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Mothers abdl

The idea of of this is funny I would love drawing. But I'm looking for stories, live picture, and thing in your life if you are or have an abdl mom and also of some moms from media.

ABDL Bingo

I saw an ABDL bingo card but it was stuff that pretty much every ABDL has done before, so I made my own. Submit your answers to this one or make your own.

Random requests

A place to request things that don't fit a already existing thread

>>84455 Video requests

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>>58117 Furry shit

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Lost stories

Found this story on a hard drive, can't find the original post anymore (I think it was Deviant Art)

If anyone else has found any previously lost stories feel free to share!

Pic below is your new life pt2

Since last thread disappeared, i'll make a new one

Fake Ads

Anyone else like these fake diaper ads?

I don't know why but they've always been one of my favourite things yet I never see anyone else talk about them. It doesn't help that they're actually pretty hard to come by.

Characters you'd like to see Diaper Art of?

Title says it , who would you like to see in Diapers :)

Baby Training

I have a huge fetish for "baby training" where someone is trained over time to have babyish behaviors. Sometimes this is pacifier dependency or getting cranky without a nap. I really like stories where the husband ends up losing their job and is forced to totally rely on their wife.

Here are two goods one from fictionmania (note I'm not the author, I just think these stories are hot - warning sissy):

And OMG this scene (sploosh):

>As he plunged the spurting teat back in his mouth and resumed suckling,

he distantly recognised the warning signs deep in the back of his mind.

He knew deep down that Jane was probably plotting some new humiliation

for him, some shameful public exposure which would leave him shaking and

embarrassed yet again. But the vision of that lovely dress and above all,

the firm pressure of the tight plastic panties over his wet nappy caused

him such excitement, he cast caution to the winds. In a few minutes it

was all over; the delirious pleasure peaking for about thirty body-

shaking seconds. Then he collapsed back in his cot to catch his breath,

after an all-too-brief moment of ecstasy. He was barely aware he was

sucking air from the empty bottle through the collapsing teat. Jane

smiled tenderly down at him, but there was mocking laughter in her wide

blue eyes.

>His doubts about her plans for him that he had momentarily disregarded,

rushed to the forefront of his guilt-ridden mind. He always felt like

this after climaxing in his nappy. The shame of behaving like a sissy

baby was always heightened, the embarrassment felt more acutely. In the

past he would always tear off his nappy and baby clothes immediately

after reaching orgasm, vowing to himself that he would never do it again.

Even if he felt that way now, there was absolutely nothing he could do

about it. He had no way of changing clothes. He owned no adult clothing.

He had no money, no credit cards, no bank account - in fact, no way of

escape he could think of.

Also, I'm not usually into fury art, but can anyone tell me who the author is of this pic? I can't read the watermark.


Depend Diapers

Yeah, yeah….I know everyone hates Depends. They are not the best diapers, however they're the best that many of us can get. Let's post Depend content here.

2D diapered lolis

New thread, the old one reached it's limit and stopped bumping

Video Request thread #2

Looks like the first thread has reached it limit. Here's a link to thread #1 >>73565

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Diaper Data

I recently was out getting diapers but had no idea which one to get as it was impossible to find some halfway realistic information about some of them. Stuff like waist circumference, thickness, how they swell up, where to buy them etc.

So this thread is for this stuff. Post the experiences you got with diapers you often wear/recently wore. Might help others to decide better which ones to get without ordering samples.


For a bit of a social experiment I asked people on Omegle what they think of people wearing diapers in public, and most people didn't care.

Interesting, since I see many here say it's such an outrage… hmm. Maybe it aint that big of a deal after all.

Why are elderly so improperly diapered?

I brought this up in the depends thread, but I think it deserves it's own.

Almost all of us have tried multiple brands of diapers, and the vast majority of us know how uncomfortable and leak prone diapers like Depends, Tena, and other shelf brands are.

I have visited dozens of senior residence buildings across three states. All of their inpatients wear this shit. All of them leak onto their beds regularly, which means their $5 an hour fillipino caregivers need to wash their bed linens (whenever they get around to it, which is another story).

