Nerve Center

Gaston Cucked By Jews?

Are Glocks no longer what they used to be?

Seems like Glock was almost like an early Ford but they basically got to him, separated him from family, and now he's not all there.

>Did ((they)) send a whore to take over his company?

>Are they any based gun companies left??

>no camo thread

What's your favorite camo and why?

>tfw Cruella could've looked like this

But I guess Walt Disney was scared people would've sided with the villain once they matured and so nullified her looks as a result. Imagine all the lewd, saucy Rule 34 that could have been made in an alternate universe. At least her 3DPD versions (even Glenn Close's was pretty GILFY it has to be said, and I can't fucking wait to see what Frogfu brings to the table) somewhat do her character justice. Had the fucking hots for her ever since I watched Dalmatians as a wee lad though I dared not tell anybody at the time.

Anyone else out there feel the same with her or a similarly despised villainness, particularly Disney-oriented? There has to be somebody who likes Maleficent or Grimhilde considering I've seen several anons who jerk over Ursula.

Stupid people in the military stories

>Wasted his G.I bill on a for profit school

>Acts like a victim when the Feds shut down ITT TECH for ripping off tax payers

>Spent four years studying for a useless degree

>getting married and having a kid in the first

Even if he lands a job. His wife gonna bleed him dry. Yet the reporters want us to feel sorry for him. How common is stupid behavior in the military?

MTV video archive 1981-1989

Hello /mu/ I have come to you with a gift that is virtually impossible to get anywhere else on the internet due to shut downs and MTV wanting to bury its history that it was once a sane channel.

I have come across a few tapes given to me by an ex MTV employee and ripped them into the digital format I present to you below for the sole purpose of educating the masses that MTV was once about music.

March 17, 1983:

November 24, 1984:

January 6, 1984:

Will be posting more soon, any contribution is appreciated.

General retro MTV thread while we're at it I guess.

Worldbuilding General

Looking for ideas or suggestions? Hoping for a bit of critique? Or to you just want to share a bit of fluff from your setting?

Welcome to the Worldbuilding General thread

For longer stories, please make liberal use of pastebin or similar sites to prevent walls of text

Maps also belong here, if you need feedback or advice.

Did you ever have a game where the people your players helped came back to help them?

As it says in the title. Usually you kill the monster, earn your gold, and then never see the people for whom you kill the monster again. With a plain mercenary background its understandable given that you just fulfill a contract, and its also understandable if you only help some simple trader who could not help you if he wanted to, but was your ass ever saved by the NPC knights of the king whose kingdom you save from the evil necromancer? Or by the people of a village who go into open revolt when a corrupt noble wants to get you imprisoned or killed? Or perhaps even just a demonic business partner who intervenes because you are one of his most loyal customers?

Don't know about you, but I find the (repeated) mental sound of "reinforcements have arrived" to be one of the best rewards a GM can give for good-aligned players who plainly refuse to be lying, thieving, murderhobos.


>Show is getting suddenly co-opted by reddit and cuck chan hipsters


Toons with closed caption insider jokes

Just finished Barbie: Dolphin Magic, taped it on YTV last night. Found out too late I missed Fairytopia on Treehouse :(

I can hear but I watch most stuff with captions. Helps due to low volume when I don't want others to overhear what I watch.

Noticed this weirdness… Onscreen is lyrics Sebastian sang in Little Mermaid but… This is NOT actually playing during the film. No idea why it showed up. Is whoever Mattel hired to subtitle DM some kind of Disney fanatic?

Wondering if anyone has noticed this type of hackjob done in professional subs / CC before for toons. This is the type of thing I would expect to see in anime fansubbing groups who aren't super-serious.

ITT: Post shows you liked from your childhood.

Justice League leaks

>Steppenwolf's mission is to harvest planets with a machine that drains natural resources and beams them up to Apokolips through a portal created by three ancient Mother Boxes. He attempts to harvest Earth in pre-historic times, but is defeated due to an unexpected alliance between the amazons, the atlanteans and Green Lantern Abin Sur to defend the humans. The Mother Boxes are left behind and split among the three kingdoms.

