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Canada Thread

Where all the Canada qt's at?

I'll start us off here, Vancouver, BC.

Post your lokal and lets git started here B)


No Canadian trap thread?

I just saw the most beautiful trap

Does anyone know more about this femboy?

Brazil Thread

The last hit the bump limit. Brazilians, feel free to chat here.

Writing in portuguese is recommended, but english is fine too.

The Slut Thread

This thread is for posting pictures of yourself, asking for ratings, and trying to find people to have sex with. Don't make threads for this kind of stuff, you dummies.

8ch Comfy transition / HRT thread 5

ITT we talk about transition and HRT in a positive and supportive atmosphere. You are welcome whether you are questioning, already transitioning, an ally.

Rules :

- Only one HRT thread at a time.

- If you post something negative here, you will be banned.

>want to suck a cock but too nervous about STDs

what do?

The Sadness Thread

Lots of anons post about how they're feeling sad or how they don't have a boyfriend. So you can post about that kind of stuff here if you want! You should also try to cheer everyone in this thread up. That'd be nice.


By popular demand, we are going to make a thread dedicated to how to make yourself look cute to other

No excuses!

>but I wanna be chubby

Then you gotta make butt exercises unless you wanna look like hank hill!

>but is hard

Being lonely is worse!

Common anons!

As OP I'll be your personal trainer and bumper for the night, ask stuff and I'll try to help you.

Be warned I'm kinda mediocre and I'm gone most of the time but I'll try my best

Chubby Boy Thread 2018

Come get your chunky cuties <3

Advice on becoming a trap

im a 21 year old guy and im kinda chunky and I wanna lose alot of weight to achieve trap aesthetic,I have a gym near me that I could go to probably three times a week and as for diet I dont have that much money per week for food so i eat trash - what food is a good diet for someone who wants to be a trap? pic for attention

New feet thread starting with mine

/cuteboys/ Map v2

Admin can be reached at

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: ←- New map managed by someone that isn't me. Don't yell at me if the anon running it doesn't add your marker.

Use the map to make friends or find another cute boy to be lewd with. Don't be shy! If you make a marker, the rest of the cute boys will make markers too.


NOTICE #1: Report people if they say they're under 18 or if they look underage. I can check their post history to see if they've ever said how old they are.

NOTICE #2: Report something if you don't like it. This doesn't mean I'm going to delete the post or the ban the person in question, but I will see it and do what I do. I get like one report a day so I just wanna make sure you're all comfy.

Cuteboys in chokers/collars

this is my fetish

Does anyone else have a BIG fetish for small limp cocks? or should I say clits?

Am I too small? Also, uncut/dick r8 thread


Anyone else feel like the LGBTQ community is full of shit most of the time? Why can't they be like /cuteboy/ and keep their lives contained instead of flaunting around making us look bad?

And this whole thing about gay marriage. Marriage from what I can tell is horrible. Not to mention obsolete.

As a Bi, I feel pressure to go full gay all the way or you're not one of them. So if I chose a girl, that means I was never Bi at all. I was claiming to be Bi for attention… so they say.

I don't even wanna go into the whole SJW shit.

I need a damn hug.

Getting with a /christian/

Met up with a guy from /christian/ a few days ago.

He was handsome, had some muscle on his arms and was at least 6'. Kinda shy too (which was adorbs).

Anyhow, I ended up getting him to fuck me with his at least 10", as I screamed with my hands around his neck. Easy enough to say, he had a great time, especially as we cuddled afterwards.

He lives about 30 minutes away so I'm probably going to make sure we do this again

But the thrill and the rush of making a "holy man" into a degenerate slut is the most fun I've had in a while. So why aren't we working on attracting these kinds of guys, especially the cuties in the closet among them?

I desperately want to see them know they're doing "wrong" but have no will to stop it~

Drug usage among traps

Whats the deal with you faggots using drugs so much? Every other trap I meet on this board is either fucked in the head or a drug addict. I don't really understand the phenomenon here.

