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Ive been wanting to have a go at cashing out cc dumps for a while now, and being as im particularly skint atm I thought id start up a carding thread

Ive never actually done it but looked into it a few times and done a bit of reading on some darknet packages I got from alpha-bay but I do think a lot of the time the carding files are a bit out of date so thought id ask you guys for some advice

I know you have to match your CC BIN to a local proxy and match the time and language on your comp to the same location, and the proxy has got to be a fresh non blacklisted proxy

Then I was planning to cash out by buying steam/gift cards and swapping them for bitcoin on paxful and finally cashing out the bitcoin through local bitcoins with cash transfers

So I think I understand the theory but I want to know a bit more about OPSEC methods as like I said before the tutorials ive seen I imagine are quite outdated

What are your opinions on VPNGATE and antidetect, are these still widely used and can they be trusted, if not can anyone advise a more current method or any particular OPSEC forums I should look into

What are the best sources for fresh proxies, I know VIP72 was used a lot but that has got to be dead in the water these days, I know was used a lot when I was looking into this last year too but I imagine they’re outdated now too, is there a current source for fresh proxies that’s popular atm??

I was a member of alphabay almost since the beginning, and was planning to use their cc shop, to start off with I don’t think I particularly need cards with huge balances, but alpha bay has now gone along with my $200 in bitcoin, so can anyone recommend a deep web marketplace that does something similar, or a reliable vendor

And finally is there any carding forums, irc channels etc that you can recommend

alt right general

dedicated thread for these targets








keep it in one thread guys

Personal Army Offical #4

/baphomet/ 2017 Official PA request thread.

Post about whoever/whatever piece of shit pissed you off inculding at least a bit of information about them.

Website, person etc.

99% go answered.



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Gay Pedophile

(22.39 KB 833x277 Musser.png)

This guy is a gay pedophile with a foot fetish, according to my source he manipulated a 12 year old boy to send nude pictures to him when he's 16 and years later (he is 23 currently) he still is attempting to form sexual relationships with underaged boys, this degeneracy can't be tolerated and must be stopped at all cost.

His facebook:

His Email:

His Twitch:

His Discord: cooldude#9465

His brother: (his younger brother supposedly hates him according to my source, he may be a useful contact if reachable)

I've found his supposed address through public records but I don't have Whitepages Premium (I'm new to this) so I'm hoping that one of you can find it

All the discord ids to get him banned from discord and or reported to authorities:

425408863618072577-425410950322061323 message id

425405312426573824 server ID

282669942724231168 profile ID

Time with the catz again

It's up and running fine, a couple of months later we're back, come spend some time with the catz again.

Anybody bought shit from these indian or ching chong no prescription sites?

Tried benzos today and this shit is like weak alcohol that makes you pretty chill