Nerve Center

Boku no Hero Academia

Why does she wear the mask?

Hunter x Hunter

With less than a year of hiatus HxH is back, and the new chapter is pretty good, albeit nothing major happens.

Kurapika is moving things on his side, both with the nen training and his new plan to deal with the Princes' game.

We also finally see what the spiders are up to on the ship, hunting Hisoka who's hunting them.

One thing I liked this chapter was the hand clasping thing. I like these small world building things.

FLCL Alternative

Pretty bland first episode, it gotta admit

Mai HiME thread

And now for something we could always use more of.

/loli/ Loli Drawthread Issue #1

Not to be confused with the "/loli/ Drawthread" that has taken off quite well lately. This thread exists purely for those that want to draw (and see) images of the tons of cute and sexy loli characters that 'Japan' has produced.

>The one rule that sets this thread apart from the others, is a slightly bigger restriction on the types of little girl characters to request/draw. If they originate from Japan, then they most likely pass. If the subject matter involves girls with proper, familiar humanoid proportions, then they most likely pass. For all of the more uniquely stylized characters produced in other parts of the world, please refer to the original Drawthreads!

- FOR REQUESTERS, please add "+REQUEST" in the subject title. This makes easier for artists to look for request posts.

- Give detailed information about characters and their requested situation. Avoid forcing the artists to make unnecessary questions.

- FOR ARTISTS, try to add "+DELIVERY" in the subject tab.

- Constructive criticism is encouraged. Flames are not!

- Just because the rules are less strict than the more popular Drawthreads, try not to use it as an excuse to act any less civilized.

- Most importantly, for all artists, requesters, and lurkers alike, HAVE FUN!

Megalo Box

Surprisingly no thread of this, if it continues at this pace it'll easily be anime of the year.

What do you think?

Will it go downhill or uphill?

Does it even matter?

Lolimon! pokemon loli parody

Lolimon! is rather ambitious development project whose goal is to create a Pokemon fan game with lots of "H-scenes" and other ero content centered primarily around lolicon content, with an emphasis on bestiality in addition to human content.

The current beta build can always be found here:!sA4Q0B7S!-sfTFiITLaMs6SPF-yLm2g

My Pixiv Account:

Thread mirror (All the Fallen):

Old thread:


Upstairs 179

Vocaloid Folder Edition

Old thread: >>191429


I've decided to steal a thread and bring it back here… So don't mind me I'll just be posting burgers.

Sakurafish redux

Hello and welcome back for your daily fish viewing and liking. I'm starting from the top now that my images are better organized and the previous thread hit bump limit, so prepare to see the fish everyday until everyone here likes it. I LOVE SAKURAFISH

Previous threads:




/loli/ Thread

Post and discuss lolis.


Brother /a/non, I knew you'd come

Your good brothers at /wooo/ cordially invite you to


Live from New Orleans on sunday april 8th, only on the WWE Network or the streams below. Start time of 7 pm EDT 00:00 BONGLAND time, also 4:30 pm EDT for the preshow

This year's card includes:


In what's going to be both men's final match before Cena leaves for Hollywood and 'Taker finally retires


UFC veteran Ronda Rousey makes her in-ring debut after a shit-load of time, teaming up with olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle against Haitch & Steph


Vince's boy toy, the [LOUD BOOING] Big Dawg of the yard faces the autistic Ayrian BROCK LESNAR for the Universal Title just before Brock fucks-off back to UFC


After being denied of in-ring competition


In a re-hash from WreslteKingdom 10, "The rockstar" Shinsuke Nakamura claims his spot after winning the Royal Rumble to face the Destroyer of Faggots AJ Styles for the WWE Championship


A triple threat for the IC belt so fans can't complain that Rollins, Balor and Miz are being treated like dogshit in favor of Ramen Noddles and Cena


Fatal-4-way for the US Title between poo-in-the-loo supreme Jinder Mahal, the snek Randy Orton, the Ric Flair wannabe Bobby Roode and RUSEV DAY


"The Empress of tomorrow" Asuka claims her WM spot after winning the Wymen's Royal Rumble and challenges Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte for the Smackdown Women's championship


You can shitpost here or join us on >>>/wooo/ 8chan's premiere wrestling board

Streaming sites:










Hopefully this time 8chan won't be DELETED again

Thank you for allowing us to share the bunker with you last year btw

Writing Thread

Let's have another one of these.

