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gamergate more like gapergay

>latest GG work is TV station bickering and moar Twitter & crossboard drama

the absolute state of gamers

this ded movement is not a nice ass

Need evidence of Dan Olson/Laurelai Bailey collusion

Fellow anons, I am arguing with a dude who, despite seeing all this faggotry isn't convinced Laurelai and Dan Olson tried to honeypot 8chan and get it taken down for CP. He thinks screencaps might be fake, or that Laurelai citing Olson on her wiki isn't enough evidence they knew each other.

So if anybody can deliver: I need some more proof, preferably archives since they can't be shopped, or anything that shows correspondence between Olson and Bailey.

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Wikidrama General 2: Derp Star edition

The old thread was autosaging so it is time for a new one. Post and discuss wiki-related drama here.

These sorts of things might make good discussion topics:

* Updates on the Gamergate edit war on Wikipedia

* Similar misbehavior by the same edit warriors

* Similar misbehavior on other subjects or other wikis

* Investigations into Wikipedia: why is it such bullshit?

* Whatever tickles your funny bone and is related to a wiki

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