Anal Masturbation

ITT: we discuss tips and tricks for the enigmatic prostate and handsfree orgasm. Beginners welcome, also how to convice straight guy to fuck you in the butt.

Tell me your fantasy

I'm curious as to what turns you guys on, so lay it on me, what makes your penis become the big penis?

Prison Straight

Anyone else starting to feel so hopeless over finding a bf that you're considering forcing yourself to just date girls? Girls are just so much more abundant. It'd be so much easier to get a gf than a bf. Every time I imagine myself in a relationship, it's with a boy, but I'm getting to the point where I'm so desperate for some kind of intimate emotional connection with someone that I'm considering girls now. So many guys are just vapid whores and it's depressing. Not to mention how many incel prison gays there are who unironically think gay guys are less slutty than girls or somehow more loyal, which is just laughably incorrect. Just more shit to wade through in the search for a bf.

8ch Comfy transition / HRT thread 4

ITT we talk about transition and HRT in a positive and supportive atmosphere. You are welcome whether you are questioning, already transitioning, an ally.

If you post something negative here, you will be banned.

Anyone else here like traps and dick but really just want to be with a woman?

30+ /cuteboys/ Thread

How many of you here are worried about hitting age 30, A.K.A gay death. What are /cuteboys/ plans for the future?

If you are over 30 years old and are reading this, how is life treating you so far? What words of wisdom can you give to your fellow qt comrades?

<This thread does not apply to trannies

8ch Comfy transition / HRT thread 3

Last one hit bump limit!

ITT we talk about transition and HRT in a positive and supportive atmosphere. You are welcome whether you are questioning, already transitioning, an ally.

Rules :

- Only one trans/HRT thread at any time.

- If you post something negative here, you will be banned.

Fellow Fem Guys, do you find it hard to date?

This has been something that always really got to me while trying to date as a feminine guy. I feel likke dating is almost impossible at times. I understood that dating as a feminine, androgynous guy was not going to be easy but oh dear did I not think it would be this hard.

I understand that most gay men are going to be into Masculine guys, I myself am attracted to that and I want to have a "heteroromantic" relationship where it's clear that I'm the feminine aura in the relationship dynamic.

Naturally I get turned down when I express interest in guys I like and while I can take it, it definitely is hard when you actually think you can get on great with the guy lol.

This isn't to say I don't attract guys it's very rare when I do and when I do, they just aren't guys I'm attracted to. They're usually

> Older (40s-50s+, I'm only 26 and not interested in dating guys the age of my father or grandfather)

> Live 500+ miles away (I'm not looking for an online long distance relationship)

> Are super closeted (I have no time to deal with that, I've been out for 10+ years and I just cannot handle being with a guy who's that paranoid.)

> Married or have a Girlfriend (Do I even have to explain why I don't want this? lol)

> Very overweight (I'm not gonna lie, I'm not attracted to overweight or obese bodies, I take fitness pretty seriously).

> Want me to start taking hormones and transition into a trans-woman. (I'm not trans and that's not how transgenderism works)

It's just frustrating to deal with sometimes and it makes me wonder if I'll ever find a guy. But I'm curious if any other feminine guys here have faced similar obstacles/problems. How do you cope? Or if you did end up finding someone, how did you do it?


How many of you guys go regularily to anime conventions to live out your aesthetics?

As it's the most encouraging sourroundings for traps and alike there are probably quite a few of you roaming at cons, right?

Actual cuteboys porn thread

I’ve seen threads made here with almost no porn featuring actual cuteboys, just twinks/dudebros or shemales. A cuteboy should sit at the fulcrum between a transwoman and a boy; curvy effeminate body but no makeup/implants and they should be very obviously a boy, not a trap. I actually found the best example I have in a long time I think she’s trans but she’s a perfect little black cuteboy cockslut and she makes my dick diamonds. More like this I guess

New York Thread: Fell For the Meme Edition

Old thread over a month in the grave. Let's freshen things up!

