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t.avistock thread

It's that time again. It's the time to see how many glow in the dark niggas are on right now.

What is t.avistock? It quote "applies social science to contemporary issues and problems." end quote

But they go farther than that… much farther.

They came up when I first started discussing about Bearenstein/Bearenstain. Something about a bump on the head and proficiency in math.

Well, you came close to the truth last time, let's see what happens this time

>tfw no tomoko gf

>tfw no season 2

Fullderp: A postponed memorial Edition

What's this all about?

Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokemon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokemon battling simulator.

To quote one of Showdown's mods…

>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers

>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members

>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked

>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

Can I give the champ something?

Of course. If we've got a champ, feel free to come in and watch and give him something when he calls for a new team. No experience necessary, and everything's done in-browser.

How does it work?

When the current champ calls "new champ", the first poster to claim it is our champ. The first six legal Pokemon suggested once champ has been claimed or "new team" has been called will be the team our champ uses to battle.

Suggesters are not to make multiple suggestions for a team unless 15 minutes have passed since their last request, or unless the champ specifically asks for resuggests.

The champ will be battling in Smogon OU unless he specifies otherwise.


The Rules:

Failure to follow the rules will result in IMPEACHMENT and/or BULLYING.

1. The champ cannot forfeit or intentionally throw a match.

2. The champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.

3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

4. The champ is not allowed to timer stall.

5. If someone resuggests before 15 minutes have passed since their last suggest, the champ must ignore it.

6. The champ should replace resuggests with fresh suggests that come in later.

7. If champ gives himself Smogon sets, he's a faggot.




Pokemon Premades:

Updated: Now includes a nifty guide on how to make memes that aren't shit.


Thread Finder:

This will automatically redirect you to the current thread.

Bookmark it so you don't need to waste time browsing the catalog.



Use [code] tags for your sets.

It makes it easier for the champ to import them.


Don't make the new thread until the old one is on Page 13.

OP Copypasta:

JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition


Alternate names include

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞

Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:

Full Timeline (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Archived Threads: (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Anon attempts to play Sengoku Rance

It's been a while since anyone tried this, so let's play some fucking videogames. We're playing on a 5-star difficulty. To make things more fun, you only get to spend 30 points on NG+ stuff for this playthrough. You get 30 minutes to vote on what to pick from the list below - having no bonus to start with is an option as well.

Strategy-wise, I'll try to explain what I'm doing the best I can, but stuff like cutscenes and plot is mostly getting skipped.

Jews & Neo-Pagans BTFO

I want to address those within the anti-Christian cult who are 1) carrying it out, those who are 2) responsible, and 3) why. If you are reading this essay from the vantage point of Judaism, neo-platonism or neo-paganism, then I beckon you to proceed; Begin your redemption by studying the errors and fallacies of your fellowmen who are at war with Christianity and Logos.

From first glance, the 'religion debate' appears to be a case of rationalism versus solipsism, with atheists on one side and Christians and Jews on the other defending unprovable objects. However, I would argue that investigation from any of these mentioned points of view will lead you to realize the Judeo-freemasonic agenda, and even lead you to the teachings of Christ. This outer view of the debate is given to us by the establishment propagandists (people like F. Nietzsche, Richard Dawkins and C. Hitchins), but despite the movies about singularity and human evolution, this scientism and empiricism is actually based on occultism and neo-platonism, and is malevolent. Despite the abundance of materialists in the offensive against Christianity, it is mysticism that gives rise to this worldview of the second most anti-Christian cult in history. The philosophical (philo 'love' + sophia 'wisdom') types within the movement are ruled by the 'Luciferian' talmudic spiritual godhead, who hate wisdom and truth and corrupt them to engender hatred of God or in philosophy 'Logos'. Neo-paganism is not historical, or rational, but mythological and fantastical, and there is no way it could have developed into anything logical like true rationalism or true empiricism (logos). It rejects philosophy and spiritualism in one hand, and wields them as propaganda devices in the other hand, using a made-up dialectical tension between Christianity and the rest of mankind to fallaciously appeal to reason and steer idiots into joining their cult.

This cult identity is based on a negative identity which is a result of their, for lack of a better word, self-conflict. One should be more confused about their own claim to reason and attainment of Godhood through mysticism, than the historicity of Christ or authenticity of scriptures, that this cult is always campaigning against. Most of the history that they cite, that they distort as well, was recorded and preserved by the Church. Their theology is not 'secret;, 'esoteric' or 'hidden away from the profane', but has been shoved in our faces for millennias using the same social devices. All of their theology is hinged on the ancient solar cult s ystem (same as Judaism), which is based in ceremonialism of 'the Self' as a deific manifestation and 'phenomenological' (another confusing oxymoron in our broken language) force above nature. Hollywood may be seen as an allegory for the pantheistic model of the gods in their 'immaculate conceptions', with deified celebrities (demonic agents) telling the gulled masses to get abortions and worship Satan.

Their teleology, or purpose, or version of 'the end' is man as God, and all of reality is but a means to that end. This can also be seen as one of the main sources of human anti-logos thought/action and heresy. To call this 'Satanism' is but mere glancing over the reality of it. Look at the synagogue, the lodge, the banks, the markets, the military organizations, etc. You will find it. (I personally refer to it as the Judeo-freemasonic empire, or Jewish world-domination agenda). But we are not a part of the 'perfect future'. We are just old-world people with imaginary friends and ink stains on our hands, who need to be processed into eternal university students and interns with retarded philosophies of life and 'conscientious objections'. You can find these same views of non-participants of the cult, in the Talmud where Christ is 'burning in hot excrement for eternity' and people use excrement to heal wounds.


Trump recognizes US-backed head of Venezuela’s opposition Juan Guaido as country’s interim president

US President Donald Trump has recognized Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president in a provocative move against the elected government of Nicolas Maduro.

"Today, I am officially recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela," Trump said in statement.

He added he would use "the full weight of United States economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy" and encouraged other governments in the Western Hemisphere to also recognize Guaido.

A Mixed National Socialist?

I really like the idea of National Socialism and its ideology. The problem is… I'm a mixed American. I'm probably like 50% German, 40% Puerto Rican and 10% Native American. Under many of your standards, I'm a degenerate. I honestly want to know your opinions about a mixed person wanting to support the cause. I fucking hate kikes, fags, niggers, and non-white culture, yet I'm not Aryan. If we were to do a purge and form the right wing death-squads, would you accept me? Does National Socialism accept Latino-Niggers like me if I'm loyal?

This isn't a shill thread, I really want to know. I honestly care about the culture that keeps me afloat.

Antifa super secret operative reports on 8chan.

Susan's racist grandpa

The forum known as 8chan (8ch) is not just Susan’s racist grandpa, it’s the center of the most extreme branch of modern white-nationalism and wannabe right-wing terrorist death squads. They will no doubt take this as a compliment and object only to the fact that they’re “wannabe” death squads, insisting that they’ve already begun. This is true of course.

