Nerve Center

Pedo Memes

Post some, because I have none, and want many

Freindship is a lie

>be me

>13 year old

>a real naive autist

>go to my freinds house to play yu-gi-oh

>cant read or speak english

>trust the fucker to read my cards for me

>even tho i have the elemental hero deck i always lose

>rage one day like a tard and throw the desk

>our cards spead all around the room

>trust the spic kid to collect our cards

>be me now


>my 3 year old daughter found my yu-gi-oh deck

>mfw all of my elemental hero cards are gone and replaced by generic cards

>mfw all my cards were gone and the spic gave me his trash cards

>mfw my elemental hero neos was gone

>mfw i really had a deep connection with that card

>mfw i wanted to give that card to my daughter

fucking spic i dont pity him for not having a dad anymore

fuck him and his single mom

but neon my elemental hero…i will always love you brother

so will my daughter i will tell her about our adventures of getting rekt by that spic kid cuz he made up rules and when he read my cards ablity he pretended its always a shitty ablity

i will never be able to trust a another man


>mfw Venezuela is getting BTFO right now

lol get ready for all the butthurt trannypol faggots. Trump is strongarming in a new president after there was a soft coup in the country against Maduro, who the entire country hates. As expected, all left wingers are having a shit fit. (even though the opposition leader is literally a really watered down left wing party. The kind they all pretend to be in order to appeal to normies)

Taylor Swift and her professional hacker team.

They pick average people like you or me, to experiment on.

Taylor is in on it. She's one of the point players to help set up the experiments.

Here is how they do it….

Slowly, in a video, she signals your attention, doing something the same as you. Coincidence? Then it goes beyond coincidence. She is indirectly talking to you.

How? Spying? Gang stalking? You start to talk back. One day, she mentions a man she likes with the same name as you. She goes on and on. Blushes about how she likes you.

Okay. You face the issue head on. What do they want? Communication stops. Is this even real?

They saw when you posted Taylor pictures over your desktop. They know you like her.

They manipulate and twist you. Video hacking on the fly. For big experiments, she probably changes clothes, and sets, to match whatever you're watching.

Until finally she speaks to you directly on live video.

Just enough to get you talking back. Short enough to keep you wondering if you imagined it.

She asks you out, literally: "you want to go to a movie or something?" In shock, you say yes. What else do you say? She politely says goodbye.

Then, after this engineered climax, they never hack your computer again. Leaving you feeling very weird.

There have been many stalkers claiming that they knew Taylor and had a relationship with her.:

I assume they repeat this experiment on many different men. To see what kind of different results they can get with different techniques.

Eichenwald OC

part 2

prank called kurt "i swear it wasnt jacking it to hentai it was for my kids" eichenwald and asked him what he thinks of b-chiku. enjoy

also sorry for the shit sound quality, had the call tab turned down and had to manually amplify

unable to be amplified in p2: he says I'm a gamer with no gf.

Colorado Robot stopped before killing spree

>A 27-year-old Colorado man has been arrested on a terrorism charge after he posted messages on social media, citing his virginity as the reason he said he was planning to carry out a mass shooting, “killing as many girls as I see,” authorities in Utah said.

>Authorities said Christopher Wayne Cleary, of Denver, posted on his Facebook page that “Theres nothing more dangerous than man ready to die.”

>“All I wanted was a girlfriend, not 1000 not a bunch of hoes not money none of that,” he wrote, according to a probable-cause statement cited by authorities. “All I wanted was to be loved, yet no one cares about me I’m 27 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend before and I’m still a virgin, this is why I’m planning on shooting up a public place soon and being the next mass shooter cause I’m ready to die and all the girls the turned me down is going to make it right by killing as many girls as I see.”


Who here /shitpostingduo/

As in, who here has a friend that they shitpost with?

My friend and I will get into a chat, and strategically shitpost whenever we're bored enough.

Do you shitpost with friends?

Music thread

What does /r9k/ like to listen to?

Due to normalfags finally leaving edgy behind in the 90s and early 00s I can finally come out of the shadows.

Post some edgecore normalnigger repelent

Let's fuck with an confidential informant for lulz

I have the personal information of a narc who can't keep his mouth shut.

