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Gina Thread

1 Million subscribers edition

old: >>115989

Her brand is growing. (I think she's the only one who actually has a brand.)

She has her ASMR channel with 1million subs, a smaller gaming channel with 88k subs, a twitch with around 1k subs, and a patreon with around 1k patrons.

She also has a merch store, a sponsorship deal with CrunchyRoll, and gets regular 100+ dollar donations on twitch.

She's going to be the second most subscribed (behind GentleWhispering), and probably top grossing ASMRtit by the end of this year.


Lets be honest, its your dirty little secret. A fetish that no one needs to know!

Meth Frog aka Cloveress

The train wreck must go on!

Twitch ASMR THOT Amouranth

Amouranth has big white tits.



"A sufficiently beautiful woman can have the intelligence of a chimpanzee and still do well in lilfe."

"My son was a beautiful woman."


maria meeting the new generation of asmr whores

Isabel Imagina-hnnngg

Come have a seat & discuss this ASMR smokeshow

Culling the herd

You can force any ASMR thot that you find annoying to drive in a car with Frivi, which will lead to their personal debasement and then a kind of living death as a human baby (teehee).

Who is it and why?

Goodnight moon

Previous thread >>102307

ASMR Glow AKA Sharon Dubois

Birthday dinner with her brother and late night pussy slamming. Old Jewish family customs.

Asian ASMR only

I'm tired of wh*te girls shitting up the board with their sluttiness, this thread is for all Asian ASMR content creators.

Everybody's invited except anti-Asian people.

One of my favourite videos of Dana

>you will never marry Dana in her cute Hanbok

Hypnosis Videos

Some of you guys will surely like this. Its relaxing.

Pelagea ASMR - Leg edition 3

I don't know why I keep creating them, I like knowing that Turbo isn't getting to do it. Enjoy a discord only leg pic because I fucking love her legs. Lots of new people coming in now a good 10/15 new patreons have joined the discord.

Olivia Munn ASMR

24 minutes with my waifu.



why do these thots keep insisting that ear eating isn't a sexual thing?

Surely nobody actually believes this? Surely everybody understands the only reason why men watch women lick 3dios but not men lick 3dios is because it's an inherently sexual thing and it would be gay to let another man lick your ears?

Ocean Tart ASMR

Previous thread >>54814

>"Yes, these dolphins are my family, my ancestors," I thought, and we embraced.


Why is she so perfect? Discuss.

old Angelica thread


Arina SL

Isn't she beautiful? Too bad, she doesn't make videos in English.

Bright Greyfu

Behold the perfect ASMRtist

>no fashion hauls

>no slutty camwhoring

>no slutty offline pics

>no coalburning

If anyone knows Elsie-chan, please tell her anonymous is in love with her.

Cucumber sucking ASMR

by Stormy_Erotic_ASMR

Where is my Stephanie thread?


Aftyn Rose thread since there doesn't seem to be one


I boosted the bass on the audio since she's retarded and turns the bass rolloff on.


here's a compilation i stumbled upon of intimate jav scenes layered with asmr, it's noice


>tfw no QT sister

Roger the Faggot

(puffy Roger fixed nose edition)


Another slut for the road

Seems very innocent, but a whore, i''m sure, lurks within

Why are so many ASMR artists damaged?

It's fascinating to see the various 'hidden' stories, many has mental issues and baggage.

Why do we watch them, are we also damaged?

Pastel a Cute

4th Princess Pastel thread mein lieblings!! ♡♡♡

( )_ ( ) [\ _ /]

☆☆ ☆ \(=^w^.)/♡\(●w●=)> ☆☆☆

Previous Thread: >>>/asmr/112301

Gwen Gwiz

Gwen "I don't use my tits for views" Gwiz is the best asmrtist. I love her for her quality content and definitely not because every second video is a saggy tit bikini haul

It's not sexual...

…you pervs

Heather Feather

OLD: >>73861

500k subs edition

[Esc] reality

There arent any discussion threads of my favorite ASMRtist.

Bet you cant make me not like her.

