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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition


Alternate names include

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞

Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

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Brittany Venti: Everybody is Britbong

Quick Rundown:

>Be Brittany Venti a low I.Q cocks leech

>Basically a female basement-neckbeard NEET, who can't do anything except stream and steal cocks from /pol/

>Meet an attractive Aryan through HWNDU, who is WAY above her league

>Extremely jealous, ruined her bf's potential career (he had to quit college for her and isn't allowed to get a job, because she was so clingy)

>Apartment is full of clothes she orders online, catshit in her bed, doesn't clean anything and leaves the trash to pile up and apparently the apartment is full of cockroaches (she showed one on stream)

>Her ex describes the time with her as the absolute lowest point in his life

>Lies about everyone who has ever rejected her (especially her ex)

>Her ex goes into jcaesar187's stream and reveals it all (the links are the recordings)

>So desperate to replace 4chad she starts dating one of her paypigs because no one outside her paypig circle wants to fuck her.

>Venti caught defending herself in her own thread see


>Venti is currently losing viewers at a rapid rate despite the e-celeb guests she has on her streams she practically begs to be on

>Constantly proving herself to be a hypocrite while she attacks others for her own behavior

link to old threads:




Alexander Jahans #17 - Universal credit for Electronic prostitutes

Also know as: Gordon Jones, Gordon Jahans, Farshnuke, Farsh-nuke, GAK Jahans, Alasdair Jakes, Not the Farsh-nuke.

Jahans is a violent artificially testosterone-fuelled obese NEET cannibal fetishist who hilariously virtue signals about all the usual SJW shit in order to hide how disgusting he is from his non-existent audience and imaginary friends.

He has deleted much cocks, added some more and is intermittently creating and deleting still more. His primary vehicle since the shutdown of Tumblr Porn is using Twitter to retweet porn, S/M fetish shit and thirst on thots and camwhores.

<The Four-Part Jahans Documentary:

The Sins of the Son

An Englishman on Holiday


Boyfriend Saga:

<More Introductory Nectar

The Next Generation Revolutionaries: Alexander Jahans

The Ovenmen on Esoteric Jahanism

Fashy Gainz EP10: Jahans Level Motivation:

Alexander Jahans: Diary of a madman:

Esoteric Revelations:

Emperor Jahans:

Alexander Jahans joins the Alt-Right:

Discord Interviews with Jahans (2016)

Discussing Jahans with Black Adam

<Jahans links

Blog and Fiction


Main Facebook (mostly public but commenting is friends only)

Facebook Fanpage

<Youtube channels

Main Channel


Alex Vents


Scripted Videos


<Previous threads

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DesTINY Thread (Steven Bonnel)

The ultimate intellectual, the final form of debate, the most brilliantest galaxy brained Rick and Morty watcher ever. The all-knowing god who totally doesn't exist had to make him 4'0 to compensate for the heavy weight of his wrinkly brain.

His stupidity and failed antics could fill twenty books. So, I think he definitely deserves a thread.

>Shitty LP streamer who admitted to jerking off to jailbait porn with his friends in his esports days

>Serial adderall abuser

>Unironic communist booklicker who wants to groom children to be pinkos

>Open pedophile who argues for the "ethics" of child rape and says child rape wouldn't be so bad if we'd just groom our kids to enjoy it

>Sends his minions to spam places like KiA and /pol/ for views. When they get banned he posts pictures of his tiny penis

Ironybros &amp; Prince Hubris

The Ironybros are a bunch of countersignaling losers who pretend to be right wing but are actually ideologically nihilistic losers who are terrified of having real opinions because the only thing they value are underage trannies and efame.

This little manlet retard named Prince_Hubris_'s name is Shawn Michael Mccaffery. He ruined his life and his brother's life by joining Identity Evropa and has become an unhireable loser as a consequence. He spends all his time on twitter and on his shitty podcast counter-signaling the alt right and generally getting mad at anyone with an opinion. He's a manlet that had to take roids to not even look good and uses a penis pump because he has a small pp. He lives at 8361 Dickert St Commerce Township, MI.

He has been grooming a 16 year old tranny neo-nazi for the past year and is a pedophile rapist. He lacks any self awareness so he calls people out for being trannies when he himself is raping a tranny child. He does not understand why people think this is bad.