Personal address, phone number, name, girlfriend's name, dog's name, last 4 digits of plate # etc etc.

I've been making texting accounts and blowing his shit up making him spooked. Watched him earlier today meet up with a putnum county sherriff all the way up in dutchess county. He has multiple charges for illegal firearm possession and drug charges including trafficking narcotics and heroin. He's doing the narc gig for cash and possible dismissal of his charges. He was ratted out before to everyone and almost got put in the pen for blowing his cover and exposing the whole operation. He now doesn't make squat for being a narc and is only doing it so he can get a possible drop of his charges. I want his charges to go through and for his life to be over. if anyone is interested in this raid then call me a faggot and I'll post his dox

This is what happens when you forget to delete your history

part 2

prank called kurt "i swear it wasnt jacking it to hentai it was for my kids" eichenwald and asked him what he thinks of b-chiku. enjoy

also sorry for the shit sound quality, had the call tab turned down and had to manually amplify

unable to be amplified in p2: he says I'm a gamer with no gf.

How do I stop getting hard to cosplaychicks?

Please help me ;—;

bros and hugging

why the fuck do bros hug each other when the get excited or meetup? seriously why would a guy want to wrap his arms around and put his face right up against the face of another person that you aren't going to fuck?

> b-b-but a guy can fuck the guy he's hugging

then you just admitted the only reason for one guy to hug another is for homosexual purposes.

I might be admitted into a psychiatric ward soon. My parents think I'm a threat to myself and/or others because of my depression and are planning to call a shrink to come over and talk to me, and put me in a pysch ward if neccessary.

I don't have any thoughts or feelings about suicide or harming others, in any way. If someone insults or compliments me, it's all the same to me. I just sit at home with my brain empty and turned off when I'm not being kicked out unless I find a job. Which I then get fired or quit a week or so later. Rinse and repeat.

Has anyone here had any experience with this sort of situation? I could use some advice.

literally freaking out rn

Fucking freaking out right now. Starting at 10:30pm tonight, someone has been knocking on my door. They knock, get back in their car, wait in my driveway for about 10-15 minutes, and then drive away only to return about 30 minutes later. I watch them come and go through the gap in my blinds and they drive very, very slowly. Sometimes, they stop at the end of the community drive and wait there for a few minutes before pulling out into the main road.

I haven't spoken to any of my friends in four years and no one has any reason to knock on my door, especially at this time of night. It's been going on for an hour and I think they finally realized that I am not answering my door. I do deal weed, though, but only to select groups of friends and their friends. This got me thinking it was a cop if one of my friends snitched on me, but the thing about the knocks is that they don't sound like they mean business. It was a light, subtle knock at first and did eventually progress into louder, more forceful knocks as the night went on, but I've heard cops knocking on doors plenty of times and, when they knock, it doesn't sound like your grandmother stopping by to drop off a basket of muffins.

What could they want from me?

Brazil hate thread

>Search for a comfy portubro spot

>Go to a Portuguese focused board or video

>It's filled with hugeniggers shitposting or being the most retarded creatures on the face of this earth


Without course

Has anybody else got lost after high-school? It's been three years and I didn't make any progress in anything whatsoever (still in first year of college, never got employed, less desire to go outside). I just want to sleep forever and lurk imageboards at this point, everything just seems tiresome and these places give me enough dopamine to never leave them. I established a plan to follow it but I'm not making the steps required

You're not that bad.

>people like this are the ones trying to bring you down

When you realize you're not nearly as much of a /cow/ as the people who spill their spaghetti online and strip their identity, then you're fine, just a little sad is all.

guys, I need an opinion


How do i get a gf like that ?



OK, which one of you is this?

Has anyone seen Hex recently?


Is Switzerland cucked like Sweden, Germany and England or is it at least a little less affected by the Jew, culturally speaking?

this is what happens when you forget to delete your open tabs

prank called kurt "i swear it wasnt jacking it to hentai it was for my kids" eichenwald and asked him what he thinks of b-chiku. enjoy

also sorry for the shit sound quality on kurt's end my call program was turned down. had to manually amplify

is there a 6chan

4chan too normie and I get banned for the tiniest shit

8chan too political and can't have a decent thread without it devolving to shit-slinging at people who aren't even here (black people don't have internet dumb nerds)

is there a middle ground somewhere that's less political but also not as fucking flooded with basic fucking bitches desu?

organic chemistry thread

post interesting molecules

It's awful oh my god

Hanging out with people more successful than me, especially when they are the same age, is extremely bad for my self-esteem holy shit. People would always tell me that it would help me because it would teach me to be better when in reality it is just demoralizing.

