Nerve Center

Browser-tan & OS-tan

Computer things that turned into cute girls.


Let's talk about one of the biggest disappointments of the 21st century

Drinks while watching anime

Water for me

Harukana Receive

Have you ever watched female beach volleyball and when the camera focuses on the girl's ass right before the serve you thought

>Man I could do this all day

Have you ever watched anime T&A and thought

>Man I could do this all day

Upon staring at skindentation do you often find yourself moaning


Well, say no more! I got just the thing for you

Also sports drama.


Anyone watching the new season? Seems like it won't be as good as the first one, but could just be the first episodes

Yama no Susume

It's outdoors time with Yuru Camp's aunt (or something. Need a crossover).

This week being about hiking shoes.

The Ride-On King

An isekai manga about not-Putin obsessed with riding things.

Touhou Thread

>Which games of the canon series are your favorites?

>Which fan games are your favorites?

>Which 2hu is your waifu?

>Which 2hu is your motheru?

>Which 2hu is your daughteru?

>Do you like Touhoumon? (Touhou Puppet Play rom hacks and Touhou Puppet Dance Performance)

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

I only made this so I can have my question answered edition.

I watch anime with MPC-HC and the Kawaii Codec Pack which I downloaded from Haruhichan. I often have issues with files that have both Japanese dub and English dub added into it which automatically selects either English dub or no subs meaning I have to manually change it everytime. I already tried changing preferences in the options but that didn't change anything. How do I remove the English dub altogether from these files and/or have it automatically select English subs?

Pic related is what I have set as my preferences in terms of audio and subtitles, I know the subtitle one is quite long but I have already tried different things with it and it NEVER picks English subs automatically if there is more than one subtitle track.

/animecha/ stream?

Would any one be interested in a classic robot series stream night? I'm thinking a couple of episodes of MightGaine, Xabungle, Orguss, Dragonar, Jushin Liger, really old school mecha stuff no one really pays attention to.

I've been meaning to watch some of these but never getting round to it so it gives me an excuse to do so.

Kamen rider

Bug man on motor bike is best Supa Hiro. He can beat up all the kaiju with low quality bandai toys!

Whats your favourite Rider /animu/?

Manga Rec" Take it easy" Edition

Well /animu/ what have you been reading so far in terms of Manga? I've been reading Isekai Shokudou and Dungeon Meshi.

meta thread

post suggestions for improving the board here

also this is the containment thread for non-/animu/ related banter

old meta thread deleted in 12h or whenever I remember to do it

happy miku monday


>>29431 [ ]

>>24443 [ ]

>>17962 [ ]

>>12446 [ ]

>>11072 [ ]

>>8943 [ ]

>>7751 [ ]

>>4610 [ ]

ITT: cute cosplays

Post cute cosplays/players. can be male or female.

No fursuit shit if you can help it. No autism like made from abyss.

All praise our lord and saviour Reimoo is gonna carry us to the world cup!

Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo

The misadventures of a timid girl with super-human strength in a school for idiots and delinquents.

Attack on Titan

what's /animu/ think of it?

Ara manga

What are some manga where there are romances between a man and older woman? My pick is Sensei Lock-On! where a 33 year old teacher starts a romantic relationship with her former student.

Webm thread

Last thread 404'd because of the hacking incident.

Golden Kamuy

Anyone likes the story about a war veteran and a native on their hunt for gold?

Animu story

>Once upon a time their was a necromancer named Marrow

>Marrow had completed an entrance exam in order to get into a prestigious school that trains necromancers due to associations with her parents who are famed necromancers

>The school should be just around the corner marrow thinks to herself

>As she turns around marrow notices a large abandoned school that looks withered and damaged

>That must be the place Marrow thinks to herself

>As Marrow enters the Decrypt building she hears a noise coming from within

>That must be the other students Marrow thinks to herself

>Marrow then casually strolls through the corridors until she finds herself in a room with 4 students and a teacher

>Your the final student the teacher asks

>Y-yes Marrow worryingly says

>Listen the world is a very dangerous place for us necromancers put there after all our magic is considered forbidden amongst other mages. the teacher shouts

>Let's start with introductions my name is Mrs Nobe

>My name is Marrow shouts Marrow

>My name is Galus a boy at the front speaks up and this is my twin sister Astra Galus mentions

>Mrs Nobe points towards the final student and asks for her name

>My name is Melody the girl announces

>Any questions the teachers asks the students

>Galus puts his hands up

>What is it Galus Mrs Nobe asks

>Why is necromancy a forbidden magic

>It is considered unethical by religious folk thus we are hunted down by them relentlessly Mrs Nobe explains

>That's all for today go to your rooms Mrs Nobe states

continue the story from here I'm gonna binge watch more shows

How much outrage would we see from journalists and the youtube anime community if Ragyo was a man? Let me remind that adult swim for years refused to air Berserk and PASWG because rape culture.

