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Meta Thread: Tengu Edition

Last tyread hit bump limit. Making a new ome

Complain, bitch, share projects, suggest banners and corner images. You know how it goes.

School shooting in Maryland. Guy used a handgun but was under 21 so most likely purchased illegally (hope it wasn't a legal private transfer.) Two wounded. School resource officer engaged and killed the gunman. Still awaiting press conference.

Mutants & Masterminds

For all your capeshit simulator needs!

To get the thread going, what are some memorable antagonists your party has faced?

Currently listening Thread

What are you currently listening to /mu/?

pic related

kaczynski 2.0?

General Texas bomber thread for now.

I'm pretty sure the guy fucked up here. Though I don't know much about schertz aside from Steve Earl. I do know that Austin deserves to be glassed and salted over so that shit lib of a place along with Dallas and San Antonio need to be removed from Texas.

Does anyone know what this bomber's motive is? They doubled the bounty and the bomber bombs someone right after that so I guess the FBI is just as clueless as every other major case.

Sage for offtopic below

>Be americhink

>Be in austin cause muh UT tours

>Walking arround downtown

>homeless fucks everywhere cause they gotta homeless center feeding and clothing the homeless

>Cause I don't look white cause I'm asian get stopped several time by people

>Gets Liberal speech about Trump and racisim and KKK

>Tell them to fuck off

>Shock on faces Guess what, campaigners all be white beta male cucks

>And that's why austin deserves to be glassed

Gail Simone to write new Plastic Man series for DC

>First, the bad news: Gail Simone's next project is not writing the Batgirl movie (at least as far as we know). But we remain hopeful that Warner Bros. will come to its senses and give the people the Simone-scripted Barbara Gordon adventure we need.

>Now to the good news, the really good news: SYFY WIRE can exclusively reveal that the beloved comics writer's next project is Plastic Man, a six-issue miniseries for DC Comics that launches in June. Simone will reunite with artist Adriana Melo (Birds of Prey, Rose and Thorn) to chronicle the adventures of the Golden Age hero, who was created by Jack Cole and debuted in Police Comics #1 in 1941.



>actually watching Initial D

>unironically listening to Eurobeat

/tg/ Manga (and anime) Thread - "The Darkest Dungeon is your mind" Edition

Let's talk about /tg/ related weebshit.

Old thread: >>359728

A new DM chapter got released yesterday!

ITT comics with a art style you like but content you don't

Are bullets the be all-end all in handled weapons? Think about it. hat would come after them? Lasers/plasma/insert other form of DE. The only way you could match the performance of a firearm with a handheld laser would be to have a little nuclear reactor that be held in our hands. I;m not a nuclear physicist, but that's pretty much impossible. Not to mention kinetic energy is superior to thermal energy when it comes to killing macroscopic organisms. In order to kill something with heat you have to burn most of its body, or burn something important. Burning only a small part of person, or animal's body won't kill them, but shooting them can. Also thermal energy is easier to defend against than kinetic energy, for example a .50 BMG has a muzzle energy of about 18 kJ and it can smash though concerte, brick, metal, etc, but a laser with hat kind of energy would only scorch the surface without doing any real damage. We have tons of ceramics that could easily withstand the heat from a high powered lasergun, but would get shattered by birdshot.

Questionable Malcontent - Inevitable Robocock Edition

Big congratulations to Jeph for making it to strip 3666, reminding us once again that QCville is hell. Also, if anyone feels like picking up making the OPs in the future that'd be nice. Definitely didn't almost forget to save half the stuff from the last thread.

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Gun Control rallies all over the world

>completely organic and grass roots movement springs up at over 800 locations all across the world overnight

>to protest American self defense

>there's one in my home town

Unfortunately I work that day, but the bossman says I can take off part way through the day and disrupt them a bit. Here's what we need to do, /k/:

>locate local anti-gun rally

>(if able) open carry to said rally

>offer to debate boomers, be respectful and coherent

>comply with police unless they try to disarm you

>be model citizens responsibly carrying their firearms

>turn their anti gun protest into a pro gun rally



Here's the link to their gay website:

Learn your local laws, carry some infographics on you to debate and support your argument, and most importantly be respectful. That isn't to say "bend over and take abuse", but don't be the one to escalate unless you believe your life is in danger


Press F to piss on its corpse.

/tg/ builds a hexcrawl.

