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Black Knight satellite disinfo

This may be unrelated but I feel it is related to Aghartha.

Reasons why the black knight satellite is real:

It first appeared in 1955 in polar orbit 8 years before anyone managed to send up a satellite in polar orbit. Later USA said it was a thermal blanket from a satellite they sent up in 1958… and not even in polar orbit. Did the "thermal blanket" have engines to help it go into a polar orbit? Errr nope. The USA also said the thermal blanket burned up in the atmosphere but it has been sighted years later.

Hollow Earth photos?!

Do you have any real photos taken from the inner Earth?

Что обсудим?

Это площадка для борд?

Самый главный топек.

Борда для игры, хуле.

Why the fuck is everything in russian?

Why the fuck is everything in russian?

Agar IO advertisement bot

Just found some Agar IO ads robot from game.

Script control multiple Agra io bot to run pm agar platform, every time spawn script rolling with different ads message.

(Bot source is here:

Sorry for poor image quality, my ubunty can't capture motion image very well.

Skin Ideas

Anyone got any legit skin ideas?

How about



Hey me and my friends started the first agar clan, join if you want to

NEET General #364 - Cured Bum, Cured Life Edition

NK finally takes off and moves onto a new rape dungeon. What will he catch first? Will other NEETs follow his example?

Will the penile and anal HPV among other NEETs increase?

OLD >>274373

Post your ebin wins here

I'm on us east. If you're green, I will sacrifice myself to you.

Including the 8chan skin


b is short for dlb which is short for dan*l*b****


woot woot

>eating frozen players

>players teaming in FFA



Flood detected; Post discarded.

anti-teaming update

This new anti-teaming update fucking sucks. Yeah it's a great idea, but it's poorly impreddit fagmented. Now every time i split into more than 4 in order to rake a field of dots the system flags me as a teamer and I start losing mass to an unplayabreddit fag reddit fagvel. fuck you devs

pic unrelated








I like it like that

Agar Board

this is a agar board for everyone who actually speaks english, have fun here, share tips or whatever you want. just keep it on topic

(board clan;

I hate this board.

Post high scores!

Yakuza General

I didn't even realize the last thread died. Anyways Kiwami 2 is out on PC now, and it looks like Special K can now disable DOF. I'll try it a little later, but probably just going to get black screen with Special K overlay again.

Thread for Special K progress:


fightcade any1?

>tfw no gf

anime tiddies

NTR is the thinking man's fetish

8chan users deserve to go to pedophile jail.


sad kun

where sho? :(


Did you know MDMA = cured autism?

Look it up! Studies funded by MAPS. Donate to MAPS!

Path of Exile - Legion

I'm finally quitting path of Tencent. It's been a nice ride guys. I'm just not finding this game interesting anymore. Recommend some other good life-service based PvE games. Neither Tencent nor GGG deserve your money anymore. Also the supporter packs look like garbage btw.

This is pretty straight fucking forward. Post shit regarding afx. I am hoping for some shit to drop in the new year so there should at least be something to talk about. Otherwise we can just lift content from WATMM and turn it into dank memes or just argue about which CD of SAWII is better or other such inane shit.

Pls respond.

Power Rankings

Post your top five afx tracks and explain to others why their subjective opinions are objectively wrong.

1. Yellow Calx
2. 4bit ashfhfkg\kzbckaf
3. Mt. St. Michel
4. IZ/US
5. Heliosphan

9001. 180db

yo guys seeing this shit on the sound cloud damn

Im black in American-centred terms. My IQ was tested since I have some mental issues so the "professors" needed to examine me to come closer to an answer for my mental capacities and issues in daily life. Guess what: 128 which seems to be considered higher than average. Im interested in engineering and all other forms of science are irrelevant to me. From a "well thought" POV I find so called (Narcissistic) intellectuals like Molyneux the absolute point zero in terms of "Rolemodels". I see a lot of parody and lolz etc etc when I look at them. Really. The entire Molyneux guy: WHAT a fucking joke of a person you are, how can this person even live with itself. If I can give you an advice it would be get rid of that enormous blown up ego of yours in the first place. Im not a leftwing marxist idiot but voices like Molyneux shouldn't be censored but rather used as pure laughing stock on Youtube. Why not an entire new laughingstock channel with all his "intellectual" farts summed up to bring back a more modernized view on all these old-fashioned "bookcase" professor-nisms Molyneux still jerks off on. I mean this guy should be a embarrassment for people (whites in particular). This guy made several claims on IQ while his educational background doesn't reach further than the average lame Theater School drop-out. Molyneux is the embodiment of complete farts the well respected Western Civilization makes so now and then and im not one of these Afrocentric slavery cry babies. This guy is a total fart. Not more than that to me.

I want to ruin AFA-s life … BUT lets become a faggot community as well. Fagots destroyed Antifa. Sounds gr8 tbqfh.

>>>/soyboys/ support ANTI-FA!


잡담 뻘글 48

최고다 유타군!

Bien virgos autistas, este es el board que creé como prueba de nuestro amor por los fetishes y memes.

Será un board de pasion y autismo por animus, solo existe una regla, no girlfriend.

post funny videos on this board.

here is an example funny video








misc. videos


Cute Girls

Dumping girls. Join in.

Welcome to the /afterlife/!

A board dedicated to the discussion and debate of what happens after you die.


