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how and why is this the best romance anime of all time?

/animu/ stream thread #3

Streams every Sunday, Tuesday, Friday at 5pm ET

Mostly seasonal anime with some older animes and also sometimes live actions.


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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

The new comics are alright but I kind of miss the older stuff's sadism. Is Nanashi selling out to the normalfags?

Kemono Thread

Last thread is on page 14 and has near 600 posts, so I thought it would be a good time for a new one. Post about your favourite animal characters in manga and anime while frantically denying you're a furry.

Off the top of my head, topics include:

>how badly do you think the Beastars adaptation will be fumbled?

>why aren't lizards popular in kemono media?

>tfw no fox wife

Source Thread

The thread were you ask for sauce.

check these before you post

<works best for images from a manga

<works best for images from a booru

<works best on screenshots from a video

<pretty much the only things that will work on cropped images

Manga Rec Thread: High Fantasy Edition

Share what you are reading. Please have the title of your recommended manga in underlined greentext with your description of said manga under it.

Last thread: >>94853

>Guin Saga

The quintessential high fantasy manga that helped start many fantasy manga including Berserk and is considered by many to be the Japanese equivalent to LOTR in terms of scale and influence. Following two disposed royals who meet a Leopard headed man of insane strength and sword skill named Guin as they go to restore themselves to their birthright.

Aggretsuko General

>new seasons release date on June 14

>Retsuko mom confirm to be season 2

>It's revolve around retsuko getting married


Dynamic duos

I just finished the original Dirty Pair ovas and movies, and I want more shows that focus on a single duo getting into shenanigans and adventures. Genre doesn't matter, I just want to see more of this type of storytelling set up put to practice.

Buy Thread

The Guide


So, what do you buy or plan on buying?





>Music CDs

>Blu Rays

>Drama CDs



>Anime Tabletops


>Wall Scrolls

>Visual Novels

>Light Novels


World of Moral Reversal 2

Old thread


Old thread's index post (not that important, since we got them typeset in mangadex already)


Funimationgate / #WeebWars


Last one hit the bump limit.


>several VAs at funimation plan a gayOP to ruin Vic Migonia's career because he's not a pozz'd faggot

>Their big brain strategy is to run the #metoo playbook by the letter

>Fans immediately call bullshit

>funimation VA's shit the bed and act catty on twitter, setting up enough fertile soil for a defamation lawsuit to grow an entire forest

>Vic lawyers up in a big way with the Ty Beard firm

Sucks Vic lost a few roles, but this is much better for him in the long run due to tremendous fan support. More importantly, this is the beginning of the end of funimation and every last dubbing studio/lisensee is sweating bullets due to the incestuous nature of the anime dubbing industry.

>Faggot, why should sub watchers care?

Because this kills the stranglehold these gatekeeping shitstains have on your whore waifu's series, and kills their influence in Japan. All fans of anime stand to benefit greatly by the death of funimation.

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

A shy girl with anxiety that wants to make friends. The anime is out, you should also read the manga.


The adventures of demon slaying sengoku cyborg and reverse trap loli in minimal clothes is airing in a few days. Anyone looking forward to it?

Is there an undub for the PS2 game?

Waifu Thread

A thread for the girls you love that don't even exist.


>her name

>which series she originated from

>her personality

>best physical attributes

>what you like about her

Manga: Dog Walking Discussion


I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Why animes are so virgin?

Does it not bother you that Mcs are so irritatingly virgins? Is this some kind of eastern thinking? I have no problems with animes that do not sexualize but when an anime has a character like Albedo that is head over heels by the Mc that keeps insinuating herself all the time to the MC, why the fuck the MC doesn't just go along with the flow and instead keep acting like a fucking spineless virgin? Is this how you are supposed to act in Japan? Like a irritating fucking beta? I sincerely find this virgin behavior profoundly irritating, it seems that animes are trying to teach people that watch it how to be a future soyboy or cuck because obviously this behavior (acting like a fucking indecisive childish manchild) in front of real women will only lead to this response...

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

This is a QTDDTOT thread. Post girls with question marks. I guess you can also post your questions that are so fucking retarded that you shouldn't actually be retarded enough to make a thread about it.

/loli/ Anime Stream

Here comes a new thread for /loli/ streams and daily anime uploads!

I stream anime every Sunday at 12pm EST on Cytube. Come and join us!

Because the videos are uploaded to Google Drive, you will need to install Cytube's userscript in order to watch the stream. And enable cookies!

Feel free to add to the music list pre-stream or general videos post-stream!

A new episode of Gochiusa is up!

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu Ka 2 11!7jxxTCwb!vQQ_nXb4ObKSDncCirb04DHWPvye372TMqe3xNEI7CY

Ghibli General

>discuss ghibli films and scores

>be comfy

>be nice

>please no arguing about superiority or dumb tier listing/ranking

I watched Castle in the Sky yesterday. I guess it had been a long time since I saw it because I almost completely misremembered it. Loved the steampunk aethetic and how it conflicted with the overtaken-by-nature castle.


Anyone watching the new season? Seems like it won't be as good as the first one, but could just be the first episodes


Anyone watching the fetish anime of the season?

Spring 2019



Can anyone recommend some great seinen? The more obscure the better, I know about the more popular stuff

pre 2000 anime

Discuss anime from before 2000 here.

Just watched this and while it looks really nice it was pretty boring.