Okay here's how it's going to go. I want to run a hexcrawl soon but rather than stocking it myself I thought it'd be interesting to try a "crowdsourced" hexcrawl. So here's how it goes: in your post, you can choose a land type for up to 5 adjacent hexes (put their coordinates in your post, like "00.01, 00.02, 01.02, and 01.03 are all mountains"), and you can then do a description for one or more of those hexes. OR you can write a description for a hex whose land type has already been specified. Bonus points if you reference / build off of each other. Whether or not this gets used in my campaign, I will try to write it up and post the PDF here once it's done. So let's make it something worth saving!

Propaganda/Posters for Militia

So, one area where the militia and pro-gun folk lack any real standing, is with propaganda and ability to put out leaflets too rattle the establishment. We need to get this shit together before any conflict rolls up.

Post pro-Resistance images, and stuff which can be wheat-pasted on areas where the tyrants will be forced to see em'

ITT: Da most Orky engineerin' ya gitz can find.

Hooktube link 4 autists:

Humor thread

>Ctrl+f "humor"

>No results


/K/ome on, lads, pull yourselves together. It's humor thread time!

CZ 75

Aight /k/, school me on the CZ-75 and the models currently in production.

Pros/cons/differences in current variants.

I've fulfilled most of my handgun purchases I actually want and only have a couple left I'd consider. Commonly a Glawk or Rex Zero, but then I saw a 75 and thought "man, that is some sex".

>I am a class that is mostly weapon-using, with a bit of divine magic for defense and utility.

>There is a single real English word for that, a word that existed before D&D, that is a SINGLE WORD, not an ugly mashup of two words: PALADIN.

>I am a class that is mostly weapon-using, with a bit of nature magic for defense and utility.

>There is a single real English word for that, a word that existed before D&D, that is a SINGLE WORD, not an ugly mashup of two words: RANGER.

>I am a class that is mostly weapon-using, with a bit of arcane magic for defense and utility.


>Also this setting includes inanimate objects that are literal blades with spells in them, that won't get misunderstood at all.

Fantasy Craft General /fcg/

One year, dead. One year, ahead… edition.

Have you introduced your friends to FC, yet? What followed?

Noteworthy points:

>Drastically reined-in magic system putting casters on equal footing with non-casters

>Classes and the game as a whole designed to ensure everyone can contribute in a wide range of circumstances, even outside their primary niche

>Separate cash and Reputation economies keep mundane gear relevant and magic items special

>Custom monster and NPC design is a breeze

>Optional Campaign Qualities tweak mechanics to suit your preferred style and tone

>If you have the money and want to support the game

>If you want to try before you buy

Other useful links:

>Errata & accessories

>Web NPC builder

>Custom PC Species creation guides

>Species feat creation guide & reference spreadsheet

>Class design guidelines

>Leaked Spellbound Preview

Does /k/ like airships?

Black Science

I just ordered the first few volumes. Is it gud?

post your favorite khlav kalash recipes

Steven Universe came back from hiatus tonight but there's been no word on when episodes will continue after this so safe to assume another one is on the way.

Download link for Lars of the Stars/ Jungle Moon:!TgBSTboK!rzmATVHc8JA-4kHDMHNcGyxlNEZAAitYRdchBG_VfHg

Chess puzzles (easy)

Black to play

S Schweber vs Spassky

Guess who's back, back again.

Gobby's back, tell a friend.

Oh shit dicklickers, Gobolatula's started a sequel to 'It Hurts!!' called 'Please Forgive Me!!'

Kinda pissed it wasn't 'Cheese forgive me!!' but whatever

Love or hate It Hurts!! this sequel is looking pretty fun. Seems like a series Set after the reality reset with Pasquora as the MC with Tubsy and Allison in High School

Hopefully nothing horrific happens in 95 comics or so!

Law enforcement special units

Why are the DEA and FBI openly operating in Afghanistan? Should the FBI HRT be classified as special force at this point?

Unpopular /o/pinions thread

Every other board gets one, so we might as well have an unpopular opinions thread of our own. Some of the ones I have

>I don't understand the appeal of cars/engines that have a "peaky power band" or setups with lots of turbo lag. Why the hell would you want to WAIT until you have gone through 70% of your revs before you get any significant power?