Anime reviewers

Bennett the sage

>Hirohiko Araki and japan needs to apologize for Muslims getting offended by JO-JO bizarre adventures

>Waaaahh My hero academia a rip off of Naruto

>Devilman cry baby too dark like a DC universe character

Is he the one anime reviewer worse than Digibro?

Tell them Kristy Albino sent you

Greetings from Mewch. How are you?

Tell them Kristy Albino sent you

western otaku culture

is western otaku culture reclining? i go to exhentai and all the comments are chinese. chinese/korena get instant translations but EOP can't even get scraps nowadays. i feel anime is more popular than ever in the west, but why does it feel less alive now? i see people talking about "anime reviewers" on youtube of all places. do people just now stream doujinshi on their smartphones and that's where all the activity is? i'm a 30 year old boomer and i feel the "scene" has shifted somewhere.

how do you feel western otaku culture is doing?

Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

The new comics are alright but I kind of miss the older stuff's sadism. Is Nanashi selling out to the normalfags?

Love Live! School Idol Festival General - /llsifg/ #1909: **SNAP* Edition

Greetings from 4chan /llsifg/, 8chan /lovelive/! Let's have fun here:

honk /llsifg/!:

Current Events:

EN: EliRin ChaFes

JP: KotoNozo ChaFes/UR Maki

>Game Wiki

>Event Points Calculator

>Event Cutoff Predictor

>Team Builders


MURCIÉLAGO-ムルシエラゴ- Thread

Practically NOBODY asked for a thread about this delicious trash, except 2 faggots (me included), but here we are.

>what the hell is "MURCIÉLAGO" and who's that spunk brigand?

The premise is simple: lanky, serial-killer dyke with super human abilities and serial milk-tanks works for the police to eliminate psychopaths too dangerous for capture.

Actual synopsis: "Ex-mass murderer turned hitwoman Koumori Kuroko lives in a city overflowing with heinous crimes and violence. Even though she is now a hired assassin by the Japanese police force, she has a record of murdering 715 people in the past since her childhood. Now, she partners with Tozakura Hinako—a wild, lighthearted and innocent yet bold girl who drives like an absolute maniac—to destroy other mass murderers who are deemed unstoppable by normal means. And just because she's got a job to do, doesn't mean she can't have a good time with the ladies…"

>damn, sound like garbage, I love it, but how does one properly enjoy such a rotten mango?

There's a surefire method, simple in theory but difficult to practice:

Don't think, FEEL

The manga as been translated up to volume 8 (chapter 55), yet the raws have reached up till volume 13 (chapter 91), so as requested by faggot nº2, here's the raws of 56 to 91, volume 10 scan quality sucks, sorry.

Enjoy, hate, discuss, insult etc.

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro - Chio's School Road

Follow the comedic adventures of an endearing westaboo gurl gamer as she does her best to get to school using techniques picked up from Assassin's Creed and Payday: The Heist.


Anyone into 2D Freudian fantasies? Whether it be incest or an onee-san that is simply a motherly figure for the boy.

Manly men thread

Too much faggotry and moe blobs on this board. It's time to post some manly men fighting in the name of justice!

This is Banj_, he's so badass he has to get inside a super robot to make fights fair. He enters it via the dick and then uses an internal bullet train to get to the head. Which he does from his flying car full of James Bond style traps.

He ends the first episode of Daitarn 3 being surrounded by 30 bikini clad super models wearing jet packs. No pussy footing harem bullshit, he makes them line up in a heart shape around his robot so he can check them out and pick which he wants first using his robots cameras.

There is no one more alpha than Banj_ but you can post some betas you like any way.

Why do girls love Haida so much? He a loser and a canon virgin!

God-tier OPs/EDs

After a few weeks of planning, we're finally having our first /loli/ anime stream, and you're invited!

The stream will be this Sunday at 12pm EST.

I'll be streaming the videos from google drive, so you may need to run cytube's userscript in order to see it.