>Upstate qts

>NYC qts

>(((Jersey))) qts

Find your flakefu here!

Nipples problem

How do I get pleasure from playing with my nipples/tits can I a make them more sensitive ?

Also they hurt not just my nipples, for no reason it just happens .

I tried to play with them and I feel like someone is tickling me from the inside of my brain (that's literally what I feel) + a really bad sensation

I just don't enjoy it I guess

Would you date an older FemGuy?

There's all this talk about wanting or having attraction for feminine guys 18-23 but is there anyone who is attracted to older feminine guys like aged 26 to mid 30s?

my bf gets suicidal whenever I leave for a night

my bf gets extremely depressive and starts using avoidance in texts while trying to heavily imply he's going to kill himself whenever I'm out overnight

this is an issue because twice or less a month I'm usually staying with my parents as they have a lot of family events that go on

he also gets invited to these. even as a guest who can hide in my old bedroom on his laptop all day (that's what he does at home anyway)but he refuses because he gets too anxious

I love him to heck but because of this I have to avoid my parents/brothers/sisters and every so often when I do leave I get worried as hell

I'm out the house now and he's told me he won't be home tomorrow because he'll be in heaven

he's stopped texting and hasn't been answering any calls and I know no one who can get to him. it's past midnight

it feels like a boy who cried wolf kinda thing at this point but I really don't know what to do :/

What is a cuteboy?

Since this topic always comes up (and leads into heated arguments) it's about time we make a thread about it.

Tell us what your definition of a cuteboy is and preferably post some pics as well.

Tfw you're a cuteboy and you want to fuck other cute boys and you're married and your wife wants to fuck cuteboys with you but there are no cute boys who want to fuck cuteboys and their cute wives.

why god… shoutout to cuteboys who would want to get spitroasted by a cutecouple in texas

Confused about sexuality.

Is anyone else here confused about their sexuality?

I know I am.

I'm a virgin and I've never been in a relationship but I don't know if I like guys or not.

I'm attracted to some of the people here and I've seen guys where I've thought "Hey, they're cute" but I'm also attracted to girls.

I seem to be attracted to more girls than I am guys; am I just confused.

Is it my inexperience in relationships turning into confusion about my own sexuality?

Can anyone here relate?

Cute Help Thread

Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.

Trans-hate thread because admin is a tranny fag

>Comfy place

>Admin becomes a tranny

>Shoves unrelated topic because

>Automatically becomes "I'LL BAN U DON'T HURT MY FEEFEES"

Every fucking time

You fucking retarded mongoloid admin know that HRT are exclusive to people that want to transition, not fucking B O Y S but you probably sorrounded yourself of yes man circlejerks that give pats in the back away like it was christmas considering that even 4chon/lgbt/ is full of "uwu just transition" which is why I left that fucking place in the first place, fucking preadtory trannies that wont stoop pushing their stupid HRT you are just in fucking denial austistic shit, and here are you fucking cock gargler enabling these fags that have R U I N E D communities.

This is the exact same fucking thing that happened to SCP, and you little shit think you can pull this off as well and everything to be fucking dandy.

Go fuck yourself, I'm glad this place is fucking dead, hopefully it will become dessert in a few weeks and the userbase finds a better place.

Gay General

This is a thread for discussing gay topics that don't deserve their own thread. You can think of it like Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread, but not just for questions. Post whatever you feel like posting, but remember to use the stickies for posting pics of yourself, for finding other /cuteboy/s, for looking more cute, or if you're feeling sad. This thread will also serve as a refuge for the gay posters of /b/ who have no where else to go. So post porn, discuss dildo brands, talk about what to cook for your boyfriend, or whatever else you feel like talking about.


Keepin qt

So I've just turned 21, I'm a pretty small guy and have some feminine features. But I can see that time isn't going my way. What's the best way for a cuteboy to stay cute longer? Are the shills right? Should I go for estrogen? Or should I just come to terms with my situation and carry on?