>I think twin charging, when done right, is currently the best way to gain more power out of an engine and that it should be utilized more. twin charging>twin turbo>supercharging>NA>one small turbo>shit>one giant turbo with massive turbo lag. Also, it has dat amazing sound when done right (embed related)

>AWD>RWD, though FWD is still my least favorite and my favorite car is still RWD oddly enough

>the only Ferrari cars I like are the 312t and F40

>my favorite engine configuration is V10

>Despite what I have seen others claim, both inside and outside /o/, the absolute biggest "poser sports car" is the Toyota Celica (and Scion tc since they're basically the same car) with an automatic transmission. At least Civic-fags actually mod their cars even if most of the mods are only aesthetic, and mustangs are still RWD

>even though I'm usually a massive classics-fag when it comes to cars, I unironically think that Lambo has been better during the last 10 years or so than they have at any other point in their history

>I'm not a fan of the Camaro inb4 "muh turd-gens"

>My second favorite car manufacturer is that one that the board owner put a filter on because he's a faggot. Yes they are retarded a lot of the time, but at least they haven't started half-assing the auto enthusiast market like other companies have *cough* Mitsubishi *cough*. The Dart is my dream DD

>LS swaps are supremely overdone, especially on small japanese sports cars. If you want a Corvette C5, then buy a fucking Corvette C5! Please leave the RX7/8, 240sx and 300zx alone, as its already hard enough finding ones with original engines that still work and haven't been fucked with.

Kaczynski 2.0 inbound?

General Texas bomber thread for now.

I'm pretty sure the guy fucked up here. Though I don't know much about schertz aside from Steve Earl. I do know that Austin deserves to be glassed and salted over so that shit lib of a place along with Dallas and San Antonio need to be removed from Texas.

Does anyone know what this bomber's motive is? They doubled the bounty and the bomber bombs someone right after that so I guess the FBI is just as clueless as every other major case.

**Sage for offtopic below

>Be americhink

>Be in austin cause muh UT tours

>Walking arround downtown

>homeless fucks everywhere cause they gotta homeless center feeding and clothing the homeless

>Cause I don't look white cause I'm asian get stopped several time by people

>Gets Liberal speech about Trump and racisim and KKK

>Tell them to fuck off

>Shock on faces Guess what, campaigners all be white beta male cucks

>Be going to some public office back in DFW later that week to help my cos out with her drivers license

>Some nigress walks in the room and cuts the majority of the line

>Yell at her

>She be like I'm black and a minority so you being racist white Teh fuck?boy

>Threatens to sue me as some poor as nigger

>Tell her that I'll counter sue as a smaller minority

>She keeps ranting on white on black racisim

>Literally several beta whites defending her against me

>Supervisor comes out tries to see tf is going on.

>Nigress and beta fucks still bitching

>Be screaming muh racisim

>Supervisor notes that I'm the only minority in the room cause there's more blacks and whites then the lone Asian with my cos

>Bitchin about supervisor being racist

>He threatens to arrest the nigress

>She still be screaming muh racisim

>He brings a black co-worker out

>She shuts up

>most of the people leave in protest.

>I dont think supervisor cares cause they get paid the same

>See fucking several california plates

>Say I fucking hate californians,

>Most of the people in the room laugh.

And this is why Dallas/Austin deserved to be glassed. There were no fucking california plates back then.


QTDDTOT: Bunny Army Edition

The destination for Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread. Old one here: >>347240

Character design Quality

Why are horrible and oversimplified art styles like pic-related acceptable in modern Western animation?

Why is it somehow considered impossible to have animation as good as the most popular animes that Japan brings every year?


Magdalene "Never Ending Dumpster-Fire" Visaggio is on Dazzler.

I could care less, but the OP of the previous thread was a faggot for not having the proper links.

Hey /tg/, can you help me with a campaign for Edge of the empire I'm making? I'm the same guy that asked for

help with his D&D campaign for his little brother.

An imperial war criminal seeks a person to transport a super weapon he and his allies have made. Codenamed as " The rainbow machine", in actually, its the newest result of Project Fuse, a top secret weapon program that designs ways to attack minds and not bodies. This specific project, titled as Brain scorcher, can melt tiny bits of brain, causing the unlucky recipient to become a violent sociopath, and attack everyone and everything they can. It isn't a gun, more like a field of energy that fucks your brain up. Maybe he delivers parts or a specific part that makes it start?

And yes, I stole it from stalker.

He'll only start the main plot after a few jobs repaying a Hutt.

PDF Share Thread =Them Legs Edition=

Sharing is caring, unless you are a communist

Previous thread:



Time capsule cartoons

Did 6teen accidentally became a Time capsule cartoon of the 2000s? It’s weird rewatching it. Not just for the flip phones being a novelty. For the fact the late 2000s were the last time Malls were still Thriving. I doubt current year teens can relate hanging out at the mall anymore.