>On present day, Bruce Wayne arrives on Amnesty Bay to recruit Aquaman to his team, but Aquaman refuses. In London, Wonder Woman foils a hostage crisis, then receives a message from Hyppolita asking for help. She arrives on Themyscira just as Steppenwolf returns to Earth and reclaims the Amazons' Mother Box. Alfred has been monitoring alien activity on Earth and learned that several scientists have been kidnapped by Parademons.

>Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis and steals their Mother Box. Aquaman attempts to stop him, but fails. Wonder Woman then returns to Gotham to ask Batman for help. Batman recruits the Flash, while Wonder Woman approaches Cyborg, who refuses. While Cyborg is away, his father Silas Stone is captured by the Parademons and the humans' Mother Box is also stolen. Cyborg joins the team as they meet Commissioner James Gordon, who has found the Parademons' nest in an abandoned tunnel between Metropolis and Gotham.

>The team goes there, but are ambushed by Steppenwolf and nearly killed before Aquaman saves them. They rescue the scientists and learn from Silas that Steppenwolf has stolen Superman's body in order to harvest the Codex and enhance the Parademons with Superman's powers. Steppenwolf and the Parademons attack the Kryptonian scout ship in Metropolis, but the team intervenes. Superman returns and repels Steppenwolf, but is overwhelmed and flees. Wonder Woman learns that the Harvester is buried in an abandoned town in Venezuela and the team heads there to stop him. Steppenwolf activates the machine and begins draining the Earth, causing widespread destruction. Superman briefly reunites with Lois Lane and Martha Kent in Smallville before leaving to save Metropolis and then join the battle in Venezuela.

>Superman and Aquaman defeat Steppenwolf, who is killed by Wonder Woman, while Batman disables the Harvester, Flash rounds up the Parademons and Cyborg reverses the portal created by Mother Boxes, sending them away. The team are celebrated as heroes for saving the world and form the Justice League. Superman reunites with Lois, Batman returns to Metropolis, Flash asks Iris West out on a date, Wonder Woman and Aquaman return the Mother Boxes to their rightful places, Cyborg makes amends with Silas, and the world is at peace.

>Lex Luthor, Henry Allen, Deathstroke and Darkseid have been entirely cut.

>The Knightmare is not addressed.

>Wonder Woman is present when Steppenwolf steals the Amazons' Mother Box from Themyscira and vows revenge. This was included to set up Steppenwolf's new death scene.

>Additional scene of Alfred picking up Batman in Amnesty Bay after Aquaman rejects him.

>Additional scene of Flash and Cyborg discussing their backgrounds on their way to the Parademons' nest and developing a bond.

>The Harvester subplot was entirely added in reshoots, restructuring the third act which was originally just an alien invasion.

>Superman's subplot is altered. Rather than flee from Metropolis due to self-doubt, he does it to see Lois and Martha and let them know he's fine before immediately joining the battle.

>Additional scene of Superman saving Metropolis from the Harvester's effects and reassuring the people that everything will be fine.

>Additional scene of Superman meeting Alfred before heading to Venezuela.

>Cyborg's subplot is altered. Rather than doubt himself and be reassured by Batman, Cyborg is the one who rallies the League using a football metaphor that later inspires the team's name.

>Steppenwolf's demise is changed. Originally he'd be beamed back to Apokolips by Cyborg and executed by Darkseid for faiIing to conquer Earth. Now Wonder Woman will punch him into the Harvester's beam and disintegrate him.

>Additional scene of Cyborg and Silas watching Cyborg's old college football games together.

>Minor dialogue additions throughout.

SJWs Rush To Defend GI Joe Comic Writer As Fans Call For Firing

>Social Justice Warriors across social media and the Leftist-entertainment media sector have come out of the woodwork to defend IDW Publishing’s G.I. Joe comic book writer Aubrey Sitterson after the fandom have been calling for him to be fired for a number of offenses they deem unprofessional.