Unrealistic Expectations

I feel like there are way too many people here looking for "cute twinks" and "traps".

Complaining about never being able to find anyone,All while glossing over the average guys who have nice asses and penises. Even though in reality an average guy with a nice butt or dick is way better and enjoyable for long term relationships.

They can even be cuter than some mental nutcase full of hormones because their whole personality isn't based around being cute and gay.

Gay son / daughter

What would you anons do if you found out that your son/daughter was gay? It's a very real possibility, and throwing them out on the street for liking the same sex romantically is a shitty thing to do.

Honestly i think i would just sit down with them and tell them something like this –

"look, it's perfectly acceptable to be curious about who you like sexually. I will always love you. I won't mind if i meet your gf/bf, go ahead and introduce them to me and i'll let them stay in my house with you if that's what you want. But i have to ask some things from you;

1; don't be a slut and get some crazy diseases. I have no respect for people who end up like that, i'll treat you like a biohazard if you catch AIDS, stranger or progeny. I'll stop letting your relationships take place in my house if you bring in more than 2 people a year, even though you should be loyal to one person, i'll let you get by with 2 a year and no more than 6 in five years.

2; I expect kids from you. They can't be adopted. You and your bf/gf should arrange for a girl to get pregnant for you/a guy to get you pregnant. It's probably good that your bf/gf also gets to have kids, so you should ask the girl/guy to do the same for them. You'll end up having 2 kids if you do that, but at least neither of you will miss out on a child of their own.

3; Don't become a tranny. Being gay/bi is okay because nobody is cutting any part of their body off. If you like wearing dresses/acting like a boy, great, but that doesn't mean you're transgender. I want you to love yourself and your body. Cutting off any part of your body or slicing any part of yourself that isn't for medical reasons is a disorder.

4; don't expect me to pay for hormone therapy. That shit's expensive. If you want boobs/a masculine voice, try getting your bf/gf to pay for it. Yeah, you can grow small boobs/have a deep voice and not be transgender. If you do want me to pay for it, i will, but you'll have to convince me.

I want you to do these things for me because it's what's best for you. Go ahead and suck dick/munch carpet, i don't care, but please for the love of god don't let yourself be fooled into believing that sluttiness, getting STDs, or asking a doctor to chop your balls off is acceptable in any way; it's not. Society will tell you that they are acceptable, but don't ever listen to society tell you who you are or what you want or what you should like and dislike. Alright?"

And that'd be it. I'd even be fine with them wearing the opposite sex's clothing/makeup around the house and fucking their gay lover in their room. They would, of course, be expected to lock the damn door though. How would you guys raise your gay kids?

Cuteboy Convention

How about a cuteboy convention? I would host one, would anyone join here? :3 Just a silly little convention about boys love and yaoi stuff for weebs, (sane) lgbt people, cuteboys and people who are into cuteboys (aka fuyoshis / cuteboy enthusiasts).


2018 Q2

Last thread hit bump limit

If Only...


Any other black cuteboys here who think God fucked up with the bodily aesthetics of the black race?

Why did he give us nappy hair? Why can't we have long, woolly hair like Mediterranean folks? And we did he give us thick lips that contrast our skin tone? And skin tone so dark, that anything light causes an awkward contrast? Not cool.

Now don't get me wrong, there are black celebs who are sexy as fuck: Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Usher,Will Smith, Lionel Richie, TI, but they're lucky.

Any other bi/straight cuteboys?

I'm a bisexual, but I do have a preference for women but it seems like this entire community is composed of gay dudes, it's hard to find a gf who is also into cuteboys, since they prefer bigger men. I mostly post here for the community and to learn how to be even cuter.

Anyone have any luck?


Thread to post pictures of cocks with foreskin, OC welcome


Is there a /cuteboys/ discord, or any discord servers that are affiliated with this board? If not, would anyone be interested in making a server?

