Nerve Center

Holy shit this is one of the most infuriating characters ever. This is the shittiest attempt at making a female Batman I've ever seen. She's literally exactly the same as him, except "wittier" and has a shittier color scheme. They did everything they could to make her exactly the same as Batman, and then have the fucking AUDACITY to pretend she's different with this line? BATMAN TEAM UP WILL KILLERS ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Probably at least once a fucking story arc in fact! I don't get it at all, because I've enjoyed basically every Rebirth comic I've read so far, but this one isn't just bad. It's SO BAD I need a fucking drink to deal with it.

And Another One Bites the Dust

Destroyer USS Benfold Damaged After Collision with Japanese Tug

>The guided-missile destroyer USS Benfold (DDG-65) was hit by a Japanese tug during a towing exercise on Saturday, according to a statement from U.S. 7th Fleet.


>The forward-deployed destroyer was in the midst of a towing exercise in the Sagami Bay when the tug lost power and, “drifted into the ship.”


>“No one was injured on either vessel and Benfold sustained minimal damage, including scrapes on its side, pending a full damage assessment. Benfold remains at sea under her own power,” read the statement from 7th Fleet.

“The Japanese commercial tug is being towed by another vessel to a port in Yokosuka. The incident will be investigated.”

Hot damn those tug boats are just BTFOing the US left and right, can the Navy ever recover?

Justice League leaks

>Steppenwolf's mission is to harvest planets with a machine that drains natural resources and beams them up to Apokolips through a portal created by three ancient Mother Boxes. He attempts to harvest Earth in pre-historic times, but is defeated due to an unexpected alliance between the amazons, the atlanteans and Green Lantern Abin Sur to defend the humans. The Mother Boxes are left behind and split among the three kingdoms.

>On present day, Bruce Wayne arrives on Amnesty Bay to recruit Aquaman to his team, but Aquaman refuses. In London, Wonder Woman foils a hostage crisis, then receives a message from Hyppolita asking for help. She arrives on Themyscira just as Steppenwolf returns to Earth and reclaims the Amazons' Mother Box. Alfred has been monitoring alien activity on Earth and learned that several scientists have been kidnapped by Parademons.

>Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis and steals their Mother Box. Aquaman attempts to stop him, but fails. Wonder Woman then returns to Gotham to ask Batman for help. Batman recruits the Flash, while Wonder Woman approaches Cyborg, who refuses. While Cyborg is away, his father Silas Stone is captured by the Parademons and the humans' Mother Box is also stolen. Cyborg joins the team as they meet Commissioner James Gordon, who has found the Parademons' nest in an abandoned tunnel between Metropolis and Gotham.

>The team goes there, but are ambushed by Steppenwolf and nearly killed before Aquaman saves them. They rescue the scientists and learn from Silas that Steppenwolf has stolen Superman's body in order to harvest the Codex and enhance the Parademons with Superman's powers. Steppenwolf and the Parademons attack the Kryptonian scout ship in Metropolis, but the team intervenes. Superman returns and repels Steppenwolf, but is overwhelmed and flees. Wonder Woman learns that the Harvester is buried in an abandoned town in Venezuela and the team heads there to stop him. Steppenwolf activates the machine and begins draining the Earth, causing widespread destruction. Superman briefly reunites with Lois Lane and Martha Kent in Smallville before leaving to save Metropolis and then join the battle in Venezuela.

>Superman and Aquaman defeat Steppenwolf, who is killed by Wonder Woman, while Batman disables the Harvester, Flash rounds up the Parademons and Cyborg reverses the portal created by Mother Boxes, sending them away. The team are celebrated as heroes for saving the world and form the Justice League. Superman reunites with Lois, Batman returns to Metropolis, Flash asks Iris West out on a date, Wonder Woman and Aquaman return the Mother Boxes to their rightful places, Cyborg makes amends with Silas, and the world is at peace.

>Lex Luthor, Henry Allen, Deathstroke and Darkseid have been entirely cut.

>The Knightmare is not addressed.

>Wonder Woman is present when Steppenwolf steals the Amazons' Mother Box from Themyscira and vows revenge. This was included to set up Steppenwolf's new death scene.

