Nerve Center

Any Producers Here?

Does anyone else here hire their own models? I'd rather tell girls with feet I like what to do than rely on other people to give me what I want.

I hire girls local to me and remotely and at this point I have too much content to possible fap to it all. I know you'll tell me to just edge, but that only lasts so long.

Pics related.


Supposedly this fat guy, Kim, is obsessed with cheese and wine. He costs his country hundreds of millions in extravagances. All while his people starve. What do they get in return? A view of his fat face. But it’s better than having a nigger President in my opinion.

>be in the airport

>qt is lounging in the seat across from you

>her nubile thighs and ass in those tights are driving you to distraction

>quickly take a picture of her with your phone so you can fap to it later

>as you hit the button to take the picture you realize that you forgot to mute your phone

>the silence of the airport waiting area is shattered by the "cha-click" sound effect your phone makes as it takes a picture

>the qt looks up from your phone at you

>she gives you this look

what do

Behaviour and thinking of highly intelligent/high IQ people

Even though I myself am most likely not such I want to emulate them as much as possibly can. I realize I will never truly be such but I don't see a point if I don't at least try to the best of my abilities. I'm working on my impulse control and in general trying to see through everything but there are simply people who seem to operate on another realm of consciousness and I don't know how do they even get to that point.

Obsessive Interests

Most robots tend to have an autistic knowledge and obsession with a piece of media, such as a film/vidya/band. What is that for you robots?

For me it's Metropolis (1927).

Toadstools #4

4th edition of Toadstools

Previous thread: >>17978

Second thread: >>14962

First thread: >>12476

News, issues of the day, philosophical ramblings, or just interdasting stuff.

Keeping the same caption image because it is like an old friend now. Like the coffee cup found in the garbage decades ago. Or the floor lamp (also a found treasure) which is rusted and dingy but still shines its light through a dirty layer of spider webs. Not sentimentality. Just the comfort of the known. Landmarks in a sea of constant change.

⚡⚡⚡Webm Thread⚡⚡⚡

Digging in my backyard

(I should note that my mother found an empty vodka bottle and syringe caps on top of her bathroom vanity light, and my bedroom door seems to have been kicked in and shot 9times)

My family and I recently moved into a home(renting) where my mother found a wire(just a standard uncoated steel wire) in the backyard that seemed to go straight down into the dirt me being the curious guy that I am decided to dig where the wire was to try and see where it led. After breaking the surface I found A BUNCH of cigarette butts. Once I get about 6inches deep I found some glass and a string (looks like some nylon twine) that is now leading me a bit further from the original starting point. I'm now 2ft deep and I'm still finding cigarette butts while following this string

I will update this as I get deeper

If you use SAGE (caps) in email instead of sage (lower) you don't get the red "SAGE!" next to your name, and your sage will persist between threads, meaning you don't have to type it over and over again to sage multiple threads.


This is the based and oldfag way to sage on 8chan.

where were you when 4chan and 8chan became mirror images of each other just with a different diction of how they write

clip 1979

the first youtube video was released 02/16/2005, but what nobody knew was that it was a murder that happened in 1979.

-the amateur video shows moments before the murder of 3 girls by the man who was singing along with them.

Porn Addiction

For the most part I had unsupervised access to the internet from the onset of puberty, which of course led me to porn. It wasn't bad back in those days, I would look at plain old vanilla stuff from time to time and be done with it, but as you can imagine, as time wore on things became worse. These days, I'm ashamed of where I am at. Into the strangest, most awful fetishes, masturbating multiple times a day, everyday, out of sheer compulsion rather than any desire to do so. I hate it, I gain no pleasure from it, after I do it I always feel deeply disgusted with myself and wish I hadn't, but so far I've failed when it comes to abstaining.

I assume, this being a board for male virgins, at least a few of you know how this is. Anyone ever overcome it, and return to a somewhat normal sexuality? Or maybe there is no hope for me, and I should submit to the anti-degeneracy gangs for execution when the pure-revolution comes.

Post Pics That Infuriate You

Pictures that infuriate you or make you lose hope for the world and humanity.