40k General: Tower of Skulls Edition

Last threat hit the 500 post limit, find it here: >>357885

So how about the Tower of Skulls, aka Khorne's personal RC cars? They drive around the Skull Throne and crush all those they encounter for the glory of their god. They all have such over the top names such as Lord of Murder. It's kinda adorable when you think about it.

IT BEGINS!: Florida Man's Firearms, Ammunition Confiscated Under New Gun Control Law


>The guns and ammunition of a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point, Florida, resident were confiscated by police in what is reportedly the first such seizure under gun control laws signed by Gov. Rick Scott (R) last week.

>The Orlando Sentinel reports that “four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition” were taken from the man, and he was “taken to a hospital for involuntary psychiatric treatment.”

>The seized firearms were listed as “a Ruger LCP .380 pistol, an M2 Mauser .45 pistol, a Charter Arms .357 mag snub nose revolver and a Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun.”

>The paper notes that “the civil ruling removing his access to guns and ammunition was granted under … new legislation — which permits confiscating guns from people who have not been committed but are deemed a potential risk to themselves or others, according to the order signed by Broward’s Chief Judge Jack Tuter.”

>The confiscatory order also bars the man from making new firearm or ammunition purchases.

>On March 9, Breitbart News reported that Gov. Scott signed a $400 million gun bill that includes orders which allows a family member or law enforcement to petition a judge to order the seizure of an individual’s firearms. The bill also put waiting periods in place for long gun purchases, raised the minimum purchase age for long gun purchases (from 18 to 21), and banned bump stocks.

>When asked about the confiscatory order that resulted in the seizure of the Lighthouse Point resident’s firearms, Mayor Glenn Troast said, “This is not about the Second Amendment and it’s not about the NRA. We need commonsense gun laws and this is a commonsense gun law that gives police officers new tools they need to help us protect our community.”

/dcg/ Thread #42 Jon's fucking face

Back Issues:!jVlSRJqR!pVUuubDLj5Uugo9oFLFr5A

Previous Threads:\

NEW GODS ft. Jack Kirby ( Meaningwave ® )

Akira The Don ft. Jack Kirby - NEW GODS: A Meaningwave Mix

Paranoia: CURRENT YEAR Edition

>DM can't make next session

>decide to run Paranoia this week

>looking for more forms online, see a new boxed set came out this year

>don't personally care about streamlining rules, but two of the players are pretty new to RPGs (have only played 5e D&D) so figure it'll be easier for them with the new one

>reviews are positive. Has cards now, terrorists instead of commies, all clones have cranial implants, treason is GTA stars… okay.

>get the boxed set

>flipping through books, see pics related

Is this even salvagable or did I just completely fuck up?

Homemade Guns

Homemade Guns thread?

Homemade Guns thread.

Body armor still crap?

Hello /k/ so I was wondering: how come modern body armor is still crap?

By "crap" I mean useless against rifle fire, especially sniper rifles.

Pic related. I know it's from a game made in 2004 (13+ damn years ago) but I think it's an exciting artist's impression of how future body armor may look like: basically a thick sponge-like vest. In my imagination it could be a "memory" material which changes its state to a thick liquid when hit, thus absorbing/dissipating the energy of the bullet. Then the vest would return to its original sponge structure (with some damage of course).

But enough daydreaming! What we have now is kevlar, steel plates and ceramic plates. "Dragon skin" armor is was an interesting idea: instead of a single big plate there are many small discs sewn in the fabric. Other than that, everybody seems to be out of ideas (apart from exoskeletons, which are a liability IMHO: what happens if you get EMP'd?)

So /k/, is there anything new and exciting in the works?

Something magic, to poop on the joy of riflemen whose bullets pierce all?

Rhodesia 2.0


Stocks, butts, whatever, this is the thread for it.

A few months ago a jammed a romy wood stock into my AMD 63 to replace the stock polymer stock. I now want to replace it and get a folding zhukov stock because it looks cool. Opinions on the zhukov, and what would be the best way for a removing a jammed AK stock? I used a rubber mallet to get it in there. I know it was a mistake, I had never installed a wood stock at the time and thought it would be simple enough so I neglected doing research. Would have been better if had the foresight to file it down a tad, but the gun isn't damaged and combloc stocks are a dime a dozen anyways.

Boston Robots

How will these robots be used? Could they be mounted and used as a replacement for cavalry?

India general

What does /k/ think of the indian arms industry, military and law enforcement?

Consumer advice and repair help

Post your questions here.

Most Recent Character Share Thread

In this thread, share the last character you created with intents of actually playing in any RPG. Throw out as much or as little info as you want.

