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how I've been feeling lately

hello anons. this is my first time using 8chan so please don't call me an idiot if i fuck up like a lot. but anyways I've been feeling down in the dumps lately. Some coming from my real life the rest online over some dumb online drama i got myself into and didn't want to get into but was dragged into it anyway because of my stupidity. So essentially this one guy who i thought i could trust was nothing more than some sicko that i let control me, my actions, twitter, and discord, but only for a short while. The reason being is because im afraid of what he'll tell someone who is close to me and is a cute boy who started transitioning into a girl. I can't sleep and I've started shacking and crying now. I told myself that ill take control of my life online and won't let sickos like him control me. So I plan on telling her tomorrow morning. I don't plan on sugar coating anything. Ill give her the facts and only that. I just hope she still loves me after what i put her through, the lies, and everything else. I know most of you won't care or make fun of me which is fair. But thanks for listening. Love ya guys *later*

Am I cute? Yea or nay?

Just trying to gauge interest. First time on here.

How often do you find IRL traps?

Hello all. Personally, I can't see myself becoming a /cuteboy/ however I'm bi and would love the idea of fucking a trap. Just to make sure I form have any overblown expectations, how often do you guys actually find traps in your area? If you do, do the look and talk exactly like women except for what's down undah or can you tell they're a dude if you have a keen eye. Thanks I'm advance.

>pic unrelated


Just because they were born as Males, it doesn't GUARANTEE that dealing with them is going to be any better than dealing with regular females. Since traps/MtF transgenders often copycat the behavior of women, it isn't just the mannerisms or the femininity, it also comes with mind-games, shittesting, dumb drama and spending your money on retarded shit, especially when they start to develop an ego as they become increasingly passable.

Also keep in mind that these individuals often interact a lot with the LGBTBRAAAAAAAAP crowd, which as we know seem to fill everyone's head with bullshit rethoric, indulge in substance abuse and vices,promote promiscuity leading to higher rates of STDs such as HIV, among other undesirable behaviors.

Of course, this doesn't mean that there aren't good traps/MtF transgenders out there for you to bond with and have a meaningful relationship without bullshit, I merely want to remind certain portion of the board that reality is pretty different from their mental image of what a trap gf would be.

Anyway, have a nice day and good luck finding a wholesome trap.

The Slut Thread

This thread is for posting pictures of yourself, asking for ratings, and trying to find people to have sex with. Don't make threads for this kind of stuff, you dummies.

>That 100 years old tomber who still believes that "blowing a tranny" has something to do with repairing a car

The Sadness Thread

Lots of anons post about how they're feeling sad or how they don't have a boyfriend. So you can post about that kind of stuff here if you want! You should also try to cheer everyone in this thread up. That'd be nice.

Cute Help Thread

Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.

russian fag

Sergey Titov, Yegorievsk, Russia

His e-mail:

His facebook: sergey.titov

8ch Comfy transition / HRT thread 5

ITT we talk about transition and HRT in a positive and supportive atmosphere. You are welcome whether you are questioning, already transitioning, an ally.

Rules :

- Only one HRT thread at a time.

- If you post something negative here, you will be banned.

Locked clitty

I luv keeping my clitty locked up in this black chastity device. I also luv getting pounded till I cum while wearing it.

New feet thread starting with mine

Blog about your boyfriend thread

I've noticed that while a majority of people that come here are looking for a boyfriend, a decent number like me have already found their qt bf and sharing about them is fun! Positive stuff is encouraged! Talk about how he has cute pet names that he calls you and how he ruffles your hair and makes you feel safe… or whatever!

As for me, my bf surprised me by coming over this evening! He rode two buses at past midnight because his apartment's tenants were being obnoxiously loud when he trying to study/sleep. We had a pleasant little time here and then he went to bed in my room. Tomorrow we're going on our weekly date n fug combo session!

‘Transphobic’ student editor fired for insisting ‘women don’t have penises.’

‘Transphobic’ student editor fired for insisting ‘women don’t have penises.’ He’s not backing down.

A student from the United Kingdom has been called “transphobic” and fired from his editor position at a student publication after supporting on social media the notion that “women don’t have penises,” Metro reported.

