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Comic Girls

So there is a samefag from /u/ who is spamming Kaos threads on cuck/a/ for months but what's the appeal of the show? I dropped it after the 2nd episode, there are no positive reviews, there's literally no fan art and it's utterly boring to watch.

Not even Japan's SoL/moe audience enjoyed it.

What is the actual appeal of Comic Girls?


How does one get into it? I tried watching the anime, but I got burned out in the 50s or so. Is there a certain list of must-see episodes? Chapters?

Waifu Wednesday

It's the spookiest Waifu Wednesday. How do you spend holidays with you're waifu?

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

Gabu becomes a vampire. Cute and vaguely yuri things happen.

Hunter x Hunter

Sale-Sale is dead!

Who will lead Kakin now that the rightful heir is dead?

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

It's the long awaited Oregairu sequel! Guest starring Hinako's half-twintail sister and whatsername seaweed from Shimoseka!

General Thread

Post ITT every time you visit this board

so that we can generate more activity.

Previous Thread: >>49693

Boku no Hero Academia


>The Bataan Death March known as the joint training arc continues on with the timeless BnHA tradition of cockteasing everyone into thinking something cool will happen and then delivering the most limpdicked consequences possible. Two weeks ago we were teased into believing Momo would buck her trend of being a worthless woman jobber despite having above average intelligence and a ridiculously OP quirk. Unfortunately, she once again fails to address her drawbacks from overuse and proceeds to cost her team the match.

>In other news, the Two Heroes movie has broken box office records for anime movies premiering in Burgerland and has reached the #10 spot of the top ten normalfag weeb movies of all time. It also managed to do this while being under 90 minutes long and competing with a bunch of shitty horror flicks and that movie where Lady Gaga pretends she's Texan and has charisma. Congratulations, Two Heroes! You now mingle among the same ranks as every popular Miyazaki movie. Perhaps this is what he meant by anime being a mistake.

>This week we await round 3 of the schoolwork arc where everyone will eventually be forced to suspend their disbelief when Shouto jobs to steel boy despite having the power to melt him into sheet metal nigh instantaneously. However, there is a plot twist: Hori's output has once again decreased, this time to 11 pages instead of 13! Whatever could have caused this lapse in output? Has the allure of Spiderman bing bing wahoo deprived him of his creative will? Or has the flu taken its hold once again to baffle us with schizophrenic release schedules? Only time will tell; after all, this series has all the time in the world apparently!

Enjoy your misery hero fans!

Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa

Set up before Kaiji, Hyoudou is bored and orders Tonegawa to do set up something to entertain him, like some death games. So now Tonegawa has to work towards doing that together with his subordinates and villains from Kaiji. Tonegawa is pretty capable but also kind of autistic so how will this shit end up? I dunno.

I feel like the narrator's voice isn't deep enough for over-dramatic delivery and the speaking style isn't helping either. The gags seems like they will consist of extremely capable Tonegawa struggling on menial stuff because of his autism or some high-up choices making his job harder. Probably working together with other characters whose quirks will piss him off and each episode is him getting pissed at them till he explodes.

I get this sensation the jokes run for too long, killing the momentum so the payoff isn't that great as result. I wonder if this is how every episode is going to be.

>"Give your name."

>"My name is Yamazaki Kenji and my hobby is bowling"

>"Ok, next."

>"I'm Kawasaki Toshimasa and my hobby is bowling"

<Oh no, their names sound similar! This is so confusing!

>Every subordinate's hobby is bowling.

<Tonegawa's autism didn't let him skip past those details so now it is bothering him a lot! He can't concentrate! What a dilemma!

>5min revolving around Tonegawa hearing similar sounding names and struggling to remember them with ざわ‥ ざわ‥ sound in the background.

>Spergs out, calls it a day.

>Tonegawa stays alone in the office while all the subordinates go bowling, wondering what made him so angry.

I really hope this thing gets better later on. I'm worried that if this fails any hope of Kaiji s3 will go poof. What do you think /a/?

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so that we can generate more activity.

