Nerve Center

Polish thread

czy w polsce da sie spotkac femboys/traps/twiks/cuteboys/bottoms/passives?

czy gay bars sa wogule dobre czy online dating tylko dziala w polsce?

YIFF IN HELL (furfriends)

New furbread, since I know there are a lot of cute degenerate furryboys on this board.

Post tails, dargons, butts or just whatever you feel like.

The Slut Thread

This thread is for posting pictures of yourself, asking for ratings, and trying to find people to have sex with. Don't make threads for this kind of stuff, you dummies.

Canada General #3

>tfw new thread dead for like a month and nobody made a new one

>tfw there's now TWO Canadian generals that are dead in the catalog

Don't actually know if this is #3 but it is now because I said so.

Do whatever I guess and good luck!

New chubby cuties thread. Last one hit the limit.

/cuteboys/ Map v2

Admin can be reached at [email protected] ←- That's the map

Use the map to make friends or find another cute boy to be lewd with. Don't be shy! If you make a marker, the rest of the cute boys will make markers too. The map is updated and new markers are approved whenever I get around to it. Usually takes about a month depending on how many markers get submitted. If you need your marker edited or have a question or something then just email me.


NOTICE #1: Report people if they say they're under 18 or if they look underage. I can check their post history to see if they've ever said how old they are.

NOTICE #2: Report something if you don't like it. This doesn't mean I'm going to delete the post or the ban the person in question, but I will see it and do what I do. I get like one report a day so I just wanna make sure you're all comfy.

ATTENTION: We have a subreddit we can go to if 8chan goes offline. The link to it is in the map description at the top of the page on zeemaps. Don't hate me. This was the best I could do in a small amount of time. If anyone has any better ideas feel free to email me.

뻘글 / 잡담 2

챈러들 잡담하는 곳

전스레 :

Only the highest quality 10/10 cocks and boybutts

Do not post anything you wouldn't trade an arm and leg to suck or fuck.

Balls Thread

Just a thread dedicated to ballsacks

Post a picture of yourself wearing your favorite panties

My first fuck with a boy

Well, now I know atleast I'm super fucking gay. Here's the story on how I learned that I love twinks.

I'm a tall, muscular, straight behaving guy, and nobody IRL would know that I would turn out like this.

I've fucked the stereotypical blonde chicks in high class hotels. Girls of all kinds, and I felt like fucking them was a chore. I literally had asses waving in front of me. Juicy wet pussies and cute big tits.

In the end, I didn't even give a shit. Here's where the greentext starts

>go on /cuteboys/ a lot

>get turned on by what I see here

>download grindr

>this cute super blue eyed 19 year old boy says hi

>eventually I find out he works for the same company I do, but he works for an authorized retailer and I work for corporate

>he is super pale, slim, a virgin, never had anything up his butt, cute blonde hair, has a cute laugh, frail, innocent, and first shy

>I drive him around and we talk, go get whiskey, decide to go to a hotel

>we are drinking together and I start getting drunk and making fun of him working for the authorized retailer and how corporate is so much more better

>we are playing with eachother and making eachother laugh

>we are in a two bed hotel room

>I rip off all the blankets off one bed and put them on another

>I hand him a bottle of nair, and he goes to take a shower

>I ask him if I can join

>"I'm a grower not a shower" he says

>I reply "fucking fine, I'll be here watching tv"

>he goes to take a shower and I am getting drunk off my ass from whiskey

>eventually I feel my animalistic side come out

>I crawl in on him and take a little peak of him as I am literally on the floor from being drunk

>he is all super wet and laughs and calls me an asshole as I see his little dick but huge balls

>fuck I want to demolish him

>he eventually comes out

>he smells super nice

>he lays next to me and I'm shirtless and he starts rubbing on my chest. I'm like 3 times his size and go to the gym and he never went once

>he is completely unaware on what to do

>at first I take my finger and start swirling it around his nipples and he just starts laughing and I eventually just start sliding my hand down there

>he said "no you haven't deserved it yet and I want you a little more sober for my first time"

>I am fucking laughing and tell him to take off his pants to where the only thing he now has left on is his underwear

>I see he has a boner

>"oh are you excited?" I ask him just laying next to him

>he laughs and says nothing

>I tell him to get on top of me

>he asks me what I mean

>I pick him up and just place him to sit on top of me while I lay back on the bed

>slowly I just start massaging his smooth belly

>he starts kissing me

>his lips are soft. and the dark hotel room brings out his feminine eyelashes and blue crystal eyes that stare at me

>I pick him up and slam him on the other bed with blankets on it

>"your breath smells like whiskey" he whispers


Tfw no cuteboys around to hold my key, cuff, gag and fuck me till I see stars

Anyway, chastity/bondage thread, share your pics and stories!