How's that novel/VN/geimu/LN/Manga/Short Story/Film Script/Web Novel you've been working on? Surely you've made some decent progress since last thread?

Made in Abyss

Three episodes in, and I already want to go cave diving with a 12 year-old.

Grancrest Senki

E-peen measuring contests, miniskirts and smug included

Yagate Kimi ni Naru - Bloom Into You

Apparently this will get animated.

What are your opinions about this series?

Which animation studio is good enough to handle the project?

Do you have any particular choice for a director?

Is Yuu truly asexual?

Golden Kamuy

Episode one and we're punching bears and skinning human corpses.


Cute girls getting shit-faced. First episode was fun. I hope you're well stocked on booze cause this is looking pretty damn entertaining. Blonde a best.

Mousou Telepathy

We're Back Edition

>Previous thread



Blogging NEETs

what happened to the NEET blogging thread

I cleaned my room a week ago and it's still clean, I've got a place to put dirty clothes that isn't the floor and I put a trash can in here so hopefully it'll stay clean, once my motivation level recovers I'll do the rest of my apartment. I'll also start going to work out again once it gets warm, going to the 24 hour gym late at night when no one is there is really comfy.

also, where does /jp/ download western music from, I have plenty of sources for jap shit but I don't want to download from TPB and died or something I think


fuck YOU reenable threadposting with out an image you fucking goober retard with butts in your hat

Article on recent western fuckery on the goddamn gook cartoons

So, I found this nifty little article

That sums up the current state of things as pertaining to western influencing insert the echoes in western on anime and otaku culture. Article doesn't go into the Netflix bux situation and it already paints the issues of localization companies' ability to not only influence stuff State/Europe side but also have it bleed into production itself.

Besides wanting to call attention to this and talk shit about normalfags ruining things, it'd also be a good reminder that the best course of action is to burn to the ground through sustained criticism any company that tries to encroach upon production. They can localize what they want, nobody gives a shit about dubs, but the issue is when they get influence over our goddamn 2D girls.

Discuss, etc

Picture unrelated

Manga Thread

Horse Pussy Edition

To commemorate Uma Musume, animal girls and their lustful animal pussies will have the spotlight.

DNA wa Oshiete Kurenai - Animalium no Otome-tachi

They're pure, there are no dirty thought or intentions in their actions, they must be protected and loved and do not lewd them.

Comic Girls

It's the lolicon* AOTS!

*lolis may not be included, subject to local laws and definitions

diapered lolis

Post diaper loli I here

Alice Or Alice? Doesn't matter, it's Lolipantsu

I didn't see this in the catalog, so if it's a duplicate, please feel free to delete meidos.

Three minutes of loli fluff, long enough to enjoy-but is it long enough to fap to?

Apologies for VLC usage, i'm at work, all I have to use. Gomen.

Protags that actually use pure wits to survive?

Isekai protag's always being OP when it comes to magic, any crafty MCs out there that you can post anon?

Board discussion.

Post here if you have to ask/talk about meta related topics. Current list of topics/announcements:

- The bunker board is now back online.

- The Kamen Rider streams will take place every Friday night, at 21UTC at the tearoom. Don't miss them!

- Extra Stream Friday morning! The 4th Touhou Livebox NEXT - >>38977

Tip: to see CSS changes faster, use Ctrl+F5 to refresh your cache.

To yell at contact me, send an email at Or just post in this thread.

Key Girls

Best Key girls thread

All key girls from One to Moon to Air to Kanon to Clannad to Little busters to Angel beats and Rewrite! All are welcome!


/o/ can be cute!