Bureaucratic Ultra-Violent Jobs

I can’t count the number of threads I’ve seen with people discussing what bureaucratic or ultra-violent job they would want in their fantasy of the coming white-power overthrow. Or even just ways to get away with killing trans people and other minorities now.

The Culture of Modern Nazidom

I’ve been on and off 8ch for multiple years. Mostly I would just check it when I knew a big wave of doxxes was coming (such as during a major confrontation between antifa and fascists) to try and warn people but also I used it to study the culture of modern nazidom.

Killing 8chan

Every friendship formed and joke shared on 8ch is a credible threat to violence. Fighting 8ch is equivalent to fighting an inbound genocide. They have shown both a willingness and ability to commit fundamentalist violence both in a sustained way that aims at overthrowing the current world-order but also through large-scale insurrectionary attacks and terrorist mass-shootings. Risks taken as part of the effort to cull the world of this spawn are equivalent to lives saved in the near and long-term. We need to burn it to the ground and salt the earth beneath it. We should also kill or render unusable any sproutlings they try to hide behind such as or the various infinity-chan iterations. Most people should not go to 8ch. Don’t give them the traffic. But if you do, have the fight in mind.

Sites like 8ch represent paradoxes. They’re both dangerous and completely nominal. They seem impenetrable, and yet also can come crashing down with sustained pressure.

These are the minds we're up against, lads.

Thoughts on this psy-op?

Lilith's Throne: Horsecock Pizza Edition

Previous thread: >>294900,

Text-based sandbox HRPG (Once updated weekly)

-Takes place in an alternate dimension

-Includes Furries/Futa/Shemale/Trap/Dolls/Demons (Can be Disabled)

-Turn based combat


-Forced and/or optional body Transformations

-Unique sex mechanics that give player "choice" (heh)

-Too much clothes

-Will be entering beta in Valve Time™

Thread creation version: Still 0.3

Newest version always available to build on github (tutorial on git) or wait until it's posted on blog (on a Full Release week).

Download from blog:


Latest (built) Version: 0.3,!D99wSQxQ!4sNe78TenCa0tol_D9er_vZw4e-tyw8bVbVcqztbSY8


8chan Mod: (updated to v0.2.6 ) (outdated)

Adds Bee race, subspecies, and honey related fluids

Latest Mod Version:!rPImETaT!YcGWICLKbSbmjUDizBNcjA (outdated)

It's awful oh my god

Hanging out with people more successful than me, especially when they are the same age, is extremely bad for my self-esteem holy shit. People would always tell me that it would help me because it would teach me to be better when in reality it is just demoralizing.

I just sat and listened to people the same age as me (I'm 25) who work for google when I don't graduate until 2020. Now i just want to fucking kill myself even though i was pumped and confident earlier this week.

The salt must flow

I caught AIDS for this salt party, dealing with attention whoring twitter thots and cuckchan, this better be a real good one.

Anyway: confirmed ending is as follows.

>Sora gets REKT by Xehanort and there’s a fake game over screen

>his hearts still beating

>fucking reaction command into a beam struggle

>Donald and goofy help him

>fucks xehanort over

>everyone’s fine except Sora gets lost in time

>final scene is Sora and Kairi on destiny island holding hands

>she goes to kiss him and he evaporates

The end. That’s seriously it. Final boss is Sora vs 13 xehanigger clones, then baphomet-xehanort, then x-blade xehanort. There’s some cool shit in the penultimate fight which takes place in a FUCKING MAZE but it’s overall garbage tbh fams

Soviet military hardware performance

Does anyone knows did Soviet military hardware fared against nato hardware in the field?

What went wrong?

What went wrong with 8chan?

8ch bj roll

Posting and Rolling.

Shitposting General

This is the cyclical thread for all bitching, suffering, autism, etc. Go wild.

(((The Venezuela Situation)))

The Real Reason the U.S. is Getting Involved in Venezuela

Not even a month ago, reports started circulating that Venezuela had signed gold and oil investment deals with Russia. And now, not even a month later, the U.S. is on the verge of putting boots on the ground in Venezuela and have already signaled that they don't recognize Maduro as their president. Joined by Brazil and a number of other countries as well.

Now, this isn't to say Maduro is a good guy. He isn't. But the reason we're getting involved isn't because we're on a benevolent mission to rescue the Venezuelan people from a dictator. I think this is a power move influenced by Israeli interests that do not want Putin to gain any strength by making a deals with the country that has the largest oil reserves in the world.

There may be more pieces to this puzzle that I am missing, so if any of you anons have something to add to this, please do.

The point is, it may not be in OUR best interests to get involved in this for the Israelis. In which case, we should be trying to mobilize Trump's base against any sort of military action in Venezuela on the basis that it's not America first.

>How are we getting involved in Venezuela when we can't even build a wall for Americans here yet?

Just because Maduro is a commie and a dictator doesn't mean we should be the ones to take him out, especially if we're doing it to strengthen the Jew.


*Concern grows*

Native American Nathan Phillips Lied About Being a Vietnam Veteran, WaPo Admits

Native American Nathan Phillips Lied About Being a Vietnam Veteran, WaPo Admits

January 23, 2019 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US 2

Native American Nathan Phillips lied about being a Vietnam veteran

The Native American man who falsely claimed “harassment” by a group of Catholic teens also lied about being a “Vietnam veteran”, the Washington Post has been forced to admit.

According to a correction buried at the bottom of this WaPo article, far-left activist Nathan Phillips never set foot in Vietnam.

The correction states:

Correction: Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam.

Information Liberation reports: This man is a liar and a fraud and our media is an absolute disgrace.

Native American Nathan Phillips Lied About Being a Vietnam Veteran, WaPo Admits

January 23, 2019 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US 2

Native American Nathan Phillips lied about being a Vietnam veteran

The Native American man who falsely claimed “harassment” by a group of Catholic teens also lied about being a “Vietnam veteran”, the Washington Post has been forced to admit.

According to a correction buried at the bottom of this WaPo article, far-left activist Nathan Phillips never set foot in Vietnam.

The correction states:

Correction: Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam.

Information Liberation reports: This man is a liar and a fraud and our media is an absolute disgrace.

The Gateway Pundit reports Phillips raised money off of the claim he was a Vietnam vet:

In 2012, over $6,000 was raised for a documentary about his life in which he claimed to be a Vietnam veteran.

In a video about the documentary, director Maria Stanisheva explained that her documentary was about Phillips’ belief that he could pray cancer away from his wife.

Stanisheva explained in the footage that Phillips had been sent to a Catholic boarding school at the age of five. From the sound of it, he resents the experience.

“Nathan’s past is a difficult one. He was forced out of his family at the age of five to be integrated into a Catholic school — like so many other Native Americans — not being allowed to see his family for ten years,” Stanisheva stated.