>Things started with Sitterson making what many claimed to be insensitive tweets about mourners of 9/11, politicizing the event and turning it into a Left versus Right issue.

>Various people, especially veterans who serve in the armed forces, saw the comments from Sitterson as more than just a social media peccadillo. The umbrage taken up by those in and out of the comics industry eventually culminated in harsh criticisms from a number of people calling for Sitterson to be fired, including army vet Zack from the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics, a niche outlet that reviews and usually criticizes Marvel, DC and other comic books for their SJW slants.

Simor Spurrier's Original Universes Storytime Part 2 (of 2)

Part 1: >>921381




CRY HAVOC (Image, 2016) is a shapeshifter story told across three points in time.


QTDDTOT, the thread for thing that probably shouldn't have their own thread. Old Thread here >>506836

Futuristic tanks and other vehicles

Let's have a tank thread that's not about outdated designs, but about vehicles so fresh they only exists in our heads. So not outright sci-fi tonks, but something that could be built in the coming decades.

For example, how about a tank that, instead of a traditional engine, uses electric motors integrated to the running gear, and the energy is provided by free-piston linear generators distributed in the hull of the tank. You could place some of them in the bottom of the hull, while some more could be in the sides, over the tracks. This way it would be practically impossible to take out the engine, because you'd have to destroy all the pistons for that. And they have a better fuel economy, and are easier to repair or replace. Best of all, if you made a free-piston linear generator that develops around 100 horsepower, then you could use that in nearly all of your ground vehicles. You'd just need 4-5 in a truck and about 15 in a tank.

/co/ Drawthread

Welcome all artists to Drawthread! We encourage everyone to keep our activities nice and civil!

- FOR REQUESTERS, please add "+REQUEST" in the subject title. This makes easier for artists to look for request posts.

- Give detailed information about characters. Avoid the artists to make unnecessary questions.

- Keep your number of requests reasonable (maximum 4 per thread for an user, INCLUDING old requests in previous drawthreads).

- Be patient. Artists decide what requests to take and how much time spend on them.

- ONE posting of references allowed for a request during the drawthread. You can BUMP your request in the next thread, but accept your request isn't appealing after one or two consecutive bumps.

- FOR ARTISTS, try to add "+DELIVERY" in the subject tab.

- Also, please check for old requests before seeking for the new ones, even in old drawthreads. A good surprise for an anon's old request is always appreciated!

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: #NOTALLWOMEN Edition

Seeing how the last thread reached bump limit, and one anon was expressing interest in making a new one to discuss the story mode and review scores for this game, I decided to go ahead and make one.

Another anon mentioned how there is one line where Morrigan tells off Arthur for being a misognyist for wanting to protect her, but she just tells him off saying she isn't a damsel in distress. I actually went through in search of that scene in her story mode and I found vid related. Is that really bad or no big deal?

So, can we call Gotham a proto-Batman show now?

Bruce is like, what, 16-17 and they already have him going full vigilante.

And what the shit is with Catwoman being a crime-fighter too, now? She's a fucking thief, stop trying to make her into a heroine, DC.

Ivy's fucking hot, though. They really scored on the casting with that one.

Things in music that piss you off

>Drummer has an R30 drum kit

>only uses snares and cymbals

Do the Lady Death comics contain high quality stories?

I've heard the crucible arc is good. However, there isn't much of a consensus on the more recent stuff.

Regardless, I do desire that Aries variant cover for Dragon Wars

PDF Shares and Requests

Old one is auto sageing so comeon down!

Old thread archive

cyph3r 47 y0ur 0wn r15k

>believable dark and scary tale

>pretty good animation too

>ruined because they got some numale Asian voicelet for VA

>you can literally hear how little effort he put into actually expressing emotion through his voice

How do people praise this?

40k General: Sororitas Central Edition

>>316780 hit the limit, so it's time for the next thread.

Now that the new rules are out for a while, how has your favorite army suffered under them?

Projects you're working on.