My most recent character is an Acadamae graduate Conjurer for a Curse of the Crimson Throne game for pathfinder.

He's a 29 year old dude who's wife died when he graduated the Acadamae, she was killed by demons. He succeeded in his test of binding a devil without a problem. After he graduated he originally wanted to be an adventurer, but, with his wife's death he dedicated his life to taking care of his daughter.

The concept for my character is that he's a nice, fatherly, kind older guy with a love for friends and family but a deep and dark wish for adventure. He resents his daughter somewhat because he wants to be conjuring monsters and devils to defeat evil. When he summoned the devil, it was a particular imp that remembered his name. Up until 6th level, where I'll take the Diabolist prestige and some shit will go down.

My familiar will be replaced with an Imp Familiar, which will dramatically kill my Rat familiar that my daughter originally picked out for me. The devil will play on my insecurities and convert my character to do more selfish things, neglect his daughter, and generally pursue his own selfish ideals for his own future. He's gonna be a lot of fun to play.

GURPS General

>Out of breath and bleeding, you turn the corner into the darkened alley. You get only a couple yards farther before it shows itself again, and your body freezes in fear. There, ten yards ahead, it's body illuminated entirely by moonlight, is


ITT: GURPS questions, stories, ideas, NPCs, equipments, etc.

What's your favorite edition of GURPS?

What about your favorite supplement?

Any ideas for a supplement you'd like to see?




>gothic rock

Emo-fags need not apply

Battle of Singapore

How did the Brits get rekt so hard at the battle of Singapore? From what I understand it has mostly been chalked up to incompetence and indecision by the British command and an inability to form a coherent defense line.

Comfy Thread

One cannot go through the week without some wholesomeness, can he?


How do you run Paranoia anons? I'm going to try to run a game, and would like some second opinions, it seems like a very…strange system, good strange though, also, what's the best system for it? I plan to be running it in Mongoose Edition's setting, maybe get some /pol/lacks

also, general paranoia thread

A proposition for an alternative, freeform RPG

Two stats, offense, and defense

You have 6d6 with which to build your characters total abilities, you design their powers and their theme, and assign the dice, as you like, to their statistics (GM must approve of course)

To attack, you roll 3d6. If you exceed your opponents defense, you roll for your abilities, whatever they are. However these numbers add up or combine or what have you, your opponent then subtracts the difference between his defense and your combined offense roll, thus determining how much of the damage or effect or whatever he takes.

And that's it. Once you've taken damage equal to twice your defense, you've been defeated. Once you've defeated enemies equal to your twice offense, you level up, and may add 1d6 to your character in any form you like.

D&D 5e General

Fuck casters edition.

When did you realize that full casters are seriously OP compared to martials?

Antitank Warfare General

ITT We Hunt Big Game


>Shaped charges


>Antitank grenades

this is Judas Priest's best song

Star Wars thread


Besides the waifu thread i didn't see any SW thread, so i took the courage and made one. Of course, there is not much to speak about. We all know it never will be the same, not after Disney.

For those who don't want to bother with watching the show here is the summary:

- The rebels won, despite the fact the battle of scarif should be the first major victory of the rebellion. They down played it with the "it wasn't a rebel victory, but a lothal resistance vicotry".

- There were some decent Jetpacktrooper and Royal Guard action. They hold surprisingly good against the protagonists, until the bullshit killed them.

- Captain Pellaeon was name-dropped but we don't know if he died or not. His ship was attacked by space hentai tentacles

- Rukh died like bitch. Zeb trapped him on a shield generator which then fried him alive. I think i even heard his scream…

- Pryce at the final moment grow some spine and rather died than see the rebels won. Too bad, all the shit happened because of her ambition.

- Clone Commando Gregory died like a man. Not much to say.

- Thrawn got hentai'ed by space tentacles and Ezra stayed with him to watch the whole thing.

- Oh did i mentioned the ass-pull which saved the protagonists were GIANT SPACE OCTOPUSES who came from nowhere? Their destroyed the whole imperial blockade and then hentai'ed the star destroyers above the city. Plus.. and now listen closely! Plus they were able to speed up to pull the ships into hyperspace with Thrawn and Ezra onboard!!! (The Command Center windows were broken during this shit)

- But Dave Filoni said they both survived it so they will team up probably.

What happened after?

- Rex is Sant Nik. And somehow i'm totally okay with this.

- Hera had a kid from Kanan (don't ask how - i know they don't had time to fuck before Kanan died), the kid name is Jacen Syndulla (oh boy!).

