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Post feels that do not deserve their own thread in this thread.

>tfw going to a children's doctor tomorrow because you can go there as long as your under 25

>tfw no good feel for the OP

>haha you're just bitter there's no such thing as nepotism or diversity hires so pull yoursslf up by your boot straps

>networking is an overrated myth that tv studio boss made the woman an executive because she was the most qualified candidate

>young guy wants sex but you're not ready? Fucking dump him and don't look back under any circumstance

>human nature? Red pill? What's that? The world works just the way in the politically correct cookie cutter and meritocratic way it should. You're the problem, sonny

Why are boomers like this?

Cancer General

Post here every time you visit /general/.

quit being faggoot assd bichs. ypou all sook so fiking bawd like gheeuz. suck assssssssss. Bititchchchchhcchchhccchchchcchhchchchhchchchchhchhassssssssasasasasasasasassaasnjiigegrgerereeerere


Is today just a good day to cowabunga n fucking say screw it robots?

I've survived a lot in my life and just don't think I can take it anymore. I was a homeless kid, nearly died and had to recover from being crippled as a teen, lost everything and went to prison in my early 20s, mid 20s now, today I had to give up the only person I even considered a friend because they straight up betrayed then abandoned me over someone else's insecurity. I'm supposed to be working right now but I can't bring myself to get out of bed

Joke Thread

Post funny jokes ITT

If you have had insecurities about your performative masculinity, how have you dealt with it? I know its pretty stupid to be insecure about how masculine I am but it naturally worries me, even though rationally I think its absurd, and at the end of the day doesnt really matter. Help.

The Army of Abusers

Jeff Epicstein simulator would clearly go into villain protag but would it be the best villain protag game ever?


dead board

Sad Pics thread

Post pics that make you feel something.


greentexts/posts are also allowed.

How does this video make you feel, riceboy?






Dysfunctional families

>paedophile father who molested older sister

>paedophile uncle who molested older sister

>shitty grandfather protecting the uncle because he was supplied with an illegal firearm

>mother who could’ve stopped the abuse, had she not been such a retard

>physically violent sister who takes frustration out on mother in front of her 3 young kids

>brother in law who cheats on sister for 10 years lol

>mother allowed juden to experiment on her with medication (anti depressants, anti psychotics, morphine patches etc)

Yh, I think it’s about time I leave this family behind. I feel bad for my mother despite how shitty she is. I didn’t even mention that she is a homewrecker. Nobody deserves to get beaten. I honk before I go, I’m going to sort my sister out by going to the police about that and then it’s time to go.

Share your stories

>I am somehow the most normal one


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2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.

3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.

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Kindly report any posts that seem to violate these rules.

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Now cyclical because I don't want to make any more of these threads.

I am eating Pringles right now, do NOT interrupt me

Borat will never come back

Kazakhstan's government now demands citizens to use a MITM HTTPS certificate. That means they are forcing citizens to allow the government to spy on their HTTPS traffic, bypassing the encryption by taking control of it

quit being faggoot assd bichs. ypou all sook so fiking bawd like gheeuz. suck assssssssss. Bititchchchchhcchchhccchchchcchhchchchhchchchchhchhassssssssasasasasasasasassaasnjiigegrgetrrrreererererrree

fifa women's world cup

say something insightful about my country's team

This is the punishment for stealing in Spain...

Confessions anonymous

Anything u want to get off ur chest? Share with us

I accidentally molested an 11 yo on a trampoline at a barbeque drunk

R8 me

Mental diagnosis

Why is it so important for people to know if I have a confirmed diagnosis when I claim to be mentally ill? Medical diagnosis is nothing more than a doctor's note on my mental condition based on my own acknowledgement. I can affirm confidently that I have a certain illness if my mental condition matches the symptoms. It's really not that hard to understand that you have bipolar disorder or anxiety if you are on the basic level of self-awareness. Medical receipt doesn't matter much.

Do you like black people?

Girls You Want to Kiss (GYWtK) Thread #17 (幺)

Eurasian edition​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Toadstools #4

4th edition of Toadstools

Previous thread: >>17978

Second thread: >>14962

First thread: >>12476

News, issues of the day, philosophical ramblings, or just interdasting stuff.

Keeping the same caption image because it is like an old friend now. Like the coffee cup found in the garbage decades ago. Or the floor lamp (also a found treasure) which is rusted and dingy but still shines its light through a dirty layer of spider webs. Not sentimentality. Just the comfort of the known. Landmarks in a sea of constant change.

