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#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Bustin' Out Edition




<OHCHR updated their page to note the comments they received about how their definition of CP would end up criminalizing fiction (Official responses: | /E9P1J6d2ne/JSSCC_docx | /z7p9S2t2na/USA_pdf | /1fp0S8t7n3/Austria_docx)

>Everyone shits bricks due to THQN AA ( | TbxAT | BIUsv

>Nick Rekieta started a GoFundMe for Vic Mignogna's legal fees, which has since passed its initial $100K goal and its second $200K goal |

>Military Squadron Commander charged for lolicon

Sony censorship master list:

Steam censorship master list:

>YouTube will begin a giant purge of its site to remove videos supporting white supremacy, conspiracy theories and Nazis

>Quinnspiracy: The Incestuous Nature of Modern Game Journalism ||



•Include the company's stock code in your tweets about their poor choices/boycotting them.

•Also focus on information that highlights the companies as poor investments to shareholders such as lost profits, scandals, etc.

•Current targets: Sony Corp. ($SNE); Google ($GOOG, $GOOGL);



Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process:

Japanese blog post about it:

Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids

-Confirms censorship was deliberate

-No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case

-Marvelous partner starts petition against policy

•Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed.

•Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well.

>>>/gamergatehq/330858 >>>/gamergatehq/331149 >>>/gamergatehq/331150


A. Support! Accountability needs proof:

B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices >>>/gamergatehq/328644

C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. >>>/gamergatehq/332324

D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. >>>/gamergatehq/332315


I have acne not only on my chest, but all over my back and on my butt a bit. My face is somewhat clear, but that's because I douse it with a couple different acne medications. I have a clean diet, but my facial skin still always appears greasy/wet if I don't wash it for at least an hour and my scalp always feels oily.

I'm not a gross unhygenic fuck either. I shower at least once everyday and try to clean my back as often as possible. It's kind of difficult though because I have a broad back (I'm not fat, I just seem to have a naturally wide body).

What is wrong with me, /b2/? Why do I have insanely bad acne while everyone else effortlessly has no acne, even when they hardly shower compared to me?

Patria Cuckeada VI

Hilo general de la Argentina cuckeada y re cuckeada.

Hilo previo: >>428499


uncut bois only

Upstairs 218

Summer edition

Disneyland has become a ‘ghost town’

To say that Disneyland’s new Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge land is a big deal would be an understatement. The highly anticipated $1 billion, 14-acre immersive expansion was the biggest in park history. As of its June opening, visitors can pilot the Millennium Falcon, build lightsabers and drink blue milk. The hype over the new attraction’s products has even caused people to steal branded sporks, of all things.

To ensure that the park wouldn’t be mobbed with Star Wars fans, Disneyland wisely put some crowd-control measures in place; Galaxy’s Edge was only accessible to those with reservations until June 23. But it seems that the measures worked too well, depending on whom you ask.

This week, long after the reservation embargo, the park is empty. Well, empty for Disneyland.

That’s right — if you visit Disneyland right this minute, you’ll find a scene out of your theme park dreams: Pulling up to your favorite ride and hopping right on with little to no wait. It’s even being called a “ghost town” by some visitors.

more here:

Por que? :(

Chris Pratt Criticised For "White Supremacist" T-shirt

Well, if Hunter Harris, Amanda Clarke and uss butterscotch I st3 spoilers say that Star Lord is a racist, who am I to doubt them?….

July 16, 2019

Chris Pratt criticised for 'white supremacist' T-shirt

Chris Pratt is facing criticism over a T-shirt he was pictured wearing featuring a controversial symbol.

The Marvel star’s top shows the American flag with a coiled snake over the top and a message underneath which reads “Don’t Tread On Me.”

The writing and snake combo on its own is depicted on the Gadsden flag; a symbol created by Christopher Gadsden, a Charleston-born brigadier general in the Continental Army.

It came to prominence during the Revolutionary War of the US by colonists who wanted independence from Great Britain.

Although it is one of the symbols and flags used by the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team, Metallica, as well as some libertarian groups, over the years the flag has been adopted by Far Right political groups like the Tea Party, as well as gun-toting supporters of the Second Amendment.

It has therefore become a symbol of more conservative and far right individuals and, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the US, it also is “sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts.”

It’s why some people are critical of Pratt wearing a T-shirt featuring the Gadsden flag iconography.

Many have posted their feelings about it on Twitter.

That’s everyone’s fave, Chris Pratt, wearing a snake logo recently associated with lads from the Tea Party to the depths of 4chan

— Jonathan Dean (@JonathanDean_) July 16, 2019

Hot take: It sucks this flag is now associated with alt-rights rather then those who appreciate John Locke's philosophies.

I understand there are also a lot of repubs disguising as libertarians these days tho. And random bigots in my neighborhood. But I'm open minded~A liberal 🤷‍♀️

— ☠️ KC the #Outlaw ☠️ (@SomeEdgyThingy) July 16, 2019

Although Pratt has not come out as a supporter of the Republican party it seems he shares conservative viewpoints on the gun lobby and is a member of the Hillsong Church which has been accused by ex-members, as well as Ellen Page, as being homophobic.

The actor attends the Church with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger who he married in early June.

Pratt has most recently been promoting the first trailer of Pixar’s new animation Onward in which he plays one of two two teenage elf brothers, alongside Tom Holland, who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left in the world.

Pratt is the voice of Barley Lightfoot and Holland his younger brother Ian in the film which hits cinemas March 2020.

Rabbit Thread

No, not that one. Just a thread for rabbits.

To get some stuff rolling: Whatever happened to Seiran and Ringo after LoLK anyway? Did the Lunarians allow them to return to the moon, or are they stuck on Earth? They could always team up with the folks at Eientei, at any rate.

Thread #44

Loli Edition.

6-year-old Utah girl Accidentally Killed by Golf Ball

The two were at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course in Orem, Utah, police said.

The young girl was flown to a hospital in Salt Lake City in critical condition and died from her injuries later Monday evening.

