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Does anyone have access to a high quality MP3 of Bane Star? The one on YT has skips…

Tell me about Caleb Pearl! Does he still Banepost? Do you think he'd have the original copy?


Bane: Who is it?

CIA: It's me, CIA. I've got a flight plan for you

Bane: Leave it on door step and get the hell outta here

CIA: Alright Big Guy, but what about the mask?

Bane: What mask?

CIA: Acey said that if I take it off you would die

Bane: Is that a fact? How painful would it be?

CIA: Acey said that it would be extremely painful…FOR YOU

Bane: Too bad Acey ain't on the plane no more….

CIA: What do ya mean?

Bane: He's crashed it according to my plan, I'll call you when there's no survivors.

Bane: Hey, tell you what I'm going to give you CIA guy. I'm going to give you to the count of ten to get your ugly, yella, no good keister off this plane before I show you where I made my home and break you!

CIA: Alright Big Guy. I'm sorry…I'm going!

Bane: 1, 2, 10!

Bane: Keep the Reckoning ya filthy animal.

Is George R. R. Martin a Baneposter?

>House Banefort of Banefort is a noble house from Banefort in the westerlands, one of the main families sworn to Casterly Rock


>A black hooded man, on a grey field, within a fiery tressure

Hooded man with fire rising = Bane

>Lord Quenten Banefort is captured at the battle in the Whispering Wood.[8] Lord Banefort spends the War of the Five Kings as a prisoner of Lord Jonos Bracken,[1] and he is probably freed when the Brackens submit to the Iron Throne after the Red Wedding.[9]

Was getting caught part of his plan?

post big guys

Doctor Pavel, I'm PIA

No one cared about my privacy until they started selling VPNs.

You're a big guy.


Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

So if we listen to Bane we notice that he speaks a bit muffled but clearly. This means, he has teeth. But how does he brush them? If taking off the mask is extremly painful does he go through the pain in the morning and the evening and maybe during the day after he had a snack just to brush his teeth? Or does he have bad teeth? If he has bad teeth would he have to smell his own bad breath all the time because of the mask?