Role models/heroes

Did you ever have a role model or hero that you looked up to and wanted to be like?

My role model was char aznable from gundam. The fact that my role model was not only a fictional character from a shitty anime, but also a villain and an extreme manchild speaks volumes about my autism.

Tell me about Discord

I keep hearing a lot about Discord being terrible, but I'd never used it since I first heard about it in 2016. Can anyone here tell me why I should avoid it? What makes it worse than Skype? Is it worse than Mumble? What sort of people are on it? Are they assholes?

Robot films and series

Seeing as we've had threads on both literature and music, I propose a thread on films, documentaries, TV series and anime which could be considered "robot-tier" either because of the subject matter or the main character. Some films I'd recommend to all robots:

>Falling Down

An American man who has lost all meaning in his life takes a walk through his city to be confronted with all the negative aspects of modern-day western society.

>Taxi Driver

A young Vietnam veteran who suffers from insomnia takes up a job as a taxi driver in New York. He is disgusted by the degeneracy he encounters throughout his work and eventually snaps and decides to "clean up" the streets.

>There Will Be Blood

I haven't seen this just yet but was hoping to do it soon. Based off the trailer, it seems great though. It seems to be about a 19th century oilman who despises the people around him and makes sure to destroy everyone who gets in the way of him reaching his goals.

As for anime:

>Ping Pong the Animation

The stoic main character, who is mockingly nicknamed "smile" due to him never smiling, is in a ping pong club at his school. While he isn't very ambitious about the activity and is implied to hate most people around him, the one thing that keeps him going are the memories of better days.

>Ihatov Gensou - Kenji no Haru

Pretty obscure little OVA from the 90s, it is based off the life of Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa, who was a wizard, something which cannot be said about a lot of anime main characters. Kenji wanted to be a writer but as his works never sold during his lifetime, he had no other choice but to become a teacher. After getting sick of this job, he decided to isolate himself from society and become a simple farmer who lived off the land.

>Aoi Bungaku

This is an anthology series that adapts five of Japan's most notable literary works. One of which being the famous No Longer Human which is often mentioned in literay threads. But I think the adaption of Kokoro is also a good robot story as it's about a religious student whose friendship is ruined by the lust of the woman who was supposed to marry his best friend. The friend in turn gets the wrong idea about this situation and believes that it is his friend that is seducing his fiance rather than the reverse.

>Welcome to the NHK

No introduction needed.


A nihilistic high-school student is disgusted by the overly-optimistic worldview of his peers and decides to live a life of "energy preseveration"; never doing anything he doesn't have to do and avoiding social interaction (excluding his friend) as much as he possibly can. This one is the most cheerful series of this list so take that as you will but the MC personally reminded me a lot of my younger self.

>The World God Only Knows

A guy who is disgusted by 3DPD and only cares about the girls in the dating sims which he is obsessed with, is tasked by the ruler of hell to make girls fall in love with him. This is a romcom so again, it may not fit the robot mentality entirely but Keima is one of the greatest characters in anime as he literally does not give a fuck about roasties and only truly cares for the dating sims he indulges in. The last episodes of the first two seasons are both fantastic. If you do decide to watch it, I recommend you not watch the last season.

>Tatami Galaxy

It's about a college student who only has one "friend" and feels alienated & disappointed by the college experience. The show has a Groundhog Day-style story structure as the story starts all over again every episode meaning that the MC lives a different college experience every time. In one episode, he decides to become a NEET but ends up trapped in a surreal dimension made entirely out of identical copies of that one room.

>visit female-only imageboard

>first thing I see:

Mass Shooting/Attack Thread

Since old one has managed to hit the bump limit in just over a year, not sure how I feel about that.

send me interesting wikipedia articles plox

Making large quantities of sugary "food" readily available to children is a crime against humanity. Highly processed sugary food and drink is the deadliest silent killer in the first world.

