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Politics Thread: The Pozzening

>Want to get back into wargaming

>Find very few companies that aren't pozzed to shit

>Like the looks of Kings of War

>Go check out the forum on Dakka Dakka as everything else is on facebook

>See a topic on making armies more varied

>Entire thread devolves into faggotry because of a furry

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Old Thread >>390219

Hezbollah - /k/ornet masters

What's your guys thoughts on Hezbollah?

>"What do the people who worked in those two World Trade Center towers, along with thousands of employees, women and men, have to do with war that is taking place in the Middle East?" - Hassan Nasrallah

>valid political party

>kept kikes at border

>leb army cucked due to (((pm))) being saudi shill

>in syria killing headchoppers

Karl LARPing as a comedian again

>it's another Karl thinks he's funny episode again while Dugan is forced to half-heartedly join in because he doesn't want to upset Karl and get hexed

CarniK Con died for our sins

Cartoon Network released the first episode of their new show Victor and Valentino.!NoBATQAZ!wYuq18sVIMYWS1hJA15GzFA_BrdjCidXBGgohmvdtpo

Looking for Polack anons

I'm interested in translating gun statistics and propaganda into Polish with the intent of distributing it into Polish online communities and raising support for more liberal(liberal meaning unrestricted, why are we letting the kikes control the language we use?), but being an ameriburger I don't speak a word of Polish.

Would any Polish anons be willing to help?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Post Irish battle music

Avengers: Endgame Official Trailer

I don't even give a fuck anymore.

WEBM Thread - Doomed Patrolling Edition

I guess we need some WEBM thread in this place. As dead as it is, we might need some Robot Man levels of resurrection. So, what better way to start than with some Definitively Outrageously Ordinary Media.

leftie salt bread

Post Christchurch salt.

U.S. "Gets Its Ass Handed To It" In World War III Simulations: RAND

"We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary,"

>In simulated World War III scenarios, the U.S. continues to lose against Russia and China, two top war planners warned last week. “In our games, when we fight Russia and China, blue gets its ass handed to it" RAND analyst David Ochmanek said Thursday.

>RAND's wargames show how US Armed Forces - colored blue on wargame maps - experience the most substantial losses in one scenario after another and still can't thwart Russia or China - which predictably is red - from accomplishing their objectives: annihilating Western forces.

>"We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary," he warned.

>In the next military conflict, which some believe may come as soon as the mid-2020s, all five battlefield domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, will be heavily contested, suggesting the U.S. could have a difficult time in achieving superiority as it has in prior conflicts.

>The simulated war games showed, the "red" aggressor force often destroys U.S. F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters on the runway, sends several Naval fleets to the depths, destroys US military bases, and through electronic warfare, takes control of critical military communication systems. In short, a gruesome, if simulated, annihilation of some of the most modern of US forces.

>“In every case I know of,” said Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense with years of wargaming experience, “the F-35 rules the sky when it’s in the sky, but it gets killed on the ground in large numbers.”

>So, as Russia and China develop fifth-generation fighters and hypersonic missiles, “things that rely on sophisticated base infrastructures like runways and fuel tanks are going to have a hard time,” Ochmanek said. “Things that sail on the surface of the sea are going to have a hard time.”

>He said "$24 billion a year for the next five years would be a good expenditure" to prepare the military for World War III.

>With the defense budget stuck around $700 billion per annum for the remainder of President Trump's term, America's Warhawks are inciting fear through simulated wargames with one purpose only: demand more taxpayers' money for war spending.

Estonian Defence Force + Baltics

Being the only Balt poster here, I just want to post news about the EDF without bothering other threads.

Can serve as a hub for Baltic defence and such in general.

If you want to catch up on the major things that have happened past 4 years in the EDF, I suggest reading the EDF thread on The Mess.

Please Forgive Me!!!

Looks like this is finally back to doing regular updates on Mon/Wed/Fri, so I thought I'd make a new thread after the other one was doomed to fail from the start. Katie is back. I don't know if this whole thing will lead to some grand twist at some point, but it looks like it's still setting up characters and things for now.

! WAYWT 2019.02.13 !


literally your last month to show /winter/ fits

talk shit post fit

let see them

Mr. and Mrs. New Zealand, turn em all in

Please fill in this form to surrender your firearms to the crown

This is for New Zealanders ONLY. Non-kiwis please do NOT visit this url

World of Darkness General: Vampire V Edition

The thread for talk on all things World of Darknes The last thread hit the bump limit, you can find it here: >>313643

Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, or just Vampire V, has started to make the rounds and people... are not all that impressed. Most of the good is outweighed by the bad, but what's your take on this?

The Bug Out Bag

So let's say hypothetically I have myself stuck in a major city in a blue state for a little while with no vehicle for familial reasons beyond my immediate control, and I want to construct a bugout bag in case there is a SHTF scenerio Or I just get disgusted by city life and want to walk away.

I understand the basics of emergency prep but I am looking for the ideal loadout for an urban kit tooled for escaping a city on foot and I know you guys would have some good ideas. I am especially interested in food/water suggestions, as lugging around a rucksack of beans and plastic jew bottles of water do not strike me as ideal when trying to quickly gtfo one of these hellholes.

tl;dr - Post bugout bag loadouts

German CDU leader propose EU Aircraft Carrier-

Angela Merkel backs plan for EU aircraft carrier

Angela Merkel has voiced support for some major aspects of CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer's EU vision. The proposals include a joint European aircraft carrier and a permanent EU seat on the Security Council.