-Don't spam

-Stay on topic. Meta discussion can go in this thread

-No trolling racism etc etc. Just don't be a bitch

-Make threads that have meaning. Quality over quantity

That is all for now. Get posting!

post #2, win or fail?!

>thousands of religions to choose from

>each one has a different afterlife and way to get into it

>most punish non believers in a bad afterlife

I'll admit it, Im afraid of death


All Telltale Games Will Be Removed From on May 27th, 2019

A member of the team informed the community via the GOG forums that all of Telltale Games’ remaining titles on the storefront will be delisted and removed starting May 27th, 2019. If you already own the games you’ll still be able to play them, but if you don’t own the games you won’t be able to purchase or download them from the store after May 27th.

The news came via a short and sharp post explaining that if you already own the game before the delisting takes place you will be able to keep playing those games, however, all of Telltale’s games are going the way of the dodo…

>“Sadly, we need to inform you that, due to company’s closure, all the remaining Telltale titles will be delisted from our catalog on Monday, May 27, 10am UTC.

>“The titles are as follows: the Wolf Among Us, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Hector: Badge of Carnage, the Batman series, Sam & Max series, Puzzle Agent series, Tales from the Borderlands, and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.”

more here:

Upstairs 212

🇭 edition

Thread old: >>231131

What have I done

Fanboy trash

Esoteric Hitlerism

I don't undertand Miguel Serrano. His worldview is very grim to me. What is Eternal Return? Why we can't stop it? Will Demiurge ever be destroyed fully? He seem invincible.

Official Unofficial Get Thread

Starting it off with a 5

What's the point?

/pol/ reporting in

im gay

I want to kiss OnlyAfro

20get. onlyafro is god

onlyafro is a

spics and niggers need to hang from trees

Where's everyone and why this exist

27 get


We show our face and build our community

I have pilgrimaged to the Internet today to ask my fellow afrikans about themselves. We must join together and reveal ourselves as a people to overcome the evil we are facing in this day.

Hello my name is Mbauntwe, I am 8 years old. It is my duty to facilitate the local garden that my father has left for me. He is fighting for our proud nation in Big Hannibals militia, fighting the evil white homosexual men who are trying to take Hannibal away from his proud peoples.


iraqi-arabian sunshine poopdance 12000









O neonazista pedófilo e homofóbico preso enquanto preparava 'jihad branca'

Puta que pariu!! O maluco ia matar a mulher com um fodendo gladio romano kkkkkkkkk

link da matéria:

1 get

this is fucking gay

we don't need a board you fags

I'm a giant faggot give me cock in my butt

Logan kikeing out.

>anime fascist party

You have been visited by the moot of Dead Boards

If you are reading this message brave board traveler, then heed the following instruction;

Good luck and prosperity will come to you, but only if you repost this thread to 1 or more other dead board(s)

dasfsvg fsddsa fvdsdv

/b/ was here

follow my trail!






It gets bigger when I pull on it


nigger nigger

*nigger nigger nigger*

More nothing than everything tbh.

all are welcome

AfD für Deutschland

benis XDDD

/afd/ general - Current OP for backup purposes

ITT discussion on Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the 2017 German elections.

>TOMORROW: New Year's address from Frauke Petry live at 20:10 PM GMT+1

www faceberg com/Dr.Frauke.Petry

>Who are Alternative for Germany (AfD)? [Embed] [Embed]

>AfD's Basic Program

>AfD Basic Program's list of contents in english

>Petry's Interview on NATO, Refugees, Sharia, Turkey and Borders [Embed] [Embed]

>AfD MEP on Trump's victory [Embed] [Embed]

>60 Genders - AfD's Steffen Königer gives the Greens a Reality Check [Embed] [Embed]

>AfD pro-Syria on FB: "Merkel must go!"



>Syrians chimp out in bus, kick baby in the face and attack paramedics trying to help the kid


>Meme Collection v1.3

https://postimg org/gallery/13dw1v50q/

>Video Tribute [Embed] [Embed]



>Gather lurkers

>Make memes

>Spell-check memes

>Spread memes

>Come up with new ideas

>Find or create a friendly guide for voting

>Ignore the shills

We reached the financing goal! The party collected more than 2.200.000€ and is now eligible to collect even more from the state party financing program

Last Thread: >>xxx

Board Rules

1) Golden Rule: When discussing anything, use arguments to explain your position. Saying an opinion is right/wrong or that something is good/bad without justification is frowned upon. This rule exists to inspire a culture where users expect arguments from posters, to prevent viral marketeers/shills and also to prevent people from making accusations of them.

1) Keep discussions civil and of quality.

2) Do not disrepect the intelligence of other users.

3) Posts just namecalling and insulting other users are frowned uppon ("Biggoted Nazis!", "Youre all racists!", "U mad white boi!!", "Achmed plz").

4) Bait post and effortless threads are frowned uppon. (like "x BTFO", "Really makes you think","is x degenerate/our boy/white?") Threads and post should contribute something of value.

5) Do not post links where you must skip an ad before viewing the content.

Do not post shortlinks ((like, paid links ((like links that require you to watch an ad or fill out a survey before accessing the content) or paywalled content




ohne Frauke wird das nix

Alternative Fur Deutschland


Der Führer muss endlich weg!

Welcome aboard, agents.

We're trying out this 3rd party website to host the ebin board, since we're all a bunch of maymay spouters and racyss patriarchal cis-scums who hate fruitcake.

Shitpost all you want, OC preferable :^)

ebin :–Ddd

this is le new ebin bored of maymay i see?