It is frustrating and saddening to see normalniggers stealing and fermenting the memes and culture we have created. That normalniggers are pretending to have created our culture or think themselves a part of us. That, even now, they shit on 4chan, our home, the website that we used to call ours, and claim to be us. That they believe themselves to be the true robots. The transexuals on /r9k/ and the Trumpgoyim on /pol/ who truly believe that they are part of the original chan community and pretend to be an oldfag; that they are so thin-skinned they cannot admit to be new on an anonymous board.

All cuckchan is now is a porn website.

How do you even connect with a person

Honestly, how the fuck do normalfaggots do it

How do they have so many friends, how do they have people who give a shit

Whenever I try and find advice on how not to be socially retarded It's always shitty advice

I legitimately don't know where else to look, and I'm fuckign tired of living like this

Every day is just the fucking same, I'm tired of being so lonely

I think there was a lot more to Dylan Klebold than people like Dave Cullen and Columbine fan girls would like to believe. He wasn't this sad little child under Eric's control, he was easily just as explosive as Eric. During the shooting Eric had Luvox (zoloft) in his system, and didn't really say that much. Dylan on the other hand had no drugs in him, not even any alcohol. And you know what? The entire time he was taunting and screaming at the people he was shooting at.

>"GET UP!"


He clearly didn't go through with NBK just so he could commit suicide. He was indeed depressed, but just like Eric he went through with the attack because he wanted to kill.

Why do Columbine "researchers" constantly try to paint Dylan as some innocent little lamb who's under Eric's control?


Events since last thread

>Notre Dame goes through the fire and flames, we all know damn well who did it but they're not going to admit to it

>Sri Lanka gets kebab'd, but MSM doesn't care because it was against ebil Christians

>Tarrant 2: Electric Boogaloo fails miserably in San Diego, yet gives even more reasons for (((them))) to shut this place down

>Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is released, God help us

Post feels, regrets, good times, etc.

Which country has the worst normalfags?

Board has been a bit slow lately so maybe this will be an interesting topic: Which country, in your opinion, has the worst normalfags? Why?

Of the ones I've seen I'd say that US is the worst. Normalfags everywhere are shit, but in most other places their programming is inefficient. They can develop minor quirks in their routines and you can occasionally get a hint of an interesting interaction. However in the US, the schools, college, corporate, media, everything acts in unison to enforce the same set of NPC ideas. Just like in the Matrix sequels, even the quirky hobbies or ideas have been subverted by this and turned into kosher pressure valves that just enforce conformity more. In other countries, videogames, comic books, internet forums and the like can be a genuine escape from your own culture's normalfaggotry. Even though it's still shit, it's at least shit in a different way than what you experience day to day and becomes a nice change of pace. They've even managed to turn 4chan into a hyper-conformist, basic-bitch shithole. And one that still thinks it's being edgy and alternative at that. Almost every means of truly escaping normalfaggotry in US is very self-destructive, like being homeless or doing drugs. Even most drugs that don't outright kill you slowly have been taken over by conformism.


You ever wake up with nothing to do?

Nothing to think about either cause you just woke up and haven't yet filled your head with the distractions of vidya, porn, media, or whatever it is you fill the silence with.

Just the sound of the wind hitting the walls of your room.

Nothing standing between you and witnessing the truth about the life you've built.

What can I do with this?

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ratew meh son


/comfy/ tips

lets destress and relax for a bit. how do i get comfy? so far ive gotten these down.

>use darker themes on websites

>turn on night light/red filter

>wrap up in blankets

>put some relaxing music on

>avoid politics

>read wikis and dead imageboards, just absorbing information

what does /r9k/ do to get comfy?

anyone have the sound version or can read the lips of the full thing?

>spherecucks will deny this

while you were jerking it to nakeed drawn japanese people the ladies got curved swords



Henlo, am gay nibba. Here are free game for you have to on Steam. First person click who is a winrar.


Can anyone tell me what's this for anons?

Kinda looks like the pin from the headphone jacks but I'm not sure

Have you ever been bullied, anon? I think I had to cope with bullying since I was able to walk. I was bullied by a gang of girls in middle school and when I reacted I had to take a trip to the hospital. I don't remember elementary school much but I was still bullied in my first HS year. And then there's my dad who has been calling me worthless failure, dumb and all that stuff since I went to kindergarten and almost went as far as calling me an abortion. What about you?