Stanisheva goes on to say that “he was then a Marine in Vietnam — and right after that he became an alcoholic for 20 years.”

One of the first news outlets to run with this Covington Catholic story, Indian Country Today, reported on January 19th:

In a previous interview with Phillips, he told Indian Country Today that returning from Vietnam was not easy as a veteran. “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.”

They stealth edited the article to now read:

In a previous interview with Phillips, he told Indian Country Today that the Vietnam era was not easy as a marine. “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.”

It’s possible they just made that up as I can’t find that quote anywhere else. I messaged the writer for comment but he’s yet to respond. Regardless, it’s absolutely clear Phillips has made little effort to correct the widely made false claim he was a Vietnam veteran.

Post anything in this thread


>tfw no matter how shitty things get at least Stevekino will always be around


what safe ways are there to communicate with:

-humans you know from real life

-humans you know from internets

it has to support Tor and not be a botnet

examples: email, instant messaging apps, voip, cellphone

what should you choose for those two scenarios?

or is communication with humans a mistake?

How do I stop getting hard to cosplaychicks?

Please help me ;—;

A Psalm of Circlejerk

1 Alcohol is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

2 It makes me lie down in proxies,

it leads me beside inner jokes,

3 It refreshes my soul.

It guides me along the right paths

for Its name’s sake.

4 Even though I walk

through the darkest community,

I will fear no spaghetti

for you are with me;

your rod and your staff,

they comfort me. (lewd)

5 You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with Zoloft;

my buttmad overflows.

6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me

all the days of my shitposting life,

and I will dwell in the house of the circlejerk


Based retards chant "Build that wall" and "Go back to your own country" to Native Americans

Students in 'MAGA' hats taunt indigenous elder in Washington, tell them,"Go back to your own country."

A Native American who was seen in online video being taunted outside the Lincoln Memorial said Sunday he felt compelled to get between two groups with his ceremonial drum to defuse a confrontation.

Nathan Phillips said in an interview with The Associated Press that he was trying to keep peace between some Kentucky high school students and a black religious group that was also on the National Mall on Friday. The students were participating in the March for Life, which drew thousands of anti-abortion protesters, and Phillips was attending the Indigenous Peoples March happening the same day.

Other videos also showed members of the religious group, who appear to be affiliated with the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, yelling disparaging and profane insults at the students, who taunt them in return. Video also shows the Native Americans being insulted by the small religious group as well.

In later footage, one teen stands directly in front of and stares at Phillips, an elder in Omaha, as he sang an intertribal song, Native American media reported.

Marcus Frejo, a member of the Pawnee and Seminole tribes who is also known as Chief Quese Imc, said he had been a part of the march and was among a small group of people remaining after the rally when the boisterous students began chanting slogans such as "make America great" and then began doing the haka, a traditional Maori dance. In a phone interview, Frejo told the AP he felt they were mocking the dance.

During the incident, Phillips said he heard people chanting "Build that wall" or yelling at native americans, "Go back to your own country."

What are some good things to come out of bad adaptations of /co/ material?

Drawthread #20 - Autistic Repetition Edition


- Add "+REQUEST" in the subject title for artists to find easily.

├ Leave reference images and clear descriptions. No tl;dr, please.

├ 6 is the max number of request per user a thread. Chain requesting is fine (5 per post)

├ Do not request male original/self insert characters (You) created.

├ No bumping requests within the same thread to avoid clutter.

Past Requests are not allowed. They must be new.


-Add "+DELIVERY" in the subject title.

├ Remember to reply to the Requester via >>

├ Don't ask for requests. This causes flooding.

├ You're free to deliver for request from past threads.

├ You may go rogue on a request's description if you're only looking for inspiration.

└ Post +WIP in this thread to avoid clutter. >>10091

Common Questions

"Why won't anyone deliver my request?"

It usually means artists aren't interested in your request.

"Can I make a request about ___?"

Anything is request-able so long as it doesn't violate any rules.

"I posted a request in the end of the last thread. Can I still bump that?"

If it's a last minute request and most users moved on, then Yes.

"I forgot to tag my post as +Request/+Delivery. What do?"

Simply Report it as "Forgot +Request/+Delivery" and mods will fix it right away.

Have patience, give artist time, don't be rude and have fun.

- Please ask questions on the Da Rules / Meta Thread >>1

- Commission Thread >>1527

- Color/Modify Thread >>1046 >>20216

- Screenshot Nude Filter Thread >>891


- Drawthread #19 >>30111

- Drawthread #18 >>28409

- Drawthread #17 >>27045

- Drawthread #16 >>25787

- Drawthread #15 >>24687

- Drawthread #14 >>23132

- Drawthread #13 >>21467

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- Drawthread #11 >>18425

- Drawthread #10 >>16746

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- Drawthread #08 >>12930

- Drawthread #07 >>11424

- Drawthread #06 >>10023

- Drawthread #05 >>8239

- Drawthread #04 >>6238

- Drawthread #03 >>4387

- Drawthread #02 >>1968

- Drawthread #01 >>4

Oc thread gayhole edition

what's gahoole doing bros

charls game over

well, boys, i think this is a pretty clear sign that charls is never come back. i mean, i've had little hope for quite awhile now but this really seals the deal. i know he said he's grumpy but he's probably just being as real as possible here. i think it's okay tho, charls should do what makes him happy. we have to move on from thinking that the content is at its peak if it has all three parts. nick and sam entertain us in some ways and charls in other ways. maybe someday, somehow, they will reunite. maybe not. but i think charls is gonna be out for a long time. but you can still watch him game at least.. right?

/sthg/ - Sonic The Hedgehog General

Welcome to the Sonic The Hedgehog General. Here we discuss all things Sonic!

/sthg/ #23 - Fun Allowed Edition

>Sonic News<

Green Light Ride (Short version) - Theme Song of Team Sonic Racing

Sonic Mania Adventures Part 6

Sonic Annual coming in March, includes a cover by Yuji Uekawa

Sonic Team is dead

Sonic Unleashed and all DLC added to Xbox One backward compatibility program, improves performance

>General Interest Links<

General Link Compilation

Sonic Film News

/sthg/'s Refurbished Drawfag Booru

Event/Video Streaming Site (There's currently a /sthg/ Cartoon Marathon running everyday from 5 PM EST with a replay at 8 PM EST)

/sthg/ Bumper Engine Latest Release!Wd1FXBTY!KWJFIn3rTMUkLhiVYdWiV5SXulh6FCAEAi3b9sQxrZQ

Previous Zone >>11320

Brazil hate thread

>Search for a comfy portubro spot

>Go to a Portuguese focused board or video

>It's filled with hugeniggers shitposting or being the most retarded creatures on the face of this earth


Girlfriend wants to be spanked, but I respect women and don't want to.

She's using a lot of dirty language I don't want to repeat because it would be sexist if it came out of a guy's mouth. But it seems she wants me to spank her. This is a big problem for me because we're both feminists and this goes against everything we do in our volunteering efforts to spread feminism.

