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Mystery Equipment

What is this? This doesn't look like the kind of body armor I'm familiar with.

QTDDTOT: Bunny Trap Edition

This is where Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread go.

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ITT yugioh general

In this thread we discuss yugioh (both casual and competitive meta )


I have now seized the a million glove

Questionable Malcontent - The Search For Editfag Edition

We somehow broke 700 posts, Stabby attemptscannot into /clang/, and we have a possible Editfag Prime sighting. I dunno how we're gonna beat last thread. Come home, Editfag

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Looks like everyone's favorite Gold bug is getting a movie

Post good cartoon songs


Season 3 was shit and it's only going to get worse.

Mr enter indie go go

What’s the future of Mr enter after his failed Indie go go? The four years he spent on this cartoon he could’ve spent learning to animate. But mr enter refuse to go to college because he believes he would get raped.

Why does the Tornado receive all that hate from /k/?

>is cheaper more cost effective version of F-111

>can perform in almost all tactical AtS roles from SEADs to CAS (double engined, double 27mm guns)

>equal low-level speed to fighters but with better range

>one of the main coalition workhorses participating in all major NATO conflicts

>still less than a handful of losses

>probably the safest jet to fly near ground

>the second best and second most versatile strike/attack-aircraft in existence after the contemporary, but considerably more expensive, F-15E, for two decades

>so easy to fly even inbred saudi sandnogs can kill shit with it while suffering only one loss

>decent agility and self-defense capacity for a dedicated interdictor

>even it's fighter variant is a much better interceptor than it is given credit for

Not a particular fan but I think it gets way more shit than it deserves, especially when polemicist streloks neglect to emphasize how much more failing its predecessor/equivalent F-111 had, making the F-35 of its time but worse. If it came a decade earlier the Tornado would have been the wunderwaffe F-111 promised but failed to be.

Characters you like stuck in bad shows

Is there a worst fate? *sigh*

Tokarev thread

I decided to treat myself and picked up a couple M57 Tokarev's for 200 a piece, along with a crate of 7.62x25. How do you all like yours? Do you appreciate the caliber, or wish it was in something else? Is 7.62x25 any good for reloading? I'll be sure to post pictures of them once they arrive at my FFL. This will be my first experience with corrosive ammunition, is cleaning it once every range trip advised or unneccesary?

Webcomics Thread

Just recently getting back into Ava's Demon after finding out its been updating again. What is everyone else reading, besides the typical mockery over in the LOL threads and other related shit.

PDF Share Thread =Beware the Summer Fags Edition=

Time for a new thread full of sharing and junks, keep it civil.

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Is it too early to declare Kids See Ghosts AOTY? I genuinely don't think there are many artists out that are capable of topping this. The only people who I thought would come close were Death Grips and Kanye himself and I prefer Kids See Ghosts by far over Ye or YOTS.

What does /mu/ say

Food Chemistry

Any good resources for food chemistry education? Volume 3 of the Cooking in Russia book was useful, but I need more.

Strayan gun owners are growing

Gun ownership is on the rise in Queensland with the number of registered firearms increasing by more than 30 per cent in the past six years.

Police Minister Mark Ryan has revealed there were 844,129 firearms registered with police as of June 3 in response to a question on notice from the opposition.

It's a 30.09 per cent increase since 2013 when the total number of firearms registered with police was 648,852.

Mr Ryan says the increase can be largely put down to farmers and graziers but any Queenslander has the right to apply for a gun license.

"A significant proportion of Queensland's firearms owners are farmers and graziers with legitimate reasons for the possession of a firearm including to deal with wild animals that attack their stock," he said in a statement on Wednesday.

Mr Ryan said police rigorously assess gun ownership applications and are often criticised for being too strict.

The Palaszczuk government makes no apology for this and community safety must always come first, he said.

The increase in gun numbers is reflected in the number of licenses granted by police over the past six years, which has increased from 162,860 to 196,399.

I am very pleased that it is growing healthily like a banana plant.


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Miltiary Watches Thread

What's your favorite military inspired watches /k/?

This is my new purchase:

Marathon general purpose mechanical watch (GPM) in stainless steel with the GTLS tritium light tubes and sports a Swiss Eta 2801-2 movement without date ring and uses a wind up function. 42 h power reserve and a 28800 beat/h movement. Watch has government markings and also features a 3mm thick sapphire crystal with underside anti reflective coating and also, since marathon is a contracted watch manufacturer of military watches from around the world, has a nato stock number and is manufactured to current us military watch procurement requirements which has categories such as shock survivability, magnetic field resistance, water resistance and precision.

Overall I love this watch. Owned it for about a week now and the winding action every morning gives me a boner. I love the tritium pips they are VERY legible at night and are brighter then luminox trit from what I hear. I highly recommend this watch. I snagged mine at 420 on sale from 650 retail.

