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Erik "Tazman" Mokracek Thread

Erik "Tazman" Mokracek is someone who is below Chris-Chan levels of IQ. Erik "Tazman" Mokracek is a nostalgia fag who obsesses over children in children's cartoons that no one has heard of.

His major waifu is a one note character from an obscure 80's cartoon. He owns a fictional company called Classix which is his own Sonichu but unlike Sonichu he does not put any effort in actually making anything.

When he is not obsessing over his fictional company. The only thing he does online is act like a creepy pedophile who makes crappy art and videos which he calls masterpieces that feature he fetishes towards cartoon children and cartoon children shitting. He also sometimes likes to talk shit about his own sister behind the computer for no reason at all. His dox is available on the internet so he can easily baited and trolled.

AmIRight: (Archive:

DeviantArt: (Archive:

Encyclopedia Dramatica:"Tazman"_Mokracek (Archive:

Facebook: (Archive: (Archive:

LiveJournal: (Archive:

PhotoBucket: (Archive: )

ProBoards: (Archive:

Wikipedia: (Archive:

Kari5/Serife Thread #4

Serife thread Three

Known lulzy turkroach sperg who argues with 12 years olds over fictional characters.

Got permananned from DeviantArt before

This turkroach sucks at video, cries hacker when it is losing. Actually dumb enough to get PSN account

This moustache sporting Turkroach is 28 years old in 24 septemper

It's interests includes





This sperg is the definition of autistic kid revs a bleyblade in distance and product of Turkroach incest.

Social crap for cocks mining




KH13 Account:





Chris chan thread

Last one is about to hit bump limit

It seems that the "friendship" between null and chris might be collapsing, and null only got in chris' good graces in the first place the same way idea guy did. kinda hypocritical if you ask me, what do we all think?Where will chris end up a month from now?

Brittany's EX tells it all

>be Brittany Venti

>basically a female basement-neckbeard NEET, who can't do anything except stream

>meet an attractive Aryan through HWNDU, who is WAY above her league

>bipolar, disgusting hoarder with cringy internet humor

>extremely jealous, ruined her bf's potential career (he had to quit college for her and isn't allowed to get a job, because she was so clingy)

>kept him as dependent on him as possible

>apartment is full of clothes she orders online, catpoop in her bed, doesn't clean anything, doesn't cook

>bf describes the time with her as the absolute lowest point in his life

>because she only eats takeout food and doesn't clean up, she even has a cockroach infestation (a cockroach appaered live on stream)

>think that it was smart to talk lies about her bf on the internet

>he goes into ralph's chat and reveals it all (the links are the recordings)

Chijo General Episode 7 - Absolute State of Aero's "Harem" Edition

Chijo is a homeless Pedo Tranny that dropped out of school at 5th grade. All he does is shits himself and spams /cow/, cuckchan, /cuteboys/, /b/ and discord with his blogposts all day, and if he gets drunk enough, insane lunatic ramblings as well.

Noun is some faggot that saw the crazy and got out of dodge while the tranny stalked it. He's offline now because he doesn't want to catch the AIDS from the tranny

This is the TL;DR, check out these links if you need more lore, or check out the current Aero thread, as he's part of their operation, or just wait for the Fun Chijo Facts

His spergouts

Previous Threads:

Thread 0-The spergout

Thread 1-

Thread 2-

Thread 3-

Thread 4-

Thread 5-

Last Thread:


Bob "MovieBob" Chipman: Prophet Superior Future Thread

Previous thread (>>365142) hit the sage limit.