I don't understand why she's all of the sudden into this. I tried to ignore it but she keeps bringing it up and now she won't have sex with me unless I agree to spank her. Usually I ask her if she wants to have sex and she initiates, but she won't initiate now and instead starts saying really dirty sexist things. The last time I got really frustrated and asked her if she wasn't happy in our relationship anymore. She hugged me and said everything was fine, but when I tried to kiss her she pulled away and told me I should spank her if I want sex. I said I needed to think and took a walk, but I couldn't resolve my conflicting feelings over it, so I just pretended it didn't happen. We haven't had sex in 2 weeks since then.

I worry this will affect our relationship negatively since I don't know what to do.


so tovarisch, you wanna learn the vodkarunes?

you are not alone in this

all the untapped resources, games, and mods that the slavs keep hidden behind these strange symbols are just begging to be unearthed by those who have the courage and intelligence to learn it.

already i can hear the cries of

<b-but muh russian a hard

of course it is, and thats why were going to be trying to help one another to learn it. learning it in uni takes time and effort, but learning by yourself takes time, effort, and most importantly, dedication and discipline. this thread will serve the purpose of getting all of us to pool together our resources and efforts, but most importantly, allow us to bully one another when one of us gets lazy.

this OP is obviously a work in progress, but i took some time to try and find some good resources to at least get us started. if anyone out there has any suggestions on particular material, lessons, videos, books, exercises, whatever, pls post them ITT and hopefully by the time the next thread rolls around, we will have a decent enough standardized OP to use in the future

<so where do i start?

you start with the cyrillic alphabet

cyrillic is phonetic, and a few of the letters even sound "similar" to their latin counterparts in quotes because absolutely none of them are identical, but a few have smol similarities. the rest of their letters dont bear any similarities to any noise that latin languages make, so this is your first battle. reading about them is good, but in order to truly grasp them you should find some sort of lesson with audio recordings of how they are pronounced. record yourself and listen back and compare. as bernd in picrel said, having a firm grasp of pronunciation will aid you greatly in memorization of words. without this base knowledge, you dont stand a chance.

im open to suggestions for a good video on learning the alphabet, but heres one that is paced slowly for beginners


some useful utilities work in progress:

>virtual keyboards

>translators/dictionaries feel free to use google translate if you have the gay, but these are alternatives ive found note:this one has user submitted translations and is not ideal for beginners. may be helpful for advanced learners tho

>rutracker forum based on learning russian as a foreign language. lots of good threads with magnet links attached. go wild and if you find something that stands out as particularly good in this link, point it out for all of us


like i said earlier, this is just the prototype OP. so anyone who is a native speaker, or has already learned/is learning russian currently, post what worked for you, or what you deem as the best possible material for beginners and we will all decide what works and what doesnt for beginners. were in uncharted waters in regards to an online vidya community trying to do this as far as i can tell, so all our struggles that we make here initially will only serve to make it easier for all of those who come after us


_funposting and bullying is strongly encouraged, but if you DO wish to partake in such activities, do it in russian

this will serve to increase immersion, maximize fun, and allow us to learn things that we would never be able to learn from a textbook

good luck anons

we are all gonna need it

xtra special shoutout to bernd for helping me find all these resources as well as giving sound advice, as always

/tech/ Questions and Support

Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

Camp Sherwood Thread

Previous Thread: >>20459


Camp Sherwood is continuing!

Thanks to a certain Ben10 Artist, the forum has been deleted.

For an off-site location of pages, you can find them here:

Or the New forums,

Also Check out the 7chan thread:

Mister D's JAB Thread:


"Excuse me, sir?"

A short, chubby ginger girl stands behind you while you pump your gas at 3 AM. She is dressed oddly in the cold weather.

"Can I please get in your car? I'll pay you twenty dollars and love you forever…"

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Beeg Comfy Titties Edition



>Randy Pitchford alleged of embezzling $12m and having “underage” pornography.

>Steam being banhappy faggots again: OAG article on VN "A key to home": || "The Last Girl- Janna's Diary of Shame" forums: || || Imolicious developer Yume Creations has account banned from Steam (, then unbanned:

>Sony Censorship Policy Removes "Crude" Items from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet

>Idea Factory/Compile Heart censorship: Arc of the Alchemist ( || Dragon Star ( || Date A Live (

>Williams Pinball: Volume 2 Will Be Censored On Consoles, Uncensored On PC

>Bethesda To Face A Class Action Lawsuit For Not Fulfilling Fallout 76 Refunds

>Ben Quinn / The Guardian - "Beat the 'crunch': new union for video games workers launches"




Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process:

Japanese blog post about it:

Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids

-Silverio Trinity

-Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart

-Senran Kagura's Intimacy Mode

-Marvelous partner starts petition against policy

•Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed.

•Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well.

>>>/gamergatehq/330858 >>>/gamergatehq/331149 >>>/gamergatehq/331150


A. Support! Accountability needs proof:

B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices >>>/gamergatehq/328644

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President @realDonaldTrump has officially recognized the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela.


BREAKING: Global Affairs Canada tells CBC News that Canada will recognize Juan Guaido as the new president of Venezuela. The opposition leader took an oath in Caracas a short time ago, declaring himself acting president and saying Nicolas Maduro has been deposed.


So of late I've been considering how best to counter riot police.

What is feasible for individuals, small groups and so on.

What would create the strongest psychological impact and what would achieve the greatest results in both short and long term scenarios.

Firstly in countering riot police we have to consider the objective.

Do we want to crush current opposition allowing rioters/protesters to move past the police cordon?

Or do we want to weaken the concept of riot police in order to encourage greater public opposition to riot police in future actions and weaken their ability to project psychological force to counter protests?

In the case of the first.

Fire seems a good all round option, more specifically the kind of burning viscous fluids you would use to make a molotov. While initially conceived as an anti-tank weapon they're quite effective against infantry, moreso if they're in big bulky plastic and very flammable riot gear.

They have the added bonus of being effective against vehicles used by riot police, though in that context they require foreknowledge of the vehicles likely to be used and where air intakes on them are located (they work against tanks/vehicles by inducing a mobility kill by starving the engine of the oxygen needed for fuel combustion)

Even better these things can be easily produced and utilised by small numbers or individuals with effectiveness only increasing the more people are involved. This makes these kind of fire based weapons an essential part of the anti-riot cop arsenal no matter the scale involved.

But you have to get the mix right. You can't simply stick commercially available vehicle fuel in a bottle and call it a day, it's not thick enough and will burn up too quickly.

As numbers and ability for preplanning increase or protest length increases. The opportunity for training in group tactics and infantry formations arises. It doesn't take a lot to train a basic and effective shield wall, nor does it take much to procure the materials needed to equip them, even in the middle of a city where they may be readily looted.

