Nerve Center

what made you gay?

what was the single moment in your life where you officially swore off women?

let me hear those life stories /cb/

in my case i guess its like this

>be a decent womanizer

>start to realize how exhausting it is having to constantly swap out women who don't put out for those who do

>decide i'd just like to settle down with a bro and have a full on homo bromance with the butt sex included

>manage to completely rewire my sexual preference circuit board within a few years

>still no bro mechanic bf to help me work on my corvette project car and shower together with afterwards

The Slut Thread

This thread is for posting pictures of yourself, asking for ratings, and trying to find people to have sex with. Don't make threads for this kind of stuff, you dummies.

Jazz Jennings Responds To Swapping Cash For Suspicious Substance Photos

Beloved transgender star Jazz Jennings was caught on camera swapping cash for an herb-like substance in photos exclusively obtained by Now, the I Am Jazz star is speaking out on the possible drug deal!

>Jennings, 17, rode her bike to Poinciana Park in Coral Springs, Florida on December 6. A man, whose identity has been protected pending comment, parked his car in the lot.

>“She parked her bike next to his car,” an onlooker exclusively told Radar. “He was leaning on the front of his car and she walked over to where he was. As she reached into her purse, you could see his open palm containing a substance of some sort.”

>As she gave the man a handshake, he “dropped the bag into her purse while taking the money out of her hand.”

>Jennings seemingly responded to the photos by pinning a tweet from December 8.

>“’Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing is gonna be all right.’ –Bob Marley,” she wrote.

Meetup Thread

>no meetup topic

Seeing as we've already got a couple for specific areas, it'd make as much sense to just have a general one.

Post area code and what you're looking for (trap seeking man, trap seeking trap, male admirer seeking trap, ghost seeking horse, etc.) As well as any details you wanna share. Age (adults only, needless to say), stats, pics if you're comfortable. Whatever.

601 male admirer here.

Cute Help Thread

Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.

Chubby Cuties Thread

Old thread is dead but the chubby cuties must live on!

>be black

>get passed up by literally everyone you meet

>try to throw yourself away to anyone that will fuck you

>No thanks

Just end my suffering

Cock Thread

Post benises ITT. Bonus points if it's yours

Fetish List Thread!

Use pic related

잡담/뻘글 17

전 스레 >>16548

The Sadness Thread

Lots of anons post about how they're feeling sad or how they don't have a boyfriend. So you can post about that kind of stuff here if you want! You should also try to cheer everyone in this thread up. That'd be nice.


웹툰에도 쇼타는 많습니다


하이큐 다이아에이스 쿠로코, 누구든지 스포츠 소년이라면 문제없음

fate 시리즈

페이트 남캐 올려보자


다시 한번

엠마스(사이마스),앙상블 스타즈 같은 뮤지션 쇼타들을 위대하게!

The Lewdness Thread

This is the thread to dump lewd and perverted thoughts. You can talk about vanilla stuff, or extreme stuff like scat, bestiality, and cuckolding. Nothing is off-limits.

Another lame Steam thread

Dead board edition!

You know what to do, post your id and maybe somday you'll get an add!

/cuteboys/ Discord

Anyone have an invite link to any /cuteboys/ discords?

Your favorite amateur TWINK boys, pics and videos are welcome.


UK Thread: Part 6!

2018 edition~

How're all UKbois doing? Don't see much activity on here anymore from us :(

/cuteboys/ Map v2

Admin can be reached at ←- That's the map

Use the map to make friends or find another cute boy to be lewd with. Don't be shy! If you make a marker, the rest of the cute boys will make markers too. The map is updated and new markers are approved whenever I get around to it. Usually takes about a month depending on how many markers get submitted. If you need your marker edited/removed or have a question or something then just email me. Please include your marker's name and location in edit/delete requests or I will not respond to them.


NOTICE #1: Report people if they say they're under 18 or if they look underage. I can check their post history to see if they've ever said how old they are.