>writing out the plot outline for a project I'm working on.

>Realize it's the same set up as for nier.

Sure it takes place during the apocalypse and not way after it but it still frustrates me.

Projects you're working on thread.

We haven't had a request thread for a while, any drawfag anons still around and willing?

>believable dark and scary tale

>pretty good animation too

>ruined because they got some numale Asian voicelet for VA

>you can literally hear how little effort he put into actually expressing emotion through his voice

idea from another slow board

Post ITT every time you visit /o/, be it shitposting, news, or anything.

Favorite Spider-man Comic(s)

It could involve anyone who's taken up the mantle in any timeline. It could be as long as an entire series or as short as a single panel. My favorite comic/moment is Superior Spider-Man, I laughed when he beats the shit outta Black Cat and just dips, leaving her to get arrested.

What is your favorite Spider-Man comic, /co/?

What do non-tacos think of Chapulin Colorado?

Is he a good cape?

This little shit has now been Robin for 8 years

How do you feel, /co/?

Genre Blender Game

Here's the game.

Take two or three genres/styles/themes that you've never seen mixed.

Mix them.

Explain how this makes any sense.

Explain why this could be a fun TTRPG or Boardgame.

For example:

>Arthurian legend + mecha anime

>KotRT roll in big space-capable Gundam-style mech suits. Arthur has a super special laser sword called X-KL-BR. Merlin is a super-powerful psionic. The knights scatter to search for The Grail, a super weapon of alien manufacture that can be used for good or evil.

>Robot suits with laser swords are fucking cool and you know it.

Another example:

>80's style Burt Reynold's car movie + zombie apocalypse

>Zombies have taken over most of the U.S. as of 1986. Two cities remain: LA and Boston. Everything else has zombies on every inch. They host a race between the two cities like Cannonball Run. Racers have to make it across the wasted American landscape first, scrounging for gas and food along the way, and probably fighting other racers.

>Because you know you want to mow over zombie hoards in a 1966 Pontiac GTO while you look sexy as fuck with your mustache and red-leather jacket.

Got it? Now let's make some /tg/ smoothies.

Meta-Thread: Eclipse Edition

Your #1 source for drama and bitching.

We haven't dipped out of the top board rankings in a while and things are more or less running smoothly.

Legend Quest

>See that a torrent for legend quest is finally available

>shit, might as well try it out


>Watch episode 1

>Character introduction rushed like it was written by the flash

>Characters are not that interesting

>Plot exposition takes 30 seconds

>Lame jokes

>I have no idea what the fuck is happening

>Feels like an idea-pitch pilot, rather than an actual first episode, but okay. let's try episode 2

>Still have no idea what is happening

>Still has the same feel to it

>Voice acting/recording is bad

D-do I watch this? I know it's like, 13 episodes long, so I should not be questioning it, but I honestly feel like this might hive me some sort of brain damage if I go on.

Doppleganger Storytime

A four Issue horror/thriller comic about an average Joe who has his life stolen from him by a doppleganger. Since there can be only one, he will die if doppleganger is not eliminated within 36 hours.

I like OK KO, can we talk about it?

I think it's really enjoyable, it feels like watching an old Beat 'em up game.

Wacky Races

Who was your favorite Wacky Racer, /co/? If it wasn't Dick Dastardly, how did it feel to be wrong?

Why is it that semi-hard scifi never does well for RPGs? I mean space fantasy like Star Wars and 40kids are perennial favorites. But why can't there just be something where the supernatural is subtle or limited only to clarke's law?

And don't tell me it's because generics like GURPS exist and let you do that shit all you want. Then why is it that the only people who use setting builder toolkits like that are the most insufferable cunts in the hobby?

I mean, come the fuck on Traveller should be an industry powerhouse, but it gets passed around the gaming industry more than a Laotian little girl at a pizza party, and gets talked about by the mainstream just as much.

Do you guys love Tuff Puppy?

.45 ACP isn't terrible. Prove me Wrong.

Multiple police departments and special operation groups around the .45 ACP for a reason, and it must be a good one.

