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8Cup 5 Planning Thread

There was some good discussion in the thread on /v/ before it slid off, luckily I've saved caps and the archive (though archive appears to be down at the moment). We were in the midst of discussing:

>Whether virtual divegrass should remain as the official sport of the Cup

>Possible replacement sports should that answer be no

>How to manage the fact that there were literal dead boards competing in 8Cup 4

>The difference between a dead board and a small board

>Bringing back live commentary

And more. So discuss.

team /unna/

1. Custodian of Sacred Land (GK) Silver

2. NOONGA (def) Silver

3. Snif Bruv (Def)

4. Dardy Lardy (def)

5. Bardy Gardy (def)

6. WOITE CAHNT (mid)

7. Adam Goodes (Mid)

8. Cuz Congres (Forward Mid) (Captain) Gold

9. Dreamtime bruv (Att)

11. UNNA (Att) Gold

12, Golden Oak (GK)

13. Ciggies (Mid)

14. Cathy Freeman (Forward Mid)

15. Jessica Mauboy (Mid)

16. Bennelong (Att)

17. Yunupingu (Def)

18. Charlie Perkins (Mid)

19. David Gulpalil (def)

20. Jackie Lambi (Att)

Here is our Goalhorn, also is our anthem as well as our logo and kit

/hgg/ thread 8chan cup 4

Well Fuck we're late as fuck and with a team nobody has approved but fuck It's either this or fucking /furry/ getting in so here goes

Starting 11

Rance (Gold Captain) (att)


Nanako (Bronze) (Def)

Masaya Kimura (Mid Atk)

Sylvie (Silver) (Mid Att)

Luka (Bronze) (Def)

Bernd (Silver) (Atk)

Asagi (Mid)

Viper (gold) (Mid)

Goblin Princess (Def)

Annemarie Reiter (Def)


Cuck Fag (GK)

Lewd Elf (Def)

Starless (Def)

Jojo (Def)

Genie (Mid)

Parasite girl (Mid)

Daffy Duck (Mid)

Todd Hardwood (att)

Kim Hartmann (Att)

Green Kit is Home, white Kit is GK

Team /christian/ season 1

our current roster is

St. Peter

St. Paul

St. John


Winnie the Pooh

Christ Chan



Brother Nathanael

King James or Douay Rheims

Pastor Anderson (GK)


Joel Olsteen

Mormon Jesus


Sola Fide


Henry VIII

Vlad the Impaler

Pastor Manning

James White

Run on song Home:

Spirit in the Sky

Run on song Away:



Home: Nicene Creed chanted in Greek without Filoque

Goal song:

Our God is an Awesome God

Victory song:

Non Nobis Domine

all this is still open to change and discussion

Team /monster/ Season 1

Possibly temporary emblem for now.

Current roster:








>Seahawk Harpy

>Slade Stardust

>Ay Papi







>Seaport Hime



Last team member/everything else to be announced soon enough.

Team /tg/ Season 1

Hey guys I tried my best but I'm not great at this Edition.

Obviously I incorporated 40k into the logo because it is a staple of /tg/, and I wanted to do dice, but I couldn't figure out how to do it.

Also, I nominate Matt Ward and Firaeveus Carron.

Somebody please make something better or at least improve mine if you can, thanks.

/monster/ vs /tg/ Guts Bowl

/monster/ vs /tg/ both had intent to name Guts to their roster for the Cup. As a gentleman's agreement, it was decided that a wrestling tournament would decide who earns the right to field Guts on their squad.

Each board will name 16 wrestlers to represent them in the tournament. The 32 combatants will then face off in the Squared Circle on July 19th at to determine the winner. This thread will hold each board's nominations so as to not shit up any adjacent threads elsewhere.