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Monster Girl 101

>Monster Girl 101 is a College-themed Visual Novel involving Monster Girls from Kenkou Cross' Monster Girl Encyclopedia series. You play as a brand new Freshman attending Vapria Tech as a Computer Science Major. Can you find love while also dealing with the pressures of college life?


Drawthread 28: Robutt edition.

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Questions that don’t deserve their own thread.

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After a few weeks of planning, we're finally having our first /loli/ anime stream, and you guys are invited!

The stream will be this Sunday at 12pm EST. (for an easy way to tell when it starts)

I'll be streaming the videos from google drive, so you may need to run cytube's userscript in order to see it.

For our first stream, I'll be airing Ichigo Mashimaro! A nice classic is good to start with, don't you think? There will be 12 episodes, 3 OVAs, and the 2 Encore OVAs (plus a four-minute short). 17 episodes in a row is quite the marathon, so I'll include a short break after episodes 6 and 12.

It'll be my first time running a stream, so I'm sure there may be some issues. Sorry in advance! I'll do my best to address them.

If it goes well, we can start doing these regularly. I'll accept any suggestions on what you'll like to see in the future. Perhaps we'll get a loli monster girl anime next time? That would be nice. So let's kick back and enjoy some comfy anime!

Sandworm thread

> tfw no sandworm to snuggle inside of while making sweet sweaty love in her juices


or asking her to transform into a lamia so you can take her on an actual date and you dont need to worry about driving home because she is your home

Meta Thread: Heads Up Edition

/monster/ NEWS

>KC released Matango 2

8chan NEWS

>cuckchannel is becoming worse rapidly with hiroshima’s shit, be sure to give the rapefugees a nice warm welcome


>France is still burning

>The (((UN))) is trying to ban loli and shota while they stash CP

>Reggie steps down from nintendo

>Catherine allows you to stop a tranny from ruining his life and “people” want him fired for it

Cathy II: A Gargoyle's CYOA: The Lonely Road

Finally, the CYOA sequel no one asked for - Cathy II: Electric Boogaloo!

Here are the previous parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 >>339651

If you’re interested in monstergirls wrestling check out Monster Mania:

Part 1 >>366381

Part 2 >>380200

For anyone not familiar with Cathy here’s a summary: Cathy, our little gargoyle has been through an awful lot since she moved into Saint Monica!

She lost her job, but quickly found new employment at a gym working for Big Alp and made friends with a Jinko co-worker named Tabitha! But not long after she was hit with a new kind of street drug - a special mana infused cologne called Love Spice that forcefully stimulates Monstergirls! And not just sexually!

Thankfully Cathy was able to remain pure with the help of her new friend Tabby.

Later on the two met up with one of Tabitha’s old friends, a Hellhound named Valerie Rhodes, a local cop that was investigating the origins of this new drug that had recently been causing similar and worse incidents.

They were then approached by a man named Coop who had information. Turns out the drug is being manufactured by a gang called Cupid, a foothold for a much larger threat, a company known as the Junko Eastern Wares. Junko has also been paying off the police in Saint Monica to turn a blind eye, making the criminals nearly untouchable.

It was later discovered that Junko has been attempting to purify the monster races for what Cathy and her friends could only guess are nefarious reasons.

After some crazy back and forth, a shootout at a hospital, several kidnappings, an inner wonderland experience with a telepathic grandma (you had to be there), super-powered crime-fighting luchadores (you really had to be there) and Cathy metaphorically and very literally earning her wings she, her dad and friends manage to escape from Junko’s grasp and sink Cupid’s base of operations, the ship known as the Philtrum.

With everyone safe and sound all seemed well for Cathy and her dad back at Saint Monica Hospital, but as Cathy was coming back to the room she found her father missing!

Our story picks up there, but where the hell is it going to go now?

<I will be doing things a little differently in this CYOA, but nothing too drastic. I’m gonna attempt to limit choices to two this time around, but if the votes tie up and are not resolved then something else might happen!