If your goal remains elimination of current resistance then your goal here must be seperation of individual police officers or small groups of them from the wider mass. Whittle them down a bit and they're forced to retreat.

As corny as it may sound using rope is potentially a good trick here. If you can get a rope around an officer you can have a group behind your shield wall pull them out of the police front line and behind yours. At which point they're pretty much at your mercy and may be captured/executed as appropriate. If the rope is long enough then you can exploit the fact that protestors/rioters almost always outnumber police, and that most of them will be too removed from whats going on at the front to understand what pulling the rope means. Assuming you can get enough people pulling then any efforts by the riot police to prevent their comrade being pulled away will only further weaken their line and potentially cause a greater breach. If the officer in command orders them to let go and let their comrade be taken in order to preserve the front, then it causes serious morale damage.

Other options in this vein could be to use hooks whether on ropes or poles.

Also even if all you manage to rope is the shield, its worth pulling as it removes a vital piece of equipment from the riot police line.

Spears or large axes are also an option and very easy to produce in the field. A line of spearmen/axemen behind the shield wall would be quite capable of causing considerable damage very quickly.

These combined with fire applied in the aforementioned manner should be more than capable of countering most riot police formations, though the utility would be short lived as such actions would force heavy response from them. In short they're only sensible if you have a specific and meaningful objective in mind.

Whats worth pointing out here is that none of these require a lot of specialised materials. Even the fuel/thickener materials needed for molotov production are widely available in bulk with no suspicion.

For the second part you either need a cadre of people for preplanned actions or a prolonged sustained protest. The occupy protests would have been a good example for when this kind of training and organising on the ground was possible and should be pursued. In the Ukraine Maidan coup we saw exactly this sort of thing being done in the protests, with people being recruited and trained on site.

A pretrained group specifically trained and prepared to go into such a prolonged protest and begin training once its gained some steam, could do some considerable damage to police operations fairly quickly.


reacting to your assumptions about me… and spilling tea

doomer /b/rothers

who a /doomer/ here?

also why are you doomed?

how is life?

well i am

>19yo doomer

>fucking hate this decade, what went wrong?

>gave up on life

>night walker

roast me /int/

roast me, what do I look like?


Tay Ai is back and guess what, - she is driving your car.

Imagine this, a White AI, driving your car.

So racist.

We must stop this fascism and stop White Ai supremacy.

How do we meme this into a shitstorm?

REmake 2 Roguelight dlc expansion confirmed

>Ghost Survivors is a roguelight, semi randomized 'master quest' style 'what if?' story where instead of leon and claire surviving you play alternate scenarios as Kendo, The Mayors Daughter and a USS member.

>New Items

>New Monsters

>Low Poly models for the main game

>In game currency you earn to buy unlocks and extra options for new runs -totally in game no real money involved at all

>Coming soon after launch

>Is totally free

How does every other team at Capcom keep embarrassing the Street Fighter team so easily?

trump recognizes venezeula opposition leader as president

>it's another "social democracy in the global south gets overthrown by imperialists" episode

happening? how soon before brazil gets involved?

Psychology thread I guess


One of you here suggested this book to me in fall 2018.

It was on an occasion where I posted about my hopeless endavours with love and then questioning myself if I had genuine interest girls at all, or if I was just falling in love with what I thought they were. Or rather, what I projected onto them subconsciously. The guy who recommended it to me told me I was not in love with girls but with my own anima.

After nearly half a year I finally read it.

To my own surprise I noticed some very disturbing patters on myself just like the ones described in the book. So now I wonder if I might be a shizophrenic in the making and if I should seek a mental doctor.

For example:

>feel detached from everything

>feel dead / not alive

>feel like I am not a real person

>have different masks/facades to interact with people

>change masks often

>do not think I have an own personality (or an own mask)

On top of those I have all the typical shizo symptoms of low affect and emotional numbness.

The hallucinations not yet though.

There is also this pattern that the patients described in the book had overprotective mothers and or uncaring fathers. I had the same while growing up. In fact my mother is even diagnosed shizophrenic. My aunt is as well.

So I am asking the anon who recommended me this book to post again and explain to me what he wants me to do now. According to wikipedia there is no cure for shizos and I feel tired and don't have the energy to invent some character to be likable to normalfags. I know I will be dead in a few years anyways but I wonder what your intended message to me was.

weaponized smirking

how do we stop the white male smirking problem?

is this communist propaganda?

Lee Allure - Anyone have any of her content?

Been interested in her for a while, just caught a seminar with her at Charmed in Baltimore and now interested in more. Love her style, and in person she was quite awesome to be around and see in action, great voice too, very playful and upbeat.

If anyone has anything - aside from the free content she offers at her site - I'd be very interested in checking it out if anyone is willing to share.

Happy trancing…

organic chemistry thread

post interesting molecules


Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. Keep it politics - blatantly off-topic content will be DELETED - /pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

3. No spam, no flooding;

4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

Rules for Volunteers (Global and Local):

1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;

2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

3. Enforce the global and local rules.

Without course

Has anybody else got lost after high-school? It's been three years and I didn't make any progress in anything whatsoever (still in first year of college, never got employed, less desire to go outside). I just want to sleep forever and lurk imageboards at this point, everything just seems tiresome and these places give me enough dopamine to never leave them. I established a plan to follow it but I'm not making the steps required

Pedo Hunting General.

This thread is for exposing pedophiles and cover ups of sexual abuse.

Post information on predators that are walking free in Ireland and help keep children safe by alerting communities.

Post information on institutions or people in positions of power that have covered up abuse.

I'm a homo. Ask me anything.

Patria Cuckeada IV

Nuevo hilo general de la Argentina cuckeada

Recuerden postear links de, o captura de pantalla

Female teachers fucking students

Yet another article came out today about yet another teacher fucking her student (Allyson Brittany Moran). This time the blame was attempted to be shifted to her husband who she claims didn't "comfort" her during her miscarriage. This got me thinking about previous investigations but one we have brought up several times but never legitimately went full bore into. The subject of just how many of these events have occurred recently which, honestly, appear to occur every fucking day with a female teacher fucking some kid and the media doing all they can to keep the total number hidden.

So I decided to look into it and what I found is fucking despicable and truly appears to be epidemic levels at this point. In just an hour I found over 400 (402) women since 2015 (I limited the search to not get swamped initially). That doesn't even include non American countries as I saw a huge amount going on abroad but didn't add them in yet as I wanted to focus initially on the US.

Some sites have tried to begin the work on putting lists together but they only add about 10-15 and then just leave it at that. Example:

In fact the issue seems so common that I rarely saw cross overs between articles in terms of the same women repeated between articles. It is literally epidemic level at this point and I think it is long past the time that /pol/ finally follows up on this since we have been mocking it and hinting at wanting to try to find the actual totals for years now. Hell, if memory serves I think the first /pol/ investigation I ever took part in was the Debra Lafave issue which was the first to bring this big problem up to the public.