For our first stream, I'll be airing Ichigo Mashimaro! A nice classic is good to start with, don't you think? There will be 12 episodes, 3 OVAs, and the 2 Encore OVAs (plus a four-minute short). 17 episodes in a row is quite the marathon, so I'll include a short break after episodes 6 and 12.

It'll be my first time running a stream, so I'm sure there may be some issues. Sorry in advance! I'll do my best to address them.

If it goes well, we can start doing these regularly. I'll accept any suggestions on what you'll like to see in the future. So let's kick back and enjoy some comfy anime!

You guys helped encourage this, so I hope you'll enjoy it.

Onee-san Thread

If you were a 2D shota, which girl would you want to have as a big sister?

Monster Girl Thread

Reboot of the old one. This is a thread where everyone discusses and shares monster girl media.


>Oni Futatsu

>Ki ni Naru Mori-san


>Jitsu wa Watashi wa

>Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

>Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya



>Fudatsuki no Kyoko-chan

>Yumekui Merry


>Gabriel Dropout

>Hakase no Kimagure Homunculus

>Ane Naru Mono

>Hime-sama Tanuki no Koizanyou

>Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

>Koi Neko

>Madoromi-chan ga Iku.

>Asobi ni Iku yo!

>Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

>Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.

>Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu

>12 Beast

>Kumika no Mikaku

>It's my Life

>Kyou no Cerberus

>Witchcraft Works

>Flying Witch

>Dullahan-chan wa Kubittake

>Demi-chan wa Kataritai

>Ah! My Goddess!

>Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-San

>Shinkaigyo No Anko San

>Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho


>Tamayura Kitsune

>Kitsune no Yomeiri

>Yuuutsu to Succubus-san


>Starting Gate -Horsegirl Pretty Derby-

>Jashin-chan Dropkick

>Rosario + Vampire


>Living Dead!

>T-REX na Kanojo


>Enmusubi no Youko-chan

>Konohana Kitan

>Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

>Gabriel Drop Out

>Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

>Demi-chan wa Kataritai

>Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

>Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan

>Ah! My Goddess!


>Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

>Kaiju Girls


>Hand Maid May

>Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento

>Seto no Hanayome,

>Ika Musume

>Urusei Yatsura


>High School DxD


>Sora no Otoshimono

>Frame Arms Girl

Light Novels:

>Monster Girl Doctor

>Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento

Azur Lane

A Chinese ship-girl game, it was seen originally seen as a KanColle ripoff. Now, Azur Lane is gaining popularity in Japan giving the native KanColle a run for their money due to improving upon the gameplay and fixing issues that KanColle wouldn't fix. You can go and play the Japanese version of the APK or you can just enjoy the lewds done by many Nip artists.

Hataraku Saibou - Cells at Work!

Terrifying purple tentacle monsters, qt singing loli construction workers, and anxiety-ridden redheaded delivery girls mingle in the human body.

Series you dropped and why you did it

Talk about series you dropped, other anons back you up or most likely tell you how shit your taste is for dropping it.

I'm at episode 4 of Dagashi Kashi, and while I believe I have the strength to keep going a bit more (but won't finish unless it gets more entertaining real soon), I'm seriously getting less and less interested in it. The clips I saw made it look like a lot more fun.

/animu/ stream thread #2

Stream starting at 17:00 ET

(that's in about 3 hours 12 minutes)

17:00 Violet Evergarden - 05

17:24 Yuru Camp - 06

17:47 Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku - 05

18:11 Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens - 05

18:35 Grancrest Senki - 06

18:58 Killing Bites - 05

19:23 Garo - Vanishing Line - 17

19:47 Speed Grapher 04

20:10 Hakumei to Mikochi - 05

20:35 Urusei Yatsura - 149

21:00 [fin]

The Rapeman

For the sake of putting the raws in an accessible place.!sShRDAQD!Gn5mWmz1YXahQ8X4u6bXdg

How not to Summon a Demon Lord

More isekai haremshit for the lowest common denominator that is killing the industry.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's enjoy the adventures of a sperg summoned into a MMO and his encounters with anime tiddies.

pre 2000 anime

Discuss anime from before 2000 here.

Just watched this and while it looks really nice it was pretty boring.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

because /rec/ is 100% dead

When I was 24, I watched Welcome to the NHK and it gave my life meaning, because I was a neet shutin and into porn and young girls. Now I'm 30 and work a corporate job and I'm looking for the same kind of commiseration, this may be it. Is it anikino?

smug anime grills

Post only the most smug ones

OC encouraged

Legs & Feet

Post the legs and feet of cute girls.