>German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday endorsed some of the key European reform ideas put forward by her successor to the Christian Democratic Union leadership Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, including a joint EU aircraft carrier.

>Kramp-Karrenbauer, who succeeded Merkel as leader of the CDU in December, etched out her vision in a weekend response to French President Emmanuel Macron's proposals for European Union reform.

>Her essay included a call for a stronger EU border force, a pan-European climate pact and a common market for banking.

A joint European aircraft carrier

>In her essay, Kramp-Karrenbauer had noted that Germany and France were already working together on a future European combat aircraft and said that "the next step could be to start on the symbolic project of building a common European aircraft carrier" to underline the EU's global security role.

>Merkel, who has previously spoken in favor of greater European defence cooperation, said that a joint aircraft carrier would be a good idea in the future, but added that the bloc does "have to do other things as a priority."

>"It's right and good that we have such equipment on the European side, and I'm happy to work on it," Merkel said.

A single European seat at the Security Council

>Merkel also backed Kramp-Karrenbauer's thoughts on a single European seat in the UN Security Council, saying it was "a very good concept for the future" and would help "to gather the European voices."

>Germany has for years campaigned for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council alongside World War II victor nations the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France.

>"The fact that France is skeptical about a European seat at the UN is well-known," Merkel said.

Some divergence from Macron

>Kramp-Karrenbauer also made some proposals that diverged from Macron's vision, suggesting that the European Parliament should only sit in Brussels and remove its second seat in the northeastern French city of Strasbourg.

>She also disagreed with Macron's idea for Europe-wide coordination on minimum salaries, arguing that the "Europeanization of social services and the minimum wage would be the wrong way."

>Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert stressed at a news conference Monday that Kramp-Karrenbauer's plans for Europe "harmonize with the thoughts of the chancellor."


>german (((politicians))) dismantle and destroy a beautiful and perfectly functioning armed forces

>CDUcunts expect everyone to chip into a big floating joke that can be taken down with a single cruise missile from Kaliningrad/Occupied Konigsberg.

Political Cartoons General

Those fuckers. Our shit.

Western /m/echa

So we know anime has tons of mecha shows, but what about the West?

Here's what I remember


>Megas XLR


>Heavy Gear/Battletech animated series

>Symbionic Titan

Does anyone know about any /m/ related comic book series?

Hi gaywads!

My name is definitely not Jeff Becker and I am definitely not going to shill my website

Stay gay!

/mg/ - Miata General

I pulled the trigger on a '18 RF GT LE today. About 2 weeks until I pick it up from the dealer. Looking forward to it - was great fun to drive.


Because we've got too many threads about it as it is.

Favorite Ice Cream

Do you have a favorite or preferred ice cream flavor? Do you have a preferred topping you put on it as well?

>Cookies & Creme


Flaws in modern navies?

So after lurking some time in this board I’ve noticed the trend of streloks saying modern navies are flawed, weak, easy to take out etc. Is this true?

What are the weaknesses of a modern navy?

How could a foreign nation quickly disable an enemy’s navy?

What’s the future of ocean warfare?

Questions that Don't Deserve their Own Thread

This thread is meant to be for the "What's the song in my webm/mp4", "What genre is X", "Where can I find more of Y" threads that keep popping up in the catalog. Mods pls sticky when you can.


Old thread will no longer bump back up to the first page, creating a new one.

Old thread >>530956

Currently listening Thread

What are you currently listening to /mu/?

pic related


>Hi guys! I made this video as a very short student film, but I fell in love with the characters and the response to them online and elsewhere has been overwhelmingly positive, so more Satina content is coming soon!

She Works Out Too Much is the best song on this

New Avey thread

It's dropped! What's the consensus round here?

PDF Share Thread =The March of time=

March days return with their covert light,

and huge fish swim through the sky,

vague earthly vapours progress in secret,

things slip to silence one by one.

Through fortuity, at this crisis of errant skies,

you reunite the lives of the sea to that of fire,

grey lurchings of the ship of winter

to the form that love carved in the guitar...

...Enough of that, let's get with the sharing!!

Last thread:



DC Super Hero Girls Sneak Peek

>Tara wasn't even trying to do the Batgirl voice


Post good cosplay that isn't just whores in costumes they paid orbiters to make for them so they have a few days of attention at 3 day conventions.

Dragon's Dogma Animated Series

>make cartoon based on video game

>use original plot that has nothing to do with the game

I don't have enough confused anime girls for this.

Is there a point to having an army in western europe?

1) Basically all of western Europe is in NATO, meaning none of the countries there neighbour any potential aggressor. Russia would first need to barrel through Poland in order to get to Germany and France, for example.

2) Most of european militaries are a complete joke that wouldn't even slow down the enemy.

3) All of them count on US to do the fighting.

4) Despite the sad state of the military, it still manages to eat up massive amounts of money every year as well as features one of the most corrupt sectors in almost any country.

With these facts in mind, is there even a point for a western European country to have any army whatsoever? Their armies are incapable of doing anything useful (except maybe pretending they're doing something in Afghanistan and syria so that the US can pretend it's not there alone), they are irrelevant when it comes to combatting foreign aggression, they are not threatened by any of its neighbours and they have the US to do any fighting for them should Russia try getting there through Poland. So why not ditch the army entirely? Just dissolve all of it and use the money more constructively, send all the troops into the private sector to fuel the economy, and sell all the left over hardware for a quick buck.