Booby Blob is SEETHING over the recent PR firings in Hollywood and Twitter purges among panicking celebrities. One wonders if he should follow their example



Alternate names include

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∘9

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:

Full Timeline (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Archived Threads: (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

How to get a girlfriend? I don't have an one






who is this?

who is this? I see him posted everywhere on 8chan as the perfect encapsulation of /leftypol/, and it's kinda true lmao

Timbox Thread #7: The Autism Strikes Back

Previous Thread:

After a Tim-wannabe (Why you'd want to be one i don't know) nearly locked the last thread, we're at number 7. But going back to Tim, he's still being a total faggot. But he's back with a new idea: The Lord of the Atoms! (another bullshit Dexter's Odyssey clone)


ED page:

Tim's "Cwcki:"

MGTOW lulzcows

Raging Golden Eagle

>Proud sexual deviant weeb Who reviewed a sex doll on YouTube

>A MGTOW activists who campaign for men to fuck dolls

>Admits to flooding random boards with MGTOW shills that decry anti-MGTOW persecution

>not only Name dropping 8chan on his videos

>He demands 8chan implement down voting system for shadowbanning

>Might’ve moved to third world nations for underage prostitutes

Look at the comments on his sexdoll review video. It’s a goldmine for cringe and possible future lulzcows.


Newfag here, why is he considered reddit now?

Meta Thread

Welcome to /cow/! This board concerns lolcows, or fools who are unwittingly funny or can be goaded into being funny. We document, archive and laugh at the weirdness of the internet.

/cow/ has its own purpose and ethos independent of the rest of 8chan. If you're coming from /baphomet/, note that /cow/ isn't a random board, so new threads must be about lolcows. If you're coming from /pol/, note that /cow/ isn't /pol/; zero-potential threads for the subjects of news stories or viral videos and off-topic political discussion are both unwelcome. If you're coming from /sp/, /int/, or /icup/, please keep cross-board shenanigans in this thread. If you're coming from the Kiwi Farms, please read the current Kiwi or Null General first. If you're coming from ED, enjoy your stay. If you have any suggestions, banners, CSS, or board assets to share, please post them here.

Board Rules

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Board News

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Board Information for Oldfags

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2. Homor, Mujahideen911 and I are /cow/'s volunteers. Anything illegal violates 8chan's global rule and thus can be handled by global volunteers.

3. The board is being indexed by Google, so oldfags and lolcows should find us eventually.

4. #/cow/ on Rizon is the "official" IRC channel, but most chatting is currently in #ncr.

Eggbong/Britbongreturns/Manlytears thread 45: Holiday Creepshot Edition

Thread #44: >>484580 (Archive:

Thread #43: >>448515 (Archive:

Thread #42: >>427008 (Archive:

Thread #41: >>397982 (Archive:

Thread #40: >>392362 (Archive:

YouTube Animator Hate

Why haven't these little shits been given as much hate as they deserve? Why have communities known to mock everyone, such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, left these Z-gen amateur "animators" alone?

Anthony Aguilar / ForNoGoodReason #4


The last thread was derailed at the end by numerous spammers/wannabe-liquids/b8ers that resulted in some people responding and making all discussion grind to halt. This (((coincidentally)) started the same day Anthony's "rift" group started to collapse, suggesting it was a failed coverup. Just report it and move on.

Last thread



Anthony Aguilar is a 37 year old autist who lives with his mother. Online he goes by "ForNoGoodReason" and aspires to be a brony drama reporter, uploading videos which are like Drama-Alert except if keemstar was replaced with a slow and monotonous autistic voice whining about the horse-cartoon community, had zero production skills, and captions/images riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

Aguilar first came to peoples attention when he started complaining about how /cow/ was making fun of Jerry Peet (his "personal punching bag" in his own words), which in turn was followed up by threatening to make videos on /cow/ and its posters if they don't go on his podcast because he got called a moron. He was promptly laughed at and a thread was made on him, which he then attempted to raid with his friends by spamming furry and MLP pictures. After the raid failed, Anthony then claimed to be "8 chans no#1 cow" and a "cow king".

Despite his threats that he'll make people "stand in line with the others", sometimes to literal children, Anthony is also a huge fucking coward. One of his most notable incidents involved a failed attempt to fight MisterMetokur/Internet-Aristocrat for making fun of inflation fetishists of all things, only then to pussy out of a metokast that had been arranged between the two.

Furthermore, he was cucked at a bronycon orgy by his own best friend, ToonKriticY2K, with a woman Anthony was dating who defrauded his own community out of 7,000 bucks and he personally believes SJW's don't exist because "SJW meetup illinois" didnt bring up any yahoo or google search results.


