany, France, Italy and Spain (conversely, depreciating currencies in the U.K. and Japan have seen 34,000 and over 300,000 people in those countries respectively lose the status)

But almost half of the new dollar millionaires are in the U.S. itself. “So far, the Trump Presidency has seen businesses flourish and employment grow, though the ongoing supportive role played by the Federal Reserve has undoubtedly played a part here as well, and wealth inequality remains a prominent issue,” said Michael O’Sullivan, CIO for International Wealth Management at Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse expects to see a 22% rise in dollar millionaires by 2022, from 36 million to 44 million. The problem is, the numbers of adults who have less than $10,000 are expected to shrink by only 4%.

Proof: Antarctica Was Once Covered in Forests

A new discovery indicates that ancient trees were able to withstand interchanging months of pure sunlight and darkness, before falling in history's greatest mass extinction.

North Korean soldier in critical condition after being gunned down in an attempt to defect

A North Korean soldier remains in critical condition after he was shot multiple times in an attempt to defect to South Korea.

Several surgical procedures have been performed on him and he remains in critical condition, but is likely to survive, South Korea’s government and military said Tuesday.

“Until this morning, we heard he had no consciousness and was unable to breathe on his own but his life can be saved,” said Suh Uk, a South Korean military official, according to Reuters.

Suh said five bullets had been removed from the soldier’s body and it is expected two remain inside him.

Arrested Development / Transparent Star Jeffrey Tambor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Tranny Co-Star

Jeffrey Tambor (born July 8, 1944) is an American actor, voice artist, and comedian widely known for his roles as Hank Kingsley on The Larry Sanders Show (1992-1998), George Bluth Sr. and Oscar Bluth on Arrested Development (2003-), Maura Pfefferman on Transparent (2015-), Tom Manning in the Hellboy series (2004-2008) and the Mayor of Whoville in the live-action adaption of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).

Tambor was born in San Francisco, California, the son of Eileen (née Salzberg), a homemaker, and Bernard Tambor, a flooring contractor. He grew up in a Conservative Jewish family with roots in Hungary and Ukraine.

Tambor is a graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School and San Francisco State University, where he studied Acting and then went on to receive a master's degree from Wayne State University.

Florida Man uses Online Ad for Hoverboards to Lure Child Sex Victims

After he left, the pedophile then began texting the girl still trying to get her to agree to his persuasive demented fantasies.

“He began sending her some explicit photos of himself at which time she notified her parents and parents contacted police,” said Pembroke Pines Police Department Captain Al Xiques.

Once her parents contacted the Pembroke Police Department, investigators then decided to launch an undercover sting to take the child sex predator off the streets before he acts again upon another child.

Detectives then contact Perry posing as the young girl, getting him interested further in setting up a meeting between the two.

Perry responded positively to the texts, even sending nude pictures of himself to the undercover officers and asking who he thought was the young girl to come and meet him at nearby Maxwell Park.

Detectives obliged, telling Perry to meet inside of the restroom for some “privacy”, seemingly implying that there would be intimate relations there.

Off-Duty Indianapolis, Indiana Police Officer Shoots himself

The officer was working a security detail unrelated to the IMPD at Broad Ripple Village Apartments for extra cash when apparently he discharged his personal weapon as it was holstered injuring himself severely.

Emergency medical responders arrived at the scene shortly after 3 AM and transported the officer to the nearby Methodist Hospital where he's reportedly in “good condition” after emergency surgery.

“A lot of times, which is a good thing, it’s kind of boring up here. There’s not a lot going on,” said Cpt. Michael Elder, IMPD, “if it’s warmer they’ll stand outside the car, if it’s cooler they’ll sit inside the car, listen to the radio.”

Fear of Muslims Closed their Police Stations, Now Sweden is Using Microphones to Hear Screams

In fact, it actually is a war zone, where Islamic Gangs of brutal savage jihadists have complete and utter control of much of the territory.

Ancient words and Vikings would be leading a crusade right now, slaughtering the barbarians before they completely annihilate their identity; but the modern Swede does nothing but virtue signal in defense of their own genocide.

Since Järva, an incredibly Muslim populated suburb of Stockholm closed it's very late Police Station down, Sweden is now so fragile it has chosen to instead install microphones across the city “so that it can hear victims screaming” in order to respond to potential crimes that way.

I'm serious.

Sweden is lost, folks. It's lost, it's gone, and it's now a Muslim shit hole.