The Sadness Thread

Lots of anons post about how they're feeling sad or how they don't have a boyfriend. So you can post about that kind of stuff here if you want! You should also try to cheer everyone in this thread up. That'd be nice.

Whats some good gay romantic anime or manga I can find? I'm looking for more cute than lewd stuff.

Netherlands thread

Since the last one died, figured it might be time for some resurrection. So whether you're born dutch or just live here nowadays; chat,have fun, meet, w/e and remain cute :3

en niet moeilijk doen om belgen, die zijn namelijk gewoon hartstikke lief <3

fuck cops

where my lefty/anarchist cuties?

What's the biggest hting you've ever put up your butt?

Post things that made you cum (favorite porn)

Foregen thread

I’m NOT a regular poster on this board, but I figured that Forgen might be of interest of posters on this board. Btw I’m NOT affiliated with them in any way. What Forgen is is a group of scientists who are using cellular regenerative technology to do foreskin regeneration. This allows men who’ve been circumcised to fully regrow their foreskin, nerve endings and all. What does /cuteboys/ think?

can someone help me on how to get a curvy and juicy bum like pic related. I really wish mine was like it :v all i do for working out is just running/ weighted squats and lunges. Im not sure what else I can do to get it nice and jiggly :3 help

porn dump

So I have almost 50GB of gay porn ranging from pics and gifs to vids. Including twinks, some hunks as well as tons of yaoi and some Gfur.

I can dump on request but I would really like some feedback :P

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal

suck my nuts niggers

메이드 인 어비스

메이드 인 어비스 전반


캐릭터 전반

Scandinavian thread

Any scandi cuties?

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys? it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deale523


게임쇼타를 빱시다!

쇼타겜 마더 시리즈!

…9s만 올라오진 않겠지

WebM thread?

WebM thread. I'll be converting some clips from my collection. You can ask for a source, but chances are I won't have link to it. I can give the video title so you can search on Bing (the superior porn search engine).


아들이랑 아빠랑 부자덮밥 해먹고 싶오


수인이 좋긴하지만 수간충은 아니라구요

How do i get a sissy bf

btw am str8

Bush thread?

Does anyone else find a bush on a cuteboy really hot, especially the trimmed ones

more of her?

Cute Help Thread

Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.

I'm becoming more right-wing lately and I'm feeling a little bad about liking guys… how do I stop this? Should I stop caring about politics and stuff? Or maybe I'm just lonely.

New Aus thread

Old one hit the bump limit

What's happening with my fellow ausboys?

Anyone attending SMASH?

Truly passable traps

I have never seen a completely passable trap in as long as I've been on the internet. I'd like to see if you lads could change that.

I suspect this to be because people who post trap porn and pictures find the "trap aesthetic" to be attractive; I can't quite describe what the trap aesthetic beside flat chest and slightly masculine jaw, is but people seem to sexualize that over someone who has fully changed themself to look like the other sex.

Whatever the reason, I'd like to ask you all to post pictures, sexual or not, of traps that are completely indistinguishable from women, aside from the dick of course.

Makeup, surgery, hormones and feminine clothing are all fair game, the only thing not allowed is photomanipulation.

Pic related is the closest thing I could find to a completely passable trap.

The end of laughter and soft lies

I guess she wasn't making enough shekels. Do you really think shes going to delete all her lewd accounts and ghost all her pervert fans/friends?

Tonights freakout was even better than a cry show. Best part was watching her #1 Orbiterfag try and talk her down and keep her civil…

ayma_khant: you have potential

ayma_khant: what you just said was just "mean"

I really feel bad for polgin tho. Without emmy to obsess over, that poor little guy is going end up stalking some neighborhood girl who makes the mistake of smiling at him on the street. And that only leads to lockup or the looney bin.