Much like the Jerry Peet thread, there's too much to fit into the OP. This ghostbin contains everything I would've added but otherwise couldn't:

LINKS (the video where he "proves" SJW's don't exist) (horse news article on Anthony, recommended reading to newcomers!) (Go to 8:46 to watch Anthony get PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD) (a list of his sock accounts) (his dox) (ED article on Anthony)

>>262677 The current Jerry Peet thread (as of writing)

Aydin Paladin (Rebekah Ford)

Last thread autosaging: >>432567




>Bipolar Disorder



>Hardcore coalburner

>Faked suicide attempt at least two times


>Posted julayers on cuckchan

>Likes loli porn, scat and bestiality

>Larps as a pagan and claims that Odin is her 45th great-grandfather

>Larps as a scientist (she has no publications)

>Doxed herself in a debate against Destiny

>Claims that Kraut gave her a neurodegenerative disease and that she is in a wheelchair since then.

>Compulsive Liar (lied about the wheelchair, her tits on cuckchan, her Jewish ancestry, her published research and so on. She also tried to erase her coalburning past from the internet)

>Was anorexic in high school

>Treats her people horribly. Treated the guy that ran her Discord in a way you wouldn’t treat a dog

>Started to cry when Kraut rejected her

>Mistreated her main contributor on the paypig and said horrible things to him


>Sold lingerie pics on her old paypig account

>had a viking funeral for her hamster



He is probably one of the biggest spergs around, I first discovered him on Retrojunk around the same time as Timbox! He's probably as bad or worse than Timmy and he's friends with ToonEGuy!

He is obsessed with Disney's Marsupilami, Raw Toonage, 80s Sesame Street, The Beatles, The Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka, among other things.

He basically wants to make sure we all remember Marsupilami (but only the Disney version, not the original non-Disney comic or anything based off it) and his gorilla friend Maurice.

If you don't know what I'm talking about google him or "BuddyBoy600alt" to see what I mean.

The Fighting Game Community

We had a thread on the fgc last year, and with all of the shit going on it's been a fucking ride this year:

>Capcom announces MvCI

>Game flops

>Capcucks are going out of their way to attack sites or sub-threads like /r Kappa with shit posts while Eventscrubs defends Capcom with one shitty article after another

>Guys in the SoCal fgc scene like Justin Wong, James Chen, and Filipino Champ make asses out of themselves defending Capcom

>SFV is still shit

>Namco announces Dragon Ball Fighter Z with Arcsys

>Then announces season passes and disc-locked cocks

> /r Kappa is still on suicide watch (lol)

>Despite sales, Tekken 7 came out as a shitty game, and it's first dlc is a fucking joke.

>Harada and Mike Murray flipped out on people who criticized them or Tekken and it's boring competitive scene (spoiler: The Koreans win 99% of the time)

>Arcsys announces a Tag game that uses Persona and BlazBlue

>It also uses RWBY, and Arcsys players are already dreading the RWBY fags ruining their scene

>The NRS scene is finally seeing how sjw cunts and ESPORZ scum like Richard Lewis are ruining their scene

>Richard Lewis is a dick to everyone, and blocks people on Twitter when he's triggered or doesn't get a big check for MUH ESPORZ

>No one plays Injustass 2 anymore because the game is shit

Other shit:

>Lowtiergod made some fat, sjw-cosplay bitch named Momokun upset when he said she was an ugly cow.

>He then made a video that shits all over her (it got removed from Youtube).

>He made some people realize Momokun is a horrible sjw-shitbag and a fat, ugly bitch

>Lowtiergod is still a faggot who jerks off to animal torture

>Cabbagepots finally told someone Gigamaidens is dead after getting ridiculed out of /v/

>Is now being a faggot on Twitter if he isn't pissing off communities like Capcom Unity, Eventscrubs, and SRK

Mike Ross got fed up with the fgc and ESPORZ, so he pretty much left Gootecks behind. Guys like Geoff the Hero and James Chen became Sjw cucks, and Marn is a confirmed sexual predator who threatened his female employees with their jobs if they didn't date and fuck him (He pretty much said this shit on a video with Ross and Gootecks). Smash players are still the Rapefugees of the fgc, and still ruin events with their autism (there's some drama over some faggy controller that makes older players sperg out).