Sweden says that the microphones will alert them to gunshots, explosions, and of course the screams; and that's their solution to the genocide of the nation.

Kremlin Orders Russian Companies to Promote "Good News"

The Russian leadership has told major companies to supply it with news stories that put its stewardship of the country in a positive light, according to documents seen by Reuters.

A seven-page document spelled out the kind of articles required, with a focus on new jobs, scientific achievements and new infrastructure, especially those involving state support. It also detailed how the stories should be presented, and gave a weekly deadline for submissions.

The drive coincides with the run-up to a presidential election in March next year when President Vladimir Putin needs a strong mandate with high turnout to maintain his firm grip on power after dominating Russian politics for two decades.

A spokesman for Kiriyenko did not respond to a request for comment. The energy ministry also did not respond, nor did Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Reuters sent requests for comment to the biggest five companies out of the 45, by market value - state-owned oil major Rosneft, state-owned gas giant Gazprom, private oil companies Lukoil and Surgutneftegaz, and private gas firm Novatek. No responses were received.

The Kremlin’s biggest headache with the election, scheduled for next March, is ensuring a strong turnout, say many political analysts.

With the economy weak and many people viewing the result as a foregone conclusion, voters may be tempted to stay away from polling stations. A low turnout could undermine Putin’s legitimacy in his next term, the analysts say.

Maddox files lawsuit against Patreon and Dick Masterson

Maddox files lawsuit against Patreon and Dick Masterson

Maddox, better known as the King of Cucks as seen in the attached image, has filed a lawsuit against Patreon, as well as internet satirist and troll Dick Masterson asking for $20 million USD in damages. He even goes as far as to trying to sue fans of his work who posted negative reviews of his newest book (and failure).

Read the lawsuit here:

Manhunt Underway for Pedophile Rapist and Sodomite in Utah facing 39 Sex Crimes

According to Police 43-year-old, Destry Stewart is facing multiple charges of both forced rape and sodomy and was supposed to appear in a Beaver County courtroom before he vanished to evade justice.

Law enforcement agencies also warn the general public that Stewart is known to own multiple firearms and should be considered both armed and dangerous.

According to the Beaver County District Attorney, Destry Stewart is facing a whopping 39 counts including one charge of rape, two charges of forcible sodomy, two charged of object rape which are first-degree felonies, thirty-two charges of forcible sexual abuse which are all second-degree felonies, and two charges of unlawful conduct with a 16-year-old which is a third-degree felony.

The family of Destry Stewart, however, disputes the charges against the man, saying that the police are wrong and “giving false information to the public”.

Yael Kushner Has Her Filthy Little Hands All Over Daddy's Russian Real Estate Dealings

Exclusive: How an alleged fraudster in Panama, working with Donald Trump's daughter, helped make Trump's first international hotel venture a success. The broker was in business with a money-launderer and two criminals from the former Soviet Union.

In the spring of 2007, a succession of foreigners, many from Russia, arrived at Panama City airport to be greeted by a chauffeur who whisked them off in a white Cadillac with a Donald Trump logo on the side.

The limousine belonged to a business run by a Brazilian former car salesman named Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, who was offering the visitors a chance to invest in Trump’s latest project – a 70-floor tower called the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower.

A Reuters investigation into the financing of the Trump Ocean Club, in conjunction with the American broadcaster NBC News, found Nogueira was responsible for between one-third and one-half of advance sales for the project. It also found he did business with a Colombian who was later convicted of money laundering and is now in detention in the United States; a Russian investor in the Trump project who was jailed in Israel in the 1990s for kidnap and threats to kill; and a Ukrainian investor who was arrested for alleged people-smuggling while working with Nogueira and later convicted by a Kiev court.

Three years after getting involved in the Trump Ocean Club, Nogueira was arrested by Panamanian authorities on charges of fraud and forgery, unrelated to the Trump project. Released on $1.4 million bail, he later fled the country.

The Bitfinex Dilemma: Blow up now, or try a Hail-Mary to retain in business

>On April 3rd, 2017, just two days before Bitfinex was about to file a major lawsuit against Wells Fargo (which bitfinex admitted was frivolous), they announced that they had ‘paid back’ all of their tokens.

>They successfully convinced token holders into buying equity, and they printed enough Tethers to pay off the remaining holdouts (which they could only withdraw by buying Bitcoin…further inflating prices)

>Just as they said they ‘paid back’ their tokens, Wells Fargo, the last bank willing to process their transactions, cut off all services on March 23rd.