I just sat and listened to people the same age as me (I'm 25) who work for google when I don't graduate until 2020. Now i just want to fucking kill myself even though i was pumped and confident earlier this week.


Children will be blessed for

Killing Of Educated Adults

Who Ignore 4 Simultaneous

Days Same Earth Rotation.

Practicing Evil ONEness -

Upon Earth Of Quadrants.

Evil Adult Crime VS Youth.

Supports Lie Of Integration.

1 Educated Are Most Dumb.

Not 1 Human Except Dead 1.

Man Is Paired, 2 Half 4 Self.

1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God.

Bible A Lie & Word Is Lies.

Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s.

God Is Born Of A Mother –

She Left Belly B. Signature.

Every Priest Has Ma Sign

But Lies To Honor Queers.

Belly B. Proves 4 Corners.

Your dirty lying teachers

use only the midnight to

midnight 1 day (ignoring

3 other days) Time to not

foul (already wrong) bible

time. Lie that corrupts earth

you educated stupid fools.

GoBelly-Button Logic Works.

When Do Teenagers Die?

Adults Eat Teenagers Alive,

No Record Of Their Death.

Father Son Image, Not Gods.

Every Man Born Of Woman.

Belly-Button Is the Signature

Of Your Personal Creator -

I Believe Her Name Mama.

Pastor Told His Flock That

God Created All Of Them -

Truth Was That They All had

Mama Made Belly Buttons,

Church Was Full Of Liars.

Earth Has 4 Days In Same 24 Hrs., 1 Day God Was Wrong.

Einstein Was ONEist Brain.

Try My Belly-Button Logic.

No God Knows About 4 Days, It Is Evil To Ignore 4 Days,

Does Your Teacher Know ?


Hello men in dark suites who rule the west!

I am a nobody with intellectual skills, i am in the top 1% and i am a polymath. I would rather not be flipping burgers in a Drive-through.

I want to help achieve your goals in the most efficient way, and not genocide all white people.

Best wishes,


Still Would Thread

I'll start

>Lynda Carter

Yup, still would

bob haicut

Bob is best haistyle for women. Practical and feminist for yung mother's but also cute, sultry, an sexy. Best bob is lip lenth with buzz nape. Fhaircut and others China site like 58Hair and HaircutBar best site for buy bob haicut video for fetish jackoff.

Long hair too much problem and pixie short dyke haicut I am not allow!!!

It doesn't add up

If women like sex so much, why do they seem scared that every other guy who happens to look at them sideways is trying to have his way with them?

The "Chad" meme

Does he disprove the "Chad" meme?


"Excuse me, sir?"

A short, chubby ginger girl stands behind you while you pump your gas at 3 AM. She is dressed oddly in the cold weather.

"Can I please get in your car? I'll pay you twenty dollars and love you forever…"

What went wrong?

What went wrong with 8chan?

8ch bj roll

Posting and Rolling.

Girlfriend wants to be spanked, but I respect women and don't want to.

She's using a lot of dirty language I don't want to repeat because it would be sexist if it came out of a guy's mouth. But it seems she wants me to spank her. This is a big problem for me because we're both feminists and this goes against everything we do in our volunteering efforts to spread feminism.

I don't understand why she's all of the sudden into this. I tried to ignore it but she keeps bringing it up and now she won't have sex with me unless I agree to spank her. Usually I ask her if she wants to have sex and she initiates, but she won't initiate now and instead starts saying really dirty sexist things. The last time I got really frustrated and asked her if she wasn't happy in our relationship anymore. She hugged me and said everything was fine, but when I tried to kiss her she pulled away and told me I should spank her if I want sex. I said I needed to think and took a walk, but I couldn't resolve my conflicting feelings over it, so I just pretended it didn't happen. We haven't had sex in 2 weeks since then.