Angelos Sofocleous was assistant editor of Durham University’s philosophy journal, Critique, for just three days when he lost his job for sharing a Spectator piece titled, “Is it a crime to say women don’t have penises?” on his personal Twitter account. His tweet has been deleted, the outlet said.

He also was “forced” to resign as president-elect of Humanist Students, Metro said, and was let go from his post as general editor the school’s online magazine, The Bubble.

He's right.

This is a thread to get the IP count up! We must make this board a winner! It's not spam mods! This board must be #1! All the shit will be contained to this thread!

Big asses

Post men with big, shapely rear ends.

The reason why koreans are here

We know you guys may wonder why koreans are here

All of us deeply interested in virtual male characters such as shota, femboy or yaoi stuffs

However, these tastes are usually shut out from other Korean communities

Some people even report us because they hate us too much

This is the reason why we're here

We hope you to understand that you are recommended to use ko in this thread

+) Photos or comments about real-life characters are also deleted

Blaire White thread

She has been mentioned here and there, but really deserves a dedicated thread.

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New Source Thread

If you want a source or identity on any trap, post images/webms here.

Gay Discord Server


Welcome to Twinkle Cave: A discord server for LGBTQ+ people! (but all are welcome)

We are a comfy community with minimal rules and very relaxed moderation. Just use common sense and don't be a dick.

We have our own custom bot with a lot of great features like our own tinder and profiles, community rep and even wishlists. Many cool features.

We also have a #meetups channel with self-assignable roles for gender, sexuality, location (country or state) and more to assist in finding someone suitable.

Unlike other servers, we are not a server populated by edgy people, trolls or creepy orbiters creating a toxic and stale environment.

We restrict our "nudes" channels to 18+ attractive people that contribute their own content. We do not allow lurkers or fat/disgusting people in there at all.



https://Link filtered: Report this post/CeErrVp

You guys should join us and have fun!


Does any one know anything about this ssisy!

We are trying to find out more about her

she is 24 from Los Angeles, and goes by Brittany

Her temp exposed page is

kik: HornySissy4Cock

Overnight Hours on Chaturbate

Jim Norton c2c'ing with Prince Allen.

Florida qts report!

Orlando Florida here!

Rethink About It

>Slut Thread #1

>Sadness Thread #2

this never changes. Every day I check /cb/ and there they are. It does not take a genius to see the need for change in a culture like this one. Or we could just pretend like this is working and keep the Slut and Depression threads on top.

Self improvement is a good start. The sadness thread is Self loathing. That's a bad start.

I've done the trapping, the camming, the whoring. I had thousands of loyal fans. Fucked around 17 people. Done every drug under the sun and stars. orgies, fetishes, strangers - you fucking name it buddy. The "Sadness" and "Lewd" threads were at the top of my life, too

Self Love was the only door out.

Check Up

Hey /trap/ I made a thread here 2 years back when I first started posting my pics online. I ended up moving my focus from here to my tumblr here:

I wanted to see how everyone was still doing back on here and see what you guys think of my progression over these past 2 years.


Welcome to /fag/: a discord server for Femboys/Twinks/Faggots

Minimal rules:

>No illegal content/cp

>No spamming

+18 only



2018 Q2

Last thread hit bump limit


Thread to post pictures of cocks with foreskin, OC welcome

Brazil Thread

Last one died. Brazilians, feel free to chat here.

Writing in portuguese is recommended, but english is fine too.

Como vão, anões? De qual estado são, e o que fazem da vida? Quais seus hobbies?

Já que o 55ch agora proibiu a troca de contatos de vez, sintam-se livres para compartilhar email, steam, etc. E postem nudes. :3

Netherlands thread 2.0.Stroopwafel

Since the old one( seems to have reached bumplimit or something, figured it might be time for a new one so it shows the actual activity again. So whether you're born dutch or just live here nowadays; chat,have fun, meet, w/e and remain cute :3

I think I figured something out, which is very important for Transsexuality in the West.

Lots of people, especially conservatives don't seem to really understand why some Transsexuals want to transition. Why can't they just be fine as "feminine guys"? Why do they have to be seen as Women?

