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Happy Sugar Life

Anyone order a yanrezu lolicon, with extra yan?

There were parts of the manga where I thought it turned into too much of an edgefest to be enjoyable, but only some of it. It remains to be seen how it will turn out in a different medium.

Upstairs 186

Cake Edition

Old thread: >>199241


^Д^) Lets try magick, folks?

Here are the essentials! Forgive me if I have doubleposted.

Boku no Hero Academia

Last thread fell off, time for a new one.

Second cour starts this coming week and the manga will be returning. What are your hopes and thoughts? Does the new OP sound better or worse than Odd Future? Will the finale of the Endeavor fight be cool or a copout? Will Toga continue to be cute?

Harukana Receive

So many lewd closeups and buttshots

Of course the only small girl gets none

Sadpanda thread

I am looking for, for lack of a better term, femdom romance. I want some douijins where the girl is dominant, there is no turnaround where the guy takes over halfway through, the girl is seeking a relationship, and there is mutual affection at the end. Bonus points if there is non-lewd dominance too.

Extra bonus points: The guy isn't a shota but the girl is significantly taller

Some examples of some of these things;

There was another one that fit the bill I can't recall the name of and can't find that involved a girl forgetting to wear a skirt and then pressing her ass against the guy's face into a wall.

One Piece - Glorious Nippon Edition

Chapter 911 is out. I don't want to get my hopes up, but the Wano arc is already shaping up to be pretty amazing.


How will /a/ handle the return of its queen?

What the fuck happened to 8/jp/!?!?. TENKO FIX THIS SHIITT!!!!!!!!


Post all the Tomoko pics you have saved on your computer, please.

Grand Blue


Pick a difficulty and a drink, then down a shot every time something for your difficulty and all below yours happens (non-alcoholic is fine IF YOU'RE A PUSSY)

Easy Mode

Drink every time someone mentions diving

Normal Mode

Drink every time a man betrays another man

Drink every time Chisa or Cakey has a valid point in beating up Iori

Drink every time someone is completely naked (shows censorship or dick isn't showing because of angle)


Drink every time someone drinks something that is stronger than what you're drinking

Drink if someone makes a hyperdetailed face.


Like in Normal mode, drink every time someone is naked. But now shorts only counts as naked.

Loli legality and you.

This image is a few years old so anybody know if its outdated now or is it still fully relevant? Is there any updated versions floating around?

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Finally. I almost feared they delayed it further.

Looks alright, it's a decent average. Not good enough to do the manga justice but far better than I feared.

I'm also glad that references are as obvious as in the manga, some adapations tend to change those.

Asuka is objectively best girl.

Rei is a pile of steaming garbage that not even shinji (the biggest homo in the entire show) likes.

You would have to be really stupid and dumb to like a plain soulless doll like Rei.

General Thread

Post ITT every time you visit this board

so that we can generate more activity.

Last Thread: >>44730

animated lolis (not western)

a n i m a t e d lolis

Edit: Western goes on >>>/delicious/

Your First Anime Crush

Post em.


Guide to WIXOSS

Batoru Online

A pretty out-of date Batoru Sim, it'll let you play with most LRIGs except for Guzuko, Layla and Carnival.

Heres the git for it:

Random Decks For Batoru

For Webxoss only.

Previous thread: >>44224

Dragon Ball Super + its movie

>A new Dragon Ball movie is being made

>It shows massive promise, and it seems like it will be the best animated DB movie yet.

>All of the characters are looking better than ever.

<The movie is about fucking broly

If you haven't given up on the franchise at this point somehow, now's the time. I'm not even sure if I want to see the movie now.

pictures that lift the soul

my picture thread, it was so nice…

i want it to be nice again

Manga thread

Survivors Status:

>🗹 Present

>☑ Absent

[Contentless] ITT you post right now your current thought[Brains][Thinking][Refugee camp]

someone forgot to pay the bill

Pray to Tama chan for rain

an awoo a day keeps the doctor away.