<Posting may take a little longer because as you can see I am trying to put a little more quality into my art for this “chapter” of Cathy. Sorry I wasn’t doing this for Monster Mania for anyone who cares.

<I’ll try to limit the drawings to a maximum of two per post so I don’t take TOO long, between work and actually writing/artfagging.

<Oh and suggestions will still be a thing as always. You guys usually:^) have some really good ideas.

/monster/ archive project

Alright, for those anons who are just now waking up, an Aussie shot up a mosque in New Zealand and released a manifesto that is one giant shitpost. The only catch is he posted it to /pol/ before hand and live-streamed it to Facebook. Copies of the manifesto and footage of the shooting has been floating around /k/, /v/, /pol/, and I believe /n/ as well. This has caused some concern about 8chan being targeted and shut down and everyone being forced off to their various bunker sites.personally I think we’ll be ok for Now. I expect most of the normalfags and the like to stick to /pol/ and the larger boards. But there is a chance there’ll be some kind of push or demand to shut down 8chan to stop our “bigotry and hatred” from spreading. Hence this thread

Before that does or does not happen, I propose we begin archiving and saving all of our threads, images and stories. With the biggest priority being our drawthreads, writing threads, and threads on the last few pages in case they get bumped off. I’ve already saved the last two on page 25 as well as their relevant images so that they aren’t lost when this thread posts.

The lost wanderer CYOA:

Monoeye thread:

For saving pastebins we can archive each individual story, place the links within a single paste, and then archive the paste that has the collection of archive links, and just pass it around as a collection of all our stories.

Links to use



-wayback machine:

Even if nothing happens and 8chan doesn’t get removed or targeted this will still be good for the board because we’ll have all of our content and OC safely stored elsewhere. I know we’ve lost some stories already due to pastebin automatically deleting pastes, and probably also some drawings due to threads being bumped off or the artist deleting everything on their profile from deviantart/tumblr/whatever site they use

Pic somewhat related

A Farmer's Tale: Farming in a monster girl society.

After thousands of years, a peace was finally made between the forces of humanity and the Demon Lord herself. They two lived separate from one another, licking their wounds from what seemed like an eternity of war. This was over a hundred years ago now, and times have changed. Thirty five years from the present, many nations of the world offered small pockets of low-population lands for the mostly nomadic Mamono to migrate to, though a peace had been assured, many people still held fear of the humanoid creatures known as monsters, and so they began to move away from these areas. But even though many families fled, some stayed, refusing to give up their homes, your grandfather was one of these people.

He was an exceptional farmer, having inherited his parents' farm at a young age, he spent his entire life working those fields and looking after his livestock. The two of you were close, but the fear your parents had of you being snatched up by a monster meant that he always had to come to where you were.

But sadly, when you were only twelve years old, your beloved grandfather past away. In his will, he gave his possessions to all his family, but one thing was left to you, his most prized possession, his farm.

You spent years trying to find yourself, but you didn't feel at home anywhere. The city life made you depressed, and college felt like you were wandering from place to place with no goal. One day, you looked into your desk and found the deed, grandpa's home… And something came over you.

You made the arrangements, packed what you had into your truck, and made your journey north towards what you had hoped was your new life. Your parents consented, but it wouldn't have mattered even if they said no. Now, at the age of twenty, you begin the first chapter and what might be the rest of your life!

It was very exciting to you. You've never seen a Mamono in person before…

But that leaves one final question. Who are you?

Experienced Farmhand:

You grew up on your parents farm up north. After helping your dad plant crops and care for animals, you basically took over in your teenage years. Agriculture became your life, whether you wanted it to or not. Because of this, you are more efficient and can get work done in half the time. But since your life consisted of being either isolated on a farm or in school, you're lacking in social skills.

City Slicker:

You grew up in the big city, far away from the monster zone. Your parents were big into business and didn't really have time for you, but you had lots of friends and spent most of your time finding things to do on the street. But other than bagging groceries and working on the docks, you're not really that attuned with your green thumb. Making friends and talking to people comes naturally, but you'll need to spend more time working on your farm.