>jerk off to cp vid of mom blowing her son


>feels good

>feel guilty afterwards



Tell me what's wrong with this photo

Human language is, of course, an expression of the culture that it is used in. However, the mechanisms by which languages pass down information vary depending on what culture that is.

The Chinese language uses complex pictograms to tell stories and apply connotations to the symbols used in daily life. The character 王 (Wang, the most common Chinese last name) is made of three horizontal strokes. According to Wikitionary: "The traditional interpretation is that the three horizontal strokes represent Heaven (天), Man (人, using the radical 大) and Earth (土). The vertical stroke is the king, the one who connects them together." The word for "jade" is 玉 , which is the king with his jewel. If you add a symbolic enclosure around that jade, you get the symbol 国 , which means "kingdom" or "country." It's where the king keeps his jade. That's where we get the nickname for China, the "middle kingdom" from the symbols 中国 and America is 美国 for "beautiful country." But if you took the whole explanation for these symbols and read it out, the name for China is something like "the central place where the man who connects Heaven, Man, and Earth keeps his jade."

Chinese people learn the explanations for these symbols, but when they order a pizza with corn on it, they don't give much thought to the yellow "jade rice" they're eating. It's just corn.

The fact that the Chinese learn myths and legends about their people's culture leads to a common mentality among them. Chinese people all spend years studying to read and write their language before becoming proficient adults. They practice writing these esoteric symbols daily, over and over again. Keep in mind, this is the most commonly spoken language on the planet with over a billion speakers (and growing). The Chinese have woven the story of their people into their language and by virtue of being one of it's speakers you begin to learn how they think.

In contrast, English is the most widely spoken language with official language status in 59 countries in addition to being the lingua franca of the world in science, technology, medicine, commerce, and so on. However, it is not connected to any one people. This begs the question: What history is our language passing down and which speakers are determining that?

The torch of imperialism was passed down through time from pax Romana to pax Brittanica and eventually to pax Americana, where the "world language" of English is law. This is part of why the Western world has maintained a similar mindset about things of Roman influence: religion, art, politics, use of Latin words in science and medicine, and so on. As long as we speak the English language, we will always pass this down.

Cultural information lives, fights, and dies in the same way that genetic information does. Memes and genes are one in the same. Because the English language is spoken among so many different kinds of people, it can never represent any one of them. The language itself has become a battleground for ideas and the strongest are the ones that shape our language, thus shaping the thinking of people all around the world for generations. What was once called "private domestic institutions" in American legislation is now called "slavery," and a lot of "plantations" are now called "estates" because people get offended by plantations. What was once called a "man" is now called a "woman." Censorship is a weapon for eliminating the ideas you don't want passed down.

By being an English speaker, you exist in this battlefield whether you wanted to or not. Your participation in the language is a stance and you will have enemies by default. Correctspeak becomes its own second language that needs to be learned in order to avoid conflict. Somebody will always hate you for the words you use, even if you are just speaking the way you think is acceptable. Somebody will always try to change the way you speak. This reality is the source of most conflicts between people. People argue about socialism, fascism, and liberalism without even agreeing about what any of these words mean (if they even know themselves). Definitions are changed on the fly to switch the way people think. Black can become white, up can become down, and suddenly you're supporting genocide and don't even know it. Or maybe you do, and that's fine.

Toadstools #3

3rd edition of Toadstools

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First thread: >>12476

News, issues of the day, philosophical ramblings, or just interdasting stuff.

Share your thoughts and spread your bookmarks.

Where We Go One, We Go All!

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Woman hate thread

Hate females

Mass Shooting/Attack Thread

Since old one has managed to hit the bump limit in just over a year, not sure how I feel about that.

Blackpill general

You will live a long miserable life.

There is a lot of pain and suffering ahead.

Dopamine receptors' sensitivity is decreasing and it will be more and more difficult to experience happiness.

8chans /b/ was doomed to fail from the start. The ability to create new boards has caused majority of anons that once use to flock to /b/ to shitpost to instead just hang out in their little niche groups, circle jerking each other off.

