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How many of you actually support the devs? And how much is a reasonable budget?

I currently have a fixed amount of $50 bucks a month, which I split it between 5-10 creators, depending of what's hot.

Princess & Conquest

where's the Cluck game lebowski ?

Give me the Cluck GAME !!


Something something new

(spoooooiler!!!] may contain incest -.- oh really?

My New Family Tree



While you guys are still waiting For ICSTOR to continue his Game,

PhillyGames's City of Broken Dreamers

It has a lot of content and You can fuck the girl on the pic. (it's animated of course)





Small patch to address typos


700+ Renders

28 animations

4 new licensed music tracks


587 renders

3 Hidden Custom Renders

35 animations

13 music tracks 12 or which are fully licensed to the game the last being free.

KND Renpy Thread #4

because the old thread was full

no builds since the last one yet and that one's pretty old, but oh well

Original Thread: >>27976

Thread 2 >>45191

Thread #3: >>56550

Sexyverse Games

I gladly present you this autor. So disappointing that there is no thread.

Cool games:

Sensual Realms!aEQ0TQiJ!eaFJnftKs5GxBAqzaqaTFikulHudXzVFf4jVSOVjLgk

Titans Tower!XdoyyKoT!YeYgPWPzHQc1frSZwr0V1tAKpNFCi4hKnwCxknV8-cM

Infinity Crisis 0.6


Official site:


What are some good NTR trainer games?

Rank the best games you've played

What would be your top 5?

Artwork that makes you want to die

What's some artwork you've seen in a game that makes you want to die or instantly kills your boner?

Legend of the Red Falcon

Looks suspiciously decent


This game is a parody on cartoon Frozen and on The Witcher a bit. The main character is a witcher who has nothing to do, because on the continent some types of monsters were destroyed and others can not be found. An order appears for the murder of a snow giant near the town of Erendell. Our hero goes there to find a giant and get money for him because he has absolutely no money and he thinks to go into mercenaries.​!bLBAGQJS!2oDR2HnqNmDXrVt5dPE6ykNPYgmsZISaXJIfah_XSqw

I like that artwork but damn, I'm guessing each version will take at least 30 years to come out if that's consistent.