>Bitfinex essentially had the rug swept up from under them. An exchange is completely dead without banking. It’s a water park with no water. A movie theater with no movies. A peanut butter jelly sandwich with no peanut butter or jelly. A nothingburger.

>They essentially had two options.

>Option 1. Shut down the exchange until they re-establish banking, process USD withdrawals via their “settlement” setup with their lawyers. Shareholders go into panic mode, lose market share to legitimate exchanges, end result, exchange dies, shareholders who converted their debt to equity… bag holders.

>Option 2. Fraud. Start artificially inflating the price of bitcoin to influence a mania while trying to re-acquire banking, ensure that the price of Bitcoin NEVER falls so that new money is always trying to come into the exchange and they can process some withdrawals to keep some people happy.

>Use any means possible to ensure prices never fall.

tl;dr Bitcoin soars to a market price of $8000; however many trades are conducted with USDT (U.S Dollar Tether), a digital representation of U.S Dollars which can be created and issued at the discretion of a company. This company has no obligation to redeem USDT and it is unclear who their banking partner is.

Christ painting by Leonardo da Vinci sells for record $450M

A painting of Christ by the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci sold for a record $450 million (380 million euros) at auction on Wednesday, obliterating previous records for artworks sold at auction or privately.

The painting, called "Salvator Mundi," Italian for "Savior of the World," is one of fewer than 20 paintings by Leonardo known to exist and the only one in private hands. It was sold by Christie's auction house, which didn't immediately identify the buyer.

Keystone Pipeline Leaks 800k Liters Oil In South Dakota

The leak (which happened some 25 miles south of its Ludden pump station on a right-of-way) couldn’t have come at a worse time, just as Nebraska Public Service Commission is set to vote on the Keystone XL project, the last major regulatory hurdle which needs to be cleared for the $8 billion project to go ahead.

If accepted, it would mean an 830,000-barrel expansion could run through the state of Nebraska.

TransCanada explained that they had discovered the leaking as early as 6 am on Thursday when their check systems have detected a drop in pressure on the pipe.

Mr. Warren Mabee, Director of the Institute of Energy and Environmental Policy, employed by Queens University, stated that the size of the spill is "bigger than the averagely sized spill in most years in Canada, but when it happens four days before they go into a review that becomes a real problem,"

Video - American 19-Year-Old Model Sells Virginity for $2.5million

The American model, who put her innocence up for sale with Cinderella Escorts, says she wanted to do it so she can pay for tuition fees and go traveling.

She said: “I would never have dreamed that the bid would rise so high and we would have reached 2.5 million dollars. This is a dream come true.”

“I think the trend to sell your virginity is a form of emancipation and I am shocked about people who are against allowing a woman to sell her virginity. If I want to spend my first time with someone who is not my first love, that’s my decision.”

Giselle further states that she’s “happy to be part of this new trend” which “finally breaks the taboo about a woman’s virginity”.

The teenager explains in the video accompanying her profile that selling her virginity was her own idea.

Congress Spent $17 Million Paying For Its Sexual Harassment Settlements

The Congressional Office Of Compliance (OOC) released a year-by-year breakdown Wednesday of harassment settlements, including the $17 million awarded to victims throughout the past decade.

The OCC said it decided to release the information regarding payment of awards and settlements regarding all types of harassment due to the mass amounts of recent inquiries. In the released statement, OCC executive director Susan Tsui Grundmann explained that these cases originate from multiple offices inside of the legislative branch, other than the House or the Senate.

Atlanta Mother Pumping Gas Sees Her SUV Being Stolen With Her Baby Inside

Meghan Holmes said it all happened so fast. She was pumping gas around 7 p.m. on Sunday on a busy BP gas station at Ponce de Leon and Piedmont avenues in midtown Atlanta. Two strangers walked up to her asking for directions. Seconds after, two other suspects drove up in a stolen silver SUV.

As Holmes continued talking with the strangers and getting a bit distracted in the process, one of the guys got off the vehicle and went inside her car and started driving it.

Holmes said at that point all she could do was to scream and cry. She said: “Everything passes in your head. My kid is in a car with a stranger and I have no idea where that car is going. I have no idea what’s going to happen to my kid.”

It was a form of relief for her that the suspects decided to leave her SUV along 5th Street nearby. Police found her son thankfully unharmed.