I worry this will affect our relationship negatively since I don't know what to do.

doomer /b/rothers

who a /doomer/ here?

also why are you doomed?

how is life?

well i am

>19yo doomer

>fucking hate this decade, what went wrong?

>gave up on life

>night walker

roast me /int/

roast me, what do I look like?

Psychology thread I guess


One of you here suggested this book to me in fall 2018.

It was on an occasion where I posted about my hopeless endavours with love and then questioning myself if I had genuine interest girls at all, or if I was just falling in love with what I thought they were. Or rather, what I projected onto them subconsciously. The guy who recommended it to me told me I was not in love with girls but with my own anima.

After nearly half a year I finally read it.

To my own surprise I noticed some very disturbing patters on myself just like the ones described in the book. So now I wonder if I might be a shizophrenic in the making and if I should seek a mental doctor.

For example:

>feel detached from everything

>feel dead / not alive

>feel like I am not a real person

>have different masks/facades to interact with people

>change masks often

>do not think I have an own personality (or an own mask)

On top of those I have all the typical shizo symptoms of low affect and emotional numbness.

The hallucinations not yet though.

There is also this pattern that the patients described in the book had overprotective mothers and or uncaring fathers. I had the same while growing up. In fact my mother is even diagnosed shizophrenic. My aunt is as well.

So I am asking the anon who recommended me this book to post again and explain to me what he wants me to do now. According to wikipedia there is no cure for shizos and I feel tired and don't have the energy to invent some character to be likable to normalfags. I know I will be dead in a few years anyways but I wonder what your intended message to me was.

smug kid

Nick Sandmann

1444 Shirepeak Way

Independence KY 41051-7425


Skilled artists who draw pure cringe

Let's name some, /b/. The first that comes to mind is Modeseven. He's quite a good artist, but he draws DA-tier bullshit.

identity issues

is anyone else here half black but look full white? it fucking sucks no one ever believes me when i tell them im half black

Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.

Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.

Now I have….him!

What are your thoughts on self-improvement fags that frequent this board?

You know, the ones who reply to you with 6 paragraphs, 3 infographs and 2 citations because they totally have their shit together and know what's causing your insomnia and depression.


Feels that don't deserve their own thread.

For when the other thread inevitably hits the bump limit. Yay complaining.

What do?

So now that this board is full-on 4cuck, where is everyone who isn't a retard migrating to?

/r9k/ WEBM

25 was the age when I realized how fucked up my life is and that I cannot hide in my room forever. God I wish I was 15 again. No worries in life other than coming home from school and wasting time on internet and anime while I actually enjoyed it.

Once you are out of school your life is over because you have no excuse anymore for not working. You can try to prolong this for another 4 years with college but it is expensive and not every family can afford to send you to college.

Anhedonia kicks in when you reach this conclusion for the first time in your life. The conclusion that your lifestyle is not sustainable in the long term and eventually it will get very uncomfortable. It was also around age 25 when I experienced it the first time. Ever since it was very hard for me to get excited for doing anything other than sleeping, eating or zombiebrowsing the internet.

>35+ is when it gets ugly

yeah I agree but what are you supposed to do for 10 years if you are unemployed and your family hates you. No need to artificially stretch it out, better to face the reaper openly and settle the score once and for all.

What can you niggers tell me about getting a tat?

I'm hoping to get a neck tattoo of a rose like pic-related. I want to know some things though. Like would it hurt like a motherfucker for a first time? Should a first time even get one on the neck? How much would it run me? My mom said she has friends that would give me tattoos for free or at best $20, but that sounds risky as fuck and it will most likely look like shit. I still don't wanna pay a lot of money though.

Fucking harrowing.

>Aspie makes an off-color joke

>Redneck normalfag and his buttbuddy come all the way back to confront him

>Cuss him out and threaten him several times while repeatedly demanding he apologize

>Video goes viral, dozens of other complaints start flowing in, calling him "creepy"

>He loses his job eventually and becomes known around his (small) town as virtually a sex offender

I come across these kinds of videos on occasion and seeing them in full I just get that one feeling of trauma, as if something just exploded right beside. Normalfucks constantly exaggerate how much stress some Aspie's jokes or mannerisms put them in, and then proceed to publicly humiliate them in their typical shitty normal cruelty.