His brother was caught distributing meth, so the complete retard sent pipe bombs to the local postmaster demanding that he drop all the charges. The pipe bombs didn't work because he's a retard. Also his face is covered in nigger-tier tatoos.

Mumkey Jones/Tyler Miller/Vincent The Atheist

‘’’Mumkey Jones: the new ProJared’’’

Earlier this month, Mumkey Jones (real name Tyler Miller) released a video where he admitted to cheating on his girlfriend of two years and tried to justify it by saying he was “in a bad place mentally” because his jewtube channel got removed. He also said that he had a drug addiction which he was taking care of and he and his gf were undergoing couples therapy.

Kind of a shitty thing to do, but at least he came clean about it, right?


It turns out that Tyler was being a dishonest prick. As Mrmetman’s video shows, this nigger spent the whole video either lying to the audience or telling half truths, leaving out information he knew would make his audience turn on him. Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the points made in the vid:

>Tyler’s main source of revenue wasn’t his jewtube channel, it was his paypig, which was making 2k a month at its peak.

>Tyler was never addicted to anything other than alcohol; he did acid with his sidehoe once and smoked THC from time to time but that’s it

>most fucked up of all, Tyler wasn’t just cheating on his girlfriend of 2 years with any random chick; he was dating a babyfur pedophile who called herself LiuTheKitty

Liu had previously been an emotionally abusive relationship with a fifteen year old named Dylan that she met on discord (because of course the babyfur uses discord). Admittedly, Tyler didn’t know that Liu had been in a relationship with an underage teen, but he did know that she was a degenerate furfag. So still, that’s fucked up.


Mrmeatman actually ‘’staged an interview with LiuTheKitty’’ where she talked about all the messed up shit he did while they were together. Here’s just some of the stuff that he did. While Liu might be a degenerate scumbag, that doesn’t make anything Tyler did less shitty.

>Tyler was a degenerate who loved getting tied up in bed. The first time him and Liu fucked, he got her to tie him to the bed while they were both tripping on acid.

>Tyler encouraged Liu to make a trip to his place in North Carolina. Liu didn’t have the money, so Tyler promised to pay for a train ticket to NC. This pennypinching nigger wouldn’t even pay for half the fair even though he was making a shitload on paypig.

>Tyler didn’t like condoms, so he fucked Liu when she came over to his place. Liu admitted that she was nervous that she might’ve gotten pregnant and Tyler responded by saying that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave him if she got pregnant.

>Tyler threatened to kill himself multiple times as a way to make her stay with him.

>After the two broke up, Tyler slid into her dms begging her to not fuck her new boyfriend like the pathetic beta male he really is.

He was actually messaging Liu while mrmeatman was interviewing her. Jesus tapdancing Christ, what a faggot.


CWC breaking news

Old thread is around 10 posts from autosaging and this is big. So new thread




is ashley dead?

i saw where they made her go to therapy to accept her coming death, what happened?

Britbong Thread 49: Transition Update

Dominique's transition seems to be going well.


Dominic "Britbong" Vanner is an unemployed 31-year-old who's never been to college and still lives with his mother who hates him and father who smuggled cigarettes for a living. He streams every second day for 5-7 hours: a majority of this is now "banter" where he talks to himself and reads chat. After that he will play a couple hours of single player games. Repeated attacks by "stal­kers" have scared him away from multiplayer games. His idea of "trolling" is to tattle on other users and streamers to the mods and hope they get banned, and then when that backfires (as it usually does) he'll start screaming about how the mods/admins are 'unfair.'

He has histrionic personality disorder and will seek attention in any manner including negative attention. His belief is that being annoying and creepy is "trolling" and will dismiss all negative feedback as "victims" of his trolling. He labels his stal­kers "trolls" and has a dedicated army of 5-10 teen bronies and babyfurs who will defend him.


Thread #48: >>874680 (Archive:

Thread #47: >>814281 (Archive:

Thread #46: >>613531 (Archive:

Thread #45: >>517411 (Archive:

Thread #44: >>484580 (Archive:

Chijo General #8-Tsundere Edition

Chijo is a homeless Pedo Tranny that dropped out of school at 5th grade. All he does is shits himself and spams /cow/, cuckchan, /cuteboys/, /b/ and discord with his blogposts all day, and if he gets drunk enough, insane lunatic ramblings as well.