Mahou Shoujo Site

Extreme bullying and Frieza turning girls into mahou shoujos

Okay, it's been at least three episodes for nearly everything since the season began. Have you solidified your watch list? Do you have more room for the backlog this season than you thought you would?

What are you watching? What did you drop? What's AOTS so far and why is it HisoMaso? What's the Sleeper Hit of the season and why is it HisoMaso? Who's Best Girl? Which cute girls do cute things the cutest?

Share your thoughts on the season.


<Last Period

<Comic Girls

<Hisone to Masotan

<Wakaokami wa Shougakusei!

<Uma Musume


<All the various 3 minute long things

It's a backlog season.

/u/ Streams


A general thread for all Internet streams that pertains to /u/, including but not limited to 8/u/'s weekly stream. Discussions and suggestions for this programming block are welcome on this thread.


Yuru Camp△

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Cutie Honey Universe

Tachibanakan to Lie Angle

Comic Girls

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS

Toji no Miko


Raw Link


Previous thread:



Guide to WIXOSS

Batoru Online

If you want to contribute to help make this sim more in date with the actual game, here's the git.

Random Decks For Batoru

Previous thread: >>42043

General Thread

Post ITT every time you visit this board

so that we can generate more activity.

Previous thread: >>41424

Buyfag Thread

Let's talk about plastic butts and other anime merchandise. What's on preorder? What do you wish was available for preorder? What's your holy grail?

Previous thread can be found at >>780606. Please read the guide:

Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari

The new shitposting anime, featuring

>generic fantasy game setting


>hot references

>meta memes

>catboys for all you homos that actually watched Re:Zero

>following the footsteps of Witchcraft Works, with best girl being on the enemy team

Based on a true story a real gachashit generic fantasy mobage

Gundam Narrative announced. It follows directly on from Unicorn, with more Laplace-related conflict. The first part's going to be out in November.

Overlord - dare you enter the Bone Zone?

Here's the Volume 13's cover, set out to be released April 27th.


Here's the excerpt text that goes with it: アインズ・ウール・ゴウン死す。

四万の亜人連合の軍勢に包囲された聖王国。 聖王国最強の聖騎士レメディオスの指揮のもと、防衛作戦が実行されるも疲弊した人間軍は亜人の蹂躙を止められない。 王としての約束を果たすため、 魔導王アインズは魔皇ヤルダバオトとその配下メイド悪魔にたった一人で立ち向かう。 そして――


Ainz Ooal Gown dies. The Holy Kingdom is surrounded by an 40000-strong army of demihumans. The tired human defense army lead by Holy Kingdom's strongest paladin Remedios cannot stop the demihuman onslaught. To fulfill his promise as a king, the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown alone faces Demon King Jaldabaoth and his Maids. And then....

Enveloped in flames, will the Holy Kingdom be saved? Justice shall guide Volume 13.

Season III announced:

The fujobucks produced by Season III will make Season IV possible.


3DCG Thread

Here are the rules. Don't post 3DCG that looks too realistic or has that unsettling "uncanny valley" vibe to it. Do post anime style 3D, Eastern videogame CG and stylized semi-realism in the vain of graphical artstyles like in Final Fantasy, Nier Automata, Dark Souls and PSO2.

<If you are new and want to get into doing 3D:

I watched this and found it surprisingly enjoyable.

Being a NEET and watching anime about a NEET seems very self-indulgent, but I can live with that. Anybody else like Welcome to the NHK....or something similar?

Wrestling thread

Need a place to dump this doujin so let's have another wrestling thread

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Boy, I can't wait to leave my office job to drink Shouchuu with my Fujoshi girlfriend before playing Monster Hunter World on my Nintendo Switch, after which I'll relax with some Marlcororo LIGHTS 100% menthol cigarettes before watching the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata movie (Coming Soon to Theaters!!) like a true Otaku!

What do you think, fellow gamers?