I know moomookun is a cow, but is she a lol/cow/?


WTF is this autism? I rarely visit /pol/, so I'm unfamiliar with the history, but there always seem to be a handful of these freaks, usually met with cries of "drink bleach boomer!". Looking at >>>/qresearch/ there seems to be endless megathreads of bizarre conspiracy theories recycled from Pizzagate, combined with religious nonsense and a pervasive cult-like "be positive, trust The Plan!" mantra.

There's way, WAY too much autism for me to dig through, and the usual suspects at ED & KYM don't seem to have made any writeups.

Donka Thread #2

Our favorite fake wrestler who doesn't care. Imagine being such a clown that you got BТFО before thousands of people by a fat pedo.

Previous thread -


How long until this guy goes full Kraut and Tea?

Seriously, he went from troll to SJW YouTube commentator and now he makes videos trying to disprove memes like in the video

Also Hbomberguy thread

Ghost/True Capitalist Radio retrospective

Was he a real cow or was he playing it up for the audience? Or a mixture of the two?


Chris is already starting to crack from the pressure. He's responded to the trolls angrily for the first time in years. His autism is slow draining him.

The setup is perfect. Sweetheart. Check. Angry. Check.

We need a villain that will get in Chris' way and attempt to steal his sweet heart. We need another Cash.

It can be done with work

Punished chris will once again see the light

FUCK THE 1980's and 2010's!!! 90's and 00's 4eva!!!!

the 80's and 10's need 2 be banned NOW!!!! bring back late 90's and 00's!!!

Delusional gay interracial fart fetish porn enthusiast pleads on Youtube to star in gay fart porn

On this channel this black guy has uploaded videos almost daily where he pleads and begs for anyone to help him get into the gay fart fetish porn industry in videos starring white guys. He also rambles on about other weird ass, probably schizophrenic shit: "I have a fart fetish of white guys. Blonde hair guys smell like chicken cream, red hair guy's smell like buffalo BBQ cream, and dark hair guys to me smells like beef cream."

This guy is definitely a cow, but please don't go A-logging him. By all means go through his channel and gawk a bit (as I have and he truly is legit), but maybe there's some way we could help him out… I genuinely believe him that his life's ambition is for a white guy to fart on his face and maybe if this shit gets viral'ed his wishes will become realized.

Richard Spencer

is this guy a cow inducer or is he a cow?


When is the last time you trolled someone and what did you do?

Kiwifarms autism

It has gotten to the point to where foxdickfarms is not just as autistic as the people they target but ruining the act of laughing at cows for the rest of us

>Chris is OUR COW and only we can julay him!

>Null (site owner) is white knighting for Chris hard (he even came here on got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD)

>Him and his mods dox people who try to hurt his special little cow

>Site is a huge circle jerk where they think they are special and only they are allowed to laugh at people and in the "right way" by arbitrarily saying they are doing it more morally than other trolls

just got out of heroin rehab


>SJWs: cuck and tea is a problematic shitlord who hates muslims and brown people and is also antisemitic and homophobic

>8chan altright autists: cuck and tea is a nigger loving SJW faggot fuck him

Please spoonfeed my ass pl0x. I've been in rehab for the last 3 months and prior to that I was shooting up dope in the back of a van and sucking dicks and getting assfucked for dope money.


Remember her? She's kvetching about the racists doxxxxs now



Why is he so autistic? He also accuses people who replies to him with "negative comments" of samefagging and using proxies when himself is caught doing it.

Joshua James Russell

I found this guy amusing and the fact he looks at both full and half chan to post on twitter. He "hunts" down trolls and exposes them, so i figured I would use the impossibly hard tool of google. They banned me for doxing on half chan so i will post it here to keep it safe. I'm sure that faggot will learn about it and freakout. Hopefully CNN goes full damage control since they are the reason I even knew his name or where he was from.

leftypol autist thinks his views are shared on /cow/

everyone point and laugh!