SHTF prep

Greetings /k/ A normal lurker now needs your assistance. I am working on prepping for a SHTF moment and I need to bug out. I am working on building my equipment up and have a couple questions to ask you guys. A couple things to keep note of first though.

1. I have very little resources other than myself. There is no-one around me that can help me as they have refused to help or can't help which is why I have turned to here. This means that while there are people around me with the info I need. They have decided against teaching me important parts. I have only basic info that I have gleaned from them over time.

2. I have a group of friends that have stated that if SHTF they will be knocking on my door.

Now for the questions

1. I am looking into buying a gasmask and hazmat combo to help for protection in any situation that isn't a bullet coming for me. I have mostly decided on buying the M50 US military standard issue gas mask along with some lab boots and hazmat suits. I also have a radiation counter that I like and copious amounts of duct tape to seal the joints. I need thoughts on my choice of gas masks and any tips/tricks/necessities as pertaining to chemical/radiation warfare.

2. I want to build my own rifle for defense. I have been looking into building my own AR platform chambered in .308 because I don't feel .223 NATO will be truly best suited in a SHTF scenario other than how much of the bloody stuff there is. I was thinking a .308 chambered AR and a 9mm sidearm has my main armaments. Any tips on how to build such a rifle would be appreciated but I do have a guide off of pewpewtactical that seems to be legit and I am following it. Yes I am buying an 80% lower.

3. I have bought my first true knife and was curious as to /k/'s opinion on it and if there would be a better knife for survival. (Picture is my knife). It is a 9.5 inch blade and about 14 inches overall with a full tang. The center of weight is in approximately the middle of the blade.

4. What vehicle would /k/ recommend as a bug-out vehicle? I have been looking at a jeep wrangler or ram truck due to affordability, but I have also been looking into building my own here as well. my prepping is not a short-term do it and forgot it as you can probably tell.

5. any additional info that may be useful I would be thankful for you posting as well.

Also, SHTF preparation general thread for more content so share your kits if you've got them.

Marvel reboot Speculations

What’s the odds the marvel universe will reboot to fit closer with the MCU? Now that marvel licensing characters to IDW. They are beginning to sound desperate. I have a feeling marvel will find away to justify making spider-man a sidekick to iron-man.

Oaxis Entertainment Thread

Now that Butch Hartman has reached his kickstarter goal, what are your thoughts on Oaxis Entertainment.

This is how I diplomacy.

Meta-Thread: Summer Vacation Edition

It's about time for a new meta-thread.

Bitch, complain, talk about the drama on other boards, ask questions of the BO, and maybe also talk about things pertaining to the operation and well-being of /tg/

Rural American Town Thriller RPG

Hello there /tg/. I've been thinking about doing a thriller turning into survival horror Savage Worlds campaign inspired in Twin Peaks and Deadly Premonition, but because I'm not american I have no fucking idea how rural towns in america work, so I have a few questions.

>1. How do sheriffs work and are selected? what kind of training do they get? to they watch over more than one town? Are his deputies also trained as cops? Do small towns have a judge to ask for searchings and investigations?

>2. How big can a 'country' or whatever you americans call it be? 2 towns? 3?

>3. How cold is Alaska? can anything grow there? what are the native tribes there? do they have casinos? If not Alaska, how cold are the zones in the frontier with Canada? Are there moonshine-loving gun-loving hillbillies in those areas?

I probably have more questions, but I can't think of them. Please, help me.

Finding New Groups

I've been trying to find a group for about a year now (no RPG in particular) to play with and I've noticed something, every group I find makes me wish I was doing something else instead, is this just me or is the hobby like this? Every group I seem to find ends up just not being worth playing in, either due to people typically just being thinking these games are just kill, kill, kill making the RPG a process not a game, a controlling GM, or just a terrible people to be near, I've had 2 occasion where someone threatened actual psychical violence on me. My local shop even does a meetup specifically for people to find groups and all the groups just don't call me back, one of them even set up a time to meet for session 1 at the shop and after 5 hours of waiting for the DM he messaged everyone, "Sorry forgot to tell you guys groups cancelled." I've tried to DM once and although I was told I wasn't bad at it I hated it. Honestly I've seriously considered dropping this hobby, I know that there's playing online and I have nothing against it, just to me the RPG experience is friends around a table. So I ask you if you've had this same experience I just have to keep bashing my head against the wall until I get lucky or if I have just bad luck?

tl;dr Is it always this awful to find a group or do I just have bad luck.

Friday night ATF thread

What's /k/ packing/drinking/packing and or smoking tonight?

ATF threads aren't for cuckchan, if you don't want to participate you're just lazy

Clubs Thread

Anyone ever use a club or make one? I guess you could lump batons in here too. How did you make your club? And if you didn’t make it, what club do you use?

I’m thinking about maybe getting a shillelagh, but I’d like to get something more wieldly, any club recommendations? I think for home defense or a fight against niggers in the bad part of town, a club would be a great weapon, especially if you’re dumb enough to look for a fight.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro Revealed

The animation actually looks nice but it most likely won't be that way for the rest of the show. That color palette is still awful.