Not every person who carry's .45 is an obnoxious faggot screaming

>Muh .45 stoppin powa

They clearly use it for good reason.

Are you fucking kidding me, Marvel?!?

Another Venom event, seriously? Like, yeah Venom is cool, and yeah Eddie is cool, but another one?!?

Wakfu: Best Iop Edition

All 13 episodes have aired and can be found on the pastebin.


The Softsub team is only up to episode 6, so you'll have to download the raws and apply quicksubs through VLC if you want to watch it all.

What do you think about the Ankama staff saying that they weren't sure if a S4 would happen, so they left things wide open.. potentially meaning they have no idea what was supposed to happen after the end of S3.

Fuck all you nigger lovers

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So now that the kickstarter has ended

Do you have any hopes that patriotika will be any good?

Neo Yokio

>Cast includes Jaden Smith, Susan Sarandon, Jude Law, Tavi Gevinson, Jason Schwartzman, Desus & Mero, Richard Ayoade, Ike Barinholtz, Steve Buscemi, Alexa Chung, Stephen Fry, Katy Mixon, Annet Mahendru, Kiernan Shipka, Willow Smith, and Amanda Stenberg

>Created by Ezra Koenig, lead singer of Vampire Weekend

>In his tweet, Koenig thanks Japanese animation centers Studio Deen and Production IG, as well as anime director Kazuhiro Furuhashi.

Why is this allowed?

Rick and Morty

Newest episode just came out, its pretty good.

Closest you'll get to what made the first Season pretty good.


I find weird to not see this being discussed here.

So people at Marvel Comics are very livid right now with their audience. Some whore who happens to be the editor of Gweenpool decided to take selfies with her team instead of editing comics like she was supposed to and then got triggered when hit by a dose of internet, despite the fact that it happens to everyone. But since she's a girl, she should be immune to any downsides of using social media, right? In any case, a couple of Youtubers like Cap'n Cummings and Diversity and Comics were caught in the shitstorm and were accused of sending death threats to her. The entire editorial body of Marvel is livid about this and going on.

Some people are saying this is the beginning of a Comicgate. Thoughts?

Dedicated Drow Smut Thread

Alright, so the last thread hit 500 and is no longer bumping, so here's a new thread.


Thoughts on Chowder?

Post covers that are superior to the original

why is this allowed?

Post some musi/k/


Post your requests and shares here.

>d0n'7 f0r637 70 u53 cyph3r5

Swords & Friends

Strictly looking at melee and/or medieval weapons here. Mainly versatile ones that could still be of average or some use in the modern world. Discuss and post opinions on medieval combat as well as favorites.



Monday, August 28, is Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday! To celebrate, I shall story-time his magnum opus, THE NEW GODS. We'll go through all three titles that cover THE NEW GODS saga: THE NEW GODS, MISTER MIRACLE, and THE FOREVER PEOPLE. There's a smattering of The NEW GODS in Kirby's Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, which is story timed here >>904921.


Guess what? If Adult Swim banner is to be believed, 7th season of Venture Bros. starts on 11th of November next year. Are you cautiously optimistic?

/tg/ Manga Thread - "I'm lazy so I'll just copy the last one" Edition

Old Thread: >>308788

Talk about latest chapters, suggest new titles to read, create reaction images, be weebs.

Dungeon Meshi - Adventurers eating monsters in a dungeon with some mysterious shit going on. Great art. Fun characters.

Hakumei to Mikochi (aka Little Lives in the Forest or Inchling Adventures!) - The comfy slice of life shenanigans of two Inchling girls living in the forest. It's about doing work, having fun, making delicious food, and occasionally helping their necromancer friend with her experiments. Comfy as fuck. Gorgeous art. Full of culture and personality and world-building.

Maou-jou de Oyasumi (aka Sleepy Princess) - Princess captured by a cliche RPG Demon King tries to find the best way to sleep while in the Demon King's castle. Ruins everything.