Bonus points if this is an actual commie faggot and not just a shitty troll

Mysterious MrEnter Thread 2

Since the last one went to shit and just reached the bump limit I decided to make a new thread. Enter is still a shitty reviewer.

ROBposter: dedicated roleplaying spast from /v/

His Twitter:

ROBposter is an anon from /v/ that has been posting for over six years by making threads where he roleplays using Nintendo systems, usually by doing "comfy" stories (aka, two game systems doing mundane shit for entire threads) and even going so far as to have long, drawn out bouts of himself RPing a ROB and a Game Boy having sex. This is when he's not busy forgetting to say whether he is in the armed forces or ICE, or when he's not busy being a professional Ghostbuster cosplayer.

His threads on /v/ invite a lot of equally autistic people defending a sped using video games and toys to ERP with himself, so there's a lot of hilarious things to dig into here.

"Korean" hapa on 4cuck /pol/

Posts with Hong Kong or Chinese Mainland VPN.

>kill white people

>amwf is better than wmaf

>r/hapas is great

Acts a lot like Tenda Spencer. Arrogant and divulges pictures. Found in Asian threads, especially about White women and Asian women. Can probably get a lot more information from him if you tried to goad him.

Just thought some of you might be interested.


This guy is an FTM transgender deviantART user who is notorious for joking about rape and making a rapist OC who everybody loves while having an incredibly young fanbase.

Here's his dA and Tumblr accounts:

Here are some journals explaining the drama:


hey i found this fucking crazy guy on /fur/. This guy is a fucking nutcase, he has some weird obsession with a character (some werewolf called Eerie) from some weird Korean show (called Telemonster) and goes around parading it everywhere he goes. Apparently he's completely fucked in the head, he thinks the character Eerie is some sort of god and he's like the "chosen one" or some crazy shit.

He's just another Randy Stairs waiting to happen.

Some links to where's he's on.

Nicholas Fedorov/Aeromatic/Foxworth/Stimp

New Aero thread. Things have been slowing down so hopefully this thread won't be derailed as fast as the last one.

Aero has been on lock-down mode ever since his server got shut down by Discord. His newest Discord acquaintances leaked chat logs from his new 'private' trap server on his /cow/ thread (which him and his enablers monitor regularly.) After desperately trying to find rats, he was only left with a few members. He's currently keeping most of his interesting cocks on Discord and will likely continue to do so until he thinks it's safe to start back up again.

Girlfriend? Girlfriend? I really need it.

My girlfriend must be taller, stronger, westernised, age from 18-28, intelligent, femdom, must hold neutral political view, awesome, sexy and must working on a job.

Solution to find a girlfriend in a easy way.

Narcissa Wright

>another tranny

>speed running austism

>having mental break down on social media

>allies jumping ship, tranny defense force MIA

newfag board can't take the heat

sup /cow/. oldfag here

I think /intl/ is, itself a cow. I guarantee that every single time they are fucked with, they will burst into treats

before agreeing with me, I present to you this evidence which you should peruse at your leisure:

and obviously scoots agrees in his stream thing from earlier, about three quarters in

OmegaValwin / ValwinZ

>Be Puerto Ricanoid Living in some shack in the middle of fucking nowhere

>Completely obsessed to a delusional degree with his Favorite VN / Anime and makes literally nothing else but videos related to that one topic day in and day out

>Make dozens of videos about which characters he thinks are gay and which characters would make the best couples and other shit

>From what can be gathered spends almost every waking moment either making videos about this VN or shitposting about it on said VN's General on /vg/ (Where he Avatar / Namefags) is almost certainly on some sort of Autism / NEETbux

>Solicits extra NEETbux out of his fans by holding live streams where people pay to watch him argue with himself about literal 1D characters sexuality for 2 hours straight

>Had to beg for even more NEETbux when his house got demolished by a fucking Hurricane

Is THIS is Cow?