- Ashoka lives, even survived the whole Galactic Civil War!!!

- Technically everyone survives from the main cast and even the minor characters. I know.. i know… most of you here seen this from a miles, but fucking come on!

- Sabine lived like a dyed haired monk nearly 30 years until she fucking realized Ezra wanted her to pick up somewhere in the outer space and not sitting on her ass. And people say this girl is somekind of a genious… my ass…

So this is all in a nutshell. Overall it wasn't that bad, but not on the same level as the Clone Wars or the Tartakovsky's Clone Wars. I kinda happy for that Dave Filoni atleast ried to pander for old fags like me. Even if it was cheap as fuck…

P.S.: Sorry for my slav grammar.

WAYWT 22.11.2016

New WAYWT thread, old one was getting full and scrolling is hard. post fits and cringe at/critque other /fa/gs

be friendly and constructive :^)

So Mags is writing Dazzler, get your bingo cards ready

















Why a lot of people hate this song? It's fucking great.

Mary Worth thread

Why the fuck does every arc in this comic revolve around fucking cuckoldry? First Wilbur is cucked by Zakk, then by Cousin Pedro, now Doctor Geoff is going to get cucked by chin man? What the hell? Why is Mary Worth suck a venomous trollop? What the hell is Moy Brigman thinking?

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

They actually got pretty damn crazy with this shit on occasion.

What do you remember about the show, did you like it as a kid?

Or did you just want Ted Turner to fuck off after canceling SWAT Kats?

Why are so many good bands lefties?

Sorry if this is a more /pol/ type of question, I personally don't care about the political affiliation of most music artists, but a lot of them are liberals or at least left-leaning from my experience.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Death Grips, David Bowie, most punk bands, etc. Hell, look at how many artists disavowed that one Adult Swim show when they found out the guys behind it were conservative.

Why is this? Is there something about being left-wing that makes people more passionate about music?


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is yog-sothothery thread

Basic tools for doom™

>Call of Cthulhu

>Atchung! Cthulhu!ywcHkIAA!ycphEhCOkbnjOvAQ4t7TBg

>Pulp Cthulhu!L9EFWSIT!o6clZxfdrVSOLkmcQz3wQ2Af9-hKsUxKc7214VynuY4

>Call of Cthulhu 7e

Alright, I am in dire need of space spooks, give me settings, Cthulhu Rising is alright but I want new Stuff, and more grounded on reality then Eclipse Phase and better developed than The Void. Give me your best pdf's for space horror, or write it up yourselves.

Scary Images are welcome.

americans are just fat because their food is so delicious.

prove me wrong

but let me throw you a protip your way:

you can't

So /o/, when you aren't in this board is there any other car related sites that you go to? If so what?

Staples of your diet

What is something that you always find yourself making, /ck/?

>Strain a can of mixed beans

>Dice two large tomatoes, or four small ones

>Dice two small cucumbers, or one long one

>Dice two small onions, a medium sized onion, or part of a large onion

>Finely cut up a generous amount of parsley

>Throw all of the above into a wide bowl

>Add two to three caps of balsamic vinegar, two generous pinches of dried oregano, and a drizzle of oil

>Salt to taste, toss, and enjoy

This makes a surprising amount of flavourful salad for such a deceptively small input of ingredients. It's also pretty quick, and relatively cheap depending on what green grocers are like where you live.

>Rinse n-cups of brown rice

>Formulate 2n-cups of chicken or vegetable stock

>Place in rice cooker

>Add n-tsps of olive oil and minced garlic, and stir through


>Once rice is done, transfer to another bowl

>Add another tsp of olive oil to loosen it up

>Add salt, pepper, and dried oregano to taste

>Optionally, fry some eggs (scrambled or not) and toss it through the rice

Again, it's a blinking obvious "recipe", but you can't really go wrong for the cost.


Is Leopold still considered quality? What's the sacrifice between their $200 and $1400 scopes? Was pic related just a marketing mistake?

I need a new scope for muh durr rifle (win70 .300h&h) that probably won't see use beyond 300y. Their $400 range looks enticing but I'm not interested in third world quality control and garbage construction.


Is this just an MK ULTRA plant? I don't get it.

Mega Man

Haven't heard any news since last year. Is this dead in the water?

Actually cautiously optimistic about this despite everything. The news drought is killing me!

what do y'all think about the Cocteau Twins?

QTDDTOT - Questions that don't deserve their own thread

Anyone have a pirate for the complete Iron Chef series with subs?

