Nerve Center

Gina Lupica aka Gibi ASMR

info collage edition

>>82918 stale bread



Sex offender Castration Roleplay

and then there's this

ASMR Alysaa thread

No love for her? Any info? Lewds by any chance?

I love her ASMR style. also kinda hot, as well.

Seeboam Kitty's Love Basement of Doom

The only girl who was ever nice to the Hate Dungeon and one of the best ASMRtits on JewTube. Express your love for our degenerate little sister Nora in this thread.

old thread


Things that mae you drop an ASMRtist

>mentions having a bf

Alahu Akbar!

Our favorite call girl from чечня!

Previous: >>99594


Aftyn Rose thread since there doesn't seem to be one


I boosted the bass on the audio since she's retarded and turns the bass rolloff on.

Premium ASMR

Archive Pack of premium ASMR



- All content no longer available on YT

- Almost one hour of premium ASMR content

- Good video and audio on all videos

Frivi aka Lauren Delgado

>>73298 old thread

Scottish Milkers ASMR

Thoughts on this northern slag?

In Need of ASMR Stars

We are in need of anyone who can do ASMR and we will promote your content in exchange on our server:

AMSR// I'm Poppy (roleplay)

This is the most woke asmr video I have ever watched.

Isabel vs The Wall

Isabel Imagination is an interesting study in what happens to beautiful women when they hit the wall at age 30. Watch Isabel as she struggles to cope with her fading beauty, cold personality, eFame, shallowness, loneliness, and overall nobody giving a shit about her. Enjoy this rare pic of her crying.

Pizza face Cunt

Crusty ass scamming piece of human garbage is striking again. Reupload this video all over the Internet and if she strikes it just file a counterclaim.!v4Rw1T5B!UWhzUnoxODg04GIENY1dICdDGFt4ClwSZ_7sGu5Mw8Q

Chinese are better at whoring it out

All time great video

Make A Wish Foundation

What ASMRtist would you bring back into regular rotation? Who would you resurrect?

Pastel Cutie

I real like her aesthetics, I wish she had more vids

Astral Sensory Meditating Relaxation

Are any of you curious about the fringe aspects of asmr? Certain sounds, visuals, rhythms and patterns induce a trance like state. I wonder if there is more to this.


For Erika.

made a video for the board!!

/asmr/ pride! hope you like the video guys!

new taylor thread post hot pics

She is P U R E S E X

Ephemeral Rift

This is the best ASMR channel on YouTube and you can't deny it

Hunni Bee

Is she kino?


How old is she?

Maple ASMR

shitskin tranny confirmed

Dicky Licky Angelicky

Milf is back and ready to bite off your dick!

ASMR foot fetish

I think its time for a foot thread, share your favs in here

Custom Video From NatureFlight ASMR

Custom NatureFlight ASMR video up for 30 days @

Anyone got any lewds of her? Especially of that fine ass

[Esc] lonliness with [Esc] reality

Rena has become the second best friend simulator on the 'Tubes ever since she regained her sanity heterosexuality. Want your best friend to model her new clothing for your appreciating eyes anon? You've got it!

None of this 20 minute video nonsense for Rena. 1 hour videos, 2 hour videos, no problem! Thank god her meds regular vaginal injections of semen are working!

Pee.Ess: She's winging her way to America soon with her chad. That's right. Rena is gone to the Americans bro fist if you get that reference. It's been 5 years. Fuck NCsoft.

Wolf Pack ASMR

100% legit asmr

bruh look at this dude

oh no no no no


This is the future of ASMR, and it's beautiful

Roger the Faggot

(puffy Roger fixed nose edition)

Things that mingle your tingle

>hands on the right side of the screen

>it sounds on the left earbud

Skirting the line

What are some of your favourite channels that really skirt the line between lewd and legit relaxation or use their sexuality in a subtle/effective manner.

For me, it's ASMRTherapist

Heather Feather

OLD: >>73861

500k subs edition

Natureflight Panty Teast

Thank god for wind!

Maple ASMR

There's like 47 duplicate Blue/Gibi/Palagea/JellyButt/Darling/Innocent threads. Why not 1 for Maple?


Non-ASMR girls who you want to jump into the ASMR bandwagon?

doesn't matter if they are popular already or not that widely known.

Mine is vid related, kek


Look at me, I'm so beautiful!







>Fuck:MissChloe. I like dem redheads, not love them.

>Marry: Brightgrey I mean look at this god tier asmr

>Kill: all haul whores


Previous thread is autosaging and holee fuck


What'd you queers do to her? Why'd she quit?


Why aren't you a liberalist yet?

True Russian Whore

anyone have photos of kittyklaw asmr? patreon? lust is strong. the old photos don't work on


WhispersRed thread ?