>Additional scene of Alfred picking up Batman in Amnesty Bay after Aquaman rejects him.

>Additional scene of Flash and Cyborg discussing their backgrounds on their way to the Parademons' nest and developing a bond.

>The Harvester subplot was entirely added in reshoots, restructuring the third act which was originally just an alien invasion.

>Superman's subplot is altered. Rather than flee from Metropolis due to self-doubt, he does it to see Lois and Martha and let them know he's fine before immediately joining the battle.

>Additional scene of Superman saving Metropolis from the Harvester's effects and reassuring the people that everything will be fine.

>Additional scene of Superman meeting Alfred before heading to Venezuela.

>Cyborg's subplot is altered. Rather than doubt himself and be reassured by Batman, Cyborg is the one who rallies the League using a football metaphor that later inspires the team's name.

>Steppenwolf's demise is changed. Originally he'd be beamed back to Apokolips by Cyborg and executed by Darkseid for faiIing to conquer Earth. Now Wonder Woman will punch him into the Harvester's beam and disintegrate him.

>Additional scene of Cyborg and Silas watching Cyborg's old college football games together.

>Minor dialogue additions throughout.

Summer, 2018.

>Spring 2018 the house passes a gun confiscation bill.

>Summer 2018 the senate passes a gun confiscation bill.

>With a majority needed to surpass president Trump.

>September 2018. You hear loud knocking on your door. You go to answer and peak out the window. Notice half a dozen armed people here.

>They're here to collect your fun.

<wat do?

What do you plan on doing in general if a bill/measure such as this passes?

Murderhobo thread

Murderhobo story thread. Post your best murderhobo shenanigans.

Fuck You

Fuck You

Fuck You

Your'e Hot

Fuck You

Game Finder


Yes nigger. You know the drill.

>GM or Player


>Time availability

>Text or Voice

>Contact Information

>Additional Information


Since The Death of Superman is going to be the basis for the upcoming Doomsday Cock, DC's latest terrible sales gimmick exciting line-wide event, I've decided to read it. I've also decided /co/ is going to read it too, because if I'm going to suffer, you're going to suffer with me.

So get ready for a journey into the past, back to when DC destroyed the public trust in comics forever.

Cartoons you only vaguely remember

I remember some cartoon where an episode has a girl and her rival enter a pageant/fashion contest/something like that and rival girl destroys/hides/steels (forget) dress for the event. Some characters work to make her a patch-work scrap dress and she accepts it saying something like "it's either that or my underwear" (and she, of course, wins for the unusual choice of dress). I think it was from some point in the 90s or early 2000s (but may have been older and a rerun). Does anyone know the show I'm thinking of?

Pic unrelated.

Punisher Thread

Netflix Series has dropped. This acts as a new thread, and also as a notification that it's released. I'll post my thoughts as I watch this shit.

Batman vs Two-Face

>8 days since release

>no thread

I rely on you people to tell me about these things.







QTDDTOT, the thread for thing that probably shouldn't have their own thread. Old Thread here >>514498

Urbex Thread

Can we get an urbex thread going?

>personal experiences



>tips & tricks

Album covers that swayed you away from the album

The album cover for the Rina EP is hideous. I took a look and i just can't listen to it.

What happened to pop singers looking good?

It's a man, isn't it?

How long till we get literal zogbots?

Tolkien Estate officially on death row

In historic move, Christopher Tolkien resigns as director of Tolkien Estate

>Christopher Tolkien, son and literary heir of J.R.R. Tolkien, resigned from the Tolkien Estate. And his departure changes everything.

>“With Christopher’s departure as an officer of the Tolkien Estate (which was incorporated in 2011), the long-awaited “rights frenzy” for Tolkien properties may soon begin,” he wrote.

>Yes, and it seemingly has already happened. This is a definite piece of the puzzle of the recent news of the Amazon Video deal. I had heard through rock solid, but not reportable sources several years ago that other members of the estate were much more willing to negotiate J.R.R. Tolkien’s properties while Christopher was far more interested in preserving legacy than money.