The incident is being investigated as a tragic accident, Colledge said, adding that police are not pursuing charges and have not released the names of the girl or her father.

Julian Assange received deliveries and maintained control over guest list

>Surveillance reports flesh out details in Robert Mueller's report, including Assange's meetings with hackers

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange maintained an unusual amount of power during his stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, new documents reveal.

Assange, who was arrested in London in April, took refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations.



General Jenny Nicholson #10

Horse desks and Star Wars Land


SIG 2019



Immortal - Thomas Bergesen

Stallion - Two Steps From Hell

Never Give Up - Two Steps From Hell

Victory - Two Steps From Hell


Assume all processed foods are dangerous.

Raw salmon for optimal brain health.

Eat in moderation. Water fasting of at least 7 days per month.


The Mind Illuminated

> Providing step-by-step guidance for every stage of the meditation path, this uniquely comprehensive guide for a Western audience combines the wisdom from the teachings of the Buddha with the latest research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Clear and friendly, this in-depth practice manual builds on the nine-stage model of meditation originally articulated by the ancient Indian sage Asanga, crystallizing the entire meditative journey into 10 clearly-defined stages.




Read Fascist and National Socialist books at



/gender and sexuality/ general

Anti-trans, TERF, incel, anti-abortion, homophobia, misandry, essentialism, are all reactionary ideologies or views espoused by reactionaries. As such, it will only be only slightly more tolerated in this thread than in the general board. Keep in mind that board rules still apply.

Some reading material:

'The True Life' by Alain Badiou


Victor Villanueva


This is the only thread where LGBT, Gender, abortion or incel discourse is allowed. Report other threads which bring up the topic.

Gab Fediverse Thread

Gab is joining the Fediverse. Mastodon screeches autistically

>what is the fediverse?

is a portmanteau of two words “federation” and “universe”

It is a common name for federated social networks running on free open software on a myriad of servers across the world. Historically, this term has included only microblogging platforms supporting a set of protocols called OStatus. This didn't do justice to a large number of projects that federate, share same values and are reasonably popular. With the appearance and wide adoption of a new standard protocol called ActivityPub it makes no sense to further divide the federated world into “OStatus” and “non-OStatus” projects. This guide unites all interoperable federated networks under one term “Fediverse”.

Fediverse social networks have many differences from mainstream platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). For one, all of the federated networks are developed by the community of people all around the globe, independent from any corporation or official institution. This means that you can take part in the development and growth of the Fediverse. All skills are valuable: spreading the word, inviting friends are most welcome activities. Another difference of these social networks from corporate silos is the principle of federation. Mainstream networks concentrate millions of users on their servers. That gives them dangerous powers of controlling information and hoarding users' private data, using it for commercial profit (and who knows what other causes). Fediverse networks are designed to be run by anybody: you are free to choose and register on any server you like, you can choose the person who will be in charge of your data - the administrator of your server. If you have some technical knowledge, you can administrate your own server for your friends and family, at your will connecting with thousands of other independent servers across the web. In a sense, Fediverse is an autonomous universe where power and data are decentralized and scattered across multiple lands, while mainstream corporate websites each made themselves a king (or a tyrant?) of their own huge land, surrounded with high fences, and reserve all the decision-making, data control and censorship to themselves. Fediverse has much more to it than it looks at first sight. You will meet many good friends here. But don't trust our word - check for yourself.

late stage capitalism... 2!

last thread got deleted because mods banned & deleted the posts of the guy who made the last lsc thread

Completo Italiano

Completo Italiano

le néon nazi Andrew Anglin condamné à verser 14 millions de dollars à une juive qui pleure

la juive pleure parce qu'elle reçoit des email jovial et participatif

maintenant andrew anglin le fondateur du daily stormer est condamné à verser 14 millions de dollars car shoah

> Gersh, qui est juive , à reçu un message lui disant qu'elle aurait mieux fait de mourir pendant l'holocauste , et à reçu des messages vocaux où était entendu des coups de feu.

what is FEMA's problem?

Catholic Bible Translations

My mum wanted a family Bible that's Catholic (she's Catholic, I'm… trying to join). I found a nice looking RSV-CE bible which I ordered as it was in perfect condition for second hand (I avoid buying anything new where I can), but am unsure if this translation was good or not.

From a protestant background, I'm aware that there are many translations one should steer clear of, though at first I didn't think this was an issue for an institution where all translations need to be authorized. But given the internal divisions within the Catholic church - such as between traditionalists and modernists, I figured it prudent to ask here. I found a few screeching heads against various translations on the internet, but usually they looked like geocities websites and all had different opinions.

What are people's opinions on various Catholic translations?

O que está na sua mente nesta madrugada, anão?

>escape revisas el archive choroy y te ríes de la idiosincracia choroyesca

Furry Chat

I'm lonely and a furfag. It's hard to find any good hubs on places like Mumble, Tox, Telegram, Discord, etc. and IRC is a chore to use. Any group chats you wish to shill? I just want a new home, /fur/ isn't the same and /trash/ is too overpopulated.

ITT: Genres you love that will never be made after the year of darkness because no mainstream appeal

I fuckin' love me some Weird Westerns. Rolling plains, arid mesas, sunbleached ghosttowns and steamtrains thundering across the horizon as gunslingers and bandits fight their battles across it all.

But now throw in bayou vampires, brothel whore banshees, undead gunslingers, witchcraft, voodoo and all kinds of supernatural bullshit. Its my jam of a very rare vintage because its taking westerns which RDR aside normalfags don't like and then making it supernatural as well.

Notable examples include:

>Wild Arms: Jrpg series from Media Vision where a jrpg world reached 1800's wild west frontier times tech and Drifters uses special guns called ARMS to explore the world and its ancient ruins. Blending elements of Grandia, Final Fantasy and Spaghetti Westerns together.

