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Drawthread #20 - Autistic Repetition Edition


- Add "+REQUEST" in the subject title for artists to find easily.

├ Leave reference images and clear descriptions. No tl;dr, please.

├ 6 is the max number of request per user a thread. Chain requesting is fine (5 per post)

├ Do not request male original/self insert characters (You) created.

├ No bumping requests within the same thread to avoid clutter.

Past Requests are not allowed. They must be new.


-Add "+DELIVERY" in the subject title.

├ Remember to reply to the Requester via >>

├ Don't ask for requests. This causes flooding.

├ You're free to deliver for request from past threads.

├ You may go rogue on a request's description if you're only looking for inspiration.

└ Post +WIP in this thread to avoid clutter. >>10091

Common Questions

"Why won't anyone deliver my request?"

It usually means artists aren't interested in your request.

"Can I make a request about ___?"

Anything is request-able so long as it doesn't violate any rules.

"I posted a request in the end of the last thread. Can I still bump that?"

If it's a last minute request and most users moved on, then Yes.

"I forgot to tag my post as +Request/+Delivery. What do?"

Simply Report it as "Forgot +Request/+Delivery" and mods will fix it right away.

Have patience, give artist time, don't be rude and have fun.

- Please ask questions on the Da Rules / Meta Thread >>1

- Commission Thread >>1527

- Color/Modify Thread >>1046 >>20216

- Screenshot Nude Filter Thread >>891


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TJA/Jabarchives in trouble

For anyone who never heard of it, Jabarchives is a site that hosts art from various porn cartoons artists, including quite a few loli/shota creators. They've got a forum that also hosts a good number of erotic stories.

Apparently they've been having financial trouble since January of last year, and though they've been getting a bit of support, looks like things have gone really bad (the site admin says they need $20,000 to get out of the hole they're in). We could see this place go dark anytime in the next few months.

Thought I'd just bring it up. I'm not expecting anyone to pay or anything, but we're losing one too many adults sites that allow underage art. And this is the site that many people from WWOEC migrated too after that forum shut down as well (besides Palcomix).

Anyone who likes this site, you might want to pitch in, or save as much stuff as you can.

Lilo and Stitch

Let's go Hawaiian.

Breaking News

This thread is for news regarding upcoming animated series from the industry. If a new series surfaces and it has good looking cake, post it here.

French (and European in general) Cartoons and Comics


European comics are lewd as hell. Post originals or fanart.

Commission Thread

Are you a starving artist who's sick of drawing shit requests for free and want to delve into a little bit of capitalism? Well, now you can draw those same shit request and get paid for your next batch of ramen noodles.

1: Promote yourself. (Twitter, Pixiv, Patreon, etc)

2: Show off your portfolio. (So we know you're worthy)

3: List fetishes you would/wouldn't do. (Do it for your own sake)

4: Name your prices. (Outlines, Colors, Backgrounds, etc)

5: ???

6: Profit.

Artist have every right to reject your shit demands. So respect the artist and they'll respect you.

This board/thread is not responsible if you get jew'd. Proceed with caution.

Peni Parker

Peni Parker appreciation thread. Extra lewd edition.

I know she's canon 18 just pretend she isn't

Screenshot Nude Filter Thread


(1) Have fun and be nice and grateful.

(2) No Rugrats request I here this is a problem.

(3) Do not be greedy and spam requests you know who you are.

(4) Try to keep request with in screenshots or show like work.

Have a nice day and flap.

Harvey Girls/Harvey Comics Thread II

Here we go! New Harvey Comics thread/Harvey Street Kids discussion.

The OP wasn't exactly my first pick, but I wanted to go with something straightforward and simple. So, who else is excited for Season 2?

Cake OCs

Didn't a see a thread like this so I decided to make one. Loli OCs you like or made yourself. I'll start with my own. Dana is still a work in progress. I wanted her legs to be a big point to her and her clothing scheme is white blue and gold which is good against her dark skin.

She's tomboy and confident in herself and she secretly likes cooking. She's cocky

because she's naturally talented in general but only so much, if she tries or goes further in any one thing she falters so she might play it off that the subject no longer interests her.

She's playful and likes to try things

Furry Cub Thread

Funny cartoon animal cub.

Raisins Girls

Can we have a Raisins Girls thread here?

For the unaware, Raisins is a restaurant from South Park that essentially an underage version of Hooters. This thread is for picturing fictional girls from other media working there (I only have cartoon related images, since this started on /co/, but I'm more than happy to expand).

Video of Raisins from the new South Park game: [Embed]

Color/Modify Thread 2

Request coloring, shading, modify, or any other tweaks to already drawn lewd pics you have in mind.

Simple Suggestions

├ Don't be greedy/spam or your waifu will get banned.

├ Post reference pic colors selection.

├ No screenshot/clipart edits. Go here instead >>891

├ Old request are welcomed. Old thread >>1046

└ Be patient and have fun.

Banned Requests

Boss Baby - blame Taylor


Can we have a Midna thread? She might not be an "actual loli", But I think she's on the "Legal loli" Side, Other Zelda lolis also welcome.

My Little Loli

Because someone had to make this thread eventually

Art & Animation Tutorial/Critique Thread

Western art style gets a bad rap due to the poor quality put out there. So lets fix that by embracing that Git Gud attitude and encourage our fellow supporters where they need it. Post any tutorial regarding styles relatable to the animated shows we know. You may also post tutorials on animation and comics as well to help broaden the thread. Let us hope we can bake better cake eventually.