Hundreds of categories, all that content that would/should have been posted in a "random" board now just floats between a couple of anons that take turns sucking each other's cock.

All of you faggots thought that creating your own board was amazing but now look at /b/. Total shit. And as badly as I want to blame dysnigger for the way things turned out, the reality is, all you faggots ruined /b/. Something I honestly didn't think possible but here you faggots are, proving me wrong again.

Rules and Meta Sticky

1. Obey 8chan's global rules.

2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.

3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.

4. Refrain from posting low quality threads. Spam, roll threads, obvious bait, normalfag/cyborg shit, etc. will be deleted.

5. Posts made with the intention of derailing a rule abiding thread will be deleted.

6. Check the catalog for similar topics before posting a new thread. Repetitive threads will be deleted.

7. Keep blogposts in the FTDDTOT thread unless they're interesting enough to stand on their own and generate real discussion.

8. Keep meta discussion and feedback in the sticky. This is for convenience more than anything.

9. Namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging is prohibited unless necessary for a specific thread. This also applies to moderator capcodes, which shouldn't be used outside of meta discussions.

Kindly report any posts that seem to violate these rules.

Contact info:

Now cyclical because I don't want to make any more of these threads.

How to convince Flat-Earthers 101

1. Tell them to get a telescope

2. When they do, tell them to find a planet.

3. When they do, and it's round, tell them by their logic, every planet in our solar system is supposed to be flat like the earth and facing the planet directly above it like they're staring down at it. And if they say that the Earth just happens to be the bottom center of the universe or something dumber, then why can the crescent shadows of the sun be seen on the other planets like looking at the moon which is impossible if the sun is flat as well?

4. If they say it's all hologram, slap them and tell them by that logic, that hologram stayed above us visible from every part of the globe for over 5000 years.

5. If they still stick to that logic of denial, tell them to watch that highest parachute-diving Red Bull video.

Can you give me better advice that this? If you can, drop in some mind-changing advice for the anti-vax weenies.

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Nootropics, marketing hype or life changing drugs?

So recently I've been looking into nootropics, I've never held a job and I'm a HS drop out, so I really hope this is my saving grace. I am hoping they help me study something productive like programming so I can actually achieve something.

Have any of you tried any nootropics and how well did they work?

my logic or URLOGIC?

discord DOT gg/mVP7RzK

>phone buzzes

>incoming text message

>"anon, chadwina and i are ready for you to take us out on our date :)"

what do

Soph is my new waifu. She should be yours too.



Cancer General

Post here every time you visit /general/.

imagine living in a shithole like brazil. I would literally kms instantly. imagine being the descendants of immigrants there. instead of immigrating to prosperous first world cunts like Canada or USA they choose fucking brazil instead lmao.

The only pleasure in life is from the base desires and perfection of their attainment.

The best foods (Chinese food). The best beverages (Pepsi and orange mirinda). The best whores (virgins to pump and dump). Prove me wrong

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How do you solve the problem when it comes to Ted Bundy-maxing?

Obviously most retarded serial killers / mass shooters aren't always great looking but after the act/s have been done they instantly become giga-chads until the end of time, just look at Eric Harris.

Problem is, they either an hero at the crime scene or end up in prison forever……..

What do these guys have before they do this retarded shit that makes them desirable or is it the act itself?

I know cat ladies tend to fall in love with some retarded serving life in prison and end up marrying them because they're lonely or have a fetish with "bad boys" but ultimately, what's the deal?

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Tranny Hate Thread

You know what to do!

Does anyone else here have an opinion about "time itself" as an idea all its own? its like, it can be wednesday on one part of the planet, but thursday on a separate part? time flies when youre having fun, I guess.


Let us discuss China, my country

The average American hasn’t made a new friend in 5 years

Copied from /bane/, thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss here.

Forty-five percent of adults say they find it difficult to make new friends, according to new research.

A new study into the social dynamics of 2,000 Americans revealed that the average American hasn’t made a new friend in five years.

In fact, it seems for many that popularity hits its peak at age 23, and for 36 percent, it peaks even before age 21.