Shit's dead, yo

The cycle continues

Excerpted from a delphiforum thread

> "A simple bicycle (pushed, not ridden) has the advantage of being narrow enough to work on narrow trails, can be manhandled over obstacles, lay flat to make them less conspicuously, It can carry the gear of two men plus more (batteries, force multipliers, jammers) allowing them to do the entire patrol in their assault loadout instead of approach/emergency approach loadout and can be pushed by one man who can simply drop it if he needs to. Of course someone has to guard the gear if they need to move away from it, it doesn't make the patrol any faster but does reduce fatigue and allow for additional longevity before resupply."

Bicyles are the only solution to the growing trend of heavier and bulkier infantry. Low heat signature, less weight off the soldier, low maintenance, no need for fuel. Basically good all round.

Too bad every country needs it's military to be gay tacticicool with all the high tech gear and vehicles and don't have the balls to go back to more proven practical means

Unstable Spoilers

We're going to need a whole thread for this dogshit.

The most entertaining ones are the ones that should have been legit black-border cards.

Episode 2 of the unikitty show was aired yesterday but I can't find it online yet. Anyone got a link?

/k/ approved books?

fiction or non-fiction, I'm becoming obsessed with weapons.

Son of PDF Share Thread

New month, new share thread!

Bring it on!!!

previous thead: >>337412


You are teleported to 1938 Spain.

You have 24 hours before you will be teleported back to modern time and into your home country. You can take anything you can carry with you.

What do you:




All I would take would be a bag full of P08s, a Mauser Gewehr and as much 8/9mm as I can carry.

/tg/-related vidya

You know the drill, post games that pertain to the board's interests, the lore surrounding them, and ones that are fun to play together using online multiplayer.

Oh, and before you ask, your average Tacticool Shooter game can easily be reflavored to handle a Cuphead campaign. Personally, I'd go with Savage Worlds and limit dice explosions based on EXP gain, and use the Superhero supplement to add some cartoon logic into the mix, though I'm sure others have different suggestions.


The last submarine thread is dead, long live the new thread!

Recent sub news:

Argentinian submarine is reported missing off the coast off of Argentina, Falklands 2.0 or just incompetence?

Russia launches the first 955A submarine, Vladimir Knyaz.

Western news sources suggest North best Korea is building a SSB.

I wonder if the Norks managed to get blueprints on the 611 Or maybe they got the Jugoslav designs, but that doesn't mean they know how to attach misses? Or is this a self-made design based off the 633?

Questionable Malcontent - Sinking Ship Edition

I don't have anything funny to say here today. One strike compared to Stabby's many.

Previous thread: >>911191




Threads archive:

Older stuff (Editfag Prime):



Twitter Bully:


What would race-mix between Night elf and Hight elf result in? How would it happen, given the height difference?

What is a good quasi-logical reason for me to have space swords in my setting that also has guns? Should I just say "Body armor got really good." or can there be a better reason?

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

Alright, so the first 13 episodes finally came out yesterday on Netflix. What do you guys think of this series?

Is there a game where you play cops in a supernatural universe?

2012's TMNT is over

So the show came to an end, are there any Turtles fans around? What did you think of the finale?

I also saw there is a Turtles thread already, but its actually a Injustice 2 thread so I decided to make a proper one.

Futuristic tanks and other vehicles

Let's have a tank thread that's not about outdated designs, but about vehicles so fresh they only exists in our heads. So not outright sci-fi tonks, but something that could be built in the coming decades.

For example, how about a tank that, instead of a traditional engine, uses electric motors integrated to the running gear, and the energy is provided by free-piston linear generators distributed in the hull of the tank. You could place some of them in the bottom of the hull, while some more could be in the sides, over the tracks. This way it would be practically impossible to take out the engine, because you'd have to destroy all the pistons for that. And they have a better fuel economy, and are easier to repair or replace. Best of all, if you made a free-piston linear generator that develops around 100 horsepower, then you could use that in nearly all of your ground vehicles. You'd just need 4-5 in a truck and about 15 in a tank.

Incredibles 2 Trailer

Wow its nothing

I'm considering joining the military, but have a serious problem.

If I join, will I be able to keep my moostache hairs?

Scenes Taken Out of Context

Let's get this ball rolling.