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stuff to watch

live streams, youtubes, synchtubes, whatever

8/m/ - Mecha and Toku presents: weekly /m/edia update

I'm running shows that are currently going, partially for here but mostly just so I can keep up with stuff.

Show descriptions in the next post.

mog_rog: MST3k mode

KTMA through the end of The SciFi Channel that I can find on youtube.


Because it's always a good time for a Macross thread.

I'm just getting into 7 now. I didn't really know what to think of it at first, but I'm starting to like Fire Bomber way too much.

How large is too large for a romantic interest?

When does ecchi become full fetish from the artists point of view?

Traveling to Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Are you currently there? Or did you just come back from your journey? Feel free to ask any questions about the trip or share your plans, experiences, pictures and videos.

I went for two weeks back in May, arriving at Narita Airport and taking another plane to Sapporo. From there I traveled south, visiting Hakodate, Takayama, Takamatsu, and Kagoshima before heading back to the Kansai region and finishing in Tokyo. I wanted to visit the four main islands and make the most out of my JR Pass. It was my first time in Japan and also the first time that I traveled alone. I had planned on mostly going to the regular tourist spots but I still managed to visit many pilgrimage sites. Despite getting off to a rocky start with a mad dash through Narita Airport and almost destroying my legs on the first day with what I thought would be an easy hike, I had a very enjoyable and fulfilling vacation. Let me share some of the pictures that I took with my shitty cameras.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta ken

>ywn never be reincarnated as a slime girl

Why even fucking live?

Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

Timeline so far:

>For eons, tomo-chan dragged on and on. After the Festival arc, dozens of anons were beginning to lose hope

>Suddenly, we are stricken with the Great Happening. Within a single arc, the confession happens and all side plots get wrapped up quickly

>Instant hiatus right before a proper kissu could be had

>Days pass, November 6th comes and goes

>Fumita's twitter feed has this post

>"Yeah... Sorry. I couldn't quite make that deadline, so I had to postpone it. I hope you don't mind waiting...a little longer..." *malicious chuckle*



Could someone please color this image of Serena from Pokemon? I've wanted it done for a year

Jingai-san no Yome

It's a three minute short with the ED being half the episode.

MC-kun with fucked up hair gets shanghaied by the school into marrying a fluffy something.

Zombieland Saga

To the surprise of no one, we're full idol show now.

Buyfag Thread

What Happens When You Forget To Pay Amiami Edition

Read the guide here:

As a lot of you may or may not know, buying figs and kawaii keychains of your waifu from Amiami begins with a pre-order months in advance. Then, once the item is released after what seems like an eternity later, you have - what I found out to be a very - limited timespan to pay up before they ship it to you. Order cancellations are not permitted.

>beautiful wall scroll of my waifu goes on pre-order

>it's "the one," pre-oder it instantly

>months go by but it's finally getting released towards the end of September

>forget to check e-mail for one week due to wageslaving

>open it only to find I missed the 5 day deadline by hours

>order permanently cancelled

>orders for item permanently closed

>panic, guilt, shame

>write a proper apology letter to them offering to still pay for it

>they hastily reply in a cold and direct manner

>basically tell me I should be more thoughtful of order release dates and the timezone difference and to be more careful next time

>they're not mad, just disappointed

>Their reply is received by a following email stating that my account has been locked for a month

This "I better seppuku myself for this dishonor" feeling is not something you want to feel anons, believe you me.

On the bright side, Yurucampfags are really getting spoiled with comfy merchandise lately.


Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-San

New chapter is up.

Guide to WIXOSS

Batoru Online

A pretty out-of date Batoru Sim, it'll let you play with most LRIGs except for Guzuko, Layla and Carnival.

Heres the git for it:

Random Decks For Batoru

For Webxoss only.

Previous thread: >>46066

News Thread

Thread for all types of news related to otaku culture and discussion about said news

Dorohedoro gets an anime adaptation.

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

Finally a vampire yuri show

Post in this thread every time you visit /jp/ and there's no new posts


Idol Studies Club

Has an Idol caught your interest? Interested in Wotagei? Like catchy tunes?