Alternatively, they could increase military spending to actually make their army useful for something, at which point it might be worth keeping, but they don't seem too keen on doing that.


Anyone here larp-ed before? How did it go? How dressed up were you?

Visiting a medieval faire makes me want to try a LARPG

PDF Thread

Let's have a PDF thread going. Going to dump some stuff I have.

Has there ever been historic mass weapon confiscation? Was there ever a time where the powers that be told the populace "okay hand in your swords/bows/daggers" etc?



fuck you this is a topic that could have great conversation and talking points, this question can't be answered with a single sentence

Pic unrelated

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Ending With Season 4

>makes a show about multiverse adventures

>limits itself to an Earth high school and a generic kingdom

It really is for the best.

Danny Trejo Is Boots the Monkey in Dora and the Lost City of Gold

The live action Dora the explorer movie does looks better than the sonic the hedgehog movie. That something right?

Fuck it!

Might as well have a thread to mock Willis and his crappy comic

ITT: We pretend to be Jalopnik

>Self-Driving cars are the future!

Recent Purchases

What've you bought recently, /o/? I just pulled the trigger on a 2018 ND Miata RF LE. $10k off RRP as dealer hadn't been able to move it.

Ico the Brave Little Horse

This is an old Argentine animated feature. I was wondering if anyone else has seen it. It's pretty cute.

/k/ Spook Digging Thread: Northern Nevada Edition

Archive of previous thread- Anon's uncle provided a bunch of info, very well worth reviewing.

There are three stories from Northern Nevada, two within rather close proximity of one another. I've done some digging and I think I've narrowed it down quite a bit.

Based on the description, we should be able to find a few abandoned mine shafts on the eastern side of the Ruby mountains.

>Per one UNR source, there should be two abandoned shafts in the vicinity of, both for tungsten.

>Cross-referencing that against their database for documents involving tungsten mines/claims in Elko county produced quite a few results.

>One definite tungsten mine location is by Battle Creek. The Battle Creek location is ~20 miles south of where we were looking, but it does have the crook in the road as described E Zed. The trees are there as described, but I can't see a structure or a giant rock. The topography isn't an exact match either.

>A website that tracks mining claims, places 4 potential entrances within a few hundred yards, but not at the particular location that E Zed indicated.

> There is also a second hook in the road on the other side, but it doesn't exactly match the description either.

If OP wasn't 100% accurate in his recollection, I would argue this would be a good place to start. The Northern location has proved much harder to locate, which will be addressed in the next post.

Jojo's Bizarre Thread - Gangster's Paradise Edition

Since the anime is dropping tomorrow and the old thread was basically dead, I figured I'd make a fresh thread.

Old thread >>1013568

/mu/ makes an album: Tutorial Edition

Autistic Rage Festival is back at again.

/mu/ and friends produce an album, and only YOU can help us.

If you are unfamiliar with the rules, there is a post below, which should clear things up.

>First GET with image is cover

>First GET with text is album title

>No rerolls if you are one off.


30th March


Same day, 00:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time

(Midnight between friday and saturday for europeans)

If that is troublesome, please complain now and not in 15 days.

Listen along stream will be in:

Our other albums can be found on:

Missouri to pass a bill to lift all Federal Gun Control in the state

>Missouri may have just made the most monumental step towards freedom and individual liberty since the signing of the Bill of Rights. In an upcoming vote by Missouri’s state senate, the state is expected to pass a bill that would nullify ALL Federal gun laws and regulations, and make enforcement of those laws by federal officers within the State of Missouri a criminal offense. Republicans control both U.S. Senate seats and more than two-thirds of the seats in both the Missouri House and Senate.

>Like it’s predecessor, SB613, Bill SB367 and it’s companion, House Bill HB786, would prevent all state agencies and their employees from enforcing any federal law that infringes the Second Amendment in any way, including gun registrations, fees, fines, licenses and bans. Originally authored in 2014, a former version of the bill was also passed, but vetoed by then Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

All federal acts, laws, executive orders, administrative orders, court orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States I and Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, shall be specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.”

>For added measure, SB367’s authors went into great detail on what federal laws will be “considered null and void and of no effect.”

<(a) Any tax, levy, fee, or stamp imposed on firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition not common to all other goods and services which might reasonably be expected to create a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens;

<(b) Any registering or tracking of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition which might reasonably be expected to create a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens;

<(c) Any registering or tracking of the owners of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition which might reasonably be expected to create a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens;

<(d) Any act forbidding the possession, ownership, or use or transfer of a firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition by law-abiding citizens; and

<(e) Any act ordering the confiscation of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition from law-abiding citizens


>The decision to rehire Gunn –he was fired last July by Disney after alt-right journalists made public a fusillade of decade old social media missives that made light of pedophilia and rape — was one that was mulled and actually made months ago, following conversations with Disney studio leadership and the team at Marvel Studios. Why the change of heart? After the firing, Walt Disney Studios president Alan Horn met with Gunn on multiple occasions to discuss the situation. Persuaded by Gunn’s public apology and his handling of the situation after, Horn decided to reverse course and reinstate Gunn.