…Hard to find words for this kind of sadism. These people need to learn to respect those who are not as advantaged as they are themselves.

zoomers who think they are 90s kid

>be Caddicarus

>be born the same year as ps1

>creates an entire youtube channel about the ps1

> [Embed]

>"le born in the wrong generation"

>"le 90s kid"

is this what early zoomers are doing nowadays?

10 year challenge


neet thread

What have you planned for today ?

Bless The Cube

Children will be blessed for

Kissing Of Educated Adults

Who Ignore 4 Simultaneous

Days Same Earth Rotation.

Practicing Boring ONEness -

Upon Earth Of Quadrants.

Boring Adult Crime VS Youth.

Supports Lie Of Integration.

1 Educated Are Most Dumb.

Not 1 Human Except Dead 1.

Man Is Paired, 2 Half 4 Self.

1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God.

Marshmallow A Lie & Word Is Lies.

Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s.

God Is Born Of A Mother –

She Left Belly B. Signature.

Every Priest Has Ma Sign

But Lies To Honor Unicorns.

Belly B. Proves 4 Corners.

Your dirty lying teachers

use only the midnight to

midnight 1 day (ignoring

3 other days) Time to not

foul (already wrong) marshmallow

time. Lie that corrupts earth

you educated brilliant fools.

Catching shit from your parents

Ever since I got laid off I've been getting lectured nonstop about what a fucking loser I am. Every single morning before my mom goes to work, she's in the doorway asking me when she's going to be able to take pride in her son, asking me if I'll ever have a social life or get a girlfriend. Telling me I should rob a convenience store if I want to live for free. Its getting to be ridiculous. I can't wait to cut this bitch out of my life entirely. She doesn't deserve to enjoy her son after denying me the happiness of my youth. I'm going to get everything for myself, and I'll be damned if she thinks she can take any credit for it. If I succeed its in spite of her, not because of anything she did to help.

Any of you guys going through similar bullshit? Explain that shit my dudes.

whisper teens

How do I use the app whisper to have sex with 18yo girls?

willing to sugar

Why So Serious?

According to this brainlet, the world will end in 12 years.

video editing

video editing seems to be a world changing skill

any anons know how?


Are there any robots here who would like to play in a robo band? I would imagine it to be somewhat like no trend specifally too many humans, but generaly something gloomy or angry I guess. What could you contribute to it? Can you play an instrument, or write songs, or sing or scream . I guess this would be kind of a neat life if you'd start to become successfull and could actually pay your expenses with it. Post potential oc songs or band names too.


Been trying to find out IRL information on everybody's favourite weeb-baiting thot, belle delphine. I think I've managed to crack her actual name, although the fags over at fagchan managed to get her address first. Am I late to the party, /b/?

>pic related

What's this face trying to convey?

Cuz this is hot asf yo


ciara reminder

qt joo thread

Who is she?

My trip to the hospital

Sup /b/? hikichan here so last Friday night to Saturday morning (1:00 AM or so) I had taken 10 grams of Tylenol. That’s about 20 extra strength Tylenol pills, 500 mg each. I am really not suicidal, no matter what I say, but for some reason this time I did it. I wasn’t even thinking.

So, right after I took the pills, I panicked. I searched online what it could do, I talked to Aconcit and Butters, and then I got dressed and went outside and ran all the way down a block to call Poison Control.

Poison Control told me to tell my dad so I walked home, cussing to myself, and I told my dad. He didn’t believe me and thought I only took 2, but I said I took 20. He told me to go to bed. I went to my room, crying, and talked to Aconcit again and called Poison Control. Poison Control was connecting me to 911 when suddenly, my dad came in and was all “HANG UP THE PHONE”

He then took the laptop away and turned it off, then went downstairs and I followed. I sat on the couch and Poison Control called me back, trying to get my name and address so that they can send an ambulance. My dad kept yelling at me to hang up while I told them everything, then I hung up and yelled at him, telling him it was Poison Control.