NOTICE #2: Report something if you don't like it. This doesn't mean I'm going to delete the post or the ban the person in question, but I will see it and do what I do. I get like one report a day so I just wanna make sure you're all comfy.

Slav thread

The old thread 404'd. Any slavs still here?

>have a year long break from trying to find a fuck

>after nofapping for 2 weeks get really horny

>arrange a hookup with a guy

>he "has something else to do" in the last minute

>repeat x3

Just tell me you don't want to fuck with me, holy fucking shit everybody is retarded, why waste our time. The nofap thing is killing me but making it easier to flirt around at the same time. Shame every guy I like seems to be straight.

Use this thread for whatever, pederi.

Cute boys in the Deep South

Haven’t seen a thread about the south so here is one.

Anyone in northern Georgia or East Tennessee?

Anyone want to get a So Cal thread going?

Drop dicks, pics and kiks?

Cassie Brooks Meltdown

Wow, just found out she got banned from Chaturbate for doing "things"


Who knew?

Whatever happened to X...

So, /trap/, qt grills that used to be all over the internet/chans and went off the radar. What happened to them? Pic related, what happened to darktrap/katie ayanami?

Just /cuteboys/ things

Can we get a compilation of things that make us feel like /cuteboys/ inside?

This can be image, video, audio. Nothing too lewd please.

Homo /pol/ General - /hpg/

Anyone else here gay but right wing?

How do I find a redpilled bf? I've had guys on tinder block me just for saying I voted Trump.

I feel so alone being a gay man who isn't a total slut and actually treats their body with some respect and dignity, controversial I know.

Anyone else noticed the inherently homoerotic undertones of fascism and far right political movements? I feel like we're a really good fit for far right organizations but we usually get snuffed out for no good reason.

>tfw Identity Evropa has a don't ask don't tell policy

honestly thinking about joining, I live in a liberal hellhole where ghastly old gay dudes walk around with "Poz and proud!" t-shirts and there is literal antifa propaganda all over the downtown area. Would feel good to counteract some of it.

>tfw no right wing racist bf who wants a long term monogamous relationship


post your fashy faggot feels and discuss homonationalism ITT

/hpg/ discord:

New Source Thread

If you want a source or identity on any trap, post images/webms here.


Let's talk about condoms.

Which condom do you use?

What kind of lube is best to go with it?

Should I use a condom even if both my bf and me are healthy?

Let's share everything we know about this subject in here.

Am I a bad person for being bummed my boyfriend has a smaller dick than me?

I'm a total bottom, never wanted to top really but turns out my boyfriend's dick is like half my girth and a bit shorter.

I feel bad for not really wanting to fuck because of it, my smallest toy is even a bit bigger and I'm not really responsive to foreplay. Add to it we both have a really high body temperature and sex is just really unpleasant and I don't know how to bring it up with him.

The fuck do you do in this situation?

whenever my bf gets stressed at work he threatens to leave the country without me

and it scares the hell out of me because I know he can afford to, before I met him I was just some dumb slutboy but now I have structure in my life and actually have a job and am doing well at college

what should I do? he's the only thing that makes me feel happy/sane

Tights Thread

Post any cute tights that you wear here.


게임쇼타를 빱시다!

쇼타겜 마더 시리즈!

…9s만 올라오진 않겠지

cuteboy discord server

>Comfy, welcoming cuteboi server

>Active most of the day and growing daily

>#meetups channel for hookups, hanging out, making friends, organising LAN parties with fellow gamers etc.

>People from all over the world, wide range of characters from a variety of cultures including people from US, China, Russia, all over Europe and more

>Frequent comfy voice chat

>Frequent streams where we watch movies, TV, and anime together

>Friendly environment with no edgy internet personas or epic trolls ecksdee

>Variety of active channels catering to a wide range of hobbies and interests such as cooking, coding, art, gaming etc.


>Where are the lewds?!?!