Comic Book Sales Down 6.5% in 2017

>$70 millions lost

>No writer wanted their name attached to the bad news


Animate something

The last time we did this we got some clay-mation, interesting perspective work, and some neat little edits. I know what I did is crap but we have to start with something. Have fun and take a crack at it.

/tg/ Manga Thread - Daimaou Laius Edition

Our monthly dose of DM just dropped. What better time to make a new thread?

Dungeon Meshi - Adventurers eating monsters in a dungeon with some mysterious shit going on. Great art. Fun characters.

Hakumei to Mikochi (aka Little Lives in the Forest or Inchling Adventures!) - The comfy slice of life shenanigans of two Inchling girls living in the forest. It's about doing work, having fun, making delicious food, and occasionally helping their necromancer friend with her experiments. Comfy as fuck. Gorgeous art. Full of culture and personality and world-building.

Maou-jou de Oyasumi (aka Sleepy Princess) - Princess captured by a cliche RPG Demon King tries to find the best way to sleep while in the Demon King's castle. Ruins everything.

Goblin Slayer - Mysterious autist partners with other adventurers strictly for the purpose of slaying goblins. It's brutal as shit. Bad ends await everyone.

Kumo desu ga, nani ka? (aka Heresy Spider) - Normal high school girl is reincarnated as a low-level spider in an MMORPG-ish world. She survives through pure strategy and wit, while climbing the ranks and learning new skills.

Somali To Mori No Kami-Sama (Loli & Golem Adventures) - A young child and a Forest-protecting Golem embark on an adventure to find where all the humans went in a world where Monster-folk have taken over.

Golden Kamui - Japanese war veteran who is supposedly unkillable and an Ainu girl get tied up in a crazy scheme to locate a ton of gold by finding pieces of a map tattooed on the bodies of escaped convicts. Oddly educational and full of useful information.

Otoyomegatari (aka A Bride's Story) - Asian girl moves across Asia to marry her shota husband. Absolutely gorgeous art, full of culture and history.

Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai? (Potato Elf) - Relaxation therapist has to help an Elf girl from another dimension control her diet so she can teleport back. Each chapter expands the cast with other fantasy races. Slightly lewd. Slightly educational. extra thicc

Goblin is Very Strong! - Adorable Goblin girl wrecks the shit of low-level adventurers.

Totsukuni no Shoujo - The story of a demon and a small girl living in an abandoned village. Possibly based on Slav or Baltic myths.

Made In Abyss - A group of youths travel into a giant sinkhole full of suffering and mystery. Brace for feels.

Tongari Booshi no Atorie (aka Witch Hat Atelier)- A young girl tries to discover magic to save her mother.

Dungeon Seeker - The edgiest Isekai ever.

Stravaganza - A warrior queen goes on lewd and dangerous adventures in a world of magic and monsters.

Wolfsmund - Historic fantasy story about Switzerland's rebellion against Austria. Heads will roll on all sides.

Vinland Saga - (aka Farmland Saga, aka Merchant Saga) - A historic fantasy story about Thorfinn Karlsefni.

Isekai Transporter - A parody manga about Isekai and how the heroes are transported to different world wit the help of Truck-Kun's Suport Staff.

The Ride-On King - NotPutin get's isekai'd and wants tro ride any mount the fantasy world has to offer. Get ready for MAXIMUM GAR.

Chihoukishi Hans no Junan - A story about former knight captain Hans and his troubles with the mysterious "Japanese" that turn up in his world.

Why do Europeans get so defensive when someone points out legitimate flaws in their 1litre cuckboxes?

Challenger tank is shit

Another piece of information revealed another Western tank bites the dust.

>275mm RHA glassis

>500mm RHA turret


Staying anonymous when posting

Not really the place to ask about this sort of thing, but can anyone tell me how an anon can stay anonymous while posting files and documents online? I assume that TOR is a must, I use a VPN. But what else must I do? For example…

* Is it necessary to have a separate 'hot box' for anon activities?

* Should I post only when I am not at home?

* Should I set up an online persona to act as a 'backstop' before doing anon activities? See for details from TheGrugq

Also, are there any other 8chan boards that might be useful to me while researching this topic?

Politics Containment Thread: Corporate Surveillance Edition

Previous thread:


This is the thread for discussing politics as they affect /tg/ material. The last thread is past the bump limit so I'm making a new one. We previously discussed how to effectively support new material and how to avoid pozzed shit.

Today, let's discuss the myriad ways companies, communities, (((communities))), and social media addicts are going out of their way to monitor you and blacklist you from their garbage before you even get started. For smaller companies this isn't an issue, but when someone like WotC does it, there is more cause for concern.

