Nerve Center


Germans always show their true colors eventually

ok which one of you fuckers did this?


Vice segment on ASMR and /asmr/


@ 24:33

Here is the (((Vice))) "journo's" twitter:

I will allow ONE thread for Guybi's dox and connections to scams like BH only. Shills for her get immediate b&. It's obvious she's connected to a lot of shady jew shit since she's the "face of ASMR."

AftynRose ASMR

Three ugly witches video is out.

Pastel a Cute

New Princess Pastel thread mein lieblings!! ♡♡♡

Previous: >>>/asmr/121058

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How do we actually fuck some of these bitches

It's generally understood that people who do ASMR aren't right in the head. And it seems like ASMR is turning women into literal whores (or releasing the whore out of them). To me there are some clear psychological issues that can be attacked, but I haven't heard of anyone doing it yet. So how does one actually fuck an ASMRtits? Not a relationship (though you can put that type of advice in here).

Pls go easy I'm a /newfag/

Hungry Tits the Scammer

A bunch of guys decided to crowd fund Hungry Lips in order to get a custom video out of her.

She promised them this and that, spent a while delaying it and then produced the following piece of lazy garbage, effectively giving them a $800 YouTube video

Head shaving

Why am I seeing head shaving videos on pornhub lately? Some of them don't even feature nudity. And how long until this makes it to ASMR? Jibby shaving Sharon's head for Xmas?

Jewish Thot Glow has crossed the whore Rubicon

Report the shit out of that video!

If you could've saved an ASMRtist and make her your wife who would it be?

>starting a family with amy

>coming home from work to see her waiting with your kids

>eat dinner alone browsing the internet as they watch TV

>have sex after putting the kids to sleep

>waking up next to her warm body

alwaysslightlysleepy archive

Does anyone have her GWA archived and saved anywhere? I'm an idiot that kept prolonging downloading them.

Asian ASMR

Let's put all chinks, japs and gooks in one thread so the yellow fever won't spread to the rest of the board.

Suna hit 1 mil subs.

Ppomo got fucked by Jewtube algorithm.

ASMR YouTube Rewind 2018

I cut out the ASMR part for your convenience to save you from sitting through an 8 minute social justice infomercial. Vid related.

Congratulations ASMRtits. ASMR made it into this year's Rewind. Who is it? It's a bunch of gook gamers smacking tuning forks and gongs. It's some Vietnamese guy who plays first person shooters and can't even speak English and has less subs than Darling smacking a giant metal sphere with a fucking hammer. Then there's a trio of faggots that sneeze on a mic. Cut to next scene.


Not a single real ASMRtits to be found anywhere and their representation of the genre was totally wrong. If this mingles your tingles or leaves you feeling butt hurt, go smash the dislike. The ratio is looking beautiful so far. We're almost at a million dislikes. The comments are golden. Viewers are absolutely shitting all over YouTube in the comments for pushing their agenda.

The state of (((/asmr/)))

One question… why are you paying these roasties attention and not running them out of these fucking fads?

Maria is the perfect woman


Isabel Imagina-hnnngg

Come have a seat & discuss this ASMR smokeshow


A callout video from the man himself.


Another slut for the road

Seems very innocent, but a whore, i''m sure, lurks within

holly asmr tits

holly asmr posts clothing shit to her second channel now

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR

Just dropping a few customs. Tim and Justin you cucks!

Lens Licking / Close-up

This video gave me intense tingles and a solid erection even though the audio quality was lacking. Is anyone else into lens licking and close-up videos? I find that extreme close-up videos always give me the best tingles. Seeing a girl 3 feet away on top of her mic might sound "ear to ear", but there's no immersion. When the mic and cam are together and she has to visually lean in like she's really whispering in my ear, it always triggers my tingles. I think this is why I like Softly Galoshes and her cute feminine penis so much. Bekah is good with immersion. Close-up also feels more intimate. I find that most of my favorite saved videos are close-up. I do see how this could be a problem for some though because how would they be able to get their tits on camera? What do you think of in-your-face ASMR, anons?

Goddess Angelina

Goddess Angelina announces upcoming asmr clip on twitter

Karuna Sotori ASMR

Her move to Patreon and doing erotic ASMR is a lucrative business and easy money.

Darya Lozhkina

Do we have a Darya thread? Now we do.

Totally non-sexual, totally not using her body for views. btw that wig really emphasizes how unattractive her face is. :0

ASMR's Thot 25 Tournament

Here is the tournament chart of where things currently stand:


The first four matches feature women who are in the elimination bracket, which means they already have one loss in this tournament. This is a double elimination tournament, so another loss for these women will eliminate them from the tournament for good. Very simple: the winner moves on; the loser is eliminated.


The women featured in the following four matches are still undefeated in this tournament. The winners of each match will advance to the Winners Semi-Finals; the losers will be dropped down to the elimination bracket, where they will face the survivors of Round 3 of that bracket.

pic related

does doing a kissing video make you a sellout

Lily Whispers

Can someone tell me what the fuck she is talking about?

"Life Update". Yeah, right. All she does is shill her shitty products. What a lying cunt.