Rural Town Boy:

You grew up in a small town far away from any city. Your life involved going to school and dicking around with your friends. Your parents are humble folk, and tried to be in your life as much as possible. You spent a few years playing sports on and off, but none of them never stuck.

Your farm experience is limited, due to just helping nearby farms for some pocket money from time to time.

Your social skills are okay, as well as your farming skills, but you don't really excel in either.

Monsterization Thread: Thot Recycling Edition

What Ammit doesn't give us, we make with our own blood, sweat, and mana.

/monster/ Minecraft server


Modpack: (for modloaders) (for manual installation)

IRC: #mahrtenland

I set up a modded 1.12.2 Minecraft server centered around Grimoire of Gaia ( ), a mod that adds scores of cute (and, for the most part, deadly) monstergirl mobs to the game.

The only other gameplay mods are Spartan Weaponry (adds various weapons) and Roots Classics (druid magic), so it is altogether close to the vanilla experience, and should run reasonably well on toasters.

The server is only a few days old, so there is no infrastructure yet—meaning you'll have to run and hide from aggressive mobs when you first spawn. You can /sethome and teleport back to it with /home. If you open your inventory, in the top left there will be the FTB Utilities options that allow you to set your PVP statues (whether you want other players to be able to fight you or not), and you can claim up to 64 chunks to thereby protect them from griefing/theft.

The server is pirate-friendly, so you can use a pirate client (like the Team Extreme one) to connect (the flipside being that you need to register an account on the server and have to log in every time).

To install the modpack, you can either use a dedicated launcher, which I don't do so I don't know how that works, or you can manually install the recommended version of Forge (1.12.2-, then download the rar from, and extract the mods within into your AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. In the Minecraft launcher, modify or create a profile (bottom-left), choose Forge 1.12.2-, and launch the game.

Writefag 13: Criminally Good Reads

It doesn't matter what others think of your reading choices, as long as you love to read.

This board has amazing writefags, and OC is the lifeblood of the board, however, some people long to see stories about their waifus that writefags don't normally do.

In the same spirit as a Drawthread, this is for Violated Heroes to request stories they'd like to see written, or for new and old writefags to link their work for critique, or for others to enjoy.Shilling is encouraged!

If you have large amounts of text, or are running an update to stories, please consider posting it all to a pastebin and posting here when it is updated or finished.

Please keep things on topic. It's fine to talk about stories, characters, plots, etc, but keep the blog-posting out of here.

Thread 1:

Thread 2:

Thread 3:

Thread 4:

Thread 5:

Thread 6:

Thread 7:

Thread 8:

Thread 9:

Thread 10:

Thread 11:

Thread 12:

Hero's Run V

Going to be changing up the schedule and be running Hero's Run through out the month of October. So get ready hero's lets us see how you can handle the coming storm and brimstone to come…

Current Floor

Third Floor

Items Obtained

TV parts scraps

Tome of Infinite Knowledge

Mecha Baka scrap parts

Current Members

1. Opa-Opa

2. Jenny Wakeman

3. Ushi Oni

4. Franz Cap

5. Yuuri

6. Greilia

7. Rob Van Dam

8. Gold Ship

9. Salamander

10. MaidSuke

11. Shoggoth

12. Mecha Cirno

13. Conan

14. Undertaker

15. Yusuke Go-DIE

16. Spec

17. Iowa

18. Red Cap

19. Skel girl

20. Lich

21. Ork

22. Hellhound

The Pilgrimage CYOA 2 - Gloria in Excelsius Dea

Assaulted, arrested, whipped to within an inch of your life… Your First month as a Pilgrim of the Reitian Temple has been anything but uneventful. Yet you have discharged your duties, Sending Fynn to meet with a Kobold in Williamsberg who is desperately in love with him. Bringing the Centaur Matriarch Rose and the Black Knight Jamie to reconciliation. Helping the Hellhound Becca to admit her deep and abiding love for the Waylander Ian.