Pastel a Cute

New Princess Pastel Cutie Thread mein lieblings! ♡♡♡

~(>●w●)> ♡♡ <(^w^<)--

Previous Thread: >>>/asmr/96386

Seafoam Kitten

Seafoam: Autistic Fidget Toys Edition

CreativeCalm (Lucy Clout)

Anyone got any dirt on this whore?

Got her insta but its private


ASMR Massage Psychetruth

Oh lawdy lawd…

Rapunzel ASMR's audience is 52% female

Why are they always so concerned when their audience is mostly male and so happy when their audience is mostly female? Don't these silly cunts realize men Patreon more often and for higher amounts? Women viewers are a liability because men are the ones who will buy you shit off your amazon wishlist and patreon as hard as they can.

Halez ASMR

She is good and also posts frequently. Give her love.

True Russian Whore

anyone have photos of kittyklaw asmr? patreon? lust is strong. the old photos don't work on

First Attempt

What do you think

Defining Real ASMR

One problem with the ASMR community is that it has become diluted over time. When it began, it was pure ASMR, but over time, became co-opted by the sex industry. Let's settle, once and for all, the difference between real ASMRtists and those who use ASMR to sell a sexual product for money. There are some that don't fit into either category, but I will get to those.

There are two sides to the ASMR community, and ASMRtists fit in either one of two categories. There are real ASMRtists, who make ASMR videos, and there are sex sellers who make sexual videos using the name of ASMR to make it seem more legitimate, but it's not ASMR.

Anyone who specializes in ear or microphone eating, or mouth sounds videos, is a sex seller, not an ASMRtist (Frivolous Fox is a well-known example).

Anyone who makes primarily fetish videos, is not an ASMRtist, but a sex seller (examples include Fairy Blossom and Lisa who used to be an actual ASMRtist).

Anyone who flaunts their sexuality in almost every video to get money is a sex seller, not an ASMRtist (eg. Palegea, Valeriyla or however the fuck she spells it, Hungry Lips. Cloveress and so many others).

There are some oddball others who don't make sex videos or ASMR videos, like Angelica. People like her make vlog or normal speaking videos, and use the name of ASMR to get a bigger audience.

There are those that straddle the fence between making legitimate ASMR videos and serving a different ultra-nerdy fanbase of geeks (such as Gibi). Girls like her make real ASMR when they feel like it, and make fan-service geek videos the rest of the time (dressing up as silly video game characters and other juvenile things).

But the real ASMRtists are people like Prim ASMR, Goodnight Moon and Moonglove (even though she's no longer active).

Feel free to list more ASMRtists in this thread, if you so wish, and tell us in which category you believe they belong in.


A) Actual ASMR

B) Sex Seller

C) Oddball

or ones that might straddle the fence.

DISCLAIMER: There are many who will cry "You can't decide what ASMR is; it's different for everyone! What's not ASMR to someone, might be to someone else!" These people are usually trying to justify their personal fetishes as ASMR either to deceive themselves or others.

Awesome Gibi - Awesome Edition

I love Gibi and so should you! Tell us why (you) love Gibi ITT.

Good ASMR channels

Every thread current up is of a bitch that you fags hate and rag on. Are there any ASMRtits that you think are actually good and like?

Unintentional ASMR

Post your favorite unintentional non-ASMR channels. For me, Jared Taylor and his use of "huwhite" always gives me some tingles.

>inb4 BoB RoSS

Lexi Poll ASMR

Alright guys, calm down. I know, she's the hottest asmr-ist.

Request thread

Did your favorite ASMRtist private a video, delete all their videos because of creeps, or get flagged down before you could download your favorite video for yourself? Request it here!

Tabitha Whispers

wish she did joi

1488 GET

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

"The Greatest Story Never Told"

Vietcong Cutie [Elise ASMR]

New Elise Thread.

And new vid. very cute tbh

Fifi Blyad aka ValeriyaASMR


new taylor lynn smith thread

'glad that she got back on track, stopped being a platinum blonde and got better mics and stuff' edition


What do you guys think about my attempt at reading a story, is it shit?