Tools of the Trade

>Digital Painting

Krita (Free and has plenty of features) -

Mypaint (Free and very simple) -

Inkscape (Free vector design program) -

PaintTool SAI (Cheap and focus oriented) -

AZPainter (Free PaintTool SAI Alternative) -

Clip Studio Paint (or Manga Studio) -

Gimp (The alternative to Photoshop) -

Waifu2x (Image up-res program) -

Source -

Swatch Booker (Manage your swatches across apps)


Pencil2D (Free and Simple) -

OpenToonz (Free animation app made by Studio Gibli)

Win/OSX -

Linux -

Synfig (Free vector animation app, but hard to use) -

Plastic Animation (Affordable and focus driven/Free old version) -

TVPaint (Pricey but damn good) -

ToonBoom (Industry standard app for vector animation) -

Blender 3D (Free, powerful, yet complicated 3D app) -


>A fantastic artist on Youtube with great insight into how to draw and even how to learn shading, coloring, and other useful drawing techniques. Most of his art is Western based.

>For learning Eastern styles

>Poronpuu is a decent loli artists. Check out the other artists in Pixiv for more inspiration.

Random Poses

>drawing references


Angelica Pickles (loli)

Just loli angelica

Fat/Chubby Cake Thread

This place use to have one of these but it looks like it's gone so i'm making a new one, Feeding and stuffing is fine.

Have fun!

Da Rules / Meta Thread

Welcome to the board designed and dedicated for cake in mind. A.k.a Western Loli. Here in /delicious/, all Western loli will be voluntarily referred to as “cake” to help differentiate East and Western art-styles. So share your love and interest for cake. Have meaningful discussions and help build a healthy community. Also, this is a NSFW board.

Board Rules 0.7

Rules may change or readjust at any given moment. Major changes will be announced.

1: Global rules apply.

2: CP is strictly prohibited. Including traces/recreations of photographic depiction of real children. Serious topics of pedophilia is also prohibited.

3: Stylized 3D models of cartoon/comic/game characters are welcome. Realistic original 3DCG is prohibited.

4: Extreme fetishes such as gore, vore, snuff and scat must be contained in their respective threads and/or spoilered.

5: Source requests must be kept in the request threads >>51. Any request outside will be deleted.

6: No politics. Aesthetics are fine but take the hard talk to some other board.

Healthy Suggestions

1: Keep it quality. Too much shit-tier art could lead to a clean up.

2: Do try to stay on topic.

3: Lurk moar before creating a thread.

4: Delicious is western dedicated, loli is not forbidden. If you want nothing but loli, we recommend >>>/loli/.

5: Keep toddler, futa, furries, 3D, and other highly categorical posts in their own threads.

6: Please create threads for a series rather than a specific character.

7: Avoid dumping in OP. Only post one image when creating a thread.

8: Use "https" for security reasons. No "s" means you get lumpt.

Princess Eilonwy

Disney abandoned her, but she is not forgotten.

Let us celebrate the best princess and give her our love, honor, and an ever growing presence in our community.

To Princess Eilonwy.

Lesbian Fruit Cakes

A fap thread just for Lesbians, Faggettes, and Carpet Munchers. And Only Lesbians... bare or dildos/strapons.

Teens and Milfs must be accompanied by cake.

No cocks or SJW shit allowed.

P.S. The banner looks like it's spelled FRUT, but trust me, it says Fruit, The U and I are just stuck together. That's my bad for not noticing until after I finished.

NEW Source Filmmaker (SFM) Thread

Post SFM renders of your favorites. Preferably Hi-Res JPEG, PNG, Webm, MP4, etc.

If generous, share models and tips too.

No realistic OC models. Boards have been taken down for this.

The only OC allowed are custom Sims/Skyrim, etc or repurposed established characters.

Old thread hit a bump limit; visit it for good times sakes. >>1246

Known Artist/Animators:







Croix3D Leftovers:!4JJi1L6J!l12lCN8ZlsaF2D727ny5Ug

Clementine - Walking Dead Season 1 & 2

Rachel - Wold Among Us

Little Sister - BioShock

Sarah Miller - "The Last of US"

Sunny - Metal Gear Solid 4

Avoid posting Natalia Korda (Resident Evil) for Legal reasons


Alice In Wonderland thread.


Yo, Working on a new game called Gwen trainer.

Going to be similar to akburs witch/princess trainers.

We launched a beta last night, hope you enjoy it.

Download from public patreon account:

Please support us if you enjoy the play thru, and if you believe in the project.

Visual Novel Game Project(s)

Hey, anon. Despite the fact that I have practically retired as an artist, I've decided to try and launch a new loli-themed game project with the help of this community and, most importantly, my artist friend Heikatsu ( ) who is currently learning Ren'Py with a little bit of support from me.

One of my personal goals with Unteralterbach was to get the western loli community to start making games of their own, but so far, not much has happened in that regard. So I want to get involved a bit more. If nothing comes of it, then so be it. No pressure. But I think it's still worth giving it a try. I will also support this project with some code and art of my own.

The goal is to gather some creative people (idea guys, writers, artists, coders) on this board, and make a loli-themed visual novel using the Ren'Py engine. Something for Heikatsu (and others) to put their game-making skills to the test, but on a small scale in a hazard-free environment. The game should be kept short (I'd imagine roughly 1 hour) and manageable to minimize the risk of failure and not make it too intimidating for anyone involved. After all, the development should be fun first and foremost. We're all doing this in our free time.

If all goes well, this could be the first entry in a series of little story-focused adventure games, like an anthology of loli-themed short stories, each one with a setting and characters of its own.