Suck it, Cernobitch.

Classic Simpsons Episode Starring Michael Jackson Will Be Pulled Permanently

>Simpsons executive producer James L. Brooks told The Wall Street Journal that the season 3 episode “Stark Raving Dad” will be pulled from circulation. Not only will it be removed from syndication, but the episode will be pulled from streaming services like Fox’s EverySimpsonEver and from all future DVD and Blu-Ray box sets. “The guys I work with—where we all spend our lives arguing over jokes—were of one mind on this,” Brooks said. “It feels clearly the only choice to make. Brooks said that the Simpsons higher-ups were overwhelmingly convinced by the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, calling the behavior of Jackson “monstrous.” The episode depicts Homer being committed to a mental institution and meeting a man named Leon Kompowsky who is convinced he’s really Michael Jackson. Jackson voiced the character under the pseudonym John Jay Smith. “I’m against book burning of any kind,” said Brooks, “but this is our book and we’re allowed to take out a chapter.”

Fuck me, this is one of my favorite episodes in the Golden Era.

40K General n°22: Chaos Approved Edition

Chaos is getting a new dex with the ettera already included. Plus they're getting several new units and a new CSM box. With Abby getting a make-over maybe he will be less of an armless failure and actually win for once!

Old thread: >>403815

First image from Frozen 2 leaked thanks to some merchandise showing up online. Thoughts on Anna and Elsa's new looks?

New TCGs

Anyone play the Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem card games? Are they worth learning and finding (simulator/digital) matches for?

Combat in campaigns, using history as a muse.

The setting, the story, the goals and the challenges are always the easy part for me. I tend to design campaigns that are very "sandbox" in nature, with some basic ideas, a few specific challenges I'd like to give the players and a general progression of the world events as the campaign goes along. The only thing I always struggle with is making good combat scenarios.

So here I am, day dreaming at work, and the idea occurs to me that maybe I can use irl military training concepts as a basis for my combat scenarios (current and historical).

Anyone try this before? Any good resources out there for this stuff? I'm talking about community stuff that adapts these to tabletop or old manuals from history that lay out these basic concepts for drill instructors to train their troops. Any good books that detail the tactics used by squads in history?

>2nd Pic related, maps and details to get the imagination going.

This will be an Only War campaign, which is why I'm looking at more modern battles and tactics, but I'm also interested in historical, more traditional small unit tactics for the next Fantasy campaign I run.

I'm more interested in small skirmish type stuff you'd see in your typical group campaign, but large scale battle ideas are also important for communicating scale and scope in a story.

Questionable Malcontent - Overflow Edition

So people were wondering what the post limit was: it's 750.

Last thread archives:

Older stuff (Editfag Prime):



Twitter Bully:

Hudson Manufacturing Files for Bankruptcy

Guess the Glockteen 11 with a chamber full of empty space wasn't so popular.

Hellboy - Red Band trailer

Did anyone watch this cash grab excuse of a flick? I just wanted a good Hellboy movie, guys. I don't even know what to expect here.

>monsters look good

>David Harbour looks stupid

>whitewashed redhead



Squad level tactics

PDFs that detail combat tactics at the fire team/squad level, flanking maneuvers squad composition ect. Basically how to be an army Sergeant for dummys.


It came out on netflix. Get adblocker, a good AV, and enjoy the poz.

Episodes here:

episode 1:

episode 2:

episode 3:

episode 4:

episode 5:

episode 6:

episode 7:

episode 8:

episode 9:

episode 10:

episode 11:

episode 12:

episode 13:

episode 14:

episode 15:

episode 16:

episode 17 (reee fuck hiiittlerrr episode):

episode 18:

Missouri lawmaker files bills requiring some residents to own AR-15s, handguns

Bill Would Require 'Every Resident' Aged 18-34 To Possess An AR-15

>A Republican lawmaker in Missouri wants to require adults in his state to purchase handguns and AR-15 rifles.

>Two bills introduced by state Rep. Andrew McDaniel would require residents to purchase firearms while providing $1 million in tax credits on a first-come, first-served basis to residents who fall under the law.

>The first bill, the McDaniel Second Amendment Act, would require Missouri residents aged 21 or older to purchase a handgun. It also would allot up to $1 million per year in tax credits for residents who purchased weapons to comply with the law. The bill was filed in late February.

>The second bill, the McDaniel Militia Act, was filed days after the handgun bill and would require Missouri residents aged 18 to 35 to purchase an AR-15. It also would provide a tax credit of up to $1 million per year to incentivize the purchase of weapons.

>While the bills do not specify any penalties for adults who refuse to comply with the provisions, both stipulate that the Missouri Department of Revenue can "promulgate rules to implement the provisions of this section." The bills would sunset in six years if not extended by the state legislature.

>They would not apply to felons or residents otherwise prohibited from owning firearms.

>Both bills have received two readings in the Missouri House but have no hearings or further action scheduled so far, according to the state House's website.

Has there ever been historic mass weapon confiscation? Was there ever a time where the powers that be told the populace "okay hand in your swords/bows/daggers" etc? How was it enforced?



fuck you this is a topic that could have great conversation and talking points, this question can't be answered with a single sentence

Pic unrelated

Modern military propaganda

Like it says on the tin, post high quality modern military propaganda. Starting with this kino piece right here. Even though I know it's propaganda it still has an effect on me. Unlike other branches of government, the military needs more zogbots to make sure it doesn't get weak and is easily overthrown. That's why it's all such high quality stuff their putting out.