>Oddworld Strangers Wrath: In the wastelands far outside the deiselpunk factories of Abes Oddysey a lone bounty hunter takes out hicks and bandits while chasing a elusive and mysterious creature called a 'steef'. A fun first person shooter using animals as ammunition.

>Silverload: DOS adventure game where a gunslinger is hired to rescue a missing child from a haunted town.

>Darkwatch: first person shooter where you play as an undead US Marshall chasing down a demon across the old west as supernatural shit is bursting out of the graveyards, brothels, jailcells and mineshafts to block your path.

Theres more but not many, often mods or dlc like Undead Nightmare or more thematic relations like New Vegas. I really like the blend of styles but i know its never going to have mainstream popularity so now thats the only reason games get a budget outside of one man indie games i know the subgenre i love is dead, what about yours?

"If white people didn't interfere with black people, they would have advanced on their own!"

Lol ok retard

Question for the pedophiles

I heard there were pedos here, so give me some insight:

How can you tell if someone is a pedophile? Are there any giveaways or red flags? Wondering because I am curious about my best friend, he's really great with kids and my daughter loves it when he comes over, but since he has never had a girlfriend and lives with his parents I kind of had this feeling in the back of my mind. I feel guilty for thinking this because we have been best friends since elementary school

Provoking rage for your amusement.

This thread is about trolling.

What are your favorite targets?

What bait gets the most hits?

Guides on lone wolf activism

ITT we post guides and ideas on how to get active by yourself. Note: /pol/ is a board of peace, so don't post stuff like the Anarchist Cookbook etc.

Possible topics:

Guerilla street activism


<color jars



<safety guidelines

Internet ativism

<how and where to spread info

<mirroring videos




I will start with some effortposts.

Pokemon Sword &amp; Shield

The new games look like a trainwrexk. Even if they do meet their expected sales, this will end up fuck with the sales of future mainline games.

Will /b2/ let this nigger reach Wakanda?

Previous thread:


new thread, oh yes

Since the last one was getting a bit stale.


hey board owner
how're we supposed to get this board going if we don't even have oekaki

John Paul Stevens, long-serving Supreme Court justice, dies at 99

Former Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, one of the longest-serving justices on the bench, died Tuesday evening at the age of 99, the court announced in a statement. Stevens served on the Supreme Court for nearly 35 years, and became its leading liberal.

Stevens' influence was felt on issues including abortion rights, protecting consumers and placing limits on the death penalty. He led the high court's decision to allow terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay to plead for their freedom in U.S. courts.

As a federal appeals court judge in Chicago, Stevens was considered a moderate when Republican President Gerald Ford nominated him.

On the Supreme Court he became known as an independent thinker and a voice for ordinary people against powerful interests.

He retired in June 2010 at age 90, the second oldest justice in the court's history.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Allthefallen is down

The good ol' ATF is down. Is this temporary or permanent? Like it or not they're one of the few communities on the internet dedicated to lolis.

Kellyanne Conway names (((Andrew Feinberg)))

(Note: I'm not a Trumpstein supporter, but I find this interesting)

>FEINBERG: Following up on the previous question: If the President was not telling these four congresswomen to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring?

CONWAY: What's your ethnicity?

FEINBERG: Um. Why is that relevant?

CONWAY: No, no – because I'm asking a question. My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy.

FEINBERG: My own ethnicity is not relevant to the question I'm asking.

CONWAY: No no, it is, because you're asking, he said originally, he said originally from.

FEINBERG: But you know I'm asking –

CONWAY: But you know everything he has said since and to have a full conversation –

FEINBERG: So are you saying that the President was telling the Palestinian [inaudible] to go back to—[crosstalk]

CONWAY: The President's already commented on that and he's said a lot about this since that one tweet. He's put out a lot of tweets and he made himself available to all of you yesterday –

FEINBERG: No, just to the pool.

CONWAY: He's tired. A lot of us are sick and tired in this country of America coming last. To people who swore an oath of office.

What. The. Actual. Hell.

This is not a conversation that happened on some Trump subreddit. These are the words of the White House senior counselor. This conversation happened on the White House grounds. The year is 2019.

This is, in a word, outrageous. What possible relevance does Feinberg's ethnicity have to do with the question he asked? Trump's Sunday tweets suggested that four Democratic congresswomen should go back to the countries where they were from. In the case of three of them – Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts) and Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) that country is the United States. (Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was born in Somalia but is now a naturalized US citizen.) The question by Feinberg was designed – presumably – to force Conway to address the fact that the President of the United States had told four American citizens to go back home.

Where Feinberg's ancestors hailed from matters not at all. To the question or to Conway's answer to the question.


He visto que varios preguntan sobre la programación, por ello estoy dispuestos a ayudarlos loros para que abandonen la vida neet y ganen buena platita.

Pregunten todas las dudas que tengan sobre aprender, trabajar y vivir como programador.

Para después copiarlo en /guarida/ para que no se pierda.

NEET General #405 - Walnuts Edition

Who likes to eat Walnuts?

Old Thread: >>306100

JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition


Alternate names include

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞

Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:

Full Timeline (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Archived Threads: (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Like uh umm like uhh

>so like uhm we need to pass the green deal n stuff u guise

Favorite melee weapon

What's your fave weapon for when you have to get up close & personal? Knives, swords, spears, clubs?

itt we summon analockman

(((Palantir))) Manual Leaked, shows capabilities of government tracking

Palantir's software is used by every single alphabet soup agency on the American and international populations at large.

Some of its capabilities:

>If police have a name that’s associated with a license plate, they can use automatic license plate reader data to find out where they’ve been, and when they’ve been there. This can give a complete account of where someone has driven over any time period.

>With a name, police can also find a person's email address, phone numbers, current and previous addresses, bank accounts, social security number(s), business relationships, family relationships, and license information like height, weight, and eye color, as long as it's in the agency's database.

>The software can map out a person's family members and business associates of a suspect, and theoretically, find the above information about them, too.

It's delightful seeing it used to round up spics and their handlers, but consider this a redpill on what's eventually going to be turned on you.