With Charlestown wrapped up in the joy and anticipation of impending weddings, you set off towards the eastern Free City of Atlantea, in the company of Robbo and Gilly, a Human and Dingo posing as simple traders. Nothing, you discovered, could be further from the truth, as Robbo turned out to be a deposed Noble from The Australs, the harsh and unforgiving island in the world's southern hemisphere, who even now plotted to have his birthright returned to him.

You and Thomas, a fellow Reitian Pilgrim, explored an abandoned temple at the behest of the Nordenlander Sigurd, a worshipper of Corvus, Dark God of Destruction. There, you discovered a horrible truth. The God of the Ocean, Oannes, had been supplanted in mind and worship by a foul and forgotten entity, an entity known only in whispers, by the name of Dagon…

/animu/ streams

Hey, come watch anime along us, every Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays (unless OP can't deliver for some reason) at 17:00 ET

We usually watch seasonal anime, plus some selected older series and eventual movies/OVAs

Todays schedule is >>>/animu/26049

Go to to join

Drawthread 22:Nice dubs edition

Last thread hit bump limit.

Upload your work here:

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Monster Girl Landscaping, Terraforming, and so on

To those who have plant life and/or earth-related waifus who they could conceivably strongly change the environment with by giving them enough semen, what are all the fun projects you'd try to make with her? What farms/parks/golf courses/entirely new islands and mountains/etc. would you want to build with her and what would they be like? Or would you prefer to use her powers more exclusively for some kind of self-reliant lifestyle?

Reitia Thread 2

Past thread:

Thread where Reitia was revealed to us:

Some of what we've learned thus far:

>some anon living in Veneto was worshiping a goddess for many years that he thought he had made the name up of up until he finally found out Reitia was a goddess that actually originated in his area among the ancient Venetic peoples and whose worship spread out among other alpine regions as well

>Reitia is a goddess of writing, awoos, love, women, quaccs, death, the moon and healing

>"Reitia's Key", the anchor-like symbol of Reitia, has historically been put inside an infinity symbol stanza of sorts

>Reitia might be related to the goddess Orthia, of whose alternate meanings include "She-Who-Causes-Erections", "She-Who-Safely-Rears-Children-After-Birth", and "She-Who-Heals-the-Sick"

>however, Reitia is probably not for sexual as it seems she is only able to bring others together rather than give love herself, causing her to be saddened by lewds

>Reitia is the most appropriate goddess to refer to as Mother Europa, making blonde hair coloring for her quite appropriate (she actually has been portrayed with blonde hair by her ancient worshipers)

>a united Italy was a mistake and Venetian Independence is necessary

>tatzelwurms and badaliscs are gud grills


In the words of the black eyed niggers: people killing, people dying, where is the love for horse puss and centaur tiddies??


Let's be friends /monster/! You want to fug monster girls, robot/automaton girls are technically monster girls and we want to make them real for fugging. Let's get together and possibly even hold hands in mutual autism.

Incubi Changes

Reading pic related got me thinking of the ways in which husbandos change to fit their monster girl's preferences. Which monster girls would give the best incubi changes, both physical and mental?

Military Monstergirl Thread

Manamo doing military things. Uniforms, guns, you name it.

Ship Girls

New thread since the other one's on its last legs. Kancolle, Azur Lane, other cute boats, a thread for you.

Wizard CYOA 3 Thread 2:Port of Call

Welcome to Wizardquest 3, the exciting conclusion to the Wizardquest series.

Welcome back to Deleor! Land of men, magic, and Monsters!

It's been six months since the conclusion of the last story and the world has been changing. Despite acceptance of Monsters into daily life, all is not well. Galmathoria pushes it's boundaries, making bold attacks against the Kingdom while unrest foments within the Monster Nation to the north. All the while, a darker presence plots and schemes.

Will you be able to bring peace to Deleor, nay, the world?

How to play:

This story will be a little different from the others. There are three protagonists which the point of view will be shifted between at various points in the story. This will be clearly marked.