Apple Served With Search Warrant In Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

Authorities examining the worst mass shooting in modern Texas history say that any help they could get from Apple, in this case, would be welcome.

Apple’s policy regarding iCloud content has since then changed and now states that material may be provided to law enforcement agencies if they obtain search warrants.

However, when it comes to unlocking iPhones, Apple has famously clashed with the FBI in the past.

In a stark reminder to the San Bernardino terrorist attack, where the FBI wanted Apple to create and electronically sign new software that would enable them to unlock the iPhone 5C it had recovered from one of the shooters who killed 14 people and injured 22 in a terrorist attack, US authorities are now waiting to see if Apple will be more helpful in this case.

At the time, the month-long dispute was finally resolved when the FBI announced it had found a way itself to access the phone and would not need Apple’s help anymore.

MGTOW: Bride Kills Husband and 15 Others with Poisoned Milk

A newlywed woman in Pakistan has been arrested on suspicion of killing her husband and at least 14 of his relatives with poisoned milk.

Senior police official Owais Ahmad confirmed that Asiya Bibi had been charged with murder. A man alleged to be her lover, and his aunt, have also been arrested.

Muzaffargarh police told BBC Urdu 15 people had died, while a further eight were in hospital in the nearby city of Multan.

The death toll has been rising since last Thursday, when the tainted drinks were first served and eight people initially died.

US to Remove Sudan from Terror Blacklist as It Vows to Cut Ties with NoKo

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said: “We are prepared to continue discussions with the government of Sudan on this issue… and to engage with them on all that would be required to have them removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.”

The current blacklist includes Sudan, Syria, and Iran.

Sullivan is on a two-day visit to Khartoum to discuss human rights and religious freedoms in the African country. Sullivan is the highest-ranking official from Trump’s administration to visit Khartoum since the U.S. lifted its 20-year-old trade embargo on October 12.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said the lifting of sanctions by the U.S. was a “crucial step” to improve Sudan’s ties with Washington. Ghandour also assured Sullivan that Sudan will cut ties with North Korea by ensuring they will have no trade or military relations with Kim Jong-un-ruled country. He also urged North Korea to remain free of nuclear weapons.

Ghandour also gave assurances that Khartoum is committed to following all resolutions passed by the UN Security Council against the isolated North Korea.

Papa John’s Surrendered To The Left This Week

A business owner expressing concern that left-wing activism hurts the company’s earnings is apparently a grave offense nowadays.

Papa John’s issued a lame apology Tuesday after the pizza chain was criticized for its CEO, John Schnatter, claiming the NFL national anthem protests were hurting his company’s sales. Papa John’s is a major sponsor of the football league, and that designation has come with consequences.

“The NFL has hurt us,” Schnatter said during an earnings call earlier this month. “We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this. Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership.”

That simple assertion drew intense criticism from left-wing media outlets and activists.

Breaking: Massive Fire Engulfs Senior Living Home Near Philadelphia, At Least 20 Injured

A massive fire engulfed a senior living home outside of Philadelphia late Thursday night and emergency responders are scrambling to remove patients from the huge facility. The massive fire took place at Barclay Friends Senior Living Community in West Chester, Chester County.

Revealed: Eight email mistakes which are bugging your colleagues

>Industry study reveals the things you should never do in a work email.

A staggering 92.6% of Brits think there are certain things you should never write in a work email, with the sending of inappropriate content, kisses and not addressing people correctly, taking the lead, according to a new industry survey.

In its recent poll of 1,100 UK workers, jobs website CV-Library found that with email communication seemingly taking over face-to-face interaction, around 17.1% of respondents admitted to receiving up to 80 emails each working day.

And while 73.2% said that they always remain professional no matter who their emails are being sent to, the study did highlight the eight email mistakes which workers think you should never do.

Coolio and porn star Cherie Deville announce 2020 presidential run

>DeVille says she wants to "make America f**king awesome again".

Adult actress Cherie DeVille has announced that she's running for president of the United States in the 2020 election cycle – with Gangsta's Paradise rapper Coolio as her running mate. DeVille, who has starred in films such as The Booty Movie 6 and Girls Kissing Girls 20, has suggested she'd like to run as a Democrat.

"If our criteria now for becoming a political official is minor celebrity, I have that," DeVille told The Hill in an lightly veiled barb at incumbent president Donald Trump. Though Trump pulled off an impressive upset to win the election in 2016, his attempt at reelection in 2020 could end up an even more surprising feat.

