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No Nudes? No Peace!

PROBLEM (the skinny):

Valve isn't applying their terms and conditions for developers equally, and getting more hostile (along with being extremely selective) with what games they take down from the Steam storefront.

PROBLEM (the fat):

There has been a round of attacks on visual novels on Steam for having nudity, but nothing as bad as seen with the most recent event. (There's no archive as the discussion page is walled with a NSFW warning, a screencap is all I can conjure up)

However, at the same time, Lupiesoft had their game "Mutiny!!" taken down from Steam, despite being tame (Even the developer claims "Mutiny!!" is tame), making me think that this is Valve just angry at the success of Japanese developers.

After this user, who claimed "we're not taking away your videogames" on "Huniepop"'s discussion thread after it was threatened with a takedown has been found talking with players of other games about Capitalism being bad among other things, but with these two archives, I have reason to believe that the user named "purple" is merely just a shitposter.

Even with "Purple" just being a troll, the point still stands.

With all of the reporting of visual novels with art even barely inspired by Japanese cartoonists, along with Valve's lack of action against Western visual novel games that have sex equal or even more hardcore than what's found in the visual novels that Valve's taking down from the storefront, We're left with only one course of action.


Find any game steam that were positively covered (read: shilled for) by the games journos/AAA games having explicit content and flag it for review, citing whatever offensive material the game may contain.

(an example of this would be reporting "Grand Theft Auto V" for "violence", or "Ladykiller in a Bind" for "sexual content", etc.)

If Valve is being selective with rules that are clearly laid out, then it's best to male them to apply the terms equally across Steam.

If this fails, then it's best to just abandon Steam altogether in the future.

If that doesn't work, you can try contacting Valve directly, and see if you can't get someone from there (if there is anyone working there anymore besides Gabe Newell, that is) to talk or take action.

Good luck out there.

Final Heaven for Kotaku?

The Prophesied End

The website Kotaku, one of Gawker's former properties and one of the major opponents faced by #GG and gamers around the world, is in a dire situation. Univision, the new parent company who bought up Gawker's old properties (Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Jezebel, io9, and others) is currently facing a minor crisis.

Univision bought Kotaku in the wake of the devastating Hogan trial believing, to some degree, that the Gawker properties were actually breadwinners and that Gawker had merely been sunk by an untimely lawsuit. Why else would they sink millions of dollars into them? But the Gawker sites are now underperforming. Badly. DISNOD long ago stripped Gawker, and especially Kotaku, of its major ad revenue sources and many of us suspected that Kotaku itself was only being kept alive by cash infusions from other, slightly less crippled Gawker properties. Univision are now feeling that financial weight like an Albatross around their necks, and they are pissed. Word is that Univision is about to do a major overhaul and possible decimation of the old Gawker sites, and we have an opportunity to help them put Kotaku out of the entire Internet's collective misery.

The Idea


Direct your correspondence to the CEO Randy Falco and to whom it may concern.

Contact form:



Public phone: 1-212-455-5200


The Message

The truth. You, and I, and everyone else on the goddamned Internet has been boycotting Gawker media's properties and advertisers for the past several years. This extends to Univision. And the retards who made us all mad enough to do this all work at Kotaku. Stephen Totilo. Nathan Grayson. Jason Schreier. Patricia Hernandez. Luke Plunkett (remember how he shamed the scientist who landed a probe on a comet?). All of them. Name names. There is no need to mention #GamerGate - as we always did, this is an individual effort.

Tell them that you're still mad as hell, and you're not going to take Kotaku's shit anymore. And then consider offering them this: If they either get rid of Kotaku completely, or get rid of every single one of the assholes working there and gut the place from Totilo on down, you will consider (not necessarily obligated to do, of course) ending your boycott of all the Univision properties.

The Ammunition


Everything you could ever ask for is at this link. Hitpieces. Conflicts of interest. You name it. Refresh yourself on why we've been doing this for four years, and really let them have it!

The Timetable

One week. We blow up their corporate contacts for one week starting today, with as many people as we can reach. This is time sensitive: Univision is working up their overhaul plan right now, and their employees are expecting layoffs to start within two weeks. We've got a narrow window to influence them, so don't sit around waiting for other people to do the work! Their message boxes being full come Monday morning would be the best outcome.

The Win Condition

Univision sees that keeping Kotaku around really is more trouble and expense than they're worth. Univision themselves are somewhat pozzed, but they bought Kotaku for one thing: To make money. If we convince them that Kotaku dying is good for their bottom line, then we can push them over the edge and put an end to that shitstain blog.