Let's share and discuss idols past, present and future, 2D, 3D, or anything inbetween. By default, this includes any anime song, denpa, utaite, Vocaloid plus other synthesized voice music, Touhou/doujin circles, or even Enka and "boy bands". Talk about Idol fans and idol culture such as wotagei is encouraged, which is what lives are all about, anyway.

Feel free to just talk about idols in general, share stories, wage your holy wars on non-believers, or shit on AKB48whatever idols you don't like. Also, you can just post a song you like.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 happened recently, which is like Comiket for idol fans, so I feel like this is the perfect time to start up this thread. Did you see any unit worth watching? As for what I saw, iRis was great as always and I became a fan of NEO JAPONISM, CYNHN, and 26時のマスカレイド.

I know there's not a whole lot of us, but hopefully this thread will garner more interest in the subject while giving us a place to post our passions. I sincerely believe that there's at least one idol out there for everyone, so hopefully we can give someone an idol to love.

Remember to practice your wotagei.

/a/ webm thread

If a picture says a thousand words. A webm says a trillion.

So there is a /u/fag spamming Kaos threads on cuck/a/ and samefagging for months but what's the appeal of the show? I dropped it after the 2nd episode, there are no positive reviews, there's literally no fan art and it's utterly boring to watch. Not even Japan's SoL/moe audience enjoyed it.

What is the actual appeal of Comic Girls?

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

It's about a guy luring a bunch of fujobait into running the Hakone Ekiden.

Pixiv Previews

ITT dump yuri manga/doujin previews that you find on Pixiv. Let's put 8gag's multiple-image posting to good use.

Starting with this gem

100% Orange Juice

It's about time we had a thread for this considering how much we play it.

Discuss all the OJ games too.

/loli/ Anime Stream

Where the party never ends!

Streaming regularly on Sundays at 12pm Eastern Time, with daily episodes being uploaded around 8am. Be sure to check and make sure you know when that will be!

I stream the anime on Cytube. Come and join us!

There's usually a music pre-stream up an hour before the main stream. Feel free to contribute!

Some kind anons love to add fun and interesting documentaries after the stream, usually relevant to what we just watched. So don't be afraid to stick around when it's over!

I'll be streaming the videos from google drive, so you may need to run cytube's userscript in order to see it. Make sure cookies are allowed too.

To tide you over throughout the week, we have daily episodes posted every day, around 8am Eastern Time. Three anime are shown in rotation Monday through Saturday. Swing by to the thread any time you like and download a couple!

Of course we'll be streaming tomorrow as well. We'll be watching the rest of Non Non Biyori Repeat, finishing the most comfy and healing anime to date!

To sooth you over until then, enjoy today's Made in Abyss episode!

Made in Abyss 07!VLohnCKB!Y4B73vyEVmZrSllYVq4Cci_ztIrgKYPxj8LWQsxgbJs

/loli/ Anime Stream

After a few weeks of planning, we're finally having our first /loli/ anime stream!

The stream will be this Sunday at 12pm EST.

I'll be streaming the videos from google drive, so you may need to run cytube's userscript in order to see it.

For our first stream, I'll be airing Ichigo Mashimaro! A nice classic is good to start with, don't you think? There will be 12 episodes, 3 OVAs, and the 2 Encore OVAs (plus a four-minute short). 17 episodes in a row is quite the marathon, so I'll include a short break after episodes 6 and 12.

It'll be my first time running a stream, so I'm sure there may be some issues. Sorry in advance! I'll do my best to address them.

If it goes well, we can start doing these regularly. I'll accept any suggestions on what you'll like to see in the future. So let's kick back and enjoy some comfy anime!

Edit: Here's a countdown timer if you don't want to bother converting to your time zone, courtesy of /animu/.

PreCure thread

In which we wait for Desperation PreCure to end, and for leaks from the next PreCure or better: a new Toei magical girl project

Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.

What does /a/ think of Komi-san?