Goblin Slayer - Mysterious autist partners with other adventurers strictly for the purpose of slaying goblins. It's brutal as shit. Bad ends await everyone.

Kumo desu ga, nani ka? (aka Heresy Spider) - Normal high school girl is reincarnated as a low-level spider in an MMORPG-ish world. She survives through pure strategy and wit, while climbing the ranks and learning new skills.

Somali To Mori No Kami-Sama (Loli & Golem Adventures) - A young child and a Forest-protecting Golem embark on an adventure to find where all the humans went in a world where Monster-folk have taken over.

Helck - Generic RPG chosen hero type joins a tournament to become Demon King, because he claims to hate humans. The story rapidly explodes in scale and seriousness after it is revealed that the Human Empire is up to some really fucked up shit and all is not what it seems.

Golden Kamui - Japanese war veteran who is supposedly unkillable and an Ainu girl get tied up in a crazy scheme to locate a ton of gold by finding pieces of a map tattooed on the bodies of escaped convicts. Oddly educational and full of useful information.

Otoyomegatari (aka A Bride's Story) - Asian girl moves across Asia to marry her shota husband. Absolutely gorgeous art, full of culture and history.

Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai? (Potato Elf) - Relaxation therapist has to help an Elf girl from another dimension control her diet so she can teleport back. Each chapter expands the cast with other fantasy races. Slightly lewd. Slightly educational. extra thicc

Goblin is Very Strong! - Adorable Goblin girl wrecks the shit of low-level adventurers.

Totsukuni no Shoujo - A mysterious woodcreature and gentleman takes care of a little girl. He forbids her from going outside, so she won't be cursed. What is this curse about?

Made in Abyss - A loli, a robo-shota and their kemono buddy travel down the Abyss, a gigantic sinkhole that leads to suffering and mystery, to find the secrets of their past. The Abyss is not a nice place and the monsters aren't the scariest things down there.

How do I make a character who, for all intents and purpose, enjoys killing people with out coming off as a edgy tryhard?


To Americans, are you hyped that Peugeot, Citroën and DS will hit the American ground in the next 10 years? This time it seems the French brands will be back, as they bought Opel from GM, which, oppositly, backed from the European market except for the Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette and Cadillac, which only sells 30 units per year.

So now that your Buicks won't be rebranded Opels, you'll have new French brands to buy from, will you do it?

<I believe you guys won't, since only the 208 gti and 308 gti have decent engines, but for the global population, some of their products seem to fit the US market.

Michigan Town Forces Old Man to Sell 20 Cars a Month

Stuck-up faggots in local government positions have told this old gentleman to sell all his 218 cars at a rate of at least 20 per month.

jalopnik. com/a-michigan-town-is-forcing-this-man-to-sell-20-old-cars-1797608865

He doesn't have very many listed on craigslist, but if you see something or are looking for something give him a call. Don't let these go to waste. I'm going to try to make the long drive to help him out for a day near the end of this month, as it sounds like an awful situation *that is partly his own fault.**

Retarded Tanks

What is genuinely the most retarded Tank ever developed in history? I don't mean it would be retarded now but something that even at the time left people scratching their heads and wondering who has been sniffing paints again.

soundtrack please give this wonderful creation

The /tg/-tan Commander Deck

I'm starting a little project of sorts, using Forge, an MTG simulator that features AI opponents, I want to craft a deck that represents each major Board-tan, and their board as a whole, then see what happens when we have them face off in a match. This will, of course, be recorded and streamed for the entertainment of all.

So, on with the show. First we need a commander. If we were going to be unoriginal, or "Thematic" we'd probably use Jarad, Drainu, or Meren,and Inalla if we're going for board representation.

However, I could be entirely wrong. What do you guys think?

Also, for shits and giggles, and because it may help or hurt this project, here's a poll on what our favorite colors are:

Webm Thread

The old ones have problems due to the great crash. And since my computer got fucked and had to be factory reset I'm asking for everyone to dump their full collection here so we can have a source of webms to last the ages here I have little to start with though.