Scanlation Thread

I'm going to be sharing the methods and techniques for scanning, cleaning and typesetting. This is mainly for the benefit of the scanlation team but the information is here for anyone that wants to read it.

Recent Yuri Releases

Previous thread: >>30638


>Yukarin plays the hag again

>she is the main girl

Pretty mediocre looking series to come out early this season.

The messy head token loli is also looking to be the only lovable girl in the main cast, needless to say also the only one who didn't, and won't get any fanservicy shot. Of course the hag bitch gets everything.

Buyfag Thread

It's Summer, or Winter depending where you are, season! Let's talk about plastic butts and other anime merchandise. How badly did you wallet get raped in June? Is July looking any better? What's your favorite subtle anime merch?

Always remember to read the guide:

Previous thread >>804677.

A quick thread about what sites should loli artist post their works

Wasn't sure to just post this in this thread >>35741 but ill just make a thread. Sites that i know of.

Recommended or to look out for:

Pixiv (need feedback if this site is actually loli friendly) (very loli and shota friendly)

Jabarchives (feedback needed)


blogspot or

Not recommended:

Tumblr (too many SJWs and flaggers unless you don't mind your blog getting nuked within a few weeks or months. Only post SFW pics and if you want to get exposure)

Others: (like Pixiv but even more japanese, may be hard to use. Google translator is your friend)

Paheal and Rule34Hentai (only for posting your pics, Rule34Hentai allows toddlercon)

Deviantart (surprising amount of loli artist on there. Only post SFW pics and if you want exposure)

Hentai Foundry (does not allow loli/shota anymore but you can still leave your commission info or whatever on there)

If theres other sites I haven't listed, go ahead and post it.

WEBM Thread

Gonna start with some StoPani webms.

Loli Waifu CYOA

Alright I made this a little bit ago, when 4chan had IDs… never really got a chance to use it.

You can generate IDs here.

Password length 8

Number of passwords 1

base64 (6): <selected>

Click generate


>Password strength: 48 bits.

>Should protect you against dedicated hackers.


Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

Is this the Utena of our generation?

Harukana Receive

Bikinis, Volleyball, Ass-shots, and Ass Slaps. An adaption of a manga but pretty good eps so far.

Harukana Receive Manga:!Eyo0zaTb!4k5H1Pag3uScdwmMqHdejszMBMpPSkZSpcU0u4i1PvE

Love Live: Snake Camper

>I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. There will always be a Love Live thread, post your shitposts in me. I won't see you end as zeroes. You're all idols...We are Love Live.

They've begun adding the Nijigasaki girls to everyone's favorite shitty mobage. Aquors' time on the stage is drawing to a close.

Loli Telegram

Anyone Know of any good Loli telegram groups or channels to join?

I found a few channels through google/bing but they're mostly inactive.

FLCL Progressive

FIrst ep wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Although my expectations were dramatically lowered from FLCL Alternative,

/u/ Streams


A general thread for all Internet streams that pertains to /u/, including but not limited to 8/u/'s weekly stream. Discussions and suggestions for this programming block are welcome on this thread.


Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Tachibanakan to Lie Angle

Comic Girls

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS

Toji no Miko



Previous thread:


Ongaku Shoujo

How to fail an idol show: noodle designs, washed up cheap visuals.


What was the point of not allowing people to use the future internet?

Are mecha designs getting worse? Is there a mecha anime with worse designs than Franxx?

Garden of Words

An anime about an extremely convoluted way to explain you have a foot fetish.

Japanese media you wish were translated

What manga, anime, light novel, ect. That you know of has never been fully translated that you wish were translated? I would love to either watch or read kabocha wine.

(You can include video games as well, if not in excess. Try to limit them to visual novels.)