Controversy over First Marijuana Overdose Death in Colorado

The two doctors co-authored a case report that was published in the Journal of Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine. Doctors Thomas Nappe and Christopher Hoyte worked on the baby’s care as part of their duties at the regional poison control center.

They allege that damage to the child’s heart muscle, which was listed as the boy’s cause of death, was brought on by ingesting marijuana.

“The only thing that we found was marijuana. High concentrations of marijuana in his blood. And that’s the only thing we found,” Hoyte said. “The kid never really got better. And just one thing led to another and the kid ended up with a heart stopped. And the kid stopped breathing and died.”

Suicidal Children Recover Within Days of Being Separated from their Migrant Parents

For nearly two decades Sweden has been battling a mysterious illness. Called Resignation Syndrome, it affects only the children of asylum-seekers, who withdraw completely, ceasing to walk or talk, or open their eyes. Eventually they recover. But why does this only seem to occur in Sweden?

When her father picks her up from her wheelchair, nine-year-old Sophie is lifeless. In contrast, her hair is thick and shiny - like a healthy child's. But Sophie's eyes are closed. And under her tracksuit bottoms she wears a nappy. A transparent feeding tube runs into Sophie's nose - this is how she has been nourished for the past 20 months.

Sophie and her family are asylum seekers from the former USSR. They arrived in December 2015 and live in accommodation allocated to refugees in a small town in central Sweden.

As more Swedes began to worry about the consequences of immigration, these "apathetic children", as they were known, became a huge political issue. There were reports the children were faking it, and that parents were poisoning their offspring to secure residence. None of those stories were proven.

It remains the case that children from particular geographical and ethnic groups are the most vulnerable: those from the former USSR, the Balkans, Roma children, and most recently the Yazidi. Only a tiny number have been unaccompanied migrants, none have been African, and very few have been Asian. Unlike Sophie, the children affected have often been living in Sweden for years, speak the language and are well-adjusted to their new, Nordic lives.

So how can an illness respect national boundaries? There is no definitive answer to that question, says Sallin, who is researching Resignation Syndrome for his PhD. "The most plausible explanation is that there are some sort of socio-cultural factors that are necessary in order for this condition to develop. A certain way of reacting or responding to traumatic events seems to be legitimised in a certain context." So somehow - and we do not know the mechanism for this, and why it should happen in Sweden - the kind of symptoms displayed by the children are culturally sanctioned: this is a way the children are allowed to express their trauma. If that is the case, it raises an interesting question: could Resignation Syndrome be contagious? "That is sort of implicit in the model. That if you provide the right sort of nourishment for those kinds of behaviours in a society, you will also see more cases," says Sallin.

But evidence from the town of Skara in the south of Sweden suggests that there is a way of curing children with Resignation Syndrome even if the family doesn't receive permanent residence. "From our point of view, this particular sickness has to do with former trauma, not asylum," says Annica Carlshamre, a senior social worker for Gryning Health, a company that runs Solsidan, a home for all kinds of troubled children.

That family connection must be re-built, but first the child must begin to recover, so Solsidan's first step is to separate the children from their parents.

"We keep the family informed about their progress, but we don't let them talk because the child must depend on our staff. Once we have separated the child, it takes only a few days, until we see the first signs that, yes, she's still there…"

Muhammad Ali’s ’Fight Doctor’ Dies at 89

It’s without a doubt that such legends didn’t make it alone. In Ali’s case, he couldn’t have dominated the ring without the help of a ringside physician. Fernando “Ferdie” Pacheco, “The Fight Doctor” served as Muhammad Ali’s ringside physician, unfortunately, he’s gone.

Pacheco has died at the age of 89-years-old. His daughter, Tina Louise Pacheco, told The Associated Press that he died on Thursday morning at his Miami home following prolonged ailment.

The profound doctor was born in Tampa before he started practicing in Miami shortly after earning a medical degree from the University of Miami. He met Cassius Clay, who would later become Muhammad Ali, in 1960 when the fighter began training with Angelo Dundee at the 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach.

Hiromi Tsuru Passes Away At 57

Today, the Dragon Ball fandom has reason to mourn the loss of one of its own. According to reports out of Japan, Hiromi Tsuru passed today in Japan. The actress, who is best-known for voicing Bulma, was 57.