Scene From Vulgar French Movie

One of the most controversial and sexual french movies ever made starring Gerard Depardieu

Going Places

Les Valseuses.jpg

Film poster

Les Valseuses

Directed by Bertrand Blier

Produced by Paul Claudon

Screenplay by Bertrand Blier

Philippe Dumarçay

Based on Les Valseuses by Bertrand Blier


Gérard Depardieu

Patrick Dewaere


Jeanne Moreau

Isabelle Huppert

Music by Stéphane Grappelli

Cinematography Bruno Nuytten

Edited by Kenout Peltier

Release date

20 March 1974

Running time

113 minutes

Country France

Language French

Box office $42.9 million[1]

Going Places is a 1974 French comedy-drama film co-written and directed by Bertrand Blier, and based on his own novel. Its original title is Les Valseuses, which translates into English as "the waltzers"[citation needed], a vulgar French slang term for "the testicles".[2] It stars Miou-Miou, Gérard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere.

It is widely considered one of the most controversial movies in French cinema history due to its vulgarity, depiction of sexual acts, nudity, and moral ambiguity; however, Blier's later acclaim for the rest of his filmography made it a cult film for modern critics.[3][4][5][6] An English-language remake directed, written by and starring John Turturro, which also acts as a spin-off to the cult comedy film The Big Lebowski, started filming in August 2016.


Jean-Claude and Pierrot are young men who travel around France…

What is the point of life if nobody appreciates your efforts? All I see now is women saying men are trash and they how whites are evil. Are we just supposed to ignore this shit?


Help an Incel out and say something nice to this cheating, fat whore.


Nanny States > Discussion, Charts and your Opinions

Let me define it for you:

>A Nanny State is an overly-protective country where a government is perceived as having excessive interest in or control over the welfare of its citizens, especially in the enforcement of extensive public health and safety regulations. It's basically like a Dictatorship, but instead of a Gulag, you get a permanent mark on your school record ensuring you'll always be rejected on job applications. Or like an over-protective mother who never lets you think for yourself, and will do anything so you never get boo-boos in your life.

Is this chart accurate, or would you make some modifications to it?

YouTube recommendations for robots?

I enjoy Mister Metokur and his alts, Sam Hyde and MDE, and other smaller channels like Black Pill Presentations and a few MGTOW ones. HistoryTruths is a good one for National Socialists as well. I also watch some normie-tier garbage like Let's Read, and a few creepypasta channels like Night Mind because they help me sleep or when I'm not listening to music. I like the live lo-fi hip-hop and vaporwave channels too. However, I am getting bored with these. I've found Oldtaku TV which is non-shit anime from the 90s with teddies and 2edgy4u content.

So what are some not too normie tier channels to watch? Or some good funny or horror ones that aren't left-leaning SJWs or Jew lovers?

Images thread

Post images

New School Shooting/Mass Shooting thread

Last one is no more so let's start a new one

#SexStrike mocking

Alyssa Milano calls for a "sex strike" against men, wanting to deny men sexual pleasure so that the law in Georgia is repelled.

The men in response go "alright" and go back to their business as they know that they're not actually dependant on women. The whole thing is mocked relentlessly.

Let's laugh at the whole stupidity as well /r9k/.

look at this photograph

every time I do it makes me laugh


And this is it.

Come back in an hour for a new post of equal or lesser value.

feels bad man

sup /b/

been a shitty few weeks, my grandmother (which raised me) died & last sunday i had to put my dog down

got anything that could cheer me up a bit?

CALL NOW. - Dan Cilley Livestream




>literally who?

Dan Cilley, otherwise known as the LA stalker, is a convicted sex offender who insisted on recording his antics, "accosting" women in the street for sex. Now he's doing a livestream to raise 500 dollars to avoid getting evicted.

Call in and call him a nigger




I'm a woman in my 40s. I don't come to 8chan much nowadays but I was a regular and part-time tripfag from 2014-2017-ish. I've seen this website change, and somewhere over the years it turned from a space for those who felt like they were on the outside to a soul-sinking retarded mess of guys pathetically vying for female attention.

The 8chan "culture" changed from TITS OR GTFO, a way of keeping attention-seeking girls out, to whatever the fuck is happening right now. There were always females on 8chan. But a lot of us didn't make our gender public because having a vagina has nothing to do with content, and those who did make it public were shamed or otherwise discouraged from flaunting their female-ness/sexual availability.

Bianca Devins deserved to die. Not because she was an "ethotl" or an attention whore, which she was both, but because it was a long time coming. If it wasn't Bianca Devins it would have been another blank faced slut we're all going to forget about in a few weeks. And I hope there will be more because girls need to wake the fuck up. 8chan has always been a dangerous place. The world at large is a dangerous place, no matter how much retards try to sanitize it. Reality is that if you fuck with the wrong one, you'll end up dead.