Post about a series that you just finished

So, I just finished off the series Viper's Creed. It's a mecha series focused on a group of mercenaries who are tasked with protecting the floating city, Fort Diversity, from left-over automaton weapons that are still active after WWIII has come to a close. Where they combat these mindless drones is across the highways that connect the city together because the water is too polluted for any vessels to traverse. However, this is just the setup for the series, as the anime has two "main stories" across its 12 episodes. The first half is about each of the individual members of the team and their backstories with each episode giving a specific character attention. The second half of the series is where things takes a twist as a radical group of nationalists plot a coup with the city's police make the mercenaries the "Bad guys", take control of the city, and drive out all foreign presence. Despite how potentially complex that may sound, the series is actually quite simple in it's storytelling and is focused more on entertaining the audience. That's not saying that the series "wastes" it's potential. Everything moves along pretty straight forward with some predictable moves and a easily established mindset as to who the characters are, and the story it wants to tell.

Overall, I'd recommend watching the series.

Webm thread

a.k.a.: /animu/ on-demand streaming service

Old thread is dying out, go grab what you want from it before it does.

previous thread >>51130 [ ] -!Pr5lhSCS!dA4WYRVh4KB_BEefxCe3ww

Japanese Learning Thread 2

Everything you need:

Be sure to check out the treasure box in the library, as it has no end of resources for learning the language.

Previous thread: >>8897

non-non biyori

A third season has been confirmed, lads.

Fate/Nasuverse Thread

Mommy is best girl.

EU /animu/ stream

Due to the earth being round and people being apart, we've started a new stream for you. Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 13 UTC!

We've just started with Kino no Tabi, and we have a poll to decide what anime to watch next:

Here's the link to the stream, for which you'll need the google drive userscript:

Kiniro Mosaic ASMR roleplay

It's 2080, you're playing your favourite SOL waifu VR simulator and just minding your own business when all of a sudden this stinky gajin walks up to you and starts farting and shitting everywhere like a disgusting toddler who cannot control her bowel movements. How do you react?

Dungeon Meshi Thread: Chimeraing Ain't Easy

How do we stop the mad butter-knife-ears? At this point, can she be stopped at all, anyway?

Dumping new chapter.

Shitoa-sensei to Amai-chan

Chad- Sensei to Amai- chan or White komi as it's known here on /animu , is a Josei manga about the relationship between a Teacher and his student. Unlike Gal Gohan where the Teacher is a dense fucker or beta like other MCs in similar manga, Shitoa is total fucking chad who instantly dated his student and is an actual man in the relationship. It also has amazing reaction images.

One Punch Man

One PAAAAAAAAAAAAAああああああああああああ~

A discussion thread for all things One Punch Man related.

Char's Counterattack

Why the fuck does this turd have a good reputation? Spoilers ahead.

I just watched this clusterfuck last night. It's terrible. Everyone except Amuro and Chan (and maybe Nanai) act like retards the whole time. Char is off his fucking rocker, wanting to fucking destroy the Earth (are we supposed to believe that the Sides are completely self sufficient? How would that even work?), and giving an advanced mobile armour to a literal schizophrenic that he's known for a couple days. Other issues:

>Bright's son straight up fucking murders Amuro's girlfriend and faces no consequences

>the Federation military doesn't seem to take the threat of planetary genocide seriously enough to use all of their forces

>Zeon forces switch sides at the 11th hour for some reason, and try to stop the impact, despite the fact that this is what they were fighting for the whole time

>half-baked stoner "philosophy" and eco-fascist cringe throughout I have no problem with fascism per se, but eco-fascists are something else

>The idea that anyone went along with Char's plans at all is not believable, nevermind that the plan to destroy earth was presented as being supported by almost the entire population of the Sides

>the Psycho Frame

>no really, every thing about the fucking Psycho Frame is bullshit

The entire time I watching this shit my feeling throughout was "what the fuck were they thinking?". I've never felt like that about any other Gundam film or series. I don't get it, am I missing something? Can someone explain the fucking Psycho Frame to me? I've never had a problem with Newtypes having literal ESP or the mysticism in the series, but stopping fucking asteroid from hitting Earth with telekinesis is a bit much.

8chan community events


>seasonalish anime stream

>Sunday, Tuesday, Friday at 5 pm EDT / 21 UTC - [ >>79569 ]

>EU anime stream

>Monday, Thursday at 1 PM GMT / 13 UTC - [ >>50687 ]

>jazz stream

>Fridays at 12 pm PDT / 19 UTC - [ >>77641 ]

>/animu/vie night

>Saturdays at 7:30 pm EDT / 23:30 UTC - [ >>43697 ]


>Bad Movie Night

>Saturday 8PM CDT / 01 UTC (Sunday) -


>japanese radio - LIVE


>comfy loli anime stream

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>cute girls doing gay things

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Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu/In Wilder, The Beast Doth Lament [Complete Raw Scans]

Transpiring these posts in the Number Girl (give it a read) thread




I've decided to make a thread like The Rapeman one (which still needs a translation) to keep the raws visible and accessible.

These are the complete raws of a later, full release of 15 volumes which ended the story by Tokuma Shoten (the series originally ran with Kodansha but got discontinued up to volume 9), the only catch being that the few color pages got greyscaled in this edition, but the quality is finally honest to good, unlike the horrible old scans.

If you know lunar signs, this is your lucky day and I wish you a good read. Anyhow, I would still like to see this translated for various reasons, the main one being increasing the author's notoriety.

This will add to the /animu/ scans queue I guess, along with The Rapeman, which again, really fucking needs a translation

I don't know what else to say, ah, right