In particular, their new product Magic: The Gathering Arena, contains the Redshell spyware suite; Redshell is used to generate unique device IDs based on your device when you click on advertisements and play games. It cross-references these IDs to get more data on users and their gameplay. Among other things, it can track your:

>OS, time zone, language, screen resolution, fonts

>internet browsers' versions

>unique device ID which it generates based on your hardware without your permission

>associated accounts (Steam, Xbox Live, PSN)

>IP address

It can give this data to third party companies. What does WotC have to say about it? ( - no archive due to godawful website design)

>RedShell is an ad attribution platform. We’ll be using it to see which ads are working and which aren’t. It is not spyware my dudes.

Here’s how it works:

>you click on an ad, which we set up to redirect through RedShell, RedShell gives you an ID based on your system that is unique.

>They aren’t collecting any additional data.

<Also, RedShell is run by Innervate, a small company that is local to Seattle — we know the folks who work there, they built our forums and help us run those too. They’re legit.

Needless to say, this was memory holed as soon as it appeared on the official rebbit. Seems ripe for digging if anyone feels like looking into Innervate.

10 years ago today Avatar The Last Airbender aired its series finale. It was one of few cartoons in the west that actually did an overarching storyline throughout the series and did it well. Assuming everything related to the show that was made after the finale wasn't shit or didn't exist the movie and LoK and actually kept more staff members like Aaron Ehasz, would you have continued the series or just let it stay finished?

I personally would have liked a 4th season at least to find Zuko's mother. (or a short spin-off series) Instead we got a comic released sometime during Korra when interested in the franchise started to die off.

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE First Trailer and Additional Voice Cast Revealed

>Jake Johnson as Peter Parker

>Hailee Steinfeld as Spider-Gwen

>Liev Schreiber as the Kingpin (instead of Morlun as per original report)

>Luna Lauren Velez as Rio Morales

>Lily Tomlin as Aunt May

Super Drags (Superhero Drag Queens)

>During the day, they work in a department store and deal with their uptight bitchy boss. By night, they tighten up their corsets and transform into the baddest SUPER DRAGS in town, ready to combat shade and rescue the world's glitter from the evil villains. Get ready, because the SUPER DRAGS are going deeper than you think.

I'm glad I scrapped my netflix account a year ago. This shit isn't worth the 10 bucks anymore.

Game Finder


Yes nigger. You know the drill.

>GM or Player


>Time availability

>Text or Voice

>Contact Information

>Additional Information

Build fal or buy ptr

Alright /k/ I'm trying to decide to either build an imbel fal or buy a ptr91. I want a shtf battle rifle. What should I do and why?

Tips on creating horror atmostphere

Does anyone have any tips for atmospheric horror in campaigns? Ive recently started a stalker game and I have trouble making things unsettling or scary, whenever I try it just seems either over the top or silly. Should I maybe be using a soundtrack or something?

Actually scaring someone seems like a ton of work so maybe focusing on simply creating a creepy atmosphere would work best?

I found the forgotten weapons of war planes.

New She-Ra Revealed

Looks like a man in drag. I thought it would be an okay show at least but with a design like this I'm not too sure.

>tv-MA Riverdale with superheroes

>Robin said Fuck Batman

>Bigger budget and better costume than CW shows

>Comments are digging the trailer

Like it or not. Titans will probably be a hit.

Meeting girls though tabletop games

>Be me

>girls that payed no attention to me now walking up to me saying I dress and sound like Haida from aggretsuko

>Haida a canon virgin and failed punk rock musician from aggretsuko

>Yet he the most popular character in the show and women love

>Ended up explaining pathfinder to two girls at community college

>Tempted to cosplay as Haida during a tabletop convention

Should I take advantage of this situation? I pay no attention to D&D girls cause they tend to be ugly and smell bad. But I only go to tabletop cons.... Should I buy more anime tabletop rpg Books and cosplay? I want to bed a desperate female otaku...


The 8chan cup is back baby, and we secured a spot on the roster. Also they're using a new board.


I'll be reposting the material used in 2015's game, but generally the things we need are 20 players, a team emblem, and a team uniform.

List from the last icup

Full List:

CF:John Belushi(Flash)(GOLD)

CF:Jimmy Olsen(GOLD)


SS: Duckman(Silver)

AMF:Calamity Jane

DMF: Man of Murder

CB: Confederate Amethyst

CB: Bravestarr


RB: Amanda Waller

GK: Doom


GK: Mek-quake

GK: Stardust

CB: Hater

CB: Gaston

LB: Insano Donald

LB: The Redeemer

RB: Bloodpouch

RB: Power Girl's Costume

DMF: Snowflame

DMF: Wicked Wall

AMF: Negative Man

AMF: Popeye

/co/'s Theme Song: Super Rad

/co/'s Goal Horn: I Whipped Spiderman's Ass

John Belushi's Goal Horn: I Can't Turn You Loose

Beavis's Goal Horn: I Got You Babe

Duckman's Goal Horn: Alien Orifice

Confederate Amethyst's: I Wish I Was In Dixie

Amanda Waller's Goal Horn: Brick House

Insano Donald's Goal Horn: Spread Your Fire (Temple Of Shadows)

/co/ Share Thread the second

ITT: share /co/ related material with other anons - cartoons, comics, etc.


