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What is the purpose of this board? I am really curious, but after reading a few posts I realised that I think like you guys, and don't want vile people on this world. I know I am gonna get shit but, where do I start?

Feminists all deserve to get raped and put to death

Pedophiles are often considered the most evil beings in existence. And that's mostly true. But they are only the second most evil creatures.

The evilest creatures, without a doubt, are feminists. Every moment you spend not fucking up their shit is a moment that you are personally responsible for the continued existence of this vile, subhuman cunts.

I have spent years hunting feminist. I will spend years more. Whether in secret or out in the open, the feminist must be hunted and destroyed.

We cannot coexist any longer. Feminists must be carved into pieces and then shat on. It is us or them.

New help with something/someone

In my country the dead toll now is 400+, Killed by the Paramilitar forces of Daniel Ortega, the president and dictator of my country (11 years straight in a row at power) … he had connections with Noriega and las FARCS (narco-terrorism of Colombia), now is one of the richest man of my country.

My country Economy is falling down, and the dead toll is rising by day.

This lady is one of Daniel Ortega's supporter she live in the US.

If you want to check … she had a son with a famous singer/song-writer of my country, and he (son of her) is a desertor of US Army.

She talks against the US Government, perhaps she lives in the USA.

You can help my country and protect your country, Doxing her, and making her life a hell of a ride.

Searching for a lost friend, missing since 4/20/17

Does anybody know of him? He goes by the Facebook name of Zeke Summers or Richard Camembert. He disappeared without a trace on 4/20/17 after hijacking our group chat and never returned. Zeke if you’re reading this /b/ misseses you. Remember that group chat where you doxed Tevyaw Kenon. Please contact us.