Sites like Otokamu and Esuteru provided stills taken from Japanese news reports covering the star’s death. Right now, the reports indicate that Tsuru passed away in her car after being found unconscious. The actress was rushed to the hospital but we declared dead when brought in for treatment. There was no sign of Tsuru having been in a car accident, so officials are investigating to confirm whether the death was from natural causes.

If you are not familiar with Tsuru, then you should know the actress was a beloved one in Japan. Born in November 1960, the actress got her start in the 1970s voicing a character in The Story of Perrine. Over the years, Tsuru went on to play characters in Ranma 1/2, Miyuki, Trigun, and more.

Dragon Ball fans will know Tsuru for her work as Bulma in the series. The actress began voicing the Capsule Corp heiress in 1986 with Dragon Ball where she also played Child Piccolo Jr. Tsuru stayed with Bulma throughout Dragon Ball Z all the way until Dragon Ball Super which is currently in production. Over the years, Tsuru added other roles to his resume like Baby Trunks and Bra.

Toei Animation has yet to release a comment about the actress’ death.


Paedophile Dwarf Spared Jail As Judge Fears For His Life

The judge, Mr. Rhys Rowland told Mold Crown Court that Mr. Bowen, who hails from Welshpool was “trying to live out some sort of fantasy.”

Choosing not to jail him, the judge said he was “small in stature, and emotionally inadequate” and added that if he had been persuaded to suspend the inevitable prison sentence as he believed that if Mr. Bowen would be sent to prison he would face a very hard time.

Although he had no previous convictions, judge Rowland said that what Mr. Bowen had done was “very, very wrong” .

The prosecuting barrister, Ms. Anna Price said that the 15-year-old girl was “shocked and angry” to receive a Facebook message from Mr. Bowen stating literally “do you want to f…?”.

She tried blocking his profile at first but then received further messages on her 16th birthday stating: “I will f… you for your birthday present.”

NASA Tests Supersonic Parachute for Mars 2020 Rover

The Mars 2020 rover project is in full swing at NASA, and the agency has chosen to base the new rover on the phenomenally successful Curiosity design. That means the rover needs to slow down in the Martian atmosphere before engaging its rocket-based landing system. NASA has just completed the first real-world test of the supersonic parachute that’ll help the rover do that.

When the 2020 rover enters Mars’ atmosphere, it’ll be moving at over 12,000 mph (5.4 kilometers per second), and it’ll weigh around 2,000 pounds like curiosity. You need a big parachute to slow something like that down, and the problem is much more complex on Mars. Earth’s atmosphere is much denser than Mars, so the parachute needs to be extra large to produce enough drag. Lower atmospheric pressure also changes the way parachutes deploy, and that was the focus of the first test.

Earth isn’t Mars, but there are still ways to test parts of the 2020 mission in the real world. The behavior of the chute can be tested at high altitudes where pressure is lower. These tests are now underway in a program known as the Advanced Supersonic Parachute Inflation Research Experiment (ASPIRE). In the just-completed first trial, a small Black Brant IX rocket was launched from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The rocket reached Mach three as it ascended to an altitude of about 31 miles (50 kilometers), where the first stage dropped off.

21st Century Fox Shares Soar After Reports Comcast, Verizon Interested in Acquisition

Disney isn't the only conglomerate interested in purchasing some of 21st Century Fox, as news emerged Thursday that Comcast, too, has approached the Murdoch-controlled media company to see if it would part with its film studio and other assets. And later in the day, reports surfaced that Verizon, too, is in the mix.

News of the negotiations hit after the closing bell on Wall Street and caused shares of Fox to surge 8 percent higher in after-hours trading.

Comcast, which already owns NBC, would not be allowed to purchase the Fox broadcast network — just as Disney would not, since it already owns ABC — but several of Fox's cable channels could be bundled with the film studio for a price some analysts say could hit $20 billion.

Verizon, though, probably wouldn't be legally restricted from acquiring the Fox broadcast network, though it was unknown Thursday whether that particular asset was something Verizon wants to buy or Fox wants to sell.

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House passes Republican tax bill, future in Senate unclear

The House on Thursday passed a sweeping tax bill largely along party lines that makes good on a Republican campaign promise to reform the country’s tax code.

The bill passed 227-205. Thirteen Republicans voted against it.

House Speaker Paul Ryan celebrated the passage, calling it “nothing short of extraordinary.”

“This country has not rewritten its tax code since 1986,” Ryan said on Capitol Hill, surrounded by Republican lawmakers. “The powers of status quo in this town are so strong, yet 227 men and women of this Congress broke through that today.”