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Evite, uncovered that one of the reasons 42 percent of adults struggle to make friends is due to introversion or shyness (((pussifacation and cuckdom))).

And the challenge is not just in breaking out of their shell but also breaking into new social situations and circles.

The majority of respondents cite friendship-making barriers that include aversion to the bar scene where most people choose to socialize, or the feeling that everyone’s friendship groups have already formed.

And how many friends do adults actually have? Turns out, 16. The average American has three friends for life, five people they really like and would hang out with one-on-one, and eight people they like but don’t spend time with one-on-one or seek out.

Most people have remained close with friends they met when they were younger. Nearly half of those surveyed have stayed friends with peers from high school, and a further 31 percent with peers from college.

Kicking it even more old-school, three in 10 Americans say they have made lasting connections with people they met in their childhood neighborhood.

However, 82 percent of those studied feel like lasting friendships are hard to find. The number one cause of lost friendships is moving away, with 63 percent revealing this to be a reason they’ve fallen out of touch with a former friend.

Ways to cause a complete collapse of the current system in 5 days?

Speculate and theorize on the methods of toppling the current system. I have no doubt in my mind this will prove to be a fruitless discussion but the off-chance it does yield fruits, I make this thread.

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I want to live a simple life and die bluepilled












anal sex

















ass 2 ass

ass hole

ass kisser

ass licker

ass lover

ass man

ass master

ass pirate

ass rapage

ass rape

ass raper

ass to ass

ass wipe






















aunt flo

How accurate is this?

How do I learn to hold solid convictions? I've tried reading different books to educate myself on different subjects, but I always tend to agree with the book by the end of it, even if it contradicts what I read before. I feel like I have no critical thinking whatsoever; I am so easily swayed in one direction or to other that I've settled on apathy because I've grown wary that everyone is trying to manipulate me. Should I accept my fate as sheep and give up, or is this a natural part of the process of one's intellectual journey?

Female version of myself not sure what to think

48 yr old straight male

Why do wh*Te pipo post these retarded shit on facebook. At least our feminist ban abortion

Teflon/nonstick pans

Can someone please explain to me if these kinds of pans really are dangerous/poisonous if they've gotten a few scratches? There seems to be some conflicting reports about this.

Btw, please don't let this turn into teflon vs metal pans discussion.

Wouldn't it be funny, if dysnomia fucked around with the board settings and made sage mandatory per post?

please don't do this dysnigger

veganism is right

please logically defend eating meat. animals such as pigs, chickens and cows are fully sentient and conscious, and suffer tremendously as a result of your taste-bud preferences. human dont need ANY animal products to have optimal health, and animal products consumption are commonly associated in the medical literature with things like obesity and heart disease

and its extremely unethical. enslaving, torturing, castrating, raping, and murdering sentient animals for your amusement is not an ethical justification. dont you think its funny how so many depressed virgins on /r9k/ and complain about the abuse you've experienced in life by the hands of insensitive normies, but turn around and perpetuate much worse violence unto innocent animals?

like honestly, half of this board has people complaining of depression, being abused by normies/their parents, stress, being in pain, wanting to kill themselves, etc. do you think theres any irony in by eating meat you are contributing to suffering that is FAR AND AWAY in excess of anything that you've suffered in life, yet you have the nerve to complain about your petty problems? dont you think eating meat is hypocritical of you, if you complain about your problems in life caused by other people more powerful than you?

these animals dont want to die, experience torture, live in a small cage their entire life, or be raped, but they do experience those things just for your simple tastebuds and food preferences. im sure "muh yummy in my tummy tum tum, its fun for me haha" is not an ethical justification you'd accept if someone was to mistreat you

dubs decide if I destroy my pepe and wojak folder



Sage = Spam

Sage was once a useful tool.

Then a goon started saging every single thing he posted.

Then other goons picked up on that and now it is nothing more than attention whoring and spam. It does not function as intended anymore because so many of these cancerous sagefags are here doing it.

Saging should be disabled tbh.