I think I figured something out about the core nature of the West and out attitude to sexuality. You see even now with tolerance of LGBT people in the West you can see something. I think at the core, at it's very core the West is sexually prude. And yes that has nothing to do with whether you are conservative, liberal or whatever. That is much older than that. It started about 200 years ago, when the term homosexuality first came into use and was later picked up by psychologists and turned into neat definitions.

Look at the definitions we have relating to sexuality. It's all about the WHO. Homosexuality. WHO are you? A man. WHO do you want to do it with? Other men. Bisexuality? Both!

Most people don't know this and get very confused, when they for example find out Alexander had a male lover. (d-does t-that m-m-mean he is g-gay???) For most of human history, in Antiquity, in muslim socities even today, It was not a matter of WHO you want to fuck, like today in the west it is. It was question about WHAT you want to do. WHAT gets you off, what positions do you want to do it in, top or bottom? This is getting very confusing to probably some modern people, but masculine men who took the position of the top were lumped in together with the rest of heterosexual men. They also often had wives. To someone who thinks that every gay act brands someone forever as gay and convinently puts him in the LGBT box, so that he can think of them as something seperate, this must be downright disturbing.

Guess what kind of photographic proof you have to show to the Turkish Military to proof that you are "gay"? Let's just say it's not a question about WHO, but a question of WHAT.

I don't think the following applies to every kind of Transsexual Person, but I believe it applies to at least some. Because if we only ever talk about the WHO and let it literally become a core identity of ourselves. Just look at how shocking it is to some guys to even think about doing something "gay", that isn't gay sex at all. Like just hugging another guy. Because again in the WEST it's not about WHAT you do, it's about WHO you want to do it with. But the WHO also applies to ourselves. WHO are you? It's really no wonder that some guys want to be seen as LITERAL REAL Women in a culture with such a repressed and prude view of sexuality. There are probably lots of stories about some boy who tells his family that he feels like a girl. In our weird cultural intepretation of this message to us, we immideatly jump to the conclusion that he is transsexual, because we only consider the WHO, not the WHAT.

Slug thread

Am I the only one?

To keep a long story short, my whole life I've tried to be big and strong, just like all the men in my family. However even after years of working out, and avoiding anything remotely close to having high estrogen levels, I've developed a body which has attracted many boys. Ever since I've been open to having a relationship with another guy, even if it's just for sex. I can't having been born this way, has it happened to someone else too?

alright so uh- i'm not sure how to say this in any other way but i think i'm still in denial.

this is harder for me than it looks due to past relationships and the way i was raised.

can someone please just help me or give me tips to accepting "this" part of me?

its not necissarily about transitioning but about accepting this side of me thats into traps

More like this?

Nerdy pale traps

Any Romanians around? (saluut :*)


A discord server for Femboys/Twinks/Traps

>Minimal rules

>Good nudes

>Lots of autism

>Ugly people can't post nudes


"Rape" Videos

Pic related is probably not actual rape, but gotta be honest, that was pretty hot. Only thing better would have been if the top was comforting and kissing him after it was over.

Oh and before I forget, please with white guys. Yeah, I broke my own rule, but this is the only video I found like this on a thread on /gif/. Others are professional, while this is amateur and who knows if it's real.

The Catboy Chronicles

This is a personal story, my experience with both sexes, my sexual experiences with both sexes, my thoughts, and hopefully by the end of my telling, self realization and acceptance of what/who I am. I will be updating this thread every night for the next week or so.

>Be me, 22yo college student, musician, for this threads sake, call me Tomoki .

>Be avid crossdresser, formally trap.

>Struggle with self control, potent libido, powerful emotions, acceptance from others/connecting with others.

>Has had numerous relationships, mostly with women.

>Had always struggled with relationships, most only lasted 4-5 months at best.

>Started doing lewd stuff with my male best friend about 2.5 years ago.

>Would have get-togethers with other friends, overnight LAN parties, watching animu, shitty movies.

>Was during a point in my life where I was experimenting with my sexuality.

>Would go to parties crossdressing, nothing overly sexual or lewd, nothing crazy, just typical kneehighs, skirts, fun accessories like cat ears, etc.

>Sometimes my best friend (Let's call him Matt) would jokingly pick me up and attempt to show my pantsu (usually boyshorts) to other friends to embarrass or harass me.