/k/ape shit

Besides the punisher and judge dredd. Is there any other /k/ tier comics? Is there any /k/ tier capeshit characters besides deathstroke and normie deathstroke Rip off Deadpool?

Meanwhile in Wild West /k/

What The GM Started - What they wanted - What we actually did

ITT Thread we read the Subject Line.

I'll start and provide the template.

Feel free to post storytiems along with yours.

Is Inhumans /co/ mass effect andromeda?

I'm thinking about purchasing a rifle around Christmas time. My price range is 200 to 500 USD. What should I get?

Ok I'm joining a dnd game this weekend and I decided on making a shitpost character for shits and giggles and I'm torn on either making a Xavier like character or a Eric Andre like character. Or even on how to play one.

Any suggestions/rp tips?

/mu/ makes an album: angelfire edition

Welcome back, anons. It's that time of the month again where local /mu/tants create the best (worst) sounds known to man in their little NEET hovels using only DAWs and plucked instruments.

The theme for this album is midishit.

>GETs give album art and title

>OP doesn't count

>preferred format: .FLAC uploaded via

Deadline is November 17, although that can be subject to change, listenalong is at:


Some soundfonts and shit:

Batman is homossexual, prove me wrong

group project that is not going to happen. In anycase feel free to show of your animation project

So we got ~360 active users on this board. I assume ~90% would not want to be involved with a group project. That leaves 10% = 36 people. As we are a bunch of incompetent and lazy gits that no one could be expect to make any more than 1 to at the very maximum 5 seconds of original material. This averages out to a 108 second long project, 1 minute 48 seconds. That is not a lot but it is something. The lack of ability would also make everything look like trash. But if we got down to it we'd have something at the end of the day and I could even be kind of neat. We could do a video string, x happens in video 1 which is followed by y in video 2, etc. Then I could edit it into one longer video. In any case we're the worst kind of cats and this isn't going anywhere and I keep writing for no good reason.

Throw out whatever ideas or OC or animation you've got.

Sonic Forces comics

Sonic Team's making some short comics to promote Sonic Forces.

Japanese Tabletop RPG General Thread

Let's share some Japanese Tabletop RPG games, as the subject says it.

Arrowverse - Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl


>Mondays -

Supergirl S03, 8-9PM Central Time.

>Tuesdays -

The Flash S04, 8-9PM Central Time.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow S03, 9-10PM Central Time.

>Thursdays -

Arrow S06, 9-10PM Central Time.

Cross-over episodes will be:

Mon 27th Nov - Supergirl 8-9 then Arrow 9-10.

Tues 28th Nov - Flash 8-9 then Legends of Tomorrow 9-10.


>Russell Tovey, the gay Werewolf from Being Human, will voice The Ray and play him in live-action appearances.

>Freedom Fighters: The Ray will be set on Earth-X, have Nazi counterparts to Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

>Freedom Fighters: The Ray will be fully aired in 2017 at least 1 week before episode 8 of the mains series.

>The final Freedom Fighters team is: Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado and The Ray.

>Unclear if The Ray will be from Earth-1 and sent to Earth-X or if he's from Earth-X.

>Matt Ryan and Constantine are still in production. Won't be out until 2018.

>Constantine will make an appearance in Legends of Tomorrow, presumably as a back-door for the animated series.

>David S. Goyer is on the project. As he was a creator for the TV show, he might continue the plot in some fashion.

>Vixen not announced for S3. Likely not coming out this 17/18 season due to the other 2 animated projects.

>Bunch of villains and heroes cast for the headline 4 shows. I don't check them as I don't want spoilers, but there's apparently a fair amount of new blood.

>The crossover is called Crisis on Earth-X. Dates and times above.

>The Crossover between the 4 shows will be on Earth-X, probably with shitty Nazi/Trump allegories.

Past Episodes + Extra

As with every year, I'll post magnets for episodes as soon as they're out when I remember.

Might post some interviews and photos as well.

Please send help. I just watch it out of boredom at this point.

Here we post comics for the thinking man.

/mu/ love stories

>meet a nice girl

>dark clothes, kinda goth looking

>actually manage to start a conversation

>talking light stuff like where she goes to college and how old she is

>notice she likes me

>I'm starting to like this girl a lot too

<"So which movie is better? 24H Party People or Control?"