/k/ and the paranormal/weird things

What weird experiences have you had while adventuring in the night hours /k/? Met any mysterious wooly creatures or had unknown noises spook you while camping? Every run into something you don't think bullets could kill?


svalbard ethnostate

why the fuck dont we make a ethnostate in Svalbard? it has no visas, anyone from any country can stay there indefinitely without permission, it has a population of 2700, 2700 people from /pol/ could move and vote for secession. it is 65,000 km^2 of land, its not TOO cold, -20 Celsius in winter and 7 Celsius in summer. why the flying fuck have we not invaded this archipelago

i hate you all

Communists tear down a Marines memorial

Communists have torn down a memorial in Seattle dedicated to a marine who lost his life in the Google crane accident. I am an unofficial caretaker for the sight, a couple days ago I unfurled the flag after they rolled it up, now I go to back and the flags are ripped down. They stole the cross as well that was dedicated to him. It's getting to the point where nothing is safe anymore and these Bolsheviks need to be stopped!! Anyone going to get up and actually help? This is getting out of control!!! Travis Corbet deserves better than this… Sad….

/newbrit/politics Thread #711: Death Warrant Edition

Farage: Labour Has ‘Signed Its Own Death Warrant’ with Pledge to Re-run Brexit Referendum

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage believes that the Labour Party has “signed its own death warrant” by finally declaring its support for another Brexit referendum in which it would campaign for Remain, in defiance of the predominantly Leave-voting working class which was once the party’s base.

>“This betrayal of Brexit confirms that Corbyn’s Labour is now the party of north London – not the North of England, the Midlands or Wales,” Farage wrote in an article for the Sunday Express.

>“Labour has failed the people of the regions. It has taken their votes for granted in the contemptuous belief they would ‘elect a donkey if it wore a red rosette’,” he said — referring to the long-standing received opinion that in Labour’s working-class heartlands in the North of England and Scotland the seats were so safe that the voters would vote for literally any candidate they put forward.

>Such political “donkeys”, the veteran campaigner predicted, would now become an “endangered species”, citing polling which shows that almost 40 per cent of voters are now less likely to back Jeremy Corbyn’s party in an election with the figure even higher in the English regions — “In other words, more than four out of 10 voters in the regions feel let down by the Remainer Labour Party.”

UK risks 'catastrophic' climate change impact if farming doesn't change - report

Suggestions include increasing production of British fruit and vegetables and a national nature service for young people.

>The UK's entire farming and food system must become sustainable by 2030 if the country is to tackle the climate change crisis.

>That's the recommendation from the RSA Food Farming & Countryside Commission, which says the government must put rural countryside at the heart of decisions and policies relating to the green economy.

>"If we don't make the changes we need to right now, we will go beyond 1.5 degrees, beyond 2 degrees, we'll probably go beyond 4 degrees of global warming, which will have an absolutely catastrophic effect on the whole of the country," said the author of the RSA report, Sue Pritchard.

'Cocktail of chemicals' found in UK mothers' breast milk due to home furnishings

Britons are being exposed to a "cocktail of chemicals" from birth, with potentially life-threatening consequences, MPs warned.

>Ministers were accused of "sitting on their hands" while "unnecessary and potentially toxic" chemicals continued to enter people's homes.

>The Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) raised particular concerns about flame-retardant chemicals used on home furnishings, with UK mothers having some of the world's highest concentrations of the substances in their breast milk.

hola putos

How do you handle it when an anon beats you in an argument? Does it ever stick with you?

hello b2! it is me ivanov, father to zhenyor of rus. word has reached my ear that you have been calling my daughter a nigger and mutt, i am here to dispell such rummors and prove to you she is of 100% pure aryan stock

Rightist purity-spiralling

Right-wing ideology has always and will always kill more white people than anyone else. This is because rightists are absolutely obsessed with what they shouldn't be, instead of what they should be.

Here's a list of people rightists think you should not be;

Slavic, as Hitler hated slavs and wanted to enslave them

Nordic, as nordic people are cumskins and ruined Rome

Anglo, as Anglos killed Germans in WWII and Churchill was evil

Spanish, because Spanish people are part-moor

Portuguese, and Portuguese people are part-moor

Italian, because Italians are tainted with African heritage

Greek, because Greeks are eternally cucked by the Turks who own Istanbul

Balkan, as people living in the European Balkan region are part slavic, or worse, part-Albanian, who are honorary Arabs for their Islamism

Finnish, because Finnish people are part-mongol

French, because French are cucks and were the first Democracy

Swiss, because Swiss are a mix of Italians, French, and Germans, making them impure mutts

Germans, because the Gauls ruined Rome

Americans, because Americans are mutts

Mexicans, because Mexicans are largely part-native American rape-babies

Central Americans, because they have a large african population after freeing the slaves

South Americans, especially brazilians, because brazilians are mutts. Except, this isn't a bad thing, because Brazilian fascism promotes muttery, so that's okay. They have a mutt waifu too.

Carribeans, because caribbeans are not white.

Canadians, because Canada is Chinese

Irish, because it goes without saying that Irish Hiberno-Negroids are not white and came from Africa.

White middle-easterners, because they are probably mutts too.

Jews, because Jews aren't white.

And don't even think about disagreeing with rightoids, because that makes you an "honorary non-white". Don't think Hitler is good for Germany? Honorary Jew. You are not white. Don't like Capitalism? Honorary Commie, unless you think Nazi Social Democracy counts as anti-Capitalist of course.

Basically, nobody is white and everyone will be killed for their impurity.

>choroy promedio es un disfórico que elige a la mujer en jueguitos de rol

might as well keep it going

Would you an autistic girl? Have you an autistic girl? Would you again?