The Worst Board Games

Because I'm an asshole, I'm curious:

What are the absolute worst ordinary board and/or party games, besides the two pictured? I'm looking for as many of boring, friendship destroying, interminable, and generally awful.

I’m not a fucking school shooter


Ok streloks I need your help. I’ve recently been buying more guns and I talk about guns and weapons a fair amount. This usually would not be a problem. Just a hobby. Little problem. I live in Florida and the false flag just happened. This has led to my family being on edge and thinking I will shoot up a school, I’ll be arrested for going on /k/ and I’m creepy. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, but I still live with my parents because of school shit. I’m worried they’ll report me for some reason and the ATF will shoot our dog. So how the fuck can I make them not think I’m a psychopath and that I only care about my freedoms and it’s only a hobby?

>Family info

Mother’s a soccer mom who wants to raise the age to buy a gun, ban high capacity clips, brags about white genocide, loves (((diversity))), ban bump stocks and loves student protests. Father’s pretty cool since he actually gives a shit but still and has non-fudd guns (ar-15, glocknade, baretta, etc.,) wants to raise the age to buy a gun and agrees with Trump’s gun grabbing. Problem is, he listens to whatever my mother says and thinks I’m crazy too for going on /k/. Grandpa is a total FUDD so not much need for explanation there. Grandma is ironically the only one who doesn’t think I’m crazy and actually supports the 2A, but is on the fence about fun control.


Two reasons, for one I store my guns properly and clean them. They think this makes me a psychopath. Secondly, we have a problem with invasive species and two are huge problems. Cuban tree frogs and brown anoles. So, I go around the property with a giant metal rod I sharpened and my old airshit pistol killing them. This isn’t the main point of contention but it is a role in it nonetheless.

>inb4 underage


>inb4 move out

No job since homework n shit is fucking real and need them neetbux.

>inb4 newfag

Been on /k/ for 5 years. They only recently figured it out since they looked at my pc and pulled up 8chan on a gawker report. They think streloks are using code words for secret cp using weapons as a front. Still think pizzagate is a crazy conspiracy and think JFK’s assassination had nothing to do with the feds.

>inb4 hide them and say I traded them in

In father’s gun safe and closet. Even then, they’d suspect I’m hiding them.

>"How do we let our audience know this cartoon is "serious"?"

>"Lets give it the most boring, desaturated, color palette possible."

Why do cartoons do this?


ITT: cartoons that could need a "dark and edgy" reboot

what villains you like to see to fight other heroes?

cap cold can be challenge for blue beetle and hawkman

/tg/-related vidya

You know the drill, post games that pertain to the board's interests, the lore surrounding them, and ones that are fun to play together using online multiplayer.

Oh, and before you ask, your average Tacticool Shooter game can easily be reflavored to handle a Cuphead campaign. Personally, I'd go with Savage Worlds and limit dice explosions based on EXP gain, and use the Superhero supplement to add some cartoon logic into the mix, though I'm sure others have different suggestions.

Politics Containment Thread: High Lords of Terra Edition

The old thread went over 500 posts, find it here: >>353250

You know how this goes: if you want to talk about how /tg/ games are being ruined by out-of-game politics you talk about it here instead of makin a thread of its own on the subject.

And yes, WotC still allows pedophiles to run M:TG events where children are present, and they won't run background checks or anything because no kids have been molested so far so there's no pedophiles present with these events. Now sit down, shut up and let them tell you about how they are in the right for cramming lesbian black trans women into M:TG.

how the fuck do you make instant coffee taste good?

at this point i'm used to drinking it with no sugar at all, because even if i add tons of sugar, i still taste the bitterness

Was this the best action series of his time? Even with that much diversity SJW still don't give any praise….what's the best Shen Gong Wu in your opinion and why it's the one kimiko is using at the moment?

How to elves well?

How would you write an elf life race so that they are not just the "smug cunt race" or such. While also not just making them humans with pointy ears?

Pic semi related


Why has Kenny been treated like a background character these past few seasons? I know that characters like Cartman and Kyle have been the shining stars with the whole “Heidi Turner “ incident but even before that, he really hasn’t had a lot of attention lately even though he’s part of the main 4. I’m guessing Trey and Matt want to address this with the upcoming “Casa Bonita” DLC focusing on rescuing his sister Karen from the vampires. Considering the fact that out of the four, Kenny’s been shown in a few situations that he’s loyal to his friends except Cartman and is always looking out for his sister by acting as her guardian angel in the form of Mysterion and even took a job at City Wok to buy her a doll. I’m probably just being too much of a fan of the show but Kenny is my favorite character and it sucks to see him shafted for Tweek and Craig.