Post a song 4

Vocaloid music thread

Old thread >>100074

let's talk about games with giant robots, which ones are your favorite

Happy Sugar Life

Yandere gay girl with glowing red eyes gets an anime. First ep is out and translated - what does /u/ think so far

Some anon also put all the manga chapters in a single download here as well:!sjpwkarb!F-dBexyi03r7FGiOcCRZuV_Ai9K4nlSsiMGijcpIfvo

Pan from DBGT?


Dance Thread

Post anime girls dancing their asses off.

Yami Shibai

These are a series of horror shorts that have been going on for some time now. The quality varies wildly from season-to-season, and the opening episode they've decided on this time is about a boy who is scared of thunder.


Hey guys just wanted to let you know 8cup will be in two days.

But in the mean time I you guys to give me a commentator.

Itll be the same style and format that I did with 8chanmania so you can pick anyone to do your commentary for your matches.

you'll get F U N points if it's from an anime I know

8cup Thread

8/u/ 8cup Team


I've already nominated us for an inter board competition but we need a few things:







If your team is a member of 8chan cup season 1 in the subject line please put the season you are in.

i.e. Team /v/ Season 1 It'll make my life easier I guess.

Discussion of your team may happen in your thread, but i'd prefer for it to happen on your respective board as it'll make it easier for me to organize information

Thought I'd make a thread here to centralize information. Let's get at it!


Threads on other boards



Anime Club - 夏だ!海だ!アニメ部だ!

It's time to bring the anime club.

But what happened to the anime club anyway? Where is it now? Originally, the club idea had been conceived for anons to watch Miracle Girls simultaneously and post about each episode as we watched it. So we made a schedule for that, but then we added other shows (Kino no Tabi) to the schedule, and OVAs (Ellcia), and a movie on Friday, so that in the end we were watching four different anime and trying to post about all of them in a single thread. Naturally some people chose to only watch one show and ignore the others. Other people fell behind and stopped posting in the threads. Eventually, people stopped posting in the thread and the club faded away and I think if we want to restart the club we need to address the main issue of the original club: we were trying to watch too many things. We can't watch two shows, and OVA series, and one movie a week again. It wasn't feasible. Which is why we have to lay out a single rule as a basis for the thread:

One show at a time.

As long as we hold to this, I think we should be fine. There won't be confusion about what to watch on any given day, we won't have multiple discussions going in the same thread, and the whole thing will be more focused and go back to the original idea that anime club was supposed to be.

So now we need to decide what show to watch and the schedule for watching the show. I would say that any suggestion for a show should be one that most anons haven't seen, preferably another unknown gem like Miracle Girls. It would most likely end up being an older anime though it doesn't necessarily have to be. The schedule should be something simple, like one episode Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We don't need to go all out and wear ourselves out, slow and steady wins the race. Thoughts?


>toei, jump and all the usual places to Dragonball popularity polls

>for the first time across all polls Goku doesnt win like always, Vegeta does.

>Super sees all development for goku stop after the 'man i feel old' stuff when pan is born

>From meeting cabba to standing up for his beliefs against toppo and jiren Vegeta has a consistent character arc which along with things like Bulla cements him as having far more humanity than Goku ever has

>Vegeta merch is selling more than goku's for the first time ever

>Kids growing up are seeing Vegeta as the respectable shonen hero of Dragonball.

How do you think Toriyama feels about this?

Serial Experiments Lain aired exactly 20 years ago. Happy birthday Lain.


Touhou is filled with cute girls wearing silly hats!

Iya na Sare Nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai

I think I have a new fetish. Just long enough to fap to The first person viewpoint works pretty good for this sort of thing.

Shindol: What happened?

Once upon a time he made sweet, lovey dovey doujins. We all remember the ones about a cute crippled girl in a wheelchair and her highschool love that was posted on /a/ so much back in the day.

But his work has gotten darker every year. Cannibalism, drugs, abortions, human cattle in a meat plant. Its gone from sweet and hopeful to bitter and cruel.

What changes the nature of a doujin artist like this?