Due to the smaller userbase of comics compared to films and video games, torrents are usually less seeded, if they even exist. MEGA links will be primarily used as they are faster and reliable for the immediate future.

Lots of comics and cartoons are available on sites like and


>How to remove Mega's 1.5gb download limit/bandwith quota?

Download MegaTools or JDownloader 2. Copy/paste links and it will download at full speed and won't care about limits.


1. Before you request, search online for the file you want.

2. Look first in the archives and on volafile for the file you are looking for.

3. When requesting, be as specific as possible. If you have the cover art of the file you want, post it on in the thread. Especially if there's more than one run i.e Batman #1-10 refers to many different issues.

4. Due to fun police, links to files will be split in half.

If you see something like: c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a |or| c12-fe1c-06bba25-4a9dc9f519-b335aa7c1-367a88a, it's an Info Hash. Most/all torrent clients handle a hash. Same as using a magnet, just copy/paste it.


1. Upload whatever. Don't ask if someone wants it. Merely being there might incentivise someone to read/watch it.

2. Don't upload to a filesharing site and expect it to stay there forever. MEGA is not for storage. It will eventually get taken down in the long run.

3. Split links to confuse bots. See "HowtoContribute" file.


1. Don't upload 100 issues individually if you can. Uploading a .zip would be both easier for uploading and downloading, and doesn't clog the Vola. If anons are wary of downloading .zips, upload a few issues individually to prove legitimacy, then .zip the rest.

2. Don't turn the Vola into a circlejerk, posting reaction images and discussing your penises in the chat.

If the site goes down, there are no true bunkers for /co/. Other sites like and exist, but they are mostly for the big 3 boards.

/tg/-related vidya

You know the drill, post games that pertain to the board's interests, the lore surrounding them, and ones that are fun to play together using online multiplayer.

Oh, and before you ask, your average Tacticool Shooter game can easily be reflavored to handle a Cuphead campaign. Personally, I'd go with Savage Worlds and limit dice explosions based on EXP gain, and use the Superhero supplement to add some cartoon logic into the mix, though I'm sure others have different suggestions.

Free to play tabletop RPGs?

Is there such a thing as a free to play tabletop RPGs? If so. Where I can find them? Are they any good?

Pony Roleplaying Games

Tails of Equestria, Roleplaying is Magic, Ponyfinder or whatever other system, let's share our pony-related roleplaying experiences!

When models were good.

Post when models weren't shitty multipart plastics. When conversions were featured in major magazines and your mum's tits didn't touch her knees.

First piece of promo art for Young Justice: Outsiders (Season 3).

Decade Out Of Date

Haven't read anything since Planetary. Have I missed anything good? Seems like things got cucked at some point.

Voltron Season 6

The new season will be dropping on this Friday. Expectations? Hopes? Fears? I'm just hoping for more Pidge screentime.

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

Well, this just came out. It's interesting. Seems to be a direct-from-comic adaptation, including the art style. Now it would be strange for Jhonen's style to not have evolved in 16 years but this somehow looks both more colorful and cheaper. Less in-between frames and the shadows don't lend the same sense of depth as the old show. It's just lots of colors all layered on top of each other. Your thoughts?

TTG to the Movies Full Trailer

It might not be shit

TORTURE - Techniques and Devices

Subject says it all. Share torture techniques, tools, stories, etc. Discuss practicality for interrogation, punishment and justice, etc.

Personally, I'm not a fan of waterboarding, because there is a potential of dry drowning, which doesn't seem very useful. I like this method of rat torture, however. Dunno if it has a name:

>tie victim to a table

>have a bucket or bottomless cage attached to the victim's belly

>put a rat inside

>heat the back of the cage to freak the rat out

>the rat will then begin to burrow into the belly of the victim, until he either confessed or gave up information

The problem with this one, however, is that after the rat gets far enough there's not much chance of survival for the victim, and the pain might be enough to cause them to go unconscious. The reason the victim's survivability might be an issue, is that he might be less willing to give up information if he knows he's already dead.

In two weeks the animation fandom will learn their actions lead to consequences.

Look, it's hot, you're hot, we're hot. Why not be hot together watching things. Things you can vote for such as…

Last Unicorn

Jetsons movie


Or pick whats in the box. What's in the box? Could be anything.

The Yaki box is trying toi be several things it is not.

The Ted box contains many crimes.

The choice is yours.

Link for stream is here

PDF Thread

Let's have a PDF thread going. Going to dump some stuff I have.

/metal/ thread

The /metal/ board is dead and so is the endchan, so post metal alums you've recently checked out

relisted with no comments allowed.