Fan fiction general

Does /co/ have any favorite fan fiction?


So, in the prepping general thread a new Zeemaps was created just for /8/k/pol/ (old one was cluttered as fuck). Tag yourselves with a codename and a secure email, get to networking.

Other options include joining state constitutional militias (PA State Militia is unironic and legit, look into yours or start your own).

Avoid any group that advocates 'first strike' or violence as it is likely a honeypot.

Also /meadhall/ isn't dead, yet. Though they are more likely /pol/ than /k/.

Nuggetfests are good to get to know your fellow /k/ommandos.

Currently listening Thread

What are you currently listening to /mu/?

pic related


Well, we have a cast for an upcoming Moomins series possibly coming in 2019.

Moominvalley is a hybrid animation series combining 3D rendered characters in a painterly environment featuring 2D elements.

Taron Egerton will play the lovable Moomintroll, with Rosamund Pike as the wise and caring matriarch Moominmamma, and Matt Berry as the adventurous and knowledgeable Moominpappa. Akiya Henry will voice style-conscious, sometimes flirtatious Snorkmaiden.

Other Moominvalley residents will be Kate Winslet as spick-and-span Mrs. Fillyjonk; author Will Self as philosopher The Muskrat; Warwick Davis as Moomintroll's adopted younger brother, the slightly cowardly Sniff; and Richard Ayoade will get in touch with his spectral side to play The Ghost.

First four images are concept art for the series.

What do you think?

Music that Sounds like Video Games

This song sounds precisely like it came from a game from the 16-bit era (Turtles in Time, Mega Man X, and Sonic 3 immediately come to mind). Are there more songs out there that sound like video games?

Kids Mode: songs that actually come from video games.

Easy Mode: Chiptunes, songs that were deliberately composed with video games in mind.

Normal Mode: Songs that, while not deliberately meant to invoke a connection to video games, sound like them.

Car/bike buying/repairing/modding advice

Post your questions here.

Morbi Scrub

Was there some sort of drama with Morbi recently? I was looking for some of his older art only to find it has been scrubbed from the various boorus. I know he became a full pozzed tumblrtard recently but I didn't think he'd be so autistic he'd get his stuff removed from everywhere. What made him do it?

This is how I diplomacy.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe AGAIN

Sometime back we had the anthology of Deadpool killing the entire Marvel Universe brutally. Ultimately ending in 616 Deadpool taking that Deadpool down for good. Now we return with a new alternate Deadpool killing his universe. Particularly killing off the diversity tier heroes no one really cares about. Get excited because the carnage starts here.

Is this women the face of Western Civilisation?

mr. arkwright

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Bojack Horseman

>season 4 happens in less than a month

knifeknifeknife thread

Whats the best way to hold a knife for stabbing/fighting?

Watched alot of videos but the comments informed that's all a meme.

Any infographics? Also knife thread.

/mu/ makes an album: part time job edition

We're revoking a dead meme this monday, and it will be the last album for a while probably (probably not, I'm not sure how I can organise my time now that I'm studying again)

Another fast album you only have a weekend to finish, the theme is ARF's birthday


>you know the rules for artwork and title

>preferred: flac format,

deadline and listenalong: 9/11 (monday), 1 PM (UTC -6)

14 words: "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".


Personally when I see any sort of camo and immediately think fudd or mall ninja. However that leaves me at a tacticool level which can't even oper8. What gear is /k/ enough to perform yet subtle enough not to scream that you're an autist when out and about? Everything from hats, shirts, pants, and boots to backpacks and other bags. Show how sneeki your breeki is.

What would race-mix between Night elf and Hight elf result in? How would it happen, given the height difference?

What would reginald's car be, bitches?

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal

fuck you

Ok, this is my first story time, so please no bully

Here's a shitty story I found clicking random comic on my fav site….a story of Whore, Sex, Vengance and Zombie

We here have a little round down on the main characters

Simon Spurrier's Original Universes Storytime Part 1 (of 2)







<(webcomics do not count here)

Let's start with Gutsville (2007), the city inside the belly of a whale.