Drawing Improvement Club Thread IV

I hope you've been drawing and if not get out a pen or pencil and get to it.

If you need motivation think of all the 2D girls you love who have a tragic amount of art. They are waiting for you. We're all gonna make it so pick up a pencil or pen and Just Draw!

Also Inktober started today. Everyday in October draw something using ink. Get good faggots.

Link to their site:

Kouen Itazura Simulato ver. MAKO modding/translation project

Changes made thus far:

* Game is unpacked and runs like that, for easy modding (except fonts)

* Menus (window only) translated to english

* Added support for english captions (font, linebreaks, menu option)

* Merged 1.0A and 1.2B - meaning both with backpack and without, switchable in-scene(!) - this is why the download is so big, as there are 2 versions of most video clips

If you don't care about the backpack, exclude data/video_backpack in your torrent client, and it will cut dl back to 4GB or so.

Due to the amount of changes, a lot of playtesting is needed as sizable amount of internal game logic was edited. If you encounter a crash, give me your savedata folder + steps to reproduce (try to get save as close as possible) so I can fix it.

Translate this stuff

The aim is to go towards full translation as there are people who voiced interest in doing this. There's ton of dialogue! And even though my moon skills are just slightly above that of machine translation, it's obvious the dialogue is uber shitty … Mako is just a doll with no free will of her own and that's just kind of sad.

You don't need to know japanese because the original isn't worth a shit. It's a nukige after all, be inventive.

This package comes with debug mode enabled, and you'll get current scenario script file shown in windows title when it is running. You can enable debug console for additional detail (in particular, it quotes exact lines of .ks lines currently parsed). This way you navigate dialogue while playing.

The japanese script files lie in data\scenario\something.ks, copy it to data\scenario_english\something.ks and game will start prefering the version at new location - start translating that. If you mess up, just try to restore it from the original in data\scenario.

I've done this with first scene (pole) - the scenario file is data\scenario_english\g5s01.ks - changed the lines corresponding to when you pat her on the head right after entering the scene.

You can proceed with editing this scene, or copy any scenario you like and go crazy.

Don't forget to share your .ks files.

The torrent is unpacked so it can be played directly from torrent download directory. Further updates will be released as patches to be copied so as to not collide with the torrent.

Otona no Bouguya-san

Short form anime about a shop that specializes in ero-armor.

Upstairs 197

Firmament Edition

Old thread: >>212373

It's my birthday /jp/, what did you get me?


Sex dolls

Is there any where/way to order a loli sex doll as an American? Will it all get confiscated by customs?

What sites would my fellow anons recommend?

druggie lolis

lolis on substances is big fetish for me

post lolis smoking, drinking, etc.

Objectively and unironically one of the greatest love stories ever told. Better than 99% of actual yuri manga.

Prichan Cocotama Aifure thread

Honey Cat is precious

finding people asking for manga or games translators

I wanted to help people that are asking for help, but i don't know how to find those people or groups, but i can't find shit. What the fuck should i do if i want to enter into the fantranslation world?

The "It's been about 3 episodes so post your (wrong) opinions" thread

ImoImo>>>>>Zombieland Saga>Bunny Girl>Anima Yell>Gobbo Slayer>Spyce>Tiramisu S2>Honda-san>The other ones I didn't bother to watch to Episode 3.

Good season. I've been waiting for something like this after that long drought we had.

Daemon X Machina

Where were you when Nintendo decided to flex on FromSoft by starting their presentation with "totally not Armored Core".

Looks faster though, and despite the whispers of 'deep customisation', I doubt it's near the level of AC.

Still looks neat though.

Release the Spyce

Yuru Ninjas.

So far it seems like kind of a mess of tones. Nothing stood out particularly either. It feels almost like one of those parody anime within an anime.

Another Fish shrine for all

Previous thread:


Another expansion for our white fish god. I must know how it has changed your life /a/.


Am I the only one who plans on watching this? The first episode airs in about a half hour.

*grabs monster*


Yeap... *sips* KOTOKO sure is a great artist

Manga thread

What have you been reading lately?

