Nerve Center

Porky Anti-White Pajeet

Does anyone know how to view previous usernames on Tumblr so I can broaden my search for this individual? With an ugly name like "Navya" i'm hoping it wont take much effort to pick up the search.

There's a menagerie of screaming anti-white animals like this on Tumblr, but this one wrote such a long response to 1 message that I want to fuck with her a little more.

Spammer uploads personal photo

This guy has been spamming the same copy/paste shit on /n/ and /newsplus/ in every thread every day for months now. But today he uploaded a picture from the store room of a dollar general while spamming. The file name indicates that it is original, and Tineye resulted in 0 matches.


Is there any way to find out where this is? What about the shipping codes on those boxes? The image is loaded with exif data too.

Cheap thrills

> hotel and owner are shit

> Customers give 1 star rating g maps

> hotel owner shames the customers

> posts customers private details on g maps


Can someone hack these accounts for me please and send me log to