Stop being fucking sluts. Stop whoring around. Stop posting provocative photos. Stop encouraging orbiters. Stop being fucking stupid. Stop sleeping around with random guys you meet on the internet. Stop accepting money. Stop making Amazon shitlists. Stop being fucking stupid. Stop sleeping around with random guys you meet on the internet. Stop accepting money. Stop making Amazon wishlists. Stop playing the victim. Stop. Just fucking stop. Be something instead of using your looks to get attention. Be smart. Be strong. Be better. Be a fucking human being.

Dead gone bed. What else can you say?

And boys, if you have any sympathy or feel bad for the dead fucking slut, bring shame back so it doesn't happen again.


never forget what the anon did to her!

Gimme the gore

Which one of you has the Brandon Clark pics?


my new favorite thing on the internet is going on cam sites, showing my abs, and waiting for a g*rl. they freeze like a deer, usually say something mindblowingly inane like "nic abbs" [sic], and then ask for my inst*gram account. I show them my (partially masked) face, enough so they can see my jawline and smirking eyes, mouth NO, and then disconnect. The last frame shared is always a roastie face of utter shock and confusion. Every time.

This is totally new to me. I used to think you had to be a gigachad with a 2 liter cock to make w*men freeze and get butterflies on the internet but apparently I have chad abs, so in service of all my /b/rothers I now spend some time every night giving stacies a tiny taste of rejection. Irrelevant and futile, perhaps, but it gives me lulz, telling them "no" for what's possibly the first time in their lives.

These are the keks I have come to share with you. Partake or pass by as you wish. Peace and love, niggerfaggots. We're all going to make it.


veganism is right

please logically defend eating meat. animals such as pigs, chickens and cows are fully sentient and conscious, and suffer tremendously as a result of your taste-bud preferences. human dont need ANY animal products to have optimal health, and animal products consumption are commonly associated in the medical literature with things like obesity and heart disease

and its extremely unethical. enslaving, torturing, castrating, raping, and murdering sentient animals for your amusement is not an ethical justification. dont you think its funny how so many depressed virgins on /r9k/ and complain about the abuse you've experienced in life by the hands of insensitive normies, but turn around and perpetuate much worse violence unto innocent animals?

like honestly, half of this board has people complaining of depression, being abused by normies/their parents, stress, being in pain, wanting to kill themselves, etc. do you think theres any irony in by eating meat you are contributing to suffering that is FAR AND AWAY in excess of anything that you've suffered in life, yet you have the nerve to complain about your petty problems? dont you think eating meat is hypocritical of you, if you complain about your problems in life caused by other people more powerful than you?

these animals dont want to die, experience torture, live in a small cage their entire life, or be raped, but they do experience those things just for your simple tastebuds and food preferences. im sure "muh yummy in my tummy tum tum, its fun for me haha" is not an ethical justification you'd accept if someone was to mistreat you

>watch The Emoji Movie

>expect it to be awful based off of all of the memes and reviews

>really enjoy it, except for the crappy ending

>somewhat deep messages like "what good is there in being number 1 if there are no other numbers" not the deepest messages ever but deep by Emoji Movie standards

>really touching movie and actually well-executed, probably couldn't have done better for a movie about emojis

>not perfect, had a few kinks like a sort-of sloppy, rushed ending

>now wondering if any other autist out there actually appreciates this movie and just won't say it because it would be embarrassing

Do I have the shittiest tastes in the world or did anyone else non-ironically enjoy the movie despite all the backlash?

Any other anons non-ironically enjoy movies with terrible reputations?

Music by Robots for Robots

Music thread. Do robots dream of electric sheep?

Big in Europe

Why is he so big over there?

Is Japanese car culture dying ? "The Japanese prefer to sit at their computers"

There's nothing more beautiful than a Japanese car culture in the '90s. Why? Because, first of all, it's just as expressive and unique as the whole of Japan.

Country of the Cherry Blossom. Secondly, it still affects generations of motoring enthusiasts all over the world. Thirdly, she presented the art of drifting

to the world.

And fourthly and finally: she grew up on the cult models of Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda and Mazda. Today, however, the Japanese

automobile scene has now become a reality.

a shadow of your old self. Why did this happen?