Noun is some faggot that saw the crazy and got out of dodge while the tranny stalked it. He's offline now because he doesn't want to catch the AIDS from the tranny

This is the TL;DR, check out these links if you need more lore, or check out the current Aero thread, as he's part of their operation, or just wait for the Fun Chijo Facts

His spergouts

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Thread 0-The spergout

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Toilet Enthusiasts

toiletfan1 is a channel of over 5000 videos of a prepubescent boy flushing and inspecting toilets of various makes and models.

In the "Channels" tab of toiletfan1 are dozens of similar channels all centred around footage of flushing public toilets and urinals.


Anybody seen this one before?

Found as a comment on a VICE video

He seems to post extremely frequently, and he has quite a lot of videos.

Poor bastard's probably schizophrenic or something.

YouTube ((Skeptic)) community general


>Amazing banana


>Mumkey Jones

>Atheism is wife beating

>Kevin soy Smith

Why is the youtube ((Skeptic)) full of backstabbing cunts that act no different from the SJWs and Thin skin snow flake male feminists they make fun of? They are like the biggest collection of lulzcows and faggots on YouTube. Is there a community on YouTube that comes even close to the faggoty of the ((Skeptics))?

"just more proof im living in an anime"

remember this fucking faggot? his shit is an untapped goldmine

A New Trannypol Thread

Our favorite originators of cringe.

Imagine trying to get into socialism ideology and you are instead forced to deal with autistic trannies and faggots that force you to suck a nigger dick and have sex with unconvincing traps for diversity, and if you refuse they call you a nazi.

Right Wing Lolcows General (/rwlg/) V: The Jews Strike Back

This is a general thread for lolcows from the right side of the autism political spectrum who either haven’t earned one of their own, don’t currently have one of their own, and random examples of cringe or new discoveries. As well as drama, whether it is between cuckservatives and WNs/NEETsocs or any in-fighting among various right-leaning factions.

/pol/, Kekistanis, Magapedes, lolbergtarians, Q-LARPers, Christfags/Creationists, An-Craps, JPB Lobster shills, crusaders against the Cultural Marxists. Any and all of the above are well within the ballpark.

Pics related are (in order): newest /pol/ op, Jordan Peterson slayer of Marxist cucks with a lobster, and JPB’s grandma-related sex dreams.

Previous General Threads






Previous /pol/, Kekistani, QAnon Threads + + + + + +


Moleman9000 / ResonX / Gabe Navarro

Registered Republican, autistic brother of Dave Navarro, and /cow/ alumnus infamous for his Nava-Verse “comics” and sperging the fuck out on several wikis. No longer enters our bullying lair.

Davis Aurini

A gay cowboy with a skull fetish who scammed gullible GamerGate people out of thousands of dollars and then got upset when people realized he wasn’t as good of a film maker as he thought he was. His two best/worst works are “Lust in the Time of Heartache” and “The Sarkeesian Effect”, er, sorry, I mean “Immersed in Subversion”.

Matt Forney

Human tub of lard “alpha” with a blog, who can’t stop listening to Peter Sotos or getting his Twitter gassed. Intimidated by Antifa faggots on videotape. Hangs out with the likes of “Sarkeesian Effect” creator and GamerGate sperg Davis M.J. Aurini.

Goyim Goddess / Sinead McCarthy

Sinead is a white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, and feminist (literal feminazi!) that believes mesas are all that is left of trees, and that what we know of as trees in this day and age are actually frauds put there by das Juden. She is notable for her song parodies, which are a mixed bag in terms of quality, and for getting into a shouting match with Evalion and her “Autism Crew”

Glenn Beck

Glenn is a perpetually butthurt cuckservative who smothered Cheetos all over himself during a mental breakdown he had over Donald Trump while trying to look like he was “making fun” of Trump. Formerly hosting a radio show and a Fox News program. He is the target of mockery in just about every political circle ever, and is a living meme.

The Lobster Buckaroos

Ledditors who worship a Canuck Psychology Professor named Jordan Peterson. The Backaroos, Lobsters, or whatever you want to call them, are all incredibly autistic and will defend him to the grave. Any video or post meant to make fun of him for acting goofy is inevitably flooded with these people who declare you a menace to western civilization. They were all raised by single mothers and hadn’t washed their penises until Daddy Jordan told them to.