>Overtime my outfits and bodily figure got more and more feminine due to my desire to be more like a trap, my parents where super religious, so whenever I went out with friends, I'd go in disguise until I was in their car where I'd change.

>With each passing overnight get together, I got physically

and emotionally closer to Matt, until one night, I snapped.

>There wasn't much to dislike, he was funny, always knew what to say, accepting, innocent, and as I would find out, loving.

>During one overnighter at a friends two story apt. Matt seemed to be more forthcoming with his usual playful bullying.

>Whenever Matt lay his hands underneath my thighs when he'd pick me up, my body turned electric, something clicked in my brain, and I would get extremely aroused.\

>During the entire night, the sexual tension became so thick you could cut it with a knife, it was as if my brain was melting into jello and could only think of 'lewd activities,' I'm sure Matt could tell too.

>I was sitting in one of those 'Half sphere chair thingies' covered with a blanket, oblivious to the others playing video games on their PCs, and them oblivious to me, my brain was now 115% jello, face beat red, and my body sensitive to the touch.

>Some other friends would ask me questions from their conversations with others, but I was so far gone, that the only replies I could muster where very simple ones at best.

>I had fought the urge to touch myself, but caved, and started fingering myself underneath the blanket in a very stealth like manner, sole focused on the task at hand.

>All I could hear was my heart beating, high pitched ringing, and slow breathing.

>It was then I decided I wanted to goto bed, so I got up, and headed downstairs knowing I'd be alone, to an already made couch pull-out bed.

>Funny enough, he 'had to goto bed too' not long after I went downstairs, he was very cheeky about it, pretty sure everyone could tell why.

>By the time Matt had joined me in the bed, I already had covers over me, still fingering myself stealthily.

>Once he got in bed, he lay against me, cuddling me.

>My heart skipped a beat as I turned over and whispered into his ear, "You did this to me, now you have to take responsibility…"

>He started to stutter, "T-t-take c-care of w-w-what?"


Foreskin restoration

To help all the cut cuteboys who want foreskin out there, because circumcision ruins everything.

Put everything you know about restoration here, offer advice, discuss progress if you've done it, so on.

Here's a decent source to start from

This is my blogpost about being single

Sorry if this is unorganized, there's a lot to say

>Ex bf broke up with me

>not sure how long ago, but I know he likes people and goes out. he has replaced me already. he enjoys life

>I'm asocial, I block people on impulse, everyone, even if I know them IRL,

>still single

>I'm extremely monogamous and it turns out he's non-monogamous and happy with it

>as I explained earlier, I'm asocial and disgusting. I had bad hygiene since my own body makes me deeply afraid.

IDK why I posted this. feel free to mock me I guess. its me putting it out out of my own choice, so its less morbid than doing it someone unwilling

Drug usage among traps

Whats the deal with you faggots using drugs so much? Every other trap I meet on this board is either fucked in the head or a drug addict. I don't really understand the phenomenon here.

This is a blogpost but I think its relevant

I'm asocial, I hate people, but I have to talk to them anyway because… you can't avoid people. and I just get turned off from people in general and block everyone as a whole.

>my ex bf left me

>not sure how long its been

>my ex bf enjoys people and he has forgotten me, he already got a replacement

>I'm single now

Can someone mock me for being single so I care, or something. I don't know.

Gay kik and discord friends

Drop your kik or discord if you want to chat with other gay guys or make friends

New music thread

So the last thread was decent but kinda nightcore dominant. So for this one I was thinking of spicing it up a bit! Cuteboys around the globe (yes even you reading this) share with everyone your music taste!!!!

>Post at least 3 songs from different genres

>PLEASE use youtube links so people dont ask "what is hooktube" a million times (can still use sound cloud and band camp, self promote idc)

>Post your discords, kiks, emails so you can talk with people with similar tastes. Dont listen alone you fucking neet!

>try and list the genre with every link please and maybe talk about why you like it!

>Midwest Emo(not the same kind of emo youre thinking about)

>midwest emo (I like this genre :D)

>art rock/noise rock

>cloud rap/emo rap




>grindcore (I love this album alot)

Discord- BeauNavire

Kik- AttractiveVideoGames


Ok thanks bye love you