>she hasn't seen either

>I… I want to continue the conversation so badly…

>nothing comes out of my mouth

>I smile politely and tell her I'm late for something

Fuck Punk

Is there any other genre of music that is so self-absorbed, so desperate for validation, so pathetically obsessed with itself, so childish and image-conscious, so accepting of conformity and mediocrity as Punk? No. There isn’t. Because Punk is the fucking worst, at least in North America, and it needs to get right or go away forever.

Punk is a petulant little child that is wrought with an Oedipus complex, an oral fixation and a collective transference of identity issues (somehow stemming from a lack of identity) that causes it to be constantly screaming for attention. Punk ALWAYS needs a great big dick in its mouth to calm it down and stroke its melodramatic ego. Punk wants to be heard and seen. It wants to rebel; yet, if you look at it, it ironically shuns your gaze because you are not credible enough to soothe its aching teats. Punk wants to be different, but only within a strict set of guidelines. Punk is a tireless masochist. It suffers, it moans, it whines, it annoys; it is a culture of emasculation, castration, penis envy, communism, capitalism and third-grade intellectualism. Punk is weak, ill-formed, small-minded, an accident. Punk is modern man in search of a soul, yet it looks not to the heavens for answers — instead it stares in awe up its own gaping asshole, whispering with quivered lips, "You go, girl." Yes. YES. Punk is a cliche, a reproduction, derivative and fucking lame. Punk is an echo chamber.


Dan Slott has to be the biggest lolcow in the comic book industry.

Malcolm Young dies at 64

Gee Bill, 2 dead musicians in a week

BREAKING: Netflix Will Produce Sergio Pablos’ 2D Feature ‘Klaus’

Planning for a Christmas 2019 release

Is the "No kill rule" outdated and nonsensical? Should superheroes be allowed to kill or not?

anyone got a site better then kisscartoon and doesn't run like ass?

Who's that girl?

What's her name?

Paladin Press, shutting down.

Paladin Press is going out of business and you have until the 29th of November at noon EST.

Trains of war

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love my station.




Book of life looked better

Antifa he-she comes into gun shop

Ask gun shop owner if he can just take a machine gun.

Thinks gun shop owner is a nazi.

Drops "kike" jokes, thinking the shop owner will respond.

Takes free bibles and throws them around.

Says s/he/it's going to burn them.

First Bendis now Alonso is gone

>Marvel Entertainment, the home of Captain America, Spider-Man and the X-Men, among other colorful heroes, is undergoing a change in leadership. The company released a statement Friday announcing the appointment of C. B. Cebulski as editor in chief. Mr. Cebulski is replacing Axel Alonso, who served in that role since 2011 and is leaving Marvel.

We Bare Bears

Does anyone really love the art style in the show? All the women just seem so beautiful and chipper and cute.

ITT: Shit singers

It doesn't get much worse than this.


> Animation/Live Action PC Game

> Christopher Lloyd is in it

> And Ben Stein

> AND Tim Curry

Why did no one tell me about this until now?

Disney teasing an Incredibles announcement for tomorrow.

24 hours left to nostalgia over how great the first was. Or to speculate on what the sequel might be about.

Overrated Bands/Artists

I'd heard about Tool but hadn't heard any of their stuff, so I had a looky and of course the first song I hear is The Pot, which is brilliant. I then proceeded to listen to their whole discography and pretty much everything bar that one song is mediocre, am I just a pleb? All of it sounds like indistinct rock-ish noise with no memorable lyrics or instrumental, compare that to The Pot which has audible lyrics and a kickass bassline.

Who the fuck deleted my thread?

I been making M:tC threads since the exodus, what the fuck?

>that episode where Jimmy got the entire neighborhood addicted to crack

Hex TCG thread

What is Hex: Hex is a digital TCG game that is rules similar to m:tg a ripoff but utilizing its digital nature to have card effects that would not be possible in a physical card game such as escalate, a fan favorite where cards with escalate increase the power of each cast of that spell with each successive cast.

The game's business model is similar to TCG's with packs purchasable online, but also gives players the option to buy cards with gold, the earnable in game currency that is obtained through the games large PVE segment. The game also offers PVE only cards as rewards for playing through the campaign.