When prompted, insert any request for the player action you'd like. All requests will be considered, and I try to make them work, depending on the number of answers. Let's have some fun!

Spell and ability list:

Thread 1:

For those new to this quest, if you wish to read up on the first Wizardquest, this archive link has all the 8chan threads. If you wish to read the (more but not complete) edited and updated version of the story, it's on Touch Fluffy Tail.

For those interested in Illusionistquest (Colorfully called: Wizardquest 1.5) the archive link is here:

For those interested in Wizardquest 2, the link is here:

You can also find the stories on Touch Fluffy Tail. Please remember on Touch Fluffy Tail to watch the tags before reading any story. You'll thank me later.


>The demon daughter of this time is "Spirit of the lamp" which you know "Genie"! It seems that any wish will come true, but in order to do that, "magical power" according to the size of the wish is necessary, so it seems that you have to pour the magical power into their bodies accordingly. Of course in a demonic girl-like way!

Anonymous Psychology Thread

Post your waifu and Anons try to determine what your choice says about your personality.

Harem Thread

For those who would be inclined to build them, who would be in your harem, anons?

reminder to self moderate

A Revenant's Tale: Part 2

A Revenant's Tale: Part 1 Archive

A Man imprisoned for roughly 400 years against his will by those he thought were his friends. This is a tale of the (former) high Inquisitor's return to a world that has since grown violent and segmented, with the people he swore to protect long since in the wind… Now Yasgerouf faces the threat of a Grove of Dryad, a violent species of sentient plants of sustain themselves of man and monster alike, the banes of all non-plantfolk creatures. His estranged daughter is stuck somewhere within the crossfire leaving him with the arduous task of both eliminating the threat and uniting with his long lost child.

Object Girls Thread

Objects that obtain life and become monster girls.

>An umbrella turning into a mamono

>A pair of Shoes turning into mamonos

>A sword turning into a mamono

>An obi turning into a mamomo

>A lantern turning into a mamono

>A bed turning into a mamono

>A pillow turning into a mamono

>A ship turning into a mamono


Oh shit, Anon! You’ve been abducted by aliens for their cruel experiments on humanity! Movement on the ship is pretty restricted but the aliens haven’t done anything to harm you, yet. Regardless I’d be careful, these aliens seem to have a hungry look on their faces.

Overlord CYOA

Sweat trickled down your face. You were a cursed man. Ironic how you held such power, enough power to deceive nature itself and make those who died into the undying, yet, now you nature played a single revengeful prank against you, and there was not a single thing your power could do to help.

You are Master Anon, an overlord that has, for many decades, studied the dark arts in this hidden corner of the realm. Your face betrayed your age, showing the face of a youthful man instead of the decrepit old man you were.

Your watched your own face in the mirror held by your assistant, a ghoul whose putrid flesh clung to ancient bones. Despite his appearance, the ghoul was completely odorless, the mark of an artificial undead. Your gaze turned to the wooden head and it's wooden eyes turned back at you. The spirit that now possessed the head was not one to make jokes, nor one to make mistakes, his diagnostic was a decree, a death sentence. You now had the plague.

Soon enough, your lungs would give out, followed by your mana vessels, then, as you lay exhausted and breathless, your heart would naturally cease and you would be no more.

You felt like making one last ritual, the largest one you've ever done, the largest one the world has ever seen. You'd turn yourself into a monster, dead inside, but your body would still move. It wouldn't serve to cure your disease, it wouldn't serve to extend your life, it would only serve to get back at nature one last time.

Yet, you couldn't bring yourself to do it, not yet at least. Your death was certain, but your body was strong for such an ancient plague, there was still an entire year left.

A - Read books in hope of finding a cure

B - Try to summon a spirit that might help

C - Cry in the corner

D - Travel to town and hit on girls, one year is enough to not die a virgin

E - _

I've been wanting to make a CYOA for a while, but I couldn't think of a good idea. Not-gay SOL with your just alped bro was the farthest I could get. So I remembered that one flash generator and the first one gave me a pretty decent idea,