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NEET General #205 - Raging Romance Edition

Will the flowers of love continue to bloom?

OLD >>153525

NEET General #204 - Wants and NEETs Edition

What do you want out of life NEETs?

OLD: >>152773

NEET General #205 - cunny grool edition

OLD >>153525

OLD >>153525

OLD >>153525

NEET General #205 - Return Of The King Edition

Lay down your arms for he has returned. Let us be merry for their is peace in the Gen.

OLD >>153525

NEET General #203 - Tech Support Edition

My name is Pajeet Dolesh and I work for Microsoft, how may I help you?

NEET General #202 - Winning Edition

Wake up early and clean your room.

NEET General #201 - Waiting Edition

An internet bromance can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing trip NEETs. But sometimes you just need to have faith that everything will work out in the end.

Old Thread: >>150507

NEET General #128 - WW3 Edition

Are you ready for the coming apocalypse?

What does international power struggle mean for NEETs?

OLD >>95152

NEET General #204 - Old Farts Edition

What was it like back in your day elder NEETs?

OLD >>152773