The game also offers several PVP drafting and PVP constructed play and other competitive game types.

Spoiler season for the next set has begun in earnest, Dead of Winter where Lixil has cracked the frostheart escalating things in the frost ring arena.

H.R. 3999

I don't care that there's already a thread, this is too important. Everyone that at least views this board needs to be putting their pressure on their congressional rep regarding this disastrous bill.


/metal/ thread

The /metal/ board is dead and so is the endchan, so post metal alums you've recently checked out

GURPS General

>Out of breath and bleeding, you turn the corner into the darkened alley. You get only a couple yards farther before it shows itself again, and your body freezes in fear. There, ten yards ahead, it's body illuminated entirely by moonlight, is


ITT: GURPS questions, stories, ideas, NPCs, equipments, etc.

What's your favorite edition of GURPS?

What about your favorite supplement?

Any ideas for a supplement you'd like to see?

i got a new tray for my oven and i'm thinking of making pizza

getting dough tomorrow

what else do i need?

ITT: share /co/ related material with other anons - cartoons, comics, etc.

Link to vola:

Fantasy Craft General /fcg/

One year, dead. One year, ahead… edition.

Have you introduced your friends to FC, yet? What followed?

Noteworthy points:

>Drastically reined-in magic system putting casters on equal footing with non-casters

>Classes and the game as a whole designed to ensure everyone can contribute in a wide range of circumstances, even outside their primary niche

>Separate cash and Reputation economies keep mundane gear relevant and magic items special

>Custom monster and NPC design is a breeze

>Optional Campaign Qualities tweak mechanics to suit your preferred style and tone

>If you have the money and want to support the game

>If you want to try before you buy

Other useful links:

>Errata & accessories

>Web NPC builder

>Custom PC Species creation guides

>Species feat creation guide & reference spreadsheet

>Class design guidelines

>Leaked Spellbound Preview


Will most FAMAS”s end up being donated to moderate terrorists or be destroyed?

Is there a FotNS based tabletop RPG?

If it exists, is it fun?

Good shit from youtube

Post some good videos, channels whatever. Some glorious 4age itb sound

Drawthread: Shut up and Draw edition

You know the drill! Beg people for free art.



Check out >>>/loomis/ for drawing tips, guides, and tutorials. Remember, anyone can be a drawfag if they are willing to practice. Tons of tutorial material is out there. Search youtube, if you have to!

Previous threads:

nyc safety

Ok so until I finish uni this is the only thing legal in nyc. Even carrying a maglight can get you in trouble so this is probably the only option.

What does /k/ recommend for nycer aside from "lol move"

Would you recommend a flashlight or not even bother? I think for pepperspray you may be able to get one but need a license.

It legit sucks, if you wanted to bring your firearm from long Island to Westchester you'd need to take the ferry to Connecticut and then drive several hours down.

OK Boils and Ghouls, its that time of year and once I again I ask if there is any update from that guy whose doing the Ghoul School reboot thing?

Also spooky thread.

>man of steel and bvs

>superman jobbing all round and barely capable of fighting or superheroing

>justice league

>superman suddenly remembers he's fast and can actually fight somewhat

Is this because of Whedon? I hear he's a massive Superman fan and I can't imagine Snyder actually filming something that shows Superman as badass and easy-going instead of a heavy-handed Jesus metaphor.

*OFFICIAL* Bandcamp Thread

Let this be the only one.


You know the drill. Post em/rate em


so is the Final Fantasy Trading card game dead?

>Launches with not enough Opus 1 boosters, scalped to shit but people track down cards and love the game as a weeb alternative to existing games

>Opus sets keep releasing and bar the Mannequin archetype no big rule changes

>Two new decks released since

>Already talking about Opus VI

>No new rule changes so Opus one cards like Light Element Cloud and Earth Element Shantotto remain top tier with increasing rarity and naturally cost as well.

>13 and 15 were horrid games that ruined the brand and for some reason SE isn't shilling this to the 14 crowd with some tie in codes like WoW did with cryptozoic

>Game is fun but with no big push from SE beyond "BUY THESE FF7 MATS YOU KIDS LIKE SEPHIROTH RIGHT?" the game has no marketing or media presence at all

>Quickly being forgotten as stores order in a single case of boosters and it simple sits on the shelf and takes months to empty if it ever does.