Non-toxic Sex Toys thread

Why is it so hard to find affordable sex toys that aren't cancerous trash from China? How do you tell if your toy is really silicone? Is chemical smell a bad sign? Obviously.

We need shopping tips on quality sex toys so we don't get fucked over with Chinese lead rubber.

Would you wear such a shirt publicly?

Source Thread

Can we have a source thread? Post things you want source on, and hopefully someone will deliver.

Interracial Thread

When did you realize that white guys were made for black cocks?

>tfw no black dom to enslave me, put me in chastity and make me worship him

>tfw barely see black guys, let alone meet them


Any cuteboys like other cuteboys? I feel like everyone is either really masculine and likes twinks or else you have a fem twink who only likes big hairy men :(

Pacific Northwest Thread

The heat has been unbearable lately! How have you cuteboys from BC/WA/OR been cooling down?

Have any Labour day plans? Like for example, getting frudged?

where to find a girl to tell me to do things like this on skype?

>can grow facial hair very easy without it being patchy

>broad shoulders


>manly face

>large and thick cock

>just want to be cute

this is not fair at all

✠ Italian Thread ✠

Old thread was not so active though, but let's try again


Loli Movies 1975 - 2016

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>PTHC - CP photo and video Girls & Boys (all Videos on the internet)<<

>Artbbs , LS magazines photo and video Girls & Boys<<

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>Please keep this links,and visit regularly (update Daily)<<




Good morning cuteboys, I noticed a lot of you are into more unusual fetishes, torture, humiliation and so on.

Let's share some of our more unusual fantasies here, I will start.

I want a guy with muscular shaved legs, all smooth and meaty(not bodybuilder tier, just nice worked legs) who is wearing just army boots with white socks to stand on my cock, maybe wearing a long sleeved shirt, a bit bigger then he needs.

And force me to give him a bj, every time I do a bad job he would twist his foot and crush me wile forcing my head down over and over again. He would do it in a way that goes from pleasure to pain and back to pleasure.

He would come before me and laugh as I would beg for him to lift his foot just enough for me to cum.

Then after we are done he would lift me up and passionately kiss me before he goes to shower.

Pic unrelated.

New California Thread

Because the old one seems to be borked since the hack.

nth for Bay Area cuties.

North Carolina Thread

Any cuteboys in North Carolina?

Also, North Carolina/NC thread I guess

(Hopefully) Find a Partner Thread

What kind of partner do you want, /cuteboys/?

Describe the kind of person you'd want to date, yourself, or both. Please be descriptive and not just "someone that will tolerate me."

>tfw you're a Christian engaged to get married to a girl in a few months but nobody knows that you're actually a homosexual that has been keeping his attraction locked up for his entire life

>tfw you browse forums like /cuteboys/ but you know you will never have a boyfriend even though you'd actually make a good boyfriend and you're a /cuteboy/ yourself

any other anons here know this pain

Steam Thread: keep this one relevant edition

Steam Thread:


>Vidya you play

>What you look for in a (STEAM)friend

autistic things only you do

>going through my collection of crossdressing japanese cuteboys

>see something that looks like breasts and feminine hips


>close the window and immediately remove it from my collection

여긴 참 오고 싶은 때가 애매하네요

오고 싶은 때가 딸 치고 싶은 때인데 그런 땐 히토미가 더 가고 싶음.

그래서 히토미에서 딸치고 나면 여기 오고 싶은 맘이 사라짐.

히토미는 참기 힘들어서… 정말 애매하네;

More gay sites/boards

Anyone know of more places like /cb/ ?

Canada Thread

Where are the Canadian cute boys?

토론 및 건의사항

소년 8챈의 운영 방향에 대해서 챈러들이 하고 싶은 이야기를 토론하거나 건의 사항을 제시하는 스레드입니다





Hey guys :^) This is just a test



Is Nair a good way to get rid of ball hair? Maybe body hair in general? I want to be smooth.

데차 쇼타

개돼지겜 데차에 나오는 쇼타들

need name

Ideal trap height?

In your opinion what's the ideal trap height?