ITT: Gommie failures

>Caparaó guerilla

>it's 1967

>3 years prior, several leftists were expelled from the Armed Forces by the ruling military autocracy

>a massive group of 22 of them want to overthrow the government

>they're part of the "Nationalist Revolutionary Movement"

>they have ties to Leonel Brizola, prominent former politician exiled in Uruguay

>Brizola has ties to Fidel Castro

>he also coordinated two failed attempts at insurrection

>he arranges for 5 of them to train in Cuba

>when they return, it's arranged for Cuba to finance them through Brizola

>they choose a supposedly "strategic" mountain range to begin a continent-spanning guerrila war

>all 22 of them

>because a previous attempt at insurrection elsewhere had been foiled

>this range had previously been the site of attempted guerilla formation by other gommies; in those cases their plans, too, were brought short by the regime

>they arrive with weapons and make a lot of noise

>meanwhile, Brizola appropriated Cuba's funds and used them to purchase expansive estates in Uruguay

>Castro realizes they're useless and cuts off financing

>locals realize those newcomers are up to no good and report them to authorities

>cops arrive in the scene

>they find the "insurgents" struck by starvation, bubonic plague and infighting between former Army sergeants and former sailors

>they're all imprisoned with no shots fired

>their underground support base in Rio de Janeiro is also identified and imprisoned

This was such a pathetic "guerrila" that it doesn't even have an English Wikipedia page.

Geocentric model is valid.



These two equations look different but they mean the same thing. One equation centers on x while the other centers on Y. So too, the heliocentric and geocentric (with epicycles) models express the same thing but from different perspectives. The geocentric model is more useful to us because it places its center on the planet we live on rather than the sun, which we do not live on.


It's useless for me to sage my own post in this case, seeing as I'm the original poster, so I won't.

it's Tuesday!

The colour of the day is Paolo Veronese Green (know what I mean). The number of the day is 414. Have a PFG day, see you tomorrow!

On the topic of spam

Saw the latest discord spam and figured I should post this retarded schizo babble which has been sitting in a text file on my desktop for a while now. I know there's a thread about discord up already but I figured it'd be good to have a thread specifically to discuss spam inviting people to other places, let me know what you guys think about this shit and whether it holds up.

Let me start off by saying that I think the discord/other sites automated spam is shit and garbage and I would love for it to be gone. That being said I find it to be a necessary evil.

Discord spam is a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff as it were. Lets say that two young anons came over from cuckchan, one would fit this board and one would not. Let's refer to them as X and Y respectively.

X is tired of how shitty cuck9k is and hates how he wasn't provided with what's advertised by the idea /r9k/, that being a place for virgin loners to congregate and discuss things online without retarded normalfilth shitting it up. At some point he finds out about this place, perhaps through an anon mentioning it on cuckchan to be edgy X comes here out of curiosity and sees fewer posts but much, much higher quality, and shuts his mouth and lurks for a while so he can learn the lingo and etiquette that's specific to the board, or maybe he doesn't even do that, but when he redditspaces or posts a nuwojak or whatever, he takes to heart the criticism that would (hopefully) be thrown his way. He ends up assimilating to our ways and doesn't bother himself with places like cuckchan again. If he sees an invitation to a discord he'll only ever see one at a time and figure that it's not as common here as it is back on cuckchan, since he's grown a thick skin to that stuff he'll simply ignore it or call the poster a faggot as he would have back on cuckchan.

Now we look at Y. Perhaps he hears about 8chan in the same way, a nigger mentioning it on cuckchan to be edgy. He comes here and sees the low-pph, the lack of twitter memes, and the general resentment of normalfags as something to be remedied. He makes multiple shitty threads about things like >tfw no gf and whacking off to traps and generally shits up the board a bit. He's angered at the negative reaction and starts reacting like the emotional normalnigger he is, getting whiny and defensive. But what if before he does this he sees a post inviting him to join a gaggle of discordniggers? He's probably already on discord but even on the offchance that he isn't, this type of cock-gobbling gorilla nigger would join in a second. With any luck he'll stay with his newfound interwebz friends to share nuwojaks and tranny porn with and won't give this place a second thought. Most he'll probably do is go over to /b/ or whatever board the discordniggers point him towards.

Obviously this isn't going to happen every time, but it's the two most likely options in my mind.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't immediately report it because you should, I'm just thinking that perhaps it works as a decent normalfag repellent.