FBI Agent accidentally shoots someone while break dancing

Title says it all.

How would Fantasy differ if Conan the Barbarian became the definitive Fantasy archetype?

Would it be better than what we have now, or would we be worse off for it?

Improvised Munitions Project

So I'm working on a little project here I think some of you will like.

In short, I tried creating an updated version of the Improvised Munitions handbook, essentially making a collection of relevant PDFs that would satisfactorily contain all the knowledge of the book and more. While making the book, I noticed how shit the publication actually is.The explosives recipes are ridiculously dangerous (almost no safety precautions or specific temperatures listed at where some sensitive explosives would detonate if not carefully watched.) Not even going to mention the illustrations showing an ungloved hand unceremoniously handling high explosives.

The project from there evolved to encompass a slightly wider subject matter covering things like sabotage and militia building. The articles included were no longer for "macgyvering" shitty weapons out of scrap, but were now intended to be recipes for the common citizen with a reasonable amount of time, money, education, and resources to utilize. You know, the people who would need this information the most.

The one thing I keep seeing over and over again as I work on this document is that in this day and age, the information needed to create explosives, homemade guns, and munitions in general are now more available than ever to the common man with the introduction of the internet. There's a problem that I also keeping seeing in that a main chunk of PDFs out there that focus on "Anarchists Cookbook" like topics are usually:

Poorly formatted, (What's the use of your shitty infographic on making C4 in your mom's kitchen if it looks like it was scanned from a book about 25 times and can't be read when printed out?) Outdated, Dangerous, (I get that making explosives is already dangerous, but holy shit even the U.S military was guilty of peddling recipes that would have likely killed you, had you actually tried them.) Or sometimes even just contain flat out misinformation. In short, I'm in the middle of reformatting a shit ton of PDF files, fact checking, researching topics I never knew anything about, etc. and etc. Posted is the planned table of contents for version 3.0 of the document with most of the chapters being done with only a few minor tweaks needed. What I'm aiming for is a manual, sort of a combination of what the Anarchists Cookbook and Improvised Munitions Handbook intended to be, with modern day tactics and accurate information.

It would be immensely helpful if I could get some criticism, recommendations, or links to relevant PDF files. I can't create an "Anarchist's Cookbook" that actually works if I don't know what information people would actually like to SEE in a book like this, so I figured I would ask you guys. Some of the chapter names are really vague so if I need to explain exactly what information I have collected for said chapter for you guys I will if requested.

I want to give citizens the knowledge needed to be able to arm themselves should the government decides that the right to bear arms is no longer self-evident, but no one wants to sift through thousands of shady articles on how to go about making IEDs, and when the time comes to ACTUALLY do so, the common man may no longer have the ability to access said information.

40k General: Duncan Rhodes Edition

Last thread hit the bump limit, find it here: >>363695

Does your army have weapons that can overheat? Do you use this firing mode often?

>The Dragon Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, tells the story of "two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands," according to a press release from Netflix.

>Ehasz and Richmond, along with executive producer Giancarlo Volpe (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), will present a sneak peek and an inside look at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21.

Mega Man

Haven't heard any news since last year. Is this dead in the water?

Actually cautiously optimistic about this despite everything. The news drought is killing me!

ITT we fix Magic...

by adding or changing one rule.

Here is my humble suggestion:

Activated and triggered abilities that do not have an explicit cost now cost {1}. If the cost is not paid, any opponent may elect to counter that activated or triggered ability.

Magic the gathering spoilers

Spoilers for m19 have started to drop, have some commons.

This is also a continuation of the previous magic the gathering leak/spoiler/general derision thread located >>364591


About fucking time.

Cluwne Wars


Star Wars

You know what this board is lacking at the moment? A Star Wars Thread. So let's make up for lost time and have one.

What's your favorite game out of this franchise, /tg/? Have you ever run Star Wars games straight from homebrewing other systems? Gimme your stories of a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away.

Congratulations, these three buckets of lard are now working on a new calarts reboot of your favourite cartoon. Just how bad is it going to to be?

EDH brewing/funposting/general

Since we had a lot of fun last time deckbuilding, why don't we try that again?

Post a legendary creature and a theme, and others can post suggestions for it. Also, we can just talk about interesting cards and interactions, or whatever else related to the format.

To start things off, this fellow, with the goal to be the (((Greatest Ally))) of the table.

Some cards that fit that theme:



Briber's Purse


Conjured Currency

Land Tax


Trade Routes

Gilded Drake

Shrewd Negotiation

Corrupted Conscience

War Tax

Soul Tithe

Guile (with Dovescape as a wincon)

Welcome to ORE

I am Greg Stolze, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the fun of his RPG?

NO! Says the man at Hasbro, it belongs to full casters!

NO! Says the man at Palladium, it belongs to the Glitter Boys!

NO! Says the man behind Hackmaster, it belongs to the grognards!

I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different.