My local bought a box of Opus II and threw out the last dozen packs to replace with Opus III and their response when asked was "shits dead m8"

This feels kind of sad to watch a fun game with a fun IP die on the vine like this.






>Flecktarn or modox gear

>Steel/Kevlar helmet with "/k/" on sides or front

>/k/ related patches on carriers, hats or velcro pauldrons (a la peace walker/mgs5)

>Visible 8 of diamonds or 4 of clubs

>Nationalist paraphernalia and flags

>Green, blue and/or purple tape/cloth around bicep



>STALKER memes

>"What time/day is it?"

1488/Day of the Rope



>Get a Baofeng Handheld Transceiver

High value radios with models to choose from (try to only use genuine units and accessories)

>License free band considerations:

"Lowest bandwidth and power settings possible"

No repeater use, antenna height and length restrictions


>MURS Ch3 151.940Mhz

US, Good from rural to urbanized locales

>FRS Ch3 462.6125MHz

US, Better for cities with tall buildings

>FREENET VHF Ch3 149.050Mhz

EU, use sparingly before SHTF as only fully legal in Germany

>PMR446 Ch3 446.03125MHz

EU, Basically FRS for Eubros.

>CB Ch3 26.985Mhz

HF freq, almost guaranteed daytime long range comms with proper setup

>Get into /hamradio/ and get licensed.

Getting at least a tech license will remove the aforementioned limitations and allow for some HF, repeater use, and data tx


Everything you need to know for the tech test in video format with pdf in description

>Ham Test Prep

Free android test prep app from tech all the way to amateur extra if ya want


Find out what grows where and how, use farmer's markets for income and intel

>No land?

Grow small crops and herbs in pots

Find someone with land and sharecrop for a share of harvest.

>Grains, legumes, corn, potatoes, squash, roots, yams

Last longest when stored properly




>First aid

Dressings, rolled bandage, non stick gauze, petrolatum jelly, nitrile gloves

>Paper plates and cups


>Gold, silver and copper

>Water filtration and storage is high value, iodine, metal canteens.


Baby wipes, soap, bleach, iodine, detergent


batteries, solar cells, candles, charcoal, fire starters (dryer lint/sheets work)

>Construction aids

Shovels, full tang knives, pocket saws, etc

>Pots and pans for cooking

>Comfort items

Coffee, cheap liquor, cigarettes


Dessicant packs, Salt, vinegar, canning gear.




Start the breathing


check for breath, clear airway, seal airway, 2 breaths, 30 pumps

Stop the bleeding

clean, close and apply tourniquet if limb

Protect the wound

jelly, nonstick, dressing, bandage

Treat for shock

evac, legs/wound above heart, prevent sweat/chill, calm victim


>Get /fit/: 2 mi/3km for time; calisthenics to failure at least 2x/week as minimum

A strong mind and body are the only weapons that can't be stolen from you

>Get what you can afford and works for you.

Better one .22LR/NATO/combloc caliber gun, 5 mags and 1000 rounds than 100 meme caliber unicorns

>Live somewhere cucked?

Get sturdy sports equipment and construction tools

>High value, US MADE armor plate and carrier options

>Solvent Catch kits

Legal for weapons cleaning and eventually for wrol surpression.



>Get to know radio operators in your area, check channel 3s at 9pm local or use the amrron soi

>use this thread to find nearby souls

>learn to use MGRS, android app "GPS Status" will convert to it for custom high value 1:50k (6digit) maps


Ability to save local GZD, 100km^2 grid, and 2/4 digit maps, just set to MGRS/US Grid

>Learn a martial art or join a local sparring club like a boxing/mma gym

>Join or establish a militia or "survival clubs" depending on legality

aim for #s if can't into weapons

>discuss different survival strategies to check personal readiness level

The Shadow gets a taste of the Current Year

Remember how Dynamite had the brilliant idea of desexualizing their leading females and had hacks like Margueritte Bennet and Kath Leth writing for them? Yeah so it looks like that fuck up wasn't epic enough and now they had to give the current year treatment to a anti-hero from the 30s.