The Fish must go on

The last thread has reached bump limit, so it is time for a new Sakurafish thread. It welcomes all to this thread as a shrine to show your like and even dislike for it's visage. Praise be to the holy fish. Today's image to start the thread shows how it was with Yukari all along, how graceful of it.

Why didn't they ever make a Yotsuba! Anime?

Overlord - MVP Edition

Sasuga, Maruyama-sama!

Where were you when you realized this was a shitposting comedy light novel, /a/?

New thread since the old one hit the bumplimit a long time ago and is on page eight here: >>812395 and an archive can be found here:

v13c3p5 was released recently. As always, make sure to spoiler stuff from the most recent volume until it's been fully released if it contains major spoilers as a common courtesy to other anons. Anime-only fags enter at your own risk! Optionally you can choose to spoiler for the anime-only faggots.

New Eva film set to be released in 2020

Evangelion 4.0 to be released in 2020, special pre-film screening begins.

It was revealed in a special pre-film screening on July 20, 2018 (Friday), that "Shin · Evangelion Theatrical Version: ||", the sequel to "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q" (released on November 17, 2012) will be released in 2020.

The clip was released before the first day of screening for Hosoda Mamoru's "Mirai of the Future", leading to numerous tweets from surprised fans. As of 12:30, there has been no notice on the official website nor on the official Twitter, nor was there an announcement that the clip would be played in advance.





The tweets on Japanese twitter

"The clip starts with Mari in her cockpit, shooting Gatling guns on the arms of "EVA Unit 08** while descending downwards."

Waifu Wednesday

The last thread hit the bump limit and is almost at the bottom of the catalog. The temperatures and daylight are increasing, so make sure to care of yourself and your waifu during the hottest season of the year.

PLEASE Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro!

The spawn of darkness has found a new prey to envelop in its diabolical smug. The hero must escape the encroaching end, else he be consumed forever in the grin of the DreadJK known as...


New Chapter's out already.

/loli/ Anime Streams

The fun times watching loli-themed anime with everyone continues!

Streaming regularly on Sundays at 12pm Eastern Time, with daily episodes being uploaded around 8am. Be sure to check and make sure you know when that will be!

I stream the anime on Cytube. Come and join us!

There's usually a music pre-stream up an hour before the main stream. Feel free to contribute!

I'll be streaming the videos from google drive, so you may need to run cytube's userscript in order to see it. Make sure cookies are allowed too.

There's about 2.5 hours until today's stream. We're watching the Kodomo no Jikan OVAs. Come in, enjoy some anime, and take it easy!

Spectre Killer - The Defilement Edition.

Nude Request Thread

Request a picture of a loli to get a nude edit, you might be lucky

Visual Novel Thread

Time for a new thread:

Kindred Spirits Full Chorus is out.

I have no idea if/when it will be included in the steam/mangagamer versions. What I have here though are related stuff. I have the JAP version of Full Chorus, 2 audio CDs included AND translate copies of VA commentary. There's alot of supplementary stuff here.

JAP version:

Part 1:!BHw1TLCL!YmaKdmuzNi9enbo21ul9cHRFZ2QrigJGvtF7QKf7J-g

Part 2:!8CAFGD5A!bjtHnAtj7KUbd2EDP9jOY8XCguz0EYPsHAxk4o8gVf4

Part 3:!AHRB3JTC!EligG32Lf-NA9W-GDhxhkePP3GcSAGZ7WQjlsz4zRpE

VA Commentary:!0eQilSJZ!mM5QYQbgtLm9XOjLLSpXwXpqHObFIp-CQpX-CJXpq4o

To the anon who wanted info on Maidens of Michael, I'd say go for it. It follows a new couple but has stuff relating to all the older ones as well.

SaintBomber is probably pretty close to releasing his Quantum game, I'll post a link once I have it.

Akkun to Kanojo

OPs have been cut except for episode 6 because the OP was half the filesize.

Shinya! Tensai Bakabon

It's like Osomatsu but more direct in it's references.