I've been enjoying "Fureru to Kikoeru". It is one of the very few series where a group of friends actually feel like a true friendship, where the four main characters are constantly spending time together. While the authors other series "Nozo x Kimi" was extremely similar to an earlier work of his, "Nozoki Ana", this is an original idea. Anyways, tell us what you've been reading.


The newest chapter of One Piece just dropped and the goal of this arc has been laid out. After coming through an arc where the crew failed to assassinate Big Mom and only succeeded in pissing her off, they now plan to assassinate the unkillable Kaidou. Historical and literature references are cast about with such speed that some scanlators are writing up extra pages just to help give more context.

As always




There's a time travel fruit at play. Who could be wielding it now? Hopefully someone who already threw themselves into the future and out of this arc.

Sword Art Online: Alicization

What the fuck did I just watch?

Loli Original Art Thread

This is space to show your original art, your original drawings, illustrations, sketches, projects, concepts, or anything else you want to show to us made by your hands.

To promote yourself.

To ask for tips that make you to improve your work quality.

Feel free to show to the community your talent!

Request Thread

Request Thread

I'm looking for a translated doujin about a dark skinned loli who is the daughter of a yakuza boss that forces some pleb into anal while they are in a hot tub.

Also general request thread!

Yuru Camp/Laid Back camp thread

>The Dark, Cyberpunk future of Neo Current year.

>Nothing this season remotely as comfy as Yuru Camp/Laid Back Camp

>not even THELEGENDARYTEAYAMADDA can save us from this fresh hell.

I know theres a movie on the way and its a goddamn phenomenon in nippon sending neets out to freeze to death in the sea of trees in winter, but did they ever confirm a season 2?

I need more comfy in my life and the manga is excellent but that animal crossing meets crystal chronicles soundtrack and autumnal colours are jazz for my soul.

Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!

Aired today, has maido that loves russian loli.


Have you been keeping up with the best manga in SJ? Shit's been a wild ride. Does anyone know if the author has stated if we're near the end? Where do we go once the war is over?

Your Hentaifu

Post your favorite hentai waifu.

I just love Kurumi Minami from Cafe Junkie

Index III

How will Rape.Staff butcher index this season? Watch the episode to find out. Complaints from LNfags are allowed.

Miku Monday

Monday Miku info:


/miku/'s Recommended albums:

From 00:00 to 24:00 EST on Mondays.

Post or discuss your favorite Vocaloid songs, cute images, games, videos, etc.


/miku/ Monday

The plug and cytube are both used and alternated each week. If one of them is empty, check the other.

Old thread: >>211837

Anime is for retards




























Akanesasu Shoujo

High hopes for selfcest.

Sailor Moon

Which Sailor Senshi was the most useful?

Shōjo Shūmatsu Ryokō

It has been a year since the first episode of Girls Last Tour aired.

Let us look back on Zetsubou.

Thunderbolt Fantasy S2

Sheng loses half his swords and now must get it back from some bitch from his homeland along with some four-dimensional chess being played.


Ho, Hai.

Ha sido u tiempo desde que no me banean aquí...

>Hace no mucho fui a 4chan y me encontre con un ilo muy bonisobre Sakuga(aunque no estoy seguro)

>Digame ustedes que opinan?

>Cual creen que es mejor Violet Evergard o Plataboard?

ITT Patlabor vs Violet Evergarde

EHH: Patlabor vx Violet Evergarden

~~Tesagure~~ Himote House

Half-length show where 3DCG girls talk about pantsu and improv.

magical lolis

Mahou shoujo lolis

Gunpla/Plamo General #7: Kabuto gets lost edition

Old thread: >>14708

Welcome to paint and primer funposting general

>Con season is coming up, what are you guys hoarding your shekels for?


For those of you just joining us, please read this guide. Please read it before asking questions as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "Plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model." If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here.