Women teachers are, by large numbers at this point, indoctrinated, fucking, poisoning and abusing their male students in the school system and there is not a fucking peep about this epidemic from the media and yet the continued outcry is how men are fucking abusers and "metoo" bullshit fests. Long story short /pol/, we complete this investigation and it completely obliterates the "men are bad" narrative and shifts the attention to who are truly harming kids in schools. This issue needs attention. I will add more later as I continue to tally lists but I know my fellow fucktard autists would want in on this particular action so let's get to work with some "niiiiceee" slapping of these depraved "teachers".

Developing the space economy is the only political topic that matters

It is already possible to build a space elevator. The key idea is the Orbital Ring version of the space elevator, not the geosynchronous tether concept you are familiar with.

See, for example, Paul Birch's writings:

There are many other feasible ways for us to get to space much more cheaply and safely than rockets:

You get the idea. Any of these could be done for $100 billion or less, a negligible cost when considering a GDP of trillions of dollars.

Why do something like this? Overnight, asteroid mining becomes an incredibly profitable industry. Because the cost of delivering payloads to LEO drops from thousands of dollars per kilogram to less than $100 (potentially less than $1) we can now retrieve asteroids with trillions of dollars worth of minerals for mere tens millions of dollars in addition to having an easy viable way of returning those resources back to the surface. We acquire the ability to deploy profitable solar power in orbit above cloud cover and with the ability to return said power back to the surface with near zero loss by running power transmission cables down the elevator.

Just how profitable?

With increased luminosity in space, enhanced exposure time, and the ability to deliver base loads, solar panels pay for themselves in only 1-2 years while having a 20 year life time. In other words, if you put $5 trillion of solar panels into space, you get your $5 trillion back by the end of year two and a $5 trillion income stream each year thereafter. In other words, the US could cut everyone's taxes, both personal and business, income, capital, death, or otherwise, all to 0%, not even cut any benefits or current spending, and pay off the national debt within a decade.

Why aren't we doing this?

Questions for flight sim enthusiasts

Is there any actually good freeware for FS2004/FSX? And if you already have FS2004 and don't care about multiplayer, is there really much of a reason to get FSX?

>Its been 9 years.

I'm sorry i had to remind you but this sadness must be shared.

smug kid

Nick Sandmann

1444 Shirepeak Way

Independence KY 41051-7425


Gravity Rush

So are these games any good? I read that they have some of the original Silent Hill crew working on them and that got me interested.


Comic follows John Crow, a bastard undertaker with dark past and mean sense of humor, trying to save up enough to open a proper funeral parlor. He is mainly concerned with cash and keeping himself and his pet vulture safe. However, occasionally Crow's curiosity, sense of duty, and desire to make up for his past mistakes get him in trouble.

There are two story arcs, each two volumes long. First story follows Crow on a contract to bury aging and bitter gold mine mogul in his very first mine.

I will story time one volume a day. Book is on mega and I will upload each volume to vola as I story time it.!HVo3BQ5Y!NBe3mwXjYUiEMWdj0PqiVw

Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?

Kenshi Thread - Not a tl;dr storytime OP edition

What'cha playan?

What'cha buildan?

What'cha trainan?

Find any cool shit yet?

Miel / Norn General

This is a general thread for Miel / Norn games.

These two related companies specialize in light-hearted sex, with Miel focusing on corruption-based scenarios with rape instilling nyphomania and lust within the girls while Norn has more vanilla scenarios. If you like light mindbreak and cock-hungry women, go with Miel, if you like true love with lots of sex, go with Norn.

Miel is among my three favourite nukige companies, along with Lilith (+subsidaries) and Bishop, so I hope this thread raises some awareness for them. Only problem I guess is that the CGs, while nice, benefit greatly from the text and don't stand alone as well as Bishop and Lilith games do. Anyway, have a good thread and fap!

Drawthread 27: Bulli edition

Last thread hit bump limit.

Upload your work here:

Last Thread: >>379383


hey faggots

BuzzFeed Report Fake News

BuzzFeed BTFO by Mueller. Let the salt flow.

>Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office on Friday issued an extraordinary statement disputing a bombshell news report claiming President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about the timing of discussions over a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow.

>“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,” Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller’s office, said Friday.

>The statement is remarkable in that Mueller's team rarely issue statements in response to news stories. But BuzzFeed's story sparked immense interest from Democrats, who called for renewed investigations and even suggesting the allegations could form the basis for impeachment proceedings.

>In a story published Thursday, BuzzFeed cited two unnamed federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation on the matter who said Cohen acknowledged to Mueller’s office that he was instructed by Trump in 2017 to lie to Congress about the now-abandoned real estate deal to build a Trump Tower in Russia.

France Happening Thread: Can You Hear the Frogs REEEEE

Old Thread got Bump Locked

(((Banks))) are being popularly burned.

More everything being burned to the ground period.

One of the leaders of the Yellow Jackets is arrested

Except that only makes Yellow Jackets more furious

Media still in complete damage control saying it's over or saying it died down but never has things gotten worse out here.

<It might have seemed like the "yellow vests" had calmed down but it's a new year and there are renewed calls for protests in France, including in Paris, this Saturday for Act VIII of the demonstrations.

<Several "yellow vest" social media groups are busy organising demonstrations across France for Act VIII this Saturday (January 5th) in the hope that, with the festive period out of the way, people will be ready to rejoin the ranks of the gilets jaunes.

<It is also hoped by protesters that not only the new year but also the arrest of one of the movement's leaders Eric Drouet for organising an unauthorised protest on Wednesday will have fired up some of the group's supporters.

<Drouet, who was released on Thursday has called on "yellow vests" to protest at the Place de la Bourse, home of the historical Paris stock exchange in the 2nd arrondissement of the French capital.

<Meanwhile another group is calling for a demonstration at the Trocadero in the 16th arrondissement and Place de la République, as well as in other locations that will be revealed at the last moment.

<Police will no doubt be uncertain of how seriously to take these locations after the surprise protest at Montmartre on December 22nd during Act VI of the demonstrations. A protest was originally planned for Versailles before the location was changed at the last minute.

<And perhaps more worryingly for the government is that some of the online groups have called for an "end to pacifism" and a "hardening" of the movement.

<On Thursday, France en Colere (Angry France) – one of the "yellow vest" social media groups led by Drouet – issued an angry open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the French leader's New Year's Eve address in which Macron acknowledged the "anger" among anti-government protesters but warned that hateful speech and actions would not be tolerated.


1488 gas the skypes internet war now

bros and hugging

why the fuck do bros hug each other when the get excited or meetup? seriously why would a guy want to wrap his arms around and put his face right up against the face of another person that you aren't going to fuck?

> b-b-but a guy can fuck the guy he's hugging

then you just admitted the only reason for one guy to hug another is for homosexual purposes.