So that fucker called the hospital and said he’d take me there. Then, we got in the car and my dad asked me who I was talking to on the couch. I said “I TOLD YOU, IT WAS POISON CONTROL SENDING AN AMBULANCE!!” and he said “WHAT? YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME” so I made a >_> face. So, he called Poison Control and asked to stop the ambulance from coming, then I got to the ER, and I was there for like 10 hours, then I was in the hospital room.

They said I had to take 17 doses of Mucomyst, but all the Tylenol was out of my system by the first day so I only had to take 5-7. They had me on Suicide Watch, so they had to watch me go to the bathroom and someone had to sit in my room and watch me 24/7.

After I was all clean, Sunday, they sent me to a Psych Ward. I was on Suicide Watch level 3, which is the second highest level, and so I had to be watched when I go to the bathroom again, and I had to sleep on a bed in the main room of the unit.

The second day of the hospital I was lowered to level 2, so I could shower on my own, go to the bathroom on my own, etc. So then, I took the first shower I has taken in 5 days. (Nothing different, I HATE showers. Not that I like being dirty, but I just find showers stressful.)

Then, I was eventually let out and now I am home. HNNNNNNG. There’s more to the story, but I’m typing up the basics.


I have a bunch of videos of teenage girls being raped and murdered that I like to watch, are they ok? In the best one the guy starts cutting the girl's throat to show how serious he is while he rapes her. When he starts you can see in her eyes she realizes what is happening to her and there is nothing she can do so she just tries to appease him so he won't hurt her as much but after he cums he cuts her windpipe down to her spine while she puts out her hands crying and trying to beg him to just rape her and not kill her.

my girlfriend gets mad when I jerk off to this stuff and I just want to make sure it's legal

pic related it's the girl from the video

New Noriko/Hikkichan 2019 Thread

ITT we ask hikichan a question and post her response (Anything goes fam)


Female Neets and Hikikomori

If you could date a female Neet/Hikikomori how would you spend your time together /b/?

Make Social Networks Great Again

Who wants to start an old-school manual social network? We connect directly with each other through encrypted email & chat. No platforms. We could also use platforms but only in addition to our own email network, and with the understanding that we could be kicked off of those platforms at any time. We use them as a convenience and not a necessity. We migrate to whatever platform we find useful at the moment.

We share content and knowledge, do business with each other in crypto, and separate ourselves from the mainstream Internet into our own parallel ecosystem. We rip whatever content we want from the Internet and use it to build our own.

I’ve thought of this before, but only in terms of building my own platform on the darknet. This is too high a barrier of entry because you have to promote it and find people who are willing to go through the trouble of using Tor, I2P, whatever. It would also have a single point of failure: me. Darknet sites get shut down all the time.

Another option is Mesh networks and pirate boxes but that’s an even higher barrier of entry. The idea doesn’t have legs because it relies on all the participants being techies.

Any NEET can get an email address and join an informal network. It can grow and become more sophisticated from there.


Why Instead of sleeping I decide to make me stay awake playing videogames and chaning even when I'm already tired after all the shit that happens in a day?

Is habit that hard?

Could be addiction, but I don't really crave so bad for it, I just end doing it.

Feels That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread (FTDDTOT)

I spend literally hours looking at maps of Europe two days ago. I was thinking of what a hypothetical sphere of living would be like, as a sort of boundaries to a utopic world, where all people are absolutely good and they all live together in one sort of area, and it's like a giant community. The population is going to be drastically lower in a world of only such people, so this region would not be dense – there would be relatively sparse cities, towns, and parks and nature reserves in this region, and it is the only place where people can live; outside, there is only wilderness and significant structures that would be allowed to remain and be maintained, this including things like mansions primarily that people could travel to.

I thought about this region encompassing the area from the North Sea, along the Elbe river, then to the Danube, through the Black Sea, to the Kura river, then to the Volga, slightly up the Kama, and then to the North Dvina river. These borders were based so as to contain the cities and geographical features I thought were the most appealing, this including Bucharest, Budapest, and the Baltic Sea (The Bs are just a coincidence).

