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It's timey-wimey to walk with purpose edition

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nilsos gay edition

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Who’s the Worst Whotuber?

And why is it this dude Council of Geeks?

His opinions are so shit, Jesus every pleb filter gets him. Yet, much like series 11, I continue to hate watch just to say the ridiculous shit he says. But that’s because I’m a huge autist.

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Stupor Edition

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Doctor Who General - /dwg/

The Eighth Doctor's grinning because /doctorwho/ is comfy. Plus, we just got a new /who/ audio.

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*ahem* FUCK thirteen edition

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Favorite Companion Thread

Who's your favorite companion? Tell us who it is, and give us good reasons why?

Will the Valethske ever return? Should they?

Ever since reading Superior Beings the Valethske have been my favourite one-timers. Orange-blue morality, fluffy and very, very dangerous. I tend to prefer species like the Valethske to species like the Daleks, because with the Daleks there's no chance of redemption, whereas the Valethske are just kind of assholes.

Second Doctor & Jamie

Best doctor, best companion. This isn't an argument or up for debate.

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BBC Wants To Hear Your Thoughts edition

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