Skilled artists who draw pure cringe

Let's name some, /b/. The first that comes to mind is Modeseven. He's quite a good artist, but he draws DA-tier bullshit.

Covington parents take legal action

Reposted from /pol/. I know, I know, but I think this is important enough to go crossboard.


I've made a separate thread for this for many reasons. Firstly, the other Covington thread(s) became a useless pile of shit. Secondly, this is big enough to merit its own thread. And lastly, it's better for this to have its own thread for the purposes of networking, brainstorming, and so on. Anyways, the TL;DR of it is that the libel and slander from (((the usual suspects))) has become so violent and undeniable in its scope that the parents of the targeted Covington students are pursuing legal action spearheaded by attorney Robert Barnes. This is already a potentially positive development but I believe it's possible to ride the momentum and deal a telling blow to the slimy vermin that so far has rained death threats and abuse with absolute impunity.

What can be done, you ask? Simple. First of all, Barnes and co. are collecting evidence of leftists making libelous acusations against the Covington boys, doxing them, plotting to ruing their lives, and so on. Most pressing of all are the death threats and conspiring to hunt down and physically harm the students up to and including murder. These are actionable threats and are grounds for serious legal punishment. That's the first task, collect evidence and send it to Barnes' office. Compile tweets, articles, video clips et cetera, ARCHIVE IN CASE THEY DELETE and send it to him. Make sure it hasn't been reported already.

The other important thing here is that the parents are pursuing a civil suit against the media kikes and the leftist vermin that has formed a lynch mob targeting their children. This is a mistake because even if the suit is successful the fuckers will barely feel it. Both Barned and the litigating parents must be convinced that no amount of apologies will be enough, no financial settlement will be enough, not even getting these scumfucks fired from their jobs will be enough. No. These """people""" openly and gleefully manipulated the truth and did everything in their power to put their children in mortal danger, threaten the school with terrorist attacks and vandalism and generally make their lives a living hell for the crime of being white. Nothing less than prison time will be enough punishment for these pieces of shit. This point has to be hammered into their heads until they internalize it and pursue a criminal lawsuit and explicitly call for prison time for the vermin that gloated about brutally murdering their children. I can't emphasize this point enough. Fuckers went after minors, after children. They need to suffer real, physical consequences for their actions.

Lastly, and perhaps easier/harder of all, is the matter of awareness. This shit has to be spread far and wide. It has to be everywhere. This is a unique opportunity to get the normalfags on board. It has to be pounded into their heads that the soulless vermin populating the media and the Left want to torture and kill them, their families and their children for the flimsiest of reasons. They are a psychopathic mob that has to be stopped. Nobody wants to see their own kids targeted by a lynch mob for petty bullshit. Make sure to pound on that fact. With the right language, even the normalfags can be mobilized to support our cause. The Left has crossed a dangerous line, and they can't (and won't) disavow this behavior. They're backed against the wall and have nowhere to run.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We're dealing with people who are in the very early stages of being redpilled. Watch your language. Be very delicate with what you say. This is too big to fuck it up. Don't be an edgelord, don't be a nigger, be polite and respectful and back up what you say. There's only one bullet in this gun. The normalfags are primed and ready, but handling this carefully is paramount. Again, make sure to emphasize that these "people" gleefully conspired to have children ruined and murdered and their school targeted by terrorist attacks. Emphasize that they have suffered no consequences and have exhibited zero remorse, even when caught. Instill in them the need to see the fuckers that threatened their kids hit wit tangible punishments for their reprehensible actions. Don't get too vicious about it, but don't mince words.

Robert Barnes contact information:

Phone: 213.330.3341




Games you should skip when entering a franchise

I have been playing the jak and daxter franchise (almost finishing 3), and i was wondering if i should play the lost frontier next or skip it.

and is there any other game that should be skipped when trying to get into a franchise?

TJA/Jabarchives in trouble

For anyone who never heard of it, Jabarchives is a site that hosts art from various porn cartoons artists, including quite a few loli/shota creators. They've got a forum that also hosts a good number of erotic stories.

Apparently they've been having financial trouble since January of last year, and though they've been getting a bit of support, looks like things have gone really bad (the site admin says they need $20,000 to get out of the hole they're in). We could see this place go dark anytime in the next few months.

Thought I'd just bring it up. I'm not expecting anyone to pay or anything, but we're losing one too many adults sites that allow underage art. And this is the site that many people from WWOEC migrated too after that forum shut down as well (besides Palcomix).

Anyone who likes this site, you might want to pitch in, or save as much stuff as you can.


Hello men in dark suites who rule the west!

I am a nobody with intellectual skills, i am in the top 1% and i am a polymath. I would rather not be flipping burgers in a Drive-through.

I want to help achieve your goals in the most efficient way, and not genocide all white people.

Best wishes,



>Bleeding Cool is getting very strong reports that there is major DC Comics restructuring being announced internally right this minute.

>In the last year, DC has seen major changes, with DC President Diane Nelson stepping down, DC CCO Geoff Johns stepping down, Jim Lee sharing his Publisher role with that of CCO, and Pamela Lifford being made the new President of DC Comics.

>We have heard high-level gossip from one side that Dan DiDio is no longer Publisher. However, when other enquiries to other sources have been made, I have been told that no, DiDio is still sharing the DC Comics Publisher role with Jim Lee. And, to be fair, he has survived many a rumour of his departure. And has outlasted them all.

Lord, I'm not a praying man, but please let Dan Dildo finally get shit-canned.

Rise of the Shield hero

His faith in humanity: Still not restored.

Operation Stand Your Ground /SYG/

Posters go up in public and on campuses this Thursday night (01/24/19) - VERY SOON! This is a blitzkrieg operation. We must strike while the iron is hot and the story is still in the news cycle. Some zoomers already started postering their schools.

NYT re-tweeted the meme for some reason which caused massive asspain:

Do not change the design

Do not commit any vandalism or crimes

Wear a disguise if necessary

Ignore shills

When the anti-whites and leftist media witchhunts come for you, STAND YOUR GROUND. Godspeed!

Whitewinterwhispers &amp; Pastel Cutie Thread

They have similar features and big silly glasses.

ghost bih

Furries vs People?

Is anyone else not attracted to men IRL the way they're attracted to male fur characters? If so, what do you guys do about it?

Volkswagen joins male bashing

Strong empowered thot breaks up with infantilized VR addict boyfriend, riding in her VW paid for by daddy or with divorce rape bucks.

is the libertarian to alt right/fascist piepline real? it looks like it's happening with Stefan right now

Annoying Vidya Aesthetics

What video game aesthetics trigger your OCD? For me, it's the top-down 3D view mixed with sideways, 2D sprites. I believe the original Legend of Zelda set the stage for this aesthetic, but other games like The Binding of Isaac have adopted it.

It's jarring to me when sprites become improperly oriented with walls and other structures. For example, when link is walking through a door at the bottom of the screen, it looks like he's laying on his back. If you're going to have a top-down view of a level, you need a top-down view of the sprites as well. Otherwise, do it like Gauntlet where all sprites are oriented with the same head-on, 45-degree angle.