Loli commissions

Hey, Buddies, does anybody can do cheap commissions of loli and toddlers? That would be nice to buy, really.

Webm Thread

Post your webms


Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa

Set up before Kaiji, Hyoudou is bored and orders Tonegawa to do set up something to entertain him, like some death games. So now Tonegawa has to work towards doing that together with his subordinates and villains from Kaiji. Tonegawa is pretty capable but also kind of autistic so how will this shit end up? I dunno.

I feel like the narrator's voice isn't deep enough for over-dramatic delivery and the speaking style isn't helping either. The gags seems like they will consist of extremely capable Tonegawa struggling on menial stuff because of his autism or some high-up choices making his job harder. Probably working together with other characters whose quirks will piss him off and each episode is him getting pissed at them till he explodes.

I get this sensation the jokes run for too long, killing the momentum so the payoff isn't that great as result. I wonder if this is how every episode is going to be.

>"Give your name."

>"My name is Yamazaki Kenji and my hobby is bowling"

>"Ok, next."

>"I'm Kawasaki Toshimasa and my hobby is bowling"

<Oh no, their names sound similar! This is so confusing!

>Every subordinate's hobby is bowling.

<Tonegawa's autism didn't let him skip past those details so now it is bothering him a lot! He can't concentrate! What a dilemma!

>5min revolving around Tonegawa hearing similar sounding names and struggling to remember them with ざわ‥ ざわ‥ sound in the background.

>Spergs out, calls it a day.

>Tonegawa stays alone in the office while all the subordinates go bowling, wondering what made him so angry.

I really hope this thing gets better later on. I'm worried that if this fails any hope of Kaiji s3 will go poof. What do you think /a/?

Steins;Gate 0

Oh my it seems we got too excited and used up our thread so quickly! Misutah Anon lets continue our joyous discussion of this Steins Gate in this here thread. Ok?

stuff to watch

live streams, youtubes, synchtubes, whatever

8/m/ - Mecha and Toku presents: weekly /m/edia update

I'm running shows that are currently going, partially for here but mostly just so I can keep up with stuff.

Like most cytubes it needs the google drives userscript.

Show descriptions in the next post.

mog_rog: MST3k mode

KTMA through the end of The SciFi Channel that I can find on youtube.

I'll work on reposting any still-active youtube links from the other thread over time.

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

Parents vs. potato, who wins?

Dump incoming.

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu

The first episode was a lot better than I thought it would be. Rem is perspective best girl I want to pet her fluffy ears

Asobi Asobase

Trying too hard to be funny - the anime.

The "hilarious" faces are way overdone, the girls are not cute at all, saturation is eye cancer, and jokes rely on said epic reaction faces.

Is there anything more pathetic than women who watch anime?

Protagonists you hate

What are protagonists in anime that you absolutely hate, and why?

- Ichigo (because he's a Mary Sue)

- Seiya (because he is insufferable and feels forced)

- Luffy (because his grin makes me want to punch him. Also, his personality in general)

- Melodias (his visual design, powers, story, everything makes me cringe and puke)

- Light (because he's a self-absorbed faggot)

This is Princess Ekaterina. Say something nice about her.

What's with this odd style of brightly colored not-woodcut animation using copious amounts of >filters popping up in shit-tier anime set in pre-Meiji japan ever since Drifters aired?

Am I just seeing things?

Panels without context

Post manga panels without any context. If it's from lewd mangos, then even better.

/loli/ Anime Stream

After a few weeks of planning, we're finally having our first /loli/ anime stream!

The stream will be this Sunday at 12pm EST.

I'll be streaming the videos from google drive, so you may need to run cytube's userscript in order to see it.

For our first stream, I'll be airing Ichigo Mashimaro! A nice classic is good to start with, don't you think? There will be 12 episodes, 3 OVAs, and the 2 Encore OVAs (plus a four-minute short). 17 episodes in a row is quite the marathon, so I'll include a short break after episodes 6 and 12.

