Nerve Center

Its all ogre.. Delicate Raindrops

Press F to pay respects.

Club Rift

Let's talk about how based he is and share his pics and videos. This top artist is LONG OVERDUE for some well deserved attention from the Hate Dungeon. Share your most based Rift moments ITT.

(no whores allowed)

TheOneLilium ASMR

what a waste of potential and she's "only" 30

Hey Julie!

It doesn't get any fresher than this. Meet Julie. She made her first ASMR video today. Her quality is pretty decent from the start and she's SUPER CUTE! 1 subscriber and 11 views. 1 comment and… I THINK IT MIGHT BE JUNKS!!! Can we save her from the absolute pyro?!


"ASMR - Hit me baby one more time!"

Gina B. G. Lupica

To gina's rep here:


Angelica ASMR


Las thread (110729.html) auto saged. Enjoy!


>tfw no QT sister

White Rabbit

Is she white? Is she a rabbit? This Sicilian cutie makes decent, consistent content, but still doesn't have her Silver Play Button. In the spirit of trying to purge the old and create new threads for ASMRtits that we never talk about, I give you Ella. I like her videos and she gives me tingles, but there's a slight hollow echo to her audio that I wish she could fix. What do you anons think of Ella? Are Sicilians white?

Here's a video with her doing a fake French accent. Girls with accents always give me tingles. Why is that?

About how long does it usually take an ASMRtist to start showing her slutty side?

Also post slutty ASMR pics


shes getting better lately

i think its only a matter of time now

Ocean Heart AKA Danielle Maitreya AKA nuts

She's baaa-ack.

Old thread >>134553

Best Jellybean Thread

Jellybean Green has been consistently making videos for 4 years. Good content, wide variety, and over 250 videos, yet she's still under 75k subs. Well known for being one of the nicest and most helpful creators in the ASMR Community. Wife, mother, friend, and always gets involved with charities and fundraisers. Say nice things about the Best Jelly.

(not to be confused with kpop skank Jellybeannose)

based asmrtists

is there anyone more based than this lad

PayPal lowering the hammer on ASMRtits 2: women's anguish version



Thread I summary:

>Something fun seems to be afoot. Sharon Glow is "this close to losing her shit" about Paypal freezing the accounts of asmttits. What's her face, Creative Calm, has been frozen, as well as Ashley Marie and Scottish Murmurs.

>/asmr/ thot-slayers schadenfreude intensifies

>E-whores mad they might have to ask sugar daddies for raise in allowance; proceed cry to Twitter and their orbiters

>FrivviFox and her beta army go on mass DMCA takedowns of video's about her murdering Tori

>Frivvi's DMCA takedown notices proven fakes

>Autism activated

>Anons do research

>Karuna, Glow, Frivvi making thousands of dollars a month

>Evil "Nazi weaponized misogyny" reaches blood hatred

>Endgadget reports on and screenshots /asmr/

>War declared on ASMRthots

>You are here.

Goodnight moon

Previous thread >>138028

ASMR-related sins/confessions: Part Deux

confess it, son

previous >>>/asmr/96869

Lucy ASMR Whispers

"Oh. Hi there, anon. Like what you see?"

Introducing a Gwen Gwiz clone with less than 1k subs. Say hello to Lucy Ann Brown. This new ASMRtits is ready to be praised by thousands of thirsty betas. Everything from her ASMR channel, vlog channel, social media, and Patreon are already in place. She's open for business! Dangling this delicious piece of fuck meat into the dungeon will ensure that her channel either gains traction or she deletes herself. What do you lads think of Lucy Ann?

Bright Greyfu

Behold the perfect ASMRtist

>no fashion hauls

>no slutty camwhoring

>no slutty offline pics

>no coalburning

If anyone knows Elsie-chan, please tell her anonymous is in love with her.


true one

Goodnight Moon


Previous thread >>135359

WhisperingJane ASMR


Unintentional ASMR

Post your favorite unintentional non-ASMR channels. For me, Jared Taylor and his use of "huwhite" always gives me some tingles.

>inb4 BoB RoSS

ASMR Attack

Why is she not more popular? She's cute. She's friends with Rapunzel Ann, so she might be red pilled. She's trad looking and not a degenerate, as far as I know. Creating for four years, but only 21k subs. What is Sarah doing wrong? What could she do better?

High IQ Cross Dresser General

Anyone else watch this fucker? I love him and his quick British wit. Anyone notice how emo he gets in the comments? Super diva. Shows off his tits as well.

The ASMRCast

Welcome to a place for people with ASMR to get their tingles! We cover Gaming ASMR, Real Life ASMR, Audio Only ASMR, Experimental ASMR & so much more! Wont you stay a while and listen? :)

Mommy ASMR

any older women asmr channels?

for mommy purposes

Hermetic Kitten ASMR

The best witch on the Interwebs.