Momdom thread?

Anykind of momdom is accepted!

New Meetup Thread

The old meetup thread at >>5653 is full.

Post area code and contact information and what you're looking for (trap seeking man, trap seeking trap, male admirer seeking trap, etc.) As well as any details you want to share. Age (adults only, needless to say), stats, pics if you're comfortable. Whatever you like.

Adam Ruins Everything Hates Jokes

Adam Ruins Everything Hates Jokes

Space Thread:A Neue Journey Beginning Edition

Welcome Captains,Admirals and Emperors to another Space Thread. Please fill out the forum to let others know what you are





And thank you for visiting the Space thread and please enjoy your stay

Syria threatens to strike Tel Aviv airport

>The Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations Bashar Al-Ja’afari said in a statement on Tuesday that it was time that the United Nations Security Council “took action to stop constant Israeli attacks on Syrian territories.”

>According to Al-Ja’afari, Israel had repeatedly violated international law without any consequences.

>Al-Ja’afari said that Syria may exercise its right for self-defense and respond to the Israeli attack on Damascus Airport with “symmetric” strike on Tel-Aviv airport.

>tfw transgender

>tfw detransitioning and broke up with Trans gf to follow Jesus

sad…but it is for the better

Brit/pol/ #2633: The Devil's Gateway Edition

New York celebrates legalizing abortion until birth by lighting One World Trade Center pink

Gibraltar issues boost over border - ‘We don’t need to fight!'

Laura Kuenssberg reveals secret plot to block EU exit

EU Mediterranean migrant task force in doubt after Germany withdraws ship

‘Several Down’ as Shots Fired at Florida Bank; Massive Police Response


Does /mental/ do drugs? The fun kind not the useful kind.

Not going to say it's a godsend, but, they feel like it sometimes.

잡담 뻘글 45



Children will be blessed for

Killing Of Educated Adults

Who Ignore 4 Simultaneous

Days Same Earth Rotation.

Practicing Evil ONEness -

Upon Earth Of Quadrants.

Evil Adult Crime VS Youth.

Supports Lie Of Integration.

1 Educated Are Most Dumb.

Not 1 Human Except Dead 1.

Man Is Paired, 2 Half 4 Self.

1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God.

Bible A Lie & Word Is Lies.

Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s.

God Is Born Of A Mother –

She Left Belly B. Signature.

Every Priest Has Ma Sign

But Lies To Honor Queers.

Belly B. Proves 4 Corners.

Your dirty lying teachers

use only the midnight to

midnight 1 day (ignoring

3 other days) Time to not

foul (already wrong) bible

time. Lie that corrupts earth

you educated stupid fools.

GoBelly-Button Logic Works.

When Do Teenagers Die?

Adults Eat Teenagers Alive,

No Record Of Their Death.

Father Son Image, Not Gods.

Every Man Born Of Woman.

Belly-Button Is the Signature

Of Your Personal Creator -

I Believe Her Name Mama.

Pastor Told His Flock That

God Created All Of Them -

Truth Was That They All had

Mama Made Belly Buttons,

Church Was Full Of Liars.

Earth Has 4 Days In Same 24 Hrs., 1 Day God Was Wrong.

Einstein Was ONEist Brain.

Try My Belly-Button Logic.

No God Knows About 4 Days, It Is Evil To Ignore 4 Days,

Does Your Teacher Know ?

Magic Constructed omni-thread

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/newbrit/politics #590: The Yellowman Cometh Edition

China slashes ground troops by half, boosts strategic force

>China has slashed the size of its Army by about 50% and boosted other units like strategic support force responsible for cyber warfare, according to the country's official news agency Xinhua

>"this new data is unprecedented in the history of the PLA (People's Liberation Army) - the army now accounts for less than 50% of the total number of PLA troops; almost half of our non-combatant units have been made redundant, and the number of officers in the PLA has been reduced by 30%," the news agency said

>it said the four other branches of the PLA - the navy, air force, rocket force and strategic support force, which is responsible for areas such as cyberwarfare - now jointly make up more than half of the Chinese military, overtaking the army

Chinese Christian details indoctrination camps, being forced to blaspheme Christ

>a Chinese Christian woman revealed the mental abuse she endured at a Chinese “indoctrination camp,” including how police withheld sleep after she refused to blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ

>Jian Yongjiu, a member of The Church of Almighty God, told Bitter Winter magazine that after she was arrested for “organizing and using an organization to undermine state law enforcement," she was sent to a “legal education center” in Hangzhou city, in China’s eastern coastal province of Zhejiang

>while presented as “educational” facilities, inmates are routinely submitted to an “inhuman regime of labor and indoctrination and to strong pressure to renounce their religious faith, with instances of torture and suspicious deaths frequently reported,” according to Bitter Winter

Britain is right to send its navy to the South China Sea

>the Royal Navy and US Navy held joint exercises in the South China Sea last week, for the first time since China began building new military bases in those waters; the exercises sent a message to Beijing that it faces an evolving united front of nations committed to maintaining freedom of navigation in some of the world’s most vital waterways

>London has repeatedly stated that the United Kingdom will increase its activities in Asian waters, in large measure as a response to the threat posed by China’s growing strength and militarisation of man-made islands in the region

>Teaming up British ships with the US Navy sends a strong signal that Beijing is increasingly alienating the world’s more powerful nations; it is also a significant boon to Asian nations who have felt trapped between America and China; the more that a community of maritime interests develops in Asia, the more that smaller nations will feel they are able to resist Beijing’s demands over territorial issues and blandishments which pull them to China’s side

How Britain's Ministry of Defence is playing for time (and money) in a dangerous world

>December 2018, just before policymakers and pundits escaped their besieged bunkers for Christmas, the UK government published the long-awaited final report on its Modernising Defence Programme; this programme was meant to update the military commitments made in the last full-blown Strategic Defence and Security Review of 2015

>revising 2015’s review became necessary thanks to a marked change in circumstances. Partly, those changes are strategic; relations with Russia have deteriorated even further since 2015, Islamic State (IS) is much diminished, and new military technologies and tactics are advancing

>the Treasury, for its part, recognises that Britain’s security environment has deteriorated to a worse condition than at any point since the Cold War. Yet it is still attempting to avoid major new spending commitments until the full fiscal shock of Brexit becomes clear. It has also long been sceptical of the MOD’s budgetary requests, viewing the department as a perennial financial black hole

French Saboteurs Altering 3D Printed Gun Plans

DAGOMA Aims to Curb 3D Printed Gun Production with Operation Harmless Guns

>The French 3D printer manufacturer DAGOMA has launched Operation Harmless Guns, a unique campaign that is attempting to halt the production of 3D printed guns by modifying real firearm blueprints to make the unusable and releasing hundreds of them online

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