It'll be my first time running a stream, so I'm sure there may be some issues. Sorry in advance! I'll do my best to address them.

If it goes well, we can start doing these regularly. I'll accept any suggestions on what you'll like to see in the future. So let's kick back and enjoy some comfy anime!

Edit: Here's a countdown timer if you don't want to bother converting to your time zone, courtesy of /animu/.

News Thread

Thread for all types of news related to otaku culture and discussion about said news.

Exotic Condenser

Other thread reached bump limit.

EC/Ekikon kenkyuukai's site:

Blog and updates:

For those who don't know yet, the newest game is out.

Download link:

Hataraku Saibou

It's cute! It's fun! It's educational!

It's literally just Osmosis Jones the anime. First episode was decent though. The main characters are entertaining enough and the setting is pretty interesting. Seems like a nice mix of action and cuteness so far. There's a lot of cute blood too.

Daily Denpa

Until this thread hits the bump limit, I will aim to post one denpa song per day. I will try to make it a webm every time, but I may have to resort to hook/youtube or something if I don't make it.

Denpa is a broad type of music that had it's start when VNs and anime were making music that sounded like the idol pop hits of the day, just with the connotation that it's particularly made for Otaku or otherwise has a "strange" or "denpa" tint to it. As a result, most of that "classic sounding" anime and VN music you love sounds like it's stuck in that era. So, don't throw a fit if I post something you don't consider to be "denpa enough".

Denpa as a japanese term is a reference to a murderer who told the police he heard radio waves, or "denpa" in his head telling him to do it. It's now used in casual conversation as a word meaning "bizarre", "strange", "out of place" and so on. The anime "Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko" aimed to be entirely Denpa.

For starters, here's the 2D denpa idol unit, Shaking Pink. This entire album is fantastic if you can get your hands on it. I posted a link to it in the first music thread we had when I found it, but it's been a long time and I don't remember where I found it. I looked for it for quite a while.

Age Gap Yuri

How big an age gap is too big?

ITT: that one image you keep coming back to.

Darling in the Franxx

Discussion of the most celebrated show of this season continues here.


I believe in that smile. Even if you don't have a soul. 2105 A.D. Japan The humanoid android hiE became part of people's life and was handling the things human could and couldn't do. Endou Arato, unlike his friends Kenko and Ryou who hate hiE, felt sympathy for hiE which are supposed to be just objects. One night, Arato suddenly gets assaulted by mysterious falling cherry blossoms that make hiE and machines run havoc. Will the cornered Arato be saved by the mysterious hiE Lacia...

A Beginner's Guide to Mahou Shoujo Chart

What do you think /a/?

The Japanese Transformers

Now here is a thread I have never seen in /a/ and thats Transformers specifically the Transformer shows that never left Japan.. Things like Transformers Headmasters or Beast Wars Neo 2. I mean America did not get any of the Japanese produced Transformers till around 2001 with Transformers Armada. which was widely well received. However there is still a number of Transformers shows that have never gotten dubbed or even subbed and have forever remained untranslated.

There is also a number of Transformers manga but a lot of them are just parodies.

Why was Naruto so autistic for Sasuke when Shikimaru was the actual better friend?

>Actually asked the question of "Why should I hate Naruto?"

>Probably one of the few people in Naurto who actually had good parents

>Doesn't need to rely on his OP bloodline uses his wits to win battles

>It took Sasuke hundreds of filler episodes to get revenge while it took Shikimaru like 2 weeks

>Cares for the well being of Naruto

>Was the only person whose relationship with Terumi wasnt random or forced

Ill be the 1st to say Naruto is trash but if there is one thing I love it was Shikimaru and his story lines

Sunohara-sou no Kanrinrin-san

I don't usually like women with tits this big but I was she was my caretaker.

Fat/Chubby Thread

A thread for those who want more cushion for the pushin'.

Post in this thread every time you visit /jp/ and there's no new posts



It was way better than the movie.