Law of One Study Group

Thinking about starting a Law of One

study group on discord. Anyone interested?

Finding Porn Jobs in the UK

I'm an eighteen year old boy whose looking for a job in the porn industry in the UK.

Do you guys have any websites you would recommend in order to find porn jobs, or any porn studios which would be particularly interesting?

By the way, I'm willing to do gay porn, straight porn, BDSM, basically almost anything in terms of the porn genre itself, if that's relevant at all.

Thanks :)

/anime/ dread

I was just wondering what are your guys' favorites.

I like a lot of high-school romance bullshit. Say I Love You, The Garden of Words, Your Name, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, A Silent Voice and cheezy shit like that.

Whats your fav?

Why is reddit so full of cucks?

Do you ever play psychologist with yourself? Why do Robots come to be? Are we born different, or does something have to happen to us?

We were all normal at some point. What was the thing that made you like you are now? For me it was my mother and sister. Both overweight and marxists, and hate men. Father was decent but a wage-slave cuck who let other men fuck his wife. He had to work weekends for his shitty job and left me alone to deal with them both , where I got berated constantly for being "toxic" and socially inept. At first I believed them, but over time I grew to hate not only them, but all women in general. I can no longer be around a woman without feeling a seething rage, and I accept I will die alone.

Calling out the sagefag

This aggressive sagefagging needs to stop

YouTube Gamer ProJared Falsely Accused of Pedophile by his Ex-Wife!

American women will now falsely accuse you of being a pedophile once she decides to divorce you.

60% of marriages end in divorce in America, with women initiating the divorce 90% of the time.

So now, American women won't just try to financially destroy you in divorce. They will outright lie and accuse you of being a pedophile, with the goal of getting you put in prison.

Never, ever marry an American woman. American women, especially WHITE American women, are completely evil people.

Iran increases uranium stockpiles

can't wait till based persians glass half of the US.and all of israel

Law of One Study Group

Thinking about starting a Law of One Study Group on discord, anyone interested.

whats with the angry sageposter

Noriko/Hikkichan Deleted Videos

So i discovered that hikkichan has 66 missing videos from her original channel that were recorded between 2006 and 2007 before her Neet vlogs does anybody ou there have any of these videos saved anywhere at all? i want these videos so we can learn more about our queen these missing videos must be filled with a lot of insights about her.

Yo dudes!!!

I just got this really cool tattoo! Do you think it will attract me some hot chicks at the club? Living in LA atm.

member waterworld?

Does anyone else here have an opinion about "time itself" as an idea all its own? its like, it can be wednesday on one part of the planet, but thursday on a separate part? time flies when youre having fun, I guess.

codemonkey please, i just wanna talk to other [anon]'s

Lawfags, clue me in. If this is the law, than how come everyone who draws this stuff hasn't been put in jail?

What is your favorite musical act from your cunt?

Vice is the new Goon is the new SJW is the new Goon is the new troll is the new nerd

Step yo game up /int/, you're being outdone by /b2/.

can somebody post a fun thread instead of all the little bitch whining about the (((other board)))? grow a spine you boring faggots

what skill do you wish every anon had?

What's your favorite body type?


What are your thoughts on girls with this body type?

My personal favorite.


If the cold dosen't bother her, why does she wear clothes? Shouldn't she be a nudist? If she was naked, she could feel the ice cold breeze on her body and the snow on her feet.

To the redditor who sages everything he posts and explains why it's a "polite sage" in spoilers - you are sharing this board with people who want to rape children and kill Jews/niggers. Nobody gives a fuck about "staying on topic" or why you feel compelled to sage everything, including your own posts, nor why you get so butthurt when someone calls someone else a mean name. Reddit will be much more accommodating of your feelings than 8chan will ever be. Go back, you don't belong here.


Lost internet friendships

How do you deal with missing old online friends? I've had two long term friends in particular that I've lost in the last few years and I still think about them every few weeks. I usually end up experiencing crippling nostalgia for the entire day and realise how empty everything is now, how do I fill this void when I can't form close friendships with any new people I talk to? At this point I don't have any real or online friends anymore and I think I am ready to give up.