Krosmoz Thread

Discuss Krosmaga, Krosmaster, Wakfu, Dofus, Lore, Comics, and HIPS

All Guardsmen Party Storytime: Unofficial 8chan repost edition

There's no thread for it so here it is. I'll be posting what will probably total over 50 screen caps of AGP Shoggy is doing over on Halfchan. Enjoy.

And Yes they're all in tomorrow theme due to me being a gremlin who can't stand blue or any major light

Favorite Synthwave

ITT: We talk about our favorite synthwave artists/songs


It just feels like true 80's/90's movie tunes, it's got that vibe and progression that incites the images of old 80's films in your head

favorite song by him is easily Overdrive, from Redline

mostly becauseo f that sick fucking solo it makes my dick hard


Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal


So the first two episodes are out now. I've seen them and they're alright. I feel they're playing on the whole 'Peter likes science' thing a tad bit too much and the quips and writing could do with more work.

What do you think?

This is probably hopelessly rhetorical, but

Do you think they got to her, /mu/? Something about her latest single rubbed me the wrong way, and makes me feel as though the unusually-simplistic lyrics said seemingly in jest are more serious than they appear on the surface:

>"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now

>"Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead!" (Oh)

Couple this with the fact that she's been singled out for not talking about Trump at all and sooner or later methinks it's going to be announced that either she despises him, she's in a lesbian relationship or both. Maybe they'll even pull another Britney/Kanye and say she's been "admitted to hospital" before she goes public with these currently hypothetical ideas. Anyway you look at it, I don't think she hasn't been molested by this point in time. Ever since she became friends with the living bald gopher that is Lena Dumbham.

/co/ makes a comic

One panel at a time. Use whatever means available.

dub techno thread

I have come to the conclusion that dub techno is the best genre, so here's a thread about it.

I'll upload and share some releases later when I get bored.

I just wanted to smell it but I ended up squirting Rooster sauce up my nose. Please help.

Fearing Russia, Sweden holds biggest war games in 20 years

GOTHENBURG, Sweden (Reuters) - Neutral Sweden has launched its biggest war games in two decades with support from NATO countries, drilling 19,000 troops after years of spending cuts that have left the country fearful of Russia’s growing military strength.

On the eve of Russia’s biggest maneuvers since 2013, which NATO says will be greater than the 13,000 troops Moscow says are involved, Sweden will simulate an attack from the east on the Baltic island of Gotland, near the Swedish mainland.

“The security situation has taken a turn for the worse,” Micael Byden, the commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, said during a presentation of the three-week-long exercise.

Sweden, like the Baltics, Poland and much of the West, has been deeply troubled by Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula Crimea and its support for rebels in eastern Ukraine.

“Russia is the country that affects security in Europe right now with its actions - the annexation of the Crimea and continued battles in eastern Ukraine - so it is clear that we are watching very closely what Russia is doing,” Byden said.

Around 1,500 troops from the United States, France, Norway and other NATO allies are taking part in the exercise dubbed Aurora.

Non-NATO member Sweden has decided to beef up its military after having let spending drop from over 2 percent of economic output in the early 1990s to around 1 percent, and is re-introducing conscription.

ITT: share /co/ related material with other anons - cartoons, comics, etc.

Link to vola:

Questionable Malcontent - Underbaked Edition

Seriously, what the fuck knocked us down from page 5 to page 9?

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DoA thread - fuck off Val edition

I bring gifts of pain

Got great news.

HR.3668 The SHARE Act has passed the first committee.


Removal of "sporting cause" clauses to change to "lawful purposes" making any gun legal in the US legal to import

Interstate transport protections, namely editing FOPA to explicitly provide protection from arrest AND allow you to sue for violation of civil rights if you are arrested.

There's also a bit about AP handgun ammo, but only one mention of that in the hearing

>tfw only after reading the comments I realized that you were supposed to think Diane's Family were the ones in the wrong

Wow, they must really despise goyim the average person.