You love your waifu?

Come, and show your love for her!

Kihachiro Kawamoto

Does anyone watch Nipponese puppetkino or is it not anime enough for you?

Number Girl: Raw scans

Manga from Nico Tanigawa. It is about a group of sixteen clones that live in a school/research center and the teacher scientists who are responsible for their development.

/loli/ Thread

Alright, post lolis of all kinds.

/animu/ Drawthread

This thread would be for drawfags to draw.

For Requesters

>please add "+REQUEST" in the subject title. This makes it easier for drawfags to look for request posts. Give detailed information about characters and their requested situation. Avoid forcing the drawfags to make unnecessary questions.

For Drawfags

>Try to add "+DELIVERY" in the subject tab.

In General

>Constructive criticism is encouraged. Flames are not!

>Drawfags have the right to turn down requests. They will draw whatever they want and interpret the request however they like.

>Most importantly, for all artists, requesters, and lurkers alike, HAVE FUN!

Feel free to upload your work here:

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

Hefty Beach Doragons and Potato Lolis

New chapter dump incoming.


this is a massively retarded series

this anime treats everything like a gimmick. it is a gimmick.

i like the artistry itself, but the characters are insufferable and certain plot elements feel like they were pulled straight from the asshole. Like

"the third pilot." Okay, but what's the criteria? Also, are the evangelions living things? How did they imbue robots with their own souls? Who made them? Everything in the series is like, "HEY IT'S THEM, or YEAH WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS," and I'm like….uhhh, okay!

I'm going to keep watching this because it has such a big reputation but honestly this series feels like Gundam Wing level of dickery.

Please feel free to correct me where I'm wrong. I'd post this in the QTDDTOT but this feels like a bigger issue and there's no other Eva thread.

Boobs or ass?

monster girl quest paradox part 2

>be a degenerate such as i

>get heavily addicted to monster girl quest paradox

>there's no official translation for the game

>finish part one of the game

>"you know what, that story wasn't half bad for a porn game"

>end game dialog tells me to wait for part 2 to be translated


>four months pass and there has not been a single update

>wonder what's been going on

>check the translator's blog

>reading through the blog i find out he is barely even 33% done with the main island

>it's been like, two years since he started

>mfw i can't direct my anger at the translator because he's going as fast as he can so i resort to screeching about it on 8chan

Visual Novels

Post and discuss visual novels.


>It's sunday

>the day is beautiful

>Not a worry in my mind

>Gonna laze around all day

>Hey, Hanebado is out

>Watch it

FUCK EVERYTHING, I'm in a bad mood now

Really, the drama in this show is so intense, it get's me angry at… something! I don't know, don't ask! Fuck you too anon! You fucking failure of a human being

Gal Gohan

We usually keep mango discussion on the manga rec thread, but I'll make a standalone one for Gal Gohan, and I'll try a "literature club"-style thread, posting entire chapters here every day.

Don't get me wrong, manga recommendations work well in their own thread, and sometimes the release of a new chapter draws some talk from anons in that same thread. But I'm sure most titles pass unnoticed, because going after all those recommendations can be a bit of a drag.

Well, Gal Gohan is a pretty good mango, that alone would warrant it's own thread in my oppinion. But having the reading matterial readily availeable eases the process of anons getting into it. Sometimes all you need is to spot the right page with something you like to spark your itnerest.

tbh I stole the idea from /tg/'s weeb thread, they usually post entire chapters there, thrown in a mix of different titles, but it's enough to draw attention to them. I do feel we have more material than them in our rec thread, so posting multiple chapters of multiple mangos would be unfeasible there, I think it's a good idea to do this to individual titles if they prove to be crowd favorites

In following the 3 episodes rule we use for anime, I'll be posting 3 chapters today. See how you like it.

Light Novel

What LN you reading /animu/?

Asobi Asobase

Hanako is an athletically proficient, yet thick-headed student with a weird fashion sense. Hanako is terrible at English. She asked her foreign classmate Olivia to help her, but Olivia, who is only born and raised in Japan with foreign parents, can't actually speak English at all! There is also another girl called Kasuki. Watch these three girls' surreal school-life comedy.

The World of Moral Reversal

Anyone read this? It's a world where the relations between the sexes are reversed.