They didn't put amateurs on this.

Happy Birthday Johann Sebastian Bach

press R for respects

What was your dream car as a kid...

…and at what age did you realize you will never own it?

Pics very much related. NFS3 on the PS1 was my first game ever. It might have single-handedly made me into a car guy. And of course that yellow Diablo SV was always on my mind for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately with car prices skyrocketing

<and the fact that I am a total fucking loser

I realized that I'll never get the chance to have my very own SV. At this point I'm lucky na MR2s are relatively cheap, for now.

/co/ Share Thread the second

ITT: share /co/ related material with other anons - cartoons, comics, etc.


Due to the smaller userbase of comics compared to films and video games, torrents are usually less seeded, if they even exist. MEGA links will be primarily used as they are faster and reliable for the immediate future.

Lots of comics and cartoons are available on sites like and


>How to remove Mega's 1.5gb download limit/bandwith quota?

Download MegaTools or JDownloader 2. Copy/paste links and it will download at full speed and won't care about limits.


1. Before you request, search online for the file you want.

2. Look first in the archives and on volafile for the file you are looking for.

3. When requesting, be as specific as possible. If you have the cover art of the file you want, post it on in the thread. Especially if there's more than one run i.e Batman #1-10 refers to many different issues.

4. Due to fun police, links to files will be split in half.

If you see something like: c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a |or| c12-fe1c-06bba25-4a9dc9f519-b335aa7c1-367a88a, it's an Info Hash. Most/all torrent clients handle a hash. Same as using a magnet, just copy/paste it.


1. Upload whatever. Don't ask if someone wants it. Merely being there might incentivise someone to read/watch it.

2. Don't upload to a filesharing site and expect it to stay there forever. MEGA is not for storage. It will eventually get taken down in the long run.

3. Split links to confuse bots. See "HowtoContribute" file.


1. Don't upload 100 issues individually if you can. Uploading a .zip would be both easier for uploading and downloading, and doesn't clog the Vola. If anons are wary of downloading .zips, upload a few issues individually to prove legitimacy, then .zip the rest.

2. Don't turn the Vola into a circlejerk, posting reaction images and discussing your penises in the chat.

If the site goes down, there are no true bunkers for /co/. Other sites like and exist, but they are mostly for the big 3 boards.

Lockheed F-35 Dinged as Boeing's F-15X Wins in Air Force's Plan

Five-year plan calls for 48 F-35s per year, down from 54

>The U.S. Air Force outlined a five-year plan that showed the extent of the Pentagon’s push to bring back Boeing Co.’s F-15 fighter in an upgraded version, a $7.8 billion investment that would jump from eight of the planes next year to 18 each year through 2024.

>While Lockheed Martin Corp.’s newer F-35 would get $37.5 billion over the five years, the more advanced plane would still take a hit. The service now plans to buy 48 F-35s each year from fiscal 2021 through 2023 instead of the 54 previously planned.

>A week after President Donald Trump presented his proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins in October, the Air Force spelled out a longer-range five-year plan on Monday that’s sure to set off fierce congressional debate, including over the plan to buy 80 F-15X models and slow the trajectory of the F-35. That debate already has begun.

>“As our nation’s only fifth-generation stealth fighter being built today, an investment in additional production and support for the F-35 fighter fleet is critical to ensuring the U.S. maintains air superiority,” five senators said in a letter last month.

>The letter to Trump and Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan was signed by Republicans John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas, Lisa Murkowski or Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine and Marco Rubio of Florida. The F-35 is built in Texas, and some will be based in Alaska.

>General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that Pentagon officials decided to buy the F-15X partly because it’s “slightly less expensive for procurement than the F-35, but it’s more than 50 percent cheaper to operate over time and it has twice as many hours in terms of how long it lasts.”

>Among other major elements of the Air Force’s five-year plan sent to Congress:

<Northrop Grumman Corp.’s new B-21 stealth bomber would get $20 billion over the next five years, with funding jumping from $3 billion in 2020 to $5 billion in 2023. Of the $5 billion, $2.3 billion would be for the first year of major procurement.

<Boeing would get $19 billion through 2024 for purchase of 66 of its KC-46 tankers, fewer than the 75 previously planned through 2023. The new plan calls for 15 in 2021 but 12 each in 2022 and 2023, instead of the 15 previously planned each year.

<The service plans to spend $12.4 billion through 2024 procuring space systems.

<Research on the Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared early-warning satellite would total $11.4 billion through 2024.

<Lockheed’s F-22 fighter could see as much as $18 billion in spending for upgrades and support.

<Air Force spending on setting up and running the new Space Force is budgeted at $363 million through 2024, averaging about $72 million annually.

<Space investments for fiscal 2020 include $1.67 billion for space launch and ground service agreements pitting Elon Musk’s SpaceX against the United Launch Alliance that’s a joint venture between Lockheed and Boeing; $1.3 billion for Lockheed’s GPS-III satellites and Raytheon Co.’s OCX ground control station program; and $1 billion for satellite communications programs such as the family of “Beyond-Line-of-Sight” terminals.