I chose the impossible.

I chose... ORE.

A system where the players won't fear the munchkin. Where the gameplay will not be bound by bloated rulesets. Where the GM won't be constrained by rules lawyering!

And with the roll of your d10, ORE can be your system as well.

Would you kindly buy my games?

Magic the Gathering: Modern general





>Comprehensive Rules


>Current Modern Metagame



Good removal edition.

Ooga chakka ooga ooga ooga chakka

So, this autistic fuck. I don't believe he was really joking, but even if he was, he's fucking finished in (((Hollywood))), which means Guardians Vol. 3 will suck hard.

>'Guardians of the Galaxy' filmmaker James Gunn addresses unearthed tweets about rape, pedophilia

>“Guardians of the Galaxy” filmmaker James Gunn deleted and addressed his old tweets in which he joked about topics including pedophilia and rape.

>Gunn's past tweets were dug up on Thursday by critics who oppose his political beliefs. The filmmaker is an outspoken liberal who often criticizes President Trump.

For those of you who cross-post to /pol/, here's yet another deviant to add to the "Trump Curse" chart.

>One of the now-deleted tweets said, “I like when little boys touch me in my silly place.”

>Another message read: “The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!'”

>Other now-deleted tweets from 2008-2011 included jokes about the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, AIDS and the holocaust.

More in the link. I'm so pissed right now. Can't we have anything pure?

Possible stream?

I've been thinking about doing a Christmas in July stream and I wanted to know if anyone here would be interested in watching it. Here's some of the movies and specials I might stream.

The Life of Captain Marvel

What did y'all think of the first issue? I thought it was kinda bland and mediocre. I thought the basketball scene was kinda cute though.

/tg/ the RPG

Hey /tg/, I thought about starting up a project. We all know so many tabletop games are getting remade and pozzed up and that really fucking blows. However, tabletop games are relatively easier to make yourself than vidya or movies.

So I thought "Hell, let's make an rpg that's pure /tg/. One that we can truly call our own. One that we can enjoy and know that there's no kool-aid."

We've seen the stuff we like and dislike about other systems, so let's combine the stuff we like into this new rpg.

Aiming for a combination of fantasy and sci-fi. Kinda like old-school rpgs like Gamma World combined with '80s 40k. However we can get to that later.

Right now, let's get the mechanics down. How do we roll them dice? Roll under, target number, shadowrun's style or something completely different?

UK unveils new "Tempest" jet

What the fuck. This has me so confused. Why do we need another 5th Gen jet that's probably going to run over budget and not do anything it's supposed to, as well as buying F-35s?

Figurines, statuettes and merchandise

Does /co/ buy any comic related items and have them on display?

Action Comics #1000

How good was pic related? Is it worth a pick up?

Jojo's Bizarre Thread: WE ITALY NOW BOYS Edition

Part 5 confirmed!

Die Schule der kleinen Vampire

What's the deal with this show? I mean, I've seen a couple of episodes and it's fun! It's actually pretty cool! Could it be that I watched the two good episodes by chance? Maybe, but I don't think so.

How come they never released it in English? Or Spanish, for that matter. As subs go, I'd be OK with either, but when I look at it I see a perfect show for broad distribution in America and other English-speaking countries.

What's the deal with the lack of distribution?

I wanna watch the whole thing. Are illegal methods the only methods? I'd buy a DVD set. heck, I'd even buy it in the original German. Are there DVDs in German, at least?

There are torrents, but all I can find are TV rips.

Avenged Sevenfold: Critical Acclaim



Shhh quiet might piss somebody off

Like me motherfucker you've been at it for too long

While you feed off others' insecurities

You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds

Self-righteousness is wearing thin

(lies inside your head, your best friend)

Heart bleeds but not for fellow men

(broken glass, your fake reflection)

I've had enough

It's time for something real

I don't respect the words you're speaking

Gone too far

A clone

So how does it feel to know that someone's kid

In the heart of America has blood on their hands

Fighting to defend your rights

So you can maintain a lifestyle

That insults his family's existence

Well, where I'm from we have a special

Salute that we aim high in the air

Towards all those pompous assholes

Who spend their days pointing fingers

(fuck you)

Shhh quiet might piss somebody off

Like the heartbeat of this country when antagonized too long

I'll be damned if you count me in as part of your generous hypocrisy

Collecting enemies

Tabloid gossip queen worthless man

(there's no need for us to bury you)

Selfish agenda once again

(right this way you've dug your own grave)

I've had enough

It's time for something real

I don't respect the words you're speaking

Gone too far

A clone

All the way from the east to the west we

Got this high society

Looking down on their very foundation

Constantly reminding us that our actions

Are the cause of all their problems

Pointing their fingers in every

Direction and blaming their

Own nation for who wins the elections

They've never contributed a fucking thing to the

Country they love to criticize

Excuse the obscene, ignore the untrue

Depictions we see try and get through

Admitting mistakes can hurt

I'm not the last but I sure ain't the first

Shhh quiet might piss somebody off

Self-righteousness is wearing thin

(lies inside your head your best friend)

Heart bleeds but not for fellow men

(broken glass your fake reflection)

I've had enough

It's time for something real

I don't respect the words you're speaking

Gone too far

A clone

WAYWT 2018.07.15

time for reduced scrolling

share,rate,masturbate summer edition,reminder to be friendly about it

Help with a custom Sororitas order?