잡담 뻘글 42


thinly-disguised request thread

>donut buttholes barely exist irl

why live?

Difficult process of friend making on this board.

I want to keep this short as to not scare anyone anyway before a reply.

I have been on this board for some time now and have participated in various steam, Skype and the like threads in an attempt to make a friend or two.

But I have never had one single successful attempt and I have heard many have very poor success as well.

So I was wondering why that is and what everyone things the reason for this is? We all want friends and a loving relationship so whats the deal?



Please rate

Hullo Peoples &gt;.&lt; I post a gif

Zara Kane

It's been years since I did my research, so do excuse me if I get fact or two wrong:

>Guy named Dave Brown operates GMOD server called Taco n' Banana in the late 00s

>Creates a few fictional characters, one of them by the name of Zara Kane

>Kane is made to appear as though she's a real person, though other players grow suspicious when her and Brown are never on the server at the same time

>In early 2010, social media accounts are discovered of Dave publicly trapping under the Zara Kane name, looking exactly like the GMOD character

>They notice the same tattoo on Brown and Kane's arms, and the jig is up

>Brown admits he was Kane all along

>People laugh

>Brown occasionally traps for the next 5 years, before becoming a full-time tranny in 2016 and getting breast implants

Though he does look too bimboish for most lucky for me bimbo is a fetish of mine, hence why Paige is my fave female wrestler and Carmella ain't too far behind Zara was the first trap that made me question my sexuality and ask how he could possibly be a biological male. Though now it's obvious, back in 2010 or so this type of shit was a lot less common on the surface web and most "traps" were obvious men. His video did turn me off on him for like a good year though, he hasn't had any voice therapy whatsoever. If anyone can .webm it I'll be simultaneously grateful and hateful.

In all seriousness though, he's living the fucking dream that most could never hope to attain. He became his own waifu, operates one of the most infamous online servers of recent memory, has a semi-successful Soundcloud rocker career on the side, and gets to fuck bisexual men and women alike if his flickr posts are anything to go by.

This is both a dump/discussion thread and my question if there are similar traps echoing Kane's aesthetic i.e. leather goth bimbo Beth Arcane was very similar but she retired many years ago, Ilanna Pow's another name from that time period who's still active but passed her prime at the start of this decade since it turns out I'm a huge sucker for that kind of shit.


다시 한번

엠마스(사이마스),앙상블 스타즈 같은 뮤지션 쇼타들을 위대하게!

캐릭터(종합) 3

이전 스레 : 14276



Louisiana Thread

Come on, I know there has to be a couple of people here other than me and another guy in North Louisiana here that posts, or even just lurks here. If not…I guess this really is just a shitty state with nothing but bitches.


What are your experiences with ghosting and how do you handle it?

Personally, it's happened to me somewhere between 20-30 times already and I've only seriously started dating and whatnot this past April. It mainly seems to occur on Grindr but it's also happened somewhat frequently on OkCupid, some other apps and even here too. I looked it up at one point and was surprised to see just how common and widespread it is especially among gay/bi guys, which is truly unfortunate because I have no respect for people that can't even be honest with me about not liking me. I can handle rejection as long as the other person actually tells me since there's at least a chance we can still maybe be friends but what I CANNOT handle is being led on to believe that there's a mutual interest when there never really was one to begin with, the conversation suddenly becoming one-sided due to me being the only one talking without a reply for hours and then days at a time, trying to make plans that never go anywhere because there's always some kind of excuse or thing that just so happens to pop up the day of "preventing" them from being able to make it, and then me eventually realizing that they're not interested now and realistically never were in the first place. At that point, I'll either call them out on it and tell them they're a lying piece of shit or a fucking asshole or something before blocking/deleting them or just skip that altogether and block/delete them immediately because I'm so disgusted that I want to sever the tie ASAP. I know it doesn't make much sense to message someone who will never reply but in the moment, it sometimes feels good because I'll never be able to say it to their face since it's not like they ever wanted to meet me anyhow and it's kind of nice to get it out that way.