>"If you're new, you're gonna !@#$%^&* up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"



And a handy guide to other types of plamo:

Watch Kawaguchi explain simple and useful Gunpla tips to you!:

Gundam Lineart:

How they made the Build Fighters stuff + more cool customs:

SD Kits and etc. from the 80's:

YuriArts 2 - Let's draw even more lesbians, /u/!

It's been a while since the last draw thread, so let's have another.

First thread: >>5850 Archive:

Lazily copy and pasted OP from the last thread:

Tired of waiting for good Yuri stuff? You want fluffy romance stories with something beyond schoolgirls, more content of your favorite couple or just sexy women eating lots of pussy? Then, how about to make them yourself?

Based on /monster/'s drawing thread, where anons learn how to make monster girls, this one will give sources and tips for those who want to create Yuri-themed pictures. If you find anything interesting or want to share your gains, please feel free to post.

Websites to browse:


/loomis/ is the 8chan version of /ic/'s begginner threads but with more constructive critique and less shitposts. The board is very slow but has interesting topics about drawing and precious books and videos in their sticky:

Resource Hub: page:!es1BSKQR!spODyd0iaQmMelGA2GscFw

Recommended book for start: "Fun with a Pencil" -Andrew Loomis.

Fun with a Pencil explores the basics explaining construction and use of shapes on pictures. A very funny didactic book, imo.

Second book: Famous Artists Course Collection.

Quoting Wikipedia:

>"Famous Artists School is an art correspondence course institution, in operation since 1948. The school was founded by members of the New York Society of Illustrators, principally Albert Dorne and Norman Rockwell."

>"The original courses offered in 1948 were Painting, Illustration/Design and Cartooning. The Painting and Illustration & Design courses, which are still offered, consisted of 24 lessons, with a new lesson mailed to the student upon completion of the previous lesson. When a student completed and returned the assignment, it was critiqued by a professional artist who sent suggestions back to the student."

After reading FwaP, these lessons will become very handy. It will explain almost EVERYTHING that you should know about art, from the human body to picture composition.

A lot of their art tutorials are free. I recommend the ones made by Joumana Medlej about Human Anatomy:


Site with lots of awesome artbooks. Great as a source for reference.

If you search well, this can be a nice free sauce of books. Many of them are very old, but still useful.

Now shake your ass and make this board proud, faggot.

Goblin Slayer - Episode 4

Let's keep up the pace.

>Elf x2 get's gobbed

>Goblins get gobbed

>Goblin Slayer get's not as badly gobbed as in the LN

>Ogre gets gobbed

/2hu/ imperial colony

/u/ has been conquered and it's sacred clay has been claimed by the peaceful refugees of Gensokyo.

Quad-annual Japanese Thread QAJT #17

Quad-annual? Tri-annual? Something like that.

New? Start here

Cornucopia of Resources

Old thread: >>819064

Tomoko is a smelly cutie

stinky stinky tomoko

Golden Kamuy S2

I can't believe Asirpa is fucking dead.

Visual Novel Thread

Time for a new thread:

Kindred Spirits Full Chorus is out.

I have no idea if/when it will be included in the steam/mangagamer versions. What I have here though are related stuff. I have the JAP version of Full Chorus, 2 audio CDs included AND translate copies of VA commentary. There's alot of supplementary stuff here.

JAP version:

Part 1:!BHw1TLCL!YmaKdmuzNi9enbo21ul9cHRFZ2QrigJGvtF7QKf7J-g

Part 2:!8CAFGD5A!bjtHnAtj7KUbd2EDP9jOY8XCguz0EYPsHAxk4o8gVf4

Part 3:!AHRB3JTC!EligG32Lf-NA9W-GDhxhkePP3GcSAGZ7WQjlsz4zRpE

VA Commentary:!0eQilSJZ!mM5QYQbgtLm9XOjLLSpXwXpqHObFIp-CQpX-CJXpq4o

To the anon who wanted info on Maidens of Michael, I'd say go for it. It follows a new couple but has stuff relating to all the older ones as well.

SaintBomber is probably pretty close to releasing his Quantum game, I'll post a link once I have it.

Gundam IBO

>click on IBO thread

>404 lol

I want to talk about Tekketsu.