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - Girl's Last Tour

I know I'm a season late to discussions for this, but I still want to talk about it. I finished Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou yesterday and I was wondering, what did you guys think of the anime? Quality or nah? I personally enjoyed it but I want to hear what you guys have to think about it.

active shows

so per somebody's idea sorta there's some currently running shows over at

like most cytubes it needs the google drives userscript

I'll try to keep up with updating it since it's getting me to watch a lot more stuff.

Shinkalion: Kid pilots transforming train robot. Vaguely similar in flavor to Gyrozetter.

Lupinranger VS Patranger: Current Sentai. Rival taskforces of cops and Arsene Lupins are fighting evil crooks from another dimension.

Kamen Rider Build: Current Masked Rider. Japan is split into three rival nations. This makes Metal Heroes have drama with each other and fight. Uhh, I mean Kamen Riders. Yeah.

Darling in the FranXX. In the future Earth sucks. People live in roaming domes and monsters are running wild on the desolate surface, fought by robots that look like girls. Here's some teen pilot crap instead of that cool stuff.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes TV: Space war series of novels that were made into a very well-regarded OVA series are now a TV anime.

Tiramisu: Comedy show about a robot space war in the way Cromartie was about high school.

Cutey Honey Universe: New tv of the franchise

Megalobox: Ashita no Joe-inspired show about boxers wearing power armor type frames

Gundam Build Divers: Gundam Build returns with MMO-style action.

And the rest!

042618 edit: unstickied this and the other one since I got the combined thread started

stuff to watch

live streams, youtubes, synchtubes, whatever

8/m/ - Mecha and Toku presents: weekly /m/edia update

I'm running shows that are currently going, partially for here but mostly just so I can keep up with stuff.

Like most cytubes it needs the google drives userscript.

Show descriptions in the next post.

mog_rog: MST3k mode

KTMA through the end of The SciFi Channel that I can find on youtube.

I'll work on reposting any still-active youtube links from the other thread over time.

gameplay thread

How do I deal with the books on lunatic, /jp/? Also, Cirno's first non-spell keeps killing me.

Webm thread

Post your anime webms

One Piece: Confirmed Kill Edition


Looks like that's a wrap on the Whole Cake Island Arc. There's still some things left unresolved, but we'll likely find out what happens later. It's not quite a cliffhanger, but it does feel like the shit they started with Big Mom is done, either.

Let’s have a Gabriel Dropout thread. What was the best episode?

Pixiv Fanbox

It seems that Pixiv Fanbox, that once used to only be a way for the artist to interact with its fan will work like Patreon too. This will open new possibilities not only for the artist but for us too. What you guys think of it?

POCD thread

Did lolicon ever give you POCD? (fear of being a pedophile)

Short break - chapter 355

>Berserk will be taking a short break

>'til next time!


Steins;Gate 0

14 and a half hours until the premiere, will it flop? What are you most excited for, anons?

>Boku no Hero Academia is being watched by more people than Steins;Gate 0

>rated 8.5

>inb4 MALfag gtfo

What exactly makes that shit so popular?

Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

It's back.

Don't forget, you're here forever.

Previous >>765567


Started watching this gem again.

Kuroneko is still best girl

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.

Happy new year! Here's a big potato.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

Your seasonal dose of generic romcom has arrived

GS chapter 23

I don't even care anymore if it's not isekai, just post a protag you think is as good and well crafted as GS

Also what tier would you put him in?

Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro

Last thread is sinking.

New chapter very soon, expect a bully war.

Mahou Shoujo Ore

This is a girl.

I love hime.

watching this for the first time and it's so good I had to break out the beer

Ninja Batman

Is this good? Is it even anime?

Request Thread

Request Thread

I'm looking for a translated doujin about a dark skinned loli who is the daughter of a yakuza boss that forces some pleb into anal while they are in a hot tub.

Also general request thread!

Gunpla/Plamo General #7: Kabuto gets lost edition

Old thread: >>14708

Welcome to paint and primer funposting general

>Con season is coming up, what are you guys hoarding your shekels for?


For those of you just joining us, please read this guide. Please read it before asking questions as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "Plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model." If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here.

