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Covington parents take legal action

Reposted from /pol/. I know, I know, but I think this is important enough to go crossboard.


I've made a separate thread for this for many reasons. Firstly, the other Covington thread(s) became a useless pile of shit. Secondly, this is big enough to merit its own thread. And lastly, it's better for this to have its own thread for the purposes of networking, brainstorming, and so on. Anyways, the TL;DR of it is that the libel and slander from (((the usual suspects))) has become so violent and undeniable in its scope that the parents of the targeted Covington students are pursuing legal action spearheaded by attorney Robert Barnes. This is already a potentially positive development but I believe it's possible to ride the momentum and deal a telling blow to the slimy vermin that so far has rained death threats and abuse with absolute impunity.

What can be done, you ask? Simple. First of all, Barnes and co. are collecting evidence of leftists making libelous acusations against the Covington boys, doxing them, plotting to ruing their lives, and so on. Most pressing of all are the death threats and conspiring to hunt down and physically harm the students up to and including murder. These are actionable threats and are grounds for serious legal punishment. That's the first task, collect evidence and send it to Barnes' office. Compile tweets, articles, video clips et cetera, ARCHIVE IN CASE THEY DELETE and send it to him. Make sure it hasn't been reported already.

The other important thing here is that the parents are pursuing a civil suit against the media kikes and the leftist vermin that has formed a lynch mob targeting their children. This is a mistake because even if the suit is successful the fuckers will barely feel it. Both Barned and the litigating parents must be convinced that no amount of apologies will be enough, no financial settlement will be enough, not even getting these scumfucks fired from their jobs will be enough. No. These """people""" openly and gleefully manipulated the truth and did everything in their power to put their children in mortal danger, threaten the school with terrorist attacks and vandalism and generally make their lives a living hell for the crime of being white. Nothing less than prison time will be enough punishment for these pieces of shit. This point has to be hammered into their heads until they internalize it and pursue a criminal lawsuit and explicitly call for prison time for the vermin that gloated about brutally murdering their children. I can't emphasize this point enough. Fuckers went after minors, after children. They need to suffer real, physical consequences for their actions.

Lastly, and perhaps easier/harder of all, is the matter of awareness. This shit has to be spread far and wide. It has to be everywhere. This is a unique opportunity to get the normalfags on board. It has to be pounded into their heads that the soulless vermin populating the media and the Left want to torture and kill them, their families and their children for the flimsiest of reasons. They are a psychopathic mob that has to be stopped. Nobody wants to see their own kids targeted by a lynch mob for petty bullshit. Make sure to pound on that fact. With the right language, even the normalfags can be mobilized to support our cause. The Left has crossed a dangerous line, and they can't (and won't) disavow this behavior. They're backed against the wall and have nowhere to run.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We're dealing with people who are in the very early stages of being redpilled. Watch your language. Be very delicate with what you say. This is too big to fuck it up. Don't be an edgelord, don't be a nigger, be polite and respectful and back up what you say. There's only one bullet in this gun. The normalfags are primed and ready, but handling this carefully is paramount. Again, make sure to emphasize that these "people" gleefully conspired to have children ruined and murdered and their school targeted by terrorist attacks. Emphasize that they have suffered no consequences and have exhibited zero remorse, even when caught. Instill in them the need to see the fuckers that threatened their kids hit wit tangible punishments for their reprehensible actions. Don't get too vicious about it, but don't mince words.

Robert Barnes contact information:

Phone: 213.330.3341




is the libertarian to alt right/fascist piepline real? it looks like it's happening with Stefan right now

>Dark Enlightenment


Rights for Ancaps/Minor Attracted Persons

Debate the intended message of this ad campaign, and why it's a positive step forward for society.

How are open borders and companies who import cheap foreign labor dealt with? How do you prevent everyone from just flooding into ancapistan?


OC dump thread

Lets have a thread for editing, memes, webms, art requests and delivers, etc.

how do you prevent idiocracy from happening due to free market capitalism?

social media and desensitizing media will make the population dumber

Demographic transition and childfree(not movement)

I've been looking into the topic of demographic transition and i've come to a confusing conclusion. Demographic transition shifts the reproduction process from (almost) uncontrolled one that allows an addition in working power and long-time security to a norm of having few children that are vigorously taken care of, with high amount of resources put into their future and development so they can be successful in their lives. Does that mean that with greater quality of life and longer life expectancy there's even less incentive to have children and that having them can negatively impact not just theirs but your own success? That way with further technological progress there's one logical conclusion to civilization development - achievement of immortality and rejection of breeding as a survival mechanism. But how will it be resolved until then? We already have a society in which it's easier to be productive and achieve success without burdening yourself with children, and it seems that this correlation will become even stronger. How will it be resolved so that society doesn't destroy itself before it removes this shameless dependency? Will it devolve into a previous stage every time or will transition slow down until technological progress allows it?

tranhumanism thread

it is related to libertarianism because transhumanism gives freedom and liberty

so are you taking smart drugs or anything?


Let's have a "Questions that don't deserve their own thread" thread. Basic questions about /liberty/, socialist "gotchas" masquerading as basic questions, etc.

What does /liberty/ think of MMT

>Modern Monetary Theory (MMT or Modern Money Theory) is a macroeconomic theory that sovereign governments have an unlimited financial ability to pay for the things they wish to purchase and to fulfill promised future payments. MMT claims that these governments also have an unlimited ability to provide funds to other sectors, and that because of this, it is not possible for a government that issues its own currency to be bankrupt

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hoppe thread

is he an atheist?

Ancapistan will be in good hands

Hats off to Procter and Gamble for taking the risk and addressing social issues. This is a prime example of the superiority of corporations and the free market in handling issues over the government. Statists like to think ancapistan won't have charity, that lack of hate speech suppression will lead to discrimination, and that things will devolve into fuedalism where the lower income groups have no say. But here we have a prime example of the free market solving a problem. While Trump's big government is stalling public services and increasing racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia, here a corporation motivated only by profit, has brought a controversial topic to the forefront, and shot down it's ugly detractors without any government intervention.

With one swift ad campaign, they've revealed and exposed the shocking amount of the populace that supports sexual harassment, all the while doing a good job imbuing strong motivation for the progressive heroes of society. The incels who don't like it can live without household staples like Tide pods and shampoo, instead taking lower quality bootlegs. This is great, misogynists are getting punished by being denied goods and services, forced to support the foreign countries they loathe by being denied American made products.

I used to have doubts about ancapistan because of the number of bigots that would crowd it, but I understand now that the market will always have a solution, and social justice will not only thrive in ancapistan, but will stamp out the scum that holds us back. I can't wait for the pearl clutching manbabies to end up biting the bullet and going back to Gillete razors after this thing blows over in a month or two, haplessly funding P and G's next egalitarian masterpiece.