Room Thread/PC setups

>fresh board

>no room thread


My two cents as a burnt out fan

I've lost a lot of respect for Sam's work. Since world peace ended, it was kinda nice to see hydewars at first. After that cancellation it was cool to see something candid with sam. I thought we'd be hearing more about where things were going and what future plans would entail, but it was just another boring para social YouTube vlog. Tons of hours of filler a d little substance. Occasionally the advice was good but when guys who lose their shows and make amateur comedy vids start giving me advice it feels dirty. Then it goes behind a paywall, for seemingly no reason. Like if sam needed our money to do content he could have just as well asked for it. The buzz behind mde in late 2016 and early 2017 was big. They had more fans than ever and we could have kept the ball rolling, had they just. Picked it up. Two years roll by with very little Info and content starts dribbling out. And it's not that good. I'm not exactly a pro but I understand acting and film production enough to know that sam is not trying. Yes video graphics can be time consuming but the number one thing everyone learns in film and video production is that time is money and it needs to be made and released quickly. It looks like he overreached,, trying to set up a lot at once, rather than taking small means and starting small. The quality of tota is embarrassing, in terms of filmmaking, acting and writing. It's inexcusable and its shameful that it was even released. I'm not a great filmmaker but I would have had a conniption had I been on set for that. The green screen was trash and you guys need to understand that the way you did those lines only works in hot takes like college cunts. There's more to say about content but I'm rambling so I'll wrap this up.

I don't give a shit about rumors and drama, but it's clear something is up with this guy. He's not been forthcoming about what he's making and he's overreaching so far that he's a accomplished nothing of quality in a long time. I'm not going to pretend I know what happened with charls, but I get the feeling that there really is bad blood. Even though I don't wat h any of his streams. I have more respect for his work as of late. Mr pregnant was better than anything Sam's done in two years with all that money, and it was small and simple. Charls is producing within his means and though he doesn't do much in the way of content we'd like, it's clear he's put care into it when he's made it.

3D traps

Fighting Game General: 10 Years of Blazblue Edition

>Samurai Shodown V Special

PS4 and Vita versions were updated by CodeMystics receiving an overhaul of its netcode from the old delay based to a similar rollback used in KOF'97GM

>Samurai Shodown (2019)

Rimururu is revealed as the first DLC character coming in August.

Season pass with the 4 characters will be free until June 30th.

Story happens between V and the first game. Game will be released in 25 June 2019 for PS4 and XboxOne. Q4 for Nintendo Switch and PC. TBA for Google Stadia.

>Dead or Alive 6

Kula is confirmed as the second guest character along with Mai both KOFXIV. They are included in the Season Pass announced with many costume packs. They'll joing Nyotengu and Phase-4 as DLC characters.

>The Fallen Angels

Daraku Tenshi will be completed after over 20 years for arcades and consoles by studio Psikyo and exA-Arcadia.

>Mortal Kombat 11

Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Sindel, Spawn and two more guests are the characters in the first Kombat Pack.

Game was confirmed for Google Stadia.

>Fighting EX Layer

Area will come for free… eventually.

Footage of her:

Official Facebook page for feedback and news:

>Granblue Fantasy Versus

Ladiva confirmerd as the latest playable character:

Game confirmed for PS4, developed by Arcsys. It'll be published by XSEED Games.

>Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Version 1.5 is out! Update includes Naoto Kurogane (Blazblue), Teddie (P4A), Seth (UNIST) and Heart Aino (Arcana Heart).

>Under Night In-Birth

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] reported by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

>Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!!!!!

The version with playable Pistrix is confirmed to be renamed as "Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! XTEND"

Arcana Heart Illustration Collection:!R1pjnL7D!eiWMlKDeo-03ByL4iw8h5TstYUm9gZsUNN0e_0tneKs

Arcana Heart Heart Full Sound Collection Best:!5l4hAb5B!PCKrpfNCtHMJWVqH0ANHWqVwctrE2eEhZjFL3JnQDjI

>Dragon Ball FighterZ

Kid Goku (DBGT) is out! He transforms into SSJ4 during his lvl3 super move. Him, Jiren, Videl(w/ Great Saiyaman), Broly (DBSuper), Gogeta SSJBlue and one more unnanounced are the characters for the Season 2.

>Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Dragon Armor Trini(Boom Comics), Udonna(Mystic Force) and Cenozoic Blue Ranger(2017 Movie) are added to the game for Free along two new stages. Along with that, a story mode and voice acting added to game:

Developed by nWay, will feature crossplay between the One, Switch and PC. Game is out for Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and will be released later for PC and Google Stadia.

QTDDTOT - Questions that don't deserve their own threads

Post your small questions here and have other fascists answer them

McCreary Co. Deputy in Critical Condition After Shooting

State police say the officer was called out to Lick Creek Road at 8 p.m. and once he got there he was shot.

KSP says the deputy found Mark Dungan, 48, of Science Hill, in a car outside of the home. Troopers say Dungan fired shots at the deputy hitting him.

After the shooting, state police say Dungan drove off from the scene and then hit a constable head-on in his patrol car. Police say Dungan then kept driving.

KSP and McCreary Co. deputies found Dungan in a cemetery and arrested him.

Google employees are eavesdropping, even in your living room, VRT NWS has discovered

Since Google launched its Google Home device in 2016, millions of people have installed one of these smart speaker devices at home or in their office. You can ask it all sorts of trivial questions.

If you ask ‘Okay Google, how’s the traffic heading towards Brussels?’, the device automatically switches on and a computer voice will read out the latest traffic information. Seems very useful, right? You can do the same thing with the Google Assistant app on your smartphone, comparable to Apple’s Siri.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that everything you say to your Google smart speakers and your Google Assistant is being recorded and stored. But that is clearly stated in Google’s terms and conditions. And what people are certainly not aware of, simply because Google doesn’t mention it in its terms and conditions, is that Google employees can listen to excerpts from those recordings.

Google has continually claimed that it doesn’t eavesdrop. Google Holland even made a smooth YouTube ‘explainer’ to remove any misconceptions about eavesdropping. In this video, Google employees answer the question ‘Does Google eavesdrop?’. They say that the commands are being stored and transferred to Google for analysis. And they very clearly state: ‘No, you are not being eavesdropped’.

more here:


Do nothing goyim! Don't you know that everything is a honeypot? If you do anything at all that would be bad. Good goyim must always keep their wrongthink to themselves and never dare take real world actions.

