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Mobile Trace Suits

I can't be the only anon who loves these things.

/d/ meta thread

/d/ is a board for any kind of hentai images that would be considered too "extreme" for /h/. Things like breast expansion, reverse pregnancy, traps, MTF transformation, and so on.

For the sake of transparency, all of my moderator actions can be found here:

1) All images posted on /d/ must be some work of 2D or 3D hentai, photography or threads that do not follow this theme are not allowed.

2) Scat and gore are allowed as long as they: are always spoilered (if not spoilered, they will be spoilered by a mod without punishment) and kept to a single thread each. Castration is exempt from this rule, provided the level of gore isn't too extreme.

3) Do a reverse image search before you beg for the source of an image. If your efforts are fruitless, ask for the source, but only if previous requests have not been made (don't spam "SAUCE?").

4) Keep threads relatively on-topic, at least as far as images go. Discussion can wander, but the image topic has to remain consistent. If a thread hits 400+ images, it's alright to make a new thread about the same topic.

5) All images should be tasteful and relatively high quality. In other words, don't post pictures that most people would consider to be garbage.

6) Post at least 10 images in a new thread, and be sure to check the catalog before starting a new thread. Threads that violate this rule may be deleted without notice.(NOTE: Some threads don't need 10 images, like stories/writefag threads).

7) Post source requests in the stickied source threads. It keeps things tidy, and makes your request more likely to be seen. Threads like "Hey, /d/, post X" without posting at least 10 images yourself should instead be posted to the sticky.

8) Shitposting is tolerated, but don't de-rail a thread simply because you don't like it.

9) Excessive saging is a 24-hour ban (Don't just say "sage" 10 times in the thread. This applies to dubsposting, too).

10) Advertising your personal Discord server is not permitted.

If you have any questions or opinions about the rules, post in the sticky.


ctrl f no size thread

Futa x Female

As a lesbian who likes penetration, I feel like this is very important...



Huge asses

Girls with asses that are impractically large.


What is this incarnation of /d/'s opinion on 'caption' threads? I know they're not hugely popular with a lot of people because they're basically just taking other people's art and slapping poorly written fapfiction onto it, and the bad ones tend to be REALLY bad, so I don't want to step on any toes.
I only ask in the first place because caption threads on 4chan keep getting deleted more and more often - unless, apparently, they're those godawfully unimaginative "Futa Dom World Caption" threads.
So, uh... Yeah. Is it cool to have a thread for making pictures with way too many fucking words slapped all over them here, or should I take a hike?

Post-/d/ Regrets

/d/, have you ever fapped to something so horrible that as soon as you finished you shielded your eyes from your monitor? What was it?