/metal/ thread

The /metal/ board is dead and so is the endchan, so post metal alums you've recently checked out

PDF Thread

Let's have a PDF thread going. Going to dump some stuff I have.

What was his problem?

Just found out about this. What's /k/'s opinion?

That Springfield shot looks noice

Questions that Don't Deserve their Own Thread

This thread is meant to be for the "What's the song in my webm/mp4", "What genre is X", "Where can I find more of Y" threads that keep popping up in the catalog. Mods pls sticky when you can.

I'm in the shit

We all comes from different walks of life. I just had the unlucky roll of the dice to happen to be born in one of the most violent and poor city's in America.

>Population of around 100,00

>less than a 100 cops on the entire police force

>effectively 4 police patrolling at any time of the day

>Shall issue state for CCW

>you need to be 21 to apply for a pistol license, go through interviews with police and finger prints need to be given

>Predominantly black community rampant with crime and drugs

>Was once a thriving, safe and relatively wealthy community

>The rampant crime, drugs and unemployment isn't even my community's main concern

>police response times for a violent mugging can be up to 27 hours

>forgotten city, abandon hope

Where am I /k/?

Also ask me anything

>3 seasons and still no Booster

Teen Titans Go

Why do so many people hate this show?

Webcomics Thread

Just recently getting back into Ava's Demon after finding out its been updating again. What is everyone else reading, besides the typical mockery over in the LOL threads and other related shit.

You don't have to be retarded to be a top operator but it helps

>be so mentally retarded you can barely button a shirt

>only have access to airsoft training shit, never fire a real gun

>be so mentally retarded you start a dumpster fire miles outside port arthur to distract and tie up First Responders

>it actually works and basically the entire emergency service capacity of Port Arthur, including firemen and police show up to a mild fire

>have INT be your dump stat you apparently have a Luck score of 10, agility 10, and wipe out a cafe with accuracy that would qualify you as an SAS marksman

>be such a massive brainlet that you use thermite to burn your guns so that you can't be tied to what you just did

Those are some crazy coincidences.

German Armed Forces

Shortfalls in the German army's personnel and equipment are "dramatically" hindering its readiness for combat, according to a new report. No submarines or large transport planes were available for deployment at the end of last year, the report says. It also points to failures in planning and leadership that have exacerbated existing problems in the military.

The report was published by the parliamentary commissioner for the armed forces, Hans-Peter Bartels. "The army's readiness to deploy has not improved in recent years, but instead has got even worse," Mr Bartels told reporters at a press conference in Berlin. "At the end of the year six out of six submarines were not in use. At times, not one of the 14 Airbus A-400M could fly," he said. Mr Bartels said all of the vehicles were being repaired at the time of the report. The condition of the military's fleet of fighter planes, tanks, helicopters and ships is described as "dramatically bad". The report also says a lack of spare parts and outdated equipment has left "big gaps" in the armed forces. It notes that thousands positions for officers were vacant, resulting in a lack of adequate leadership.

The report calls on the government to pursue reforms "with greater urgency" and increase the defence budget. Germany spent €37bn ($45bn; £33) in 2017 on defence - about 1.2% of GDP, well short of the Nato target of 2%.

The issue of defence spending did not play a major part in recent coalition talks, but Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to meet the 2% spending target by 2024. "We will make the best possible equipment, training and support available to our soldiers," Ms Merkel said earlier this year. On Monday, a Nato diplomat told Reuters news agency that "German readiness levels are a serious concern". Germany has for years struggled to modernise its military as it becomes more involved in Nato operations. It scrapped conscription to become a professional army seven years ago, but in 2016 said it was considering a form of national service for civil defence.

Recurrent funding issues have been highly embarrassing. In 2014, it was revealed that tank commanders had covered up their lack of machine guns by using broomsticks painted black during a Nato exercise.

Other Nato members have also started to increase defence spending. The alliance faces a range of security challenges, including the Islamist insurgencies in the Middle East and Africa.

What the fuck Germany, get it together.

Webm Thread

The old ones have problems due to the great crash. And since my computer got fucked and had to be factory reset I'm asking for everyone to dump their full collection here so we can have a source of webms to last the ages here I have little to start with though.

This is probably the best, most autistic review of Korra since E;R's. Can't wait for part two.

Why the fuck can't I get over the trauma of Korra? Why won't the pain go away?