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How do I replicate this style?

FODCOM seems to really be interesting when it comes to design. How do I replicate stuff that he does? Asking for a friend here

Christchurch massacre was cyberpunk

>Man live streams a massacre

>manifesto full of memes and internet lingo

>edits of the video pop up almost immediately

>will most likely continue this through his trial

>community of people online who support him

Admit it, this was cyberpunk. It could have been a standalone complex episode.

Feel free to discuss any other similar real life instances you would call cyberpunk.

cyber vidya help

Some of you might have already seen this before but I was working on a hacking simulator game. Thing is that I can handle the design, art and writing and the music's being taking care of, but I just too stupid to wrap my head around programming.

I figured maybe /cyber/ had some programmers that would like to help me out with this. I was planning to do some crowdfunding campaign once there's enough to show off so payment can be done through revshare, paid by hour, whatever. I'll just copy and paste most of the pitch from the previous thread:

Interface-based hacking game similar to Uplink or Hacknet, stylized automated hacking with schway visuals in a setting taking place in an alternate history kind of setting. Procedurally generated world with random companies, citizens, hackers, hacker clans, missions etc with some small touches of emergent gameplay (for example company that goes bankrupt cause of digital sabotage and the former owner takes out a hit on the hackers involved). Heavy focus on multitasking, having to micro-manage multiple hacking programs at the same time, maintaining them and staying within hardware limits, although you can upgrade your computer's mobo/CPU/RAM/storage space for quicker and stabler hacking. Once you get caught hacking you're jailed for life requiring you to restart the game but you can prevent getting caught by setting up proxies before pulling off a hack. The more proxies you use the more time you get to hack, but in return you also get more lag. You can also upgrade your proxies but they'd be expensive. Lastly, there's a main plot that's got some joinable factions similar to New Vegas in a story about the future of the internet and security vs. privacy, big corporations and governments wanting to use the internet for their own scummy means and smaller people trying to stop them, standard cyberpunk shit.

Cyberpunk in 2019

Is cyberpunk imageboard culture dead?

/g/punk and Lainchan and /cyber/ were great websites when they first started, but the wave of traffic and fans has long since gone downhill. Is Cyberpunk dying out within imageboard culture? Or is there just less visibility of it due to external factors?

There haven't been many posts on /cyber/ or even /g/'s /cyb/ threads in the past year.

Tsutomu Nihei appreciation thread

>aka the guy who draw shitloads of buildings and people fucking around i them

What do you think of him and his works ? Do you think -aside of the supernatural or irrealist (?) shit- some of his situation could become true in a far future ?

>tbh I just wanted to talk about him because I just ended Biomega and wanted to see if there were many people here who like him


general chat about future implications of what we currently have and what is right around the corner

high end dolls are selling for as high as 6k so the demand is there

tor /cyber/ chatroom

me and some other anons have been talking about /cyber/ chatrooms in privacy thread. we have tried tox but it turned out pretty bad. since then ive been making an tor chatroom. im happily inviting you to try it, it looks promising to me. i want this to be /cyber/ chatroom, not mine or yours or anybodys, this is our chatroom. there are no names, nothing. i would like to improve it furthermore, im open to ALL ideas. also, when an more experienced and trustworthy anon appears, i would like to give him the whole chatroom to operate.


you should download tor if you dont have it already. it gives you very good protection and anonymity. then go to the .onion below and bookmark it when you are there so you dont lose it