>typical /pol/ conversation

You support Brenton Tarrant? You want to kill people? You don't have the authority to do anything. Join the Canadian Armed Forces then! Then it is okay. Where does their authority come from? All authority comes from God you say? Sure, whatever. The government doesn't have the authority of god anymore because the nation is godless? b-but killing people is wrong. Yeah that's right, love your enemies, like it says in the Bible. What's that? Ecclesiastes 3 says that? Well that's Old Testament. Ignore that. Hyperbole? No hyperbole in the Bible… just take everything literally like me and forget the nuances of interpretation. Listen man, this is wrong, we're a nation of immigrants. What, John A. MacDonald intended this nation for Europeans only? No you're wrong it was for the English only and you're not English. You can't take matters into your own hands. The American Revolution… but that was back then, the world is different now.

>real conversation I had today with some cuckservative

Well at least I know to write him off as a hopeless case but fuck am I sad right now. I got interrupted from finishing the whole conversation with him and just had to get a word in to tie things up just so he doesn't freak out. These people are useless. They live in a thought bubble in their own community that is accidentally white only because of their cultishness where any slight difference of doctrine causes you to be shunned. They never expose themselves to anything that offends themselves and so never learn shit.

I hate do nothings. I hate people that have a merchant morality, whose morality is entirely dictated by whatever it takes to remain comfortable, while they ignore that if they don't take action now they will end up truly helpless and living at the mercy of an enemy that gives no mercy. The enemy is not abroad. The enemy is in our own borders. They have zero moral issues with the government doing whatever it wants and getting away with it but apply a ridiculous moral standard to non-state actors who'd try to fight the real enemy.

Anime is the opiate of the masses and a by-product of japanese post-war hypercapitalism

Change my mind

Court of /monarchy/

Welcome to /monarchy/. I'm editing this top post in order to condense things. This is now the only sticky and a general meta thread. There has been no change in BO, I'm just trying to clean things up a bit more. I may delete out posts in this thread just because I would like keeping the >>1 post for tradition's sake.



More specifically, if there is a new BO or volunteer of /monarchy/, it's announced here. If there is a change to the rules, it is promulgated here. This is also a thread I'll use to be a little less aloof and talk about minor and meta stuff: general feedback, complaining about troll threads, accepting submissions for flags, banners, moderation, and rules, etc.. A court, if you will.

Daily Stormer Founder Andrew Anglin Ordered to Pay $14 Million to Jewish woman

The lawsuit is the result of a 2016 "trollstorm" unleashed by Daily Stormer founder and Worthington native Andrew Anglin against a Montana woman.

A judge says Daily Stormer owner Andrew Anglin should pay $14 million for urging followers to terrorize a Jewish woman in Montana. US Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch made the recommendation yesterday, and as The New York Times notes, it’s now awaiting approval from US District Court Judge Dana Christensen. In addition to monetary damages, the ruling recommends requiring the Daily Stormer to take down articles about Anglin’s target Tanya Gersh — who’s still suffering “atrocious conduct” from harassers because of the posts.

Anglin refused to appear in court, and this is a harsh default judgment against him. It recommends Gersh receive around $4 million as compensation for lost earnings and emotional distress, citing the “particularly egregious and reprehensible nature” of Anglin’s actions. The judge also awarded $10 million in punitive damages — the maximum amount allowed under the law — to “punish Anglin and deter him from engaging in such conduct in the future.”

Gersh said that the judgment sent “a clear message” to Anglin and other extremists. “This lawsuit has always been about stopping others from enduring the terror I continue to live through at the hands of a neo-Nazi and his followers, and I wanted to make sure that this never happens to anyone else,” she said in a statement. Anglin’s location is currently unknown, and it’s not clear how much money (if any) Gersh might actually get.

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit on Gersh’s behalf in 2017. The complaint followed months of death threats and hate messages from readers of the Daily Stormer — which, according to the SPLC’s complaint, had published 30 posts railing against Gersh. Anglin’s attacks stemmed from a failed real estate deal between Gersh and Sherry Spencer, mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer. Spencer then claimed that Gersh had extorted her, and Anglin posted photos and contact information along with instructions to “make your opinions known” about the issue. “Let’s Hit Em Up. Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm? Because AYO – it’s that time, fam,” he wrote.

Anglin’s lawyers attempted to mount a First Amendment defense of his posts last year, but Judge Christensen refused to dismiss the case. Anglin then failed to appear in court, his lawyers cut ties with him, and he forfeited the suit. It’s the second recent judgment against him — last month, Anglin was ordered to pay $4.1 million to Dean Obeidallah, who Anglin falsely accused of orchestrating the 2017 bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.


hot take: people in 3rd world countries have low suicide rates despite living in shitholes because they're too stupid to comprehend suffering

Lord El-Melloi II-sei no Jikenbo: "Rail Zeppelin" Grace note

Do you think that Iskander approves of his young masters growth into adult hood?

Why are incels intimidated by fully grown white women?

Songs without repeating parts

I'm not bashing repetition or anything, I just think these are interesting. Anybody got more of these?

CASE Act and Copyright Law General

>The Senate Judiciary Committee intends to vote on the CASE Act, legislation that would create a brand new quasi-court for copyright infringement claims. We have expressed numerous concerns with the legislation, and serious problems inherent with the bill have not been remedied by Congress before moving it forward. In short, the bill would supercharge a “copyright troll” industry dedicated to filing as many “small claims” on as many Internet users as possible in order to make money through the bill’s statutory damages provisions. Every single person who uses the Internet and regularly interacts with copyrighted works (that’s everyone) should contact their Senators to oppose this bill.