<The five-year plan calls for spending as much as $8.7 billion on precision-guided weapons made by Lockheed, Boeing and Raytheon. That includes $1.4 billion on the new Small Diameter Bomb-II that can attack both fixed and moving targets in bad weather, $2 billion for the GPS-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition and $2.2 billion on the extended-range stealth Jassm missile used last year against Syrian military targets.

Oregon Defend the 2nd Rally 3/23/19

Pro 2A Rally at the Salem Capitol

>Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 12 PM to 5 PM

Event put together by Radian Weapons and Noveske


Healthy meals on the go

We all know MREs exist but they're full of preservatives and shit, nothing you really want in your body long term. If you were designing some on the go meal packages for a SHTF scenario what would you make?

Assume you have a week to prepare. You have access to any ingredients you can find in your local super market. You need to make a months worth of food or at least a breakfast and evening meal.

<Spaghetti and minced beef with cheese and tomatoes x 1 month is not a viable answer. You need multiple options

Hard mode : Vegan or Vegetarian options

/tg/ Drawthread - I Have No Idea What the OP Template Looks Like Edition

Lovingly stolen from /v/ so I'm sure some of their anti-trolling stuff doesn't apply to us.

Thread making resources + the OP can be found here:!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ

If you want something else to be added, post it in the thread

Relevant Boards





Books and Tutorials

These aren't really that helpful, it's mostly information overload if you're an absolute beginner.

If you're starting out, just have as much fun as possible and give it your best shot.!2RARFaLA!VTiQb6eRXfV4V6mYQ6FJTA

Helpful Resources

Learn fundamentals with excercises:

8Chan Art Wiki:

/loomis/ resource hub:

Online poses with timer:

4/ic/ Resources:

HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide:

Drawfag resources:

Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube

ProkoTV: Good for basic anatomy needs

Sycra Yasin: General in-depth talk about ways to improve and being an artist

CG Cookie / ConceptCookie: Advanced techniques and many livestreams (on Wednesdays) and tutorials

FZDSCHOOL: Founder of FZD School (in Singapore) Feng Zhu showcases his workflows by re-working art from his students

Scott Robertson: Advanced lessons on drawing fundamentals and concept artwork

Ctrl+Paint: Free lessons on basics and fundamentals of drawing and painting

Level Up Sessions: Livestreams and talks with professional artists

Booru and Delivery Archive

This is the closest thing we have to archive every delivery safely in a centralized area.

Participation here would be greatly appreciated.

Terrible retcons

Terry McGinnis being Bruce Wayne's son through Cadmus shenanigans.

Also, if you changed someone's DNA to be someone else's DNA, wouldn't they physically become that person over time?

QTDDTOT: Bunny Rabit Dice Edition

This is where Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread go. Remember: a two minute shame of asking is preferable to the life-long shame of not knowing.

Previous thread: >>383878

What are the Best European Comics

I know 2000AD has put out several comics like Judge Dredd and Metal Hurlant is famous, but what are some of the other good comics put out from across the ponds. Burger here with a real interest in reading some.

New Zealand fugged

Press F for respect

The joys of classic cars

Took my 89 golf for it's annual* MOT test this morning, it passed with only one advisory note about a minor oil leak which I was already aware of. Imaginemysurprise.jpg

Half an hour later, turned the key… nothing. The ignition barrel is kerfucked.

A bit of wire, some sparks and smoke later, and I managed to start it up and make it home. Somehow, replacement parts are still available, despite the VW parts guy telling me they're not.

Tomorrow i'll be figuring out how to fit the new one…

Any other anons have a classic car as their daily driver, and how much of a pain in the colon is it?

*14 months, because I am absent-minded. Got away with it, again.

P.S., not my golf in pic, I don't have any… mine's a 1.6CL 4+E with electric, er, nothing, faded paint and some rough bits. Yes, it's a rat, but hasn't been modded (molested) by a teenager.

Meta-Thread: Bad PR Edition

It's that time again. Time for more complaining, internet drama, and if the mood is right, we might even talk about /tg/.

Requirements to wear these:


>White Aryan only



>willing to kill

>not a pussy

>loves his family and race

>politically active and successful

Got it? Good.

Ability Scores Pointless?

Can somebody please explain to me the actual fucking purpose of ability scores?

Seriously. What is the point of having 18 strength if, I try to break a door, and roll a 1?

Or why bother having 20 charisma if I'm just gonna have to roll whenever I use it, and depending on what the dice lands on, I succeed or fail?

Ability scores seem inherently pointless. Change my mind.


Because being effay goes beyond clothes.

whatever happened to guys like joseph retrostein? are they still making music?

Dungeon Map Thread

Parker, I want maps!

Dungeon Maps!

Any and all systems!

It doesn't even have to be from tabletops!

Naval Warfare

Let's start with a potentially retarded question: wouldn't it make sense to bring back submerged torpedo tubes to surface vessels? Modren guided torpedoes don't require the ship to face the target straight on, therefore I think adding both fore and aft torpedo tubes would work just fine. Torpedo tubes of submarines are designed to launch mines (and missiles, not that it matters here) too, and they are meant to be reloaded in the middle of battle. In a ship they'd be a lot more protected than the tubes on the deck. You'd also have more deck space for other things (like more missiles). Am I missing something here?