Our NSFW channels are stricly 18+. You will need to verify your age before being able to see them. That said, please don't bother joining if all you're interested in doing is orbiting the cutebois. We're a community.

>The link is expired, post a new one!

The invite is a permalink. If it says expired, you're banned. Go find another server.

>Is this server just for gay people?

While it is has a lot of gay/bi people it's by no means a "gay server". If you're straight or a female you'll still feel welcomed and be able to have a great time.

>What do you do in here?

We watch stuff together on, talk about life and compare our different countries/cultures, give each other advice, shitpost, share memes, play games together and more.

>Is it just for meetups and stuff?

Nope. While facilitating real life connections is one of our main features, you can still use this server as just another general fun server to goof around and procrastinate within a friendly community.




Brazil Thread

Last one died. Brazilians, feel free to chat here.

Writing in portuguese is recommended, but english is fine too.

Como vão, anões? De qual estado são, e o que fazem da vida? Quais seus hobbies?

Já que o 55ch agora proibiu a troca de contatos de vez, sintam-se livres para compartilhar email, steam, etc. E postem nudes. :3

UK Thread: Part 5

UK Thread: Part 5

Time for the occasional injection of new life into UK /cb/'s. Let's start off by posting ASL/Contact so everyone can find what they want easier :)

/cb/ map:

Can we have another face thread? I wanna see your cute faces and I haven't seen a thread in forever

cuteboys self esteem thread

It seems like a lot of cuteboys don't think very much of themselves. How do we fix that?

잡담/뻘글 16


하누트 아헤가오 머꼴~ㅇㅈㅇㅇㅈ

Australia Thread

The old one has reached bump limit.

Let us continue bemoan not having a cuteboy nearby.

캐릭터(종합) 2

이전 스레


New York Thread

Upstate NY is a vast wasteland edition.

Old thread is dead and autosaged. Time for a new one.

What got you into traps?

A girl you met, a particular porn star, futanari anime, a night in a bar with a bunch of traps, a sexual experience. What was it?

>Early 2000s, in my teens. My internet access is very restricted. All types of anti-porn shit on family computer, which I didn't have much free time with anyway.

>Inherit the old VCR when my family gets a DVD player

>Manage to score an old 4 hour VHS porn compilation tape with an anal theme.

>Almost all of it was genetic girls, with one exception

>There is a scene of Lony Brown mostly on her back getting fucked on the carpet

>Don't know why, but it was hot as fuck

>Watch it over and over and over

>It was magical, like sex to the nth degree

Lony has a very pretty face, but is practically forgotten today. She was kind of chubby, and had a small & barely functional penis. She was completely different from a woman I would regard as my type, but back then she ushered me into this strange new world.

Cheers to you, Lony.

Slug thread

makeup thread?

Post resources, tips, personal experiences with makeup, specifically for passing/covering masculine facial features.

Almost/usually passing tranny here, looking to 100% pass. I figure giving in and finally using makeup is a good route (well, voice would be the most important but eh). I'd really appreciate any advice you have!

liberalist trapnostate

What is the Discord address for Warski's trap liberalist server?

Who is your favorite bubble ass guy

Is there a way back?

For some reason I liked traps for a while now, but lately i been feeling worse and worse about it, I just want to stop fapping to traps, and I try to convince myself to don't do so, but every time i have to fap i end up in the same vicious loop, I'm not saying that traps are bad or any moral shit like that I'm just saying that they are really not for me, and I just want to get this over with, but i really don't know how to if it's even possible.

I would appreciate any kind of advice

Amateur facials, cumshots, cum eating, anything about cum on face and in mouth. Pics and vids are welcome. Share some!

How do traps deal with their 30s?

Does their commitment to being the top whore wither one day…?

The Catboy Chronicles

This is a personal story, my experience with both sexes, my sexual experiences with both sexes, my thoughts, and hopefully by the end of my telling, self realization and acceptance of what/who I am. I will be updating this thread every night for the next week or so.