It's a chance too big to pass up.

Ethical and/or good companies to support, and possibly bad ones to avoid

Saw a thread on AMD on /v/ and that just kinda reminded me about this sort of shit.

I feel that a thread should be made on this sort of thing, as what GG should be doing now that journo's influences have been vastly diminished, is convincing people to become ethical consumers. To be vocal with companies that they are middling in their feelings towards, to not buy anything from a company that has thrown away their goodwill, and most importantly to support companies that are willing to be ethical, and/or support gamers and GG. Other good attributes:



>Quality products

>Ethical behavior

>Supports communities and fanmade projects

>listens to actual consumers, doesn't give SJWS any quarter

and whatever else you can think of. If its a limited market, just say why you should support the alternatives, or at the very least why you shouldn't support the biggest (and oftentimes most unethical) taker of said market. I'd recommend providing archives for claims that not everyone might not be aware of.

I'll start with my own general set-up, let's try to keep this gaming, internet and gaming-tech related to keep the focus narrow for now; other mediums can wait till we've established something good here:

Storefronts and Retailers


Basically just an indie store that has no significant issues as far as I'm aware. No real problems. Good enough, worth keeping in your rotation of stores to check out.

>Humble Bundle

Now owned by IGN. Not the best, but it seems to be okay(?). No significant issues besides that but (like anything else on this list) if any anons wants to point out something wrong with it or why it might not be worth using be my guest


Basically a Steam alternative. Not great, but DRM-free commitment and a lack of shovelware makes them better than Steam, and much less censorship present as well, though heavy curation is involved there. Best large alternative to Steam as far as I'm aware, as many other storefronts just sell Steam Keys.


Anti-censorship attitudes along with actually supporting Japan, they also seem to lean more towards GG and actually pander towards gamers. High-ish prices though, but they're worth using.


Basically the GoG of VN storefronts and whatnot. They are staunchly anti-censorship and have a better relationship with Nippon and fanslators than Sekai Project and other places. They also give larger cuts (citation needed) of the money than other alternatives like DL-site which is known to be hyper-jewy (but DL-site is the second-best one in this regard afaik)

Don't use Steam if you can avoid it -

<They have their own DRM

<They have censored numerous titles

<They have pushed for paid mods

<They have incredible amounts of power in terms of online gaming storefronts, you'd be contributing to a near-monopoly

Try not to use Amazon for obvious reasons

<Jeff Bezos is a slimeball

<Amazon owns WaPo which is aGGro as fuck and part of the media conglomerate

<largest online storefront, don't contribute to near-monopolies

<anti-Trump (not a real reason but its more of a litmus test in this case)

<up to general sketchy shit and takes over small companies all the time, like the online space's equivalent of a Wal-Mart

Ethical and/or Good Web Browsers

>Pale Moon

Doesn't track you, is open-source, isn't SJWFox who fucked up functionality with Firefox quantum and basically gave the middle-finger to their power users.


Literally a fork of Firefox before quantum that works with all plugins and add-ons and whatnot. It uses Ecosia and is open-source


Don't know shit about it but its supposedly an unpozzed fork of Google Chrome(?)


Don't use Chrome if you can. Google needs no explanation at this point if you can't figure this one out.

Don't use Firefox, they're on a quick and slippery slope down to SJW hell. Quantum and update 57 fucked over countless users and they don't give a flying damn about it.

Search Engines


Good enough search engine, respects privacy, is open-source, no major issues found.


Supports tree-planting. Uses Bing infrastructure which is kinda sketchy, doesn't datamine outside of what is pretty much required for a search engine to operate, seems reliable and "good enough" again.


basically anonymized google, use it if the others don't give good results. Good enough results.

Gaming Tech and Peripherals

Gonna need some help filling out this one, since I don't keep up with all the companies.

A lot of the situation with these are unknown for me, if anyone has more information on MSI, AMD Asus, Acer, EVGA, Nvidia, Razer, Intel, Dell, etc. it would be helpful.

(cont. in next posts because of the shit text limit)

Dragons + Puppies Respawned, Hugos On Life-Support

Old thread still 404s it only had about 3 posts anyway - relevant links here:

Dragon Awards Nominations -

Noms close July 24th 2017 and it's free to vote.