Better Ships and Sailors for RP

As a professional seafarer, I find that the ships and sailors used in gaming are bad

Very bad

Rather than cringe and ridicule, I thought I might put together a primer for Dms/Gms, game designers, and fantasy writers could use as a quick reference to get things right

I’m not trying to write an 800 page tome but something of a cook book to get the spirit and the flavor down

I’ve worked on everything from nuclear powered ships when I was in the navy to sailing ships as a volunteer

So what do you guys think?

Is it worth doing?

What would you want covered?

Worldbuilding General

Looking for ideas or suggestions? Hoping for a bit of critique? Or to you just want to share a bit of fluff from your setting?

Welcome to the Worldbuilding General thread

For longer stories, please make liberal use of pastebin or similar sites to prevent walls of text

Maps also belong here, if you need feedback or advice.

NaNoWriMo &amp; NaGaDeMon 2018

November is almost here, which means that National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and the neckbeard equivalent, National Game Development Month, are about to begin. That means writan' books and homebrewan' games.

The goal for NaNoWriMo is to knock out at least 50,000 words of an original, while NaGaDeMon has the more nebulous goal of just designing and playing something. Encouraging each other to do some significant work on our homebrew games is definitely something I feel we could all get behind. Might even be fun to playtest for one another. As for writing novels, it's something /tg/ has flirted with before. What might be more interesting is going into such a project with a prompt. I'd personally love to see /tg/ write a pile of half-assed Isekai stories, or possible try and put those elaborate CYOA projects to some use, maybe use one of those random world generation tables as a basis for a story. Even though some of those are terrible ideas, it could still be fun to see what your fellow fa/tg/uys come up with.

Discuss ideas, request feedback, encourage one another, and get writan'

Aussie Kebab Remover Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Old thread hit post limit, continue discussing JC Brenton's actions.


>News and Updates

<Kill count up to 49: - CNN

<New Zealand Prime Minister vows to change country's gun laws: - The Guardian

Manifesto is embedded, still have not confirmed if the shooter was the BO or not.

Borderline insane heroism

I am talking about combat situations in which soldiers or officers use morale as their main weapon. Or even use morale as their only weapon.

So there have been occasions where, officers or even generals didnt take cover. I also heard that there has been at least one attack by the white army in the russian civil war, that was basicly a march towards the red army position by the white army.

They went in marching formation and decoracted uniforms which caused the reds to simply surrender or run away.

Does anybody know something about this? I couldnt find anything myself.

Or any other compareable battle.

sneaker mod general

cop or drop?

Webm Thread

The old ones have problems due to the great crash. And since my computer got fucked and had to be factory reset I'm asking for everyone to dump their full collection here so we can have a source of webms to last the ages here I have little to start with though.


November 23, 2018 at 12:43 am

Supra Mk5

So it finally came out after 15 years of anticipation; the A90 Supra. As the dust on its unveiling begins to settle, what is /o/'s honest opinion about it?

Personally I'm not as critical about it as most seem to be, other than the fact it does seem a little underscale and underpowered. There is still the possibility they give us a 450 BHP RZ version if it stays in production that long, but I would have preferred something that stayed more true to the FT-1 if I'm being honest.

spotted thread


I just tried to bump the ol'spotted thread and for some reason it has been stealthily anchored, so I'm making a new one.

Here goes an old Auto-Union I spotted near my place!

Fave album thread

Post your all-time favorites

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 - Official Teaser Trailer

>Meet Zeta, she’s got tons of ice…and zero chill.

>Watch the teaser trailer for The #AngryBirdsMovie2, in theaters this summer.

>A hilarious all-star cast of new and returning talent are brought together as the flightless birds and scheming green pigs take their beef to the next level.

>Directed by: Thurop Van Orman

>Screenplay by: Peter Ackerman

Age of Reptiles: The Complete Storytime

I'm going to go through in chronological order, series by series, and share Ricardo Delgado's Age of Reptiles in its entirety. This dinosaur comic is one of Dark Horse's hidden gems, they didn't just make great Star Wars comics, they also produced plenty of original content worth reading. The really neat thing about Age of Reptiles is that there is no dialogue, it's all visual storytelling.

Starting with,

Tribal Warfare

Which was originally just titled Age of Reptiles, and got its subtitle when collected for trade paperback.

Art is of course by Delgado, and colors are by James Sinclair.

/k/ goes to South Africa

Alright boys, the world is watching and sitting by while good people are being butchered by their government. They have virtually zero assistance from any outside forces, no media coverage, anything. South Afri/k/a anon could chime in here but you get the gist. I recall frequent threads back in the old days about joining in active combat zones and staking our claim, making a difference. I unironically think this could be our chance.

>apply as PMC firm

>market ourselves exclusively to white Africans

>do our jobs at extremely low rate in exchange for housing/ammunition

>eventually gain enough capital to buy land

>create /k/ompound, train locals in self defense and covert operations

>become militarie sans frontiers

Fucking foolproof plan, we just have to figure out how to actually get there.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won an Oscar



is there a definitive watchlist for this?

i missed out on it as a kid, and after seeing tons of shit with cobra commander in it i feel like watching, but at the same time i'm seeing a lot of campy kid stuff

/k/ cryptids general

/k/ what’s the best way to hunt down the four types of Bigfoot’s we know of so far?

Type 1 bigfoot, A.K.A. The Patty-type.