Hey /tg/, I decided to end up creating a custom Sororitas order, since I'm not the biggest fan of the generic orders. I used 1d4chan's custom order creation table, and while I got some interesting results (A fleet based order of Sororitas founded by a Seraphim turned saint who slew a Demon Prince. They have a strong dislike for Astartes of all kinds, and their closest allies are the Adepptus Mechanicus. Their worship of the emperor takes the form of a Death Cult. Also their primary enemy are the Death Guard. Their mother order was the Order of the Argent Shroud), I'm not exactly sure how to fluff them, or even what they'd be named - All I know that I want from them is that they have silver armor and purple cloaks. I was hoping that I could get help woth fluff from you lot?

Thanks for reading this, sorry for the disjointed post.

Do you have an opinion on cilantro?

Basic roleplaying games

If I want to introduced someone to a Pen & Paper RPGs. Should i introduced to a basic RPG? What are some good basic roleplay games?

What do you think of these



>DC Comics have announced plans to reprint Otto Binder and C.C. Beck's 24-chapter Golden Age "Monster Society of Evil!" arc from Captain Marvel Adventures. Originally published from 1943 to 1945, the story was one of North American comic books' first serialized storylines.


>It's going to cost $50

Fucking why?

>introduced as the quirky harmless inventor-guy

>possible love-interest for cassandra

>it all gets turned around and he's the villain of the season

>but he actually has a good fucking reason for being pissed off

>no one listens to him when he needs help the most

>they all forget about him until he forces his way back into the spotlight

>he's not just suddenly evil, we see his fall to darkness

>awkward as fuck lines but his god-like voice actor made it completely work

>he doesn't get redeemed by the end of the season

>he gets sent off to prison, his hatred for the main characters deepening more and more

>has the best songs

How the fuck does the somewhat unknown Tangled spin-off have one of the best Disney villains in YEARS?

The Invisible Sun RPG

My cube has arrived. Ask me anything about it.

>Anon, fuck off with your shilling. Shove that plastic hand up your ass.

Can you really shill something that costs 200 USD? I'm not sure you can. I'm just here to show you how... weird this game is.

>Is this an unboxing thread?

I don't want it to be. Considering the unique presentation and packaging though, if enough of you bitch about wanting to see the components, I'll pull some out. Take pictures. Talk about what they are.

>What the fuck is this thing.

Barring certain collectors items on Ebay, probably the most expensive tabletop RPG on the market right now?


Several. At first glance, it appears to be a weird hybdrid of Target Numbers plus a Dice Pool using D10s.

Basically; any mundane test has a target number of 0 to 10. If 0, no roll required, you automatically pass. Otherwise, you must equal or beat the target number on the mundane D10.

Rolling a 0 on the mundane D10, however, does not mean you have rolled a 10. It means you rolled a 0.

Challenge Ratings 11, 12, and 13 (The Number of Mortality. The Number of the Grey Sun of the Night Path) are reserved for tests that are possible for mortals with training and mundane talents to execute. Think Olympic Athlete feats or intellectual achievements by world class scientists.

Challenge Ratings beyond 13 are reserved for actions and tests that are impossible for normal people. That's purely the realm of supernatural weird level wizardry and crazy shit.

>Anon, you said there was a dice pool.

Anything that requires magic to overcome modifies the Test by requiring you to roll equal to or above a target number twice using more than one die. You are granted more dice by tapping into magic/the supernatural. But there is a risk. Remember how the 0 is a 0 and not a 10? On the magic D10s (these will be of a different colour from your mundane D10, or you can use the Monte Cook Games special snowflake D10s, picture related) every 0 you roll on them causes an increasingly severe instance of Magical Flux - which is surreal reality bending crazy bad shit. Those of you who love playing 40k Psykers are familiar with these consequences. In this game? Even rolling one 0 is a Perils of the Warp level consequence.


>The plastic hand.

>The setting.

>Character creation

>The 4 (5?) character classes

>Gameplay modes

>More on Mechanics.

>What the fuck is inside that box?

Underrated wars

Winter War

How did Finland do it? Soviet Union gotten BTFO so badly during the winter war you can’t even make winter war threads on Cuckchan because it triggers the communist larpers too much.

Fuck Quailman.

Homemade Guns

Homemade Guns thread?

Homemade Guns thread.

Why are amerimutts still allowed to post on /k/.

Subhumans do not deserve weapons.

Only European posters should be allowed.