Do you think it's good?

Do you think it's bad?

What's wrong/right with it?

Is it just modernized Zeta remake without newtype magic bullshit or it is its own thing entirely?

Anti western cosplayers movement fundrising, don't let racist western cosplayers keep ruining Anime!

Don't let racist western cosplayers to keep doing racism against us Asians and to keep ruining the Anime characters you love

Join the anti western cosplayers movement if you don't want :

1. Racist western cosplayers keep doing racism against us Asians. When racist western cosplayers cosplaying our Anime characters are the same as they imitate us Asians because we Asians make our Anime characters based on us Asians which Japanese also agreed with, imitating other race is racism.

2. Racist western cosplayers keep ruining Anime including the Anime characters you love. When racist western cosplayers cosplaying Anime characters they only end up ruining the characters because they look nothing like Anime characters because they are not Asian while Anime characters are based on us Asians, millions of Anime fans especially in Japan are hurt by racist western cosplayers.

3. More racist trash such as trump to emerge, one of the effects of the anti western cosplayers movement is to teach westerners youth about how bad racism is so that they will not commit racism in the future.

Only Asians who can Cosplay Anime characters because Anime characters are based on Asians so only Asians who can Cosplay Anime characters without end up as racism and without end up ruining Anime characters which not end up hurting millions of Anime fans :

My favorite

The girl on the right is a real western girl who heavily photoshoped her picture, trying hard to be/look like an Asian girl to match the Anime girl she imitate.

The minimum is 500 yen, 100 yen is around 1 usd and only Asians can participate in the fundrising, if you are not Asian you can still participate on the anti western cosplayers movement by joining the circles, add more likes on the site, etc.

Older, unknown titles

We live in a newfag age where nobody knows any of the classics. Post about that series now that you've always wanted to post about but were too afraid it'd never get any replies. In particular, I remember anons being scared that unknown, often untranslated titles will fade into no seed hell like so many already are.

If you don't post about it here, nobody in this age might ever know about it.

Miyuki is by Adachi Mitsuru, a master of classic shounen romance. He is also responsible for Touch, the famous classic in Japan but extremely unknown in the west, and Hiatari Ryoukou!, which was semi-popular in the old VHS-trading days of western otaku when they got together for cons specifically to watch anime they could otherwise never see or get together in a small hotel room with 20 or so men crowding around a tiny TV.

In Miyuki, the shounen MC steals panties of the girl he likes on accident, which leads him down a path of getting slapped by her, and eventually dating her. Her name is Miyuki. Walking home the day he stole the panties, he meets a cute girl who asks for directions. This girl turns out to be his long lost imouto moving in to live with him while their father is away. It turns out her name is also Miyuki, and they happen to not be blood related, a secret MC tries to keep from him imouto even though she obviously likes him. The story follows this guy and his love triangle between the girl of his dreams and his little sister.

Imouto Miyuki is played by popular at this time idol Oginome Youko, her only anime role.

Imouto Miyuki best Miyuki. Often while watching, I get so frustrated I want to yell "Just marry your sister already!" at the screen.


Just when we thought Franxx was Trigger’s rock-bottom, we are gifted with SSSS.Gridman, where shitty CGI moves in slow-motion and half of the show is still frames with background noise played over it. Bravo, simply bravo

Project Diva Omnibus Comic


This one's pretty long too

Translation done, might go back and do a v2 at some point in the distant future

Interracial lolis

I've only seen a few of these if someone could post more or the artist of this one.

Fantasy Yuri

Post your favorite fantasy-themed yuri images (both original and fanart) here.


Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai AKA OreImo S3 AKA Eromanga S2 has started!

I've been waiting for this one. Momoi Haruko wrote the lyrics for the ED.

It's not very good, but she's cute. If I can imagine the creators as this blushing face doing her best, I can want to watch more.

Loli Tickling

Cootchie coo!

My commission is in the lineart phase and I'm all kinds of hype! Post some tickle stuff with me and you guys will be the first to see the commish when it's done!