Do normies just not care to look into this? Do they just assume it's normal for diapers to leak 1/2 the time? For them to balloon up and be completely soggy and uncomfortable after a single wetting?

I just don't get it. I have bought zillions of normie diapers throughout the years just to get by. I have never once felt comfortable to just take a piss while I was lying down. They are poorly made - basically useless for their intended purpose (unless their intended purpose is to collect 75% of your urine)

Anyway, I doubt any journalist would ever care to expose how improperly incontinent old people are being diapered, or how poorly made store brand diapers are - but I think just speaks to how little anyone gives a shit about old people.

Pokémon thread

I know we have furry threads, but idk pokemon are different. I guess its a feral thread? But theres lucario and other non-feral pokemon? Idk just lets have a pokémon thread.

Post any Aweye-FF posts you've got!

Diapered Sex - Pics & Vids

I'm hoping we can pull together a nice collection of diapered sex content. Please share what you have.

Video Thread #22

Old thread >>78511

Who wants to get us started?

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Anyone intrested in ABDL hypno stuff? 4th

Old thread


I wanted to start the year with new stuff but haven't managed to get any new material sadly.

Been going to bed padded and listening to dosei files but I have only noticed that I can wet a little more easily while diapered but nothing really that surprising.


here you go anon, merry christmass and a happy new year!KY4E2aaL

key: 9gxEFcSNi0F2hq_HnC1X-g

anyhow, does anyone have some of the new files of nicole dosei?

I know it probably ends up being fap material but I kind of enjoy her approach to mommydom stuff

also, there appears to be a new 'tist trying entering the game

New New Furry Thread

Post furries in diapers.

Clean diapers and females only… just kidding.

Old thread: >>58117

New Patreon/ subscription thread

Old one was autosaging so I made a new one

Since I'm not currently subbing to Princess Pottypants, requesting an update with her May stuff (specifically the newest Dear Diary chapter)

Here's my archive of most of her patreon stuff:!JKYGyQaS!x8gIfJfmLk0itnO90N36lw

ABDL memes

ABDL memes thread. OC appreciated.

Cartoons in diapers 2.0

old thread hit bump limit

Thread is dedicated to cartoons in diapers

RocketManatee thread 2: Electric Diaperloo.

The old one got archived and the picture went with it, so let's start another one

Emily's Babying Part 2

Part 2 of this comic is finally being released for all the plebs who aren't on patreon. Also, the art style has been consistently improving.

Colt3n / Good Boy Comic general: Getting the baby ready for beddy bye edition.

Old of stopped refreshing.

Diapered Boys 4.0

Old Thread >>69962

New thread was needed. Post boys in diapers!

Grannies in Diapers


its time to start a grannies in Diapers-thread.

Need rip

Anyone have an abdreams siterip?

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Use the request thread.

General discussion thread

Old one hit bump limit.

General OC Thread (Stories, Art, Comics)

Any other people here at /abdl/ trying to make their own OC for just their personal enjoyment (i.e. no financial motives)? I recently started trying to make my own comic that caters to my specific fetish combinations and that I can easily "self-insert to". I've only got one page right now (pic related) so we'll see if my motivation can be sustained to the end.

What are you guys working on?

New meet up thread.

Old one hit bump limit.

I've been here for a bit and haven't commented on meetups.

I'm in Alabama and am a switch boy that likes boys. I love taking care of cute little babies or being babies.

I'm really good looking according to a lot of people and have my own place and some equipment.

I'm 30.

Adult Swim-Diapers-Thread

The original seems broken.

Reusable or Dispaosable?

What do you like?

(and where do you buy?)

Cute Swimsuits for adults?

1. Do cute bathing-suits exist for adults?

(with ruffles and cute pictures?)

2.anyone ever tried wearing a diaper OVER their swim-pants / bathing-suit?

~GIRLS putting GUYS in DIAPERS Thread #1

I just need more femdom/mommy/girlfriend/babysitter/any girl diapering action.

Cuckold AB/DL

Hard to find content! Anything much appreciated. All formats. Would like a story.