The White House in a statement called the bill’s passage a “big step toward fulfilling our promise to deliver historic tax cuts for the American people by the end of the year.”

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ANOTHER Woman Says Democrat Al Franken is a Sexual Predator, TIME TO RESIGN!

Al Franken, the infamous Democrat who shunned President Trump and even Attorney General Jeff Sessions; is now being exposed as the monster he indeed always has been.

First, we have the case of Al Franken groping commentator Leeann Tweeden, which has sent shock waves through both Hollywood and into the heart of Washington, DC.

In that case, Al Franken, who at the time was a “comedy” writer for Saturday Night Live; sexually assaulted Tweeden while she was asleep by groping her breasts for a photo opportunity without her permission, and the image which is now going viral solidifies Franken as a sexual predator.

That happened during a USO tour in Vietnam back in 2006, but now additional women are speaking up with reports that even more will come forward.

Now in the second case, former radio host Melanie Morgan stated she will be coming forward with her own allegations against the demented sexual predator who serves under the Democratic Party as the Senator of Minnesota.

California Marijuana Rules Create Way For Potentially Larger Grows and 2018 Legal Sales

The new rules will facilitate the issuance of temporary licenses for growers, sellers, and distributors next year. This comes just 45 days before legal sales can kick off, and many problems remain.

There’s speculation that the high taxes will drive consumers to the black market. Majority of the banks will not do business with cannabis companies, and Los Angeles and San Francisco are among many cities without local rules in place.

In the meantime, there are huge gaps that exist in the system intended to move cannabis from the field to distribution centers, then to testing labs and eventually retail shops.

Rapper Coolio and Porn Star Cherie DeVille Announce Presidential Run

It was bound to happen sooner or later anyway. I guess it's time to tell Vermin Supreme to move over to make room for ore joke candidates for president.

8 yr old aussie girl killed drag racing over 60 mph,dad so proud on faceboo

The idea of an 8-year-old behind the wheel of a drag racing car, which even in its scaled down children’s version can hit speeds of 60 mph and beyond, may seem daunting. But by all available accounts, Anita Board, was excited, not scared. Her sister, three years older, was already a junior dragster in Western Australia, where the sport has a modest following, and Anita was thrilled to follow in her tracks.

Though just a little girl (“I’m six feet and she came up to my hip,” said Mike Sprylan) she was fearless. And with the approach of her eighth birthday last week, the minimum age for a junior dragster license set by the Australian National Drag Racing Association, she was as pumped as a kid can get.

A few weeks earlier, she and her sister had taken their cars in for a safety inspection. Their father, Ian Board, proudly posted on his Facebook page a picture of the two of them beaming, Anita with her purple “Pony Power” model and her sister with her blue and black “Night Fury.”

Ohio Woman Whose Bee Maternity Shoot Went Viral Suffers Stillbirth

Emily Mueller posted sensational pregnancy photos on her facebook this August. It was with a swarm of bees covering her belly.

Sylvester Stallone now Accused of Terrifying Rape of 16-Year-Old

We have another infamous Hollywood legend tumbling down into the gutter with an accusation that he not only forced a young child to give him oral sex, but he then threatened extreme violence against her if she told anyone.

In 1986,Sylvester Stone & bodyguard raped 16 yr old & threatened to kill her if she told

The actor, who was 40 years old at the time, met the teenager while he was filming at the former Las Vegas Hilton hotel and she was given keys to his room

Stallone allegedly had sex with the girl, telling her she was 'very tight', before asking the minor if she had ever had sex with two men at the same time

The girl claims Stallone's bodyguard Michael 'Mike' De Luca, who was in the bathroom until Stallone brought him out, 'forced' her to give him oral sex

After performing oral sex on De Luca for some time, the teen claims he penetrated her while she was made to perform oral sex on Stallone

The teen told police she became 'very uncomfortable' when De Luca joined in on the sexual encounter but said she felt she had 'no choice' in the matter

Afterwards, the teen claims Stallone said she couldn't tell anyone because both men were married and if she said anything, 'they would have to beat her head in'

Police said she decided not to press charges against the men because she was scared and humiliated

Last Of The Funny Dictators Disappears With Mugabe

Robert Mugabe, the 93-year old dictator of Zimbabwe who clang to power for almost 4 decades, is now under house arrest while his 50-year-old wife has reportedly fled the country.