>"If you're new, you're gonna !@#$%^&* up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"



And a handy guide to other types of plamo:

Watch Kawaguchi explain simple and useful Gunpla tips to you!:

Gundam Lineart:

How they made the Build Fighters stuff + more cool customs:

SD Kits and etc. from the 80's:

Kemono Friends

One year ago, the anime was just starting to get noticed.

Darling in the Franxx

New episode PV in less than hour.

Traveling in Japan - Cherry Blossom Edition

It's been a while since we last had one of these, and I recall people making plans to go in the last thread so I think it's due time for another. Post about your experience actually exploring glorious Nippon. Have you gone recently? Are you there RIGHT NOW? What was it like to have your weeb dreams crushed under reality? If you want to go, what questions do you have?

It's early Spring, so the Sakura trees are in bloom! Make sure to share pictures.

I envy you weebs. You still have comfy imageboard communities. The rest of us cant enjoy anything anymore after 2014.

SAO: Gun Gale Online

It's PUBG: The Anime. I don't know what I expected.

It's wednesday! Which means now is the time for posting your waifu!

It's finally spring and the winter is gone. Will you be doing anything on Easter with your waifu?

The Promised Neverland

>finish reading the newest chapter

>it ends with Emma falling asleep and waking up to this

I can officially say that I have no idea what's going on in this manga anymore.

Refugees, you better not start shit.

Thoughts anons?

Who's a dream otaku here?

Sadpanda thread!

Share new releases, news, your favorite fetishes.

But most of all, show me your favorite Doujinshi.

Crunchyroll is Cancer

This actually infuriates me, why the hell does crunchyroll think they have the right to dictate what I am mature enough to handle.

Hurr-durr we censored it because it's demeaning to the wayman


This is super cute, and the new game that came out on PC this week is the cutest yet.

Anyone else playing it? Whose pantsu are the cutest?

Akira vs Ghost in the shell

Which is the definitive cyberpunk anime?

Uma Musume

No horse puns allowed

Erotic literature thread

Instead of asking "why isn't there a thread for erotica?", I grew fingers and made it myself. I haven't seen after much lurking, so here we go.

Post your favorite loli fiction as links to the source, and give a short summary along with a review of why you enjoyed it.

Please be considerate to include the story's tags. Any kind of loli fiction is welcome. A PG rated story of a girl on an adventure, a furry story, happysex or rape are all welcome, as long as you tag it.


C93 has been over for a few days and my shipping proxy has reopened after their New Year's holiday, so it's once again time to rape my bank balance.

Doujin sites

I didn't realise that the C92 thread was at bump limit, sorry about that

3D Kanojo Real Girl

A cautionary tale about the school's bicycle hunting down a low level otaku.

Hot Bodies

Post girls with the nicest bodies.

Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One

Hey any LNfags around? I was reading and only now it hit me

What ever happened to NEKO guild girl? W-why is she nowhere to be found in present day GS world?

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san

Could you fertilize these /a/?

Persona 5 The Animation

It looks like it is going to be pretty faithful to the plot of the game, a pretty average first episode overall. Hopefully the 3 lolis will get some attention along with some of the Chirstmas cakes.

Loli Original Art Thread

This is space to show your original art, your original drawings, illustrations, sketches, projects, concepts, or anything else you want to show to us made by your hands.

To promote yourself.

To ask for tips that make you to improve your work quality.

Feel free to show to the community your talent!

Drawing Improvement Club MK III

Where everyone struggles and talks about their drawing woes.

Smug, smirk, grin, evil, devilish, mischevious, mischief

The kind of grin that fills you with warmth and cheer.

this my waifu, her name's sanny..... so sexy.....

*splort* *splort*

Kemono Friends

I am Crested Ibis.

I am searching for friends.

Where are you, friends?

My friends, I am searching for you.

Oh, friends…


Chiyo Thread

Girl of the year 2014

Keion thread 2: Electric boogaloo

Mugi edition

Meido Thread

I love meidos. There's always something classy, motherly and adorable about them.

helloo im the new janitor here what threads do i delete!

Shingeki no kyojin 102

Look like the final.