A hellish landscape filled with boomers, the_donald is a circlejerk (excuse me, “never-ending rally”) dedicated to the 45th POTUS, Donald John Trump. The butthurt tyrannical mods will frequently ban anybody even attempting to have a discussion amongst likeminded peers. They always steal memes from /pol/ but are scared of being called racist. Many believe in the QAnon LARP.


By posting in this thread, you pledge allegiance to the JIDF, SRS, SA, CTR, TRS, T_D, Antifa, /intl/, /leftypol/, and all future boogeymen. Praise Kek! Subvert every board you can (((brothers)))!

Timbox Thread #9: It’s the fucking ninth one.

Alright cutting the bullshit. A summary of what’s happened;

-Timbox is an autistic manchild who obsesses over Genndy Tartakovsky Cartoons, more recently Samurai Jack and his love interest, Ashi

-He has sperged over her since her first introduction, but has admittedly slowed since March 2018

-He now spends his time on twitter desperately trying to gather a crowd of followers who can then “attack” /cow/, completely unaware that blatant pandering appeals to literally no one.

-He also dumps on Trumps cuz “Orange man bad” (and also since Tara Strong, The voice of Ashi, hate the Drumpf.

Links to more information on Timmy;


ED page:

Tim's "Cwcki" is rarely Updated so it shall be removed.

Previous Thread(other previous threads are on the ED Page);

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Thread #3

Previous thread reached bumplock, now including /v/ and their pedo movement known as gamergate because they whiteknight for this fat faggot.

Catch up on the lore of this fat fuck here.




>Mark fucked up a resetERA dig and alerted them of his presence, resulting in SJW faggots bullying him

>Gamergate mad that the UN is proposing making countries ban loli, one user has suicidal thoughts

>Mark once again goes on a massive banning spree, this time banning alternatives to /v/ because he can't stand on his own merits.

>Mark is banned from twitter again

>Gamergate accomplishes nothing of note for the 4th year in a row

>Unofficial gamergate leader Acidman outed as a furry

Is this just kiwi farms?

This is foxdick farms 2: electric boogallo and yes I am severely autistic pls don't internet bully.

Pamperchu- Babyfur engineer

Just as bad as the name sounds, Pamperchu as he's called on youtube is an ABDL fetisist who lives with another guy who he calls "his baby daddy". He regularly engages in some pretty deviant shit and has even graced the likes of 789chan and other now defunct websites. Apparently he's also previously and may even still have cancer so there's that

He has made several interesting statements including "I like microwaving old diapers"

Plenty of shit to dig up


Phantasm deserves his own thread. He's literally on a banner on He's a cow that frequently posts on >>>/4chon/

Infinite Outlaw "The Hikikomori King" aka Star

>17 year old underage fag

>Attention whore who feels they're forced to make public videos about how anxious they are about people seeing their public videos

>Schizophrenic Tranny unironically justifying the actions of Stalin

>Openly admitted to abusing their ex-boyfriend and has referred to themselves as a manipulator

>Makes an entire video about why it's okay to lie in order to get neetbux

>Believes being a Hiki is cool and "counter-cultural"

>Brags about how many people want to date him because of his youtube channel and then cries about how he doesn't love any of them

>Told several people to kill themselves for criticizing him

>Backtracks by saying it was "because they serve no place in society" even though he himself is a hikikomori leeching off his parents money

Do we have a NEET Cow in the making?


This thread is for the most pathetic people that can be found on the chans. Because they largely share their userbase, they can share this thread as well.

>>>/r9k/ is a /b/-like board on both 4chan and 8chan where each post is forced to be unique. It started as a board for clever people to find ways to break the bot in typical /b/ fashion, but has devolved into a board for aspiring school shooters. It has been split several times over feuds between its castes: for example, >>>/soc/, for people who want to climb out of their rut; >>>/adv/, for people trying to lose their wizard powers; and Wizardchan.

Wizardchan is a longstanding source of /cow/'s amusement, given that it's a chan for virgins. It is also one of the most easily trolled fora on the Internet; if you post as a namefag about trolling Wizardchan in this thread, you will become their boogeyman for the next six months.

Incels, or "involuntary celibates," are the Reddit branch of the faggot tree. Their former home, /r/incels, was infamously banned from Reddit in November, which led to their angry, autistic posts leaking out from Reddit into the rest of the Internet.

By visiting any of their boards, it is all but guaranteed that you'll find something laughably pathetic on page 1.