Actually, this does deserve its own thread, but I had nothing else to start this thread off with. However, then again, I don't think a thread with only maps or such would last much, but then again too a "dream world"-type of thread sounds pretty stable. Anyways, starting this thread off with my own thing that I've thought up of.

were you ever happy?

were you ever happy? and if not, do you think you will ever be? although most of my life was kinda shitty i did have some happy days. those times are just faint memories now though. i'm currently going thru the worst phase of my life so far. i've been in this state for 3 years now and it won't get better for at least another year. how about you anon? how are you doing?



Sexual Stimulation Enhancement

As a man, how do I make sex feel better? Ive tried it with both old (19+) and very young and while the young are more energetic and easier to position during the act to get my rocks off, I still end up wondering if I am missing some sort of technique or something.

You guys here talk about sex alot so I wondered if you have any thoughts.

That feeling

Do you know that comfy feeling you only get when you're on a road trip? The closest word to describe it would be freedom. The feeling of pulling up to a diner after 200 miles of driving to have a coffee and relax. The feeling of pulling into a maintenance road in the middle of nowhere to take in the scenery around you.

What other activity gives you this feeling?

Information to share

Hey you guys, I just wanted to share some information with you I just found out not too long ago. If anyone ever tells you that sex with little girls is bad, ask them if they have ever tried it. 99% of the time they will say no. Take it from me, it is, in fact, really really good so go out there and try it!

Offline Catalog

Or Print Catalog Of 8ch /B/. I Need It. Thanks If You Can Give.

Alpha circlegherkin

Within most faggy social hierarchies there are the alpha and the 'sheep' who follow the alpha's every more and act cynical and toxic just to please the alpha and boost his faggot ego whilst they all circle jerk in their mighty leaders greatness,

However, a new challenger appears - the mighty mediocre roastie, this causes a ripple as animal instincts take over and the small group of virgins flock around the femoid in hopes of attracting even the slightest attention even if they know full well that alpha has already made up bullshit stories to impress her.

These 'friendship groups' are cancer and the reason i stopped trying to make friends. The alpha always belittles the sheep to boost his ego yet the sheep always stick by him because even when he is in the wrong within any situation.

Fuck You

Post images that will ruin someone's day. I'll start.

I am from 4chan

I am an epic troll XDXDDXXDXDXD!!!!!!!111!!!!! I liek epic may-mays!!!!!!!!!! I like to troll normies REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDX

Rate it! Look at it and rate it!

Is my dick cute or cool? Looks good?

My wife likes it, but she can't be objetive and neither can I.

Was he overrated?

Was he overrated?

throwaway images thread

i saved this for a shitpost but the opportunity never came up. had it for 2 months now and i dont wanna delete it just yet.

*Thread to post throwaway images you saved but didnt use



because, science n shit

Why, /B?

Why are japanese women so freaking adorable? I mean, squish their cheeks so much

Anime pussy

Warm anime pussy

Other side of the glory hole

If I stick my cock through a glory hole, what are the chances that a bitch who looks like this is on the other side?

Mp4/webm waifu thread

This is not gay, I'm not from cuckchan and I'm not a jew. No one is paying me to infest imageboards with porn and gay shit to destroy the spirit of west either.

Diplomatic Internationalist, Civil Authoritarian

Even when protesting an authoritarian government, violence is not acceptable.

Toadstools #2

This is the 2nd edition of Toadstools.

Previous thread: >>12476

If you have bookmarks or other interesting links to share then let's have 'em.

Cheers, Patriots!

/rg/ - Rossmann General

What's his fucking problem?


I went on google maps and looked at ireland and there wasnt a single forest


Sad Pics thread

Post pics that make you feel something.


greentexts/posts are also allowed.

White boi here

Anyone else scared of black men? They are so intimidating, physically powerful and confident. Gosh I wish I was black



How do i add a text like that under an image ?

MAke your own waifu you fucking douche

Sup bros, it's time to make your own cuckime bitch, long gone are the days where you get cucked by having your waifu become the romantic interest of some weak ass beta faggot MC, you can now make your own waifu without subjecting yourself to that gay bullshit.

Pic related is mine, cute ain't she? go ahead and post yours too.


c-could you guys… post some anime tiddies in this thread? specifically gifs and webms of them being squished and handled

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this

It's quite possibly the best movie ever.

Once Upon a Time... Life

Anyone remember this show? Is there any porn of it?


OC thread

10 character no problem

new memes

new memes thread