SILF - spic I'd like to fuck

Pastel a Cute

4th Princess Pastel thread mein lieblings!! ♡♡♡

( )_ ( ) [\ _ /]

☆☆ ☆ \(=^w^.)/♡\(●w●=)> ☆☆☆

Previous Thread: >>>/asmr/112301

Lexi Poll ASMR

Alright guys, calm down. I know, she's the hottest asmr-ist.

MC Clover

She's an ASMR artist, not a hoe anons.

Asian ASMR only

I'm tired of wh*te girls shitting up the board with their sluttiness, this thread is for all Asian ASMR content creators.

Everybody's invited except anti-Asian people.

One of my favourite videos of Dana

>you will never marry Dana in her cute Hanbok




veil asmr

Pretty much an unknown. Going 2 years strong with only 3k subs. She has no social media. No patreon. No paypal. No custom vids. She shows her eyes. She shows her mouth. Never both at the same time. I really think she does it for fun and a creative outlet. I like her videos because they're so lo-tech that they have a 2012 feel to them.

Con Artist FrivolousFox aka Lauren Delgado

no cucks allowed edition

I'm in a good mood

Trips and I reveal my ASMR waifu


>I live in Australia, and though I've never punched a kangaroo, I HAVE been bitten by a dingo.

Grapes LeafASMR

nice little whore just discovered, has potential


Anyone have any marai asmr patreon videos? This is all I managed to get

Heather Feather

OLD: >>95860

Video N E V E R edition


Truly a goddess in disguise

Seafoam Kitten


Now in 1080p60 HD!!!

Last thread won't bump

BR 2049 ASMR

why the fuck there is no proper "Joi" character ASMR RP yet.

what's wrong with the girl creators?

whose ASMR is the closest look-wise to the actress who portrayed the character?

and which ASMR girl do you think would do a decent job RPing the character ?

The ASMR milf

patreon incoming

TerreItu ASMR


Drunk Giant Turkey Eats Your Ears

Eating videos are ruining ASMR

Let's talk about "mukbang" or eating videos. Eating videos are ruining the ASMR community because they enable lazy content creators, just record yourself eating some food and boom, done.

Where is my Stephanie thread?


More of this goddess

tenderloving ASMR

Well, she did it again. This girl has been brainwashed beyond repair. What a sad case.

Why are women the easiest to manipulate into following the elite's agenda?


here are some eyes of some good people that make asmr

Purging /asmr/

If the Jew had it's way, darkweb wouldn't exist all these boards would be deleted. Say what you want, cry all you want there's no more Jew shilling here. The recent Glow and Friv attacks on this board and anons ended my patience and willingness to overlook the whores. Anons know there are better channels out there, most of them smaller. Interesting smaller channels like Tyla's and even mid-sized channels like Soe were "run out of the business." Yet the same top 10 ASMRtits are always getting bumped and shilled everywhere across social media. They are glorified camwhores. Glow's and Friv's orbiters raiding the board and spreading it across JewTwitter because BV and I kept the previous BO's stance of less moderation. Not anymore. Jew whores are purged. The same 10 ASMRits have been shilled and bumped for years, and now their shills have directly shit on infinitychan.

Bob Ross

To honor ASMR's unintentional founding father, Bob Ross, post your favorite painting videos or ASMRtist tributes ITT.

Robert Norman Ross was white, not a jew, and an American hero. The son of a carpenter and a waitress, Bob was poor. His love for pets and animals kept him entertained as a kid. Bob dropped out of high school to help his father's carpentry business. At the age of 18, Bob joined the United States Air Force where he confirmed that he was a bad ass and rose to the esteemed rank of Master Sergeant and served as a First Sergeant till retirement. Bob mastered his craft by painting beautiful shit in Alaska on his lunch breaks to sell for extra money. He secured his existence with one son. He married twice, but couldn't get his second wife knocked up. After 20 years of kicking ass, Bob said he "would never yell or raise his voice again" and chose to spend the rest of his life creating peace through painting. Bob eventually got cancer and kept it a secret from his fans and worked till he couldn't work any more. He got one more waifu before finally dying of his secret cancer on the 4th of July like a fucking bad ass while fireworks were going off. Most of his family, friends, and audience didn't know about Bob's cancer till after his death. If you don't like Bob Ross, you're a faggot. Press F to pay respects. Linked video is "Bob Ross: The Happy Painter - Full Documentary" from his channel, if you'd like to learn more about this extraordinary man.

WhisperAudios ASMR wants to talk about your period

Alternate title: Girlfriend Simulator Pretends Other Women Actually Watch This Shit

Male Ear Eating

To welcome all of our new woke mgtow faggot comrades who are tired of female whores and looking for some REAL MAN ASMR, I've got just the thing for you. When MEN GO THEIR OWN WAY, it doesn't mean you have to give up having your ears eaten. Get your dicks out, or your dildo to peg yourself with, for some real ear eating.

Darya Lozhkina


Is this it chief?

Top tier asnr or what m'lads?