Every motoring fan has probably watched all the parts of

"Fast and Furious" several times. The third part - with the subtitle "Tokyo Drift" - presented

a very attractive, though somewhat outdated, vision of

Japanese car culture. Because all the best in this culture took place in the 1990s,

When cars like Toyota Supra, Nissan GTR, Honda NSX or Mitsubishi

Lancer dominated the roads.

Young Japanese people had easy access to these iconic cars, as they came from their native country. Those who couldn't afford

top models,

were satisfied with Hondami Civic or even with used Toyotas AE86 and AE85.

The drivers not only wanted to have their own JDM cars, but also

wanted to race them on the winding mountain passes, which in the Land of the Cherry Blossom there's no shortage. Everyone fought for the title of hashiriya,

which in Japanese means street driver.

The atmosphere of the car scene at the time is now legendary, and although some Japanese people are still trying to keep up the tradition, they are getting on with it. Tt's getting worse.

Today's car culture in Japan can be seen from online movies or Agundaya, better known under the pseudonym of

Drift Hunter. On his youtube channel you will

find short reports documenting the "underground car racing scene" in Tokyo.

Quoting him: "For the past seven years, I've observed that the drifting subculture

in Japan is disappearing. Every year I see fewer and fewer cars on the mountain passes.

In the past one evening you could count 30-40 vehicles, today there

are barely a few of them," he says in one of his reports.

Golden times of street drifting are best remembered by today's generation of Japanese forty-year-olds.

Interestingly, the term hashiriya was not reserved.

for men only, because women were also behind the wheel.

The present generation of hashiriya are almost only men.

They want to keep the Japanese car culture alive, but the modern world is throwing them out of their way.

Having a car is becoming more and more problematic .Today's Japan is known for its astronomical car insurance prices. Salt must also be paid for driving on most expressways. Similarly

the situation with parking

in the cities. In addition, driving tests are not only expensive, but also extremely difficult.

When the team from Top Gear magazine visited Japan to check

the condition of its car culture, the diagnosis was not interesting:

- Drivers are increasingly being fought by the police. Inspections of sports cars

are becoming more and more stringent.

All these measures

are depriving Japan of another generation of car fans. With the astronomical cost of parking

and the difficulty of obtaining a driving license, you can see,

why young people deprived of civil rights prefer to stay at home with their computers -

writes "Top Gear".

On the one hand, driving a car is very expensive in this country. On the other hand, the problem has also a generational character -

today's young people

people, called "millenials", are less interested in cars and more in digital technologies.

Japanese automotive industry is no longeras interesting as it was 20 years ago.


Mazda hasn't produced a sports car for years, unless we consider the MX-5 to be such. Honda has narrowed down the

range of Type-R versions and gave up production.

of many cult models. The Toyota has gone into urban hybrids, while the Nissan has a love for SUVs and

crossovers. On Mitsubishi there's no more words at all, because

the brand completely lost its character (the eternal war between the EVO Lancer and the STI Impreza, the first one lost with a forfeit).

Today's Japanese automotive industry is not doing so well, and the Japanese car culture is also in decline.

And without it, the automotive world

he's gonna be so boring.

We are a proud Communist Country.

The retards north of us are /pol/ the country

Wisdom screencaps

Post 'em if you got 'em. Could be any /r9k/ related stuff, even if not from here, concerning women, life, and society at large.

Post Pics That Infuriate You

Pictures that infuriate you or make you lose hope for the world and humanity.

It is frustrating and saddening to see normalniggers stealing and fermenting the memes and culture we have created. That normalniggers are pretending to have created our culture or think themselves a part of us. That, even now, they shit on 4chan, our home, the website that we used to call ours, and claim to be us. That they believe themselves to be the true robots. The transexuals on /r9k/ and the Trumpgoyim on /pol/ who truly believe that they are part of the original chan community and pretend to be an oldfag; that they are so thin-skinned they cannot admit to be new on an anonymous board.

All cuckchan is now is a porn website.

What do you do think about these stereotypes ? Do you agree with them?

Do you agree with them?

Stereotypes that circulate about different nations and different countries

For example:

Poles are considered to be a nation of well educated, hard-working and valued people. professionals who have always had a terrible mess in their own country. The hallmarks of this mess are such phenomena as corruption, nepotism, stupid law and violence.

and envy in everyday life. We know how to work, but we can't organize our own country.

Do you know any stereotypes about your nation and country or do you know stereotypes about other nations and other countries ?