I am gonna warn you in advance, this is going to hurt. A lot. We are already starting out with a proud L A T I N A woman (in bold letters and with dyke hair no less) reminiscing about a spree shooting perpetrated by white fucking males that were likely most likely nerds that were rejected and decided to do a beta uprising.


Personally when I see any sort of camo and immediately think fudd or mall ninja. However that leaves me at a tacticool level which can't even oper8. What gear is /k/ enough to perform yet subtle enough not to scream that you're an autist when out and about? Everything from hats, shirts, pants, and boots to backpacks and other bags. Show how sneeki your breeki is.

I like newsboy caps, and have been wearing them for many years. But I just learned that hipsters have started wearing them. Since I'm about that age I now seem to be identifying with a group I despise. Fuck.

WAYWT 22.11.2016

New WAYWT thread, old one was getting full and scrolling is hard. post fits and cringe at/critque other /fa/gs

be friendly and constructive :^)

QTDDTOT: Tea With A Spot of Bunny Edition

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread go here. The previous one hit 500 posts: >>308257

Gotham Recasts Poison Ivy

Well, there goes any interest I had in Gotham. The hot redhead was pretty much the only reason I kept watching, now that they replaced her with that weird-looking spic from The Flash, there's literally nothing else left going for it.

/int/pires 2.0: WW1 Boogaloo

Join the discord to get updates on the server, meet people to play with once the server comes up, and get hyped


Launched: 11/17/2017

Server Version: 1.11.2

Map is a crop of Europe

WW1 era guns and artillery

Towny, Brewery, meme recipes, word filter and more..

RP and General Rules

Contrary to previous iterations we will now state the actual rules for the server in a clear way, pre-launch. In theory, as always, there is only one rule: Don’t be a shitter. If you follow this set of rules, you are thereby not a shitter and you are in theory allowed to do what you want on Intcraft, and it will be up to the server population and community to put an end to their own disputes.

Towny War Flag will only be enabled from Friday-Sunday during specific hours, from Monday-Thursday it will be disabled. PvP will always be enabled.


Building a town/nation must be historically accurate for that location given the current time (1914 AD)

Buildings do not have to be 100% accurate, variations are allowed. But no memes.

Towns do not have to be exactly in the same geographical location as they were, but it should be in the same general area.

If you only want to pvp, find a pvp server

If you only want to buildfag, join a nation or get gud.

Nations can spread through conquest or diplomacy, but no un rp meme nations.

Towns must be in a nation (within 24 hours of its creation)

General Rules

No spam

No hacking

No advertising

No betraying

No alt accounts

No advertising /int/craft to unapproved boards/sites

No talking about Anime

Moderators and Janitors will strictly enforce these

>Mrenter thinks Canadian a race

Why is he this stupid? I never heard anyone call Canadians a race of people until he called king of the hill racist.


Other thread died before Unholy Wars was released.

stooped camoflooge

I feel like an idiot for not knowing this was a thing, but what is this weird hexagonal cammo I've been seeing everywhere? It looks like a worse idea than UCP.

40k General: Praetorian Edition

We hit the bump limit at >>323969 so here's the new one.

Primaris Marines are now out in force, a lot of new Nurgle stuff with new Imperial Guard stuff to come. What are you looking forward to?

Okay class, before I release you to your weekend, you have to solve the following math problem.

What do you get when you take an internet, multiply it by 2 movies, subtract pants, add mediocrity multiplied by 10, and divide by the lowest expectations?



Join us for a fun, double-feature flavored night where you can pick from the following:


Gumby Movie

Jetsons Movie


You can throw away your hopes and dreams and choose between the Ted Box that contains western funnies or the Yaki Box that smells like Captain Planet's wet dream.

Body armor thread

What body armor can I get that stops rifle rounds? Full body. How much would it cost? Is there "budget" armor that will stop rifle rounds but rouarqisn't price-jew?

Scooby Doo! &amp; Batman: The Brave and the Bold

They brought back Batman Brave and the Bold back just to have them in a crossover movie with Scooby Doo.

Warner Bros you absolute madmen.