Unless the person you're talking to is truly bad and they don't deserve to know how you really feel about them, I just don't understand how you could lie to someone else about liking them and wanting to meet them like that. I've gone out with two or three guys so far who were really nice but I just didn't feel the "spark" with them, yet I made sure to tell them about it so they'd at least know because I would've felt horrible about doing to them what's been done to me however many times now. Maybe it's just the way I was raised to be honest with people in general and to be kind and courteous to others, and also to keep your promises if you make them. And speaking of promises, it's gotten so bad that I now specifically ask anyone I start talking to to promise me that they'll tell me if they're no longer interested, although I don't even know why I do that since almost all of them end up breaking that promise anyway. I don't even ask them to give me a reason for it and yet they're unable to just simply tell the truth.

My brother once told me that dating is just a numbers game and eventually you'll find the right person but FFS, I've been looking more often than not for over half a YEAR now and haven't found them yet. I'm by no means perfect and I'm not trying to sound like some fedora tipping douchebag when I say this but Jesus Christ, what am I doing wrong? I'm polite and cordial, I make sure to ask them questions rather than just talking about myself, I always hold up my end of the bargain and do everything I can to arrange a meeting and give them as much of a heads up as possible should something come up, and yet nine times out of ten, I get treated like dog shit for it in return by being ghosted. Am I just too nice? Do I put too much faith in people that they actually mean what they say? Are my expectations too high? If I didn't want a boyfriend or even a FWB so bad, I would've completely given up by now because of the seemingly endless cycle of disappointment I've experienced up until this point. Perhaps I'd have better luck going out to a bar or somewhere in public and meeting people that way in person instead rather than online but it doesn't seem like a much better option to me…

For the Boys

Stuff I found while going through Tumblr, just thought I'd share


Transsexuals are under attack from bullies and trolls. Many have mental health problems as a result.

What can we do to raise awareness and make society more accepting of otherness? How can we, as a community,

lessen the psychological burden that trans people struggle with?

>inb4 What if they don't identify as a person. Quit assuming their species you bigot! REEEEEEEE

One submissive act thread

Do any of you guys use this?


수인에 관한 스레입니다 수인조아

Cumming from anal only?

Meetup Thread

>no meetup topic

Seeing as we've already got a couple for specific areas, it'd make as much sense to just have a general one.

Post area code and what you're looking for (trap seeking man, trap seeking trap, male admirer seeking trap, ghost seeking horse, etc.) As well as any details you wanna share. Age (adults only, needless to say), stats, pics if you're comfortable. Whatever.

601 male admirer here.

who is this baby?


Tfw no cuteboys around to hold my key, cuff, gag and fuck me till I see stars

Anyway, chastity/bondage thread, share your pics and stories!

Tummy Thread

Thread for posting cute tum tums, oc welcome

Am I cute? Yea or nay?

Just trying to gauge interest. First time on here.

Tokyo Cuteboys

Any cuteboys in Tokyo?

Looking for someone to experiment with to sate my bi-curiosity.

(Not Asian)

Gay kik and discord friends

Drop your kik or discord if you want to chat with other gay guys or make friends

How to increase jizz amount

How do you increase the amount/quality of jizz? I remember there was an infographic, but I don't know if to trust it, a lot of these 4chan/8chan infographs are all show.

Retaining fertility isn't important, don't like kids. I just wanna improve my cumshots.

is it weird for girls to like traps, femboys, etc? &gt;.&lt;

i know that mistresses and stuff are normal but.. im not really dominant or anything so i dunno what it is.. ;n; i-i wish a cute boy would send me pictures in qt thigh high socks and panties :c we can be besties and send each other cute pics ;3;

The Cutest

Dumping Emily_Apple pics. Feel free to contribute

Slug thread