How to not be a cringe autist?

These lolcows fascinate me, but are also a stark reminder to watch out not to be a drama whore, have some self respect, work out, don't be an SJW or white knight, don't promote your weird sexual fetishes, don't post incredibly personal details, and never try to raise your profile and stir up drama unnecessarily.

They also give me fear since I am autistic and realize I have the potential to fall into what these people are too.

Examining them is one thing, but in your opinion, how do you not become like the people featured in this board or be a lolcow in general?

Nicholas Fedorov/Aeromatic/Foxworth/Stimp (Thread #9)

Previous thread >>507769

Aero has been hoarding paypigs lately. He's currently spending all of his time sleeping, buying junk on Noppin and swindling money from dumb Discord trannies so he can afford it because his mom won't pay for his scrap metal addiction anymore.

As far as public-account cocks goes he's only doing art and occasional music, and even deleted his "weird side of YouTube" cocks and is replacing it with anime artwork.

Discord: aeromatic#0001

Rizon: #9800chan



Thomas Boggs

Is this the only cocks there is on this autist?

Pamperchu- Babyfur engineer

Just as bad as the name sounds, Pamperchu as he's called on youtube is an ABDL fetisist who lives with another guy who he calls "his baby daddy". He regularly engages in some pretty deviant shit and has even graced the likes of 789chan and other now defunct websites. Apparently he's also previously and may even still have cancer so there's that

He has made several interesting statements including "I like microwaving old diapers"

Plenty of shit to dig up

Lolcow Casualty List 2018


Another new year and internet autism is as strong and growing as ever. Post suggestions for who's going to die this year and they'll get added to a strawpoll on Friday.



Kadee Konstantino

Randy Stair

William Atchison




What would your reaction be to trolling someone without getting a rise out of them?

So let's say someone does something weird online they probably shouldn't have done, and then they gain a bunch of recognition for something totally unrelated. The thing they did isn't illegal or even suggestive of something illegal, it's just really weird and creepy. It was done tongue-in-cheek but nobody believes that.

Then, some people on here, or foxdickfarms, or both, find the weird thing from the past and decide to troll the person. You start out small by smearing their online reputation and nobody likes them anymore and their reputation across the entire internet is dead, but they don't sperg out or react publicly.

So you take it further and decide to get them fired from their job and make it so every employer in their area is aware they did some weird shit and now they're unhirable, but they still don't respond.

So, since this person is living with their parents, you contact them, and their parents disown them and kick them out, and now they're homeless but they still just interalize everything and don't give the trolls what they want.

Finally they just kill themself quietly by jumping off an overpass or something like that and the only way anyone finds out about it is as a footfote in a local newspaper or something. It's not even internet news. All you accomplished was that you destroyed a person's life and turned them into a complete nobody, and at the end of the day, all you did was drive some random no-name homeless person to suicide.

What would your reaction be to this if you took part in the trolling, expecting them to sperg out like Chris Chan and just keep going with their life, but they don't. All they do is internalize it the entire time and never give you what you want (unless you wanted them to die, which I assume isn't the goal for most of you). Would you feel accomplished? Remorseful? Underwhelmed? Like you've just wasted a bunch of time for nothing?

Timbox Thread #6: Driving himself mad

Previous Thread:

Timbox threw a lot of tantrums in the last thread when we continued to mock him for his Ashi obsession and his unoriginal, shitty movie ideas/rants he posted DA & Twitter (He also posts on Reddit and Cartoon Brew). We found out he blatantly told Tara Strong he jerks off to Ashi because the "mean bullies at 8chan" (and probably Trump) made him do it (Even Twitter made fun of Timbox for this). Seems like other cows, weens, and even normalfags are noticing Timbox.


ED page:

Tim's "Cwcki:"


What's duh update on the car situation?

The videos after the breakdown at/leaving (or going to?) shop really show how insane he is. How disconnected he is from reality. Furtheremore I am wondering what emergencies like a car breaking down would really fuck CWC over. What happens if chris gets stranded at an obscure con he hasnt been banned from and his mom dies?