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NEET General #405 - Walnuts Edition

Who likes to eat Walnuts?

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NEET General #217 - Executive Snack Combo Edition

Another weekend approaches NEETs. Time to recharge the mental and spiritual batteries by reconnecting with family, friends, nature and community.

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NEET General #121 - Friendship Edition

What a blessing the friendship and companionship of /ausneets/ has been to me NEETs. I hope you feel the same way. Let's make sure that we are always kind to each other.

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NEET General #34 - Reading Edition

Which book are you reading NEETs? Which books have made the biggest impact on your life?

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NEET General #404 - Not Found Edition

Error 404

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NEET General #317 - Life Goes On Edition

The last week has been a bit topsy turvy, but things will go back to normal soon enough, the sportsball begins tonight so the normies shall quickly begin to forget about us. The wheels keep spinning on the NEETbus.

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NEET General #391 - Nocturnal Stargazing Pepe Edition

What's so amazing that keeps us stargazing? And what do we think we might see?

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NEET General #403 - NasBoong Edition

Always was

Always will be

We're all gunna make it cuz


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NEET General #303 - Drugs are degenerate

Don't do Drugs NEETS

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