>Be me, 22yo college student, musician, for this threads sake, call me Tomoki .

>Be avid crossdresser, formally trap.

>Struggle with self control, potent libido, powerful emotions, acceptance from others/connecting with others.

>Has had numerous relationships, mostly with women.

>Had always struggled with relationships, most only lasted 4-5 months at best.

>Started doing lewd stuff with my male best friend about 2.5 years ago.

>Would have get-togethers with other friends, overnight LAN parties, watching animu, shitty movies.

>Was during a point in my life where I was experimenting with my sexuality.

>Would go to parties crossdressing, nothing overly sexual or lewd, nothing crazy, just typical kneehighs, skirts, fun accessories like cat ears, etc.

>Sometimes my best friend (Let's call him Matt) would jokingly pick me up and attempt to show my pantsu (usually boyshorts) to other friends to embarrass or harass me.

>Overtime my outfits and bodily figure got more and more feminine due to my desire to be more like a trap, my parents where super religious, so whenever I went out with friends, I'd go in disguise until I was in their car where I'd change.

>With each passing overnight get together, I got physically

and emotionally closer to Matt, until one night, I snapped.

>There wasn't much to dislike, he was funny, always knew what to say, accepting, innocent, and as I would find out, loving.

>During one overnighter at a friends two story apt. Matt seemed to be more forthcoming with his usual playful bullying.

>Whenever Matt lay his hands underneath my thighs when he'd pick me up, my body turned electric, something clicked in my brain, and I would get extremely aroused.\

>During the entire night, the sexual tension became so thick you could cut it with a knife, it was as if my brain was melting into jello and could only think of 'lewd activities,' I'm sure Matt could tell too.

>I was sitting in one of those 'Half sphere chair thingies' covered with a blanket, oblivious to the others playing video games on their PCs, and them oblivious to me, my brain was now 115% jello, face beat red, and my body sensitive to the touch.

>Some other friends would ask me questions from their conversations with others, but I was so far gone, that the only replies I could muster where very simple ones at best.

>I had fought the urge to touch myself, but caved, and started fingering myself underneath the blanket in a very stealth like manner, sole focused on the task at hand.

>All I could hear was my heart beating, high pitched ringing, and slow breathing.

>It was then I decided I wanted to goto bed, so I got up, and headed downstairs knowing I'd be alone, to an already made couch pull-out bed.

>Funny enough, he 'had to goto bed too' not long after I went downstairs, he was very cheeky about it, pretty sure everyone could tell why.

>By the time Matt had joined me in the bed, I already had covers over me, still fingering myself stealthily.

>Once he got in bed, he lay against me, cuddling me.

>My heart skipped a beat as I turned over and whispered into his ear, "You did this to me, now you have to take responsibility…"

>He started to stutter, "T-t-take c-care of w-w-what?"


메이드 인 어비스

메이드 인 어비스 전반

Circumcision debate thread

Is there a broad consensus on the board?

Which is better? Debate it here.


How many of you are really into traps and shemale porn, for a long time and got really bored with women BUT don't tell anyone in real life. How many of you pretend to be 100% straight? Like, when you are asked about male affection and someone says "haha how gay" you mutter "y-yeah.. that's just gay!"

My family, friends would look very different at me and would probably make fun of me behind my back. I can only keep it to myself, how about you?



yo, my gf broke up with me and im definitely done with girls. Im really sad and i want to talk to anyone whos got a penis,

pic unrelated, i just needed something to post

New Georgia Thread

Old thread burned.

Hail new gay GA thread.

Ever heard of Alice?

He's a crossplayer who is very convincing.

Gay death

Post pictures of 21+ /oldboys/ to prove gay death is a myth.

please join this cuteboy server


Netherlands thread

Since the last one died, figured it might be time for some resurrection. So whether you're born dutch or just live here nowadays; chat,have fun, meet, w/e and remain cute :3

en niet moeilijk doen om belgen, die zijn namelijk gewoon hartstikke lief <3