>Making it so easy to sue Internet users for allegedly infringing a copyrighted work that an infringement claim comes to resemble a traffic ticket is a terrible idea. This bill creates a situation where Internet users could easily be on the hook for multiple $5,000 copyright infringement judgments without many of the traditional legal safeguards or rights of appeal our justice system provides.

Full article:

I'm mirroring this subject from /v/ for a couple reasons:

>posters on /v/ conflate the concept of copyright with its current implementation (US Law)

>a few buzzword responses with little rationale (spouting "communism")

and I'd like to see if there can be level-headed discussion re: topics of copyright, infringements, "protection mechanisms" (e.g DRM), laws, and alternatives (such as CC, GNU GPL, copyleft).

Top Democrat Activist Shaun King Praises Antifa Terrorist

By Jim Hoft

The man killed in Saturday’s terror attack on an ICE contract detention facility in Tacoma, Washington was identified this weekend as Willem Van Spronsen.

Van Sponsen had a history of attacking police at a protest at the facility a year ago.

Antifa activists are claiming the attacker as one of their own.

In fact, Antifa terrorists cheered the crazed leftist and his attempt to bomb an ICE holding center.

Like many lunatics before a killing spree Willem Van Spronsen left a manifesto after his death.

Final Fantasy XI: MMORPG boomers

we're playing FFXI on an oldschool 75-cap private server called Era, with 4x rates (or 1x rate + special benefits if you're up to the challenge), and quite a bit of custom content/functions/QoL improvements, and i'm inviting people to see how far they can go. doesn't matter if you're an XI veteran or a complete newbie to the game, we'll take you in and hammer the grind into you.

bringing this thread here from /v/ because it gets very little visibility there and dies really fast. hopefully it'll survive longer here without pointless bumps.

>how do i install this shit?

read this thread on their forums and follow the instructions

alternatively, you can use the full era installer, which is on the main website, under the DOWNLOADS tab, but for that you'll have to read up some of the other threads

>how do i meet you fags in-game?

open the chat with spacebar, and send a /tell message to Nel, Kashiri, Jem, Steez, or Talos, we'll set you up with a Linkpearl to our chat

ie: /tell Nel -message-

>is the game FUN

the game is a classic tab-targeting turn based mmo. its hard, but it also has a lot of versatility in the roles you play. jobs aren't race or gender locked, you can swap them at any time although they each have their own individual exp bar and level. Enemies will start to periodically kick your ass if you don't cooperate with other players beyond level 20ish unless you really know what you're doing, and that's part of what makes it so fun. there are no markers or autowalk "lines" like in modern ones. so explore away, Sneak & Invisible are your best friends.

>the UI fucking sucks OP!

it definitely takes some getting used to. attached is a little guide on how to make it suck less.

>i keep getting X error when Y

make a post and ask away, maybe we can help. current FFXI private server technology is a bunch of code snipets held together with boogers but it keeps improving little by little.

Cnn: Trump's 4Dchess move wins back his white supremacist base on 8ch

>President Donald Trump's racist comments about Democratic congresswomen have won him renewed support from white supremacists who had been losing faith that he was the hero they wanted to create a prospering White America.

>"Man, President Trump's Twitter account has been pure fire lately. This might be the funniest thing he's ever tweeted. This is the kind of WHITE NATIONALISM we elected him for," wrote Andrew Anglin on his Daily Stormer site – one of the most highly trafficked neo-Nazi websites.

>Threads on 8chan and Gab – platforms used by the far-right for their permissive approach to hate speech – included praise for Trump's comments, with many repeating some of the false narrative about the congresswomen's heritages put forth by the President. "Anti-white politicians come to our country. Rather than kissing the soil and feeling grateful, they desire to remove our borders, speech, monuments, firearms, flags, and every single other part of US culture," one poster wrote. "Why the F*** are they in the US in the first place if they can't do the bare minimum of adopting US values?"

Charges Dismissed Against 9 Arrested in Houston Poker Room Raids; Cases Referred to FBI

“We are dedicated to transparency and fairness and we have turned over the organized crime and money laundering investigation of these poker clubs to federal investigators,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. “We discovered this and we want to ensure than an outside agency independently reviews everything.”

Prosecutors are also filing paperwork in order to return more than $200,000 in gambling proceeds that were seized from the defendants.


/mu/ makes an album: SUMMER EDITION

It is time for another edition of Autistic Rage Festival

We are back to the normal name.

There is NO THEME.

You got TWO WEEKS.

Ready, set , go.

>First GET with a IMAGE is COVER

>First GET with a TEXT is TITLE

>No rerolls if you are one off.

Deadline and listenalong:


Same day, 00:01 AM (CEST)

(Midnight between Friday and Saturday for Europeans)

Your Most Recent Redpills

What redpills have you just recently swallowed or are still chewing on currently? What led you to that point in each specific case? For me:

>God-pill in progress

I’ve finally started to take the God-pill after years of atheism. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% sure, but I’m losing my faith in atheism that was once to me rock-solid. The idea of a God of some kind is beginning to make more sense than the lack of one. Not to mention that every atheist I know is a complete degenerate and a nihilist. This isn’t just a kneejerk change though, it’s been slow and is still ongoing.

>Yahweh is very real, and is a demonic entity

This is common sense once you connect the dots. The Jews truly are a Chosen People, chosen not by a God, but by some sort of Demiurge godlet to rule over the Earth.

>Hitler escaped to Antarctica and the colony may persist to this day

First we have the 1938–1938 German expedition to New Swabia, authorized by Goering as part of the 4-year plan. During the war itself the British were known to have been active in and around Antarctica (Operation Tabarin, etc). Then, after the war in the summer of 1945 the U-boat U-530 surrendered in Argentina. Newspapers at the time were filled with speculation that Hitler was still alive and had escaped to Antarctica. Right after the war the classified Operation Highjump commenced under Admiral Byrd in 1946-1947 with 4,700 men, 33 aircraft and 13 ships. The operation was cancelled due to difficulties and the loss of men and airplanes around Antarctica. The whole fleet left. Following 1947 the Germans remained in control of Antarctica fairly unmolested until 1958, when three nuclear weapons were exploded near New Swabia by the US as part of Operation Argus. So its clear that the war did not end in 1945 and that the German base was likely operation until the late fifties at latest.