She is a dog btw


There is more … Somewhere …

Rapunzel Thread

Chads only

Anybody got that vid where she flashed the cam by accident?

AftynRose ASMR

Another thread for her

Peaceful Mind

I've always liked this channel, but I think it's slowly dying. This creator is very talented with her make-up, costumes, art, scripts, sound, and editing. Her singing is angelic if you're interested in hearing it. For many small channels, you have to wonder if stagnant growth, idea fatigue, lack of feedback, finally leads them to lose interest or give up. I like this girl. She's not been a beggar or a whore, but she lacks "the look" to draw a crowd. Feels bad man. Is it shilling if I post her here or would the Hate Dungeon have pity on her and breath some new life into a dying channel?

Creative Calm/Lucy

I know she isn't very popular around here but please…if anyone has anything on her PLEASE SHARE!!!!

Her body is a fucking 10, m8s


Cthulhu will Rise

Who are gud ASMR gurls to follow

I haven't posted here in a year or so, but in that time, Heather Feather, Cutebunny992, and SoftAnnaPL are all gone. All I see left are whorbs, camwhorbs, and escorts. Are there any gud gurls left making actual tingle focused asmr videos? These current whorbs are just disappointing ;_;

Equilibrium ASMR a Singer and Songwriter?

Wow I didn't even know, she a singer was she a songwriter ETC.

Is that why she lost her job because she was doing something crazy dark place called cam porn? she was fired or terminated from her job because that?

I'm so Confused please help us out for a bit.

That's a thread of the Day.

That Matty thread.

It really puts things into perspective when a real man like Matty felt that he finally made it to the big leagues when the world famous "Hate Dungeon™" finally recognized him. That's the reality that male artists have to put up with. We never notice these people and it isn't fair that they don't get a slice of our autism in their life. I don't even know if Matty is a spic or slant, but his mom might be dying for real. Matty deserves a thread here just as much as any other whore. Let's throw some money at this dude. Is his dick yellow or brown? Who knows. All that matters is that it isn't white and he's not a woman, so he can't be a whore. If Matty could deliver a suck and tit fuck JOI with a plastic dong, then I think we could find it in our hearts to save his mother's life. Get your tits out, Matty. I'll get out my wallet. Let's do this shit for your mom.

Matty's patreon can be found here.

Wandering Whispers

Does anybody else like this Viking? Reads nordic stuff, loves nature, drinks mead from a horn, epic beard. He's a BIG GUY. For you. He's been at it for 3 years and at 11k subs and only one $1 patron, he sure isn't in it for the money. I wonder if he's into Odinism.



Whispers In Chaos

Peggy Liddell

Audio Only Artists

With the recent end of whores, maybe we can finally show some audio only channels a bit of love. Here is my favorite audio only waifu and very pure too. Low subs but deserving of so much more. Share more videos like this with fellow anons.

Audio only waifus ITT! (no whores allowed)

The Original ASMR camwhore

Is she still Bellavent to the ASMR community?

ASMR BlueKatie

found a new Azn ASMR-fu goys.

she can speak english and japanese and also into anime.

Adolf Hitler ASMR

"I swear: I will be faithful and obedient to the leader of the German Empire and people, Adolf Hitler, to observe the law, and to conscientiously fulfill my official duties, so help me God."

Let our Führer put you to sleep anons as you recite your oath of loyalty…

Diddly ASMR aka @DiddlyDonger on Twitter

Judging from her Twitter pics, should we be hopeful on her ASMR, anons?

So whatever happened to Tandia LittleCloverWhispers?

I heard she stopped camwhoring after scamming a bunch of guys

DarkestStar ASMR



>10 patrons

Isabel Imagina-hnnngg

Come have a seat & discuss this ASMR smokeshow

Let;s continue shitting on FrivolousFox aka Lauren Delgado

Previous thread >>136116

Wouldn't it have been nice if Frivvi had held a fundraiser for Tori after she told her story and asked her cucks to help pay for her medical bills? Considering Frivvi caused the accident and has been exploiting the story for her channel for years now, it's the least she could do. But I'm sure the thought never occurred to her, and if it had the last thing she wants to do is share her cuckbucks.

Asmr pegging

Who are the Asmr artists who are into pegging in your opinion ?

Let's Find Out

In my opinion which is shit, "Let's Find Out" is the best, underrated, male content creator in the ASMR genre. No props or cosplay faggotry. You can watch this "Whispering Matthew McConaughey" and not feel weird or gay about it, even if someone catches you watching. "What are you watching, anon?" "I'm watching an educational video about the beginning of the universe." I often play his videos for entertainment and background noise, and sometimes I learn something from him in the process. Good audio, good editing, good info. It doesn't feel gay at all. Anons cry about males not getting any attention down here in the dungeon. As a serious attempt to recognize one of the best male creators, I give to you, this thread. A male content creator who deserves some credit.

Nature Flight

Interesting experiment: watch this video and measure exactly how far your dick crawls into your scrotum.