This is the classic Sasquatch. It looks like a cross between a human and a Mountain gorilla. (mountain gorilla) It has a large, powerful build a thick, broad chest, black hair, and gray skin. Other hair colors reported are brown, auburn, cinnamon, and occasionally white. The head, though massive, has been described as relatively small for the body. Type 1s sometimes develop a sagittal crest which can look like a person wearing a hoodie. They have a conspicuous brow ridge with a receding forehead, giving the eyes a deep-set look. The eyes are hard to see, but have been reported to be proportionately further apart than a human's eyes. Type 1s have a flat face with prominent cheekbones and a square jaw. The mouth region is only slightly protuberant. The nose is near human in shape, though "pug" or flat, sometimes with forward directed nostrils. The height average for the sampled population is 7’ 10, however, alpha males have been reported at 9' and larger. The average Type 1 is estimated to weigh between 500-800 pounds.

type 2 the more ape-like than the Type 1s.

They're reported in many areas of North America, but especially in the South. Type 2s have a bestial man-like build and large eyes with a large pupil dilation for night vision. The hair is most often reported as black, but Auburn, orange, and cinnamon have been reported. A bit smaller than the Type 1s, the Average height is around 7 feet. Type 2s tend to be very territorial and can be aggressive. They seem to kill a lot of livestock, especially the smaller varieties such as goats and chickens. Type 2s leave human-like footprints but can seem very much like known primates, especially chimps, orangutans and Bili apes

Type 3 something like a mandrill/human mix.

They look similar to a bigfoot but more "savage" or primal. Descriptions of the face vary, but the most reports describe a large, dog/bear/baboon-faced, bipedal mammal. Type 3s can be extremely tall (10' report - 15' report) with oversized heads that look more monster-like than ape-like. They tend to live up in the mountains but will come down for food. The fur is typically dark, or deep brown. One witness reported seeing a Type 3 wearing animal pelts over their fur (hear report.) They may eat humans, but reports of man-eating are rare and often based on very old legends. Type 3s tend to incite reports of paranormal characteristics, like having glowing red eyes, or being bulletproof at close range. Check this out: Dogman Encounters Episode 85, an eyewitness (ex-military) goes looking for a bipedal canid, but finds a Type 3, it's a very cool account. "Type 3" is a very recent classification, traditionally these types were called Kukwes, or Gugwes, a kind of man-eating ogre from Mi'kmaq Indian folklore. Check out this interview with Brian "Duke" Sullivan on Sasquatch Chronicles.

Type 4 reports often come from the North/North East.

They have been referred to as Early Man Bigfoot and the American Almas. They are the most human-looking of the hairy bipedal humanoids possessing traits of archaic/prehistoric man. They're typically a bit leaner than the Type 1s, but are still large, and well-muscled. A hairy Homo Heidelbergensis (link) is a decent model for the Type 4. They have less facial hair than the other types. The crown of the head can have thinning hair, or even be bald on top. Some eyewitnesses have reported beards and moustaches ranging from just noticeable to fully grown. Type 4s have round (not conical) heads. Their noses are hooded. The mouth is wider than what we would consider normal. The teeth are square and human-looking. The skin color is pasty gray or black with a leathery appearance. Some people think these are hybrids, part human, part novel primate. They may be, but all members of the genus Homo developed and used tools. There are no reports of Type 4s using tools of any kind. If they are human — even pre-modern — why would they stop creating and using tools?

This paper by Aaron Mills, Gerald Mills, M. N. Townsend is an analysis of tooth marks found on piles of bones in the Mt. St. Helens area. They make an excellent case for the existence of an undiscovered extant Hominin. "The totality of the evidence analysis very conclusively proves that a new “Hominin” species with an estimated height of over 8’8” is currently living and feeding upon various ungulate (Cervidae) species in the immediate vicinity of Mount St. Helen’s."

The other more mysterious Bigfoot types like skunk ape or the Florida wild monkeys

5/5 Breddy good :D

The absolute state of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria

>SDF can't conquer the remaining 2.5 square centimeters of ISIS territory for months on end

>burgers unwilling to give much support beyond botnetting and political posturing ever since Assad managed to grab Bukamal

>Russia pulls out of 5 ceasefire+protection deals regarding Afrin back in january

>Kurds deny all of them as the purveyors of global democracy will surely aid their greatest proxy warriors against any insect incursions

>The Roach invades, burgers do nothing

>Afrin falls into Roach hands within a month

>Kurd gorilla warfare still ongoing there

>SDF decaying internally as incompetent Arabs with no promise of American gibs can't capture the last bit of ISIS territory

>burgers still do nothing outside of rambling about fighting ISIS and protecting democracy or some shit

>Russia negotiates angry Roaches into not liberating Idlib in exchange for a DMZ

>Deir ez Zor military council Arab "soldiers" still haven't captured the last few ISIS villages

>ISIS counterattacks and drives them off the Syria-Iraq border, burger air support is nowhere to be seen

>King Roach shells border towns and is beginning to hire TFSA niggers for an operation east of the Euphrates

As retarded as the DFNS may be I can't really see them side with the US any longer if Erdogan goes through with an invasion of the Syrian Kurd "mainland".

How does /k/ expect this shitshow to end?

Personally I expect the YPG/SDF owned territory to descend into its own civil war if they don't side with Assad at some point in the near future, the Arabs there only remain docile through US financial injections and would be more than willing to change sides once those dry up.