If we combine this with the fact that there are massive ice-tunnels taller than the Eiffel Tower in Antarctica, geothermal areas above freezing and with the numerous UFO sightings immediately following the war (look into Foo fighters, Rudolf Schriever, the Miethe disk, etc), it is clear that the Last Battalion is / was no meme. New Swabia could be teeming with Germans to this day, provided they haven’t journeyed further into the Earth (Agartha / Agharti)

Hit Girl Loli Lewd

Is it too much to ask for to get a dedicated thread for Hit Girl?

Previously, I've seen lots of images of the character, (the attachment is one of them IIRC) but recently I have only found five.

Full disclosure, I definitely have a huge crush on Chloe Moretz...

Particularly the Chloe from the first "Kick Ass" movie.

Thanks in advance if anyone can unleash a flood of Hit Girl Loli lewdness.

Nasuverse / Fate/Grand Order


Hope you fuckers are ready to do Nobunaga's Ambition, Fate Edition.

Also 3* Nagayoshi, and Event Lancer Uesugi

>TFW you said you were at "100%" power but you know it's more like 85% and the MC still can't do jack shit


Thread for MSPaintGTS/Junie/June/whatever. Any pics are welcome, but any that aren't on her public account, such as private comms you're willing to share or otherwise, are especially welcome. Even pics that she's deleted or what have you

Nuevo ataque de la patriarquia

Dejen de violar mujerex con el silencio, machirules.

Choroy en gloriosas vacaciones, en paro por razones sin sentido, NEET y simplemente cesante.

¿Que está jugando a esta hora?

>inb4 viendo porno

Animal culiao.


This look like herpes to anyone?


Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

Previous: >>163161

Ask questions that don't belong anywhere else but, well, don't deserve their own thread. Hopefully someone can help.

Could you guys imagine this ending any other way than lifelong happiness? I sure couldn't, it for sure wouldn't lead to absolute savage barbarity.

That saying really is true: Once you go black, you never go back!


New webms

None of this content has been on this site since it was made. Weird considering how much of the same violent stuff gets posted over and over.

Ask a wizard anything.

how do we defeat idpol once and for all? Im so sick of feminists and trannies bitching about much queer rights muh rape culture muh colonialism

Small things that ruin games for you.

I started playing Valkyria Chronicles recently and have been enjoying it for the most part. But the complete lack of any way to skip enemy turns or speed up the battle has really knocked my enthusiasm down several notches. You can't even minimize the window because it stops the game until you have it open again. Makes a battle that should be maybe 15 minutes and turn it into a 45 minute affair, I have maybe 4 hours of actual progression according to the save file, but it feels like it's been 9.

What small things ruin games you otherwise would enjoy?

help me a moment

Hi, I would like to ask for advice. I am a very protective person of the traditional.

I have been reading, manifestos and ancient letters about the Jews.

I need an advice. What should I study or do? What should I do as a job? To press politics, and be able to defend our noble interests.

I will translate this Jewish letter from Old Spanish into English.

They are two letters, one in request of help from the Spanish Jews. And another letter in response of the Jews in Constantinople. The Jews of Constantinople giving advice to the Jews of Spain.

"This following letter was found by the Hermit of Salamanca in the Archives of Toledo, looking for the antiquities of the Kingdoms of Spain, and, since she is heartfelt and remarkable, I want to write you here.

Letter from the Jews of Spain to those of Constantinople

Honest Jews: health and grace. Know that the King of Spain by public cry makes us become Christians. And they take away the haciendas and take away our lives, and they destroy our synagogues, and they make us other humiliations; which confuse us and uncertain what we should do. By the Law of Moses, we beg you and we beg of you for the good of the town council, & send us with all brevity the deliberation that you have made in it.

Chamorra, Prince of the Jews d'España.

Answer of the Jews of Constantinople to the Jews of Spain

Beloved brothers in Moses: We receive your letter, in which you mean the works and misfortunes that you suffer, of which the sentiment is as much a part to us as it is to you. The opinion of the great Satraps and Rabbi is the following.

To what you say that the King of Spain makes you Christians, that you do it because you can not do another. To what you say that they order you to remove your haciendas, make your merchants sons, so that little by little they may take theirs away. To what you say that your lives are taken away from you, make your children medical and apothecaries, so that they can take theirs away. To what you say that your Synagogues destroy you, make your sons, clerics and theologians, to destroy their temples. And to what you say that they make you other humiliations, try that your children are lawyers, solicitors, notaries and advisers, and that they always understand in business of Republics, so that by subjecting them you gain land and you can take revenge of them. And do not get out of this order that we give you because, from experience, you will see that from the dejected you will see yourself being held in something.

Ussuff, Prince of the Jews of Constantinople. "

I need to know that I must study, to fight evil politically. Maybe economics, law, or political science …

I want advice on what I should do.

I am against feminism, of Islam in Christian lands, and in favor of the traditional and family. Among other things.

… EDC …

Congress voting on Trump's Tweets.

In less than 48 hours, Congress has leapt into action to vote on whether or not to have an opinion on Trump.

A bunch of showboating bullshit.

It makes me wonder,, what was on the docket for Congress to be doing that was pushed out of the way to stage this media circus.

How long does it take a real issue to get to the floor of Congress? You know, something like funding your highway system or whatever.


>The demon daughter of this time is "Spirit of the lamp" which you know "Genie"! It seems that any wish will come true, but in order to do that, "magical power" according to the size of the wish is necessary, so it seems that you have to pour the magical power into their bodies accordingly. Of course in a demonic girl-like way!

Fruits of the reformation

Fruits of the reformation

>literally punches a whole through the space-time continuum in Broly

>/tv/shitters still argue that superman is stronger

JFL at the soys on this board

2hu Hijack

Youkai soon, fellow anon!