Also, nominations for this years Tor Book Awar I mean this years Hugo Awards have been announced -

Voting closes July 15th - if you're eligible to vote you should have been sent a link.

Aside from the obvious comedy entry or two via the Rabid Puppies it's merely a coincidence that Tor Books has so many nominations yes it is. not a clique no

'Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form' = Best Film - and . . . Ghostbusters?

OP Goolag


So you want to kill google? And not just kill it, fucking demolish it? Three things need to happen. All of Google's money comes from advertising, analytics, and hosting. To kill google we need to drive up their operational costs while lowering their profits.

Fuck with their advertisements

If you have ever worked with adsense before you will know that the one thing they absolutely despise is telling people to click ads. They want people who are actually interested in products to click advertisements, because only they will be persuaded to purchase products. On top of that, companies pay google per click. If they are paying a ton of money and few people are buying their products, they will pull out.

STEP 1: Go on to youtube, google shopping, or anyplace else with adsense ads in private browsing mode on a vpn or proxy.

STEP 2: Click all the ads you possibly can

STEP 3: Hop on a new proxy/vpn/tor circuit, and clear out the browser

STEP 4: Repeat



Fuck with their file storage (NOTE: This step has been discussed in the /tech/ thread, and consensus was it was highly unlikely to work unless we had HUGE numbers of people)

Google stores everything you upload, and keeps it there even if it gets "deleted." Storing stuff costs lots of money, and high speed ssd drives to keep it all on aren't cheap. The more you upload, the more they pay.

STEP 1: Choose a platform that allows you to upload files(eg: youtube, drive, gsites, ect)

STEP 2: Get a file that is at or over the maximum file limit

STEP 3: Upload it again, and again, and again, and again

EXTRA STEP: If you are doing youtube make a huge file with a ton of random music, text on the screen, and game footage. Their matching algorithm will have to go through your whole 1hr + video and match everything there for monitization.



Fuck with analytics

Google is so popular in the analytics world because it can show advertisers what type of people are viewing their page (see for a good explanation). If we can make this data unreliable then people will stop using google services.

STEP 1: Get a huge word dictionary

STEP 2: Make a small script that searches something entirely random every 20 minutes or so

STEP 3: Let it go as long as possible on as many accounts as possible

STEP 4: Go to random pages with tracking on them to give them fucked results



Fuck with the advertisers (A.K.A. DisNod)

If companies think their users won't buy their products because of google then they will pull out and stop funding them. Youtube's budget got slashed when a few guys pulled out, just imagine what would happen if we could get a ton of people to leave.

STEP 1: Get a huge list of "medium" sized advertisers. Companies that are small enough that it is easy to get a message through to them but big enough that they have a large advertising budget.

STEP 2: Get huge volumes of well written emails to them saying that you (a past customer) are highly against google and don't want to purchase from a company that supports them. Talk about the quality of their products and say you don't want to take your business elsewhere. Sweet talk them.

STEP 3: Get fucktons of people to do this. Gamergate style, but bigger.




Search engine:

- Yacy is a distributed peer to peer search engine that has had time to mature and harden

- Yandex is a Russian search engine that has been trying to break into googles market for years


- Palemoon is a firefox fork that has slowly been developing. Has the original firefox ux, and is very customizable.

- Everyone knows what fucking firefox is, although it has become bloated. If you use this, make sure to harden it



- helps you filter out google cdn's and analytics. A bit of a learning curve but its worth it.

ublock origin:

- A non-jewed adblocker that is extremely robust.

User Agent Switcher:

- Changes what websites read your browser as, helps fuck with analytics.

tl;dr - Fuck with their income, get normalfags to hate them and use different services or join in

GamerGate Draw Thread - Fresh Bread Edition

Fresh Bread

Old Bread was full so I took the liberty of making a new art thread.

Post your drawings and sketches here. Get the ball rollin'.

> Old Bread Archive




Wikidrama General 2: Derp Star edition

The old thread was autosaging so it is time for a new one. Post and discuss wiki-related drama here.

These sorts of things might make good discussion topics:

* Updates on the Gamergate edit war on Wikipedia

* Similar misbehavior by the same edit warriors

* Similar misbehavior on other subjects or other wikis

* Investigations into Wikipedia: why is it such bullshit?

* Whatever tickles your funny bone and is related to a wiki

Popular drama boards:'_noticeboard/Incidents'_noticeboard

Wikipedia critics:**

Alternatives to Wikipedia:

Previous thread: